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Good-bye Amber
by: Cynthia and Elizabeth

"You couldn't even kill her, Goldar!" Divatox shrieked at the top of her lungs, her eyes blazing. "She wasn't even moving and she got away!"

Her latest servant snorted. "Excuse me for the Rangers teleporting her out!"

"She's not even suffering from everything else you did to her. She's been through it before!"

Goldar's eyes blazed. "And now, that Ranger's sister is moving to New Kalakan!"

Divatox threw her hands up in frustration. "Oh, great! Do you know what the defenses are like around that place!" New Kalakan was becoming famous in the universe for being almost as tough a nut to crack as Earth itself.

"Then we stop her," Goldar said shortly. Divatox raised one eyebrow, and he grinned wickedly, knowing already what to do. "When they get ready to go, first you draw the fighting Rangers away with a monster, then I'll take what I want!"

Divatox chuckled, already liking this plan. "And this time, there is nothing anyone can do to stop us! Not even the Rangers!"

* * *
Everyone was gathered in the Cranstons' backyard as Azure, Adam, and their kids prepared to leave the planet of their birth. Aura's natural mother Shaya had come with her spacecraft to carry them there, not wanting to use the Power Chamber's teleportational system for such a use.

"I'm going to miss everything!" Adam declared, as Azure looked at him. His wife nodded, her eyes sparkling with her own tears as she went to hug her sister.

"I'll miss you!"

Aura hugged her sister with all the strength in her arms, staring deep into her eyes. "I love you, Azure," she whispered. She knew this was for their own good, but still it hurt to think she was almost literally sending her sister away forever.

"I love you, too."

Aura glanced at her mother, and a faint smile shone through the tears of farewell. "You keep an eye on her, mother!"

"I will," Shaya nodded. "They'll be back when next I visit, and they are living right next door to me."

The Amber Ranger glanced at the others, and couldn't hold back her tears any more. Over the last several years they had all become a far tighter family than any she'd ever imagined possible, and to be without them was an agony she didn't want to think about. "I'm going to miss you all so much!"

"Same with you!" Adam gasped out through his own trickling tears. Justin looked at the older man who he owed a lot already.

"Guess this means you don't want your powers back, right?" he asked almost nervously.

Adam smiled, hugging the young warrior. "They're in good hands, Justin. The best."

"So this is it," Azure whispered as she hugged each of them, and agreed to Jason's insistence that she write them. ..or something! "I'll see what I can do!" she promised.

Aura smiled weakly. "You guys are going to be safe, at last. We should have thought of this years ago."

"We couldn't," Azure shook her head. "Adam was still a Ranger."

The named young man nodded. "Well, now we can go."

The farewells were interrupted by the sudden beeping of Tommy's communicator. The Red Ranger groaned darkly and touched it. "This is Tommy. What is Divatox doing to ruin our good-byes?"

THERE IS A MONSTER RAVAGING DOWNTOWN ANGEL GROVE, Zordon's voice came over it. Everyone groaned; this was the last thing they needed!

"Come on," Aura sighed. "Let's go to work."

Billy snapped sharply, "No! Aura, you're staying here!"

"Why?" her eyes widened; surely they didn't still think that she couldn't fight! She was perfectly fine after Goldar's assault, she'd been in fighting condition in much shorter time periods after such things!

"The other day comes to mind," Tommy said dryly, and Aura almost flinched, they did think that she wasn't ready. She tried to protest she was all right, but Tommy cut her off. "That's nice. You're still staying."

She sighed. "All right. Go kick that monster's butt for me!" Tommy had never pulled rank on her as the team's leader before, but she guessed there was a first time for everything. As the others teleported away, Azure followed them with her eyes.

"That is one thing I won't miss!"

"I wish I could go with them," Aura was also tracking the rest of the team by eye. Azure chuckled, waving briefly to Adam and Shaya as they headed inside the ship to finish packing.

"I don't think I'll ever understand Rangers."

Aura shrugged a little, trying to see if she could see the others fighting the monster from her vantage point. "It's in my genetics, I guess." she heard a sudden yelp from behind her and frowned. "What is it, Azure?"


