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Chosen Amber
by: Cynthia and Elizabeth

In Divatox's submarine, things were going just as they always did these days. Elgar was playing with his toys, Rygog was glowering at everything, and Porto was waiting to be commanded. Divatox prowled up and down, snapping out harsh words to one and all. "I have to get rid of those Power Rangers. ..and that Amber one just gets on my nerves so much!"

"I know what ya mean!" her idiot nephew told her. Divatox ignored him for her pacing, he never had a bright idea anyway. He was fun to shoot at, however.

"I can't even steal her powers from her, they're born into her!" she complained loudly. Elgar shrugged.

"Pity you can't stop the first one from accepting them, hey, Auntie Di?"

The evil queen stopped suddenly, staring at him. "What did you just say?" As he repeated it, she grinned wildly. "Porto!"

"Yes, my captain?"

Divatox laughed. "Make me a time machine. Now!"

"Yes, captain!" Porto was used to demanding. . .and doing. ..the impossible on short notice. This was nothing new to him. As he wandered off to his lab, he heard Divatox laughing behind him.

"I'm going to destroy her before she's even born!"

* * *
It was a typical day the Cranstons. Alaina and Alex were running around all over the place, as Billy and Aura watched them tenderly. Alaina stopped suddenly and looked over at her mother. "Are you having fun, dear?" Aura asked.

"Yes, Mommy," the young psychic replied, coming over to her. "You got a little bigger."

Aura smiled. "Well, that happens. You should have seen me when I was going to have you and Alex. I was huge."

Her daughter giggled. "I saw a picture. What are you going to name her?"

"I hadn't thought about it yet."

Alaina climbed up on the bench her mother was sitting on and hugged her carefully. "I love you, Mommy."

"I love you, too, Alaina." Aura watched as Alex did a couple of flips, showing off, then Billy came out and put William into the playpen with Shaya.

"Enjoying yourself?" he asked his wife. Aura smiled warmly, looking around the yard full of children. Billy said what was on her mind. "It couldn't get much better than this. No attacks. Our family all together," he whispered softly. "Almost."

Aura sighed, nodding. "They're happy where they are, and safe. At last. I miss them too, though."

"We all do."

Aura grinned as she pulled him down for a kiss. "I love you, Billy."

"Not in front of the kids!" Billy giggled at her, knowing she would no more do that in front of their offspring than she would in public. Then he kissed her again. "But then again, I can't resist you!"

His eyes widened suddenly as Aura and all their children flickered, quite literally, out of existence for a moment. He frowned. "Aura?!"

As they faded back in, he clasped her hand. "What happened?"

"I . .I felt funny for a second. Kind of. . n. .not here."

"That's because you weren't," he told her. Aura's eyes widened in shock. "You sort of faded."

Aura shivered suddenly, not knowing what was going on, but having a definite idea of who was doing it. "What's going on now?"

"I don't know, but we're going to the Power Chamber."

Aura nodded, standing up. "Let's go, and bring the kids, just in case," the last thing she wanted to do was risk any member of her family ever again.

"Okay," he called to the twins as Aura picked up their younger offspring, then the entire clan teleported to the Power Chamber. "Alpha," Billy spoke. "Could you run a scan on Aura?"

At once the little robot started to scan, and the results came in almost at once. "Aura's Amber Ranger powers are fading."

"Her powers? How is that possible!?" those powers were built into Aura's soul, it was the next thing to impossible for her to lose them short of the planet blowing up!

"It isn't, at least not that I know of," Aura told him. Billy wrapped his arms around her, holding her shaking body tight.

"I think we had better call the Spirit in on this one," he said. Aura nodded, calling out to the being who was linked to her very soul. A moment later, the Spirit of Earth had appeared in the Power Chamber.

Quickly, she took Aura's hand. "Aura, my child, are you all right?"

"Spirit, Alpha says my powers are fading somehow, but that's not supposed to be possible!"

The Spirit glanced around, seeing the results of the tests. "It is not. Unless someone is trying to alter history, it is not possible."

"Divatox." Aura stated it flatly. "I'd bet on it."

"Then we must stop her," the spirit would not permit this to happen, no matter what.

