Legal Disclaimer: If you don't know who is ours and who is Saban's, this is WAY too late for you to be starting this series.

Slumbering Amber
by: by: Cynthia and Elizabeth

Billy lay next to Aura, his hand resting lightly in her slightly swelling stomach. He liked to do that, to sense the life that the two of them had brought into the universe together, that hadn't existed until they had chosen to want it. "I wonder what we'll have this time. .." he mused.

Aura smiled. "Maybe both again!" she did almost flinch a trifle at that. Giving birth to twins was not her favored method of either exercise or time off from the team.

"I love you, Aura Cranston!" Billy told her as he kissed her cheek. "And nothing is ever going to stop me from loving you! Aura chuckled; he always gotten more demonstrative about his love whenever she was pregnant.

"I love you more than I love my own life, Billy," she told him softly, kissing him on the lips. "Because without you in it, my life would be meaningless. . .or worse."

Billy smiled as he kissed her neck, then groaned at the sudden crying of their youngest. "Do we never get a moment of peace?"

"With four kids, you expect peace?" she asked, grinning at him. Billy shrugged.

"Maybe about two minutes of it?"

Aura sighed as she watched Billy go, then closed her eyes for a moment. How will I go on without him? I'm going to outlive him by over eighty years, if not more. I can't imagine going eighty seconds without him.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a small bundle of energy leaping on top of the bed. "Hi!" a cheery voice called out. Aura smiled, opening her eyes to see Alaina staring at her.

"Hey, Alaina," she smiled at her daughter.

"Is it true?" the eldest girl asked her mother.

Aura tilted one eyebrow. "Is what true?"

"That we're going to go see Aunt Azure at the end of the week?" at Aura's nod, Alaina howled out with joy; there were few things that she liked better than to see her family!

"You're going to be seeing your Grandma Shaya and Uncle Samuel, too," Aura reminded her. Alaina's smile broadened.


"Pretty much," Aura leaned back against the pillows, her arms going around Alaina and sighing softly. As half-breed Kalakan, they would have a slightly longer lifespan than a human, but nothing as long as one of her people would have. I aged like a human until I got through puberty. After that. ..I haven't aged a day. I still looked seventeen. And I'm going to until I'm at least forty or so. Oh, Billy...

Alaina smiled as she put a hand on Aura's stomach, then her smile broadened. "A sister!" she declared. Aura glanced at her for confirmation, and Alaina nodded brightly.

"You definitely take after your grandmother!" Aura declared, remembering how her mother had always seemed to know things just before they happened on their trip back to Earth, and during those nine months she had spent in the past. This trait runs true, I see.

"Maybe she can teach me some stuff while we're there!"

Aura shrugged. "Maybe," she glanced through half-lidded eyes at her daughter. "Did I ever tell you who I named you after, Alaina?" when her daughter shook her head, Aura continued, "Would you like to know?" a nod this time, and Aura smiled. "You're named after me."

"How?" Alaina looked confused. "You're Aura, not Alaina."

Aura stretched back, her thoughts having returned to ancient Kalakan with the mention of her mother. "They are both my names. Alaina is the name your grandmother gave me when I was born. Aura is what I was called when I came to Earth. I grew up being called that, so Aura is what I'm most comfortable with."

"Ah!" Alaina loved hearing about her mother's past, and Aura never tired of telling. The Amber Ranger smiled as Alaina was suddenly lifted off her by strong arms, and hugged by her father.

"Hi, Daddy!" the little girl grinned as she reached around to hug her father's neck.

"How's William doing?" Aura wondered.

"He's fine. He just wanted his pacifier back," Billy told her. Aura smiled, getting up to hug both her husband and daughter. They were going to go visit her sister soon, no one had heard anything from Goldar and Divatox since their last little escapade, and everyone's life was settling down into what looked like total bliss. As far as everyone could tell, things looked completely blissful. The Rangers were even looking into replacements once again, wanting to do it during a lull in attacks if they could. The freshness of the new Rangers would certainly through the forces of evil off-track, if nothing else.

