The Casey Episodes
Casey's Aftershock
By: Krista and Lesley

Drowsily, Casey walked into the Youth Center. Kim notices her staggering to a table and putting her head down. Something was up.

"Case, you okay?" Kim says sitting down at the table.

Casey managed to look up at her and give a faint smile,

"Huh....oh....I'm fine. I just didn't get any sleep last night."

"What happened?" asked Kim.

"Well, I kept having these nightmares. I dreamt that I was evil again and came after you guys," she told Kim, "I just can't shake this awful feeling."

Jason walked in with Tommy and notice Casey looking distraught.

"Casey, what's the matter?" Jason asks concerned.

"Well, Jason, I just don't think anyone can trust me now, after what I've done to you all," Casey says sadly.

Tommy put his hand on her shoulder, "Listen Casey, I felt the same exact way after I was evil."

"You were under a spell, you weren't in control of your actions." Billy added.

"We all trust you, right guys?" Jason asked.

"Of course we do!" Zack says.

"Yeah, for sure!" Kim reassures.

Casey looks around at everyone and smiles as broadly as she can, "Thanks guys, I don't think I've ever had friends quite like you."

As she finishes her statement she buries her head into her folded arms on the table, "What is going on now?"

"Come on Casey, let me get you to the Power Chamber, "Jason says grabbing her hand. Jason then activates the teleportation device.

(The Power Chamber)

Jason arrives with Casey who seems to be in extreme pain. Jason places her on the examination table, "Alpha, something's wrong."

Billy walks in quickly and exams her, "Well, it's just as I feared."

"What?" asks Jason.

"The spell Mondo cast left very painful, very harsh side effects, I thought Alpha and I had cured her, but now....I don't know," Billy examined her with all kinds of devices, "Alpha, contact Delphine on Aquitar, she said she could assist us when I talked to her earlier."

"The Alien Rangers?"

"Yeah, Delphine said that on Aquitar a long time ago, a ruler by the name of ...uh.. oh yeah, Lord Cigon placed a spell on a young girl which gave her many abilities and morphing powers. She said Casey's spell sounded very similar to that spell and she may have a cure," explained Billy.

"Billy, I have established a communication link with Aquitar," Alpha announced.

"Greetings Billy, what is wrong?"

Billy explained Casey's condition to Delphine, "She doesn't have much time," Billy said.

"I will be there as soon as I can Billy. Cestro will be accompanying me," Delphine explained as the viewing globe went blank.

"Jason, I need you to stay here and talk to her and let her know everything will be okay," Billy says preparing to receive Delphine and Cestro.

Jason looked at Casey as she laid in agony on the table, "Case, can you hear me?"

She nodded opening her eyes a little, "Jason, what's happening to.....?"

"Case, you will be fine, I promise. Now stay with me," Jason said.

Having Jason and the other rangers by her side gave her a little comfort.

She relaxed as much as the pain allowed her to. "Sleep...I need....sleep," she said as she closed her eyes and drifted off.

Jason backed away from her. Billy could see what was going on in Jason's mind and the emotions that showed on his face,

"It's okay Jase, let her rest."

(Casey's Dream)

Casey looks around only to find herself surrounded by Cogs.

"Hello my dear, your just in time," A voice said from behind her.

-I'd know that voice anywhere.-

She turned around and held her ground against what looked like a hologram of Mondo, "Your not real Mondo, this is a nightmare," Casey said.

-Casey, stay with me- She heard Jason say as she slipped in and out of conscienceness.

"Jason?" Casey said almost as if to herself.

"Too late, the fun is about to begin, "Mondo said, "Cogs, make the lady comfortable."

-C'mon Casey fight it- she her Jason say again.

"Jason, I can't, he's too powerful, "Casey is grabbed by the Cogs and dragged to a pole and tied, "No!! Jason! No!!"

"Ha Ha Ha!!!" Mondo laughs.

