Legal Disclaimer: Welcome to something that began as a dream, and turned into. . .well, you decide what it turned into. This crosses our two fanfic worlds of Amber Ranger and Night Ranger. If you've only read one of them, then you're in for a world of confusion. To give you the basics, Aura Robinson Cranston is the Amber Ranger, the sworn defender of the Earth, even though she is a native of Kalakan, a world that no longer exists in her universe. Her sister Azure Robinson Park is her best friend and confidante. Justin is the Green Turbo Ranger in the world of the Amber Ranger, and is the foster son of Aura and Billy. Evanthe Foster Cranston is the Purple Ranger, and a six hundred year old vampire. Elissa Jones Park is the Rose Ranger, and a hundred year old werewolf. The Billy and Adam of their world are also a vampire and werewolf. If you want more details, go read the other fics in both series!! :)

Amber Night
by : Cynthia and Elizabeth

It was a quiet, peaceful day. In the three months since the accident that Divatox had attempted to twist into Aura's death, the world and the Power Rangers had enjoyed a bit of a rest. Oh, Divatox's detonators still caused trouble, and her monsters were annoying, but the Rangers handled things well. Today, Aura and Azure weren't concerned about saving the world. They just wanted to have some time off.

"It's a beautiful day, isn't it?"

Aura nodded. "Things haven't been this peaceful in a while."

"Guess what happened yesterday?" Azure smiled, remembering.

"What's that?" Aura grinned.

Azure's smile broadened. "I got my certification!" she told her sister. "I'm now a physical therapist!"

"Cool!" Aura was happy for her sister, but she had her own good news to tell. "I sold one of my new portraits the other day. .of the Phantom Ranger!" she laughed. "No one can figure out how I get the Rangers to pose for portraits!"

Azure giggled. "You must have it in with them!" she teased. Aura smiled.

"You could say that!" she laughed. Suddenly they both looked up as a sudden flash of light filled the air. "What the heck?" they chorused.

Wind began to whip all around them suddenly. Instead of pushing them away from anything, though, it started to pull Azure towards something. Aura grabbed onto her sister's arms, holding on for dear life. Together, they were dragged through the light that hovered still in the air.

For long moments they could see and hear nothing but the shrieking of the wind and a weird howling as if the very fabric of creation was being ripped apart. With a thump, they landed back where it seemed they had started from, Angel Grove Park.

Aura looked around; something was different, something she couldn't define at the moment. She saw Azure a few feet away from her, unconscious. "Azure!" she made her way over there. "Azure, come on, wake up!" This is WAY too much like that accident before. . .except we're not in a car this time.

"How did I luck out?" her head jerked up as she heard Billy's voice coming through the trees. Billy was supposed to be at the Power Chamber all day today, figuring out the new computer systems! "Come on, we'd better get him home."

A female voice was heard, soft and slightly echoing. "Yeah, he needs his rest."

"Aura?" the Amber Ranger glanced down as she heard her sister's voice.

"Azure?" she asked. "Are you all right?"

Her sister looked up. "I will be if I know who that is with your husband!" she pointed through the trees to where Billy and a tall, brown-haired woman were just coming into view, with the woman carrying a small bundle in her arms. Aura whirled, her eyes widening and a low growl in her throat.

"I sorta want to know that myself!" she hissed. Azure's jaw dropped when she saw the next couple coming out, also carrying a child.

"I guess it's my turn to be upset," she murmured. Aura shrugged a little, confusion and upset in her gray eyes. Both of them were startled a moment later when they heard the familiar six tone beep of a communicator: that didn't come from either of theirs.

Aura whispered, "Did. . .did you hear that? Or more precisely, did you not hear that?"

Azure nodded, as they both heard Adam's familiar voice speaking, "What is it, Zordon?"


Adam nodded. "We'll check it out," he said. "Adam out."

The woman with Billy glanced around. "That could be weird. Something from another world. Wonder what it would look like?"

The other one frowned. "Let's just hope it's not Zedd's sister."

Aura growled lightly to herself, even after all this time the mention of Zedd terrified and sickened her. "Azure, are you getting the same creepy feeling that I am about what's going on here?"

"That we're not in our Angel Grove?"

Aura nodded. "And those aren't our Adam and Billy!"

"I kind of figured," Azure mused. "Adam's hair is short, and I don't think he's had it cut recently!"

"And Billy looks a bit pale," Aura observed. The four across the park looked over, then started towards them. One of the women smiled a little uncertainly at them.

"Um, hello."

Aura nodded briefly. "Hi."

Billy glanced at their wrists, his eyes widening to see the communicators there. He knew every communicator he'd ever made, and he knew he'd never made one with a plain band or one with a brown one. "I take it you two are who we're looking for," he said. "Do you mind coming with us for a minute?"

Aura and Azure exchanged glances. "What do you think?"

"What could it hurt us?" Azure shrugged some. She knew Aura wouldn't let her get hurt if she could stop it, and there was very little the sworn Ranger of the Earth couldn't stop.

Adam nodded. "Let's go then."

A moment later, they both stood in a place that brought back memories for them both. As they looked around the Command Center, Aura said, "It looks just like ours used to."

"Used to?" Adam asked.

"Ours is called the Power Chamber," Aura told them. "It has a lot more computers and sensing equipment."

Azure nodded. "And a lot more moving space!"

"Hi," the woman who had been with Billy stepped up. "I'm Evanthe Cranston, and this is my best friend, Elissa Park," she giggled a little. "This is kind of strange, but. . .are either of you Rangers?"

"She is," Azure gestured to her sister. "I'm just married to one."

"Back home, I'm the Amber Ranger. My name's Aura Cranston, and this is my sister, Azure Park."

Don't you even yell at me! Adam sent quickly to Elissa. Evanthe glanced to Billy.

"Gee, I wonder how many universes you're married in!" she chuckled as the other Rangers teleported in.

"What's going on?" Tommy asked, glancing at the two strangers. Billy shrugged a little in response.

Adam grinned a bit. "Nothing much. A temporal anomaly brought us a couple of visitors from another universe, that's all."

Elissa nodded. "Who just happen to be married to the Adam and Billy of their universe."

Aisha's eyes widened. "Whoa. Talk about a reality-bender!"