Aura kissed Billy gently on the shell of his ear. "I have the most wonderful family in the world!" she declared. And I can't wait for it to all be back together again!

"That we do!" Billy agreed. "That we do!"

* * *
Elsewhere, things weren't quite in such a state of domestic bliss. Goldar dodged quickly from the heavy golden cups Divatox was in the habit of throwing whenever she got angry, and she was very angry right now. "What is it going to take for you to get rid of a Ranger?! They're worse than cockroaches!"

"If that Gold Ranger hadn't shown up, I would have finished the Amber one!" Goldar hissed. Divatox's eyes flared red.

"Gold Ranger. ..," she muttered. "Just when we had a slim chance to get rid of the Amber one, this one shows up!" her chair creaked as she threw herself back down into it. Pouting softly, she started to play with her eel, wishing she had more troops as loyal as her pet here was. The sudden silence from the other side of the bridge caused her to look up. "You've got something on your mind, don't you?" she asked. She recognized that look on Goldar's face.

"A plan to get rid of the Amber brat," he said slowly. "A very evil plan," he practically purred the words out. At her insistence, he began to outline what he was thinking about, and by the end of his statement, Divatox was giggling in fiery piratical glee. Then she had an idea of her own.

With a quick twist of her hand, she jerked a spellbook out of thin air and turned to a page. "And I have an idea that will help us to capture her. And even if they rescue her from your trap. ..there's no way they can rescue her from mine!" she showed Goldar the spell she was looking at, and both echoed with evil laughter. "Shall we invite the Amber Ranger to our little party?" she chuckled.

"After we block their sensors," Goldar reminded her. "The last thing we want is all of them wandering around here!"

Divatox nodded. "And it will finally be the end of the Amber Ranger. way or the other!"

* * *
Billy kissed Aura on the neck, glad that Alaina had went back to her own room. "Let's hope the kids don't come in," he purred in her ear. Aura giggled.

"I locked the door," she told him, grinning. Billy grinned as he put her on the bed and started kissing with more passion behind it.

"Then let's hope Divatox and Goldar take the day off!" she declared, running his hands to those areas that were the most absolute sensitive of her body.

They were just starting to get into the most enjoyable aspects of their activity, when a harshly familiar voice growled, "That is disgusting!"

Aura sat up, pushing Billy away from her for a moment. "You can't even leave us alone for five minutes can you?" she hissed at Goldar. The evil warrior chuckled.

"Nope! Time to sleep, Amber Ranger!" with a twist of his arm, he tossed a fistful of dust into her face, and grinned. The last time he had used that, Kim had quite literally fallen into his arms.

"What the. ...," Aura proved to be just as vulnerable to it as her Pink counterpart, collapsing into a little heap at his feet. Goldar chuckled, then knocked Billy into a wall as the Phantom Ranger charged at him.

"You have no say in this matter!" he told the young man. Billy shook his head, trying to clear his suddenly frozen mind as Goldar picked up Aura and tossed her easily over one shoulder, then dropped a note on the bed.

"See you. ..never, Phantom Ranger!" he declared, then vanished. Billy slowly got to his feet, tears dropping down his cheeks at the thought of what Goldar and Divatox might do to her. Almost as an afterthought, he picked up the note and read it. Slowly, he paled.

"You're not going to get away with this," he muttered, then headed for the Power Chamber. This captivity wasn't going to last long at all.

* * *
The Rangers watched as Billy and Justin made the final adjustments to the scanners, getting rid of the interference that had prevented them from knowing Aura was in danger. "Did that work, Alpha?" Justin asked the robot.

"Ay-yi-yi, they're working again, but I still can't find her!" Alpha buzzed around the Power Chamber, trying to find the Amber Ranger. Billy paced a little, trying to think of something to do.

"We might as well contact the Gold Ranger," Rocky sighed. Billy glared at his friend.

"How? She just appeared last time! We don't know how to get in touch with her!"

