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The Casey Episodes
Dangers in Love
By: Krista and Lesley

Casey wanders the halls of Angel Grove High looking for Jason who was supposed to meet her after school. She sees Kim walking towards her, "Hey, Jase told me to tell you that he'd meet you at the Youth Center. He forgot to tell you, he had to teach a class."

"Oh okay, thanks Kim," Casey turns around and starts to walk out of the school. She walks to the Youth Center a little disappointed that Jason was not with her. She cheers herself up by thinking of yesterday when Jason kissed her. She waited so long for that, but the anticipation was worth it. She smiled to herself thinking how he came towards her, then she closed her eyes, and Baboom! Not the kiss baboom, but the baboom as she just walked into someone, "Oh, I'm sorry," she looked up to see Zack.

"That's okay," Zack said smiling at her, "Thinking of Jason are we?"

Casey looked at the ground, "No, I was just......"

"Got ya, you were!" Zack said, "Here, let me escort you to the Youth Center, we don't need you bumping into anything else."

Zack and Casey arrive at the Youth Center.

Casey walks in a little embarrassed of what Zack saw, and hopes he wouldn't tell Jason. Knowing Zack as little as she did, she still knows the news would get out. They walk over to the mats where Jason is teaching a group of kids some moves. He looks up at her and smiles. Jason looks at his students.

-Casey....kids.....Casey.....kids....I'll go with Casey- "Class dismissed until tomorrow," he says trying not to be obvious, but it didn't help. Casey walks to a table while Jason gets his things.

Zack stops him, "Hey, class wasn't over!"

"Ummm, we started early today." Jason said rushing over to the table.

"Yeah, whatever!" Zack tries to argue, but knows Casey is right there. Jason looks at Casey, "Hey," he blushes and then looks down at the table.

"Um, Jase, can I have a word with you?" Zack gets up and motions to the hall, Jason follows.

"Did I miss something?" Zack blurts.

"What?" Jason asks playing stupid.

"What did you guys kiss or something?" Zack asks.

Jason smiles at him,

"Oh this is good!" Zack says in amazement.

Zack and Jason walk back to where Casey is sitting.

"Sorry about that," Zack says.

"It's okay, I was just reading over my schedule for gymnastics," Casey says, "So, what are we up to?"

Jason stares at her for a second, "Um...well today class was really good, the kids are learning alot...." and looks away without anything else to say.

Casey looks at Jason then at Zack with a look of confusion in her eyes.

"Zack, can I talk to you?" Casey gets up and pulls Zack into the hallway, "What's wrong with him? He seems nervous around me, would you talk to him for me?" Casey says pulling on his shirt.

"Yeah, sure, Casey. Would you let go, I can't breath," Zack says. Casey lets go of his shirt.

"Sorry, why is he acting this way?" Casey asks.

"Well, don't tell him I told you this, but I don't think Jason has ever kissed a girl. He always said that when he did, it would be someone he really loves." Zack explained.

"So that would be me," Casey turned toward Jason and smiled.

"That is so sweet!" Casey mumbled, "So what should I do?" she turned toward Zack.

"Give him some time," Zack said.

"Time, all right, I'll give him some time," Casey said and walked back to the table. Zack followed.

Jason was seated at the table placing an order with Ernie, "You want anything?" he asked looking at Casey.

"No, I'm fine, thanks." Casey said looking at Zack, "Listen, I gotta go get ready for gymnastics. My coach will be here any minute."

"All right, see you later." Jason said watching her get up from the table.

Casey walks towards the hall and disappears into the Locker Rooms.

Zack looked at Jason with confusion, "Jason, what is going on with you? She is confused as to why you won't talk to her. Is something wrong?"

"Zack, I just don't want to mess up this relationship." Jason said.

"Your still stuck on what happened in ninth grade, aren't you?" Zack asked.

Jason smiled, "Zack, that happened almost four years ago. I'm long over it," Jason paused, "I don't want to lose her."

"I don't think she's going anywhere, Jase, she likes you alot," Zack looked at the Balance Beam where Kim was standing stretching with Casey who had just joined her.

