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A Ranger Timeline
The Arrival of "Cat"
Part 1
By Julia Phares

Jason Scott was watching Kimberly Hart practice her gymnastics. He sighed. God, was she beautiful! But she didn`t know he loved her. They`d been best friends for a long time, and Jason`s love had developed a long time ago. He just didn`t know how to tell her. He saw his best friend Tommy Oliver and waved him over. ''Hey, Bro! Over here!''

Tommy joined him. ''Hey. What`s the matter? You look kind of bummed. That`s unusual for you.'' He sat his books on the table.

Jason sighed again. ''It`s kind of embarassing. I don`t know if I can talk about it.'' He fiddled with his notebook.

Tommy smiled. ''Jase, I`m your Bro. You can tell me anything.''

Jason sighed a third time, and looking into his milkshake, said, ''I`m in love with Kim and I don`t know how to tell her. Have been for years. I`m just so shy when it comes to girls.''

Before Tommy could say anything, Trini Kwan and Zack Taylor joined them. Trini asked, ''What`s the matter, Jason? You don`t look too happy.''

Tommy shot Jason a look, and Jason nodded. ''He loves Kim, but he`s too shy to admit it.''

Trini patted Jason`s arm. ''I`m sure if you just tell her, she`ll say yes.''

Zack rubbed his chin thoughtfully. He hated to see his best bud hurting, so he said, ''I`ve got a plan!''

Jason looked at him warily. ''Why does that not make me feel better?''

Zack ignored him and continued, ''I could sing a song to her, dedicated by you! I know! "I Can Love You Like That" would be perfect!''

Jason`s stomach started fluttering with butterflies. ''Are you sure she`ll say she loves me, too?''

His friends reassured him, so Zack told Ernie, and he cued the CD and gave Zack a microphone. ''Hey, yo, listen up. I`m singing a song for a friend of mine. It`s dedicated to Kimberly Hart.'' Zack said, then the music started.

"They read you Cinderella,
you hoped it would come true,
that one day your Prince Charming
would come rescue you
You like romantic movies you never will forget,
the way you felt when Romeo kissed Juliet.
All this time you`ve been waiting,
you won`t have to wait no more."

As Zack sang on, Jason watched Kimberly`s face. She was totally flattered. Jason just hoped she would say she loved him, too. Zack ended the song and said, ''I`d like to tell you who dedicated that song. It`s Jason Scott.''

Kimberly gasped, then squealed. Jason looked at her face. Sheer happiness. She ran over to him and and sat down in his lap. She kissed him long and passionately. ''Jason Scott, that was the sweetest thing anybody`s ever done for me!''

Jason lifted her high in the air joyfully. ''She loves me!'' He smiled as she squealed again.

His friends giggled at their silly antics.

Lord Zedd watched from the moon, with disgust. ''Oh, who cares? But wait! I can turn the whole world to tiny, ugly little children! Then, not only will I not have to watch the Power Punks making out, but I`ll be ruler of the world!''

Goldar, who had been watching, commented, ''The Rangers are alone. You could start your plan now.''

Lord Zedd just ignored him by setting back the time. The Rangers didn`t even realize what happened. They were in the park, playing kickball. Jason was tall, even for eight. He was the cutest little boy, with dark brown hair and his deep, chocolate brown eyes. He was deeply tan, since he played out of doors a lot. Kimberly looked a lot like she did in her seventeen year old form, except her hazel eyes were more brown when she was eight. Zack was about Jason`s size, and he was just learning the dance skills he would soon have. Billy, Tommy, and Trini looked exactly like they would in ten years.

Jason stopped to pick up the ball as it ran out of bounds. As he bent over, Bulk pushed Skull on top of Jason. Both fell. Jason shoved Skull off and said, ''Bulk, you aren`t very smart. Didn`t your mom tell you not to push people?''

Zack helped pull Jason off the ground, and said, ''Jase, you OK?''

Jason nodded. ''I just wish Bulk and Skull would learn better manners. I could have used my martial arts skills on `em, but my daddy said that you`re not supposed to.''

They continued playing until putties crashed their fun. Billy cried, ''What are these beings? They seem to be unhuman!''

Trini replied, ''I don`t know! But maybe they want to play with us!''

But when one of the putties picked up Jason and began twirling him around, they realized these creatures meant trouble. Tommy kicked the putty holding Jason and Jason dropped to the floor. He grimaced and rubbed his elbow. ''Ouch.'' was all he said.

Tommy asked, ''You all right besides your elbow?'' He helped Jason off the ground.

Alpha and Zordon saw the putty fight, so Alpha hurried to Earth with the Scrambler. He hurried over to them and said, ''Jason, Kimberly, Trini, Billy, Zack, and Tommy?''

The six children walked over. Billy said, ''Cool, it`s a robot! I wonder what it does?''

Kimberly sighed. ''Robots are not cool, unless they do your homework for you.''

Alpha simply pulled out the scrambler and returned them to their normal size. Kimberly asked, ''What just happened? Why were we playing kickball?'' She gestured towards the ball in her boyfriend`s hand.

Zack shook himself. ''I suddenly feel happy to be this tall. Alpha, what happened?''

Alpha replied, ''Lord Zedd has transported the world back in time. And there`s a carnival. But that`s not the point.'' Alpha paused. ''You`ve got to destroy the rock that pushed back time.''

Jason grinned. ''That`ll be easy! Guys, it`s morphin time!''

Tommy: ''Green Ranger Power!''
Zack: ''Black Ranger Power!''
Kimberly: ''Pink Ranger Power!''
Billy: ''Blue Ranger Power!''
Trini: ''Yellow Ranger Power!''
Jason: ''Red Ranger Power!''

They teleported near the spot where the rock was and began climbing the mountain. They reached the spot, and putties and Goldar began jumped out. Jason took on Goldar and everybody else fought the putties. Jason was gaining the upper hand when the others finished with the putties. Goldar slashed at Jason with his sword, hurting him badly. He then gracefully made his exit. Jason fell to the ground, clutching his stomach. His friends hurried to him. Billy asked, ''Jason, are you all right?''