Azure glanced around the Command Center, feeling flashes of memory from countless times she'd been in their own. As she looked past the alternate Adam, she was surprised to see one of his arms terribly scarred up. Wonder how that happened? Another universe. We're in another universe. I wonder if Eric's here. . . "We need to get you two home," Evanthe said, her eyes filled with concern. Aura nodded.

"My kids are going to be freaking if we don't get back," she said. She smiled briefly. "I don't know, though, Alaina might know where we are!"

A small laugh came from Azure. "Yeah, heck, she's the one who foretold my Adam's fall!"

"And that he'd be all right," Aura reminded her.

Adam looked up. "Fall? Do I even want to know about this?" something told him he didn't.

"Probably not from the sound of it," Evanthe said. Billy nodded as he went over to the computers.

"Let's just hope whatever brought you here is still here!"

Aura smiled. "Just like my Billy!"

"Guess only certain things change between universes," Adam said. Evanthe nodded, as Azure leaned over to whisper to Aura softly.

"You're right. He is paler!"

"And Evanthe's paler than most humans I've seen," Aura whispered back. "I wonder why."

Billy didn't even look up from the console or towards them. "We're vampires."

Aura stared at Evanthe, who nodded, then at Billy, who hadn't even moved. "Did he say what I think he said?" she almost stuttered. Elissa giggled.

"He did!"

Aura grinned. "Well, I'm an alien, so I guess meeting vampire Rangers isn't that unusual!"

Adam glanced to Billy. "You sure do pick them!" he chuckled, then glanced to Azure. "Does that mean you're an alien too?"

"No," Azure shook her head in denial.

"I was adopted into her family, our family, whatever," Aura explained. She'd always considered her Earth family and her alien family just her family. There were no differences in her mind.

You should talk! Elissa's voice sounded in Adam's mind. You're married to a werewolf!

So are you!

And I made you into one!

Evanthe suddenly sat up. "Guys," she murmured. "What is Zedd finds out about Aura and Azure?"

Azure and Aura both paled, with Aura's hand clutching around Azure's at the sound of that name. Elissa looked at them. "Something wrong?"

"Y. . .you could say that," Aura stuttered as Elissa walked over to them.

"What is it?"

It was all Aura could do to make her words audible through the terrified stutter that overtook her. "D. . .d. .d. did you say Zedd was s. . .st. .still around here?"

Elissa nodded. "Yes. Why?"

All the blood drained from Aura's face as she heard the confirmation. "No," she whispered, barely able to keep herself from entering into a full fledged panic. "No."

"He's dead in our universe," Azure told their new friends. "Along with Rita, her father Master Vile," she shuddered in her own turn. "Zedd's son Eric."

"Zedd doesn't have a son here," Aisha noted absently. "Not that we know of, anyway."

"Whoa," Evanthe was shocked. "Who got rid of them all?"

"I killed Zedd and his son," Azure said. "Aura, her son Alexander, myself, and the Spirit of the Earth killed Rita and Vile."

Aura shakily made her way to her feet. "I do not want to see this world's Zedd," she declared. "I am not leaving this Command Center until you can get us home!"

Azure held onto Azure gently. "It'll be okay," she reassured her.

"Hey, you're paler than Evanthe and Billy!" Rocky came over to them. It was strange for the sisters to see him in red again, after having become used to him being the Blue Turbo Ranger. "What's wrong?"

Azure leaned over to Aura. "Want me to tell them?" she whispered. Aura shook her head violently. She would let no one know the shame she'd suffered at Zedd's hand. . .or. . .she stopped her thoughts at once. She didn't even want herself to think about what else had happened. Azure sighed and glanced to Rocky. "I wish I could tell you," was all she said.

"We'll just have to make sure Rita and Zedd don't find out about you two," Tommy declared. Azure thanked him, as Rocky said, "Whatever it is, if it upsets you that much, Aura, I don't think I want to know anyway!"

Elissa turned away, flashes of what Finster had done to her, going through her mind. As Evanthe asked if she was okay, she nodded briefly. Adam, you don't think what they did to me, they did to her? Only worse?

I don't know. But whatever they did to her, it's got her so freaked she panics at the mention of his name.

Wouldn't you if you thought he was dead, then had to face him again?

You're right, I would.

Elissa looked at the new arrivals. "Azure, Aura, you two are more than welcome to stay with Adam, Gwen, and myself while you're here. The Command Center isn't exactly the most comfortable place to sleep."

Aura took a deep breath, forcing herself through several mental rituals the Spirit of Earth had taught her to calm herself. "All right," she was proud, there was no trace of a stutter at all. "Thanks."

Azure nodded as she slowly released Aura's hand. At least I don't have to deal with Eric here. Keeping Aura from losing her mind because of Zedd is going to be hard enough. She still hasn't told us everything that he did to her. And I don't think I want to know. Heck, every year she nearly goes insane on the anniversary of it. Can't say I blame her, either.

Aura closed her eyes for a moment, images of her abuse at his hands flying through her mind. I never thought I'd have to deal with Zedd again. Fate must hate me.

* * *

"I want those two!" Zedd announced, peering down to the Command Center greedily. "I want them badly!"

Rita shrugged; they'd detected the anomaly earlier that day and that two beings from another world had come through it. "What's so special about them, they're just from another dimension!"

"That one," Zedd gestured to the one with cascades of pitch-black hair. "She is her Earth's Chosen Ranger," Zedd's visor gleamed as his magical senses blazed with the power held within this young woman. He'd always thought the interdimensional legends of the Chosen Ranger of a planet were just that, legends. But with this woman's power signature practically screaming at him, he knew they were real, and he wanted that power! He wanted it badly.

"Another Ranger?!" Rita wailed. "Where do they keep coming from? First the Night Rangers and now this!"

Zedd shook his head. "That one isn't supposed to be here. And if we can get her, and use her powers, we can destroy the Earth!"

"And just how do you propose to get her?" Rita scoffed. She'd been in a bad mood ever since they'd lost their bid to destroy the Rose Ranger and took it out on Zedd every chance she got.

Zedd laughed. "We stop them from getting to that anomaly!"

"How do you plan to control her power, Zedd?" Rita asked after a few moments. "If she's from another universe, your spells might not work on her!"

Her husband shrugged. "We shall cross that bridge when we come it. But we can always make her work for us willingly!"

"And just how is that?"

"That girl who is with her," Zedd told her. Rita laughed.

