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Slayer Times Two
By: Krista and Lesley

Images filled her dreams, she tossed and turned trying to make them stop. A face flashed and she woke up, tear streaked and frightened. Jason was woken up by her sudden sitting up.

" Casey, what's wrong?" he asked trying to calm her.

" The.... dreams..... they're back," she stuttered.

" I bet Divatox has something to do with this. You gonna be okay?"

" Yea, I'm glad you're here."

He smiled at her and then hugged her tightly. It had been almost six months since her last set of nightmares. - What could be triggering them? - Jason thought.

He decided to move in with her when the dreams became more constant. He felt better when she stopped having them. He looked down at her and she had fallen asleep snuggled in his arms. He himself drifted off minutes later.

* Sunnydale *

Buffy looked at Giles totally confused, " What do you mean, she's coming? Who?"

" Another slayer, more experienced and trained than you. No offense," Giles looked at Buffy.

" None taken," she responded.

" She's very powerful."

" So.... is she going to like take my place?"

" Oh n..n..o!'s suppose to help you. She isn't exactly from here."

" Huh? Do you mean like another Hell Mouth, like Kendra?, "

" Well sort of yes. You see, there are other realities, other than ours. She's from one of the others."

" Okay... so how is she gonna get here?"

" An evil force sends her."

" Giles, how is it that you know all this information?"

" I stumbled upon an interesting book...."

"Newsflash of the day! Giles reads a book!" Xander jokes sarcastically as he and Willow enter the library. He and Willow notice the briefing and get serious, "Okay what's up?"

"I was just telling Buffy about a book about Slayers of the past and how it predicted the slayer from the late 20th century would face another more powerful slayer from another reality," Giles looked at her uneasily, " It also predicted she'd become a vampire."

" Huh? How?" Buffy asked and then sadly whispered, " Angel...."

" Precisely, we have to keep her away from him."

" Wait a sec here, okay, you said she's more powerful than I. How could Angel overpower her?"

" She has a weakness and he, I guess, finds it, I don't know everything about it, the book was very . . .general."

" Great!" Buffy slams her fist into the table before her.

Willow heard her cue and made her way on the computer, "Well I could look on the net."

"Yes and I'm sure that Jenny. . .err. . .Ms. Calendar will help look on this blasted machine also," Giles added, "and Xander, would you get Cordelia and help research? We need to be prepared for this."

*Angel Grove*

Casey and Jason made their way in the Youth Center. They seated themselves and waited for the others to show, " It's not like them to be late," Casey said trying to start conversation.

" Well you know Tommy he's either early or late," Jason responded, " You look exhausted... I think you should skip the fair today and go home and sleep."

" Jase, I'm fine, it's just those dreams are really getting to me," she looks at Jason, " I wish they'd go away."

" You never have told me what they are about."

" I see headstones and this other girl... she's about my height... blonde well she's a bottle blonde... and she hands me a stake and we fight...." Casey paused, " Vampires. And then the end of this dream there is this face that flashes and it calls me...."

" That's odd.... doesn't sound like Divatox though. Maybe we should go see Zordon. Come on," Jason takes her hand and yells to Ernie, " Ernie! If Tommy and the others show, tell them we went to visit Zee."

" Zee?" Ernie asked.

" It's this persons nickname. They'll know who I'm talking about. Thanx!"

* Sunnydale *

Xander and Cordelia sat researching books that Giles had recommended. Cordelia leafed through them, " I don't see how looking through ancient books is gonna help find out about this other slayer. If she's coming.... let her come."

Buffy threw Cordelia a look, " We need to know more about her purpose here." Buffy and Giles went to the stacks to look for more information leaving Cordelia and Xander.

"Why would someone just drop in? Well let's think, what happens everytime someone is sent here to help Buffy fight...what was that? Oh yeah that familiar word we all know and love...say it with me know, Armageddon!" Xander said sarcastically.

Willow threw Xander a look and decided to change the subject, "Well on this web site, it says that another slayer will come to help slayer of our reality to help stop. . ."

"C'mon" Xander said.

" stop Armageddon." Willow continued.

"Two points for research boy!"

"Where exactly does research boy find his cloths?" Cordelia commented.

Willow then stood up, "Hey!!! We don't have time for this. Now we have to put our heads together find out to stop this. And if you two aren't with me a hundred and ten percent, then get the hell out of my library!"

Buffy stuck her head out from out of the stacks, "Meoooww!"

Willow looked proud, "Really, meow? Never got one of those before. Cool!"

* Angel Grove ( Power Chamber) *

Zordon studies Casey's vital signs, " I don't see anything that could be triggering them from the moon or from Divatox's Space Base. I'll have to assume the dreams are foreshadowing an upcoming event of which none of us have any control."

" I knew it! I don't wanna have to face any of the crap I saw in that dream. It scares me.... come on.... what kind of weirdo fights vampires??" Casey asks hysterical.

