Legal Disclaimer: We can sing it all together, can't we? The Rangers are Saban's...except for the things we made, everything here is! Warning, warning: things get really intense from here on out!

Tortured Souls
by: Cynthia and Elizabeth

The lunar palace was a dark and forbidding place, with no hint of joy or laughter or love anywhere, at least nothing geared towards good. There was plenty of mocking and hate and cunning there, however. Two specimens of that were standing on the balcony, staring down at the Earth. "Those Rangers have won enough times. It is time for their downfall!" Rita and Zedd were more than through playing around.

"And I know how!" Zedd declared. Rita looked at her husband.

"What do you have in mind?"

He smiled coldly, then displayed two pairs of silver manacles and one strong oaken wood. "This." He began to explain the idea he'd had, and as the plan came clearer, Rita smiled.

"Oh, this is going to be so easy!" she declared. Zedd nodded his agreement. It had been worth the time he'd put into that plan.

"But first, to get the Rose Ranger."

Rita shrugged. "That shouldn't be too hard. Take her while she sleeps."

"Perfect!" Zedd declared. Rita was just so perfect of a wife for him! "Finster!"

The little dog-like creature popped up. He had once harbored a touch of sympathy for the Rangers, but no longer. He would do anything he had to, or wanted to, to them. "Yes, sire?"

"Your little lab rat is coming back. For more tests!" Zedd laughed, and Finster rubbed his hands together evilly.

"I never did finish everything I wanted to do to her!" he declared. He had a very long list of things that he was planning out for Elissa. A werewolf's biology was just so different from a human, he could do a thousand different things, and enjoy each and everyone of them.

Zedd nodded. "Now you can. .and much much more!"

* * *
It had been about a week since Evanthe and Elissa had told their husbands of how they had met, and things seemed very peaceful. Rita and Zedd had sent down the occasional monster, and the Rangers had quite easily defeated them all. Now, late that night, two of them were indulging in something very sweet to them.

"It gets better every time!" Elissa grinned as she and Adam cuddled together.

"Indeed it does."

Elissa grinned. "I need to exercise more!" she declared as she nuzzled his neck. "You wore me out!"

"Well, I'm very exhausted from what you did!" Adam giggled as he kissed her.

His wife smiled. "Then let's sleep. There are times when I wonder if I'm getting too old for this."

Adam laughed. "You've got to be kidding!"

"What?" Elissa looked at him with wide eyes. "I'm over a hundred years old! I'm old!"

"You don't look a day over seventeen to me!"

Elissa kissed him eagerly. "I love you, Adam Park. And I'm glad to see you back to your old self again!" They kissed each other deeply, then she looked at him. "Wanna do it again? I'm off tomorrow!"

"Sure!" his agreement was enthusiastic, and physical as his hands drifted across her.

"My turn to lead, though," Elissa wrapped Adam in her arms. "Nice and slowly."

Adam nodded as he kissed her. "Sure." That was the last thing either of them said for quite a while, ending with them both falling into a deep exhausted, sated, sleep. A faint glimmer of golden light failed to awaken them, nor did the silent approach of Goldar. Quietly he slipped a pair of silver manacles onto Elissa's wrists, waiting for what he knew would come next.

Elissa's eyes flew open, and she uttered a small scream of agony at the silvery pain shooting through her arms. Goldar growled, his sword at Adam's throat. "Shut up, or I kill your husband right now!" She fell silent at once as he pulled her out of the bed and closer to him. "Time to go!"

As they teleported away, Adam woke up just in time to see Elissa in Goldar's grip. "Stop!" he sat up, reaching out for them too late. He heard Elissa's mental voice clearly.

Adam, they have me in silver manacles!

Those. . .he bit back on the words he wanted to call them, knowing Elissa didn't need to hear that.

I love you, Adam!

I love you!

Get the others. Hurry, these things are burning my wrists!

On the way!

* * *
Elissa struggled as much as she could in the manacles, trying to get them off her wrists. She flinched back as Zedd strode over to her, standing tall and looming. "Welcome back, Rose Ranger."

"I don't want to be here!" she shouted.

Rita snorted. "Well, we want you here. And so does an old friend of yours!"