"Oh, yes! Threaten those Rangers' friends, and they fall all over themselves trying to protect them!" she peered down through her RepulsaScope to Earth. "Oh, look, Zedd! They're going to stay with the Rose and Black Rangers!"

Zedd laughed. "This might be easier than I thought!"

"Should we send down Goldar and some Tengas?" Rita asked. Zedd nodded.

"Soon, very soon!"

Rita laughed softly. "This had better work, Zedd!"

"It will!" Zedd declared, glaring down at Earth and the two visitors he wanted so very badly! "It will!"

* * *

"Same ones," Azure sighed as she looked up at the stars above them.

"Guess some things don't change no matter what dimension you're in," Adam said.

"I wonder if time's going by here like it is there," Aura wondered. She'd calmed herself a great deal, mainly by blocking off all her thoughts of Zedd.

Azure sighed. "I hope not."

"Billy might be able to tell you that, but I can't," he said. Azure sighed again.

"If it is, I'm missing putting my girls down for the night," she stared up at the sky in thought.

Aura glanced down at the ring on her left hand. "My kids have got to miss me, and my Billy. . .he worries so much when I'm. . not home."

Elissa nodded. "That sounds a little like our Billy, with Evanthe!"

Adam chuckled. "Yeah, those two are stuck so tighter together you can't see daylight between them most of the time!"

"That sounds like me with my Billy," Aura sighed, missing her love with all her heart.

I have to ask this, Elissa told Adam, who nodded briefly. "What is your Adam like?"

Azure smiled. "I guess you could say he's my stability at times."

"Protective of Azure in the extreme!" Aura declared. Azure laughed a little.

"With all that's happened to me, can you blame him?"

Aura shook her head. "Not a bit!"

Adam took a deep breath. "I get the feeling things have happened to you two that would probably give us nightmares!"

Aura flinched a bit. "Same here," was all she said, as Azure reminded them of her own nightmares still. It was going to be a long time, if ever, before those were laid to rest.

Sounds like the Zedd and Rita of their world were a lot harsher than ours, Adam whispered.

I'm glad we don't have to face them! Elissa thought as Gwen cried suddenly. She stood up. "If you'll excuse me for a moment."

Aura sighed as Elissa entered the house. "I still run that fast when one of my kids cries."

"It's the parent in us," Adam said. "There are times when I hear Billy and Evanthe's kid, and I almost rush to it's side."

Aura raised an eyebrow. "I didn't think vampires could have kids. At least they can't in the legends of them back home."

"They can't," Adam told her. "This was a 'special' case, as was Elissa and I having a child, since we're werewolves."

Aura smiled. "You guys must be very happy," she giggled a little. "Evanthe's married to Billy, and can only have one kid. I'm married to my Billy, and I'm going to have at least ten!"

"Ten?" Adam uttered the word in complete disbelief!

"Two's enough for me and my Adam," Azure smiled a little as Aura shrugged.

"It's a side effect of being the Amber Ranger. All of my female ancestors on that side of the family have had at least ten."

They looked up as Elissa came back out with Gwen. "She was lonely!" the werewolf Ranger said. Aura smiled.

"She's beautiful."

Adam nodded. "She takes after her mother."

"She's got your eyes, though!" Azure insisted. She knew Adam's gentle gaze well, even seeing it in another universe.

"I know," Adam smiled a little, then his eyes widened in shock as Tengas appeared in the yard in a wash of black feathers. It wasn't often they attacked by night, and automatically Elissa and Adam knew that this was because of their visitors.

Aura looked up and growled harshly. "This is starting to be a little too much like home!"

"Not good at all!" Adam grunted as he leaped down to the fight, Elissa, Aura, and Azure right behind him. Adam and Elissa were somewhat surprised to see Azure fight, but the young woman had seen far too much combat not to defend herself right now.

"This is like old times!" Aura half-grinned to herself as she threw Tengas all over the place. She flinched as she heard an all-too-familiar scream in the middle of the fight.

"Aura!" the Amber Ranger stared to see her sister being dragged by the Tengas.

"Azure! No!" Aura ran as fast as she could, but as she had been far too many times, she was too late. The bird-creatures vanished, with Azure in tow.

Aura sank to the ground, in tears. "NO. ..not again. . Azure. . .no. . ."

Adam put a hand on her shoulder. "We'll get her back!" from the look she gave him, though, Aura had heard those words, and uttered them, far too many times.

"They'd better not hurt her," Aura whispered. Elissa nodded briefly.

"Let's get to the Command Center. We will find her."

Aura got to her feet. "Come on," was all she said. She was determined to get her sister back. And any damage done to her, would be visited back on those who harmed her a thousandfold.

This isn't good, Elissa. What could Zedd and Rita want with her?

Who knows. I just hope they don't. ..she didn't finish the thought, but didn't have to. Adam knew what she feared: the Cricadon poison.

We have to get her back! Adam thought insistently as they teleported to the Command Center.

"I will save you, Azure," Aura whispered, eyes flashing. "I will."

* * *

Azure struggled against the Tengas with all her might, and heard a voice she'd thought stilled forever. "They only brought us one of them, Zedd!" Rita Repulsa complained.

"So be it," Zedd marched in front of her. "We'll use her as bait!" he lifted up Azure's chin, staring into her eyes.

She paled. "No.'re dead!"

Rita laughed. "I don't know about where you're from, girlie, but here, we're quite alive!"

"This is not happening!" Azure shook; this was almost her worst nightmare come true!

"Oh, but it is!" Rita laughed. "And you're the perfect bait to draw that friend of yours out where we can get her!"

"She'll never surrender!" Azure insisted.

Zedd laughed hideously. "If she values your life, she will!"

Azure threw her head back proudly. "You can try what you want...but I survived worse then what you can dish out!"

"We'll see about that!" Zedd growled. "Goldar!"

As the monster stepped up, Azure's eyes went wide with fright. "Yes, milord?" he asked, bowing low.

"Rough her up some," Zedd ordered. "But don't kill her. . .yet."

"My pleasure!" Goldar laughed, seizing hold of Azure and dragging her out of the throne room. He was going to enjoy this torture! Then again, he enjoyed every torture!

"I wonder just how fast the other one will get here once she sees what Goldar does to her friend!" Rita laughed. Zedd shrugged.

"We shall see!" Zedd told her. He leaned back in his throne, evil glee filling his twisted heart. "We shall see!"

