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The Road Rules Series
The Vegas Adventure
By: Krista and Lesley

" I've got shotgun!!" Rocky yelled as everyone piled into the winnabago.

The ten Ex-Ranger teens decided after years of stress fighting monsters to take a vacation around the USA. It was Tommy's idea to borrow his uncle's winnabago to use the entire trip.

" Ok... everything is packed, and everyone knows where they're sleeping and everything right? Good, now let's go!" Kim says impatiently.

" Are we there yet?" Zack says as everyone settled in.

Casey grabs the nearest pillow and hits him in the head with it, " Don't you dare start that Zack!" " Hey! How come I have to share with Rocky?" Zack asks his fellow travel companions.

"Because he snores and no one wanted him," Adam said.

"Hey! I do not snore...right? C'mon I don't! Guys...?" Rocky asked in a whiny voice.

"Only way to find out -- Who thinks Rocky snores, raise of hands please!" Tommy asked the others. Everyone except Kat raised their hand. Then everyone looked at Kat, "What? I've never heard him snore."

"You're in for a rude awakening." Adam said, and everyone started to giggle.

"Say goodbye to Angel Grove, " Tommy told the others as he pulled out of the driveway of his house, " Our first stop is...." Tommy looks down at the map in Rocky's lap, " Vegas!!"

" Vegas?" Casey says unenthusiastic, " Been there... done that," she finishes.

" Hey... some of us have not been... so shut up," Zack yells at her.

" All that is there is Casinos.. which we are underage... and wedding chapels.." she looks to Jason, " Don't you dare start."

"What? I didn't say anything!" Jason said trying to look as innocent as possible.

"Yeah but you were thinking it!" Casey said as she leaned in to give Jason a small peck on the lips.

"Well we're only going to stay two days. Casey, can you deal with two days? Huh?" Tommy asked her with a slight attitude.

"I guess so," she pouted.

Casey looked around the camper. It was pretty big, but considering it held 10 people, it was a little cramped. *We're not going to stay in the car all the time though, just to get from place to place* It was decided before they left that everyone except Kim, Kat and Tanya would drive. Everyone else had their licenses. They had packed a weeks worth of food, and a lot of money, since they would be gone for awhile. They were all happy about not having to save the world.

After several hours of driving they arrived in Las Vegas, Casey looked out the window, * Oh joy! * She turned from the window and focused her attention back to the camper.

* Wonder where we are staying? Please don't let it be Uncle Eddie's place.* She mentally crossed her fingers.

" Hey Casey! What's so wrong with Vegas?" Tanya asked.

* If only you knew my Uncle Eddie.* " Nothing... " Casey replys.

" Here we are..." Tommy yells as they pull into a parking lot.

Everyone looked out the window at the hotel before them, " The Star Dust... whoa!" Zack said

Casey jumped, " You say the Star Dust?"

" Yuppers," Zack replyed.

" Great!" Casey says and falls back.

The ten teens gather their belongings and head into the hotel. As they enter a short man in glasses greets them, " I'm Eddie Davenport and Welcome to the Star Dust!" He looks at the teens, " Casey? Is that you pumpkin?"

* AHH!! * She screams. " Hi... Uncle Eddie... lay off the pumpkin."

"What are you doing here, pum..I mean Casey?" Eddie asks.

" Well me and my friends decided to take a road trip, to see the sights. *Just why did one of the sights have to be here?* " She added mentally as she gave him a fake smile.

"Oh then, I'll put you guys in the best three rooms here!" Eddie told them. They smiled and thanked him graciously while Casey stood there trying to devise a plan to hide.

Jason saw her lost in though, "Hey Case, ready to go in?"

"Hmm? Yeah, I'll..a..get my stuff."

"Ok," Jason replied.

She gathers her belongings and follows the group to the elevator. As they board Eddie turns to Casey and asks, " Still got pooky?"

" No.... he's long gone.." she says annoyed.

" Hey Case, who's pooky?" Zack asks laughing.

Casey turns around, " None of your concern Zack." * I wish I could disappear.*

They arrive on floor eighteen and walk down the hall to the last three rooms, " Here's the keys... you decide who goes where... need anything... ask Casey." With that Eddie heads back to the elevator.