" In ancient history the chosen one to fight the vampires is called the Slayer, she is a powerful person...." Zordon cuts his sentence off, " Here.... if I suspect right.... you'll need this..."

On a table in the corner of the Power Chamber a necklace of a cross appeared. Casey studies it, " What's it for?"

" Protection." Zordon says.

Casey attaches it to her neck as the alarms in the Power Chamber go off, " What's going on?" Casey asks.

" A storm conquered up by Divatox.... you'll have to stop it... the other Rangers are standing by," Zordon informs them.

" Alright! Shift Into Turbo!" Jason shouts.

" River Racer Turbo Power!" Casey yells.

" Ocean Skimmer Turbo Power!" Jason yells.

They arrive in Angel Grove Park as the storm grows worse. Billy looks at them, " We have to set our blasters to match the electrical surge of the storm.... it's point 0021, got it?"

" Yea!" they all respond.

" On my mark, we all fire at the sky.... it should disrupt whatever Divatox is using.... ready..... MARK!" Billy shouts.

All seven Rangers fire at the sky, the storm starts to dissipate but a laser from the sky zaps the Rangers sending them in a hole traveling to a different time.

* Sunnydale *

The grounds began to shake around the library. Buffy and the others sought protection from whatever was happening. As they watched a bright light spit out seven multi-colored figures. Buffy laughed, " Now I've seen everything. Who are you clowns suppose to be?"

" It's her...." Casey whispered to Jason who was close by.

Jason looked at the others, " POWER DOWN!" The costumes disappeared and they looked at Buffy, " Hi, I'm Jason and these are my friends."

" I'm Buffy and these are my friends," Buffy signals to her left and notices Giles staring at Casey, " Hey Giles!"

" Huh..... Oh.... who did you say you were?" Giles asked Casey, " I'm ah... Casey."

He studies her and then notices her necklace, " Have you been having dreams? Disturbing dreams?"

Jason eyed Casey as she spoke, "Yeah, how did you know that?"

"You've been having dreams about Buffy, and vampires, am I correct?"

"Yeah! But how did you know that! I just met you!"

"Casey, you like Buffy, are chosen. You are now in our reality and you and your friends were sent here to helps Buffy fight vampires. For the time being until you are sent back to your reality, I will be your watcher."

"We call him Giles," Buffy added, "And these are my friends Willow and Xander."

Cordelia cleared her throat.

"Oh yeah, and that's Cordelia."

Casey nervously introduced the rangers and told Buffy and the Slayerettes of they're reality. "So your saying that you morph into those colored costumes and ride around in cars and fight monsters that this pirate woman sends down?" Xander asked.

"Well yeah, if you say it that way it sounds crazy, but well, yeah, that's Angel Grove for you." Zack said. Buffy looked up when he said Angel Grove. Willow noticed Buffy's look and frowned.

"And I thought it was crazy here," a familiar voice said. Everyone turned around to see Oz walking into the library.

"Oh hey, Oz, this is the other slayer, uh... and her friends. Uh...guys this is..a my boyfriend, Oz." Willow said proudly.

"Well the world here is sorta as crazy as yours, I mean we fight vampires, well I carry around a cross and research, and fight anything demon-ic-like, and well, hey Oz is a werewolf!" Cordelia announced.

Giles buried his face in his hands, "Cordelia, so you by any chance know what tact is?"

"Tact is just not saying true stuff, I'll pass."

"Well you don't have to rub it in, I didn't know my baby cousin was a werewolf." Oz explained.

"Your cousin is another werewolf?" Trini asked shocked.

"Yeah, does not like to be tickled."

"Ok, so what do we do now?" Kim asked.

Buffy, stake and hand replied, "We train."

Two Hours Later

"Ok when she said train, I was thinking, piece of cake. I never thought I'd be driving stakes in dummies' hearts." Tommy whispered to Jason.

"Same here," Trini said.

"Same here bro."

Giles cleared his throat, and began, "Yes well, good job. You are least semi-prepared. Casey you probably do not feel it now, but you as the slayer will be able to sense where there are vampires and once you fight your abilities will kick in. Buffy will help you if you need help. Well, your all..ah..dismissed for now. Buffy, you could go to the Bronze tonight. But after, you and Casey might want to patrol, so she gets a feel for things. And remember to watch out for..."

"I got it Giles." Buffy interrupted.

"The Bronze?" Billy asked curiously.

"It's the only club worth going to around here. It's in the bad part of town but it's still the scene." Cordelia said.

"Where's the bad part of town?" Kim asked.

"About half a block from the good part of town. We don't have a whole lot of town here." Buffy explained.

"Sounds like the Youth Center," Jason added, "except it's not a club."

* The Bronze *

Buffy and the others entered the club. They walked around and seated themselves at tables close to the front. Buffy tapped Casey's arm and pointed to the upper level, " We can see the club better up there."