The captive Ranger backed away quickly as Finster came up, her eyes going very wide. There were few beings she feared more than this monster. "Leave me alone!"

"Oh, no! I've got quite a few plans for you, werewolf!" he laughed. "Goldar, bring her to my lab."

As the monster slung her across his shoulder, Elissa mentally shrieked as loudly as she could, No! Adam, help me!

Elissa, what are they doing to you? Where are you?

"Come along now!" Finster headed for his lab, with Goldar trotting along behind him. His mind churned with various ways to do the things he wanted to do to her.

Finster. ..not again!

We'll be there in just a few minutes.


Elissa flinched as Goldar threw her onto the lab table and shackled her down with more bonds of silver. She turned her head a little as she heard a strange sound, and saw Finster pulling a tray of surgical instruments over to her. "Now, where did we leave off last time?"

As her scream of pain and fear echoed, it was drowned out by the dark laughter of her enemies, and Finster drew closer to her, one of the tools gleaming in the dim light. He was going to enjoy this.

* * *
Adam paced back and forth in the Command Center, worry evident in every inch of his body. "They'd better not do what they did last time."

"Come on, Alpha, how long is it going to take you to get the co ordinates? We need to get up there!" Evanthe practically glared at the small robot.

Alpha looked at the vampiric Ranger. "I am working as fast as I can. Adam, did she say where she was being held?"

"Finster's lab."

Alpha nodded as he went back to the controls. "That might make it a bit easier."

Evanthe was pacing back forth, her fangs blatantly showing, which indicated the depths of her anger. Billy stepped in front of her, holding her quickly. "Evanthe, we will get her back." The fear in his eyes at her anger and for what they could be doing to Elissa was evident.

"I am going to tear them to pieces, slowly." her voice was calm and firm. Billy nodded.

"You'll have your chance. But first, let's get her out of there before they do anything to her." Her husband promised her.

Evanthe sighed. "If they've so much as dirtied her hair, they're confetti!"

"Um, Evanthe. .." Adam sighed tearfully. At her glance, he told her, "They have her chained up in silver and she's screaming."

The Purple Ranger's eyes went utterly flat. "They're worse than confetti." All the emotion had drained out of her voice. "They're history."

"Haven't we been through enough recently?" Adam broke down, falling to his knees and sobbing into his hands. Just when they thought things were finally going to calm down, this had to go and happen! Evanthe came over to her friend.

"Adam, we will get her back, and they will never bother her or you again." her words went unheard as Adam simply cried, and Evanthe turned to look back at Alpha. "Well?"

The robot looked back at her. "I found her, but now I'm trying to knock through their defenses!"

"Hurry, please!" As Adam cried, trying not to feel the horrible things that they were doing to his wife, Evanthe paced up and down fast enough to wear holes in the floor. Both of them were shocked out of their near-stupor by Zedd's harsh voice.

"Hello, Rangers!"

Evanthe whirled to face the Viewing Globe, her fangs out and her eyes glowing a brilliant shade of red. "Let her go!"

Zedd's answer was to the point. "You and her husband must surrender to me, then." The reply Evanthe gave him was a detailed lift of every foul name she'd learned in the past six centuries, and that was fairly impressive. Zedd shrugged it all off. "You have one hour."

He faded from the globe as Evanthe turned back to the others, just in time to see Adam rocking back and forth, screaming in horror in reflected agony from Elissa. Evanthe's eyes went like ice. "Alpha, get us through their defenses now." She had no intentions of attacking unless she was attacked first...but this qualified as an attack for her, and for all of them.

"One more layer."

Adam stood up. "I'm going with you."

Evanthe shrugged, not feeling like arguing. "Fine." Both of them looked up as Alpha declared he'd finally punched through the last of the shields around the palace.

"Let's do it." Adam declared. "It's morphin' time! Black Ranger Power!"

"Purple Ranger Power!"

* * *
Elissa screamed in agony at the evil touch of Zedd, and Rita cackled. "Oh, this is so much fun!" she couldn't remember when she'd had so much entertainment!

Zedd nodded as his hands caressed areas that only Adam should ever touch on Elissa, enjoying her protests and her struggles. "Very much so!"

"The Black and Purple Rangers will soon be ours to torment forever!"