* Thank You!* " Um... who's in whose room?" she asks.

Jason grabs a key and pushes Casey towards a room. Zack reacts and grabs Casey's collar, " Oh no you don't.... none of that on this trip you two."

Casey shrugs at Jason, " Not my rule Jason... sorry."

Jason's head dropped as everyone else laughed. *And I thought this trip was gonna be fun*

"Guys, 4 people can fit in one room, so one boy and girl get stuck together," Trini informed the group. Tommy, Adam, Rocky and Zack bolted for one room, while Kat, Kim, Tanya, and Trini made a run for the other. Casey stood in the hall while Jason gave her 'the look'.

She looked at him, " Go figure!"

She walked to the door as he unlocked it. As the door to the room opened Casey was in shock, " Nice room... "

She explores a little and wanders into the bedroom, * How nice one bed... * She looked up, * Oh no... it's the mirror room.*

Jason wanders in behind her and jumps on the bed. He looks up, " This is nice.. never had mirrors above my bed before."

" Yea... um... I'm gonna check on the others..." Casey turns and walks to the door.

" Hey... they can fend for themselves, " Jason says.

" I guess your right. I'll unpack then," Casey grabs her suitcase.

Casey turns to unpack her stuff. *Wait a second, we're only staying for two days* And with that she takes out what she needs, toothbrush, hairspray, and a brush, shoves the entire bag into the drawer. She sits on the bed next to Jason. *Ok now what?*

"You finished unpacking huh?" Jason asked her.

"Um.. yeah, I guess I did," she said, a giggle escaping her, " So here we are, in our room, alone, bored..."

Jason smiles slyly, " I can take care of the boredom.." he said as he leaned in to kiss her. She kisses him back and the kiss deepened. As Casey and Jason made out, Jason slowly pushed Casey so that she was laying on the bed. Jason pressed his hips against hers while his hands roamed her body. Casey was starting to get a little nervous. She pulled out of a kiss, "Jase, the guys are in the rooms right next to us." Jason looked at her for a second, kisses her again, and then said, "Ok, now what's really wrong?" "What? Nothing's wrong, I was just afraid...that uh..someone would...uh...hear us, that's all." "Uh huh. Case, I know you, your not this jumpy when it comes to...uh...stuff.." Jason smiled.

"Well, I don't know, I just feel awkward about...stuff...when eight former members of the power rangers are just around the corner. And having my uncle here just puts the icing on the cake." "So it's not me, or anything right? Cause I don't want to push you into anything that might make you uncomfortable." Jason told her firmly *He's such a great guy* Casey thought to herself. "No it's not you, at least I don't think it's you. I just feel weird about stuff right now. But I appreciate the thought." Suddenly there was a knock at the door and Tanya poked her head in the room.

"Alright you love birds, we want to get dinner, you guys up?" "Yeah, just give us a second, we'll be right there," Casey told Tanya.

"Ok, Just meet us in the hall." Tanya replied and shut the door. When Casey saw her close the door she turned around to face Jason, "See! They even have a key to our room!" Jason let out a chuckle and reassured Casey that they wouldn't have any untimely run-ins with the gang.

A few minutes later, Casey and Jason stepped out of their room and into the hall. Rocky looked at them with a stern look, " What were you doing in there?" " We were unpacking our stuff," Casey said.

" Sure!" Rocky said to her.

Casey walked by Rocky and hit him hard in the head and proceeded to the elevator. The others closely followed.

They arrived in the downstairs lounge and waited to be seated. Casey immediately noticed her uncle flagging them down. They all followed to a table near the front.

" How are your rooms?" Eddie asks.

" Great! Very spacious..." Kim says.

" Casey? What about yours?"

" It's really nice, Uncle Eddie," Casey said sitting down.

Jason looked at Casey, " Hey, are you alright?" " I'm fine... just thinking about the rest of the trip," she finishes.

Zack looks to Jason, " How is it that you two got in a room together?" Casey looks at him, " You all left us in the hall as you darted to your rooms." " What are your sleeping arrangements?" Zack asked looking at them with a weird face.