Casey bent down to Jason, " I'll be up there," she points up, " .... if ya need me."

" I always need you," Jason says.

" Well..." she kisses him and proceeds up the stairs to Buffy.

Buffy is standing at the forward part of the upper deck, " Is he your boyfriend?"

" Yea..." Casey answered.

" How long have you two been together?"

" Almost a year and a half.... give or take."

" That's nice...." Buffy trailed off.

" I know this is none of my business, but I sense that your troubled about something.."

" Just my ex-boyfriend.... if you'd call him that."

The Warehouse

Drusilla walked in circles moaning about a vision. Angel caught her and seated her across from him, " Now Dru, can you tell me what you see?"

" A slayer.... a new one.... powerful.... beautiful.... a threat to our kind...." Dru finished.

Angel stood up and walked over to Spike, " Well what do you think?"

" Personally I don't care...." Spike told him.

"Rollerboy comes through again!" Angel sighed, "Well, I guess before we do anything I oughta see this 'slayer'. I'm going to make an appearance at the Bronze. Maybe I'll harass Buffy while I'm there."

"Angel, bring home something to eat would you?" Dru asked.

"Sure anything for my Dru."

"Don't you have somewhere to be someone to kill, oh yeah that's right you don't kill anyone anymore." Spike taunted.

"You must forgive Spike, he's just a bit testy tonight." Dru explained.

"Well then maybe I'll bring you with me Spike, I could always use a good parking space."

"Just go!"

The Bronze

"Do you see him?" Xander asked with a stake in his hand.

Willow looked around, "See who?"


"Who's Angel?" Kim asked. Xander put down the stake, "It's a long story."

Willow continued, "Yeah, just know that he's a strong vampire that you really don't want to mess with."

Trini ventured, "How strong."

Willow sipped her drink, "Strong."

As she said that Angel entered the Bronze with one of his minions. He strayed away from the Scooby gang and ventured to go upstairs to find Buffy and Casey. He eyed Buffy and told the vampire to distract her.

"Buffy I just got...some sort of feeling." Casey told Buffy.

"Yeah I got it to, it's your spider sense," Buffy looked around, "it means a vampire is near...and I just found him, stay here, and keep your guard up."

Casey nodded and went by the railing. She looked down to see Jason and Trini mingling with Xander and Willow. Zack was on the dance floor with the ladies as usual. She suddenly got a pat on the back. She jumped and took a defensive stance.

"Whoa, sorry if I scared you." Angel smiled, "I brought you a drink, it looked like you needed one."

"Oh, well it's been a rough day" *you don't know how rough* Casey thought. She scanned him. *Whoa* Then she remember Jason *Thank God he didn't hear that*

"I see. Well I haven't seen you around, your new around here."

"Oh yeah, well I just got here," Casey caught herself, "...yesterday."

" So... how do you like Sunnydale so far?"

" It's ah.... nice," she started to feel uncomfortable, " It was nice meeting you, but I gotta go catch up with my friends."

" It's was nice meeting you," Angel responded and watched her walk to the lower level.

He studied her as she met up with faces he knew. * The new Slayer will fall. * he thought as someone tapped him on the shoulder. He turns to face Buffy.

" Haven't you anything better to do," Buffy asks.

" Maybe... I just thought I'd come visit the living." Buffy sensed something, " Don't touch her or you'll answer to me." " Ooh.... I'm scared..."

Meanwhile on the dance floor, Casey met up with the others. Xander observes her behavior, " Looks like you've seen a spook."

" He wasn't exactly a spook," Casey explained as Buffy joined them.

" One threat has been neutralized."

" What about..." Willow says.

" Angel?" Buffy asks, " He's gonna be a problem," she looks to Casey, " We've gotta tell you something. But ah.... this isn't the place to tell you.... come on."

The whole group walked out of the club and stopped. Buffy looked straight at Casey, " Did you talk to anyone while you were in there?"

" Yea... some guy.... he made me feel uncomfortable," Casey says.

" Avoid him at all costs. He's predicted to kill you," Buffy says flat out.

" I understand," Casey says.

" Okay you guys, I'll take Casey with me patrolling tonight. If you can, keep close by, we may need you."

Buffy and Casey walk away, " Where are we going?" Casey asked.

" We need to get supplies, then we're going to the graveyard to patrol for vampires."

A half hour later, Casey and Buffy arrived at the graveyard. " So... what now?"

" We wait and watch.... keep your guard up," Buffy says.

A Half Hour Later

"So what's the deal with that vamp guy?" Casey asked as they waited. "Well, I'll give you the cliff notes version. He was made a vamp 242 years ago. Then about 80 or so years ago a curse was put on him to make him suffer for what he did. The curse gave him his soul back, and he became a good guy. He helped me fight, we felt in love, we had sex, and it lifted the curse, and now he's bad and wants to torture me and kill my friends." Buffy concluded.