Aura sighed. "If she's changing history, we have to go back in time to stop her, but when. It could be anywhere in time." The very thought of all her ancestors being at the evil mercy of her enemy nauseated her.

Help me. ..please. ..someone help me...

Aura's head jerked up at the sudden voice floating through it. She knew who it was, she knew that thought intimately. "Azure?"

"Aura?" Billy looked at her, not certain what was going on. What else could be happening now?

His wife's voice snapped quickly. "Azure's in pain. Get her on the Viewing Globe now, Alpha." The robot quickly obeyed, and both of them turned to look at it. There they saw Azure doubled over in pain, with Adam doing his best to help her.

"Azure? What's wrong??"

Azure mumbled vaguely, "It hurts..."

Adam looked up at the sound of Aura's voice. "I don't know what's wrong with Azure, she just doubled over."

"When precisely did it happen?" Aura had a hunch, and wanted to check on it quickly. She wasn't surprised when Adam told her it was just a short time earlier: just when she herself had experienced the fading.

The Spirit spoke up. "Aura, we must go to her, and help her to the Heart of New Kalakan."

"Then let's go," Aura said firmly. Billy kissed her gently and firmly, holding onto her before she left.

"Hurry home," he made her promise, and she smiled sweetly.

"I will." she took the Spirit's outstretched hand, and the two of them vanished from Billy's sight.

* * *
The time machine was simple to use. Divatox and Elgar simply stepped in, and were transported back to the earliest era of Kalakan history, both clad in the height of fashion for the day. Divatox glanced around, shuddering briefly at the trees, grass, and whispering brook near by. "So this is Kalakan."

"It's a nice place," Elgar said. "But it doesn't smell bad enough."

Divatox shrugged. "It's too pretty," she decided. If Zedd wasn't going to destroy this place in a few thousand years, she would have taken care of it herself.

"So where's what's his name? The guy we're here for?" Elgar asked. He was expecting to smash the first Amber Ranger on the head, possibly strangle him, and then go back to rule the world with Auntie Di. What else could she plan to do, after all?

"Landros?" Divatox had done her research. "Around here somewhere." She spun around in a sudden circle. "Like my dress?"

"Yeah, you look great, Auntie D!"

Divatox smiled wickedly, checking out her outfit to make sure it showed off just the proper cleavage. "I hope I can stop him from taking those powers."

"If anyone can, you can!"

The pirate smiled, then glanced down the road. "Hide. Here he comes." Her moronic nephew managed to get out of sight just as Landros came down the road. "Excuse me, sir," Divatox preened at him. "Can you help me, I'm afraid I'm lost."

Landros, a burly blacksmith, glanced at the beautiful woman there. She was dressed very tastefully, with long violet-colored hair, mysterious eyes, and a general way about her that he liked. "I'd be glad to help you, ma'am."

He's got beautiful eyes, Divatox surprised herself by thinking. She quickly returned to business. "Could you tell me how to reach Silp?"

"It's not very far, I'll take you there myself. I live there as a matter of fact."

Divatox smiled. "Really? That's so interesting. Shall we?"

"Let's go."

Elgar watched as the two of them headed down the road, and scratched his head. Auntie Di was looking very peculiar, almost...happy!

As they reached Landros' home, he smiled at her. "Well, here we are."

"I hope I can see you again. You're a very sweet young man, Landros," Divatox told him. "Thank you." She gave him a quick and gentle peck on the cheek.

"What's your name, by the way, young lady?" he asked, blushing somewhat.


The blacksmith smiled. That sounded almost like music to him. "That's a beautiful name." Without another word, he waved and started into his shop. She paused him with a word.

"Landros, let me repay your kindness. Would you care to join me for dinner?"

"I'd love to," Landros smiled, glancing back over his shoulder. As he went inside, Divatox leaned against a tree and sighed. What a man.

* * *
As Aura and the Spirit appeared on New Kalakan, the first thing they saw was Azure rocking back and forth in Adam's arms. The pain appeared to have subsided a bit, and Aura ran straight over to her sister. "Divatox is responsible for this."

"How?" Azure wondered.

"She's trying to change history, I think," Aura explained. "It's sapping my powers and erasing me from existence."

Adam bit his lip. "Then how is it affecting Azure?"

