Disclaimer: In my humble opinion, Amy Jo Johnson has one magnificent voice. She is the one who sings the song I used for this fanfic, and she, it, and the Rangers all belong to Saban. Anyone you don't recognize in here is my creation. No, I don't know if I'll be doing any 'match up fics' for any couples mentioned here in. I just wanted to write this.

Down the Road
by: Shauna Mattox

He was not afraid. He had no reason to fear. He knew what was going to happen next. He had always known this would be how it happened. When he had been trapped in the timewarp, he had feared that one day, he wouldn't be able to fulfill the destiny that had been given to him on his birth.

Zordon of Eltar had always known that he was destined to perish, that all the universe would be saved. From the moment he was old enough to understand it, his parents had trained him for this. To have the wisdom to recognize this day, and the courage to accept it in his heart and soul. Now, he was ready. It was fit that Andros, leader of the Astro Power Rangers, wield the blade that cut open the energy tube and released his good energy to all the universe.

But Andros was engaged in combat with Ecliptor now, both bent with tears from the death of his sister. Zordon wished he could tell him what was going to happen next, but he preferred to keep it a surprise.

_So many are going to be surprised,_ he thought. His power would wipe evil from the cosmos. Not forever, and not every evil. The evil in each race would continue, and there was no guarantee that some future monarch of darkness might not rise who was as evil as Dark Spectre. There were pocket universes that could never be reached by him, and anyone hiding in those would be safe. But for those who had served Dark Spectre. .there would be both mercy and no mercy. _Rita and Zedd. ..Divatox. . .Karone. ..all will know new life. Or rather, the life they had stolen from them when they were preborn._

He kept himself from weeping at the thought. Master Vile had not given his children the option of deciding if they would be good or evil. Because Rita's innermost heart was touched by love, as it had been since she had wed Zedd, she would be given a new lease on life, as would Zedd. Divatox was the true twin sister of Dimitria, and as such was naturally good. She had been raised twisted by Momma D, and Zordon intended to give her back what had been stolen from her, as he would with Karone.

"Andros," he said softly as the Red Ranger looked up from his battle. "Shatter my tube."

His old student didn't waste any more time. With a single slash across the tube, Zordon felt his life force flowing across the universe..and set about doing what was right. As he did so, he remembered something one of his old students had sung many years earlier. For some reason, the tune flowed through his mind as he saved the universe.

Down the Road
We never know,
What life may have in store.
Winds of change
Will rearrange
Our live more then before
But you'll never stand-alone
My friend
Memories never die
In our hearts they always live
And never say

Zordon smiled to himself as awareness fled. He had known what his end would be. .but he had not known the many strong and wonderful people he would know along the way. ...so many of them would find love with one another now, he knew, a love that would never again be tainted by the threat of evil in their lives. If ever evil rose again, it would be the task of others to fight it. But now, Rita and Zedd. . .Andros and Ashley. ..Zhane and Karone. ..Tommy and Kat. . .Rocky and Trini. . .Billy and Kimberly. ..Zack and Aisha. . .Adam and Tanya. . .Trey and Dimitria. . .Carlos and Divatox. . .Jason and Emily. . .T.J. and Scorpina. . .Cassie and the Phantom Ranger. . .all of those and others would be happy now. . .the war was over. . they could go home. . .

"Farewell," he whispered the word across the universe, and all those who had ever borne the power heard him. . ."I love you all, my friends. .."

Eyes lifted up to him full of mist. . ."Farewell, Zordon," throats whispered. "Farewell."

And never say. ..goodbye. ..