"I'm sorry." Casey said patting her on the back.

"Yeah well, being a vampire slayer is not all it's cracked up to be."

"Yeah I know what you mean. Being a Power ranger it's that great either. It's like your on call 24-7."

"Totally." Buffy got up off a tombstone and said, "Well I guess the vamps are giving me the night off." She motioned to Casey to follow her. As soon as Casey got off a stone, Buffy's spider sense went off,

"Did you feel that?" Casey nodded and took her stance. All of a sudden a bunch of vampire surrounded them and Casey saw the gorgeous man she was talking to before standing in back of Buffy.

"Angel, even as the bad guy you still follow me around, why is that?" Buffy asked without turning around.

As she did he answered, "What can I say, I have a thing for you lover."

"You mean for my neck."

"Well, yeah, you got me. But no, actually this time I'm after your cute friend."

Casey felt a vampire behind her, turned around, pulled a stake out of her sleeve and drove it into his heart in a matter of seconds. She stood there in shock for a few seconds *Whoa, I killed my first vamp!*

Someone clapped and she turned around to see Angel smiling, "She's fast, I like fast girls. Not like you." He said to Buffy with a sneer. She immediately kicked him, and the fight began. Casey took on the vamps, while Buffy kept herself occupied with Angel. At one point the Buffy and Casey both started to get tired. Buffy yelled behind her, "Switch," and with a quick summersault they changed positions.

Buffy saw her new enemies, "Ok boys, which one of you wants to be the first to fit into an ash tray?" One vampire approached her, "Oh, wow, how eager to die! Well no complains here!"

Meanwhile, Casey and Angel were having a staring contest, "What do you want?" She asked him.

"A real straight forward girl, I like that. But the question is, will you help me?"

"Will I help you what?"

"You can join me it's the best! We could take over the world together, you and me!"

"Keep dreaming, dead boy."

"You've been talking to Xander haven't you. Uh..oh well plan B." He said and lashed out to her, he grabbed her arm, and swung her around so that he was holding her neck. She trying to pull another stake out, but dropped it, "Buffy!" She screamed.

Buffy turned around, but Angel did his vanishing act and was gone. "Oh no, Casey." She said and then got kicked in the stomach by another vamp. She fell to the floor and the vampire was over her ready to bite her. Suddenly the vamp exploded into ash, and all that remained was Xander, "Hey thought you may have needed help, guess I was right."

Beside him was Jason, and Tommy.

"Thanks, but I have to go to the warehouse." Buffy said ready to bolt.

"Wait, where's Casey?" Jason asked worriedly.

"Angel's got her I have to go."

"No, you'll get killed, we'll call Giles and regroup." Xander told her sternly holding her arm.

"Xander if I don't go now, she's going to get killed, she's not ready, she won't be able to fight him alone."

"Wait a minute, he's going to kill her?" Jason asked scared.

"Calm down bro, she'll be fine. You know Casey she can handle herself" Tommy tried to comfort Jason.

"Xander, let me go, I'm going whether you like it or not." Xander let her go, "Okay, but we're going with you."

The Warehouse

Casey struggled with the ropes that had been put around her arms and legs. Angel was pacing in front of her, thinking and planning, " I could kill you now, but I'd prefer it if Buffy was present."

" You're not going to get away with this," Casey says still struggling.

Meanwhile above them, Buffy, Xander, Jason and Tommy watched the whole ordeal. Buffy was planning her sneak attack, " Okay, you guys stay here...." Buffy said walking quietly to a set of stairs.

A vampire immediately notices her and starts to follow her. Buffy senses him and immediately pulls out a stake and vaporizes him. Angel hears the commotion and says, " Buffy, is that you?"

Buffy comes out of the shadows, " I guess it is."

" Good... you can watch your fellow slayer fall," Angel says approaching Casey.

Casey looks at Buffy, " Help me, please!"

Before she can say another word Angel grabs her neck and sinks his teeth into it. Jason is above and watches and with no thought in his head, he jumps down and goes after Angel. Two vampires catch Jason before he can reach Angel and hold him. Buffy jumps off the higher lever right in front of Angel. Casey, who is barely alive, looks at Buffy. Buffy pulls out a stake. Before she can do anything Angel cuts his arm deeply, and raises it to Casey's mouth. Buffy, starting to cry, yells, "NO!" But Casey swallows the gushing blood, not knowing about anything happening around her. She then falls to the floor.

" You're too late... !" Angel says slightly laughing and looks directly at Jason. Unnoticed, Xander comes up behind the two vamps and stakes them. Jason's first reaction was to run to Casey but Tommy held him back. Xander quickly looked to Jason, "Listen man, you can't save her, she's already dead, and you'll be dead too." Buffy grabbed Jason's arm and pulled him, "I can't leave her!!" Jason yelled but they had pulled him out of the warehouse and back to the library.