"Because of the link between Aura and Azure, and because of how closely their lives have been intertwined." All looked to see the Spirit of New Kalakan there, putting a hand on Azure's shoulder as she faded in.

"I feel like I'm on fire inside," Azure murmured. The Spirit didn't look very happy.

"Because if Aura does not exist, then you would have died, years ago," they were told how Eric's first attack on her would have resulted in a hemorrhage that wound up killing Azure, and all of them growled at the very mention of the name of the hated son of Zedd.

Aura took a deep breath. "We have to stop Divatox from what she's doing."

"Then I think we should go stop her."

As Azure stood up, Aura smiled. It would be good to go into battle again with her sister, and to see her homeworld one last time. "I'm ready. Let's go."

Just as they were about to have the Spirits take them back, something like a wave washed through the area, and when it passed, Aura had collapsed onto the ground. Azure raced quickly to her side. "Aura! Come on, don't you dare leave me now!"

The Spirit of Earth looked somewhat weaker. "The waves of history's changes are sapping Aura's physical strength now. You must hurry, Azure."

"Will I be able to morph?" Azure asked quickly, looking at her own spirit.

"Yes," the New Kalakan guardian replied. "But you will not have your Zord."

Azure nodded briefly. "I love you, Adam," was all she said before motioning to her Spirit to send her back in time. The Spirit of Earth looked at her sister.

"If she isn't careful, she could kill Aura trying to save her."

The New Kalakan one smiled briefly. "I think that that little piece of history is already being done, even as we speak."

"I hope so," the Earth spirit touched Aura's face gently. "I cannot exist without her. As you cannot exist without Azure."

Slowly, they settled into the wait they knew must end. ..before they themselves did.

* * *
Divatox watched as Landros finished up the meal she had cooked, not even trying to control the lascivious thoughts that were going through her mind as she watched his hands and arms move.

"You're an excellent cook, Diva. This is the finest meal I've had in months!"

She smiled warmly, genuinely, at him. "Thank have a healthy appetite."

"Working at the smithy does that for me," he told her, leaning back. He thought about the work he'd finished that day, an axe of such strength and a fine edge. . .he didn't think he'd ever be able to top it's craftsmanship. He was surprised as Diva started to rub his shoulders expertly.

"You're so stiff," she purred. "It must have been a hard day."

"Yes, it was. ..," he leaned back into her backrub, blushing as she said how handsome he was. "You're beautiful...."

She looked around at him. "I must confess something to you, Landros."

"What is that?

"I have only met you today," she knew he knew that, and what she said next, she wasn't quite certain if was true or just another aspect of her plot. "And I have already fallen in love with you." She had never believed in love at first sight. ..but she was beginning to wonder if she might have been wrong about that...and possibly about other things.

Landros stared at her, then whispered, "I ..I love you too." Their hands began to explore one another, and slowly she pulled him over to his bed.

And history began.

* * *
Azure didn't know what she was to expect when she went back in time, but to see a full out battle being waged wasn't it. "What the heck?" she shook her head, glad she'd appeared in an out of the way area, then gaped as she saw a sight she'd never thought to see: Galan, the Amber Ranger Hunter, chasing down some peasants. That's right, he was attacking Kalakan with his father around the same time the first Amber Ranger appeared. "I'm in the right timeframe, then."

She glanced and saw a familiar face fighting, familiar from a research into Amber history she'd done once. "Okay, that's him. Maybe I should help out, but not morph."

Adam had taught her quite a few things of fighting, and she used them all now to fight against these warriors attacking the world that meant so much to her sister. She could see that Landros was a very good fighter: and that a mysterious young woman was slicing enemy soldiers not that far from him.

As soon as the fight ended, the woman went straight over to Landros. "Are you all right?" they had been interrupted during their second session together that morning, after a beautiful night spent in each other's arms, by the attack. Landros had told her that these strange warriors had been attacking off and on for months now, and they had went out to do battle. For the first time, Divatox had struck out against evil. . .and liked it.

"I am fine, my beloved," Landros kissed her, then turned over to Azure. "Thank you, young miss, for your assistance."

"Yes, you fought well," the girl told her. Azure nodded.

"It was my pleasure." Azure looked at the girl, and realized, That's Divatox! "I am Azure Park."