* * *

The Rangers played out a far too familiar scene, as Billy searched for their new friend. "Any luck?" Elissa asked, glancing over to where Aura was just barely holding onto her composure.

"Nothing yet," Billy sighed.

"We'll find her," Elissa insisted, trying to reassure the distraught Amber Ranger.

Aura hissed, "If they harm so much as a hair on her head, I won't rest until they've met the same fate as their counterparts in my world!"

"Just how did they die?" Adam wondered.

"Azure killed Zedd and Eric," Aura told them. "Azure, my son Alex, and I killed Rita and her father, Master Vile."

Adam tried to be helpful. "If she could kill Zedd, then I'm sure she'll do fine!"

Aura shook her head. "She had help. Very special help she won't have here!"

I hope we do get her out in time then, Elissa looked to Adam

I do too. Who knows what they'll do to her? And what Aura will do when she finds out! I've never seen two people quite as protective of each other as these two are!

Elissa nodded. They're more protective of each other than Evanthe and I are! Then again, they're sisters.

Yeah. They obviously care a lot about each other.

"Damn," Billy whispered under his breath. Aura straightened a little.

"What is it?"

He sighed. "Had her for a second, then lost her," Aura almost snarled, she'd heard that phrase far too many times!

"Find her, please!" was all she could get out. There was simply too much rage, fear, and muffled hope for her to say much more. She turned away from them all for a moment, turning her thoughts inward. I will get you out, my sister. I will.

* * *

For a brief moment, as Azure stared up at Goldar from where he'd pushed her to the floor, she felt the strangest sense of deja vu. I remember. It was back just before Aura's return as the Amber Ranger. Zedd had captured all of us, me, mom, dad, Shaya. I was supposed to fight Goldar. It was just like this. . .only Aura showed up then in time to save me. Aura and Adam. I. . don't think that's going to happen now!

"So," Goldar laughed, flexing his armor-covered muscles. "Which bones shall I break first?"

"None!" Azure growled as she slammed a foot as hard as she could into his male areas. Goldar squealed and roared in pain as he backed away from her.

"You shall pay for that!" he bellowed, charging towards her once he'd regained his balance.

Azure laughed as she dodged. "Yeah, right!" she didn't laugh a moment later when his fist connected with her head.

"And you will pay in pain!" he told her, kicking her in the ribs. "This is too easy!" he laughed.

Azure did her best to catch her breath. "Not again," she muttered. She hated this. Then again, she didn't know anyone who enjoyed getting the daylights beaten out of them.

"You're not even a challenge!" he slammed a hard hand into her head, almost knocking her out from the sheer force of the blow. She looked up at him, vision swimming, and with all she had in her, punched him in the knees. He staggered back, knocked off his balance some, then drew his sword. "I'm going to finish you off for that!"

Azure shrank back from the blade, hoping in her near-delirium she could avoid it in time for Aura and their new friends to do something to get her out of there. As Goldar prepared to bring the blade down, a harsh voice rang out.


He looked up to see Zedd in the doorway of the torture room. "Let me finish her, sire, please!" he begged.

Zedd shook his head. "I need he for bait!" he reminded the monster. "And it doesn't help if the bait is dead!"

Goldar grumbled as he sheathed his blade. "All right. What should I do with her now, then?"

"Chain her up," Zedd ordered. "I shall call the Command Center and give my demands!"

"Yes, sire!" Goldar bowed, then chained Azure up to the wall. He almost hoped this visiting Ranger didn't surrender, maybe Zedd would let him kill this brat then!

* * *

Elissa watched as Aura leaned against a console, keeping herself calm only by the thinnest of threads. At times, tears slipped down her cheeks.

"Rangers!" an almost growl-like voice came from the Viewing Globe. Aura turned, almost against her will it seemed, and went chalk white at the sight of Zedd there.

"What do you want, Zedd?" Adam grated out, not liking the way Aura was looking at their foe. Whatever he did to her, it was BAD!

The Master of Evil laughed. "I have something you might want!"

"L. . .l. .. let. . my sister go!" Aura's voice shook a great deal, as did she. Zedd laughed softly as he stepped aside to reveal a badly bruised Azure.

"Sister?" he mocked. "Is that why she is so important to you?"

"Azure. . .no!"

"Let her go, Zedd!" Adam demanded as Azure slowly brought her head up to look at them.

"Aura. . .," she whispered. "Don't. . .surrender. . .please. . .tell my Adam. . .I love him. . .but don't. ..surrender or. . .I'll never forgive you!"

"That's what you said when I got back from going to see the Great Wyrm, but you did," Aura smiled a little, remembering.

Azure's head dropped. "I mean it this time," she whispered as consciousness fled. Zedd stepped back in front of her.

"I'll get you out of there, Azure," Aura promised. "No matter what!"

"You have one hour to decide!" Zedd told Aura. "One hour! The Earth's Chosen Ranger, for the girl!" the Viewing Globe went dark.

Aura closed her eyes and clenched her fists. "Why is it always me?"

"Earth's Chosen Ranger?" Adam mumbled, then his eyes widened. "That's why! He wants your power!"

Aura shivered, she couldn't let the sort of power she truly commanded fall into the hands of evil. She didn't know everything she was capable of, but the Spirit of Earth had made it very plain to her that as time passed, and she grew more and more in tune with the powers within her, new abilities and skills would develop. Those were the sort of things that must never be turned to evil.

Adam put an arm around Aura, trying to comfort her. "We'll get her, that's a promise!"

"I can't face him," Aura whispered, her thoughts of what could happen if he got her power vanishing as she remembered just who had Aura. "I can't fight him. . no. . not after what happened the last time I saw him!"

"Aura," Adam said softly. "What happened last time? For your sister's sake, tell us!"

The Black Ranger nearly vomited when he heard what Aura whispered, so very low and scared. Billy and Evanthe went paler than was normal even for their kind. "My god," Billy whispered.

"D. . .did she say what I think she said?" Evanthe stuttered. Even in her long life, she hadn't heard of anything quite this. . .horrible.

"She did," Billy nodded.

"Mind letting the rest of us in on this?" Tommy asked gently. He almost envied the vampires and werewolves their sensitive hearing at times.

Aura looked up, tears streaming down her face. "T. . .tell them. I can't say it. ..out loud. ..I never have been able to."