The Library

Jason and Buffy were in tears as Tommy and Xander tried, and failed at comforting them. Everything was silent as Giles, Willow, Cordy, Oz, Kim, Trini, Zack, and Billy entered the library. Giles was the first to speak, "What happened?"

Jason answered sadly, "Casey's dead."

Everyone looked at him in shock.

Xander then spoke, "But there's's worse"

"What could possibly worse than tha...oh my God..." Willow faltered.

"Wait, what's worse?" Billy inquired.

"Cassey's..s a...a vampire." Giles whispered.

Buffy could stop herself now, "I'm so sorry, it's all my fault, I should have stayed close to her, she would have never been taken. I should have killed him...WHY did I have to LOVE him? Teresa, and now Casey..." She said crying hysterically. Willow hugged her tightly, and Jason behind her said, "It's not your fault." She looked up through her swollen blood shot eyes into his, " It's mine."


Drusilla circled around Casey's body as it lay on a table. She starts to twitch a little and Dru immediately notices, " Angel, she's coming to," Dru suddenly got very happy, "I've always wanted a sister...mmm..."

Angel walks over to her and helps her to sit up, " Good your awake.."

" I guess, if that's what you call it..." she looked around, "I'm hungry."

Angel again slit his wrist and raised it up to her mouth. She drank his blood hungrily as if she was just born. After a minute or so Angel pulled his arm away, "How do you feel Casey?"

She sat up and stretched, "Wonderful!" Once she said this Dru went over to her. She circled her a few times and squealed with joy, "She's special. She can kill the slayer."

"Well, of course," Spike said, "She was a slayer, and her vampire side has made her stronger."

"No, she has a different power. She's special."

"What'd you mean Dru?" Angel asked.

Drusilla, again circled around her, "Dear, what is this on your arm?"

The Library

"It's no one's fault," Giles explained, "It was a prophesy that came true, just as Buffy's death came true."

"Whoa slow down here," Kim turned to Buffy, "You died?"

"Just for a minute," Buffy answered.

"She drowned, and was revive..." Giles was interrupted by a six toned sound that the now six rangers recognized. Jason looked down to his wrist.

"I don't believe it, the communicator works in a different reality!" Billy said shocked.

"Communicator?" Cordy asked.

"Jason, what are you waiting for answer it, it may be Zordon." Zack told him hastily.

"Are we talking about the floating blue head?" Cordy asked again. Everyone looked at her. "What, it's a question?!"

Jason picked up his wrist and hesitantly talking into it, "Zordon??"

It's Jason!"

"Ja...s..e?" The voice asked.

Jason jumped with a start, "CASEY?! Are you ok? Where are you?"

"Jase, it's m..e..," the voice coughed, "Jase, you got to he..lp me...the" The connection was cut off.

"She's still alive, we have to help her!" Jason yelled frantically.

Giles looked at Buffy, Buffy answered his thoughts, "I say him bite her, and then she drank his blood. She'd be dead."

Trini interrupted, "But doesn't it take two nights for a vampire to rise?"

"It's only been two hours, let alone one night," Willow added.

Xander came up with something, "Maybe because she's from a different reality, she didn't turn."

"He might be right, Giles. And Angel didn't drain her, she may still be alive." Buffy told him.

"Yes, but I should research first." Giles said.

"There's no time!" Jason told him, "she could be dead, soon we have to go help her!"

"Young man, I see that your worried for her, bb....utt, we have to be rational about this, it maybe a trap."

"But we don't know that," he replied, "and if your wrong, she's die!"

Jason picked up his bag of supplies. Tommy was the first to speak, "Bro, what are you doing?"

"I'm going after her Tommy, I have to. If she dies because we waited, I'll never be able to live with myself."

"Jason, don't talk like that," Trini said.

"Jase, "Kim started, "We know your worried, and so am I, all of us are. But you could get killed."

Tommy agreed, "Kim's right, Jason."

"Tommy we risk our lives everyday! You'd do it Angel Grove, why won't you do it for Casey?" Tommy was hurt by the like comment and sat down, "I'm sorry, but I know she's do it for me. I have to."

Neither Buffy nor any other slayerette could argue. With that Jason walked out the library doors.

The Warehouse

"They bought it!" Vampire Casey said as she danced around the room.

"Oh, Jason will love being a vampire! And the slayer... there's only one good slayer here, and it's the bad one."

" So, why don't you tell us about these special powers of yours?" Angel asks.

" Well, I use this little key and transform into a spandex clad teenager who fights evil and protects the world..." Casey giggles, " I wonder if it'll work here."

She summons her morpher and attempts to morph, but fails, " I don't get this.... Duh! The morphing grid is too far away."

Angel looks at her, " Dru, you sense anything else?"

Dru jumps up and down, " Yes! She can do things normal vampires can't."


" I've ah... stumbled upon something quite.... interesting," Giles says to the kids.