" No need to share with you...." Casey says and looks at Jason, " Or do you think they need to know?" Jason looks at her and shakes his head, " Naah..... let's leave them in suspense." " I think we should accommodate them into our rooms.... I'm not one to trust them ALONE!!" Trini says giggling.

Jason shakes his head, " You can trust us.... we won't do anything," he turns and winks at Casey.

"Trust you....HA... I trust you as much as I trust Divatox," Zack says.

Trini laughes, " I think he means he doesn't trust you at all."

" Oh well.... that's your problem," Casey says taking a drink of water.

" Guys... I don't think we are being fair to them," Kim says, " Would you trust me and Tommy alone?"

Rocky immediately answers, " Nope."

" Thanks Rocky, who asked you anyway?" Kim says irritated.

" Um... I thought the question was an open comment question."

" Excluding you..." Kim trails off.

Later on after dinner, the teens discuss the rest of there long trip. Eddie comes to the table, " How was dinner?"

" Really good," Rocky answers.

" Of course, he'd think so... Mr. Vacuum Cleaner himself," Casey responds in reference to his eating habits.

"I think I'm actually more of a garbage disposal myself...wait I just dissed myself.... Oh well," Rocky said without thinking.

"Well guys, tomorrow morning we'll meet in the hall at 11:00 to get breakfast, until then we can split up," Tommy said in his leadership voice.

" Okay," they all agreed.

Zack, Rocky, and Adam stood up, " We're off to the casinos."

" Sorry Boys, no can do," Eddie said.

" Man!" They all three say in unison and plop back down.

Jason and Tommy exchange a look and then whisper something to Kim and Casey.

Casey stands up, " Are you out of your mind?"

" It was just an idea..." Jason says looking at Kim who is all for it.

The others look at each other in confusion, but separately make their own plans.

Trini, Tanya, Rocky, Zack and Adam go to MGM Plaza, while Tommy, Kim, Casey and Jason go outside and explore Vegas.

For the next few hours they spend time shopping and exploring many of the shows that Vegas offers.

" I wanna see one of those Elvis impersonators," Casey says.

Tommy whispers to Jason and then says, " I know just the place... follow me."

They walk a few blocks and arrive at the Heart Break Hotel and Wedding Chapel.

" Figured...." Casey blurted.

" Hey... you wanted to see one," Jason says.

Casey rolls her eyes, " Not marrying me I didn't."

" Casey, C'mon I wouldn't do this if I didn't love you," Jason said as he and Tommy got down on one knee. Tommy looked at Jason with a knowing smile and handed him a small box. He took out his own and then both gave them to Casey and Kim. The girls opened them up and looked at each other. Kim teared up a little, and looked at Casey with excitement, and nodded.

"It'll be fun," Kim says.

Casey looked back down at the ring. *It's beautiful.* "I must be crazy."

Jason and Tommy stood up and gave their women a kiss.

They all walk into the building. A short women with brown hair is behind a counter, " I'm Winnie and you must want to get married.... how old are you all?"

" Um.... 19," Tommy answered.

" All of you?"

" Yea...."

" Fill these out and give them back to me and we'll go from there."

Meanwhile at the MGM Plaza, the others are bored outta their minds.

" I think it's safe to say we did everything here," Tanya said.

" Yea... now I'm ready for bed," Adam says leaning on Tanya.

" Let's head back to the hotel," Zack says.

They all get up and head out the door back to the Star Dust.


Tommy walks to the counter and hands back the paperwork to Winnie, " Okay, here's the licenses and I need $50 dollars from both of you."

Casey stands in the back shaking her head, * I'm gonna be a deadman if Uncle Eddie finds out.*

They hand the money over, " Follow me."

They enter a large room with an Elvis Impersonator at the alter. Jason looks at Casey, "There's your Elvis Impersonator, Casey."

Casey smiles and latches onto his arm, " Yea it sure is."

