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The Brand New Yellow Ranger
By Julia Phares

Hi! I`m Jordan Salinger. I`m the Yellow Power Ranger! Yep. (Actually, I`m not supposed to give out this info, but as long as you don`t tell anybody, I`m safe.) I replaced Trini Kwan after her parents moved to New York. Being seventeen, she had to go with them. I was the new kid who had befriended Jason Scott, the red ranger, because we worked on martial arts together. He decided I`d be perfect as the yellow ranger. Then he introed me to the other rangers, and we got along great! (I`m just a lovable person!) It`s been that way for about eleven months. Almost a year, and we`re all really close. I`m even falling in love with Jason.................

I sat with Kimberly Hart, the pink ranger, Zack Taylor, the black ranger, and Billy Mitchell, the blue ranger. Jason was out on the floor of the Youth Center, teaching his martial arts class. Kimberly smiled at me. ''So, girl, when are you going to ask Jason to the dance? I know he`ll say yes.''

I sighed. ''I don`t know. I mean, I love Jason. I know I do. We`d be perfect together. But I just can`t get up enough courage to ask him!'' (there`s going to be a Sadie Hawkins dance soon.)

Zack smiled. ''Ooooh, you go for it, girl! Hey, Jase! Come on over here when you`re done!'' He smiled even wider for Jason`s benefit.

Jason smiled and nodded. I slapped Zack hard with my notebook. ''Thanks!'' I said sarcastically.

Zack grinned again. ''That`s my job!'' He said, laughing.

Kimberly giggled. ''I think you guys would be cute together!'' She proclaimed. Then she flipped out her notebook and pulled out a folded up piece of paper. ''Hey, Zack. Should I show her? Or would you-know-who get mad?''

Zack rubbed his chin thoughtfully. ''I don`t know. Nah, I don`t think so. I don`t think he ever meant for her to see that!''

Billy looked up from his experiment. ''I believe Zack is right, Kimberly. I don`t think he wanted her to see it.'' He pushed his glasses up on his nose.

I was getting frustrated. ''Who doesn`t want me to see what?'' I cried. I turned to look at Jason. Then I saw Jessica Wakefield and her identical twin Elizabeth heading our way. Jessica stopped to talk to Jason. I screeched, ''No way! Jessica Wakefield, my very own cousin, is after Jason!'' I jumped out of my seat.

Elizabeth walked over. ''Hi. I tried to talk her out of it, cuz, but you know Jess. Any sign of me bad-mouthing a guy she likes, and it just makes him more irresistible.''

I was breathing fire, I was so mad! Jessica was NOT compatible with Jason, and she knew it! I was ready to kill her! I stormed down the stairs, much to the dismay of my cousin and my friends. ''Jessica Katherine Wakefield!'' I screamed.

Jason was holding back laughter, I could tell. He quickly dismissed his class and turned back towards Jess and me. Jessica cried, ''Oh, hi, Jordan! I`ve been looking all over for you! I`ve got a new cheer for the squad!''

I was NOT happy with my young cousin. (only five months.) I put my hands on my hips. ''Jessica, we need to have a talk. Jason, can you excuse us?'' Jason nodded and joined our friends. I tried to control my temper. ''Jessica, you knew I liked Jason. And that I`m more campatible with him than you. I think you should lay off.''

Jessica`s face took on a stormy thunder cloud. ''What!'' she screamed. ''I like him, and I`m going to keep trying to get him!'' She pranced over to Jason and placed her hand on his muscular arm. ''I`m taking you out to dinner, and you`re coming.'' She said seductively.

Jason shook his head. ''No thanks, Jessica. I like somebody else.'' He looked at me when he said that, and I knew at that moment he loved me like I loved him.

I smiled and ran into his arms. I kissed him long and passionately on the lips. It was the best kiss I`d ever had. We pulled back. Jason smiled and kissed me again. Zack and Kimberly hugged excitedly while Billy and Elizabeth slapped high-fives. We pulled back and I smiled. I looked into his gorgeous face and said, ''Jason Lucas Scott, I will love you til I die.''

Jason smiled. ''The feeling`s mutal, Jordan Elizabeth Salinger.'' (Liz is named after me. Her middle name is jrdana.) I kissed him again. Then at that moment, Erinie put a CD in the player and ''From this Moment On'' by Shania Twain and Bryan White began to play. Jason and I began to dance.

''From this moment, life has begun,
From this moment you are the one,
Right beside you is where I belong,
From this moment on.