"Leave Adam and Evanthe alone!" Elissa screamed as loudly as she could. "Do what you must to me, but leave them alone!"

Oh, no!" Rita declared. "They've both caused us trouble and are both going to pay for it!" All the Rangers would pay in time, but these three would be the first.

Elissa glared at Rita. "You tried to rape my husband!"

"Yeah, so? Rita smiled as Finster injected something into Elissa that made her scream loudly, then turned to Zedd. "We already have plans for the Black Ranger, but what of the Purple one? Something...nasty?"

Zedd considered for a moment. "Is it not the Night of the Dead?"

"Why.. .I believe it is, Zeddy!" Rita laughed. The Night of the Dead, the one night of the year when any spirit of evil could be brought back to life for at least a short period of time. IT was the perfect revenge on their purple-clad foe.

"Then shall we bring back Sophie and Girard?" Zedd declared. There were no others that would terrify Evanthe worse.

"Excellent!" Rita laughed as Elissa cried her heart and soul out. me, please!

We're on the way!

Keep Evanthe away.

Are you kidding? Do you know what she'd do to me if I tried that?

They're bringing back Sophie and Girard somehow! Elissa winced at what Adam's mind said next, then something drew her attention away. Oh, no...Adam, he just injected me with something else!

We're on the moon already. Heading your way!

* * *
Adam paused briefly. "Damn." He did not like what it was he had just heard.

"Let's go!" Evanthe growled from next to him. She was still moving ahead of him, not letting anything slow her down. He hated to tell her this. ..but if she didn't know..

"Evanthe, they can somehow bring back Sophie and Girard." She stopped in her tracks, fear evident in her face as he caught up with her. "That's what Elissa told me, before Finster injected her with something."

Evanthe growled, her eyes flashing. "They might have just told her that to scare me. They know you two can hear each other, and they know that you would tell me something like that." She started back down the hallway, heading directly for Finster's lab. She'd been in there enough times to know just about the entire layout of the place.

Her eyes glowed even darker as she saw Elissa laying on the lab table, clad only in silver manacles, and unconscious. "Guard my back," she growled to Adam s she rushed over and started to pull at the chains. That's the flaw in fighting against a werewolf and a vampire. I can take apart what she can't, she can take apart what I can't.

Elissa's eyes fluttered open a little, and tried to focus on her. "G..get out. .."

"Not without you."

Elissa shook her head. "Trap." Evanthe had one manacle almost off by now. "They burn..."

"That's going to stop soon." Evanthe ripped the manacle off and threw it quickly into a corner. She stiffened suddenly at a tap on her shoulder and the strong scent of Goldar in her nostrils.

"I don't think you want to do that."

Evanthe didn't look behind her, but she did slam an elbow into his armored stomach with all the power she had. While she was distracted, Rito slapped a manacle of wood on one of her wrists. "I think you shoulda listened to him!" Evanthe howled in pain at the wood as splinters stuck into her skin. She could see Adam now, semi-conscious and with his own pair of manacles on. She cursed herself for demorphing when she'd seen Elissa; that would have protected her, at least! She watched, unable to stop Rito from fastening the other one on her, rendering her immobile, then putting Elissa's back on.

"Let us go!" she demanded, wiggling in her cuffs. Technically she could break out of these, but the wood was burning like fire into her wrists, preventing her from doing much.

Zedd laughed, emerging with Rita and Finster from the darkness. "Sorry. Finster has so much more he has to do on little Elissa here!"

"You will all pay for this!" Evanthe declared, struggling in her cuffs.

"We shall have a little surprise for you later, but first..let us see if she can bear another child!" Zedd laughed. "Finster, she is all yours."

Finster grinned coldly. "My pleasure, my lord."

"Touch her, and your head and my fangs are going to meet!"

Elissa screamed out Adam's name as Finster started doing things to her that were vile beyond description. Adam's eyes flew open and her name echoed off his lips, struggling as hard as he could to get out of his manacles. Zedd chuckled. "I wouldn't do that, Black Ranger. Those are pure silver manacles."

Evanthe's eyes burned with fire as she struggled, more than willing to risk death by wood to stop them from doing what they were doing. Goldar chuckled, then gestured to someone outside the door. Her jaw dropped in shock as two of her living nightmares entered the room: Sophie and Girard.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't our child!" Sophie mocked her coldly. Evanthe screamed loudly, and both of them chuckled. "I think she did!"

