Violet Storm
by : Kay Enasni and Cynthia

The Rangers all surrounded Amber and Billy. They had just announced their wonderful news about the engagement. Everyone seemed so happy for them, except Tommy. He was a little off to the side: looking very out of things.

"I wanna be the maid of honor!!!!" Andara yelled, practically bouncing in her chair. It was seldom anyone saw her this excited, but this had more than done it.

"That you will be, my dear friend. That you will be!" laughed Amber. "Just keep your rear in your seat, you have two months to wait."

Adam sighed happily. "It's going to be such a beautiful wedding."

Amber's visage suddenly became dark and grim. "A pity I wont be able to see it."

Andara got out of her chair, and placed a comforting hand on her best friend's, her sister's shoulder. "What really counts is what is in your heart. That is all that really matters. There wouldn't be a wedding at all if you two didn't love each other."

"Yes...I...I suppose you're right." Amber said, managing a tiny smile. Andara always seemed to know what to say to make her feel better.

"I love you, Amber. Whether you be blind, or crippled or anything of that nature. I will always love you. Remember that." Billy said softly, pulling her into his embrace. She began to laugh lightly, letting his words sink into her mind.

"I know, dear one, I know. Man, France was NOTHING like this!"

"I'm glad you moved then." Billy replied, purring into her ear. She shivered with delight; there was nothing she enjoyed more than being near him.

"This is getting mushy!" Adam exclaimed.

Grinning, Andara said. "I know!! I'm beginning to get ill!!"

Billy began to laugh uncontrollably. A sly grin slid onto Amber's face.

"I know what can make you ill..." she whispered mysteriously; she stood up and pushed her chair behind her. She felt her way over to an empty mat, and began to twist her body into a shape that only a contortionist would find possible.

"Weird!!" Adam yelled. That didn't quite cover the different ways Amber was twisting her body.

Andara's eyes widened as she remembered a memory from long ago. The first time when Amber had showed that to her. . . "Oh....oh...." she cried, clutched her stomach and raced towards the ladies room.

As soon as Amber was quite sure that her friend had rushed off, she removed herself from that position. As she did so, she grunted. "That always makes her sick."

Shaking his head, Billy said to her, "You two are a pair!!!"

"Didn't know I could do that...did ya?"

"No way!" he exclaimed, eyes wide.

"It's very easy," she told him, smiling.

Adam and Billy cocked their heads off to one side. So doing, they replied in unison. "Really?"

"For a contortionist," She said, giggling.

Unconsciously, Billy piped up. "So that's how you could do all of those moves last night!!" As soon as he realized what he was saying, he turned a bright shade of scarlet and hid his face in his hands, peeking out through his fingers at the others. Kat and Aisha were giving him the strangest looks, while all of the guys except for Tommy gave him a thumbs up sign.

Amber only mirrored his facial expression. "Well...yes." said she.

Much to her and Billy's relief, Andara managed to pry her head away from the toilet and come back to the table. "Amber...please don't do that!"

"Sorry. But don't mention the word 'ill' in my presence. You know that."

"I should have known you'd do that." Andara said. "After the last time."

"Yeah...I know..."

"It's been so long though."

Amber looked down at the floor and her face once more began to grow a bright red. "It hasn't been until recently when I started doing it again."

Aisha and Kat exchanged glances. "I think we know why." Aisha said, narrowing her eyes at Amber and Billy. She smiled, and Kat began to giggle. This only caused Billy and his fiancée to blush even more.

"That's none of your business." Amber whispered.

"Don't worry!" Andara said, giggling. "We won't pry anymore! Honest."

Billy reached up and pulled Amber onto his lap, holding her close to him, as if protecting her. "You'd better not!!"

"Those moves are very useful in that situation though." said Amber.

"Maybe you can teach me a few." Andara said, looking slyly at Adam through the corner of her eye. "To use on my loved one." Adam only turned away from the group, as he was turning as red as a beet.

"Eh..." Amber shrugged. "You probably have moves of your own."

At that, Andara became the fourth of the group to blush. "Well...." she trailed off. As she did so, she caught a glimpse of her beloved, and came to a decision. She wasn't going to wait for him to make the first move anymore! "Oh, Adam..." she breathed.

He peered up at her, a questioning look in his eyes. "Wha???" he asked. She grabbed onto his arm and jerked him up to a standing position.

"I want to show you some of my moves." she cooed. "Come on."

At that instant, Adam was pulled out of the Youth Center, as helpless as a puppy.