Jason gasped, ''I don`t know. Did he pierce the suit? I don`t know. I just feel immense pain.''

Tommy helped Jason sit up. He carefully examined the injury. ''I don`t think so. What do you guys think?''

Billy leaned in. ''No, he didn`t. But if he didn`t, how come Jason is injured? He could have poked him, but if he had done it hard, it would have gone through Jason`s suit and broke the skin.''

They were all perplexed. Zack said, ''Great. With Jason injured, we can`t destroy the rock!''

Billy cried, ''Yes! Yes, we can! I`ve developed a powder that all you do is throw it on your desired target, and it explodes. I've got just enough to destroy the rock. Ill be right back.''

Jason began breathing in short, little gasps. ''Guys, I'm having trouble breathing. Goldar must have tipped his sword in something! You've got to get me to Zordon right away!''

Tommy and Kimberly took Jason to Zordon, and Zack and Trini waited for Billy to come back. Jason fell to the floor as soon as he got to the Command Center. ''Zordon, Goldar hit Jason with his sword, but he didn`t break Jason`s suit. And now, Jason`s weakening. What`s happening?'' Kimberly asked.

Zordon said, ''Alpha, run a scan on Jason. Goldar may have tipped his sword in poison. There is a certain kind of poison that makes you short of breath, then you can no longer can stand, and after that, if it goes far enough, it can kill you.''

Tommy was puzzled. ''But if the suit wasn`t pierced, how can the poison affect him?''

Zordon replied, ''It`s a dust. All Goldar had to do was fling his sword near him.''

Alpha said, ''Affirmative. Jason`s been dusted. But this poison's antidote is cotton candy.''

Tommy and Kimberly burst out laughing. ''Cotton candy? There`s a carnival in town. We can get some there. Is it any color in particular?'' Tommy asked, serious now.

Alpha nodded. ''You have to get blue, and you have to sprinkle it with this.'' Alpha handed him a small bottle filled with purple dust. ''Use it all. And go now.''

Jason began gasping for air. They were demorphing when the others returned. Kimberly and Tommy quickly explained, and they demorphed and they all demorphed.

When they arrived, Jason was quickly placed on the ground near a cotton candy stand. He was still gasping for air, and barely succeeding. Tommy grabbed a couple of dollars and purchased blue cotton candy. Then he quickly sprinkled the purple dust on top. He ran over to Jason and said, ''Bro, this is going to sound stupid, but you`ve got to eat this cotton candy. Trust me. Eat from the top.''

Zack helped Jason sit up while he ate all the cotton candy that had turned purple. Then he sat back, and soon he was able to breathe. ''Tommy, how did you know to do that? You saved my life.''

Tommy smiled modestly. ''You would have done the same thing for me.''

Jason said, ''OK, guys, let`s check out this carnival. I`m all right, Kimberly. If I feel faint, I`ll crash on a bench or something.''

They walked around, admiring the surroundings. Kimberly said, ''Hey, guys! Look! There`s a gymnastics thing!'' She grabbed Jason`s arm. and dragged him over. She directed everybody so they could make a pyramid. ''OK, Zack, you on that end, Jason, you in the middle, and Tommy, you on the other side of Jason. Get on all fours, Zack. Don`t stand up! And Billy, you get on Zack and Jason, and I`ll get on Jason and Tommy.'' Jason`s face took on a pained look. Kimberly patted his cheek. ''Hon, you`re the strongest. You can hold up the most. And Trini can climb on top of us.''

They attempted it, and were able to stay up, until Kimberly spied a cat on the ground. She made everyone fall as she reached out to get it. ''Aw, look!'' She crawled out from underneath Trini and sat back on her heels. ''It`s so cute!''

Meanwhile, Zedd crowed, ''The Pink Ranger has found Katherine! The plan will progress as planned!''

Jason groaned, ''Trini, would you please climb off me? Thank you.'' He crawled over to Kim and lay on his side, leaning on his elbow next to her. ''Are you going to adopt it?''

Kimberly nodded. ''It`s cute! And she doesn`t have any tags, so I guess she`s ours.'' She said as Trini petted the cat`s head. ''What should we name it?''

Trini said, ''How about PC?''

Jason asked, ''PC? What does it stand for?''

Trini grinned. ''Park Cat. This carnival's in the park!''

Part Two

Disclaimer: Here`s part two of "A Ranger Timeline." The Rangers aren`t mine, blah, blah, blah. Ya`ll know the drill by now! So, part two. The Hulkster and the Hitman aren`t mine and used without permish.

Tommy Oliver jumped up from the ground. The cat they`d just found and christened PC, was cradled in Kimberly`s arms. He asked, ''Well, guys, where should we go now?''

Jason pulled himself off the ground and extended his arm to Kimberly so she could get up. He said, ''Well, let`s take a look around, shall we?''

Kimberly saw a face painting booth, but promptly ignored it, as she saw a Ferris Wheel. ''Oh my God! Jason, quick, ride this with me.'' She handed the cat to Trini, and quickly climbed on, yanking Jason behind her.

Jason settled himself better in the seat and said, ''OK, Kim. Why the sudden interest in Ferris Wheels?''

Kimberly said, ''When I was younger, like, thirteen, I always wanted to ride the Ferris Wheel with you. Because I`ve always wanted you, Jason. I just never could say anything.''

Jason felt flattered. When they reached the top, he leaned over and kissed her. She kissed back. They kissed until they began going back down. When they got off, Kimberly put her arms around Jason`s waist. ''Thank you for riding this with me.'' She said, and kissed him again.

Then they turned around, hearing a flapping sound. Tengas were swirling around them joyfully. Jason said, ''We need Ninja Power Now!''

Tommy: ''Green Ninja Power!''

Zack: ''Black Ninja Power!''

Kimberly: ''Pink Ninja Power!''

Billy: ''Blue Ninja Power!''

Trini: ''Yellow Ranger Power!''

Jason: ''Red Ranger Power!''