The woman's eyes narrowed briefly, then nodded. "And what brings you here in such good time?"

"A quest to save seven people's lives."

Landros raised an eyebrow, and Azure knew that he was Aura's ancestor. She made the same movement constantly. "A quest? Is there anything I can do to help?"

"If there is, I'll let you know," she told him. "But I will probably need to find shelter. Do you know anywhere I could stay?"

The young blacksmith smiled. "I have a spare room at my home."

"Thank you," Azure smiled at the both of them, and Landros put his arm around Divatox.

"Why don't we go back to my place...and I shall cook you both a wonderful meal."

Divatox smiled, with just the tiniest edge to her expression. "All right." I can keep an eye on this twit Ranger, who must have come to stop me.

That way I can keep an eye on Divatox, Azure thought. "Sounds, great." She winced briefly as her stomach turned. "But then again, maybe I should just lie down."

"Having problems?" Divatox asked just a little too sweetly. Azure stopped herself from glaring.

Nah, just some bloody internal hemorrhaging, no thanks to you! "I'll be fine..."

"Come on, then," Divatox started back to his house, with the two of them following.

Landros nodded. "We must rest while we can, the attacks could continue."

And they will, Azure thought. She knew that the Amber powers would soon be offered to him: and the fate of a world sealed forever.

* * *
Hovering over the pastoral planet was a spaceship of most dire and evil aspect. Darek, supreme overlord of evil for that sector, growled as he stared at the planet. "I don't believe those savages got rid of my warriors!" He glared down at his son, Galan, who was looking off into space dreamily. "Galan!"

"Yeah, dad?"

Darek growled. "What's so fascinating to you that you can't even pay attention to what I'm saying?"

"Nothing, dad," Galan rolled his eyes. His father could be so overbearing at times. Conquer this, ruin this, destroy that. He was in a rut.

Darek's eyes flashed. "Oh, really? Were you even paying attention?" When Galan admitted he wasn't, Darek growled, "Then something was obviously on your mind!"

"Someone who was at the attack I was leading," the young man admitted. "She was gorgeous."

The overlord sighed. He had to explain things to his son again it seemed. "Galan, these people are savages, good only to be conquered and enslaved. . . you understand that, right?"

"I understand. . .but can't we have a little fun with them too?"

Darek smiled wickedly. "Oh, just a little. But don't forget the reason we're here!!!"

"I won' me...I won't."

His father nodded. "You had better not. Now, I noticed one particular person was fighting, the town blacksmith. He could be dangerous, we need to get rid of him."

Galan nodded. "I saw him near the girl I want. I'll have him killed." So I can have this luscious creature all to myself.

"Yes, do that," Darek ordered. It was going to be fun to kill and to molest an entire world and its population!

* * *
Landros slowly emerged from Azure's room, looking concerned. "She's asleep," he told Diva. "Something is wrong with her. It's worrying me, Diva."

"Oh, I'm sure she'll be fine," Diva said as Landros sat next to her and took he hand. He shook his head.

"She's starting to run a fever."

Something that might have been a smile, but was surely not, played across her lips. "She might have been injured in the fight, did you check for that?" As he nodded, she patted his shoulder. "She will be fine."

She was about to kiss him, when there was a sudden presence in the room, and then a being that quite literally shone with power appeared in the room. "Landros Alantruis."

"W..who are you?" the blacksmith stared, overwhelmed by the power suddenly in the chamber.

"I am the Spirit of Kalakan, the essence of all life on this planet."

The young man quivered, "What do you want from me?"

Kalakan needs a defender. . .one who will stand up not just to Darek's evil invasion, but to all that will follow. I offer the power of that defender. . to you."

Landros' hand tightened on Diva's. "Me? Why me?"

"Because you are strong and good, wise and caring. You protect everyone in this village already. I ask that you extend that protect to the whole world. To all of Kalakan."

To fight forever. defend an entire world. ..Landros wasn't certain what to do. The thought of it fascinated him, but at the same time, he wasn't sure. As he looked at Diva, however, he knew. "I would be willing to."

This is it! Divatox shook her head. "Don't do it, Landros." Neither of them noticed as Azure staggered out of the room; the moment she had come to ensure happened had arrived.