Tommy shrugged. "Didn't she say that she was the sworn defender of New Kalakan?"

"Right," relief flooded Billy. "I'll get in touch with Shaya, maybe she can find the Gold Ranger."

It didn't take long for the transmission to go through, and Aura's mother appeared on the screen, with Adam and Azure in the background. "Rangers?" she asked, a frown touching her eyes.

"Shaya, we've got trouble," Billy's voice was terse and business-like. "Can you get in touch with the Gold Ranger?"

The sorceress glanced back over her shoulder, nodding briefly. Both Adam and Azure left, and Shaya looked at her son-in-law. "What is wrong, Billy?"

"Goldar and Divatox have kidnapped Aura. They want me and the Gold Ranger to surrender, or they're going to kill her."

Shaya nodded. "I will inform the Gold Ranger," she said quietly. Billy could see the fury smoldering in her eyes; Aura came by her temper on both sides of her family.

"Thanks, Shaya. We'll get Aura back," he tried to reassure her. The sorceress of New Kalakan nodded.

"I know you will."

Billy grinned half-wickedly. "And if they've hurt so much as a hair on her head, they're going to wish that Zedd had gotten a hold of them before I did.'

"I'm certain you will. I must go tell her," Shaya looked a little nervous. "Until I see you again."

As the communication broke, Billy leaned back against a console, trying not to think of all the varied things his vivid imagination could provide for them to be doing to her. He forced the thoughts out of his mind, trying to focus on finding her, as a flicker of light filled the room suddenly.

"What has happened to the Amber Ranger?" the Gold Ranger asked, her voice thick and gruff with anger. Billy handed her the note, and quietly recounted how Goldar had abducted his wife.

"We only have a little while to decide. That's how long we have to rescue her."

The Ranger nodded, turning to Alpha. "Have you had any luck finding her on your sensors?"

"No, we can't find her anywhere!" Alpha replied. The Ranger growled something low and viscious, then all of them settled down to finding out what was going on here and how they could release their companion.

* * *
That companion was doing credit to all her language teachers, as she treated her captors to a lesson in foul language they would never regret. Elgar was busily taking notes on it as she wound up with a, "You're going to regret this, Goldar!"

"How?" the space monkey laughed. "The Rangers can't find you, and we'll have what we want because of that!"

Aura snorted. "What? A real personality?" her cheek stung a moment later as he slapped her.

"No. The Gold and Phantom Rangers," he growled, glaring at her where she hung on the wall in chains. Divatox had installed a special set just for her, emblazoned with Divatox's symbol.

Aura spat coldly at him. "They'll never surrender to you!"

"I think they will," it was Divatox who spoke now. "Once they realize they won't be able to wake you up without my help. ..or save you from the pit of snakes that you're about to be hung over!"

Aura took a deep breath. She wasn't as afraid of snakes as she once had been, but they did still make her a trifle nervous. "I've seen the world's biggest snake. After that, the little worms you guys have are nothing!"

"You've heard of the Serpent of Darkness, haven't you?" the pirate asked. Aura shrugged.

"Yeah. Relative of yours, isn't it?"

Ignoring the insult, Divatox continued. "You are going to be having over a pit with eleven poisonous snakes, and one serpent of Darkness. You won't even be able to try to escape, since you'll be under a sleeping spell. ..that only I can break."

"Oh, good!" Aura actually managed to interject a note of joy in her voice. "That means I don't have to look at either of you ever again! Not having to see your ugly faces makes that sound pretty good!"

The evil queen wasn't finished yet, however. "But if the serpent of darkness bites you before one of the others does. . .then I will awaken you: to be our slave for all time."

Aura took an extremely deep breath, then proceeded to inform both Divatox and Goldar exactly what she thought of them, and not a single word she uttered was polite. It didn't take long for them to grow tired of it, and with a quick word, Divatox cast the spell. Aura broke off in mid-curse, her head dropping to her chest in a deep and profound slumber.

"At least she's quiet now," Divatox shrugged. Then something occurred to her. "Goldar, do you know why she freaks so much every time we try to turn her evil?"