Aura whirled quickly, growling. "Goldar, can't you ever leave us alone!?"

He laughed, slapping her hand away from her morpher even as she tried to reach for it. "You two are coming with us!" he grinned wickedly as a half dozen Pirantrons showed up.

Aura snorted. Morphed, unmorphed, it didn't matter, she was not going to let them take her sister! "Yeah, right!" she kicked hard at one Piranatrons, then another, then growled out something vile as Goldar seized her and a Piranatron seized Azure. "Hey! Let her go!"

"Sorry," Goldar didn't seem very sorry. "But she can't be permitted to leave!"

"Hey!" they all looked up to see Adam standing in the doorway of the ship. "Let them go!"

Aura was doing all she could to kick Goldar where she tended to, and looked quickly at Adam. "Get the others!" she ordered. Adam nodded quickly as they vanished, and his fists clenched.

"I'll get you to safety yet, Azure Park!"

* * *
Goldar was beginning to regret this kidnapping. It just wasn't going the way these things always had. Azure wasn't cowering in a corner terrified, and Aura hadn't stopped hitting him in every possible area, her hands reaching for his throat. He knew if her hands closed on him, he would be done for.

Azure pulled her sister away, her own eyes burning with something beyond fury. "Let me have a crack at him," she said. Aura grinned at her, and stepped back.

"Be my guest!"

Azure clenched her fists together, then punched Goldar quickly in the guts, the chest, and finished him off with a powerful hit to the head. Aura applauded, proud of her. Those lessons I gave her are paying off. "Very nice, Azure!"

"I've had it with you, Goldar!" Azure growled. "You have ruined my life for the last time!" she delivered a kick that did Aura credit, and both women smiled to hear the high-pitched scream he let out. Azure glanced to her sister. "Any chance we can just teleport out of here?"

* * *
Adam was pacing and Billy was scanning the various areas where they expected the two to be. The others had quickly finished off the monster, only to find out the Amber Ranger and sister had been taken again. Everyone had converged on the Power Chamber to start the search. Adam glanced over at Shaya, half-smiling ruefully.

"Not quite what I expected our last day on Earth to be like."

Aura's mother smiled . "I have faith in Aura and Azure both, that they will emerge without harm. Indeed, I fear Goldar will regret this day for a long time to come!"

"Yeah," Adam nodded. "Aura probably kicked him in her favorite place for kicking the bad guys!"

Tommy chuckled briefly. "I wonder where she picked that habit up at?"

"Not from me," the sorceress of New Kalakan declined. Knowing her, it probably runs on her father's side of the family!

Rocky looked up at the Phantom Ranger. "Any luck yet, Billy?"

When he shook his head, Tommy groaned mentally and out loud. "We'd better get them back before Divatox thinks up anything new to do to them."

"Why would Goldar want to stop Azure from going to New Kalakan?" Adam wondered. Tommy shrugged, then everyone jumped when a new voice spoke.

"Goldar is an idiot to have taken them," the Spirit of the Earth said firmly. She and Shaya exchanged a meaningful glance as Tommy agreed with her assessment. "We must return them to safety."

"How?" Adam wanted to know, his fingernails digging bloody holes in his hands.

"I can find them," the Spirit said quietly. "And will do my best to return them, but time is of the essence."

Adam quietly nodded. "Please do. And please hurry."

"I go to them!" the Spirit vanished, and those left behind could only hope she was in time.

* * *

Aura paced briefly, her eyes never leaving Goldar as he lay sprawled on the floor. Azure was every bit as nervous as she was, as the two of them waited for some way to get home. Aura had tried her communicator, only to discover it didn't work in where ever they were. Suddenly, a jump in her soul happened that she knew could only mean one thing.

"Spirit!" she smiled, running over to where the Spirit of Earth was standing suddenly. Her guardian and guide smiled.

"It's time for you two to leave!" she'd been able to track them down due to the link between the two of them, and she had known Azure would be with Aura. She looked over at the younger girl, who smiled. "You have a flight to catch!"

Goldar surged up to his feet as the two of them stopped watching him so intently. "You're not taking them!"