Buffy looks at him, " Okay.... what is it?"

" It says here that.... she will have the ultimate power and do things normal vampires can't."

" Like?" Cordy asks.

" Come out during the day..."

Buffy stands up, " I gotta go get him. If Casey is what she is, then she'll kill him. All that crap he heard was a trap.... flat out. Angel and her are up to something."

Willow speaks up, " Maybe you should take all of us... I mean you might need us to help you."

" I'll be fine.... you guys stay here.... please," with that Buffy grabs a couple of stakes and her jacket and walks out of the library.

Xander looks around the room, " Well wait a few minutes and then go after her."

The others nod in agreement and wait.

The Warehouse

Jason slips in a window and proceeds to sneak into the main chamber.

Casey and Dru sense his presence in the room. Dru looks to Casey, " He's here..."

" I know, I can feel his presence. Angel.... the bait has arrived," Casey says flagging Angel and Spike to leave. Dru does so as well. Jason finds the main chamber and is below him so he looks down. He sees Casey tied to a chair with blood over her neck. He hurried down the staircase and went to her, "Casey, are you alright?"

"Jason, yeah, I knew you'd come." She played along to the plan."

Jason started to untie her. "Where are the vampires?"

"I dunno, but I think they left to feed." She said as Jason finished untying her. He helped her up and she leaned on him and he said, "Come on let's get out of here."


"Yeah?" he said and she kissed him. He was stunned that in her weakened state she was kissing him but he kissed back. He then pulled away, "Come on we have to go before they come back, can you walk?"


As he walked in front of her Buffy came out of now where and kicked her back," Jason run!"

"Buffy! What are you doing?" Jason asked hysterically.

"She's a vampire, Jason, except it, it was a trap."

Casey took her stance, "You ruined a perfectly good trap, Slayer. Boys!" Casey yelled and Angel and a about twenty vampires came into the warehouse. Through another door, the slayerettes and the rangers came.

"Didn't I tell you to stay put?" Buffy said angrily.

"Yeah but I'm pretty sure your glad we didn't listen." Oz yelled back.

The fight between the vampires and the good guys began. Buffy concentrated mainly on Casey and Angel, " I think it may be fun to kill the both of you...." Buffy says kicking them both back a few feet.

Casey immediately retaliated and started a full out attack on Buffy. Angel just stood back and watched the scene. Dru came and stood beside him, " Slayer against Slayer.... who will win in the end... " Angel says watching the brutal fight.

Casey had Buffy in a headlock, " Should I break your neck? Or should I bite it? Decisions, Decisions...." Casey says.

" Um... how about I do this..." Buffy moves her feet to where she forces Casey off her, " Now where were we?"

" Right here...." Casey lunged at Buffy pushing her to the floor.

The others had finished off the vampires and watched in shock and horror as the two slayers fought. Zack is the only one to speak, " I hope it's not one of those to the death fights..."

"Nope," Xander said, "Casey's already dead."

Zack got a sudden thought as he watched the fight, "Guys! I think I know how we can save Casey, or at least put her back to normal."

"How would we do that Zachary," Billy asked. "There's no time to explain, but we have to get Casey back to the library."

Jason was relieved that someone had an idea. He watched the fight to find away to distract Angel and Drusilla. He did a double take when he saw vampire Casey on the floor, and Buffy holding a stake right above her.

Jason, forgive me* she thought as she raised the stake.


"Buffy! Stop!" Jason yelled to her.

Buffy stopped seconds away from plunging the stake into Casey's heart. She looked back at the others who looked like they had a plan. She saw Willow mouth 'the library'. Then she saw Xander point to his watch. Buffy quickly punched Casey, and as Casey recovered looked at her watch. She was shocked as she realized that it was almost 5:30. * The suns up! *

Everyone except Giles, Xander and Zack piled out of the warehouse. Angel stood angry as hell read to spring on Buffy when the dark glass roof above them shattered revealing the sun's rays. Angel and Dru ran for cover. Buffy got up and dragged Casey holding a cross up to her face as they went to the car.

Half went in Giles' car and the other half in Cordelias'. Casey stopped struggling as the sun had started to weaken her. When they got back to the library they put Casey in a cage.

Zack went on to explain his brillant plan, " Ok you guys, remember fighting Count Nocturne?"

The Rangers nodded and Zack continued, " Ok, remember he bit me?" they nodded again, " I was turned into a vampire and Alpha cured me with that myst he made from special herbs."

Jason looked at Zack eagar, " So, if we can contact Zordon, quite possibly we could cure her?"

" Exactly..." Zack says.

Giles looked rather intrigued, " I hope... you can contact you friend... we don't need her a vampire much longer."

Casey laughed out loud, " I take it you think it's gonna work on me. Well... your wrong... I wasn't bit by some stupid pathetic monster of Divatox's. You'll fail!"

Buffy walked over to the cage with a cross and held it up to Casey's face. Casey yawned, " Doesn't work..."