As Billy told them what she had said, the Rangers all looked as if they wanted to throw up. That is ten thousand times worse than what they did to me! Elissa told Adam harshly.

Even for Zedd. . .a Zedd. .ANY Zedd. .that was low!

"That's why I can't face him," Aura whispered. "Ill see the Zedd of my world, and remember what he did to me."

Elissa went over to her and took her hand. "You have to face what happened, otherwise, he will have won. I learned that the hard way. I'm still learning it, as a matter of fact."

"But. . .the Zedd that did that to me is dead. ..I've accepted that."

The Rose Ranger shook her head. "But seeing him brings back the memories. Aura, you have to face a Zedd. Even if it's not the one who did it to you."

Aura sighed. "For Azure. I don't have a choice, I have to save her!" no matter how terrified I am. If they only knew what ELSE he did. . .and. . .NO! I am NOT going to think of THAT!

Elissa smiled. "Billy, any way of tracing that transmission?"

"I can try," Billy grinned as he got to work on it. Tommy nodded briefly.

"While Billy's doing that, let's come up with a plan."

Aura closed her eyes, shutting off memories of Zedd. "I don't even know if I have my powers here. I can still feel the presence of the Spirit of Earth within me, but that doesn't mean I can morph."

"Then try," Rocky suggested. "What can it hurt?"

Aura shrugged. "Good point," she stood up and took a deep breath, pulling out her morpher. "It's morphin' time! Amber Ranger Power!"

They watched as nothing happened. "No go?"

Aura shook her head at Rocky. "Funny," she almost sighed. "This is the first time I can't morph and I'm not going insane over the loss of the connection."

"Then you're staying here when we go to get Azure," Tommy ordered. Aura shook her head, eyes flashing.

"I can provide a distraction if nothing else, and," she took a deep breath. "I need to face that Zedd, anyway. To deal with what the Zedd in my world did to me."

"I don't like the idea of putting someone who can't morph in the line of fire."

Aura smiled a little. "Tommy, I lived through a month of hell once unlike anything you can possibly imagine, and as you've noticed, I'm still here to talk about it. I can handle myself."

Tommy sighed and turned to Alpha. "Alpha, can you keep a lock on her communicator?"

"Ay-yi-yi, yes, Tommy!" Alpha agreed.

The Rangers' leader nodded. "First sign that she's in over her head, pull her out of there!"

"Thanks for the concern, but the only time I'm in over my head is when I'm dead at the end of it," Aura told him.

Tommy almost rolled his eyes. "Okay, how's this. If you're losing or we get Azure back, whichever comes first, Alpha pulls you out?"

"That sounds all right," Aura nodded. "Azure comes first to me, right next to my Billy and my children."

Elissa glanced to Billy. "Any luck yet?" she asked again. Billy nodded.

"Yeah, I've almost got the lock on her!" he said. Elissa smiled.

"Good! Let's get her back!"

* * *

Azure screamed as Finster began to inject a foul-smelling liquid into her stomach. She'd awakened strapped down to his lab table, and seemed to be having a great deal of fun examining her. "Oh, my, you do scream loudly!" he laughed. "Sounds like you've had practice doing it!"

"Leave me alone!" she cried out, fear filling eyes and voice. Finster shook his head.

"No, no, no!" he insisted. "I've got to see just how you're different from humans in our world!" as he began to draw blood from her, Azure shrieked in pain and denial.

"No," she whispered as she twisted around in pain. "Not this. . ."

She didn't notice Zedd in the shadows, his staff softly glowing as he probed her mind. How interesting, he thought. My counterpart there was quite inventive with his tortures it seemed! And he had a son that this one feared. That knowledge could be VERY useful. . .and what he did to the Amber Ranger. . . amusing.

"Help me," Azure whispered, hoping the Spirit of Earth could hear her. "Someone, please. me."

Azure screamed as Finster probed her stomach, and Zedd laughed. Oh, I do like that sound! There was very little evil he didn't like!

"Leave her alone!" the two minions of evil looked up as the Rangers appeared in front of them. Finster jumped away in shock.

"Oh, you do show up at the worst times!" he complained.

Zedd laughed softly as he stepped between Azure and her 'rescuers'. "Step one step closer, and I do to her, what my counterpart did to her!" he pointed directly to Aura, as his other hand rested on Azure.

"Leave her alone!" Aura insisted, her eyes fixed on Zedd. Every muscle in her body cried out to flee, to get as far away from him as she could, but she fought.

"Not again," Azure whispered, tears rolling down her cheeks. "Please. . .no. . ."

Zedd laughed. "Then surrender."

"I don't have any powers here," Aura told him. "It wouldn't do you any good if I did!"

"Then she dies!" Zedd declared, a syringe appearing in one hand that he tossed quickly to Finster. "Finster! Inject her with this!"

As the little monster quickly jabbed the needle into Azure's arm, he grinned. "Pity it's a slow death!" he mocked them. Aura growled as she leaped across the room.

"Not as slow as the one I'm going to give you," she declared as she kicked him into a wall. She turned to see Azure trembling, as she passed out, her forehead already beaded with sweat. Elissa growled as she saw this.

"That does it!" the Rose Ranger slammed into Zedd with all her strength. "That's for what you did to me!" she growled. Aura picked Azure up, and glared at Zedd.

"One day," she swore. "You'll meet the same fate that the Zedd of my world did. The only thing I regret is that I won't be here to see it!"

With that, they teleported back. The whole rescue had taken less than five minutes, but Azure didn't look as if she had even that much time left to live. As the Rangers and Aura reappeared, the first words Billy said was, "I've found a way to get you home!"

Aura smiled as she glanced to her sister. "Azure," she whispered, "We're going to get you home and get you fixed up!"

Elissa nodded. "I'll miss you two," she said. "But you must hurry! Alpha will teleport you there."

Aura glance around at them. Things had happened so fast, but she knew she'd found firm friends here. "Thanks for everything," she said. "It was a fun visit, most of it," she took a firm grip on Azure. "Time for us to get out of here."

"Go," Adam smiled. "And you're welcome. Good-bye, Amber Ranger."

Aura shook her head. "Never good-bye," she said softly. "My ancestors said it best. Sitora kunas," she told them. "In Kalakan, that means: till we meet again."

Her new friends smiled. "Sitora kunas," they all said. "Till we meet again."