Aura's eyes burnt brightly. "Oh, shut up!" she hissed, kicking him with all her strength in the sensitive male areas. As he crumpled in pain, Azure kicked him just as hard in his head. "And stay down this time!"

* * *
Adam laughed and hugged Azure as she ran straight into his arms after materializing with Aura and the Spirit. "He didn't hurt you, did he?" he asked quickly.

Azure shook her head, laughing. "Other way around this time!"

To the wide-eyed admiration of the others, Aura described how they'd beaten the crap out of Goldar for once, instead of having him do it to them. Tommy couldn't believe his ears.

"Man, are you sure you want this move after you did that?" he had to ask! Azure and Adam both nodded.

"Yes. For the children," he said quietly. They all knew it was really just a matter of time before their enemies tried to harm their young offspring as well.

Azure nodded. "Adam and I can't always be there to protect them. One day, we will come back," maybe, she added mentally. Something she couldn't identify was calling her relentlessly to New Kalakan.

"Are you ready to go?" Adam asked softly, taking her hand. She glanced around, soaking in everything and everyone around her in the Command Center. In a way, this was a second home to them all. They had been through so much here...

"As ready as I'll ever be," she sighed, starting to give out final hugs good-bye.

Adam nodded. "Then let's do it. Before anyone else tries to interrupt us!"

Jason took a deep breath, holding out his hand. "For old times sake?"

One by one, Zack, Trini, Kim, Billy, Tommy, Adam, Rocky, Aisha, Azure, Alpha, Shaya, and Aura piled their hands together, then threw them up with a mighty cry of "Power Rangers!"

Shaya smiled briefly. "Come," she said, touching Adam and Azure's shoulders. "Time to see your new home."

"Let's go," Adam nodded, looking at Azure, who bid everyone farewell one last time. Zordon spoke firmly.


And then they were gone. Aura sighed deeply. "I'm going to miss them."

"We all are," Billy said, holding her. "We all are."

* * *
Two weeks had passed since the departure of Adam, Azure, and their family for New Kalakan. Aura had went to the doctor a couple of days earlier for nausea, and she had a sneaking suspicion she already knew what was going on. She was humming to herself as she painted in the living room, watching every now and then as Billy played with an extremely happy Alaina.

She almost jumped when the phone rang, then went over to pick it up. "Hello?"

"Aura!" Dr. Ashton's voice came over the phone. "How are you today?"

She smiled faintly. "I was a little sick when I woke up this morning. Other than that, I'm fine."

"I got your test results back. Get used to being sick."

Aura chuckled. "Don't tell me. Let me guess. Another one?"

"Mommy's pregnant!" Alaina's high voice came from behind her. The doctor chuckled, he was used to Alaina's intuition.

"Very perceptive girl. Yes, you are, Aura. Congratulations, again. By the way, have you heard from your sister?"

Aura shook her head. "No, not since she moved." only the very close friends knew just where Azure had actually moved to.

"Well, we all miss her here. Tell her that we say hello next time you talk to her."

"All right," the young Ranger nodded. "Thanks for the good news!"

"Okay. You know the drill about the appointments."

Aura couldn't help but laugh. "Yeah. You know I have a feeling I'm going to be having a lot of those. Having many children runs in my family."

"You're keeping me in business!" Dr. Aston giggled a little himself. "I have to go, someone just beeped me. See you at your first appointment!"

As they hung up, Aura glanced over at Billy, then smiled. "Well. ..," she began. Billy smiled in return.

"Five down, five to go?"

Aura laughed, running over to him. "Yeah!" she laughed, hugging and kissing him deeply. "I love you, Billy!"

"I love you, too! It's about time things started cheering up around here!" ever since Adam and Azure had left, things had been just a little gloomy for them all.

Alaina smiled widely, and whispered so only her twin heard her. "One vision down, one to go." she looked over to see Alex looking at her confusedly and explained. "I knew Mommy was pregnant again! I saw her and Aunt Azure together, and Mommy was big, and in pain!"

"Why was she in pain?" Alex wondered. The twins were both remarkably tall and mature for their age; a result of the mixture of Earth and Kalakan blood in them.