"Zedd kept trying to do it," Goldar shrugged, gathering up the ropes and chains he needed up.

Divatox chuckled. "He never could get anything right."

"Oh, he turned her evil all right," Goldar disagreed. "but that stupid sister of hers always kept getting her back to the good side! Her or that husband of hers."

"What is it with those two?" the queen pouted suddenly. "You can't move one without seeing the other there?"

Goldar shrugged as he hauled the deeply asleep Aura over the pit of snakes. "Who knows?"

His current employer watched as he fastened everything right. "Even if the Rangers get her out before any of the snakes bite her. ..she'll sleep forever!"

"Shall we let them know where their precious Amber Ranger is?" Goldar chuckled. Divatox grinned, going to the communications array.

"Oh, yes. So they'll know they have no choice but to surrender! But not what will happen either way!!"

* * *
The Gold Ranger paced as Alpha, Billy, and Justin worked feverishly on searching for Aura. Suddenly, something beeped, and Billy looked up. "Incoming transmission," his voice filled with hate as he saw who it was from.

"From Divatox?" the mystery Ranger asked. Billy nodded.

"Coming up on the Viewing Globe now," he pointed over to it, and everyone turned as Goldar's voice came over the slowly clearing picture.

"Attention Gold and Phantom Rangers," he hissed. "You have one hour to surrender, or else this one," the image cleared, and they saw Aura hanging bonelessly over a deep pit filled with hissing serpents. "Gets fed to the snakes!"

Billy clenched his fists. "Let her go, Goldar!"

"Not until you surrender!" he declared, then vanished off the screen, taking the image of Aura with him. Billy stared for a moment, whispering softly under his breath, "Aura. .."

Gold Ranger chuckled. "Found her."

"Where is she?" Billy whirled, his eyes flashing harshly. "Where is my wife?"

"Here," the Gold Ranger showed him the co ordinates, and Billy almost laughed. It was the exact same place that had been used the last time Divatox and Goldar had taken Aura!!

"Let's go. I'm not going to let those snakes touch her!"

The Gold Ranger nodded. "Then let us go," both of them vanished in dual streams of light. Divatox and Goldar had no idea what they were in for.

* * *
Divatox licked her lips at the sight of Aura slowly being lowered into the pit filled with squirming vipers, cobras, and one hissing Serpent of Darkness. "I do so hope that the Serpent of Darkness bites her first. I'd love to have the Amber Ranger under my control for all time!"

"We almost had three of the Rangers bitten by this thing's parent once," Goldar remember, smirking at the thought of Rocky, Adam, and Aisha quivering away from the snake.

Divatox remembered some of his tales. "They were rescued in time," she reminded her companion. "But this one won't be!"

"And if she is, they will never be able to wake her!"

"She'll either die, serve us, or sleep for all time!" Divatox liked this! No matter what, they would win! For once, they had actually won against the Rangers! It was a good day.

A strong, harsh voice cracked from behind them. "I don't think so!"

The two villains whirled to see the Gold Ranger standing behind them, helmet tilted slightly to the side. "Gold Ranger!" Divatox gloated. "Come to surrender?"

"You have got to be joking!" their enemy laughed. "I came for the view, actually."

Divatox frowned behind her mask. "View? The only view you're getting is that of the Amber Ranger's end!"

"Somehow, I don't think so!" Gold Ranger did a magnificent jump kick, smashing the heel of her boot against Divatox's chin and almost driving it through the back of her skull. Divatox fell back, just barely managing to scramble to her feet. She turned briefly to see Billy hauling Aura away from the snakes and teleporting away in a mixed gold and black light. This wasn't worth it!

"You think you've rescued her. ..," she hissed. "Think again!" with a puff of light, she vanished from the chamber, leaving Goldar behind to take the heat.

The monster growled, pulling out his sword. "You're going to pay for interrupting my fun the other day, Gold Ranger!"

A golden staff appeared in the female Ranger's hand. "Have you ever danced with the devil?" was all she asked. "Because soon you're going to be living with him!"