* * *

Adam paced back and forth in the Power Chamber, still a little stiff from his accident. The Spirit of Earth had healed him, but muscles that had not been used in some time were still stiff. "Any luck, Alpha?" he asked.

"Ay-yi-yi, nothing yet, Adam!"

The former Ranger sighed and leaned against the wall. "Azure, you'd better be all right," he sighed. Ever since she and Aura had vanished from the park earlier that day, he and Billy had been in the Power Chamber, trying to find their wives. Billy stared at the console even now.

"At least it's not Divatox," Tommy tried to soothe them. "She'd be bragging about it if it were her!"

Rocky nodded. "But if it isn't Divatox, who is it?"

"We'll find out when we find them," Aisha responded. Justin looked up from where he was helping Billy.

The Green Ranger took a deep breath. "Um, something is opening up in the Power Chamber."

They stared as a sudden vortex pulled itself into being in the center of the room. The seven of them stared as Aura appeared in it, carrying Azure. "Azure!" Adam screamed as he saw his ailing wife, then ran to take her from his sister-in-law.

"What happened?" Billy asked as he enfolded Aura into a warm embrace. "Where have you guys been?"

"Tel you later," Aura told him. "Azure's been poisoned, you've got to find an antidote!"

Azure slowly opened her eyes. "Adam. . .is that." her voice was low and weak.

"Yeah, it's me," Adam smiled and took her hand. "Where have you two been?"

She only smiled at him. "Don't cut your hair," she whispered. She liked the thick mane he'd grown out much better than the shorter cut he'd had when they'd met.

"Is she going to be all right, Alpha?" Aura asked nervously. The little robot looked at her.

"I don't recognize the formula, but I think I can come up with an antidote," he said. "Justin, Billy, I will need both of you to help!" he looked over suddenly at the medical computers scanning Azure. "Ay-yi-yi! She just slipped into a coma!"

"No!" Aura growled. "This can't be happening! Azure, please, no!"

Adam seized her hand. "Don't you dare leave me!" he cried. "Don't you dare!"

"This isn't happening," Aura paced, until Alpha spoke a sentence that brought her hope.

"I found the cure."

"What is it?" Aura whirled on him.

"The Trelium plant," he told her. "And the bad news is that it can be found only in the dimension that this happened in! The Ninjor there has it."

Aura stepped up. "How fast can you get me back there?"

"Can you morph there?" Adam asked, half-curiously, half-nervously.

When Aura shook her head, Tommy shook his own in response. "Then you're not going. stay here with Azure, I'll go. I may not be able to, but I have a better chance of morphing."

Aura glared at him. "And just how are you going to explain to them what's going on without having to spend twenty hours that Azure doesn't have convincing them you're not some trick of their Zedd's?"

Tommy sighed. "Then come with me. But you're not going alone, though!" he pulled out his Turbo Key. "Shift into Turbo! Red Lightning Turbo Power!"

"Let's go," was all Aura said as Billy retrieved the co ordinates of the alternate universe.

* * *

The Night Rangers and the other Rangers were just beginning to relax as their new friends seemed to have made it home safely. Just when Elissa was going to suggest they go home, a white light filled the entire Command Center, and two figures stood there.

"Aura?" Elissa stared. And a Red Ranger? Rocky? What kind of uniform is that, though?

"Hi, I'm back," Aura spoke swiftly. They'd appeared first not in the Command Center, but in the park where she and Azure had first arrived. They'd had to teleport in here, and even that had cost time. "This is the Tommy from my world, the Red Turbo Ranger. We need the Trelium plant from your Ninjor to save Azure's life, how fast can we get it?"

WE CAN TELEPORT YOU THERE RIGHT NOW, Zordon said. Aura nodded briefly, noticing the slight bulge to Rocky's eyes as he took in the uniform and color her friend was wearing. Wish I could stay and explain, but we're sort of on a tight schedule!

"Thanks," Aura nodded. "Azure's life is hanging by a thread!"

* * *

"She's back!" Zedd growled in fury. How dare that Amber Ranger return so soon! She'd barely been gone an hour! Then again, that did give him the chance to take her powers again! "She must be after the Trelium plant!"

Rita nodded. "It's the only thing that can save that sister of hers!"

"They will not get it!" Zedd commanded. "Rito, Tengas!"

The bone-warrior and the birds appeared. "Yeah, Ed?" he blinked at his brother-in-law.

"Stop them from getting that plant!"

"You got it, Ed!" Rito nodded as he prepared to teleport. Rita waved him to stay for a moment.

"Should they just kill them, or do you still want to attempt to control the foreign Ranger?" she wanted to know.

Zedd's response was harsh. "Destroy them!"

* * *

"Just like ours," Tommy said as he followed Aura into the Ninja Temple, helmet in his arms. Aura nodded.

"Come on, he's got to be around here somewhere," this place was very familiar to Aura, just like the Ninja Temple in their own world

Tommy glanced to the opening gates as they walked up to them. "Hopefully, in here," he said. And I hope we don't have to convince him like we did in our world!

Entering the temple, Aura looked around for the Guardian of the power. "Ninjor?" she called out. "Ninjor, we need to talk to you!"

"Who goes there?" the great blue-armored warrior appeared suddenly. "Who are you? And aren't you wearing the wrong color, Tommy?"

"Visitors from another universe," Aura told him. "We don't use the Ninja powers anymore. Please, we need the Trelium plant, my sister has been poisoned, and that's the only cure!"

"How do I know you speak the truth?" Ninjor asked her suspiciously. Aura took a deep breath.

"Do you know of the Amber Rangers?"

Ninjor nodded. "The heroic family tradition of Kalakan, but not in this universe. Their fame is very wide-spread."

"My name, my real name, is Alaina Alanatrius," she told him. "In our universe, I am the Amber Ranger, sworn defender of the Earth. By the oath all Amber Rangers swear to defend the world they choose, I speak the truth."

Ninjor's eyes widened. "If you truly are the Amber Ranger, then I shall help."

"What do I have to do to convince you I am the Amber Ranger in my world?" she asked, her voice constrained into politeness, despite the urgency of the situation.

"Close your eyes," Ninjor told her, "and I shall know." As she did so, he reached out with his trained mental senses into her mind, probing delicately for the truth of her words. He nodded slowly as he sensed the depth and breadth of her mind, the convictions that flowed through her, and the pain she had suffered, both her own and her sister's. "We must hurry. This is worse than I thought."