"Why not?"

"It's too dangerous. .you could get killed in some fight and I'd never see you again!"

Azure spoke softly. "That is the risk you both took today fighting those things out there. If he took this power, he would be protected more then he would be if he didn't."

Diva glared at her suddenly, a cruel edge to her voice. "This is none of your concern!"

"I have family from Kalakan. This is my concern," she looked at Landros. "This is what saves those seven people I told you about earlier: you taking this power."

The Spirit spoke again. "Only you can decide this, Landros. Should you choose to take it, though, be aware it will be passed down from you, to your firstborn child, to theirs, and so on until the end of time. It will be a legacy of duty, responsibility, power, and purpose."

"I wish I had a child to pass it down to."

Divatox flinched a little as the spirit looked at her. "You do. One is already being formed."

Azure's eyes widened. "She's pregnant?" as the Spirit nodded, Azure realized what had to be happening, and now that she looked a little closer at Divatox, and could see her face without the makeup and mask, she realized that the tilt of the head, the pride in her walk, was all Aura. "Can I talk to you outside, Diva?"

She wasn't surprised that Diva simply followed her numbly outside. "Congratulations," she said simply. "You're in love."

Divatox stared at her. "How can you tell?"

"For someone who has been through hell like I kinda gets easy when you see other people in love...first slept with him...and sounded generally scared when he was offered the job...and fought by his side...and when you looked over to looked worried...that is one look I know all too well...being that my sister, brother in law, and husband were or still are Rangers."

The pirate shook her head. "I can't be in love with him. . .I'm evil!!"

"Maybe it's time for you to change your ways. You do have another life to worry about," she gently touched Divatox's stomach. There was no way they could sense the life that early, but Divatox could feel it in her soul. She protested, however.

"I came back to destroy the Amber Ranger line. . not to found it!"

Azure smiled. "Looks like there has been a slight change in plans. Look, I can tell you love him. Don't lose him. Love is the greatest thing to be in."

"I. . .thank you. . .," Divatox said quietly. Azure smiled.

"You going to stay with him then?"

The ex-pirate took a deep breath. "Yes. I love him."

The Gold Ranger smiled, then reached out to put Diva's hand on her flat stomach. "In there is one of the greatest things you will ever know...your child. Warning, you will have to go to the Heart of Kalakan when it's time to be born, will hurt. But you'll forget all that pain when you hold it in your arms, and want to protect that little bundle of joy forever."

"Thank you, Azure," she chuckled a little. "Just think, the person I controlled and tried to intimidate through fear and did everything I could to destroy. . .I know now, that she is my descendent. .your sister."

Azure grinned herself. "I think you may wanna come back with me and tell her yourself. I don't think she'll believe me. By the way, those seven lives I was talking about...Aura, her five children...and myself"

"Why you?"

The Gold Ranger sighed. "I was thirteen, and I was raped. If Aura hadn't been there, I would have died from internal hemorrhaging, which is what is wrong with me now."

"That should be changing soon," Divatox turned around and headed into the house. "Landros. The power that the Spirit offers you. You should take them."

"Are you certain?" It was obvious he'd been thinking about it, and he wanted to do it.

She nodded. "Yes, and I will stay here with you. I. ..I love you."

The blacksmith looked at the Spirit, who had not moved. "How to do this?"

A fire sprang into being in front of them. "Step into the fire," the Spirit said. Landros calmly did so, and heard the Spirit's voice continuing. "Do you swear to defend Kalakan with your life, all your life?"

"I swear to defend Kalakan with my life...all my life...and beyond."

"Do you swear to train your children in the arts of the defender, and to defend the Heart of Kalakan, the center of all life, with all within your power?"

"I swear."

The Spirit's voice was charged with sudden power. "Then awaken at last to the power meant to be yours: Landros Alanatrius, First Amber Ranger of Kalakan."

"I thank you, Spirit," Landros said softly. "I will not fail you."

"I know you won't."

As the fire faded, Landros looked over to Divatox. "Will you marry me?" he asked. "I haven't known you long, but you are the one I dreamed about all my life."

"Yes. .I love you." Divatox kissed him deeply, and the Spirit cleared her throat.