"Shut up and fight," Goldar hissed. For long moments the two of them clashed back and forth, neither really getting an advantage on the other. But the Gold Ranger had something up her sleeve, and she knew it was time to pull it out.

Beneath her helmet, she smiled. "This has gone far enough. You have been warned before what would happen if you did this again," she held up her staff. "By the powers of New Kalakan, I summon the Lightning Staff!"

Lightning sparkled all around the tip of the weapon, and she turned to look at him. "Ready to die, Goldar?"

"You expect that toothpick to kill me?" he laughed. He was Goldar, mightiest monster of the universe! He could not be killed by anything.

The Gold Ranger brought the staff down as swift as lighting, and watched with venomous satisfaction as it sliced through his armor and deeply into his bone. "You were saying?"

Goldar collapsed, yellow blood coating her staff and running onto the floor. "W. .who are you. .Gold Ranger?"

"An old friend," she said quietly, removing her helmet gently and staring at him. "Time to die, Goldar!"

The last word he uttered before she brought her staff down on his head was a simple. .. "no...." Then he knew nothing more.

The Gold Ranger felt no joy at this. She had warned him. He hadn't listened. Softly she whispered, "It didn't make me happy to do this. But sometimes you have to do the things that make you unhappy. ..because they're the things you must do. .."

Silently, she put her helmet back on, and teleported back to the Power Chamber. There, she found the Rangers gathered around Aura, who lay on a medical bed silently, her eyes closed. "How is she?" at the sight of Billy's tear-streaked face, she hurried over. "What is wrong, Phantom Ranger?"

"She won't wake up," Billy said softly. "We've tried everything, and she just won't wake up!"

This isn't happening. She's needed. ..wait! The Gold Ranger glanced at them. "Have you tried your daughter?"

"Not yet," Billy shook his head, then looked at the stranger. "How do you know about Alaina's gifts?"

"One day, all will be explained," she promised. Billy glanced at her for a moment, then vanished, reappearing with Alaina there.

The little girl looked around, smiling at the sight of the Gold Ranger. Then she looked at her mother. "Why mommy sleeping?"

"We're not sure," Billy sighed. "But do you know how to wake her up?"

Alaina giggled. "Kiss her!"

Rocky looked at his friend. "I think you've been reading her too many fairy tales!"

Before anyone could answer, they could hear evil laughter that was coming from the Viewing Globe. Everyone turned to see Divatox there, grinning coldly at them. "What's the matter, Rangers? Is someone asleep at the wheel?"

"What did you do to my wife?" Billy hissed, considering teleporting onto Divatox's Subcraft and extracting some fairly personal revenge. This must be why Rangers should be teenagers. Adults have too many things like this that can be used against them. But I don't regret it. .even now.

Divatox grinned. "She's asleep. And she will stay that way forever!"

"That's what you think," Gold Ranger replied. "Goldar is asleep forever, but she is not!"

"Oh, I do have to thank, you for that, Gold Ranger. He was getting on my nerves and he never could do anything right. I was the one who put that spell on the Amber Ranger, and I am the only one who can take it off!"

Gold Ranger growled, "I did not do it for you. I did it for the Amber Ranger and her family.

"So?" the pirate retorted. "I'm still here, and she's still asleep, and will be that way for all time!"

"We shall see."

The pirate looked at them with sultry eyes under her mask. "Of course, there is one way I will give you the cure.."

"And what is that?"

"A very special price," Divatox stated. "The Phantom Ranger!" she wasn't surprised to see Billy looking back at Aura with a disgusted curl to his lip. "You have one hour to make your choice, or your wife will sleep. ..forever!"

As her image vanished, Billy sighed, leaning over to kiss Aura on the forehead. "If we can't find anything to wake you, I have no choice," he whispered.

"Kiss her, daddy!" Alaina insisted. Billy looked at her, then back over at Aura. With a shrug, he touched his lips to Aura, kissing with all the love in his soul for her. His eyes went wide as she suddenly began to return the kiss! One arm curled behind his head, pulling him down closer to her for an extremely passionate embrace.