Adam's eyes slipped over to the vampiric trio. "Get away from her!"

"Stay out of this, wolf. This is a family matter." he hissed. Evanthe shuddered. "You can't control me anymore!" Evanthe tried to be brave, but

Sophie only smiled, in such a fashion that all her courage drained away. Why did we come up here like this...we should've brought the others...

Sophie grinned. "There is a way."

"That brings back such good memories!" Girard chuckled, and Sophie smiled coldly.

"Before the night is through, you will be ours again!" she promised Evanthe. Girard nodded, adding, "And this time, there is no going back for you."

Evanthe's scream was easily audible on Earth.

"But first, Rita has a gift for that stupid dog over there," she gestured to Adam, as Rita shuffled over there with a glint in her eyes.

"Indeed I do." she chuckled. "It is so nice to have you back here, pet!"

Adam's eyes went wide. "Leave me alone!" those three words were very popular it seemed.

Rita chuckled. "I don't think so. she ran a hand through his thick hair, and laughed when he curled up. "Why. .don't you like me?" she jerked his head around enough to give him a harsh kiss.

Elissa, I love you.. he repeated it over and over as Rita began to do things to him that mirrored what Finster was doing to Elissa. Evanthe's eyes burned with hate as she saw/sensed Elissa going catatonic.

"I am going to kill you all," she promised. "Slowly, and with great attention to detail."

No one paid any attention to her, however, as Rita turned to look at her husband. "Zedd, can I keep him as my pet?"

Zedd considered. "He's rather noisy." Adam was screaming at the top of his lungs. "Is he housebroken?"

"He better be!" Rita laughed. "He's fun!"

Zedd chuckled. "Oh, very well. But keep him out of the throne room!"

"Goldar, bring him to my private chambers. I'm going to have some fun!"

The monster threw Adam over one shoulder. "Yes, my queen!"

I'll help you, Elissa. I promise. Adam murmured to her. There was no response as Goldar dragged him away. Evanthe growled.

"That's something else I've got to kill you for, Rita!"

Zedd smiled coldly. "Let us leave these two for now."

"Oh, yes!" Rita laughed. "I'm going to go have fun with my new pet!"

Adam screamed loudly as he was carried away, and Evanthe shouted after them to leave him alone. Evanthe and Elissa, both manacled and unable to move, were left alone, with Adam's screams slowly fading away as he was carried out of sight. Evanthe sighed, looking at her friend. "Elissa."

"Adam..." the werewolf whispered. There was a wealth of agony and pain in that sound, and Evanthe's heart sank at the sound.

She did the only thing she could think of to try and make Elissa feel better. "They're going to die."

"Evanthe!" Elissa's tears were falling faster and faster now.

The Purple Ranger kept going, finding more personal solace in the litany than anything else. "I'm going to kill them, and we're going to get out of here." She refused to even consider thinking about thinking about the return of Girard and Sophie. Every functioning part of her body would shut down if she did, and she had to keep herself calm.

"She's doing it to him again!"

Evanthe glanced at the wooden manacles. I think I can break these, but if they splinter the wrong way, I could kill myself... "She'll be stopped."

Hold on, Adam. .I love you...remember that. Trust me. ..I love you..Elissa sent to her husband as swiftly and as firmly as she could. Slowly, she turned her head over to her friend. "Evanthe.. .I wanna die..."

"Don't!" Evanthe's reply was firm and to the point. "They'll win if they do that! Never give up, Elissa, never!" Her mind jerked back momentarily to the person who had told her that; the strange woman who had aided her escape from Girard and Sophie centuries earlier, and the promise she had made her. Before she could wonder much on that, Elissa spoke again.

"I feel like I'm on fire..."

Evanthe tested her manacles again, her heart racing. "You're going to be all right."

"No...kill me, please!" Elissa tossed her head back and forth in agony. "No. ..kill me, please!"

Evanthe's eyes widened. "No, you don't!"

"Please, Evanthe, kill me!" Elissa begged. When Evanthe shouted out a heated denial, Elissa cried in agony. She couldn't, she didn't, understand the unnatural desire for death that had risen in her, but it was something she couldn't fight again. "That's all I ask of you. ..that you kill me..why won't you do it?"