Jason followed his gaze to Casey, -I'm not going to mess this up.-

(At the Balance Beam)

Kim and Casey were stretching out, Kim turned to Casey and asked, "So what's going on with you and Jason?"

"I couldn't tell ya, Kim. Last night everything was fine and now..... I just don't know," Casey looked up to the table.

"He'll be okay," Kim said.

Casey was searching through a bag, "Kim, if my coach gets here, tell her I'll be back. I forgot something at home."

"Okay, see ya in a few," Kim said.

Jason and Zack watched Casey run out, "I wonder what's going on?" Zack said as Kim sat down.

"Where'd she go?" Zack asked.

"Home. She forgot something," Kim said turning to Jason, "And you, what's going on?"

Jason was tired of being asked the same question, "Ask Zack! I think he knows better than I do!"


Casey reached the edge of the Park near her block and began to cross to her street, when Mondo appeared, "I have big plans for you, Casey." Casey turned to run, but all means of escape had been cut off, "What do you want now Mondo?"

Two cogs come up behind her and grab both her arms.

"Get off of me!" She struggles.

"You might as well save your energy. You will not be getting away, this time."

"How could you do this again!" Don't you ever let up!" Casey said.

"No, I don't!" Mondo laughs as he casts a spell over Casey.

"No, you can't do this again!" Casey says trying to fight it off. Her eyes begins to see purple as her heart changes from sweet to evil. Mondo screams, "Don't even try fighting the urge, soon, you will succeed where others have failed!"

King Mondo and his goons leave the Park. As they leave Casey slowly falls to the ground in a deep sleep.

Later, about two hours in the future, Casey awakes as the new threat to Angel Grove. Casey, under her new way of thinking about Jason, storms into the Juice Bar, ready to attack. Mondo arrives, grants her the power she once held, as she morphs about a block away from the Juice Bar.

She automatically brings out her 'Claws of Destruction' on her way to trash the Juice Bar. As she arrives at the door, she walks slowly in search of Jason. Along the way, people run in fear, as she rips the place apart. Everyone escapes but Jason. Zack and Kim teleport to the Power Chamber because the Juice Bar's ceiling is collapsing. Jason is the only one left.

"Hello, Jason!" Casey says.

"No, this can't be!" Jason replies.

"Well, it is, hate to disappoint you!"

"But, you know we have something for one another, you broke the spell last time, you can do it again!" Jason yells to her.

"It's too late, Mondo has a much more powerful spell, this time!"

-I'm gonna have to morph, it's the only reasonable way left- Jason morphs.

"Ha! You think that will work this time, Jason, do you really think it will?" Casey says laughing evilly at him.

Jason paused, "No," and he paused again, "why are you doing this Casey?"

"I do it because Mondo commands it!" Jason hears a rumbling noise, and looks up. The ceiling started to cave in from the corners.

"Casey, listen to me, we have to get out of here, or we'll both be destroyed!" Jason yelled to her.

"Then let it be that!"

"I'm sorry you said that." Jason replies.

The ceiling starts to cave in, Jason in a last minute attempt, grabs Casey and teleports to the park. Casey demorphed herself and says, "Why did you save me? I would have much rather stayed in there."

"I love you Casey, you probably don't realize it now that you're under Mondo's spell, but I do." Jason says.

"I can love no one!" Casey says and tries to kick Jason, but Jason quickly grabs her leg and slowly sets her on the ground.

Casey looks at him confused, " Stop...I must destroy you." Casey stands staring blankly at the sky, "I can't think!"

"Come to the Power Chamber, we'll help you." Jason says to her.

"NO! Let me help you!"

Before Jason can do anything, she teleports them to the dark Dimension.

(Dark Dimension)

Casey arrives and signals cogs to tie up Jason. "Come on, Casey, Remember!"

"It's to late, ranger, for you are already doomed. Ha ha ha!" Casey laughs.

Jason sits on the floor, tied hand and foot. -If I could only reach my communicator-

Casey watches Jason struggle with the ropes, "If you promise not to escape, maybe I will untie you, sound fair?"

"Yeah, I guess so," Jason says with a plan in his mind. Casey walks toward him very cautious. She kneels down and cuts the rope, cutting the back of Jason's wrist. She cuts the second rope with eyes on him, "Better?"