(Power Chamber)

Jason notices Casey jerking around on the table, he signals Billy to come over. Billy walks over cautiously to attempt using the scanner. He shoots the beam towards her as she is twinging every second. Billy comes to a conclusion after a brief thought "It appears that Casey, is suffering from a dream that has seemed to enter her reality. It may be Mondo himself conducting the dream, or it may be a aftershock from the spell." Casey stops twitching for a moment. Jason bends down and kisses her forehead hoping that maybe in some way she felt it and she would awaken. Moments later, Delphine and Cestro appear in their weird teleportation form,

"Billy, we got here as soon as we could," Delphine says, "How is her condition?"

"I'm afraid not good, whatever is causing her to have these weakening her, but..." Billy paused and looked at Jason who was quietly whispering to Casey, "I think there is hope."

(Casey's Dream)

"Mondo, you can't do this to me," Casey struggled with the ropes, "It's not fair."

"My dear, Who ever said human life was fair?" Mondo laughed.

-Casey don't leave me, you gotta hang on- she heard Jason's reassurance again.

"I'm trying Jason. I can't fight him," Casey said as tears ran down her cheek, " I can't..."

"No use in trying to talk to the outside world, because they can't hear you,"

Mondo poked her with his staff, "To them you are in a comma or deep sleep."

"I hate you, Mondo, I hate...."Casey couldn't hold it any longer and began crying.

(Power Chamber)

The other Rangers arrived minutes after the Alien Rangers. Kim was the first to notice the unconscious Casey.

"Oh my gosh, what's wrong with her?" Kim asked rushing over to Jason's side.

"She's in a form of deep sleep, which in essence is killing her," explained.

Kim backed away from Jason and looked at him, - He's in real pain. I've never seen him like this.-

It was true. Among all of them Jason the strong one that never showed his emotions. The rangers were very surprised to see him in this state. Placing a hand on his shoulder Zack asked, "Jase, you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," Jason said still clutching Casey's hand.

"Maybe you should go home while Casey's like this, "Zack told him.

"NO!!" Jason paused and realized what he had just done, "Zack, I'm sorry.

I can't leave her like this."

"That's okay, Jase, I understand," Zack says frightened by his friends sudden reaction.

"Rangers, if you do not act swiftly, Casey will die," Zordon warned anxiously.

"Yes, Rangers, there is a way!" Alpha says in his shaken voice.

"A few years ago, when I was broken from my interdimensional lock, I was on the verge of death," Zordon says, "Remember what you did, you put your powers together, not just your morphing powers, but your hearts."

"Yeah, this will be new for you guys," Tommy speaks to Cestro and Delphine.

"We understand, we did the same for someone at one time," Delphine says.

"Now, all at once, stand around her, it is our last hope," Zordon says.

They all stand around as Tommy goes towards Jason, "Come on bro, try to focus."

"OK, I will," Jason says walking back with the others.

Noticing that Billy is standing away from the circle, Trini outstretched her hand, "Come on, Billy, get into the circle."

"Sorry, I was making last minute adjustments," Billy says.

Jason rushes the circle together as their hands touch one another.

All at once the Rangers in their civilian clothing, close their eyes, and try to focus deep within their thoughts. On and off all of the Rangers powers fade from it's natural state, from their human form to their uniforms. It appears in a glowing sensation that may wake Casey up. They try for nearly five minutes and fail in a blast of energy.

"Zordon, it appears that the concentration to wake her is not working," Alpha speaks.

"I know, something else is happening Alpha, something I cannot detect," Zordon replies.

All at once, affected by something, every Ranger falls to the Power Chamber floor and begin to go into seizures.

"Alpha, what is happening?" Zordon asks.

"It seems the Rangers have fallen under Mondo's spell as well, while they were focused!" Alpha speaks afraid.

(Casey's Dream)

Casey sat down, still tied to the pole, crying. A noise caught her attention, but it was an impossible sound.

"Where are we?" a voice that sounded like Trini said.

"I believe this is where Casey is," Billy says.

Casey shook her head, -Casey your imagining things.-

"Casey!" Jason yelled and started to run to her.

-Casey stop it, just stop doing this to yourself.-

When Jason noticed her ignoring him he yelled again, "Casey!"

"Jason?!" she managed to say through her tears.

Through the shadows eight figures approached, " Casey! You okay?"

Jason asked as he untied her.

