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In the Name of Friendship
by: Cynthia and Elizabeth

Billy knocked quietly on the door to Diana and Christopher Foster's house. He was worried, very worried, ever since Evanthe had vanished from the Command Center two days earlier, there had been no word of her from anyone. Diana opened the door with a smile. "Hello, Billy. Is something wrong?"

"Have you heard from Evanthe yet?"

His mother-in-law shook her head. "Not for a couple of days." Not since the bombshell of who else was in the family tree had been dropped on them all. Billy sighed.

"She's still missing, then."


He nodded. "Yeah. Can I come in?"

"Of course," Diana let him in with a worried expression. "What's going on, Billy?" When he explained what had happened two days earlier, Diana paled. "Ohhh. child."

Billy nodded. "Elissa is blaming herself for Evanthe leaving like that."

"Evanthe has never liked having help with her problems, you know that." Diana reminded him. Evanthe had been self-sufficient from her earliest childhood, and her centuries of solitude had made it even stronger.

Billy sighed. "I know, and I know Elissa knows that, but from what Adam said, she won't even communicate with him!"

Diana shook her head. "Maybe Christopher can help. Evanthe would talk to him at times when she wouldn't even say a word to me."

"I'll let you know when you find her." Billy promised, and Diana nodded. "I should get back to the Command Center." With a flicker of blue light, he was gone, and Diana went looking for her husband.

"Chris?" she peeked into the library. "We have a problem." He looked up from where he was perusing an old history book, and she came in. As he listened, she told him what Billy had told her.

"I'm going to have a little talk with my daughter when she gets back. But for now, I guess I can try and pull Elissa out of her shell."

Diana nodded. "It wouldn't hurt. Do you have any idea where Evanthe might have went, though?"

Chris stated one word. "Home."

"That village hasn't existed in three hundred years." She pointed out to him. He nodded.

"True, it is now just ruins in the countryside, but the castle is still there. There's a nearby village, where she could feed. You know she always used to hide in the castle stables when she was upset."

Diana agreed. "She always got along good with the horses there. I wonder if she'd talk to me if I went there."

Christopher shrugged. "Who knows. But let's give her a little bit by herself, to think things through."

"She's got enough sense not to go into blood lust, and maybe she'll come back on her own soon, anyway." Diana decided.

"Yeah." Her husband nodded. "No sense in going there and finding out she's already back."

Diana agreed. And let's hope that disgusting monster Vile leaves her alone so she can think!

Christopher got up, reaching for his things. "Do you want to come with me to see Elissa?"

"Sure." she grabbed what she needed, and the two of them set out.

* * *
Goldar was pacing back and forth, his eyes snapping bright red and grumbling under his breath. Vile looked at him. "What is your problem now?"

"I want her back!" the monkey sounded almost like a whining child deprived of a favorite toy. Vile smiled.

"You'll have her back." He tilted his heads momentarily. "I take it you enjoyed your reward?" The evil laugh Goldar uttered was all that answer he needed. "She will be yours again sooner than you think. And she'll never get away again!"

Goldar snarled, "She'd better not!"

"Oh, don't worry." Vile chuckled. "It's very hard for the insane to even want to leave!" Goldar looked confused, and he decided to explain a touch further. "The Rangers freed her from my controlling spell when they destroyed the shirt, but that activated another spell. She can't forget what you did to her, not even for a second, she continually feels you on and in her, and it's eating away at her sanity!"

Goldar laughed. "I like it!"

"And I'm going to be helping the spell along somehow. The Rangers don't know where she is, but I do. And a few well-placed illusions and some telepathic hints to her should completely destroy her mind: and make it child's play to control her!"

"Yes, Master!" Goldar was looking forward to this.

Vile laughed. "And while they're worrying over Evanthe and where she might be, the werewolf is left unprotected as well. I believe it is time we turned our attention back to her as well."

"Yes! When!?"

The sorcerer peered down the Earth. "As soon as she is alone. Even if it is but for a second!"

"I shall keep an eye out, master!"

* * *
Elissa sat in her bedroom, staring out a window blankly. Adam and Gwen were there as well, Adam in the door, and Gwen on the bed with her. A knock came on the door, and Adam glanced at her.

"I'll be right back, Elissa." She didn't move, so he headed for the door. "Hey!" he smiled to see Evanthe's parents there.

"Hi, Adam!" Christopher said, and Diana waved. Adam nodded and let them in.

"So what brings you here?"

Chris told him, "We came to see if we could help Elissa any."

"I wish you better luck than I've had." He sighed. Elissa had barely moved to eat the last couple of days, and he was getting worried.

Diana nodded. "We can at least try."

"She's in the room. Come on, I'll take you to her." Adam led them towards the bedroom and knelt in front of his wife. Honey, you've got some visitors, Diana and Chris.

Elissa looked over, and both of them waved. Diana asked, "How have you been feeling?" Elissa just shrugged.

Christopher didn't waste any time. "You're blaming yourself for Evanthe being gone, aren't you?" Elissa looked away.

"It's not your fault, not in the slightest." Diana declared. Elissa turned, shouting directly to Adam.

Yes, it is!

"What makes you think it was?" Diana said flatly.

I pushed her into a corner, trying to get her to talk or something! Adam quickly relayed that to them, and Evanthe's father shook her head.

"You've known her for a century and haven't figured out that she only talks about her problems when she wants to. Nothing you could've done would have made her talk, or made her angry at you."