Alaina looked up to see the Gold Ranger looking at her. "You did good," she was told. The mystery Ranger then raised her voice, clearing her throat. "I do believe there is a wedding that needs to be prepared for?"

"Are you going to be there?" Rocky asked. The Gold Ranger nodded, seemingly amused.

"My true identity will be revealed to you all there," she told them. Tommy smiled, holding his hand out for the two to shake.

"We'll see you there, then."

The Ranger nodded quietly, glancing over to where Aura and Billy were still locked into a deep kiss. "I must go," she said. "There is much to plan for."

As she vanished, Rocky glanced over to Aura. "Almost as weird as when you first showed up!" he rolled his eyes at the sight, then pulled Billy off her. "Save it till you're home. .and not in front of your kid!"

Aura glared at Rocky, with a soft smile to lessen the impact of her harsh, "You spoiled the best kiss I've ever had!"

"Yeah, but you totally missed the Gold Ranger leaving!"

"She said we'd see her at the wedding, and that she'd tell us who she is there," Aura grinned. "I was kissing. I'm not deaf!"

Rocky glanced at the others. "I wonder who she is. ..," the 'mystery Ranger' bit was something they really felt they could do without.

Tommy glanced down at the suddenly giggling Alaina. "Do you know who she is?" he asked the little girl. Alaina giggled again.


Her mother looked at her. "Would you tell us if you did know?" Aura wondered.

"No," the eldest female of the Cranston-Robinson merging replied quickly, hopping up onto Aura's lap to snuggle with her. Aura smiled, looking at the others as she wrapped her arms around her daughter.

"Well, we'll find out when we get to New Kalakan," Aura replied.

Kat nodded, then something occurred to her. "You don't think. ...."

* * *
Adam paced back and forth, waiting for the Rangers and those family members who were in the know to arrive. Azure was busy right now, and he was getting extremely nervous. The last thing he wanted was for this thing to be interrupted!

With a crackle, a small collection of rainbow lights drifted down onto the ground, and shaped itself into the people he hadn't seen in too long! "Hey!" he waved immediately, running over to hug Rocky and Aisha first and foremost.

"Hey, Adam!" Aura grinned. "Where's Azure?"

"Around here somewhere," her friend shook his head. "She had some last minute things to take care of."

Aura was practically bouncing as she handed off her smallest offspring to her parents. "can't wait to see her! So, what's been going on around here? Anything interesting?"

"Not much," he looked over his shoulder at the sound of approaching boots, and nodded at the Gold Ranger. "Settling into our new life."

Tommy waved at their friend. "Gold Ranger, hello!"

"Rangers! Greetings!"

Aura smiled. "Hello! And thanks for getting rid of Goldar for us!"

The Ranger bowed slightly. "It was my pleasure."

"You said that you would tell us who you are," Rocky reminded gently. Aura was still looking around.

"Have you seen my sister anywhere? She'll be glad to know he's been disposed of. I just wish I could have done it myself."

The Gold Ranger started to remove her helmet, and laughed softly. "Aura, I can fight my own battles now. You can retire as my personal protector."

Aura's eyes nearly bugged out of her head as for the first time she saw the face of her friend. Her friend. ..and her sister. "A. .Azure? You're the Gold Ranger?" at Azure's nod, Aura ran to hug her. "Oh, Azure...I don't know what to say.. .this is incredible!"

"Hi, Aunt Azure!" Alaina tackled Azure's legs, hugging her with all the tiny strength in her body. Azure smiled as she returned the embrace.

"That's kind of how I felt when we got here," she replied, then looked at Alaina. "You knew all along, didn't you?"

"Yup! But I didn't tell!

Azure grinned as she demorphed, revealing her second wedding dress, a form fitting tea-length white sundress, with a small slit going to just above her knees in it. "You look good in that outfit! It really . .suits you!"