She jumped up and hugged him tight, "Yeah, I think so.... I thought I'd never see you again." she paused and let go, "Your in my dream, how are you all here?"

"I have no clue, I'm just glad your okay," he replies.

The others come and help Jason to untie her.

"Okay, so how do we get out of here?" they look at each other, then their gaze approaches Billy, "Oh yeah, you think I know what to do!"

Casey couldn't resist a small smile. Jason suddenly shifts into leader mode,

"Okay, how did we get here in the first place?"

Tommy shrugged, "I don't know, but, outside this dream, I'm sure Zordon is thinking of a way out of here."

(At the Machine Empire)

"Those fools!, they actually thought their old trick would work! Ha! That was used in the, what?

The first season!" Mondo screams.

"Yes, my dreadful husband, you truly are the best!" Queen Machina brags.

"Thank you, my dear!", Mondo says knowing fully well that the Rangers' souls were at his mercy.

(Power Chamber)

Seeing the unconscience rangers, Zordon tried to come up with a plan, "Alpha, if we focus all our power at once, we might be able to force a thought into their nightmare to relieve them."

Alpha considered the idea and nervously said, "But, Zordon, we could also fall under the spell!"

"I am aware of that Alpha but it is a risk we must be willing to take the chance." Zordon says, as Alpha sets the consoles up to a full extent.

(In the Dream)

After several hours in Casey's dream, everyone begins to get weak and frustrated.

"We can't last much longer in here!" Jason says agitated.

"I know what you mean, I feel like I'm gonna faint, but we've got to" Tommy says as he falls to the ground, effected by something else. Tommy goes into seizures, captured by an intense memory.

"What is happening to him!" Kim asks frantically.

"Well, I thought this could happen, but I wasn't really sure." Billy says.

"What Billy! Tell us, what is happening to him!" Trini cries.

"Well, when his brain was drained by Mondo, it did not wear off permanently. This dream is affecting it, if we do not get him out of this, he may become evil or die like the rest of us." Billy says in an as a-matter-of-fact tone.

Suddenly someone comes up behind the rangers, "Rangers! It's me, Alpha." Alpha says as he approaches them shook up.

"Alpha?" Trini says.

"Yes, it is us. Focus Rangers, enter the portal within your thoughts." Zordon says.

"Zordon, is that you?" Billy says astonished.

"Yes, it is I. Out of the interdimensional lock." Zordon says as a full human. The rangers stand shocked and relieved at the same time.

"Whoa! Your not a blue floating head!" Kim says.

For the first time that day everyone had a laugh.

"Come on guys, let's adjust our thoughts, we gotta focus." Jason states.

"Yeah, this seems to be the only way to possibly get back." Casey says nervously.

The Power Rangers see the gateway, in their minds, but just can't make it.

Tommy on the ground, completely out, loses his thoughts.

"Why can't we make it, my friends!" Delphine speaks.

"Not even I know!" Billy says in shock.

All the Rangers feel an unknown presence, as they realize what is holding them back.

"Not so fast Rangers, you actually thought I would let you off that easy!" Mondo laughs.

"Well, you aren't exactly a genius!" Kim screams.

"Funny, Zeo Ranger I, well times up! I'll see you again, or will I! This is just too easy!" Mondo screams as he vanishes.

"Jase, what do we do?" Zack says.

"Jase, Jason, where are you?" Casey notices as well.

"Guys, it appears Jason was the only one who escaped." Billy feels his pounding heart with his hand.

"Oh No, what are we gonna do now!" Zack screams in pain.

The Rangers all sit down on the smoky ground, as they all give up hope.

(Power Chamber)

Jason jumps up from the Power Chamber floor and takes in his surroundings. All the power is out, Zordon is gone from his interdimensional time lock, and Alpha is found on the ground, in a distraught dream, as if he all along he was human.

"What happened," Jason says to himself rather confused, "I guess I came out of the dream, cause my thoughts weren't clear. I was thinking of Casey, a little too much. Like Tommy, with his brother... Tommy!" Jason remembers as he runs to his friend on the ground in a dead trance. "Poor Tommy, he's lying so still." Jason notices, as he considers his choices. "What should I do? Everyone is gone, even Zordon." Jason says but knows Zordon can revive himself from the dream.