"She was having the baby!" Alaina told him. "And Aunt Azure was with her!"

Alex grinned happily. "Cool! I wanna see Aunt Azure again!"

His father smiled. "We all do," he looked over at his wife. "Can you wait nine months or so to see your sister again?"

"All Alaina saw was her there Mthen. It doesn't mean she won't visit before then."

"Give her a chance to settle in then who knows?"

Aura smiled as she went to hug everyone in succession, feeling very maternal and caring as she always did when pregnant. "I love you all!" she declared. Alaina giggled a little.

"Can't wait for the other vision to come true!"

Her mother raised one eyebrow. "What other vision?"

"Good vision," Alaina reassured Aura. "But I don't wanna tell anyone what happened in it just yet."

Aura smiled, ruffling her daughter's hair. "All right. We trust you."

"I miss her already," Alaina's smile vanished as she thought about her aunt. She loved her so much, and she had seen so much already about what was to come in her life. So much she knew she had to keep secret for now.

"We all do," Aura whispered, thinking on how much she missed the sister who had been part of her life almost constantly for as long as she could remember.

Alex looked at his parents. "Why did she have to go?"

"She was protecting her family."

The eldest child of the Cranston family wasn't taking that for an answer, though. "I could've helped! I'm gonna be a Power Ranger!"

Aura laughed just a little bit. "Yes, you are, Alex. But you're not one yet. You have to grow up first."

"Yeah!" Alaina teased. "You can't even win a pillow fight!"

"I can too!" her brother shot back hotly.

"You haven't yet!" Alaina retorted, sticking her tongue out. Billy cleared his throat sharply before things got too heated.

"Hold it!" he declared. "I think we've had to replace your pillows enough in the past two months," he glanced at Aura. "Since it seems you will be seeing Aunt Azure in about what. ..six months left on your pregnancy?"

Aura nodded. "Something like that."

"You had better be on your best behavior during that time, and think of some things from here that you'd like her to have as a remembrance of you two."

Both twins nodded in unison, and Alaina smiled. "Already know what I'm going to give her!"

"What?" Alex wondered how his twin could think so fast! He was already leaning more towards more physical things, while Alaina was a mental and spiritual person.

"My stuffed hawk toy!" she declared, and Aura chuckled. That toy was a direct duplicate of her own HawkZord. She'd decided almost as soon as they had left what she was going to do for her distant family. Hearing Alex say he didn't know what he was going to give them, she reassured him they would have time to think it over, then glanced at the painting taking shape on the canvas.

Oh, yes, I know what I'm giving them.

* * *
"This isn't happening!" Goldar almost roared. They kept a constant watch on the Rangers these days, looking for anything and everything they might possibly use against their enemies. Nothing had really presented itself until now.

Divatox growled darkly, "Oh, I think, I'm going to be sick!"

Rygog shrugged. "At least we've been rid of two of them for the past couple of weeks!" he pointed out. Divatox threw a foul look at him.

"Yes, but the Amber Ranger is going to have another child!" she pointed out. Nothing nauseated the pirate queen more than the total innocence of a child.

Goldar thought quickly. "We must stop her from having it!"

"No fooling," his mistress growled. "Didn't your old boss Zedd try that? All that led to was losing his son!"

"That brat had it coming!"

The pirate shrugged and growled. "My point is that just stopping her from having it isn't going to work. That's been done, they expect it. I bet she's probably going to move into the Power Chamber until after she's had it. We need to do something different."

"Like what?"

Divatox shrugged. "I'm not sure just yet. But it's got to be evil!"

"Pity you can't make the Rangers think it's someone else's," Elgar said after several moments. Divatox whirled at her nephew, her eyes wide and startled.


"Huh?" Elgar blinked, not knowing what he'd said or done. Divatox groaned mentally, glad once again that he wasn't her offspring.

"Never mind," she glanced at Goldar, with a nasty smile. "How would you like to make the Amber Ranger think that the child is yours?"

Goldar raised his bushy eyebrows. "Good plan, but just how do we do it?"