* * * The Violet Coin watched from the realm between the universes, waiting patiently for the one it chose to be ready. The time had nearly come; the Green and Violet Coins were twins, in some respects, and now that the Green Coin had bonded with its chosen, the Violet Coin needed to bond with the one of its choice. She had been harmed by evil, and that could not be tolerated. But all in good time.

* * * Andara grinned at her boyfriend, taunting and teasing him with her slow and graceful kung fu movements. She was taking this kata very slowly. Too slowly for Adam's taste. It was too seductive, too beautiful. Andara on the other hand was enjoying making him suffer. She knew what kind of mental agony she was causing him, and what kind of thoughts she was sending through his head. She'd wanted to do this almost since the moment she'd seen him. All she was waiting for was for him to take the initiative to do something about it.

Adam couldn't help but lick his lips. "" he whispered, as her movements became slower, and more graceful, more and more seductive. Then he leapt at her, and the rest...shall we history.

* * * Zedd was once more involved in looking down upon the Earth. Ever since those two girls had arrived, and one became the Green Ranger, he had barely been able to keep his attention away from them. For he knew, that at any moment, one or the other of them could very well destroy him. These two were as powerful a pair as any he had ever seen. Especially those without power. These two girls had been far more powerful than even the Power Rangers, even before Andara had become the Green Ranger, and now that she had the power...things were worse. Much worse.

His eyes were now locked on the two couples down on the Earth. If anyone was able to see the way his mouth looked underneath the metal grate, they would have seen a disgusting, twisted sneer. "That is so disgusting!" he yelled. The visor on his head began to glow red, and the room around him began to glow as well.

Rita could only sigh. "Why don't we just attack the blind girl?"

"Excellent!" Zedd clapped his hands together. "It's not like she can fight back!"

"Right! Why didn't I think of that!?" Rita rolled her eyes, using the most sarcastic tone she could manage. Zedd was totally dense at times. Perhaps it might have had something to do with the exposed brain...oh well.

"And one she's's only a matter of time until the rangers are destroyed!!!"

Rita managed a dull voice, "The first to fall will be her fiancé, the blue ranger, and her best friend, the green ranger." Zedd began to cackle. She continued. "Then the black ranger...then the red ranger....and the white ranger....and the pink...and the yellow...."

"Yes!! The world will be ours!"

The two of them began to laugh. The shrill tones of Rita Repulsa, and the deep tones of Lord Zedd, blending together as one, to echo across the lunar terrain, and somehow managed to make a slight sound in the vacuum of space.

* * * The time had arrived. All that was needed was the stimulus. She had to walk the world between life and death, and prove that she was worthy. The forces of evil would provide that stimulus, and in so doing, would arm the last of the Rangers to stand against them. So it had ever been, that from evil's thrust would the warriors of good rise to power. So it would ever be.

* * * The day was perfect. Many bright rays of sunshine poured through the branches of the tall, beautiful willow trees. Billy and Amber sat underneath one, the cool breeze blowing gently upon them. It was as beautiful a day as there ever would be; none could be anymore perfect.

Billy reached out and gently took hold of Amber's hand. He looked lovingly into her lovely, brown, sightless eyes. "The only thing wrong with today is that you can't see it." he said, frowning lightly.

Amber let out a tiny sigh and smiled. "I know...but it's so nice anyways." she unconsciously ran her hand along the bark of the beautiful tree that she was leaning against. Willow....that....that sounds...perfect. But...for what?

Billy once more pulled her into his warm embrace. "I love you, Amber." he whispered. The volume of his voice was only made so, because it seemed that if he spoke any louder, everything would shatter.

"I love you, Billy Cranston."

"I love you, Amber Douglas....Cranston!" he exclaimed, holding her tighter against him. At that instant, dozens upon dozens of Tengas appeared. Billy screamed and leapt to his feet. "Amber! Tengas!!"

The Tengas began to surround her, and Amber's arms flailed outwards, trying as hard as she could to fend them off. Not being able to see them, she was not doing to well, and they were soon overpowering her.

Looking around to make sure that no one was near, Billy ninja-morphed and began his attempt to plow the Tengas over. But to no avail. There were far too many of them for him to take them all on, and they soon had knocked Amber unconscious.

"Amber!!!" he yelled in agony, as he managed to see her body sprawled out upon the grass through a narrow opening between Tengas. He tried with all of his might to make it through them, tears streaming down his cheeks and soaking the hood of his ninja-outfit. And still yet, he was unable to reach her. He feared the worst, for by the time he could get to her, she could very well be dead.