(In the Dream)

Zordon is unstable, walking very strange, towards all the Power Rangers.

"All at once, even you Alpha, focus again, but on me." Zordon says weakly. The ranger form a circle and join hands, focusing at once, as Zordon's thoughts slowly become clear.

"Rangers, don't give up hope. There is one chance left." Zordon says as he disintegrates from out of the dream. All the Rangers arevery weakened from applicating their thoughts together, but are relieved that Zordon is out side the dream once again. They all lay down on the ground in pain. Deep in their hearts, hope has not left.

(Power Chamber)

The Power Chamber was a mess to say the least. It was pitch black, the consoles were torn apart from the strength put into the dream, and something was begining to happen.

"What's happening here!" Jason says in shock. The interdimensional lock, holding Zordon, becomes partly visible.

"Ja..son" Zordon says in a fading voice. Jason looks up at the tube and sees a flashing Zordon.

"Zordon!, I knew you'd find a way, but, you aren't back, you are still somewhat away." Jason ssays quickly.

"Yes, remember a long time ago, when I was fading, Alpha pressed the emergency code, on the panel of our old Command Center, he brou...ght, m..," Zordon says losing contact.

"Zordon, you're fading! Please, don't leave me!" Jason says distraughtly.

"" Zordon says as his face structure turns a bright green.

"Don't go, ok, I can do this!" Jason says as he runs over to the ripped console. He types in 1, and gets a shock. "Ouch!" Jason yells.

He hurriedly types in "Zero, Q, and Nine", as each time he feels weaker.

"What is this!!!!" Jason says as his hands cannot get off the console. "Ahhhh! No..." The ripped consoles wires spread electricity throughout his whole body. Jason feels the extreme pain of power moving slowly to his brain. "Zordon I need you!" Jason says as Zordon appears and fires his power to turn off the system. Jason slowly falls to the ground, as his body is over 105 degrees. "Jason, hang on. This will help you." Zordon says as he calls forth a examination table, which would slowly fix the damage done to Jason's body. Zordon sends a beam over Jason, as he is lifted of his feet, unconscience, onto the table.

(In the Dream)

"Guys, we can't give up, just keep your eyes open." Trini says almost nodding off.

"But, we are unable to stay awake like human forms, we are different, we can not stay up as long." Delphine says slowly and disturbed.

"Come on! We gotta stay awake! I know Jason is finding a way." Casey says.

"Yeah, you're right, let's not lose hope, our lives depend on it." Zack says opening his eyes with his fingers.

(Power Chamber)

Jason's temperature is brought down to its normal tempature degree. He still feels a little jumpy, but gets up with some of his memory at loss.

"Zordon, I don't really remember. What has happened?"

"Well, it's a long story, Jason." Zordon says.

"Please, Why are they all laying on the ground twitching like that!" Jason says in shock.

"Jason, calm down, there is no time to explain. Your friends are in excessive pain and danger. You must go undetected into the Machine Empire Skybase, and retrieve King Mondo's staff." Zordon says hurriedly.

"But, Zordon, I don't understand what happened." Jason says astonished.

"I'm sorry Jason, Mondo has them under a spell, the rest will take to long to explain, please, we must hurry, time is running out." Zordon says sternly.

"All right, what do I do?" Jason says.

"Stand beneath me, the Power Chamber is too weak to teleport, and forms of morphing are impossible right now." Zordon says. "But, if I focus all of my power, it may be enough, plus, the Golden Power Staff is not damaged that bad."

"But Zordon, we may lose you permanently, are you sure you want...?" Jason asks as Zordon interrupts.

"Yes, now come Jason, and claim your powers to save your friends." Zordon says as he gives every bit of power left within him, as Jason is slowly teleported out, and morphing gradually into the Gold Ranger, he notices Zordon fade away to a gray screen...

(Machine SkyBase)

Jason lands in the lowest region of the skybase. He looks around only to find a long corridor littered with parts of destroyed Cogs. He begins his journey down the corridor watching back at every step. He hears talking above him.