As various Rangers groaned at the minor pun, Azure went over to kiss Adam. "He sure seems to think so!"

"Looks like being a Ranger runs in the family. . .on one side or the other!" Adam kissed back, and Azure smiled, the expression looking much easier and more natural than she had looked in years.

"I think I'm going to have to start Katia's training as soon as possible," Azure said. "She's going to be my successor one day."

Aura nodded, her eyes turning to Alex, who was running around now with his sister and cousins. "I need to start Alex's formal training soon, too. He's ready for it!"

"Honey," Adam turned to Azure at her pet name. "Why don't you show them around. I need to talk to Aura for a moment."

"Sure," Adam nodded. "Come on, everyone."

Azure looked at her sister as they were left alone. "There was a special gift that came with these powers, Aura."

"What's that?" Aura smiled when Azure took her hand and looked into her eyes.

"Because you are my sister, I will know when you need my help. But you have to ask for it first."

Aura nodded quietly. "That's how you knew. The first time, when Goldar was about to turn me into a shish kabob," when Azure nodded, she continued. "Thank you. Again," a shudder went through her. "I still haven't told them how close that one was."

"But you have to ask," Azure reminded her. "And I will know, and vice versa. And I wish you would tell them."

Aura shook her head. "They don't need to know," never had she willingly told anyone of some of the close calls she'd had. She didn't believe in burdening them with her troubles.

"You always have been stubborn, haven't you?"

The last daughter of Kalakan chuckled. "I take after my little sister."

Her sister shook her head. "How is the little tyke doing?" she asked, glancing momentarily at Aura's stomach. Aura thought for a moment that she saw an odd expression crossing Azure's face, but it was gone so fast, she was certain she had imagined it.

"Which one? The one I married, the four I've already got running around, or the new guy cooking in here?" she indicated her slightly swollen stomach. Zordon and Alpha had been able to detect that her offspring was unharmed from recent events, for which she and Billy were both grateful.

"The last."

Aura shrugged. "Doing very well, as can only be expected."

Azure took a deep breath, then squeezed her sister's hand. "Thank you, Aura."

"For what?"

"Recommending that I move here with my family. Being the best sister that a girl could ever have."

Aura shook her head. "You're the best sister anyone could ever have!"

No reply was forthcoming to that; Azure didn't really feel like arguing today of all days. "You know, I need a matron of honor."

"I'd be honored," Aura smiled. She had missed Azure and Adam's first wedding; there was no way that she would miss the second. A slight frown passed over her when she saw Azure sighing and looking away. "Is something wrong?"

Azure shook her head. "Not really. I've wanted to get away from the life of the Rangers for so long. . .and now look, I am one."

"Someone has to be one for New Kalakan," Aura pointed out. I think that the Spirit of this world made the perfect choice."

"She knew I was coming. .for a long time."

Aura smiled. "Like the Spirit of Earth knew that I was coming?"

Azure nodded her agreement. "I think she knew that I was going to be the Gold Ranger."

"I wouldn't be surprised. I'm beginning to think there's nothing she doesn't know!"

The Gold Ranger smiled as she fidgeted a little. "I am so nervous," she did what she could to change the subject. "You'd think I was marrying Adam for the first time!"

"Nothing is going to interfere with this wedding. Nothing!" Aura declared.

"If it does, they'll have one angry Guardian to deal with!"

Aura smiled briefly. "Or two, if I can talk the Spirit of Earth to coming here!"

Silence reigned between them for a few moments, then Azure sighed. "I miss earth so much. I look up into the sky every night, and I try to find it."

"Just like me," Aura told her. "I look for two worlds, though."

"This and Kalakan?"

Aura nodded. "Kalakan will always be a part of me, even though it's gone to dust now. Those nine months I spent there were just about the happiest time of my life."

Both of them turned at feather-light footsteps, and Aura almost at once recognized who could only be the Spirit of New Kalakan. "Azure, it is time for the ceremony."

"Are you ready to get married. ..again?" Aura asked, grinning. Aura took a deep breath.