From this moment I have been blessed.
I live only for your happiness
And for your love I`d give my last breath
From this moment on.........''

I sighed and placed my head on Jason`s shoulder. I was so lucky! I was in the cutest guy in the world`s arms, and life couldn`t be better. The only thing that could spoil this moment would be if Rita (the bitch) had a monster attack. ''I love you.'' I said happily.

Jason kissed my cheek. ''I love you, too. Ever since the day I met you, I knew I loved you.'' He confessed, eyes shining.

I looked into his deep, chocolate brown eyes and replied, ''I`ve loved you since that day, too. Only I saw you first. I decided I had to meet you. I was praying that you weren`t taken. You wouldn`t believe my joy when I found out you weren`t!''

The song ended and our friends surrounded us. Kimberly threw her arms around me in a hug. ''I`m so happy for you!'' She squealed.

Zack hugged me too, and whispered, ''You guys are so cute! I just wish I could have that with Angela.'' He squeezed me tight.

I patted his shoulder as I pulled away. ''You`ll get it. Don`t worry. Angela`s gotta be deaf, dumb, and blind not to see how cool and cute you are. You`re no Jason, but you`re not bad.'' I teased. Zack got ready to chase me, and Billy was ready for a hug, so I squealed, ''Billy! Save me!'' Billy hugged me and I said, ''Ha, Zack! I`m safe!''

Jason said, ''It`s OK, Billy. I`ll take her now. You`re relieved of your duties.'' I smiled as he took me in his arms. I giggled at how goofy we were.

At that moment, our communicators beeped. ''Damn!'' I said angrily. I found my communicator in my bookbag, because I had forgot to wear it that morning.

Jason said, ''We read you, Zordon.'' He smiled as I put my commuincator on and joined the others, who were clustered around him.

Kimberly said, ''Zordon, what did you want?'' She leaned into Jason`s communicator, so Zordon would be able to hear her.

To our amazement, Alpha answered. ''Hello, Rangers. It is I who called you. Zordon is missing! I`m not sure what happened to him, but I need help and there are putties in the park.'' He seemed really frazzled.

I said, ''Don`t worry, Alpha. Billy will come and help you find Zordon while the rest of us handle the putties.'' I paused. ''If that`s OK with Jason. I mean, he IS the team leader.''

Elizabeth and Jessica, who had been watching, headed towards us. ''Do you need any help?'' Elizabeth asked. (Both of my cousins know; they`ve been my best friends since I could crawl. They also have black belts in karate.)

Zack smiled. ''Sure! We could use all the help we can get!'' He dragged Elizabeth and Jessica over to our group.

Jessica pulled me to the side and said, ''I`m sorry for trying to take Jason from you. I didn`t mean it. I just really liked him. I`m really sorry, cuz.''

I smiled and hugged her. ''That`s OK, Jess. You`re forgiven.'' Then I pulled back and said, ''Let`s go, you guys!''

We joined the putties in the park and began kicking ass. Jason and I had this killer act that we do. I step on top of his shoulders and flip sideways off. Then I flip into the air and he flips me into the person we`re attacking. It always works. Especially on the putties.

Elizabeth began karate chopping putties, then flipped over two and back-kicked them. Kimberly ran to a tree, walked up the trunk, and pushed off. She landed on a putty.

When we had them all mopped up, Jason and I fell into each other`s arms and kissed. I pulled away and said, ''Good job, guys.''

Zack said, ''I wonder what Rita`s up to.''

Alpha cut in to say the monster had enlarged. Jason sighed. ''It`s Morphin Time!''

Zack: ''Mastodon!''
Kimberly: ''Pterodactyl!''
Billy: ''Tricerotops!''
Me: ''Saber-toothed Tiger!''
Jason: ''Tyrannosaurus!''

Then we teleported to the monster and Jason said, ''We need Thunder Megazord Power Now!''

Zack: ''Mastodon Lion ThunderZord Power!''

Kimberly: ''Pterodactyl FireBird Thunderzord Power!''

Billy: ''Tricerotops Blue Unicorn Thunderzord Power!''

Me: ''Saber-toothed Tiger Griffin Thunderzord Power!''

Jason: ''Tyrannosaurus Red Dragon Thunderzord Power Now!''

Our zords assembled, and we jumped in. Jason said, ''Thunder Megazord Sequence!'' The zords began to form the meagzord. I was majorly ready. I`m a way more aggressive ranger than Trini was. (Not that she wasn`t a good ranger, I`m just a different one.) I love to win the battles. It`s a major high for me. Anyway, Zack said, ''I think that we should try to get in one good blow. It might weaken him right away.''