Then they began fighting. Unseen by everyone, PC crawled away and turned into Katherine Hilliard, a tall, beautiful blond, blue-eyed girl from Australia. Kat, (as she`s called) walked back to the battle and pretended a Tenga had her. ''Help!'' She cried.

Tommy turned and saw her. ''Look, guys! The Tengas got an innocent girl!''

Jason ran over and knocked the Tenga to the ground. ''Leave her alone! What`d she ever do to you?''

Kat smiled at him. ''Thanks. These Tengas don`t know how to behave.''

Jason looked at her warily. ''How`d you know they were Tengas?''

Kat smiled. ''I`ve heard other people call them that.'' Everyone but Jason believed her. Kimberly said, ''Well, you`re safe now. We`ll see you later.''

Kat said, ''Wait! I lied. I didn`t tell you; Zedd`s my father.''

Zedd groaned, but he was happy. ''Now maybe they`ll feel sorry for the poor thing.''

Kimberly gasped. ''Lord Zedd`s got a daughter? Wow. But who`s your mother?''

Kat shrugged. ''I don`t know, but her name must have been Hilliard because that`s my last name. My first is Katherine, but you can call me Kat.''

Jason was confused. ''How can Lord Zedd have a daughter? It`s highly impossible. You wouldn`t turn out human. You`d look at least a little like him. And if your mother was human, she wouldn`t fall for Zedd.''

The others looked to Kat for an answer. Jason did have a point. Kat smiled. ''I don`t know. But Lord Zedd is my father. If you don`t believe me, you`ll just have to ask him. And I don`t believe I caught your names.''

Zack said, ''Don`t you know who we are? We`re the Power Rangers. We can`t give out our names.'' He and the other Rangers quickly teleported out.

They arrived at Jason`s, and spread out on his couch and floor. Jason, he and Kimberly cuddled together, said, ''Ya`ll don`t mind if I pop in a wrestling video, do you?''

No one minded, so they settled back to watch a "Greatest Champions" video. Kimberly, Billy, and Trini fell asleep. But the others got very engrossed, especially when the Hitman or the Hulkster were involved. When it was over, Tommy ejected the tape since Jason would wake Kimberly if he moved.

When the doorbell rang, Jason looked at Tommy imploringly. ''Please, Bro? Tell whoever it is to come on in to the living room.''

Kat was at the door, and had no problem coming in to Jason`s living room. ''Hi, you`re Jason Scott, right?''

Jason nodded. ''Yes, and who are you?'' He shifted slightly, and Kimberly sighed in her sleep.

Kat replied, ''I`m Kat Hilliard, and I`m new to Angel Grove. Ms. Appleby told me you might have the science notes for this quarter.''

Jason carefully slid out from under Kimberly. ''I`ll be right back, Kat.''

Tommy said, ''Hi, I`m Tommy Oliver. How long have you been living in Angel Grove?''

Before Kat could answer, Zack quickly said, ''Tommy, hello? Are you going to intro me to Kat?''

Tommy sighed. ''This is Zack Taylor. Zack, Kat. Happy?''

Zack smiled back and said, ''Yessir, very.''

Jason came running back down the stairs and handed the papers to Kat. ''There you go. Every single note we took plus some. It was very nice meeting you, but I`m afraid you`ll have to go, I`ve got to get dinner ready.''

As he led Kat to the door, Tommy mused, ''Hey, Zack. Did you notice that Jase seemed happy to get rid of Kat? I don`t think he believed her story about Zedd being her father.''

Zack nodded. ''I don`t either. Let`s ask him.''

Jason came back into the living room. ''Hey. What`s the matter?'' He started explaining before his friends had a chance to ask. ''I got rid of her because I don`t believe her story about Zedd. I don`t know what her story is, but there`s something fishy about her.''

Kimberly awoke and sat up. ''Oh, is wrestling over?'' She got up and walked over to the boys, running a hand through her hair.

Jason smiled. ''Yes.'' He kissed her cheek.

Kimberly said, ''If we`re going out tonight, I need to shower. I`ll run home and hurry back.''

Jason quickly suggested, ''We won`t have to leave for three hours. You can use mine, and if you want, Tommy can drive over and get you the you planned on wearing.''

Kimberly smiled. ''OK. You`re a doll.'' She kissed him and ran upstairs.

Jason went into the kitchen and popped a roast his mother had defrosted into the oven. Zack said, ''Hmmm, Tommy, don`t you think Jason was too eager to have Kim stay?''

Tommy smiled. It was pretty obvious what his friend wanted. ''Yeah. Could he have had ulterior motives?''

Jason looked up from the salad he was making. ''Now don`t be going there, Thomas Oliver! You either, Zack.''

When Kimberly came down, dressed in jeans and one of Jason`s shirts, she instructed Tommy on what to bring from her house. Trini was just waking up and offered to go with him. After they had left, Jason and Kimberly settled on the house. Zack said, ''Hey, Kim, you look pretty cute in Jason`s shirt. Red`s your color.''

Jason glanced at Billy. ''Boy, how can he still be sleeping? He`s been sleeping for about two and half hours. Maybe we should wake him up.''

Just as Zack was about to tickle Billy`s neck with a feather, Billy slowly awoke. ''Hmmmm. I`m hungry. Could I get some potato chips, please?''

Jason nodded. ''Sure, they`re in the pantry.'' He yawned. ''I need a nap myself.''

Kimberly said, ''You sure? We`ve only got about two hours before we leave.'' She rubbed her stockinged feet against the floor absentmindedly.

Jason seemed to change his mind. ''Nah, I`ve got to change, anyway.'' He headed upstairs, calling that if Tommy got back, Kim could change in his parents' room.

The next hour was a flurry of activity. Tommy and Trini came back while Jason was showering and getting changed. Kimberly took the pink dress, sandals, brush, and hair accessories and hurried up to Jason`s parents' room. Then Billy left and Jason`s parents came home. Trini saved the roast from burning, and then she, Tommy, and Zack left. Kimberly surprisingly came down first. ''Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Scott.''

''Hello, Kimberly. It`s nice to see you again. Where`s Jason?'' Mrs. Scott sat down at the kitchen table.