* The Warehouse *

Dru, Spike and Angel sat in the darkened room bored. Angel was quite angry and Dru took notice, " What's wrong Angel?"

" Buffy... she has a tendency to ruin everything."

" Maybe she's stronger than you and you don't want to admit it," Spike says.

" Shut your trap!" Angel says to him, " Casey'll find a way back to me and she'll have a plan in the works."

* Library *

" Still no luck..." Willow asked Billy.

Billy shook his head in response. Zack looked up from his work to the cage, * She's gone.*

" Who left the cage open?" Zack asks.

The others turned to the cage and noticed that she was in fact 'gone'. Buffy was the first to speak, " How far can a vampire go during the day?"

* Outside School *

Casey walked out of the front door of the school and slipped on her sunglasses, * Can't forget the Ray-Bans.* She started toward the warehouse.

She arrived a short time later, * No one's home. * She looked up and noticed the large hole in the ceiling. * Ahh! There's the problem. *

She found a door and opened it and stepped in quickly. From the shadows, Angel jumped at her. She was rather surprised, "Down boy! It's only me. They have no clue how to lock a cage," she says placing her arms around his neck.

* Library *

"As soon as we get the potion, we should be able to just spray her and it'll work," Trini says.

"Well, hopefully you can contact your friend soon, the thought of daylight vampires is scary," Cordy says.

Billy raises his head, " It's working...."

The whole group gathers around the table. Billy explains to Zordon about Casey's current state.

"I'll have Alpha make it up as soon as possible," Zordon says.

"Thanks. Billy out."

Buffy turns away from the group, "Now.... to set a trap."

* The Warehouse *

Casey sits on a table looking in a mirror. Spike notices and laughes, "Why are you looking in that thing.... you can't see yourself."

"On the contrary, my friend... I can see myself just fine," she puts the mirror down and looks at Angel, "What's wrong with you?"

"I thought you'd have a plan..." he says in a angered tone.

Casey smiles and walks over to him, "I do have a plan and it should fall into place tonight. When my friends try to save me..... "

* Library *

After about an hour, Alpha teleported a flask with the fluid that would hopefully cure Casey. Giles was very skeptacle on the idea of bringing a dead person back to life, but Zordon explained that if Casey had not been fully drained of blood, she was still sort of tapped into the morphing grid. The fluid in conjuction with the morphing grids power would cure Casey and in essence, bring her back to life.

Buffy sat by the window thinking of the good Angel. She realized that the cure would not bring him back. He wasn't tapped into the morphing grid, and even if he was, he was two hundred and forty two years old. He would die instantly. Buffy signed. There was nothing she could do except what she was trained to do. Kill him.

Buffy returns from the window, "Okay guys, nights falling. We should start to head to the cemetary. Casey may be looking for food a little earlier than the others."

"Ya... come on guys. I'm ready here," Billy says holding up the hypospray.

Jason looks at the others, " We should morph. We're protected in our suits... we'll be able to capture her easily."

"Jason's right...." Kim says.

The Rangers gather in a line in front of Buffy and her friends, "Shift Into Turbo!"

The morphing sequence completes itself and they stand clad in their armor.

"That's ah.... very impressive..." Giles says, "Come on."

The Rangers and the others leave the library and head to the cemetary.

* Cemetary *

Casey and Angel step into the park followed by a flock of vampires ready to fight. Drusilla is close behind them. Angel looks at Casey, "So when does the party begin?"

"Soon.... I can sense Jason.... they're close by," Casey says ducking behind a headstone.

Spike licked his lips, "Good, I'm hungry."

Buffy and the morphed Rangers cauiously enter the park. As they walk deeping into the cemetary the rangers get more and more nervous.

"Even morphed I don't feel to safe," Zack says through his helmet.

"That's because you shouldn't," Casey says from out of no where jumping up and grabbing Zack by the neck.

"Casey.... it's Zack.... come on," he pleeds.

Casey throws him a few feet away, "Whose next?"

Buffy steps forward, "Maybe you should stay in your own league."

Casey looks at the Buffy then the Rangers. Seeing that the rangers were morphed she grabbed her key and tried to herself. When nothing happened she asked, "How come I Can't morph?"

"You may be able to walk and talk but your still dead. The demon in your body disrupts the morphing grid..." Billy says.

As Billy distracts Casey, Buffy jumps forward at Casey taking her to the ground. Casey in return flips Buffy over her and jumps up,"Weak... are we?"

" Never..." Buffy says and lunges at her.

The other vamps start to fight the others. Billy tries to get to Casey, "We have to get her..."

From his wheelchair Spike sat watching the fight scene. He glanced at Drusilla who was watching intently, "Aren't you hungry, love?"

Drusilla doesn't turn to face him but replies, "I'm being entertained."

Spike gets ever more frustrated so he decided to face Angel, "Well, to me this seems kind of boring, mate."