"Do you wish to be wed now?" she asked.

Divatox smiled. "As fast as possible!" She looked over to Azure. "Would you be matron of honor?"

Azure was taken by surprise, but there was only one answer. "I would be honored."

"Thank you."

The Spirit then began to speak. "Do you, Landros, take Diva to be your wife?"

Landros nodded. "I do."

"Do you, Diva, take Landros to be your husband?"

"I do."

The Spirit smiled. "Then by all that is Kalakian, I now pronounce you husband and wife." In a flash of light, a legal document of marriage appeared as the two kissed, and Azure smiled. The pain in her vanished as the future was secured.

But no sooner had it left than there were sounds of explosions outside, and the Spirit lifted her head. "Kalakan is under attack!"

"Let's go take care of it!" Divatox felt a wild desire to fight for something good for a change, for things that were green and growing.

"No, there's no reason to risk your child," Azure told her. "Landros and I will go. After all," she smiled, producing her morpher. "I'm from the future. I should fight to save the past."

Divatox nodded. "And when you're done, I have to go back there for a while. To apologize."

Azure agreed. There was no way that Aura would believe it, save by Divatox's own mouth! "Let's do this. Gold Ranger Power!"

"Amber Ranger Power!" For the first time, an Amber Ranger touched the soil of Kalakan, and Landros felt the power rising in him. This is my destiny. .this is my legacy.

Together, the Amber and Gold Rangers headed for the battle. Azure saw Galan, and headed for him, hoping to destroy him before he could cause too much trouble. "Who are you?" the evil one growled. Where was the beauty he had been searching for?

"I am the Gold Ranger." There was no way he was going to know her real name.

Galan snorted. "You're dead is what you are."

As the two of them fought, not that far away Landros and Darek were meeting in battle for the first time. "Time to meet your match, Darek!" the Amber Ranger declared.

"What sort of idiotic posturing is this?" the warlord growled. What did this fool thing he was doing? No one could stand up to him!

Landros smiled under his helmet. "The kind that protects his world."

"We shall see!" Darek declared. "What is your name, that I might know what to carve on your tombstone?"

"I am the Amber Ranger...first in my line."

Darek laughed. "And you are the last one too!"

"No, I am not." Landros leaped forward, and found in his hands the great axe he had forged the previous day. This is now the Axe Of Kalakan, the mightiest weapon of the Amber Ranger line, he felt the Spirit in his mind. Use it well, my champion.

Darek laughed. "You are a fool to think that could harm me!" He leaped forward, as Landros thrust the blade out quickly, inexpertly.

And Darek felt the bite of the enchanted metal slicing through his armor and into his heart. Slowly, he fell to the ground, his eyes wide and his blood staining the ground. Galan halted his fight with Azure, and turned to see the kill.

"Father!" he howled, staring at the enemy warrior. "No!"

Azure stared. I didn't think I'd see this happen, she thought. The setting of history. ..

"You. .." Galan glared at Landros, all thoughts of the vision he had seen the other day fading. "You killed my father."

"I didn't mean to," Landros whispered. Galan shook his head.

"I don't care," the warrior-wizard swore. "I will kill you. .and I will kill everyone descended from you, until there is nothing left! I will never forgive you for this, Amber Ranger, never! I swear on the blood of my father, I will destroy your entire line!"

He rushed at Landros, sword upraised. Azure moved quickly, knowing she had to save him, and screamed as the sword ripped through her own armor and bit into her shoulder. Galan growled, seeing his troops starting to fall back at the fall of his father. "You will pay, Amber Ranger. I will return, more powerful than ever. From this day on. .I am Galan. .the Amber Ranger Hunter!"

"As often as you return, I and mine shall defend our home," Landros swore. "Hunt us if you will, but we shall always return." Galan only laughed, then vanished. Azure smiled faintly, powering down and holding her shoulder.

"He is a pain in he butt," she said. And he's going to get a lot worse. Guess I couldn't mess with fate either.

Landros looked at her. "We need to bandage your shoulder. You saved my life, Azure. Thank you."

Azure smiled. "Least I could do. But I really need to go back to my time, with Diva. She has some good-byes to say."

His wife nodded quietly. "I will return, my love."