Kimberly replied, ''I think he`s changing for our date.'' She looked nervously at Jason`s parents, but they seemed fine with the idea.

Jason came walking down the stairs, looking totally fine in fresh red jeans and a nice red plaid shirt. ''Mom, we`ll be back around eleven.'' He herded Kimberly towards the door.

When they arrived at the restaurant, Kimberly said, ''Jason, I love really love you, you know that?''

Jason nodded. ''I love you, too. Kim, there`s something I`ve got to ask you.''

Before he could ask it, their communicators beeped. Jason pulled her to a corner and and said, ''We read you, Zordon.''

Zordon replied, ''Katherine is getting attacked in the park.''

Kimberly suddenly gasped. ''Trini and I haven`t seen PC since we met her, you know. I wonder where she is?''

Jason was slowly forming an idea in his mind. ''I`m not sure. Zordon, would you keep an eye out for Kim and Trini`s white cat, PC?''

Zordon replied, ''Yes, Jason, I will.''

Kat, who had teleported in, heard Jason`s request. ''Dammit!'' She whispered. ''There`s _got_ to be a way to duplicate myself, so I don`t have to be both people at once.'' She turned herself into PC and crawled over to Kimberly, meowing.

Kimberly grabbed up PC and she and Jason teleported to the park. They didn`t see Kat anywhere, but they saw the Tengas. Kimberly set PC on the grass, and they morphed into ninjas.

Kat crawled to a safe place and changed into herself again. Then she ran behind the trees until she was behind the Tengas. Then she got into the middle of them and screamed, ''Help, Rangers!''

Kimberly went to help her, but Jason stopped. ''I`m sure she wasn`t there before! And where`s PC? She disappeared about the same time Katherine appeared.'' Then he gasped. ''I think Kat IS PC!'' He and Kimberly finished off the Tengas.

Then Kat walked over and said, ''Oh, thank you for helping me. But I`ve really gotta go, so I hope I see you again.'' She ran into the trees.

Jason turned to Kimberly. ''Kim, I think PC is Katherine Hilliard!''

Kimberly laughed. ''Jason, you`re insane! PC`s a cat!'' Both of them unmorphed.

Jason relayed the evidence for her, and as he was talking, PC came crawling up. Jason tried something. ''Katherine, come here, Katherine!'' He called, patting his knees.

Just as he thought she would, she began to hiss at him. Then she leaped onto his neck and began to claw. Kimberly picked up the hissing cat and threw it on the grass. Jason rubbed his neck as Kat turned from PC into herself. ''Now you`ve done it! I`ll just have to get rid of you myself!'' She yanked Kimberly`s hair, pulling her to the ground. Jason didn`t necessarily want to, but he kicked Kat`s side, causing her to drop Kimberly. Kimberly rubbed her head while Kat nervously backed away from Jason. Having no martial arts skills, she couldn`t fight.

Kimberly flipped to her feet, and asked, ''Kat, who do you work for?'' She stood next to Jason, rubbing her sore head.

Kat replied, ''I work for Lord Zedd, if you must know. And I am definitely getting rid of you!'' She inched slowly towards Kimberly, knowing the girl would be easier to deal with.

Jason saw she was reaching for Kim`s hair, and he pushed his girlfriend to the grass. ''Leave her alone. If you`re going to fight, fight me!''

Kat, frightened by that possibility, said, ''I`m outta here, but this isn`t over, not by a long shot!''

Part Three

Jason and Kimberly quickly teleported to the Command Center after their encounter with Kat. ''Zordon? How come Kat is working for Zedd?'' Kimberly asked.


The alarm bells rang. Kat was in the park with the Tengas, yelling for the Power Rangers. Jason contacted the other Rangers, telling them where Kat was. Then he cried, ''We need Ranger Ninja Power Now!'' He and Kimberly were instantly clothed in ninja garb. Then they quickly teleported, finding the other Power Rangers there.

''Good, you`re all here!'' She cried evilly. She glanced at Jason, then said, ''I`ve been waiting.''

Kimberly asked, ''Why are you doing this? and don`t say because Zedd ordered you to. Think real hard. What do you care if us Power Rangers get destroyed?''

Kat stopped, thinking. Then she cleared of the Tengas. The Tengas, getting frustrated, and wanting to attack, did. They began to fight the Rangers. Kat cried, ''No!'' She ran over and pushed back a Tenga. ''She`s right! Leave them alone!'' She screamed.

Then Lord Zedd teleported her to headquarters. 'You stupid bitch!'' He said. ''You`re supposed to be helping the Tengas destroy the Rangers, not stop them!''

Kat hung her head, then immediately snapped it back up. ''First of all, I am not a bitch, and second of all, you listen here, Lord Zedd! I will no longer do your bidding. I am a free woman, and I`ll do whatever I want! And the first thing I want is to become friends with the Power Rangers!'' Her blue eyes flashed defiantly.

Lord Zedd levelled his staff and gave her another dose of the evil, a bit stronger this time. Hw grinned as the evil glint came back into the beautiful girl`s eyes. He laughed evilly. ''Hmmm, something has to be done about that meddlesome Pink Ranger!'' He said, as Kat nodded her head. ''Katherine, my dear, I want you to enroll yourself in Jason`s karate class. You`re going to learn to fight so you can kill that meddlesome girl. Pretend that the evil has gone out of you and you want to be friends, understand?''

Kat nodded. ''Yes, my Lordship. I will go to Earth now.'' She said, and he teleported her to the Youth Center, where Jason was just about to begin his class. ''Jason! Wait!'' She called in her accent.

Jason turned around. ''Katherine?'' He asked as she joined him on the mat.

Kat smiled. ''Please, call me Kat.'' She said, as he began getting his things out of his workout bag. ''I would like to apologize for the way I acted. Lord Zedd`s spell on me has worn off, and I`m very much back to normal. I would like to join your class, if that`s all right.'' She informed him.

The other Rangers were at their usual table, eating fries and shakes. Zack asked, ''Why`s Kat talking to Jason? She knows we`re the Power Rangers, and no doubt Zedd has reprimanded her for stopping the Tengas earlier today.''