* * * Amber's eyes flickered open to view the gorgeous array of clear blue sky above her. The scent of wildflowers crept up into her nostrils; she inhaled deeply, taking the essence in. A fluffy white cloud rolled across the sky as a gentle, early morning sun shone lazily down upon her, warming her face. There was a slight breeze; one that caused the long blades of grass to tickle her in the face. Everything was so beautiful; peace.

As she watched another cloud float by, trying to determine whether it's shape be a turtle, or a hair scrunchy, the reality of it all hit her. She could see! This came to shock her, and she shoved herself up on her elbows. Then she could tell where she was.

She lay in the middle of a field. A field...that was very familiar to her. Her mother and she used to ride wild horses all day in this field, before her mother had died. It was the most beautiful, wide and deserted field in all of France. The most perfect place in the world to ride upon horses, and spend time with your mother.

Then she remembered the Tenga fight. Oh my! thought she, I must've been killed! Oh no, poor Billy. I..oh my!

Do not fret, mademoiselle. You have not died.

Amber's eyes widened. She had not realized it until then, that there had been a lovely, chestnut colored mare standing in the field before her. But...was it there moments earlier when she had first looked? Amber could not be sure. But it was the horse...the horse was the one that was talking with her.

Bonjour, mademoiselle. I mean you no harm. I am here to help, you see.

"W...what is going on, h... horse?" she stammered, staring in disbelief at the talking mare, that was making it's way toward her.

Please, mademoiselle. Call me Simone, for it is my name. I am here, to assist you on your search for The Coin.

Amber looked questioningly upon Simone. "The Coin? What coin?"

The time has come, mademoiselle, for you to go against the trial that you were destined to go against at your birth. The Coin is a great power, and yours and yours alone. But it will be difficult to reach it. And that is why I am here.

"S'il vous plait, Simone. But I am afraid I do not understand."

All will be known in it's due time, mademoiselle. Now if you would be as kind as to climb up upon my back, and I will take you to your trail. Mind you, that I will not be able to come on the trial with you, for that would be cheating, and we must know that you are truly worthy of this power.

"Then I will try," Amber said, climbing to her feet. She made her way up onto the back of the mare, then took hold of the flowing black mane. "Take me to my trial, s'il vous plait."

Oui, mademoiselle. We are now on our way.

Simone broke out into a quick trot, heading in an easterly direction. Within a range of a half hour, they reached the edge of a wood. The trees did not exactly look very comforting to Amber, and she hesitated on sliding off of Simone's back.

"I don't like the looks of this..." she whispered.

The horse only perked up her ears and snorted. You must go within to find your trial. Then we shall know if you are truly the chosen one.

Amber gulped and faced the opening of the wood. "You can do this," she told herself. "You have been in worse a bind than this." and with that she entered. Simone looked after her.

Be careful, oh mother of mine. I do wish to be born, as do I wish that my older sister is born as well. Good luck, and God speed.

Amber hadn't realized the full intensity of the fear that the wood withheld until she entered it. She had always been slightly afraid of dark places, but dark places, with prowling night animals, and spiders, and the sounds of the evil things of nature; slithering and creeping about, did not help her at all. She now was very afraid, for the sounds were surrounding her. It seemed as if at any moment, that an animal, of any form, would spring upon her and kill her.

She moved very quickly through the wood, thankful that she had her vision so that she could be on the lookout for any animals that might want to make a meal out of her. This was her only comforting thought, for if she had been blind, she would have experienced the sounds so much more loudly, and if a creature did decide that Amber was it's next target, she would have had no way of knowing, and she would have been dead meat for sure.

After what seemed to be hours upon hours of trudging along, Amber heard a shrill cry, coming from the east of her. She spun around. wary that it could be an attacking animal. Then the cry came again, louder, and more urgent this time. sounded almost human. Like...perhaps, an infant. It was then that Amber decided that she would take her chances, and plowed off of the path and into a thicket nearby.

Once there, she found that her suspicions had been correct. Indeed it was a child. An infant, wrapped in the cloth of the most beautiful blue she had ever seen. The poor thing lay on the moist grass, bawling his little heart out. His tiny arms and legs flailed outwards, jerking and kicking. Amber's eyes scanned the surrounding area, searching for clues of who had left this child by himself. But there were none.