''Zack, it`s a rat.'' I said, laughing.

Jason shrugged his shoulders. ''Who cares how we destroy it? Let`s see what it does.''

The large Rat began circling us. I grinned. ''I`ve got an idea. His main source of power should be that huge head in the middle of his stomach. If we destroy that, he`ll be easier to defeat.''

Jason nodded. ''Good plan. Thunder Sword Now!'' He called. Our sword fell out of the sky. ''OK, you big rat. Today`s your last day!'' Jason muttered under his breath.

Billy said, ''Hurry, I`d better get back to helping Alpha find Zordon.'' He seemed really anxious. I smiled at him and he smiled back. (Yeah, I know we`re wearing our helmets, but still! We just knew!)

Jason hit the head with the sword, and it fell to the ground. Zack was celebrating when the monster fell to the ground. ''Ha! I`m so good! I told you it would work!''

We all groaned. Kimberly said, ''Zack, we didn`t doubt you for a moment! Jason even told you it was a good plan!''

While Zack pondered that, Jason swiped the monster again with the sword, and we knew we almost had him. Then Rita herself appeared, standing with that idiot Squatt. She cried, ''You stupid Rangers! Destroying my wonderful monster!'' She acted as though we were finished.

Then, this huge figure fell out of the sky, landing next to Rita. He was all red, and he was holding a staff that was silver and had a "Z" on the top. He said in a loud, clear voice, ''I`m Lord Zedd, and I am hereby taking over your empire.'' He told her, and knocked her in the dumpster she came in. Then he turned to Squatt. Squatt immediately did the "I`m not worthy" thing. We all groaned. Then Zedd turned to us. ''I`ll beat you yet.'' Then he and Squatt disappeared, along with the monster we were destroying.

We teleported to the Commmand Center. Billy tore off his helmet and asked Alpha, ''Has Zordon returned?'' He looked so adorable, his glasses slipping, his hair messed from the helmet.

I tossed my shoulder-length red hair (I mean really red hair. We`re talkin' bright red here.) back from my face and said, ''We need to find him, and fast. We don`t know what this Zedd guy can do.''

Jason looked at me. ''Didn`t he say his name was "Lord" Zedd?'' He asked quizically.

I nodded. ''But since when do I listen?'' I asked him, then I turned to Alpha, my (if I do say so myself) amazing green eyes twinkling. ''How do the rest of us help?''

If sweet little Alpha could look horrified, he would have then. I`m sure just the thought of the rest of us messing with his toys was terrifying for him. He said, ''No, thanks, Jordan. That won`t be nessasary.'' He quickly got to work with Billy.

Jason and Zack burst out laughing when they were no longer listening. ''You`re so mean! You knew that was going to scare him!'' Jason cried, holding his stomach from laughing so hard.

I smiled. ''I know, but I couldn`t help myself!'' I laughed, too, Jason and I holding each other up. When I was able to stop laughing, I said, ''OK, guys. What about this Zedd character?'' I looked at Jason and quickly said, ''I dare you to say one word.''

Jason just smiled at me. ''Oh, and what are you going to do about it?'' He asked, looking so incredibly gorgeous, I thought I would die.

I smiled back. ''I don`t know. Maybe no kisses for a week?'' I asked, and then suddenly, I was floating. All I could feel was Jason`s lips on mine. Then suddenly, I came back to Earth. ''Oh my God!'' I said.

Jason was grinning. ''What was that you were saying about no kissing for a week?'' He asked.

Billy interrupted our flirting with, ''I think that this just might be hopeless. Zordon had to have gone off on his own, because I cannot find him anywhere!'' The poor thing was exsasperated.

Elizabeth and Jessica, who had teleported with us, smiled. Together, they said, ''But why would Zordon have gone off by himself?''

Zack grinned. ''To get away from us---what a silly question!'' This brought laughter, and I`m glad. Jason still hasn`t gotten used to Jessica and Elizabeth speaking in unison.

I nodded. ''From the rest of you. But I`m totally lovable. Everyone loves me!'' This brought more laughter.

Kimberly said, serious this time, ''That`s most certianly true. You are the first girl Jason`s ever fallen in love with. The rest of us have had crushes at least. But poor Jason has never liked anyone---till you!'' She said, making Jason blush. ''And for that, I`m grateful. Jason`s like my older brother.'' She gave me a hug. ''Thanks.'' She said.