He doesn't answer her, but sits there looking at her. "What are you looking at?" She asks.

He just looks at her, with tears filling in his eyes. Then he looks down at his wrist that began to throb. He saw that he was bleeding profusely. -I have to get out of here-

The blood is all over, he feels sick as he looks down at the blood. Nausea over comes him.

"Casey..." Jason starts to say but is teleported to the Power Chamber.

The teens see that he is bleeding.

"Jason, what happened?" Kim said running over to him.

"I'm okay, it hurts but I'm really okay," Jason said wrapping his wrist with a cloth provided by Alpha, "Casey?"

"She's too evil this time, Jase. We may not be able to save her this time," Zack said placing his hand on his shoulder.

"No! We have to try, I promised her," Jason says with tears in eyes.

"Jason, the likely hood of Casey breaking through is slim," Billy said,

"Even if she does break through, there is no telling the future consequences."

(Dark Dimension)

Casey paces the floor back and forth yelling at Cogs along the way. Mondo appears, "My dear, you must calm down. I have a new job for you."

"Mondo, I want nothing to do with your plans, I'm through!" Casey screams.

Little did Casey know, King Mondo was turning the device to de-crease the spell's capacity.

"Fine, this is worthless trying to control you, good-bye, we will meet again!" Mondo screams and teleports out.

Casey still feeling a little evil in her heart, lays down knowing she has turned mostly back to herself.

(At Power Chamber)

"Zordon! We have to get her out of there!" Jason says.

"I am sorry Jason, we cannot do that, she is still under the spell and the likeliness of her breaking, it is about 1 in 1000." Zordon speaks trying not to hurt Jason's heart.

But, it was too late, Jason ran towards the teleportation system on the Power Chamber panels.

"Zordon, we have to do this, trust me!" Jason speaks angrily.

"Jason, No!" Billy speaks as Jason starts the teleportation search for Casey.

The system finds Casey and teleports her to the Power Chamber.

"Jason, why did you do that!" Trini says.

"I had to, I love her deeply, if we didn't do that, she could have died in there!"

"But, Ja..." Zack says, as Casey teleports in, and lays dead asleep on the Power Chamber's floor.

"See, if we waited any longer, the gas fumes in there, would kill her!" Jason says, "I felt her breaking off the spell in my heart, I could feel it!"

Alpha runs an immediate scan over Casey to detect an evil presence.

"Zordon! It seems she has broke Mondo's spell!" Alpha says happily.

"See, she is no longer evil, she is on our side once again." Jason speaks.

(At Machine Empire)

Mondo looking over the device to increase her spell, decides to make it go slow.

As he slowly turns the device, he realizes after they greet Casey, a few minutes later, they will see their fate.

Mondo slowly turns the device, as he feels more corrupt than ever before.

(Back at the Power Chamber)

Jason lays next to Casey, tries to wake her, and fails. A second later, she wakes.

"Jason?" Casey says unaware.

"Casey!, Jason speaks, "Yes, it's me!"

"Oh Jason, what have I done?" Casey says as she falls onto Jason's arms.

"It is O.K., you did it under Mondo's spell. They are uncontrollable." Zordon remarks.

Casey slowly but surely gets off the floor with Jason's help. "I am so sorry, to all of you." Casey speaks.

"It's forgotten, let's try and keep it in the past." Zack expresses in his open-hearted way of thinking.

"Casey, we could use you as a Power Ranger, with your help we could put an end to the entire Machine Empire." Zordon says unaware of what Casey will decide to do.

"A seventh power coin?" Alpha says.

"Yes, it is possible, remember how Tommy was the Green Ranger? It can be done again." Zordon says.

"Yeah, Zordon, is it safe this time? You all remember what I did to you, it could happen again." Tommy says feeling the loss of his powers once again in his heart.

"We are willing to take that chance, aren't we Zordon?" Jason spoke up.

"Yes, we are, the Green Ranger helped us so many times, we could use the extra help, what do you say Casey?" Zordon says.

"I guess, but you all seem like I could turn evil again, why?" Casey says considering that she may still have some evil inside of her.