She walked up to the crying child. "Poor little baby." she cooed, hoisting him up into her arms. She patted his back gently, and stopped the freely flowing tears and the loud screams. "Who would be so cruel as to leave such a beautiful baby boy alone in a wood?"

And indeed he was beautiful. He had twinkling blue eyes and silky blondish brown hair. His skin was a creamy pale pink, and by now, his cries had turned into cheerful giggles and his pained scowl to the most adorable smile. Amber herself smiled. "That's right." She said. "No worries."

"Wa! Wa wa wa!" the baby giggled. He pointed behind them, in the direction for which Amber had just come, and the direction that her back was facing. "Ba! Ba ba ba!"

"Sorry, little one. I don't have a bottle with me. And there are some things that I just cannot do."

The baby's eyes became wide. His voice, and the thrashing of his arm became more urgent, more fierce. "BA! BA!"

There, from behind her, sounded a low, deep growl. Amber gasped and spun around, only to meet the gaze of the most gigantic bear she had ever seen. It's enormous paws slashed out, attempting to tear her to shreds. She jumped back, holding tightly onto the child.

" I going to do?" she gasped, seemingly to herself. "I....must...protect the child."

The bear snarled and leapt at her, and she barely managed to dodge it. It was then that she decided what she must do. It would be most wise to use herself to guard the child, and let the bear kill her. It would be the only way that the child would remain alive. It did not matter to Amber whether she lived or died; All that mattered was the life of the little one. And so, with that, she turned her back to the bear and shielded the baby with her body.

The baby kicked and wailed, and she prepared herself for the fatal blow that was about to come. She was ready to die for this child, no matter what. She shut her eyes tightly and whispered. "Please forgive me, Simone, Billy, Andara. I must do this, for I cannot live if there was a child killed in my arms."

Then, suddenly, there was a flash of brilliant violet light and the large paw that had been heading for the back of her neck disappeared; the snarling ceased. All that could be heard was the sharp cry of a bird in the distance, and the rustling of leaves and branches. Then, the child once more squirmed, and a tiny voice cried out.


Amber's eyes fluttered open and she stared dumbly at the child. "Huh?" she replied dully; her eyes became wide with instant shock. The child...he...was no longer an infant, but a toddler, about three years of age.

"Courage!!" he repeated, smiling up at her. The bear had disappeared, as if it had either run, or never existed. The flash came again, and the boy changed again as well. He was nearly 10 years old, and Amber noticed, that his features were strangely familiar. She could no longer hold him, so she let him stand on his own. He looked up at her.

"Intelligence!!" he said. Then, before he or Amber could say anything, he had transformed again. Now he was 14...and Amber knew that she had seen this boy before.

"Loyalty!!" he said. His voice was much deeper now, and Amber knew she had heard one like it before. Then once more, and for the last time, the flash came again.

Amber's eyes became wide. Yes...she DEFINATELY knew this boy...but...he was now a man. A man that Amber loved more than any other in the entire world. It was Billy that stood there. He smiled at her, holding his hand out. There, in his palm, lay a shining gold coin. It had the figure of a horse upon it, and he gestured it towards her.

"Love." he said.

Amber, shocked as she was, smiled and took the coin into her own hand. There came a sudden rush of warmth running through her. A wonderful sensation; one she had never quite felt before. The Power...the love...the intelligence...the courage...and the loyalty...ALL within her. And with that, Billy took her into his arm and placed a heart melting kiss upon her lips.

Then...all faded once more.

* * * There were three different points of view from which the next few moments occurred.

There was Amber's view. As she awoke, she found herself lying on the ground, her eyes wide open and she could see the faces of all of the Tengas that hovered over her. It was a wonder to her, that she could see at all. The bright violet light shone once more. It shone so bright, that the Tengas were forced to cover their eyes and jump back, cawing their little heads off. Amber leapt to her feet, cackling. She then lashed out against her attackers, kicking tailfeather left and right. The Tengas soon dispersed, running back home to Rita and Zedd.

There was also Billy's point of view. He stood outside of the circle or Tengas, calling out Amber's name as the flash came. It made him jump back as well, but he did not have to cover his eyes. He saw, when a violet clad form jumped to her feet and began to fight with the Tengas. He could only stand there, staring with his eyes wide and his jaw dropped, until the Tengas had gone.

Then, finally, there was the view of the Tengas. This one should be the most easy to explain. They had been kicking a limp body around, till this god awful light showed up and practically blinded them. And after that, the next thing they knew, they had been forced to leave the premises because, had they stayed a moment longer, they would have been roasted Tengas under the hand of this weird, Violet Ranger.