The first Amber Ranger hugged her gently. "You'd better. Or I will miss you too much. Return soon."

Divatox smiled, kissing him. "Let's go," she glanced at Azure, who nodded.

"What about Elgar?" She had seen him skulking in the bushes around the area while she was looking around.

Diva shrugged. "I'll send him back to inform the crew I'm staying, and for them to leave Earth at once."

"Okay," Azure nodded, heading down the road with her. "Let's get busy then."

* * *
It didn't take but a few moments for Divatox to scream at Elgar long enough to send him back, then she and Azure both teleported back to the future, and the Power Chamber. Azure fell to the ground the moment she got there. "We're back," she breathed, clutching her still untreated shoulder. "Is there a doctor anywhere?"

As the Spirit of New Kalakan healed her shoulder, the now-awake Aura stared. "You're back!" she smiled, then saw her sister's companion. "Ummmm.. ...."

"She's okay," Azure smiled. "She's leaving soon, to go back to her husband," Azure liked the way Aura's eyes were rounding. "Oh, and by the way, she's pregnant with the second Amber Ranger."

"Y. you mean. .she. . she's. .my. . ." The current Amber Ranger couldn't believe her eyes. Divatox said the word.


Aura fainted.

Azure giggled a little. "Why did I figure she'd do that?"

Adam blinked. "Are you sure? That she's. .. ."

His wife nodded quickly. "Elgar is on his way to Earth to inform her crew to hightail it off Earth. She didn't expect to fall in love with Landros. It seems they did it...and she's pregnant. She mostly came here to apologize...and as soon as Aura wakes up...she will!"

Aura was slowly starting to recover, and she looked at Divatox as she did. "Divatox. . .you're my ancestor???"

"Yes," the former pirate nodded. "And I am so sorry for all the pain that I've caused you and the Rangers." She glanced over to Azure. "Thanks to your sister talking some sense into me, I realized that I do truly love the first Amber Ranger, Landros. We were wed earlier today."

Aura blinked. "My first ancestor. You met him?"

As Azure nodded, Divatox displayed the wedding band on her hand. "It is time for me to go back. I miss him so much already. I just have to know one thing: forgiven?"

Aura smiled. "Yes. I can never hold a grudge against a member of the family." She went over and freely hugged her ancestress. Divatox smiled, hugging her back, then looked at her closely, noticing details she never had before.

"You have my facial structure," she said softly. Aura grinned.

"I guess a few genetics last across generations." She never had thought she'd like being compared to Divatox.

The ancestress of the Amber line smiled, waving to the others gathered there. "Farewell, Rangers. I must return to my husband."

"Good-bye," Aura smiled. "Grandmother."

"There are about thirty some greats before that," Divatox replied. Aura chuckled.

"Thirty-four, I do believe."

As Divatox vanished for the last time, Azure leaned against a console. "Time for some rest?"

"Definitely!" Aura chimed in. Adam smiled as he hugged Azure strongly.

"Let's hope it's a permanent one," he voiced the hope they always had when they had won.

Aura sighed deeply and gratefully, holding onto Billy. "It should be this time."

"I don't think there are that many evil villains who would dare to attack Earth."

Aura giggled. "They usually tend to end up dead!" Azure grinned.

"Or married!"

* * *
Divatox's old crew was getting ready to leave when a spout of fire suddenly turned into a cold-eyed and cold-hearted warrior in armor. "Where is my cousin?" Jameson, Pirate Lord, screamed. Rygog looked at him.

"She is in the past of Kalakan!" he told him. Jameson's eyes narrowed.

"And why is she there?"

Elgar peeped up, "She fell in love!"

"With who?" the pirate's voice was cold and frosty. Elgar stepped back carefully.

"With some guy, Landros, the first Amber Ranger. She told me she was never coming back."

Jameson growled. "I want a full report of the events." As Elgar reported, Jameson nodded slowly. "Well, Gold Ranger, you shall pay for taking my cousin from the darkness."

"You tell her, boss!" Elgar shouted, glad to have a real evil person back in charge. Jameson told them not to move the ship, he was going to be taking over. Rygog saluted.

"Yes, sir. What are your orders?"

The pirate smiled, twirling his sword in one hand. "The return. .of an old enemy."