I was shocked. I`m still getting used to how close my friends and I are. It`s like we`re a family. Alpha was embarrassed. ''All this human emtions!'' He said, and we laughed. Then Jason slipped his arm around my waist, and I was shocked at how normal it seemed.

Then the bells went off. I almost had a heart attack. I`d forgotten where we were! But with Jason around, I forgot everything! We looked towards the viewing globe, and Zedd was calling, ''Oh, little Yellow Ranger! Come out, come out, wherever you are!''

I said, ''Does he want a fight? Cause he`s gonna get it!'' I pulled out my morpher. ''I`ve got to go alone.'' I said, speaking to everyone, but looking at Jason. He nodded. I let my breath out. I then said, ''It`s Morphin' Time! Saber-toothed Tiger!''

Then, all at once, I was facing Zedd. ''Why did you want only me?'' I asked, bewildered. When Rita had gone after us by ourselves, it was usually Jason she picked.

Zedd smiled. ''As I`m sure you know, I`m Lord Zedd. I wanted you because I`m aware of the relationship you have with the Red Ranger. So I feel if I destroy you, he`ll be easier to deal with!''

I wasn`t surprised at how much he didn`t know love. ''How can you be so stupid?'' I asked, then answered my own question. ''Easy, you`re evil. Anyway, if you were to destroy me, Jason would be harder to deal with, not easier! Jason loves me, heart and soul! I know that he would tear into you within an inch of your life if you killed me!'' I told him, as I was slipping into battle stance.

Zedd looked a little nervous, and I wondered if it was because I was more aggressive than he thought I was. He said, ''Putties, attack!'' And I shook my head. He was like all villians, all talk.

I said, ''OK, clay brains! Bring it on!'' I began fighting the putties, and had them mopped up in ten minutes. Then I faced Zedd. ''All right, let`s go!'' I cried, raising my fist to the sky. I felt Jason rising inside me, and I ran towards Zedd and hit him. Then, the world went black.

When I awoke, I was lying in Jason`s arms at the Command Center. ''Lord Zedd?'' I asked, as I tried to sit up.

Jason tightened his grip on me. ''No, uh uh. Lord Zedd is injured, and he`s out of our hair for now. But you faced him all by yourself, and got a blow to the head.'' He kissed my forehead.

Kimberly was holding my hand tight. ''And that is one of the bravest things you`ve done yet!'' She said tearfully. ''We were afraid you were gone!'' She added, tears flowing down her cheeks.

I smiled. ''I`m not.'' I hugged her tightly. Kimberly was the best friend I`d ever had, and I`ve had a lot of best friends. As we pulled away, I said, ''Girl, you`ll never lose me!'' I paused. ''I`m too annoying!'' This made us laugh.

Zack, who was like my brother, patted my shoulder. ''We would have found some way to live.'' He said, jokingly. The twinkle of a tear in his eye told me different.

Jason put his arms around me again. ''Speak for yourself!'' He told him. He turned to me. ''I would never be able to live without you. You`re my life.'' He said, and then we kissed.

Billy blushed. ''I`m just very very full of joy that you were saved from death.'' He said formally, and everyone else was like, ''Huh?''

I smiled, totally understanding. ''Thanks, I`m glad I`m alive, too.'' I hugged him. ''Well, I`m glad I`ve got such good friends.'' I said, looking around at the group I`d gotten so close to the past eleven months. ''I hope I`m always apart of this group, right here, right now.'' I said, and put my hand in the middle of us. ''Friends forever?'' I asked, looking around.

Jason was the first to place his hand on mine. Then Kimberly, then Zack, and finally, Billy. They nodded. Jason said, ''Let`s make a pact. No matter where we go in life, we`ll always be here for one another. A pact for life.'' He said.

The rest of us said together, ''A pact for life.''

Author`s note: Hi. It`s me. Anyway, I hope you guys liked this. I know that I`m a total Jason/Kimberly fan, but I had to try this. I mean, I based Jordan on me. I don`t have red hair, green eyes, or am I a great martial artist, but I`m a total Jason lover. And I know I got rid of Trini so Jordan could be in the story, and sorry if I offended any Trini fans. I`m one, too. But I`ve and I hate to say this, cuz I might degrade what you guys think of me, but I`ve always wanted to be a Yellow Ranger. There, I`ve said it. So, please give me feedback. And if you liked Jordan, tell me, and maybe there will be more stories featuring the new yellow ranger.