"Because you are my best friend, almost my sister, and because I won't kill someone I care about!"

Elissa ripped one of her arms up, still with the manacle on it. "Then I'll kill myself!"

"What about Adam?" Evanthe grabbed for any straw that might stop this madness.

Elissa drew the manacle closer to herself. "Good-bye, Evanthe. Thanks for nothing. I want to die."


I'm sorry, Adam. I can't live like this anymore. I love you. ..always. .good-bye.

Don't you dare!

Evanthe uttered a low, harsh growl, then quite literally broke through the manacles, a wild howl coming from the pain in her wrists. "Elissa, don't you dare!"

"I have to!"

Evanthe leaped across the intervening space, she was going to stop this, no matter what! "Elissa, no!"

"Good-bye. .." Elissa shut her tear-filled eyes. Remember me, Adam...

Evanthe slammed her friend's wrist back down on the table as hard as she could, not letting the deadly silver touch any area near Elissa's heart. "I won't let you do this!"

"Please! Let go!"

"No, Elissa." Evanthe's voice was firm. "I'll hold you forever if I have to, until you realize that you don't have to die. You've never quit before on anything, in the century I've known you, and I'm not going to let you start now!" Elissa crumpled into a crying heap, and Evanthe wrapped he arms around her. "You're going to be all right." She took a deep breath, and growled; there was the scent of one of Finster's potions in the air. That's got to be it. Something he did to her...I'll have to check at the Command Center, though.

"I want to. .."

Evanthe broke in. "Live!"

"Go home."

"We need to find Adam, first," Evanthe kept her thoughts firmly on what they had to do. Rescue Adam and get the heck out of here, as fast as they could. Later, when she was alone, she could break down. Not until then.

Elissa nodded as Evanthe jerked the manacles off her and dropped them to the floor. "Is there a blanket around here?" the nightgown she'd been in had long since been shredded. Evanthe glanced around and picked one blanket she saw up, noticing Elissa eyeing the silver manacles out of the corner of her eye. Casually she kicked them into a far corner, making sure they were out of Elissa's reach. I'll do it when you're not around then.

"Come on, we've got to find Adam!" Evanthe said, starting out, with Elissa being supported carefully by her.

Both of them stopped, however, when Zedd stood suddenly in the doorway. "Going somewhere?" his staff was pointed dangerously at them, and Evanthe snarled in hate.

"Away from you!"

Zedd laughed, pulling his other hand from behind his back and displaying a very powerful spray of garlic. "Somehow, I don't think so!"

Evanthe hissed as the odor of it hit her supremely sensitive nostrils, and she backed away snarling. Elissa found herself getting closer to the manacles, and Evanthe twisted her head to look at her friend, just as Elissa picked one up. "Elissa. . ." please, don't do this!

Elissa moved quickly, throwing the manacle at Zedd. Evanthe grinned, then went pale as Elissa picked up the other one, holding it too close to her heart for Evanthe's comfort. "Elissa, don't!"

"Let her do it!" Zedd laughed, shoving the garlic closer to Evanthe's face. Evanthe stepped away, feeling her stomach twisting at the odor. I feel so cliché doing this...

"Elissa, please, remember your child. .your daughter, Gwen!"

Elissa shook her head. "Tell her I love her." They could see smoke rising from her hand where the silver as burning into her hand. Evanthe stepped closer to her, then twisted quickly, leaping and seizing the manacle away from her. "Why did yo do that!?"

"Because I told you." Evanthe panted, staring down at the chain and manacle. "I'm not going to let you die!"

"Then you're not my friend!" Elissa shouted, going for the manacle again. Evanthe knew what she had to do. It was the only to save them all, though it tore at her heart.

"Sorry to do this, Elissa," she murmured, then pushed Elissa away as hard as she could. Before either of the two in the room could stop her, she leaped on Zedd, kicking the garlic out of his hand wrapping the chain around his throat, thankful there was enough to go around his neck. She braced herself quickly, then treated him to a full out display of just why vampires were considered the deadliest hunters in the known universe.