Divatox rummaged around for a moment in a treasure chest, and pulled out a slender volume. "Just a little something I picked up from Rita that is going to be very useful!" she laughed. "Ready to be a father, Goldar?"

"Of course!" Goldar knew he was going to enjoy just the sheer mental torment this would inflict on everyone!

"We need all the Rangers together to cast the spell, to make sure that we get them all."

Goldar thought for a moment. "Why not when Aura and Billy tell them that she's pregnant? She usually says it once to everyone."

"Excellent," Divatox nodded. "The spell will make them believe whatever they next hear, completely and utterly! Everything they see and hear that relates to that will only confirm it. The Power Chamber computers could be proclaiming the truth for the next century, and they would see and hear it as saying you are the father. All you have to do is appear after the spell is cast and tell them the `good news'!"

The muscled evil warrior threw his head back and laughed. This was a plot even more vile than Zedd's worst! "Shall we then?"

"Indeed we shall!"

* * *
Zack kissed Aisha deeply, enjoying themselves as they were wont to do even after their honeymoon. Tommy glanced over, then whispered to Kim, "Were we that bad when we were newlyweds?"

Kim leaned over and kissed him on the lips, her brown eyes dancing. "We still are!"

"Where are Rocky and Kat?" Billy asked as he held Aura's hand. They had summoned everyone to the Youth Center for their usual method of informing all their friends about the newest upcoming member of the family. They were the only ones there that day, since they'd specially rented it from Ernie for the party to celebrate the newest child to be.

Jason smiled. "They said they'd be here in a few minutes," he looked over at the youngest Ranger, as Justin grinned and giggled. "What's so funny?"

"You'll see!" the Green Turbo Ranger grinned widely. Only those who lived in the Cranston house knew what was going to be announced today, and he was one of those, since Aura and Billy had been granted permanent custody of him, until and unless his father return from his travels.

Everyone looked up as Rocky and Kat entered, without their daughter Kim with them. Billy smiled and waved, and Aura grinned at them. "Glad you could make it!"

"Kim got sick," Rocky reported, and Kat had to stifle a laugh. "She spit up all over Rocky. My mom is looking after her."

Aura smiled, expressing her concern for the child, then went on to what they had gathered them for. "Well, Billy and I have news."

Jason's eyes widened. "Again!?"

Aura nodded and smiled. "I seem to have forgotten to tell you guys something. I'm going to have at least ten offspring. It's part of being the Amber Ranger."

"What did you get yourself into?" Jason poked fun at Billy, and Aura raised an eyebrow waiting for his response.

Billy touched her hand softly. "A very good relationship with someone I love most in this world," he said. Aura smiled as she kissed him, leaning back a little and closing her eyes in thought.

Through each of them there suddenly passed through them all, and as they looked up in unspoken unison, Goldar's all too familiar voice echoed around them. "That child is mine! I, Goldar, am the father of the next child of the Amber Ranger!"

Everyone winced as Aura threw her head back and howled in agony, loud enough to shatter glass. She couldn't understand why, but for some reason, she knew it was the truth, knew it as she knew her own name.

Billy turned to look at his wife, then got up and stormed out, his eyes full of something unnamable and strange. Aura stared after him for a moment, then ran out the other way, tears flowing down her cheeks.

Everyone else stared after one or the other of them. Tommy took a deep breath. "Please tell me I did not hear that."

"You did."

The Red Ranger flinched at Rocky's words. "I wish I hadn't."

Kat nodded. "We all do," she took a deep breath. "I'm glad Azure wasn't here to hear this."

Kim agreed with her. "Definitely. This is the last thing that should have ever happened."

"Wonder what the kid is going to look like," Justin wondered, then flinched himself at the shudder that passed through all of them.

Aisha put a hand on the young man's shoulder and looked into his eyes. "Justin, I know you didn't mean it like that, but I do want to sleep tonight!"

* * *
Aura tried not to think very much as she walked through the woods in tears. The strangeness in Billy's eyes as he had looked at her had cut her to the core, and the only thing she could think of was that she wanted to die, more than she wanted anything. It all changed so fast. . .one moment I'm happy as a clam because I'm pregnant. The next, I'm carrying the child of my mortal enemy.