"A long time ago, Tommy was Rita Repulsa's evil Green Ranger, but then he came to our side, just like the same situation you are in." Jason says.

"Oh yeah, I remember that from the Channel 5 news, that was you Tommy?" Casey says in surprise.

"Yes, it was, that wasn't the only time I was evil though, that's what we are trying to say, you can turn evil at any moment, it happened to me, it can happen to you." Tommy says still shaking off those fading memories.

"Well, my love is true!" Casey says, "I have proved it, I broke Mondo's spell, my love for Jason triumphed over evil."

Jason blushes as Zordon begins to speak once again.

"Casey, you must obey three basic rules or lose the protection of the power." Zordon says sternly. "First, never use your power for personal gain. Second, never escalate a battle unless evil forces you. And finally, keep your identity a secret, no-one may know you are a Power Ranger." Zordon finishes, realizing Casey will accept. "Do you accept?"

"Yes, I do. I hope I never turn against my friends again." Casey says unaware of what is about to happen.

"Then morph, into the purple ranger!" Zordon says pleasantly. Casey calls out, "Zeo Ranger X, Purple!"

She is morphed as she slowly looks at her new friends and feels a little woozy.

Jason looks at Casey, "What's the matter?"

"Nothing, I just am feeling a little strange." Casey says. Casey turns around and looks at the viewing globe, speaks to herself for a moment, as her body starts to make uncontrollable twitches.

"Casey!?" Jason says frightened.

Casey screams, "Claws of Destruction!"

"No!" Jason says running towards her.

Casey runs towards the viewing globe, and completely shatters it.

Along the way towards her, Jason calls out his morphing sequence.

"Gold Ranger Power!"

She knocks him on top of the control panels, the Power Chamber is becoming seriously cluttered with violence.

Jason lands on the teleportation unit, has it teleport him to the nearby park.

Jason, full aware that the system will respond in 15 seconds, runs towards Casey who just paralyzed Alpha, and tackles her and holds her down.

"Let go of me!" Casey screams as they are both teleported to Angel Grove park.

"Listen to me, Casey, you have to snap out of this, please!" Jason pleads with her as he pins her down.

"Jason, I'm trying!" Casey murmurs. Casey puts down her weapons.

Jason sees that she has let go of them and takes them in his hand.

"AGH! What's happening to me? Weakening!" Jason falls to his knees.

"Yes, Jason, use all your energy!"

"Casey please!" Jason falls completely to the floor. The Claws had taken all his energy. He started to get up, and was teleported to the Power Chamber.

Jason suddenly fell to the floor (again).

"Jason!" Trini screamed as he hit the floor.

"Oh my Gosh!" Kim ran to him, while he layed still on the floor.

They joined her quickly. Tommy elevated his head slightly.

"Jason, are you okay?" Tommy spoke. "Come on Jase, snap out of it!"

There was no response.

Tommy put his ear to Jason's chest to check for a heart beat. "He's alive, barely."

Billy motioned to the table. They lifted him up, and gently laid him on the examination table.

"Is he gonna be all right, Billy?" Zack asked nervously. Billy checked the readings coming from the computer.

"It doesn't look good, his readings are very low."

"Can we do anything?" Trini asks.

"Casey must come out of the spell, and you must bring the Claws of Destruction here. She must reverse the effect. He doesn't have much time," Zordon explains, "I have found a way to bring Casey out of the spell, but you must bring her here. Alpha, set up the force-field ready."

"Guys, we have to do it, for Jason." Kim says quickly.

They teleport back to the park where Casey is.

"Back for more. Rangers?" Casey says evilly."

"Casey, I know you're in there, the good Casey." Tommy says.

"There is no good Casey!"

"Jason's hurt! If you don't come with us, he will die!" Trini yells at her.

"Good!...What? Jason?" Casey goes in and out of the spell.

"Alpha, teleport us now!" Tommy orders.

"Yes, Tommy."

(Command Center)

Casey goes into the force-field. She stares at Jason lying flat, totally motionless. Deep into her heart she almost feels something snap. Love over powers her and the spell is now broken.