-My dear, the Purple Ranger will discover that she belongs to us. -

Jason notices a flight of stairs leading up to the Main Throne Room.

-This is too odd. No Cogs? - Carefully and quietly he slips into the throne room.

Klank and Orbus are reporting to Mondo. - Sir, I recommend recharge of the staff. If you do not, all binds to the Purple Ranger will be lost. - Jason thinks, - Hmm... if I take the staff and allow it's charge to run down, Casey and the others will be safe.-

He jumps from the shadows to directly in front of Mondo and grads the staff.

"Gold Ranger, you will not prevail in your attempts to free the Purple Ranger," Mondo says, "She's mine!"

"Over my dead body," Jason says anger building up inside.

"So be it. COGS!" Mondo commands.

Jason still holding the staff fights an army of Cogs. He's thrown to a corner and is luckily still possessing the staff. With quick wit he summons his Golden Power Staff and teleports back to the Power Chamber.

(Power Chamber)

Jason safely returns to the Power Chamber with the staff in hand. He turns to his friends and then to Zordon's Plasma tube , " Alright let's see if it's still charged." He walks over to the Observation table and scans the Staff, " 5 percent power left 4 percent.. 3 percent.. 2 percent."

Meanwhile in Casey's unconscious dream, the others are struggling to keep awake. Casey being the only one fully awake hears Jason's voice.

"Guys! You hear that?" Casey hits Zack in the arm. Zack jumps, " Hear wha?"

"It's Jason.. he's counting something. 3 percent. I don't get it," she looks around at everyone, " I think he's found a way to free us."

Delphine stands, "It is plausible that Zordon told Jason what to do."

Kim stands and stretches, "Let's hope so, I'm hungry."

Jason is still watching the power percentage, "Come on one percent left," it stays where it's at, "It's stuck, damnit!" He looks to his friends, "Hang on guys."

"Guys, I'm starting to feel funny," Casey says sitting on a rock. Trini looks at her, "Um Casey your ah glowing Purple."

"What? Oh no," Casey buries her head in her lap, "Maybe it's nothing."

"Alright there! Okay anytime they should wake up," Jason says leaning against a console. He notices Billy and Tommy awakening. He runs over to them, "You alright?"

"We're fine. The others?" Tommy asks.

"They're all still unconscious," Jason says.

"Jase, Casey was glowing Purple before we left," Billy explains.

Jason responds, " Probably because Mondo's control was broken," he points to Mondo's staff on the table. "You got the staff?" Tommy asks.

"Yea" Jason says as he notices the rest awakening.

Casey sits up, Ahh I have a headache."

Jason walks over to her, "How do you feel?"

"Besides a headache, I'm fine. I feel majorly drained though," she places her hand on her head.

"Probably because you no longer are in Mondo's control."


"Yea I stole his staff."

Casey jumps off the table and hugs him, "Thank you Jason."

"No problem, anything for you," he leans down and kisses her.

Zack stands up and looks over at them, " Thanks just what I wanted to see when I woke up."

Casey lets go of Jason and walks over to Zack, " Are we jealous?"

"Never!" Zack says and walks to where Zordon use to be, " What about Zordon?"

Alpha walks over to the console and pushes a few buttons, " If Jason did what he was suppose to, this should do it."

In a matter of a few seconds Zordon appears, " Job well done Jason."

"Thanks Zordon!"

(Youth Center)

A few days later, everyone gathered in the Youth Center.

"Well Casey, how does it feel to be free of Mondo?" Kim asked.

"Pretty good. No headaches, no battles, no Cogs. I'm doing well," Casey says.

Tommy speaks up, " Good thing we no longer have to fight you in battle. I must admit you were a tough opponent."

"Really? Me? Naah" Casey says.

Everyone laughs.

Casey looks around for a clock, " I have to get going. My parents are back from Italy and they want to tell me about my father's latest scientific discovery. I'll talk to ya'll later."

Jason gets up with her and waves his goodbyes. Casey notices him, "Gonna walk me home?"

"I thought I might," he responds.


He takes her hand and they start out on the walk to her home under the Beautiful moonlight.

The End