Evanthe Foster Cranston, Purple Ranger and one of the two Night Rangers, fulfilled her destiny in that moment, and strangled Lord Zedd with the very things he had used to confine her best friend and near-sister.

Slowly, she stood up, looking down at the corpse. "One down. Five to go." she felt neither remorse nor regret nor joy. It had been a thing that needed doing, and she had been the one to do it. She turned to see Elissa crying in a corner, and went to her. "Elissa, he's gone. And now, we have to get rid of the others." It was time to do what was necessary. The forces of evil had broken the rules. It was time to make them pay for it.

"I hate you!" Elissa howled.

Evanthe just shook her head. "We'll talk about it later. Right now, your husband is getting raped by Rita, I think you might want to do something about that."

"I'll do this." Elissa glared at the one who had prevented her death. "But stay away from me when we get home."

The vampire's only reply was, "Rita's rooms are this way, I think." Elissa followed as Evanthe led the way through the dark corridors, and as her friend slammed open the door, the werewolf leaped across to where Adam was tied down to the bed underneath Rita and didn't even wait for the customary challenge.

"Time to die, bitch," was all that Elissa said before she quite literally, and in her human form, ripped Rita's throat out. She tossed the corpse across the room, then ripped off Adam's manacles, ignoring the pain in her hands as she held his weeping form close to her. "Oh, Adam..."

Their reunion was interrupted when a chuckling voice said, "Pity you're not going anywhere!"

Evanthe froze for a moment, then growled, "Who says!?"

"Me!" Sophie, who stood beside Rita's cooling body with a faint aura of power around her, laughed, then snapped her fingers. A forcefield sprang up around the bed, isolating Evanthe from Elissa and Adam. "Time for us to regain control, and to live! Rito, Goldar, chain her up!"

The two named morons entered, literally draped in garlic and with stronger wooden manacles. Evanthe just stared, frozen in fear, as they wrapped the manacles around her. Rito cackled, "She's all yours!"

Girard smiled. "Sophie, I believe we said the pleasure of her was yours." The Night of the Dead was a special night, but especially so for vampires. If they were brought back, they had eight hours in which to feed from another vampire, or else they would return to dust.

Evanthe trembled as Sophie stepped closer to her. "No." She did what she could to escape, but to no avail as Sophie tilted her head to the side and laid one finger gently on her throbbing jugular.

"Then I am your pleasure, dear husband," Sophie let none of her revulsion show as her fangs slipped into Evanthe's throat, at the very same spot they had six hundred years earlier, and drank greedily, to the echoing sounds of Elissa's protests. Evanthe wanted to fight, she tried to fight, but to no avail. She felt all her will and all her energy slipping away along with her blood, and felt anew a connection that she had hoped would never happen again: the subservient bond to a vampire and their maker. "So refreshing!" Sophie smiled coldly once she was done. "Now, kneel before me!"

Completely unable to resist, Evanthe crumpled to her knees, paler than a ghost. Girard smiled; he had some very serious and painful plans in mind for this girl. But first. "Now, then, dear wife, your neck."

Sophie turned her head, pulling her hair aside to show her neck. "Enjoy!" Rot in hell...

"Don't I always?" he smiled and penetrated her neck with his own fangs, drinking deeply of her. She moaned briefly; when a vampire's victim willingly let their blood be drawn, it felt rather enjoyable. "Did you like that?" he purred, then stepped back. "What do you say we leave these friends alone for one last time? Before we start the plans that will destroy them completely."

The group of evil laughed as they left, turning the forcefield off. The moment the door shut, Evanthe got control back of her own body, and collapsed into a small heap of tear. Again...again. .no. .no. ..her mind ran in circles, trying to avoid thinking of what had just happened, but having it instead replay endlessly in her heart and soul.

Elissa took charge, shoving her suicidal impulses away for the moment. The manacle hidden in her blanket might have had something to do with that. She pulled Adam's communicator from his jeans' pocket and looked at it. "We're going home, and Alpha's making you a blocker again." Evanthe said nothing as Elissa gathered them all together, and in a triple wash of rose, black, and purple, they vanished from the palace.

The minute they arrived in the Command Center, Elissa started talking. "Alpha, Evanthe needs another blocker bracelet."

"Ay-yi-yi, I'll get to work on it right away!" Alpha shuffled off to start the delicate construction. Aisha looked at their friends.