And after that, there were only two. Billy demorphed out of his ninja wear; his eyes were still wide with shock. "Amber???" he asked. There was a strain of worry in his voice as he looked at the new Ranger.

Letting out a short laugh, the Violet Ranger waved to her fiancé. "Hi there, handsome." she cocked her head, as if looking at something. Billy felt that to be impossible, for in his mind he knew that she was blind. It was then that she said, "You really need to fix your hair!"

He reached his hands up to smooth his rumpled hair. "Well...I've been bu....what a second!! You can see!!!"

Demorphing herself, Amber let out a cry of joy. "Yes!! I can see!!"

"And you're a ranger!" he stated. He began to smile, tears of happiness welling up in his eyes.

Amber nodded. "That, I am." she replied. "The Violet Ranger. At your service."

Billy gathered her into his arms and held her closely to him. "Oh, no one is gonna believe this!"

She began to bounce around like a person who had just ingested large amounts of caffeine. "YAY!!!"

"Amber....I take you are happy!" said he, laughing.

"I can see! I can see!!"

"I can tell!"

"I can seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!"

Billy kissed her on the cheek. "Why don't we go tell the others?" he asked. "They are definitely going to want to know the good news!"

Amber squealed suddenly, and a sly grin slid across her face. "Ohh! I just had the most wicked idea!"

"Do tell!" he laughed.

Her grin became wider, and she placed her hands behind his neck. "Why, my darling....I'll pretend that I am still blind. While doing so, I will casually mention things, kinda like I did to you, about your hair."

"You're viscous!" he said, letting out a childish giggle. "Let's go! I can't wait to see this!"

Then, they headed off for the Youth Center, hand in hand, laughing.

* * * Andara sat on her stood, smiling at Adam. They had made it back to the Youth Center only minutes earlier, and they both were tired. She stretched, letting out a tiny yawn. "Tired, dear?" she asked.

Smiling wearily, Adam replied. "Yep."

"I must not have done a good enough job!" she exclaimed, grinning. "You're still awake!"

"Just barely!" he said. He laid his head down on the counter and yawned. "You did the most excellent job ever. So excellent...that I think I'm going to take a nap RIGHT here." He looked up at Andara, and smiled back at her as she looked lovingly down on him. Then, just as his eyes began to droop, he spied Amber and Billy coming in. Andara glanced over and waved at them.

"Hi, Amber! Hi, Billy!"

The other rangers came over and took seats in some stools. They too said their greetings to Amber and Billy. They had been very nice to Amber since she had lost her sight, always helping her with things that she could not do on her own. Sometimes it annoyed her. Of course, it would annoy anyone who wanted to do things on their own, and were unable. Rocky had helped her out most of all, by telling jokes and such. "Laughter," he had said, "Doth make the world go round."

Billy waved to them, and Amber said. "Hey Andara!" she looked over at Adam, who had not lifted his head up to greet her. "Man, Adam. Are you tired?"

Not noticing the statement she had made, Adam managed to nod. "Yep. Sure am."

"I wore him out," Andara stated. "Showed him a few new moves."

Billy shook his head, grinning. "I don't even want to know!"

Kat laughed, "None of us did, but they went into all of the gory details!"

Adam's head shot up. "Who said it was gory!?"

Tommy sighed and walked off, scowling. She gets all the luck. She and Adam are a permanent item, and Kim's all the way in Florida. What else is going to go right for her? And wrong for me?

Aisha turned to look at the White Ranger. "I think he would," she said quietly. "I wonder what is wrong with Tommy."

Amber tried to turn their attention away from Tommy. "Maybe he hasn't slept well lately." she said. "By the look on Andara and Adam's faces, I'd say it wasn't all that gory. They look like they had a good time!"

Andara nodded a little, then her eyes became wide. "Wait...Amber...did you say 'by the look'????"

"You look so shocked to hear me say that. I would close your mouth if I were you. I don't think you'd like to swallow a fly."

Andara began to stutter. " can s...see!?!?"

Amber shrugged. "Yeah. . .so???"

The mouths of all of the rangers, except Billy and Tommy instantly dropped open, and they all chorused, "How!?!?!?"

Rocky and Andara jumped out of their stools and pulled her into a hug. Their grip was so tight, that her breathing became slightly labored. "You tell them, Billy." she said as she smiled and pried the four arms off of her body.