Kimberly replied, ''I think maybe the spell wore off. She certianly wouldn`t be talking to Jason if it hadn`t.''

Zack shrugged, but then pointed out, ''But she doesn`t know how to fight, so maybe she wouldn`t even try!'' He looked triumphant.

Kimberly laughed and Trini shook her head. 'It`s OK, Zack. We know you try hard!'' This caused both girls, Billy, and Tommy to start laughing.

Jason was puzzled. He looked over at his friends, then turned back to Kat. ''I`ll get back to you.'' He walked over to his friends and asked, ''Guys, what do you think? I don`t know if I can trust her.''

Kimberly giggled. ''We were just discussing that. We`re not sure, either. It`s your call.''

Jason went back to Kat and said, ''Well, I guess so. You`ll need karate clothes, so you can start next class, when you have some.''

Kat smiled. ''OK, thanks, Jason!'' She sauntered away, obviously for Jason`s eyes. Little did she know, he wasn`t even paying attention.

Tommy watched her go. ''Boy, is she beautiful!'' He had longing in his deep brown eyes.

Kimberly smiled at Zack. ''Hmmm. Do I sense a crush?'' She asked, her hazel eyes shining.

Tommy quickly said, ''Oh no! I didn`t mean that!''

Kimberly looked at him knowingly. ''Yeah, right, Tommy.'' Then her face clouded. ''But Kat likes Jason. I don`t know how she doesn`t know we`re going out, but I better set her straight. I trust Jason completely, but still, she shouldn`t be doing that.''

Trini said, ''Maybe she knows and she doesn`t care.''

Zack laughed. ''That has to be it! Jason and Kimberly have been _the_ hot item for two weeks now. They`ve been all over each other, they`ve skipped class to make out at least once each week, and plus, I talk about them all the time, making sure everyone knows.''

Kimberly giggled. ''Thanks a lot, Zack!'' She settled in her chair and waved at Jason, sending him a kiss.

Zack smiled at her. ''You`re welcome. I want you guys to be the hottest couple at school. You`ve been in love a long time. You should be happy.''

Kat, who was listening at the door, shook her head. ''Not for long.'' She said, smiling. ''Little Pink Ranger, prepare to be wiped out!''

The next few weeks, Kat gained knowledge of martial arts and was soon ready to take Kimberly down. But Zedd had an even better idea. ''I`m going to take Kimberly`s power coin and make her weaker! Then they will have no more Pink Ranger! No wait! An even better idea! You will take over the Pink Ranger`s powers when she is weak! It`s perfect! Oh, sometimes I`m so brilliant, I scare myself!'' He was pacing in front of Kat, as she listened.

Kat nodded. ''Yes, oh wise one.'' She turned and left the room and went to her own bedroom. She sat down on the bed and sighed. ''Boy, Zedd drives a hard bargin.'' She lay back on her bed, sighing again. ''And what do I care about hurting the Power Rangers? One of them could get really hurt.'' She thought about it for awhile, and she decided she would follow Zedd`s plan, except she wouldn`t kill Kimberly. She`d weaken her powers and release her. She fell asleep, dreaming of the taking down of Zedd.

The next afternoon, Kimberly, Jason, Tommy, and Zack were all in the park, waiting for Trini and Billy to join them so they could have their picnic. Kimberly was making sure she hadn`t forgotten anything when packing the basket. ''Jason, did you bring the football?'' She asked absentmindedly as she rummaged through the basket.

Jason pulled it out of his bookbag. ''Yes, I did.'' He kissed her cheek. ''My dear, we have everything but Billy and Trini. And the surprise guest.'' He added mysteriously.

Kimberly looked up. ''What surprise guest? This day was for us only! Jason Lucas Scott, we agreed no one else was coming.'' She cried indignantly.

Jason smiled. ''Au contraire, my girl. There is a seventh person coming to this outing. I thought Tommy might, say, have a better time if this person came.'' He winked at his best friend.

Tommy gasped. ''Jason Scott! You little weasel!'' He began chasing Jason around the area, Jason managing to stay two inches in front of him every time he swiped.

Kimberly giggled. ''I know who you invited!''

Zack smiled. ''Me, too. Face it, Tommy. You like her.''

Katherine Hilliard stood two feet away. ''Who does he like?'' She asked, knowing she was making an impression. She wore a tight pair of blue jean shorts and a pink spaghetti strap shirt. ''Hello.'' She said as she joined the group.

Jason tried to hold back the laughter as Tommy took in Kat`s clothing. ''Hi, Kat. Nice you could come.'' He said as he and Zack tried not to make eye contact, knowing they would lose it.

Zack said, ''Hey, Tommy. Check your lip.'' He and Jason looked at each other and nearly collapsed with laughter.

Tommy glared at Zack. ''Great you could make it.'' He said to Kat, through clenched teeth.

Billy and Trini came jogging up. ''Hi, guys! Oh, hi, Kat. How are you?'' Trini asked, as Billy set the Frisbee on the table.

Kat smiled. ''I`m fine, Trini. Nice outfit.'' She said, though thinking, ''Rather plain, actually.'' (Trini was wearing a pair of yellow jeans and a white sleeveless shirt.)

Trini smiled back. ''Thanks, you look nice too.'' She tossed a red shirt at Jason. ''Here. When we were studying for the test last Monday, you left this at my house.''

Jason glanced at it, then put it in his bag. ''Thanks, Trene. Well, let`s play some football!'' He tossed it to Zack, and the guys and Trini began to play football.

Kat and Kimberly got out the picnic food and talked. Kimberly started with, ''Kat, I`ve got to ask you something. Do you like Jason? I mean, I can understand if you do, but Jason`s not free. He`s mine, and I plan to keep it that way.''

Kat gasped. ''Frankly, Kimberly, I`m offended. I know you and Jason are going out! I wouldn`t come between you!'' Inside, she was thinking, ''That`s what you think!''