As the Elvis Impersonator got himself ready, Casey thought to herself, *What am I stressing about? I love him right? I'm here in Vegas, with the guy I love, and my closest friends standing next to me ready to be married. If my parents or uncle finds out, so what. It can't get any worse..*

Casey was starting to feel at ease with herself when the priest/Elvis Impersonator began, "Are you guys ready?"

The four teens nod in unison. The Elvis Priest took out a small book and began to read the Wedding Vows. Casey looked to Kim who was totally into the whole thing, then she looked to Jason who was also listening intently.

"..... as long as you both shall live."

" I do," Tommy and Jason say in unison.

The Elvis Priest looks to Casey and Kim and starts their end of the cermony. * Why is this taking so long? LA LA LA!*

" ..... as you both shall live." he finishes.

" I do," Kim says and Casey freezes.

" I um..... um..... do," Casey responds, " Sorry tongue tied."

" By the power vested in me, by the state of Nevada, I pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss your bride."

Casey turns to Jason and kisses him. Kim and Tommy break and look at them, " Alright you two...."

" Sorry... " Casey says, " Now... how do we tell the others?"

" Easy.... just blurt it out," Tommy says.

They all nod in agreement and start back to the Star Dust.


The Elevator binged at their floor and they proceeded to their rooms. Tommy kisses Kim goodnight and waves to Jason, " Enjoy your wedding night.... at least you can!"

Casey goes into the room, while Jason remains in the hall, " Oh believe me, we will!"

Jason goes into the room and finds Casey curled up on the bed. He walks over and sits down, " Are you alright?"

She sits up next him, " I'm fine... why?"

" Well since the chapel you haven't said anything."

" I'm sorry... I'm trying to absorb all this... don't think I'm not happy. I am, it just happened so fast," she leans over and kisses him. They break from the kiss.

" Tommy and I decided before we left Angel Grove that we would do this. Kim knew nothing of it, we wanted it to be a surprise. I didn't think that you would mind since we had been talking about it," he finishes.

" I don't mind, not at all...." she kisses him again only this time the kiss deepens.

As Casey kissed Jason a sudden realization finally hit her and she pulled away.

"We're married, like man and wife, til death til you part, can you believe this?" Casey said with a wide smile.

"Yeah, I pretty much got that at the ceremony, the word 'slow' comes to mind." Jason jokes and casually sweeps her up in his arms. Casey feels at home in them now.

"But, I guess I didn't feel it was real when it was happening, it just really hit me that we've joint at the hip! I mean it's great!" "I'm glad your happy, because I'm happy being with you." Jason said thoughtfully.

". . .And Kim and Tommy are . . .Married! Cause you know, they were there!" "Where exactly were you when this happened? Did you fly out for a few minutes or what?" Jason asked half jokingly. He loved to see her this excited.

"C'mon, we have to go celebrate!" Casey said as she got up and pulled him out the door.

"Casey, it's our wedding night." Jason said.

"Jason, we're MARRIED! We have plenty of time for stuff, let's go have fun!" Casey said happily.

"Alright! You lead the way!" Jason said with a slight bow." "I should have married you sooner, if I knew you this." They laughed as the walked out the door.


Just before Jason and Casey left the hotel, then went next door to get Tommy and Kim. The two couples walked down to a nearby carnival just off the strip. As they got off the ferris wheel they decided they were going to get something to eat. As they ordered their food, someone in front of them, a tall male with brown hair, looked mighty familair to Casey. Knowing who the man was she took his wallet out of his back pocket quickly. He turned around, and yelled, "Hey!" "Psyce!" Casey yelled as she gave the wallet back.

"Oh darn, I was getting into a nice fighting stance too!" Rocky whined, "C'mon I'll show you where we're sitting." Rocky waited for the others to grab their food and proceded to show them to the table. The gang saw them coming in surprise.

"Hey, where did you guys come from?" Trini asked.

"Does the term, Roller Coaster ride have any meaning to you?" Casey told them.

They ate and talking about their adventures through the course of the day, when Tanya did a double take when glancing at Kim and Caseys hands.

"Girl, where did you get those rings?" Tanya asked.

"I reckon the jigs up, Bonnie." Tommy said in a southern accent.