He went to a small box and plucked a flower from it, handing it to them. "This is the Trelium plant," he said. "It will cure your sister. Guard it well!"

"Thank you, Ninjor," Aura told him, grasping the flower firmly. "This means a lot to me."

"I'll teleport you back to Earth, near the portal," Ninjor told them. "You must be swift!"

Tommy smiled. "It's good to know that Ninjor is a friend, no matter what the world," was all he said before they were teleported back to the park. He glanced around. "This is the place. Where's the gateway?"

"I think it's over there," Aura gestured a few feet away, where something glittered in the air. As they started towards it, Rito and a patrol of Tengas appeared suddenly.

"Not so fast!" he snarled, pointing his sword at them. Aura groaned.

"Oh, this is just what we needed, the local version of the idiot patrol!"

"Sorry, Rito," Tommy leaped between Aura and their enemies. "Not this time! Aura, get out of here, now!"

The Amber Ranger shook her head. "Not without you, Kim would never forgive me!"

"Azure is your first priority!" Tommy reminded her. Aura whispered her sister's name, then started for the portal at top speed. Before she'd gone too far, though, eight flashes of light appeared, forming into the Rangers of this world.

"Need some help?" Rocky grinned.

"Yes!" Aura told them. "Get those things away from Tommy!" in full Ninja outfits, the Rangers fell on the Tengas, freeing up the Red Turbo Ranger to join Aura in the run for the portal. Elissa looked after them for a moment.

"Good luck, Rangers. May the Power protect you."

* * *

Once more the gateway flared into being in the Power Chamber, as the Red and Amber Rangers returned. "We got it!" Tommy grinned as Aura tossed the plant to Alpha.

"Hurry!" Adam said as he wiped the tears away. "Please, hurry!" he looked to Aura. "She doesn't have much time left."

Aura's fists clenched. "If she dies, I'm going back there, and I'm not resting until that Zedd is nothing but a smear on the pavement!"

"Finished it!" Alpha crowed suddenly. The Trelium was the last ingredient he'd needed for the cure, and now it was done!

"Hurry up and give it to her, Alpha!" Adam insisted, staring at the swiftly failing form of his wife. "I'm not going to lose her!"

Alpha quickly injected the cure into Azure's arm. "All we can do now is wait."

Aura took her sister's hand, staring into her closed eyes. "Come on, Azure, you've got to be all right! You've just got to be!"

Long moments passed. Slowly, Azure's eyes began to open as her fever broke. "Azure?" Adam whispered softly as she let out a small cry. "Azure. . ."

"A. . .Adam?" her eyes opened slowly. "Adam?"

He took her hand. "Azure!" he stared as tears poured down her cheeks. "Azure, what is it?"

Azure looked from him to her sister. "Thank you," she mouthed softly. Azure knew her sister had saved her once more.

"Hey, what are big sisters for?" Aura smile a little too casually. Azure closed her eyes, crying. She hated the very thought of what had happened to her.

"What went on there?"

Aura sighed and leaned against a console. "A whole lot of stuff I wish hadn't," she said. In quiet words she told them everything that had went on in that other world.

Adam took a deep breath, rage filling him as he looked to Azure. He had to force himself to calm down, as Aura tried to stop herself from shaking. "Just when things were finally calming down around here, this happens," Aura murmured. Azure opened her eyes, then sat up, leaning against Adam.


"I'm here, Azure."

"You didn't listen again."

Aura shrugged. "What can I say, I'm hard-headed!"

Azure smiled a little, and took Adam's hand. "Like me," she gazed up at her husband. "Here we go again."

"We'll get through it, Azure," Adam promised her. "They can't keep us down for long."

Azure nodded. "When we thought we were through with Zedd and the nightmares," she sighed. "At least we didn't have to deal with Eric."

"That was one good thing," Aura knew her own reaction to Zedd was nothing compared to Azure's to Eric. Azure held onto Adam tightly, releasing her pent-up tears.

"It's over now, Azure," Adam whispered. "You're home and safe."

Billy saw the weariness in his wife's eyes, and went to hold her as Adam was holding Azure. "Welcome home, Aura," he whispered. "I missed you."

Aura smiled. "You know, that other you is a vampire. A good one."


She nodded. "But he's not as cute as you are. Not to me, anyway. The pale skin kind of turns me off."

Billy leaned over and whispered, "But not the neck biting?"

"Neck biting I love," she whispered back, "As long as it's you doing the biting!"

"That can be arranged," Billy smiled. "Shall we?"

Aura nodded eagerly. "I was away from you for a whole day. . .I don't like that!"

The Phantom Ranger looked at the others. "Guys, I'm taking Aura home!"

"You do that, Billy," Tommy chuckled; he'd heard what they were saying. As they teleported out, Adam looked to Azure.

"You want to go home, too?"

Azure shivered a little. "I. . I. .home?"


Adam nodded as she slowly got off the table and held to him for support. "Teleport us home, Alpha, please," Adam said. As they left, the other Rangers let loose deep sighs. It was good to have them back.

* * *

Aura moaned in joy as Billy delicately nibbled her neck and regions lower. "Ohhhh," she sighed, fingers tracing across him. "That feels good!" as he did something else, she cried out with joy. "And that feels even better!"

Once both had made up for the day they'd been apart, Aura drifted off into a deep sleep, wrapped up in Billy's arms. This was purest paradise to her, to be with the man she loved with all her heart.

Zedd appeared by the bedside, eyes gleaming with evil light as she awoke. "Hello, Amber Ranger!" he hissed.

"No!" she screamed in fright as she turned to see Billy no longer beside her. "Get away from me!"

Zedd laughed softly as he transformed to his human form, hands reaching out already to touch her in places that he had no business doing so. "Oh, yes!" he mocked her fright.

"No!" Aura did what she could to push him away, to no avail. "You're dead, this isn't real!"

Zedd slapped her harshly. "It is real!" he told her, pushing her back down as she tried to squirm out of the bed. "You're not going anywhere!" she did what she could to hit him, only to find herself suddenly chained to the bed. "Just like old times!" he laughed. "Remember who your Master is, Aura!"

"No!" she screamed. "Let me go! You can't do this!"

Zedd licked his lips in that way she knew all too well. "I believe I am!"