Kimberly smiled. ''Good.'' But something about Kat`s tone caught her off guard. ''Maybe she`s still under Zedd`s spell.'' She mused to herself.

When they began lunch, Kimberly pulled Jason aside. ''Do you know why Kat`s clothes are the way they are? Kat likes you. Big time.''

Jason looked her in the eye. ''Kimberly, do you not trust me? I know she does. The reason she keeps doing it is because I haven`t been paying any attention. Kim, she`s not you. You`re the one I want!'' He pulled her into his arms.

Kimberly sighed as they kissed. Boy was she lucky!

Later, that evening, Zack brought out his boombox, and they had dancing. Zack started with a slow song, called "Soul of My Soul" by Michael Bolton. Jason and Kimberly danced very closely and very slowly. She laid her head against his chest and he put his arms around her waist. She sighed with contentment. ''Oh, Jason. I don`t think anybody anywhere is as happy as we are.'' She whispered.

Jason kissed the top of her head. ''I know. I love you so much, I`m ready to burst. But about Kat, don`t you trust me? I trust you.''

Kimberly pulled her head up and looked into his deep brown eyes. ''Yes, I do. And I know you love me. But Kat`s so beautiful. And you`re a guy. If the roles were reversed, wouldn`t you be feeling the same way?''

Jason shook his head. ''No way. I know how much you love me. Nothing could break us up. Nothing in the world. We`ve got true love.'' He leaned down and they kissed, one of their best kisses ever.

Kat watched from the sidelines, angered. Jason was supposed to be falling in love with her, not deeper with Kimberly! She stomped her foot, frustrated. Then she walked over after the song was over and said, ''Jason, how about this dance?'' She watched as Jason and Kimberly exchanged a look. ''Well?'' She said.

Jason smiled. ''Sure, as long as it`s a fast one. Hey, Zack! Put in "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It!" '' He called.

Zack smiled back. ''Sure thing, dude. That`s my song!'' He popped in the CD and then Jason and Kat began to dance as Zack began the dance he`d choregraphed for the song.

Kimberly danced with Tommy while Trini danced with Billy. Kat smiled evilly as she tripped Kimberly and the Pink Ranger fell flat on her face. She was sure no one had noticed. But she was wrong.

Kimberly got up and gasped. ''Katherine Hilliard! You lying, conniving little bitch!'' She cried. Then she added, ''Why did you trip me? You`re still under Zedd`s spell, aren`t you?''

Before Kat could say anything to defend herself, Lord Zedd himself and some putties came flying from the sky. ''That`s it! I have had it!'' He grabbed Kimberly and said, ''Sorry, Rangers, but I have plans for Miss Kimmie here.'' He pulled her away.

Kimberly struggled against Zedd`s strength. ''Jason!'' She screamed helplessly.

Jason ran towards them and tackled Zedd to the ground. ''You`re not going anywhere with my girlfriend, Zedd!'' He backed up as Zedd glared at him.

Zedd said, ''Red Ranger, you just made a huge mistake!'' He raised his staff. ''Jason, you are about to die!''

Kimberly, being held back by putties, screamed, ''NO!'' as Zedd whammed Jason on the head with his staff. ''JASON!'' She screamed as he fell limply to the ground. ''Let me go!'' She yelled as the other Rangers tried to get to her. They were too late. Zedd teleported away seconds before they reached them.

Tommy was knealing by Jason`s still body. ''Oh God, I felt a pulse.'' He said, and everyone let out sighs of relief. ''Jason? Can you hear me? It`s Tommy. Please come back!''

Zack lifted Jason`s still form and said, ''I think we`d better go.'' He nodded towards Kat. ''Miss Hilliard, I think you`d better go back to your Lord Zedd.''

Kat sighed as she walked away, tears falling down her cheeks, and she realized she was sorry for what she had done. She turned back. ''Please believe that I`m sorry. I didn`t want for anyone to get hurt!'' She pleaded, tears streaming by the dozen down her face.

Tommy laughed scornfully. ''Yeah, right.'' He and the others teleported, leaving Kat all alone.

When they reached the Command Center, Zordon was shocked to see Jason was unconscious. ''WHAT`S HAPPENED, RANGERS?'' He asked, concerned.

Zack placed Jason on a bed and said, ''Zedd happened. He came and interrupted our party, took Kimberly, and blacked out Jason. We`re sure he`s alive, cause Tommy felt a pulse.''

Meanwhile, Kimberly was thrown crying into a cell. ''Jason!'' She sobbed. Then she glanced at Zedd. ''Zedd, you`re a son of a bitch! You`ll pay for this! Just you wait!'' She slid to the floor, her shoulders shaking with sobs.

Zedd ignored her and left.

Meanwhile, Jason had gained conciousness. Zedd appeared on the viewing globe. ''Jason, you surrender your coin, and Kimberly goes free.'' Then, right before he faded, he said, ''Oh, yes, her powers will be drained if you don`t.''

Jason gasped and tried to contact Kimberly, with no luck. Could this be the end of the Pink Ranger?

Part 4 -- Kimberly Powerless?

Jason was sitting in the Command Center, worried out of his mind. His girlfriend Kimberly was at the hands of Lord Zedd. Her powers were about to be drained. They didn`t know where she was being taken, so they couldn`t just go on a rampage, although Jason surely wanted to! He felt a few tears fall, and he let them. He couldn`t help it. He loved her so much! He didn`t want her to be harmed in any way!

His best friend Tommy approached him. ''Jase, how are you holding up?'' He was careful not to ask his friend if he was OK, cause knowing Jason right now, he would have snapped something like, ''What do you think? My girlfriend`s powers are about to be taken away, and you`re asking how I am?''

Jason sighed. ''I don`t know. I`m ready to bash some heads in! Kimmie`s powers are about to be drained tomorrow morning, and I`ve been sitting here for two hours, unable to do anything! It`s so frustrating!!!!'' He succombed himself to tears, knowing his best friend would understand.

Tommy sat down and placed his hand on Jason`s shoulder. ''It`s OK, Bro. We`ll find her, I promise.'' He felt tears fill his own eyes, then said, ''Have I ever lied to you before?''