"Hello, darling!" a mocking voice called. She looked up, startled, to see Goldar standing not far from her. Her eyes narrowed with pure hate.

"Get away from me!" she commanded. Goldar stepped closer to her, almost touching her.

"Is that any way to talk to the father of your child?"

Aura's eyes blazed. "When it's you, yes!"

"Funny," Goldar taunted. "That's not what you said the night it was conceived!"

Through tear-reddened eyes she glared at him. "If you ever come near me again, my ax is finally going to cut you in half!"

Goldar smiled coldly, waving his sword. A team of Piranatrons, each carrying a long, thick cord of rope, appeared. "Tie her to the tree!" he ordered. He had planned this out, and he was going to enjoy it. Greatly.

"You're going to have to catch me first!" Aura growled, preparing to fight. Goldar was ready for her, though, and she wasn't at her best anyway, after almost a solid hour of tearful running. He caught by the shoulder and literally slammed her into a tree. Aura tried to kick him, but he just laughed as he backhanded her harshly across the face and the Piranatrons tied her tightly to the tree. She glared at him, her lip bleeding a little. "The others will find me, Goldar!" she reminded him. "You know that as well as I do!"

Goldar raised his blade, pointing it directly at her heart. "But they will find you dead!"

"Go ahead!" she hissed proudly. "Anything is better than having your little monster inside of me!"

He grinned, drawing his sword back. "So be it!" this was even better than letting her live thinking her offspring was his! Death and revenge. last!

Aura faced him bravely, despite the danger. A single thought pulsed in her mind. I wish I had some help. Someone. Anyone. Preferably Billy, but I'm not picky!

Goldar was drawing his blade back, preparing for the final strike, when someone knocked it out of his hand. He and Aura both looked up to see a female Ranger standing there, in gleaming gold and black armor. "Not today, Goldar!" the voice wasn't one that either of them recognized, but Aura wasn't going to complain.

"Who are you?" she asked breathlessly.

"I am a friend, and that is all that I can say for now," she turned her attention back to Goldar. "You have harmed her enough! Begone, you vile creature!"

Goldar stared, not understanding what was going on one little bit. "Who are you? What are you?"

The other raised one powerful fist. "I am the Gold Ranger. ..and your worst nightmare!" with a strong kick, she almost kicked through Goldar's armor.

Goldar stared for a moment. "Yeah, right," he grunted finally, then glared at Aura. "I will see you again!"

The Gold Ranger ripped through the ropes binding Aura and supported her until she could stand on her own. "Are you all right?" she asked.

"Thank you," Aura said, staring at the stranger. The Gold Ranger nodded quietly, gazing at the person she had just rescued.

"The child is not Goldar's. It's your husband's," Gold Ranger said firmly. Aura looked at her, frowning.

"How can you be sure?" she wanted to know. "Wait, how do you even know I'm pregnant? I've just met you!"

The Gold Ranger smiled under her helmet. "The Spirit of the Earth, and my own guardian, the Spirit of New Kalakan, told me."

Aura's eyes widened. "Oh. I want it to be Billy's more than anything. But what if it isn't?"

Gold only shook her head. "Come. We must get all the Rangers to the Power Chamber. This spell must be broken."

* * *
Tears dropped into the pool Billy was sitting beside, not sure just what he should be thinking or feeling right now. A vast emptiness filled his very soul as he gazed into the deep waters. "This isn't possible."

"Hello there, Phantom Ranger," the voice came from behind him and he turned to see Divatox standing behind him. His eyes narrowed.

"Go to hell," he glared at her. Divatox only smiled and came closer to him.

"How does it feel knowing that your wife is going to have Goldar's child?" she asked, purring wickedly.

Billy moved back, his eyes furious. It was suddenly crystal clear what he had to do. "Get away from me!"

"You really ought to leave her," Divatox leaned forward, running a hand across his neck. Billy pulled back even more, jerking as far from her as he could.