Aura's screams echoed as once more he violated her body, mind, and soul. This couldn't be happening, it just couldn't! "Billy!! Where are you!!!? Help me!"

"He can't help you!" Zedd told her as he finished what he was doing. As he stood up, he punched her as hard as he could in the stomach, the chains vanishing as the room went pitch black. Aura crumpled up, crying, until she heard Azure screaming.

"Azure? Azure, where are you?"

"No!" Azure screamed again and again as Aura started towards the sound of her sister's voice. Lights exploded around her suddenly, and she saw Azure on the same lab table she'd been on in Finster's lab, with Zedd over her.

"Get away from her!" the Amber Ranger shrieked. Zedd turned to her and laughed, still in his human form.

"You weren't much fun!" Zedd told her. "Time to see what Eric found so interesting about her!" as he started to rip at what remained of Azure's clothing, Aura ran towards him.

"NO! she growled. "I won't let you!"

Zedd waves his staff, stopping her in her tracks as he did things to Azure that only Adam should do, though not anywhere NEARLY as roughly as he was doing it. Aura tried morphing, but there was nothing she could do.

"Help me!" Azure cried out. "Help me, Aura!"

Aura found she could move suddenly, and raced over, trying to push Zedd away. She stared at her hands in shock suddenly as they passed through them both as if she were a ghost!

"You monster!" Aura screamed as Azure's eyes glazed over into catatonia. Zedd merely laughed and approached her.

"I believe it's your turn again, my Aura!"

His hot breath and blazing eyes were right in her face, as she screamed, and screamed, and screamed. ..

* * *

"Aura!" Billy tried to wake her up. Her eyes flew open, panic and fear in them as she whispered 'no' repeatedly. "Aura, it was just a dream."

Aura leaned against him, crying. "Oh, Billy," she whispered. "Can't I even get away from him in my dreams?" I'm not telling him how many times I've dreamed of that. ..

He held her a little tighter to him. "One day, you will. One day soon."

"I hope so," Aura sighed. "Oh, I hope so."

They looked up as the twins suddenly burst into the room, bouncing on the bed. "Mommy!" they chorused. "Mommy okay?"

"I'm sorry," Aura sighed. "I didn't mean to wake you up. I had a bad dream, but I'm okay now."

Alex grinned as he hugged her. "I love you, mommy!"

Aura smiled as she pulled them both into a warm hug. "I love you too, Alex. I love you all."

Billy cleared his throat. "You two better get back to bed. You need your sleep, remember you two are going to the Zoo tomorrow!"

"Yes, Daddy," Alaina replied as she glanced to Aura. "You're going to be all right, Mommy," the psychic gleam was in her eye.

Billy smiled as Aura gave Alaina a gentle kiss. "Go back to bed, you two."

Alex nodded as he dragged his sister out. Aura smiled as she leaned against Billy. "Those two," she smiled.

"Have been fighting all day," Billy told her. Aura raised an eyebrow.

"What? Why?"

He shrugged. "They're brother and sister. just because you and Azure never had any fights, doesn't mean those two won't."

Aura giggled. "I guess not."

Billy kissed her gently. "Want to try to sleep again?"

"I'd better," she leaned against him. "If we're taking them to the zoo tomorrow, then I'm going to need all my rest."

He nodded. "Tommy and Kim are coming also."

Aura smiled, reaching up to tug his hair gently. "Let's hope Divatox doesn't try anything."

"She'd better not!" Billy smiled, holding her close to him. In moments, both were once more wrapped in sleep, this time deep and dreamless.

* * *

Azure lay in bed, staring at the ceiling above her. Adam touched her hand gently. "Do you feel like talking about it any?"

"A little," she said softly.

Adam kissed her hand. "You know I'm always here to listen to you when you need it."

Azure nodded as he put an arm around her. "Zedd. . .he let Goldar. .beat me up," she glanced at the bruises Goldar and Finster both had left on her in their varying manners. "Then. ..they used me as a guinea pig!" she cried, remembering the pain and the rage.

"It's over," Adam whispered. "You're all right now, you're home and safe."

After a few moments, she turned to him. "Are you taking back your powers?"

Adam shrugged. "I don't know. I want to think about it for a while longer."

Azure held him gently. "It's weird, knowing they're dead here, and somewhere, there are Rangers that still have to face them."

He nodded. "But they'll handle them, just like we did," she laughed a little. "And hopefully, they won't have a Divatox to deal with in their future.

"That other world's you, was a werewolf," she murmured. Adam looked at her curiously, a question in his eyes. "A werewolf," she repeated. "And your arm was all scarred up from something. You were married, and had a daughter named Guinevere."

"Wow," Adam breathed. "Well, whoever that me is married to, I'm sure she's not as beautiful as you!"

Azure shook her head. "She was very beautiful, and you seemed to be in love," she held him close and tight, whispering softly, "Will I ever be free of them?"

"Yes, Azure," Adam nodded. "One day very soon, you will be. We all will be."

Azure smiled as she cuddled against him, falling asleep. Adam kissed her gently on the forehead, then joined her in slumberland.

* * *

Elissa leaned against Adam wearily. "Imagine. A world without Rita or Zedd," he whispered. She nodded.

"But they still need Rangers. They must have someone else to deal with."

"Their Rita and Zedd sound like a couple of people I'm glad we don't have to deal with!" Evanthe said firmly. "Ours are bad enough!"

Tommy glanced over to Rocky. The White and Red Rangers had been exchanging glances ever since Aura and the Tommy from her world had left. "I hope they made it back in time," he said. Adam nodded.

"As fast as Aura was moving, I think they did, but I guess we'll never know," Adam observed. Elissa nodded.

"Unless one of us gets stuck in their universe," Elissa observed. Evanthe shrugged.

"I'm not really sure if that would be a good thing or not. It would be nice to visit, but I wouldn't want to stay there."

As Elissa laughed softly, she heard Adam thinking. I wonder.


I wonder if we could somehow visit their world. Just to say hi and see if Azure's all right.

Who knows. Maybe one day.

Maybe. And if we do, let's hope that whoever they fight doesn't interrupt the visit like Rita and Zedd did theirs!

We can hope.

Maybe someday, Adam whispered, cuddling against her as they teleported home. But for now. . .we have other things, my beloved Elissa. . .much more. ..interesting things!