Jason looked into his best friend`s eyes and said, ''No. But I`m still not sure if she`s OK.''

Meanwhile, Kimberly was crying softly in a corner of the cage. She longed to hear Jason`s voice calling her his pet name for her, Kimmie, and assuring her it would be all right. She sniffled and thought how sweet and caring he was. She knew he would try to find her. She was sure of that. But she wasn`t sure if he could get there in time. She thought about all the times he`d been there for her, and she knew in her heart he`d be here for her soon.

Jason paced the Command Center, tired of sitting. ''Billy, have you found anything yet?'' He asked for the fiftith time in the last hour.

Billy sighed. ''No, and if you keep asking me, I won`t be able to!''

Across the room, Zack was talking with Trini and Tommy. ''I wish we could get him to do something! It`s just, he can`t concentrate on anything else!'' Zack moaned.

Tommy nodded. ''Yeah. He couldn`t even concentrate on wrestling, and that`s one of his favorite pastimes.'' He looked at the floor, then up at Jason. ''I mean, poor guy!'' He said.

Zack said, ''Speaking of wrestling, who do you think drove the Hummer that ran into Kevin Nash`s limo? I personally, think it`s Lex Luger. He`s never been able to take people having more publicity than him.''

Trini sighed. Since she didn`t watch it, she had no idea what was going on. But she tried not to fall asleep as Tommy said, ''Naw, I think it`s Sting.''

Zack quickly interrupted. ''Why the hell do you think that?'' He was shocked as he continued, ''Sting is evil, but I don`t think he drove the Hummer.''

Trini said, ''Wait! Stop the talking! Where`s Jason?'' She jumped up from the floor, where she`d been sitting, and gasped. ''He`s gone!''

Zack and Tommy totally ignored her as they debated about Hulk Hogan, Lex Luger, and the Stinger. She walked over to Billy and tried to make herself heard as Zack yelled, ''Hulk Hogan is innocent! He`s the man! Leave him be!''

Billy smiled and chuckled until Trini was able to say, ''Billy, Jason`s missing. He was here a minute ago, but I looked over, and he`s gone!''


Zack gasped. ''Jason`s talking to Kat! That blow must have gone to his head!'' The remaining Rangers gathered around the viewing globe, watching with interest.

Katherine was saying, ''Jason, I`d love to help you, but Zedd`s going to be livid that I`m going against him, and I don`t know where she is. I`ll try to help you, but I don`t know what I`ll be able to do.''

Jason sniffled. ''You`re our last hope. We can`t find Kimberly anywhere.'' He felt the tears come, and Katherine hugged him, wishing that this wasn`t her fault, that she hadn`t brought this on these poor people. And when she looked at Jason`s sorrowful face, she knew he could never love her the way he loved Kimberly. Zack, disgusted, teleported to the two.

Zack pulled Jason away from Kat and said, ''Jason! She was the one who helped Zedd steal Kimberly!'' He looked into Jason`s eyes. ''She`s under his influence!''

Jason shrugged Zack away and looked into Kat`s eyes. ''Please help me. I can`t function without her. Please!'' He begged.

Kat sighed. ''OK. I know where he`s probably taken her. If you follow me unmorphed, I can probably take you with me.'' She wiped her hair back from her cheek.

Kimberly was sitting shivering on the floor of the cage, waiting for someone to come and tell her what her fate was. All of a sudden, she heard footsteps and soft voices. She strained to hear them, and noticed one of them as Jason`s. ''Jason!'' She called as loudly as she dared.

Jason heard her and quickly ran over to her cage. He kissed her hand and sighed. ''Oh, Kim, I`m so glad you`re all right!'' He stopped, looking around for a key. ''Kim, where`s the key at?'' He asked her.

Kimberly pointed at the top of the cage. ''Up there. He knew I couldn`t reach it, and he didn`t count on you finding me.''

Jason hoisted Kat onto his shoulders, and she grabbed the key. He slid her down, and Kat fitted the key into the lock. Jason carefully turned the key and let Kimberly out. Kimberly nearly fell into Jason`s arms. He kissed her hand as she lifted her head. Their lips met in passionate kiss. Kat watched, wishing she could have that. She suddenly realized that she loved Tommy Oliver and had the whole time!

Jason and Kimberly had pulled away and were leaving when Lord Zedd stopped them. ''Oh, I don`t think so, my darling little Pink Ranger. You`re powers are leaving you already. So far, I`ve got 33 percent of your powers. And I don`t feel like letting you spend the last moments of your Power Ranger life with your little friends.'' He reached for her hand, but Kimberly yanked it back. ''No!'' She said strongly.

She tightened her grip on Jason`s hand. ''I`m leaving with my boyfriend whether you like it or not. And my friends will help me regain my powers.'' She pushed a button on her communicator, and before they teleported, she grabbed Kat`s hand in hers. All three of them teleported.

When they reached the Command Center, they were welcomed with open arms. Zack threw his arms around Kimberly joyfully. ''God, are we happy to see you!'' He cried.

Kimberly weakly hugged back. Jason politely stood back, waiting for his turn. She smiled at him over Trini`s shoulder. After she had hugged all of her friends, she had stopped in front of Kat. She immediately threw her arms around the girl in a huge hug. ''You saved my life. For that, I`ll always be your best friend. What you risked for me, it just boggles my mind!'' As she pulled away, there were tears in her hazel eyes.

Kat shook her head. ''But all the evil things I`ve done! I brought Zedd on you, I tried to kill you, and I tried to take your boyfriend away!'' Her blue eyes were filled with tears of her own.

Kimberly shook her head as the tears fell. ''You`ve more than made up for that.'' She hugged Kat again, but in mid-hug, she suddenly felt a stab of pain, and she again began to feel weak. She fell to the floor, and Jason quickly rushed to her side. ''Jason.'' She fumbled for his hand.