"Wait. . .don't tell me...they're back!?" the Yellow Ranger declared.

Elissa shrugged as she held Adam. "Okay, I won't." She glanced over to where Evanthe was still huddled on the floor, her fingers pressed against the spot where Sophie had drunk from her. Alpha shuffled over a few minutes later, putting something on one wrist.

"Done! You're safe now!"

Evanthe glanced down at it, then at the others, all looking at her with varying expressions on their faces. Without a single word, she teleported out of the Command Center.

Elissa sighed as Billy teleported after his wife. Adam, darling, talk to me.


I'm here.


Is dead. So is Zedd.


I sorta tore her neck apart. Evanthe killed Zedd. Choked him.


Adam. ..are you going to be okay? Alpha needs to tend to your wrists and I have something I need to finish.


Are you going to be okay?

Not without you.

I love you, Adam. Elissa looked up at Alpha. "Teleport me home, please."

Alpha sighed, and did. Adam stared after her, not certain what was going on. He had sensed some of her thoughts earlier, but he had not been able to focus enough with what Rita had been doing to him. Please, Elissa...don't do anything stupid...

* * *
Elissa glanced around her bedroom, then slowly sat down and wrote a quiet note to Adam. She had to be quiet; Evanthe's mother Diana was downstairs tending to Gwen, and if she heard her, she might try and stop her. Elissa laid down on the bed, pulling the manacle out of the blanket and started to bring it to her heart. Adam, my love. ..remember me.

She barely glanced up as the door opened and Diana looked in. "Elissa?"

"Go away, Diana!" the werewolf growled. Evanthe's mother stared for a moment, then leaped across the room, knocking away the manacle. "Leave me!"

"I don't know why you're trying this, but I won't let you!" Diana said sharply. She and her daughter shared many of the same views on life and suicide, it came from being vampiric. Those who had passed on and returned knew more than most that life should not be wasted.

Elissa moaned, "I want to die, can't you people understand that and leave me in peace?" Diana shook her head harshly, and Elissa jumped after the manacle.

"No, Elissa!" Diana shouted, going after her and seized her arm. Elissa glared at her, then seized Diana's arm in her teeth, drawing blood. "Elissa!"

The werewolf paused for a moment as the vampiric blood drained down her throat. "I...I feel strange..." Diana pulled her already healing arm away and stared at her. "Diana...what..." she clutched at her hand in pain, the silver-born wound burning hideously.

"You were trying to kill yourself."

Elissa whispered, "It hurts. .."

"Come here." Diana spoke briskly. "I'll bandage that."

Elissa looked worried. "Diana...why do I have the sudden craving to drink blood?"

Diana's eyes went wide. She drank some of my blood. shouldn't have happened so fast. She is a werewolf, though.

"Diana? What's happening to me?" Elissa's voice held a deep shred of worry in it, and Diana took a long breath.

"I'm not sure, but I think you're a vampire."


The motherly vampire shook her head. "You drank my blood." she watched in horror as Elissa began to cry again, her mind tipping closer and closer to insanity from all that had happened, far more than any one being could reasonably be expected to deal with. "Shhh.'ll be all right."

Elissa shuddered. "I can't remember what happened after. .after..'

"After what?"

The words shocked Diana to her core, even after all that she had seen in her life. "Finster raped me!"

Diana growled harshly. "That slime!" She hoped the Rangers did something rather permanent to them. She knew it was usually against the code of the Rangers, but this sort of thing was unprecedented. And if they didn't. ..she just might.

Adam. .Adam, can you hear me? Elissa reached to her husband.


I love you. I'm sorry for trying to. .to do what I tried to do...

You're all right now?

I don't think so. ..but I don't want to kill myself. Were you there when I tried?

I'm always with you, Elissa. You know that.

I'm scared.

Don't be. I love you.

* * *
As the blue sparkles from his teleportation faded out, the first thing Billy saw was Evanthe, curled up in a corner of their bedroom, tears falling from her usually sparkling eyes. He quietly went over to her. "Talk to me, Evanthe. .please." His heart sank as she twisted away, her hand still on the spot on her neck where Sophie had bitten her. Billy took her hand gently. "Don't shut me out, please, Evanthe. I can't take it."