Billy told them all that he knew, in a hushed voice so that no one could hear. He had a broad smile on his face, one that had not been seen ever since Amber had lost her sight. And now she could see again...and...she was a Ranger.

Andara looked around and whispered. "You're a Ranger!?"

"YEP! And I can see too!"

Andara once more pulled Amber into a hug. "This is so great!!!"

"Isn't it!?"

Rocky came over as well. "Like, totally!"

Amber laughed. "Like....for sure!"

All of them laughed, overjoyed for Amber. It was then, after they had managed to calm themselves, Billy said. "I'm SO glad....but...I'm still wondering what happened."

"Oh!" Amber said. "I know what happened. It's very confusing to me...I'd rather not explain it...until I fully understand it myself. But...I think the coin was...thinking. Like it was alive."

Andara reached into her back pocket, and pulled out her own coin. "I didn't think these things could think!!"

"Yours does, mine does." Amber said simply.

Aisha too, looked at hers. "I'm beginning to wonder if ours do." she said.

"I'm not really sure." Amber said.

Andara looked at Amber, smiling. "But the most important thing is, that you can see again!"


It took the rangers many hours before they finally managed to get Amber to calm down. No one ever imagined that someone could ever be that hyper without major dosage of Surge.

* * * "This can't be happening!! Another Ranger, and she has her sight back! This is too much!!!" Zedd yelled. His voice rang so loudly, that Rita was quite sure that she would have permanently damaged hearing.

She screamed out, partly for the sake of her ears, and partly for the same reason as Zedd. "AHHHHHH!!!!"

"We must destroy those rangers! But now their numbers have increased. But we will destroy them...we have to!!!"

Rita peered down at the earth, and spotted Tommy at home. She smiled slowly as she watched what he was doing.

* * * "I can't believe this!" Tommy growled as he threw dart after dart at the picture of Andara he'd pinned to his dartboard. He'd never thought he'd hate another Power Ranger, but he did. "She can't lose her powers! She has a boyfriend. . .no, a lover! What does Adam see in her; she's nothing but a power-stealing. . .," Tommy's language deteriorated into the vilest insults he could come up with. "I've got to do something about her; I can't just let her sit there and be the Green Ranger I couldn't be!"

Tommy sighed suddenly, and stopped throwing the darts. "What am I saying? It's not her fault Rita picked the wrong person to be the Green Ranger. If Rita had picked her originally, the world could have been destroyed by now. Maybe. I don't know."

He glanced at the picture; one dart rested perfectly between Andara's eyes. He still couldn't get that tinge of jealousy out of his heart, though, as much as he tried to reason with himself. He sat down on his bed, staring at the picture of Kim next to it. "I miss you, Kim."

He drifted off into a dream about his long-distance girlfriend, but soon was caught in the throes of a green nightmare.

* * * There is green!! GREEN EVERYWHERE!! I HATE GREEN!! The smoke, the ground...the sky! It's all green!!

"Oh, Tommy." I hear. It is Andara, and she is headed towards me. I cannot help but growl. I hate her, more than I have ever hated anyone.

She is wearing her ranger costume, and has her helmet in her arms. Her eyes are glowing green, and there is an evil sneer on her face.

I will wipe that sneer off with my fist if I have to.

No woman tries to intimidate me, especially with something that SHOULD be mine.

"Prepare to die." she says. "Because you are nothing but a failure."

"I am not," I say. "I am an accomplished leader of the Power Rangers. You have stolen what is rightfully mine."

"I think not." she laughs. "You are not a good leader. The GREEN ranger is to be the leader.'re not GREEN anymore are you... You couldn't keep the power, could you!?"

"I am the White Ranger, and I've done my very best to be a good leader." I say, walking up to her. It would not make the slightest difference to me if I were to do her in now. Just a simple little snap of the neck, and the Green Ranger will be no more. Then...she won't be able to torture me anymore. She wont taunt me with being a perfect little green ranger, that cannot lose her powers. She cannot lose her powers...but she can lose her life.

What she says next tempts me to morph and bring Saba down hard upon her skull. "Just face the facts, Tommy. You are a failure. You were unable to keep this power, and I can NEVER lose it. You are a lost cause. Just remember that." She takes out her dragon dagger and laughs, then charges at me.

I can feel the blade as it enters myself.

And soon, I find myself waking up, screaming.

* * * "Imagine this, Zeddy!" Rita laughed as she observed Tommy's nightmare. "That brat of a leader, Tommy, is jealous of the most annoying Green Ranger! We could definitely do something with that!"