Divatox smiled so evilly it hurt. "You know, I think Aura rather enjoyed what Goldar did to her. She'll probably go to him," she left out the fact Goldar was probably going to be killing Aura before too soon. "Leaving you free for me."

"I'd rather die than go to you," Billy hissed. Divatox growled harshly back at him.

"That can be arranged!" she raised her arm to strike at him, only to have him teleport away quickly. She growled the most vile oath she knew, then returned to the Subcraft. At least Goldar would have dispatch the Amber Ranger by then!

* * *
In the Power Chamber, the Gold Ranger sat on the examining table, the only empty place, watching the Earth Rangers and former Rangers as they stood in various positions, all watching her intently. She was playing with a glittering ruby in one hand, and waiting patiently.

"Divatox makes me sick!" Billy declared the moment he appeared in the Power Chamber, not yet noticing the Gold Ranger. Rocky looked over at his friend.

"What did she do?"

Billy's eyes burned . "She. ..made me an offer I would have rather died than accept."

His eyes widened suddenly when he looked up to see the strange Ranger there. Gold looked in return. "It is time to undo what Divatox and Goldar have done," she extended one hand, and the ruby glittered at them all. "Aura Cranston, this is the Ruby of Reality, the last magical jewel to survive the destruction of Kalakan. I received this from Shaya to correct this situation. The Spirit of Earth has told me of the lie that was planted in your heads as to the father of the child," she glanced briefly at Billy. "You are indeed it's father," she reassured him, then looked back at Aura. "Take this gem, and repeat the word `truth' in your mind."

The ruby was warm in Aura's hand as she touched it, and as the word swept her mind, a brilliant light flashed throughout the room. All of them felt suddenly cleaner mentally, and as the light faded, Gold Ranger looked at Aura. "Who is the father of your child?"

Aura sighed deeply and happily. "The only person who ever will be the father of any of my children!" she kissed Billy tenderly and deeply, wrapping her arms around him.

Gold Ranger smiled, pulling a pouch off her belt. "One more thing, Amber Ranger?"

"What's that?"

"You asked me who I was. I am the Gold Ranger, the sworn defender of New Kalakan and bearer of a message from your sister."

She held the pouch out to Aura, who took it with thanks. "I must return to New Kalakan now," their new friend told them. "Is there a message you wish me to deliver to the Parks?"

Aura nodded quickly. "Tell my sister I love her and miss her, and since you already know, that I'm going to have another kid."

"I will," Gold Ranger smiled under her helmet, then teleported away in a streak of black and gold. Aura sighed for a moment, then glanced down at the pouch she'd been given.

"So what does Azure have to say?" Rocky asked after a few silent moments. Aura glanced inside the pouch to see a crystal within it. Frowning, she pulled it out and held it flat in her hand, not quite understand what was going on here.

Everyone yelped a little when the crystal glowed for a moment, then miniature versions of Adam and Azure were floating a few inches off the crystal. Azure smiled at them. "Hello, Rangers! Hi, Aura!"

"Oh, cool!" Aura's eyes danced at this, realizing it was a projection, like the message her parents had left her in her necklace. "Hi, Azure!"

The recording sighed for a moment. `There is so much I want to tell you all, but first, the good news! Adam and I have decided to renew our vows here on Kalakan, and we're inviting all of you to come to the ceremony," she chuckled briefly. "I take it you've already met the Gold Ranger, otherwise you wouldn't be seeing this message."

Aura chuckled a little. "Yeah, we've met her!" she wasn't going to tell just how she had met the Gold Ranger, and had requested that the Gold Ranger didn't tell either. It was so embarrassing for her to be captured!

Adam spoke up. "Aura, Shaya asked us to tell you that she said hello, and sends her love to you."

Azure nodded, and continued, "Our time runs out now, we have to finish getting settled in. Tell mom and dad we love them and miss them."

"We miss you too," Aura said softly as they bid farewell and their images faded away. "And we can't wait to see you again!"

"We will," Billy touched her shoulder. "At their wedding."

Aura nodded, smiling as she looked over at the others. "The Gold Ranger. Was I as confusing to you guys when I showed up as she is now?"

Billy grinned. "If not more so. This one at least seems to know who she is!"