"T..they're back." her voice was whispered and broken. He knew how terrified she was of them, and wasn't surprised that she'd responded like she was.

Billy nodded. "I heard, from Elissa before she teleported out."

Evanthe murmured, "I thought I was rid of them, but now..."

"We will be again. We'll take care of them. Together."

The vampire glanced down at the bracelet on one wrist. In sense, it was as much a sign of slavery as the puncture wounds on her neck were. "If they can take this off me...they.. .they can.. ." the thought of being forced to hurt those she cared for, again, made her nauseous.

"Alpha made it so that he is the only one who can take it off. Him or Zordon." Billy told her. Evanthe stared, not believing, until he told her to try it. Even her strength couldn't get it off, and he smiled. "See."

She smiled briefly, then paled even more. "William!"

"Is with Diana at Elissa's house."

Evanthe sighed. "We'll have to keep an eye on him." she touched again the wound on her neck. "I remember the first time this happened.."

"They try and touch him, then they will die a slow and painful death." Billy refused to let any harm come to his offspring. "Is that where she bit you the first time too?"

Evanthe nodded. "She nearly tore my throat open that first time . .. I don't know why they didn't just kill me then. . . ."

Billy smiled a little. 'What do you say we put some good memories with that spot?" he asked, then leaned over to kiss her softly on that area. Evanthe smiled as he reached over to massage it. "First two good memories down. Thousands of creative and good memories to come."

"Thank you, Billy. I love you."

"I love you, too. But there is one thing I am curious about." Billy said. She raised an eyebrow and he continued. "Why did Elissa have silver hiding in that blanket she was wearing? A silver manacle, to be precise."

Evanthe's eyes went wide. "What!?" Billy repeated it, telling her that the sensors had detected it on her. "Where's Elissa now?"

"I think she went home."

He stepped back as Evanthe got to her feet. "What's going on?"

"I think she's trying to kill herself." The two of them vanished in their respective teleportatonal streams, heading for the Park residence. The first thing they saw was Elissa on the bed, very still and unmoving. Evanthe stepped quietly over to her, looking at her carefully, then smiled. "She's asleep."

As Billy breathed a sigh of relief, Elissa opened an eye. "Could you two get out and let a dead werewolf sleep?"

"You're not dead..thank goodness!" Evanthe breathed. Elissa looked up at her.

"No, I am undead." Evanthe's eyes widened, and Elissa continued, "There was kind of an accident, where I bit your mother. And I accidentally drank some of her blood."

Evanthe nodded quietly, then looked over at Billy. "Billy, I've had a very long day, and I am going to go home, and I am going to sleep."

Billy nodded, looking at Elissa. "We'll talk to you later. Get some rest."

* * *
Back on the moon, things weren't quite so happy, as Sophie and Girard walked back in. "No!" the female growled. Why'd they escape. ..I would've helped them...

"What is it?" Girard was right behind her, unable to see what was going on.

"They're gone!"

Her husband's eyes blazed . "What!? How?"

"The defense system must have been down." Sophie thought of various things that could have happened. "The other Rangers probably teleported them out."

Girard growled, "This is unforgivable! How dare they do this!"

"We'll get them back. We'll most definitely get Evanthe back." Sophie did her best to keep him from losing too much of his temper. He could get violent with her if that happened.

He nodded. "And now that we can control her again, that should be easy!"

"Unless they can find a way to stop it."

Sophie nodded. "Unless they find a way to stop it."

Girard shrugged. "True, but there are other ways to control her."

"Yes, her husband, her wolven friend, the other Rangers." Sophie declared. Girard nodded eagerly, thinking of all the pain that lay in the future. Numerous plans were forming in his mind already on how he could do the things he wanted to do.

"One way or the other, she will serve us. Forever!"

"And maybe. .." Sophie smiled. "we will rule the vampire kingdom together."

Girard laughed. "Maybe? I say that is an excellent goal to work towards!"

Sophie kissed him deeply. "Why stop there, dearest?" the higher you rise..the greater the fall. .and the harder the hit at the bottom.

"Indeed. We could rule the entire world!"

His wife smiled, pulling him down towards her. "but first, I am yours to command." Girard smiled coldly as he joined her. It was good to be back.