"Excellent," Zedd nearly purred, rubbing his metal fingertips together. "It's about time he became useful to us! I will amplify and focus his jealousy until he is ready to KILL!!!!"

Rita laughed, and looked back down to Earth. Tommy was climbing back into bed, after staring out of his window for a few minutes, once he'd woken up from his nightmare. Rita stated, nearly to herself, "Start it when he is sleeping."

"He won't be able to resist it. And when the time is right...he will kill...the Green Ranger!"

* * * Andara ran the brush through Amber's long blond hair. "You're the world's most beautiful bride, Amber!!!!"

"I am not!" she protested. "Look at those tangle's you're pulling out of my hair." She then decided to bring the subject off of herself. "Did you know, that my father flew in all the way from France, just to see my wedding!" Both Amber's and Andara's mind's wandered back to the time that Amber moved in with Andara. Her father had to move back to France, and Amber had wished to remain with Andara. She and Andara had lived with Andara's guardian until they had moved to Angel Grove. She had not seen her father since he had left when she was twelve.

"Wow!!! That's wonderful!"

"He is here." Amber said, smiling.

"I'm so happy for you. I know how much that you missed him all of these years. You and he were very close up until then."

"I cannot believe this," Amber cooed. "This is so wonderful! My entire life....with Billy."

Andara sighed a little, and a light frown crossed her face. "Yes...wonderful" she whispered.

"Adam is going to ask you soon! I know it!"

Andara raised an eyebrow. "Really? You think so?"

"I KNOW so!" she replied. She was putting on the veil, smiling.

"If he does," Andara said, smiling. "I know what I would say!"

"How about something along the lines of 'WAHOOOOOOO!!!!'?"

Andara blushed deeply. "Yeah...something like that. You know me too well, Amber!" She began to work on her own hair. When she lifted it up to reveal her neck, Amber saw the scar. Andara noticed this and quickly covered it up with her flowing red hair.

"Man...." Amber breathed. "That scar. I am SO glad that your uncle is dead!"

She nodded at her best friend. "Adam knows, by the way."

Amber squinted her eyes. "When did you tell him."

"That...night you and Billy were kissing in the apartment, and I left. I went to Adam's place, and I was messing with my hair, and he saw it. He wouldn't let up until I told him how I got it."

"He's stubborn, isn't he?"

Smiling, she sighed happily. "Yeah. That's why I love him."

"Yeah!" Amber giggled and smoothed the folds of her skirt. "I know!"

Andara finished with her own hair and gown. "All's time."

"Wish me luck!"

Andara pulled her best friend into her arms. "All the luck and love in the world, Amber. I'm going to miss you in the apartment."

Amber pulled away a little. "I will visit!! OFTEN!"

"You'd better!!!"

"PROMISE." said Amber, suddenly, the tones of organ music ran through the room. Andara pulled away. "'s time for the maid of honor to go out! Then it's YOUR turn!"

Amber smiled. "Then let's go!"

Andara left, and within a minute, the music changed, and Amber's father walked her down the aisle. The fragrant smell of red roses encircled them, and Billy's mother was already bawling. There was white everywhere, and the clear sunlight shone through the skylight.

The priest picked up a large book and walked over to the podium. "We are gathered here today, to celebrate the wedding of William 'Billy' James Cranston, and Amber Nicole Douglas. If there is anyone here who objects, let them speak now, or forever hold their peace..."

There was silence, to the relief of Billy and Amber.

"Billy. Do you take Amber to be your lawfully wedded wife. for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to have and to hold, as long as you both shall live?"

"I do." Billy said, holding onto Amber's hands. They were cold, and shaking, and sweaty, but his words were firm, and full of love.

The priest turned to Amber. "Amber, do you take Billy to be your lawfully wedded husband, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, to have and to hold, as long as you both shall live?"

"With all of my heart and soul," she said. "I do."

"By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Billy lifted the veil up over Amber's head, and kissed her. As she kissed back, she felt nothing but love and happiness. One that she felt would last forever.

Andara was smiling as she watched, a tear in her eye. "My best friend...married!" She nearly jumped when Adam took hold of her hands, but then turned to him, smiling. "I'm so glad they're happy together."

"And they'll stay that way." he said. "And hopefully...we....will be too." He dropped out of the pew and onto one knee, still holding her hands. He pulled a little box out of his pocket, opened it, and held the beautiful gold and emerald ring up to her. "Will you marry me, Andara Collins?"