Jason kissed her hand as it found his, and suddenly, he knew. He knew she was going to have to give up her powers or have them lost forever. He hated it, but he knew it was to be so. Zordon didn`t even have to tell him. His face took on a look of grim realization, and Zack, holding Kim`s other hand, glanced at Jason. He nodded, and they shared a look. Zack knew, too. Zack nodded at Kat, and Jason nodded back. Neither spoke a word. Kimberly saw all of this. It suddenly dawned on her. She tugged at Jason`s hand, and then she nodded at Kat. He smiled. Kimberly approved. That was good. She couldn`t hold the tears back. They fell in droves down her face, and her petite little shoulders shook. She sat weakly up and Jason took her into his arms. This whole time, no one said a word.

Zack rose, shared another look with Jason, and then looked up at Zordon. ''Does she?'' He asked in a whisper. Zordon nodded slightly. Zack hung his head. Then, fighting back tears, he turned to Kat. He nodded at her, and Jason handed her Kim`s morpher. Billy got out the emergency communicator and handed it to her.

Kat gasped. ''Me?'' She squeaked, as she accepted the things handed to her.

Zack only nodded. Kimberly carefully rose and walked over to Kat. Still wordless, she hugged her tightly. Then she touched the morpher sitting in Kat`s hand, and smiled tearfully. Then she nodded as she choked whisper, ''Please be a good ranger.'' Then she left the Command Center with a touch of a button.

The Rangers all bowed their heads. Not an eye was dry. Jason`s tears were the worst. He felt as if it was his fault. He yanked his morpher out of his pocket. ''It`s morphin' Time!'' He cried. Jason: ''Tryannosaurus!''

He teleported out, and the other Rangers looked at each other. Where was he going?

Jason entered the cave that was holding Kimberly`s fading powers. Well, Kat`s now, but that was technically. He headed to the power box it was coming from, and wished he`d brought Billy. He reached towards it, but decided Billy would be a big help. He called him in and when he got there, he told him he needed to figure out how to stop it. Billy nodded, seeming to to know that Jason didn`t feel like talking. He bent over the controls and worked silently for a couple of minutes, until Goldar stopped them. ''What do you think you`re doing?''

Billy calmly replied, ''Stopping your machine from stealing the Pink Ranger`s powers.''

Jason added, ''I hope you don`t have a problem with that, cause if you do, I`ll have to dispose of you.''

Goldar sneered. ''You are no match for me and you never have been. Now, if you`ll excuse me, I have some vermin to be rid of.'' He started towards them, making sure they couldn`t escape.

Jason slipped into a battle stance, and whispered to Billy to keep working while he fought Goldar. ''You jerk.'' Jason said as he knocked Goldar to the ground. ''I can`t even begin to tell you the hate I have for you!'' He kicked Goldar across the floor, taking him away from Billy and the machine.

Goldar tried to get up, but Jason kept on him. ''You puny little ranger.'' He reached out a hand, yanking Jason`s foot out from under him. Jason hit the ground, hard. He rolled carefully away, trying to buy himself some time. As Goldar stepped in front of him, the other rangers quickly arrived, and four feet reached out and kicked Goldar back.

Kat felt a little thrill go through her. She was enjoying this! She felt sorry that Kimberly had to lose her powers in order for her to be a Ranger, but she was enjoying having the powers. She felt a huge power rush, and then it faded back to normal. Billy walked over, and said, ''I managed to stop the machine, and all of Kat`s powers are back to her.'' Although he said Kat`s name, they all knew of whom he was speaking.

Jason, who had gotten up off of the floor, gave Goldar a fierce kick. ''You`ve lost again, you jerk!'' Then all the Rangers teleported. When they arrived in the Command Center, they all demorphed and left to go to their respective homes. They all wanted to talk to Kimberly, but Jason told them he felt she would need to see only him. He also said that as soon as she felt up to it, he`d call whoever she needed him to call. As he got ready to teleport, his beeper that was only supposed to be used for emergencies went off. It was, as he suspected, Kimberly. He teleported.

Kimberly was sitting in her room, wondering where Jason was. Trini had contacted her after Jason had left the Command Center, and she thought they should be done by now. Just as she was looking out the window for him, his car pulled into her driveway. She pushed the sash back in place, and then she took off into the hallway and down the stairs.

Jason rang the doorbell, and waited patiently as Kimberly made her way down the stairs and to the door. She opened it, and she tried not to cry, but once she saw her boyfriend, standing there so patiently and with a caring look on his face, she lost it. She`d thought she could cry no more tears, but obviously, she wasn`t finished yet. Her knees buckled, and she would have fallen, but Jason quickly slipped his arms around her protectively. They just stood there for a moment, until Jason carefully led her to the couch, so they could talk.

Kimberly managed to stop crying. She took a shuddery breath and felt Jason`s hand on her back, slowly rubbing. She contemplated what to say, then suddenly, the words just came tumbling out. ''Jason, I don`t know what to do. I mean, the Rangers have been my whole life for so long now, I just don`t know what to do!'' She repeated, and tears threatened again, but she was able to hold them back.

Jason asked, ''What can you do? I mean, you`ll just have to try to adjust to life without them.'' As much as it hurt for him to say it, she knew it was true. She nodded, and settled back into Jason`s arms on the couch. She decided some of Jason`s kisses could be the medicine she needed.

A few weeks later, Kimberly had adjusted to life without the powers. She was even getting used to not going with them when they had to leave. The others, especially Jason, had been really supportive throughout this whole ordeal. Anyway, it was about three-thirty, and they`d been at the Youth Center for half an hour, just relaxing. Jason and Tommy were sparring when Jason suddenly collapsed. Kimberly gasped. The others had been really worried about Jason lately. They said that he`d been really exhausted in the battles recently. This was the first time he`d collapsed while unmorphed. She ran over to him and took his hand. He was awake, which surprised her. ''Jason, honey, what happened?'' She asked, concerned.

Jason tried to answer her, but his mouth wouldn`t work. Why couldn`t he answer his girlfriend? And why was he so tired? His eyes were struggling to close, and suddenly, they did. He heard the cries of his friends as he slipped into unconsciousness.

Author`s Note: This is the end of "A Ranger Timeline." I`ll be continuing this story in a story called "Power Loss".