"I recken your right, Clyd" Kim answered.

Casey and Jason nodded back in the Tanya's direction.

Tanya laughed wildly, "Congradulations!" and gave the grooms and brides hugs.

"Hey did we miss something here?" Zack called back.

"You, sure did. Guys, Jason, Casey, Tommy, And Kim got married!!!" The others looked back wide eyes.

"No way!" Zack finally said breaking the silence, " When?" "Just a little while ago," Kim says, " About ten, I think." "You guys are crazy...." Rocky says.

"Lemme ask one thing... how are you gonna tell your parents?" Kat asked.

" We haven't exactly gotten that far yet," Jason says to Kat.

"I really don't think my parents will care. They're gone 11 months out of the year and hardly ever check up on me. My mom may be shocked, but I'm not to worried," Casey says.

" I wish my parents were gone that much," Rocky says.

"No you don't," Casey responds and then immediately changes the subject," So um... who's up for another ride on the roller coaster?" Everyone looks at her in amazement.

"You just ate and it's also after midnight and your ready for a coaster?" Zack asks.

"Yup....just wait till we get out east.... my favorite roller coaster is at an amusement park there, we'll have to stop and ride the Loch Ness," Casey says reminiscing.

"Loch Ness?" Jason says.

"It's a roller coaster at Busch Gardens.... nevermind we'll just wait till we make it that far.... so who's going?" Everyone shook they're heads no. Casey shakes her head, " Babies...." she walks off towards the roller coaster.

"Geez Jason, you really wanna be stuck with her the rest of your life?" Zack asks, " Cuz if ya don't you can send her my way," Zack smiles.

"I can't believe she's going on that thing." Jason says as she gets on a line that consists of 4 people.

"Hey she's getting on!" Trini informs the group.

They watch as her car goes all the way up, and then straight down, and then into a screw driver.

"Whoa, she's got guts," Tanya says.

They watched the ride complete it's entire run. Casey came running off yelling, " One more time!" "Casey, you're gonna make yourself sick," Jason says signaling her to sit down.

She walks around the table and stands, " Well, I'm sorta tired. I'm going back to the hotel." Jason gets up and stands next to her and says, " We are leaving tomorrow, right?" " Yea... bright and early," Tommy says.

" Who's turn to drive?" Adam asks.

" I think it's Casey's turn," Tommy says.

" Oh no!" Zacks says.

Casey rolls her eyes and grabs Jason's hand, " Let's go!" **The Next Morning**

Casey sits up in alarm and knocks Jason out of the bed. The banging at the door grew louder by the minute.

" Okay! Okay! I'm coming," she says and grabs her robe.

She gets to the door and opens it to find Zack standing with a smile on his face, " Morning sunshine!" She slams the door and goes back to the bedroom.

Zack walks in anyway and goes after her. Casey goes to the side of the bed to find Jason fast asleep. She bumps him and he immediately wakes up.

Zack walks into the bedroom, " Yo! Are we descent?" " Yes, what do you need Zack?" Jason asks getting off the floor.

" Um... Tommy said to tell you that after breakfast we'll be leaving." " Alright, we'll be down shortly," Jason says escorting Zack to the door.

**After Breakfast**

" You're uncle sure knows how to make a good breakfast," Rocky says.

" Yea, I guess," Casey says putting her bags into the winnabago.

The rest of the teens pile in and get comfortable. Casey gets into the driver's seat and looks back, " Are we ready?" " Are you sure your license is legal?" Zack asks.

" Zack!" Kim says slapping him.

" What's are next stop?" Jason asks from the passengers seat.

Tommy looks down at the map before him, " Minnasota!" " You won't get lost, will you Casey?" Zack asks.

" Enough with the stupid questions!! I have been to every state in the US, I know where I'm going," Casey responds.

" Fine! I was just asking...." Zack says and turns to a window.

Casey starts up the winnabago and pulls outta the Star Dust parking lot. She mentally waves to her Uncle Eddie, * Good Ridence!* She starts for the interstate which will land them in their next adventure.

Next Adventure : When Ice Skates Heat Up... Stay Tuned