Angel angrily says, "Well you can roll yourself home for all I care."

Spike considered the idea for a minute but did not want to leave Dru with Angel. Hopefully Casey would kill the slayer and Angel would have Casey and he would have Dru back.

Meanwhile, the rangers and the scooby gang were trying to hold their own against the vampires. For awhile, the fight between the live and dead slayers was going nowhere. It was kick for kick, punch for punch. But at one point, Buffy gained the upper hand and pins Casey to a wall,"Billy... come on."

Billy looked up in helplessness as he was surrounded by vampires. He had to get to her fast before Casey would regain her ground. Billy quickly demorphs, reaches into his pocket and grabbs a bottle of holy water, and sprays the vamps with it. As the vampire reeled, Billy got his chance. He approached the two slayers.

Angel, seeing that Buffy got the upper hand decides to intervene and back hands her. From the force of the hit, Buffy hits Billy causing the liquid to fly out of the flask and splash onto Casey and Angel.

"Fools!" Casey yells as she starts to weaken, "What's happening to me? Angel...." she starts to say but collapses.

Angel looks down at her, "What have you done?"

"We cured her...." Buffy says absorbing the scene.

Jason and Zack grab Angel by the arms and hold him tightly. Angel who normally could pull himself out of the hold could not because of their morphed strength. Dru and Spike take their chance to flee the scene.

Casey starts to stir, "Ugh! Oh... I have a headache the size of... I dunno... it hurts," she looks up at Buffy, " What?"

" IT WORKED!!" Buffy says jumping up. Casey looked around. The last thing she remembered was that she was being held by Angel and the other two with accents in the warehouse. She put a hand to her head, "Did we escape?" Willow and Xander looked at each other and then realized, "She doesn't remember what happened."

"Of course I remember, I was in the warehouse, and the vamps held me. . . .UGH!,"

Casey yelled as the memories came back to her, "They made me a vamp...and I... tried to kill..." She started to cry as the painful memories consumed her mind. Everywhere she went, even in another dimention, people made her turn against her friends. Buffy knelt down to her and gave her a hug, "That wasn't you. That was a demon that was using your body. We don't balme you for any of it." Buffy reassured her.

"That's right, " Xander added, "We blame Angel."

Buffy glared at Xander. Jason join Buffy and gave Casey a hug, "Glad your back."

"Well...the prophesy came true, " Giles remembered.

"Yeah, now, two slayers died. And...uh, came back. From deadness." Willow said.

Casey looked at herself, "So I'm cured?"

Billy looks at Casey, "Only one way to find out.... try to morph Casey."

Casey gets her key, " Shift Into Turbo!" she does the hand movements, "River Racer Turbo Power!" she transforms completely into the Purple Ranger.

Kim bumps her, "What about him?" she points to Angel. Buffy sadly reached into her sleeve and produced a stake, "Well I have my chance."

"Hmm.... I bet.... hey.... yea! Ok guys," Casey walks over to Angel who is restrained, "We could use the interdimensional powers of telepacy to join minds and spirits to create a beacon of power that will ensure the soul back to a vampire."

"Whoa! Back up their you totally lost us earthlings..." Cordelia says.

"We, Rangers join minds and use the power within us to cure him..." Casey says and signals the other Rangers to join hands.

Angel laughes, "This is too funny!"

Casey punches him, "Keep your mouth shut... or I'll stake ya!"

The Rangers close their eyes and focus their thoughts onto Angel. A bright white light descends upon Angel completely covering him. After a few minutes it ceases and he falls to the ground. He grabs a headstone and pulls himself up, "Buffy....." Buffy watched Angel get up. Her Angel. After everything that happened, she still loved him. Angel stood up and looked around. They slayerettes plus seven were there. He focused on Buffy, "I feel like I haven't seen you in months."

Buffy just stood there, a tear falling from her cheek.

The rangers and the slayerettes watched as Angel made his way over to Buffy. Giles motioned for everyone to leave them alone. When they were alone, Angel and Buffy just stared at each other. Angel closed the small gap between them to give Buffy a gentle kiss. She kissed back and said, "I missed you so much."

Angel looked back at her confused when a pain entered his head and he began to remember everything. Every horrible thing he did to Buffy and her friends for the past month and a half resurfaced. He opened his eyes to see Buffy holding him, "I still love you." He was shocked. She loved him through it all, "I love you too."

Angel and Buffy joined everyone at the gate of the cemetary. Among them was a very unhappy Xander. Jason and Casey was holding each other, and the rest of the rangers were on morphed.

"Well, we did it, " Buffy said, "We stopped Armageddon."

"But how do we get home?" Kim asked curiously. Giles answered thoughtfully, "I'm sure what ever brought you in will take you out."

Just then a bolt of lightning hit the ground right in front of them. When they looked up they were somewhere else...somewhere in a big robot.....