"Casey, you have experienced true love and it has broken Mondo's spell." Zordon begins.

The force-field is turned off.

"Now take your weapon, and reverse the effects of the Claws of Destruction." Zordon finishes.

Casey aims her weapon at Jason, and a bright purple light stretches over him. It ceases and Jason remains still. Billy walks over to him, and scans him again. "He is normal, he just needs rest."

Jason slowly opens his eyes, and looks over to Casey. "Cas...sey"

"I'm so sorry," she cries and bends down. She holds him tightly, "Are you okay?"

"Me, oh yeah, nothing a little sleep can't cure."

The teens watch them and smile.

(Two Days Later)

Kim and Casey sat at a table at the Youth Center passing the day away.

"You heard anything from Jason?" Kim asks.

"Not in two days. I called his house and his mom said he was still asleep," Casey said.

Kim giggled and then looked at the door and pointed. Jason, Tommy, and Zack walked in and sat down at the table. "Look who's awake," Kim said.

"Very funny," Jason said casually placing his arm around Casey.

Everyone smiled.

"Umm, Me, Tommy and Zack have to go. We promised Trini we'd....ahh..meet her at the mall. Yeah....the mall," Kim said giving Zack and Tommy a look.

"I forgot...yeah, we'll see ya," Zack said and everyone left.

Casey looks at Jason, "So I guess that leaves us."

"Yeah, there's something I have been wanting to talk about with you." Jason said sorrowfully.

"What is it Jase?" Casey utters.

"Well, a few years ago, Tommy lost his powers, he gave them to me." Jason says remembering back. "I took his powers away from him, I felt so bad for him." Jason claims in a sad voice.

"Jason, that doesn't mean you took his powers, it was the best thing for the team, right?" Casey says.

"Yeah, sort of, but Tommy felt left out of the group for quite a while." Jason says.

"Oh, Jason, are you thinking that this could happen to me?" Casey says sadly.

"Yes, that is what I am getting at, Casey...you could lose your powers just like Tommy, the chances are very great." Jason cries out.

"Jason, it's OK." Casey says looking at him.

"I just don't want it to happen to again! And if it does I just want you to know, I'm always, no matter what you do, there for you." Jason begins to cry.

Jason gets out of his seat as Casey gets up as well. Jason hugs her the tightest he has ever hugged anyone. Casey feels for Jason, as she kisses him once again.

"I know you will always be there for me, you don't have to tell me that, I already know." Casey states.

"Could I walk you home, Casey?" Jason asks politely.

"Of course, why not?" Casey says as the two smile and walk out of the juice bar.

(A block away from Casey's house) The two are holding hands, Jason releases his hand and puts it around her arm. "

Jason, don't worry about me, I'm a Power Ranger, just like you, I can take the challenge." Casey says feeling more closer to Jason.

"I know you can, I just care about you more than anything else in my life." Jason responds.

"I feel the same way, Jason." Casey says as she approaches Jason slower and slower.

The two teenagers arrive at her street. Jason goes towards Casey and gives her the longest kiss either of them have ever had. Jason walks away, as the two feel closer to one another than ever before. Jason realizes what he has, and states to himself that he will never lose Casey, no matter what the circumstance.

Casey smiles as she walks, then she gets a wave of anxiety. - Could what Jason say really happen? I could become evil again?- Casey pictures Jason on the examination table again. She shudders. - That was horrible- She sees him just lying there, waiting to see if he would ever get up again. Thank goodness they got her when they did, or he would have....-No Casey, don't even go there, he's ok, and that's all that matters.-

But was it the end? How could she be so sure it wouldn't happen again?

She stiffened a bit. -My friends will help me no matter what- She tries to block out the memory of her fighting against them. - I just hope they can forgive me-

Meanwhile, Jason is walking home. - I wonder if I kiss bad? Naah- He laughs to himself, then he gets serious. He just can't get rid of the thought, that Casey is still in danger, or will be. Jason walks into his home, eats his dinner, does his homework, and goes to bed. A few blocks away, Casey also does the same. The two in their homes, look out at the shining moon, thinking of one another, and happily fall into their peaceful dreams.

The End


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