She immediately turned several different shades of red. "Wh-what?"

He looked into her eyes. "Will you marry me?"


He pulled her down into his arms, smiling widely, and Andara pulled him into a passionate kiss. After it ended, Adam said. "We'll have to wait till after this wedding to do that...Ms. Collins...soon to be Mrs. Park!!"

She blushed again and giggled. "Oh Adam! I love you so much!"

"I love you too!!"

Aisha had been watching them from the pew behind. She cleared her throat loudly. "Ahem! Is there anything you two would like to tell us!?"

Adam yelled happily. "We're engaged!!"

"Really!?" Billy asked.

"YES!!" Andara said, holding onto her fiancé.

"Congratulations!" Amber cried, smiling at them. Andara left Adam, and hugged Amber tightly.

"Oh, Amber! You were right!!"

"You know how to call them!" Rocky called. He had the most gigantic grin on his face.

"I don't know who is happier, today, Amber. Me or you."

Amber smiled. "Me!"

Billy laughed. "I should hope so!"

"It's an open question!" Andara giggled.

Amber smiled. "So....let's go on our honeymoon to Aruba, Mr. Cranston!"

Billy picked Amber up. "We're on our way, MRS. Cranston!" he said happily. "Bye everyone! We'll be back....maybe!!"

Everyone yelled their good-byes...and the two newlyweds went off on their honeymoon. It seemed as if the storms had calmed. That is, until Tommy walked by.

Andara cocked her head. "Tommy, is something the matter?"

Tommy spun around. There were large bags under his eyes, and as he looked at her, his eyes narrowed. "Nothing." he growled. "I'm PERFECTLY fine."

"You look really tired," she said, "Like you haven't been able to sleep."

"I said I'm fine!!!" he yelled, and ran out. Andara was taken totally aback. Thunder could be heard once more.

* * * "This plan is going to work! I know it this time!" Zedd laughed, dancing around.

"What a brilliant idea it was too!" Rita said, clapping her hands together.

"YES! Soon the Green ranger will be the WHITE RANGER!"


"What a wonderful plan this is! I'm SO glad that I thought of it!"

Rita stopped dancing. There was a dumbfounded look on her face. "Yeah! Wait....YOU thought of it!?"

"Yes I did!" He yelled.

"Oh....OK." she said, sounding QUITE confused. It was true. This plan was absolutely flawless. The lighting had struck.

Rita walked over to Finster's lab. "Hey...Zeddy....Finster has our sons ready." she said, looking at the testtubes in the rack.

"Sons..." whispered Zedd. He laid his hand on Rita's shoulder.

"Oh, Zeddy." She sighed happily.

"We're going to be parents!"

"And they'll grow up so quick!" she smiled wickedly. "Heirs to the Empire!"

Zedd nodded. "The perfect sons! And servants!"

"Yeah!" Rita began to cackle evilly.

"Perhaps we can even use them to destroy the Rangers!"

"Then we would finally win!"

Zedd put his hands on his hips. "Was there ever a doubt?" he asked, laughing.

"Nope! Never!"

"Watch out, Rangers! Amal and Lotos are on their way!"

* * * It had been nearly a month since Amber and Billy had departed for Aruba, and everyone was delighted to see them when they entered the Youth Center, arm in arm.

"AMBER!" Andara yelled. They all ran to the married couple, firing questions. Amber and Billy answered them all, smiling, until the last question.

"So, Amber. When do you think the first child will be born!?" Kat asked, smiling. She had only been joking, and her smile faded as Amber's face hardened, and became sad and serious.

"There won't be one." she said softly, looking down at the ground. Billy put his arm around her shoulder comfortingly. "I can't have children."

"I'm so sorry," Kat apologized. "I didn't know."

Amber held up her hand. "No need to apologize." she said. "I didn't know myself...until yesterday. But we may have a child. Billy and I have considered adopting."

"That's great!" Adam said. "You guys deserve a kid."

"How were things while we were gone?" Billy asked.

Rocky looked around. "EXTREMELY quiet on the Rita and Zedd front. They might be planning something big.

"Well, nothing we can't handle." Amber said, holding out her hand, each of the others placed their hands, one on top of the other, over hers. "Because we're..."

"The Power Rangers!" They whispered. They were glad that no one had heard.

And so, the sun set on one storm....only ready to dawn on a new. The lighting with flash, and the thunder will crash once more.