"As ready as I'll ever be. Aura, I'd like you to meet New Kalakan's spirit."

Aura waved a hello, and the spirit nodded. "So this is the Amber Ranger. Nice to finally meet you in person."

"Nice to meet you too," Aura felt a stirring in her heart that was the part of her still connected to the ashes of her homeworld, and knew that the Spirit of Kalakan responded to the Spirit of New Kalakan.

Azure squared her shoulders. "Let's do this."

* * *
"I now pronounce you husband and wife. ..again," the Spirit of New Kalakan declared. Azure and Adam at once wrapped themselves up in a deep and warm hug.

"I love you, Azure!" the ex-Ranger declared to his Ranger wife. Azure smiled.

"I love you, Adam. Unfortunately, tomorrow you have to go back to training me with my martial arts."

Adam shrugged. "That's okay," he whispered softly in one ear, "Tonight we have other things to do."

"Ohhhh," Azure giggled. "I have never been this happy. But I think we had better get back to our guests."

Adam glanced over to see Aura and Billy wrapped up in a warm kiss of their own. "I don't think Aura and Billy will mind if we have a little private time. It looks like that's what they're after."

Azure grinned. "True, but it's the others I'm more concerned about. Not all of them are looking for private time, and who knows when we'll see them again?"

"True," Adam agreed, then both of them kissed again, not wanting to be apart for another second. It took Tommy clearing his throat for them to break it apart, and Adam looked at his friend. "What, do you always have to interrupt us?"

Tommy chuckled. "It's probably the last time I do that."

"We'll be back to Angel Grove, don't worry," Azure reassured him. Tommy grinned.

"You had better visit!"

Adam reminded him of Azure's new status. "She will, if you guys need any help."

"And when Aura has her baby," Azure said. Adam could almost sense the slight fear, jealousy, and unnamable emotions in her voice. She was somewhat. . .disturbed with Aura having another child, after she had lost her own last one.

Tommy lifted an eyebrow. "Are you going to have ten kids too?" he wondered.

Azure chuckled. "Who knows. But I think we're going to wait a little bit before trying again."

"Yeah, we have time!" Adam reminded them all. Azure nodded quietly.

"To rest and to heal. ..," she said. Adam kissed her tenderly and gently.

"But mostly, just to love."

Rocky giggled as they held one another. "Great, they're gone a week and they're already back to the mushy stuff!"

"We never stopped the mushy stuff!" Adam corrected.

"We just put it aside for a little while," an unfamiliar and warm smile touched her lips, and Tommy noticed it.

"You two do seem happy here."

Adam nodded. "We are."

"It's a nice planet," Rocky agreed. "NO crime, pollution, or anything like that."

Kat nodded. "Truly beautiful."

"It's okay," Kim shrugged. "But no mall!"

"You haven't changed, Kim!" Azure laughed, and Kim blushed a little bit. Despite all she had gone through in her life, despite having won the gold medal at the Pan-Globals, she still loved to shop! Azure leaned into Adam. "This is the perfect end to the perfect day."

Adam put his arms around her. "I love you," he murmured.

"I love you, Adam."

Her husband smiled, hugging her tightly and with love. "And I love you and will forever and always."

"You are nothing but a romantic, Adam, you know that," Azure chuckled, then glanced around at the others. "So how long can you guys stay?"

Tommy shrugged. "Until Divatox tries something or tomorrow morning, whichever comes first."

"I hope it's tomorrow morning, then," Azure jumped up. "Come on, let's go have some fun!"

Rocky giggled, then pointed over to where Aura and Billy were vanishing into the bushes. "I think they're beating us to it!"

"That they are!" Tommy grinned as they headed back tot he par. But before they got there, Azure jerked Adam behind a tree, pulling him into a deep kiss. She said softly, "I love you, Adam. And I always will."

Adam smiled. "I love you, too, Azure. Gold Ranger. I don't care what you call yourself. I just love you."

They kissed again, their hearts, hands, and bodies all joined together in one, for now and forever.