Elissa turned her chair a little. By now the translation of her thoughts to Adam's speech was automatic in both of them, so much that they almost felt as if they were actually talking her. Then why do I feel like it is?

"That I don't know, but it isn't." Christopher said firmly.

Diana reminded her, "Billy told me she pushed him away too, before you woke up. She didn't want to talk to anyone!"

As Elissa suddenly cries, and Adam put an arm around her, Chris said softly, "I think I know where she is."


"Near where we all lived back when we were all human, there's a castle. No one lives there now, but when she was a child, Evanthe liked to go to the stables when she was upset over something. There's a village near enough so that she can feed."

"Have you told Billy this?"

Chris shook his head. "No, Adam. I think Evanthe needs some time to think over what's happened. She'll be back, I hope, soon. she never stayed there longer than a few days."

Adam nodded. "Okay. Elissa, do you want to go take a walk with me?"

I want to be left alone!

Elissa, you can't stay here like this forever!

Adam, I'm tired. I just want to take a nap.

All right.

Chris glanced at her. "When Evanthe comes back, do you want to see her?" Elissa nodded. "I'll let her know as soon as I see her."

"And she will be back." Diana said firmly. "She cares for all of you too much not to be."

Adam picked up Gwen, then headed over to her. "I think she wants to be alone now." Adam murmured quietly.

"We'll see you later, Adam, Elissa." Christopher said. Diana added.

"The minute Evanthe's back, we'll let you know, if you don't already."

Adam nodded. "Let me walk you out." They headed out of the room, with Adam shutting the door behind him.

Elissa stared out the window, her eyes still blank and distant. She almost jumped out of her chair, however, when Goldar appeared next to her. "Hello there!"

Adam, help!

On the way!

Elissa couldn't get away as Goldar grabbed her. "An old friend wants to see you. I believe you remember Finster!"

No! Not that! Not him!

Goldar laughed, vanishing with her just as Adam threw the door open and saw them gone. "NO! Not again!"

* * *
Billy had almost never left the Command Center, except for the occasional time to eat and breathe, in the last few days. He had looked everywhere he could think of and then some for his wife, but to no avail.

"Ay-yi-yi, is there anywhere else you can think of?"

Billy shook his head. "No!"

"Right behind you."

He whirled around to see Evanthe standing there. She still wore the clothes she had then, with hay in her uncombed hair and her eyes red with tears. He started to hug her, then stopped. "Are you okay?"

"Elissa's in danger." she said quietly. Billy knew better than to say anything else, but snapped an order to Alpha to locate her.

A few seconds passed, with Billy staring at Evanthe. Alpha spoke up. "Ay-yi-yi, Billy, Goldar just kidnapped her!"

Evanthe bit her lip. "My dream came true. I was too late."

Billy turned to her. "We'll get her back. Before they do anything to her!" He growled darkly as she vanished again, teleporting without a single word.

"We'd better call the other Rangers." Alpha said, and Billy did. He put it in the back of his head; he'd find his wife again later. "What's going on?" Tommy asked as soon as they got there. He

growled when Billy told him what had happened. "Any luck on finding a way to get to Elissa?"

Alpha shook his head. "Not yet."

Elissa, what's going on up there? that you?

It's me, darling.

Help me...

We're looking for a way to get to you now. What's happening?

Vile is talking to Goldar, and Finster is setting up some equipment. Adam, help me, hurry!

Rocky glanced at his friend; they couldn't hear the words, but they could tell when Adam and Elissa were talking to one another. "Is she all right?"

"Vile's talking with Goldar about something and Finster's setting up equipment." Adam replayed. "She's never all right while she's there." Can you hear what Goldar and Vile are saying?

I'll try.

* * *
Vile laughed heartily. "Soon the Purple Ranger will be ours, and her sanity will be gone forever!"

"Then I get to have two playthings, forever!" Goldar mocked. Vile laughed.

"That you will!"

Goldar glanced at her. "Are you going to start helping the Purple Rangers lose her mind soon?"

"I already have!"

The evil warrior nodded. "How log do you think it'll take?"

"Not much longer." Vile declared. "She should be totally insane within the next day!"

* * *

Adam! Find Evanthe, now!

What's going on?

They're making her go crazy!

Adam looked up. He didn't want to do this, but there was no way Evanthe could heal if her mind was gone. "Billy, scan the area around Evanthe's old hometown, the one in England."

Billy touched the computer quickly, and scanned. "Found her!"

Adam nodded. "Come on, let's go get her! Vile's trying to send her insane!"

* * *
Evanthe burrowed into the straw, her heart pounding at the sensations that continually ran over her body and inside of her. She could hear the whispering voice in her mind, the voice she hated, her grandfather's voice.

You enjoyed what Goldar did. know you did!

"No! I hated it!" she whispered, not wanting anyone to hear her.

I heard your moans of pleasure.

"I was under a spell! I didn't know what I was doing!"

You liked how his hands felt on you. Touching you in all the right spots. Making you feel on fire with desire.

She screamed, her hands clutching at the earth in protest. "NO! Leave me alone!"

He continued though. The way you two came together as one being. Your screams of passion.

"NO. .no, that's not what happened,"

You liked it when he touched your chest, kissed it...

Tears fell down her cheeks. "No, I didn't! I hated it!"

Your moans were heard all over the castle. You can still feel him doing it to you, can't you?

She couldn't deny this. "Y..yes. .."

She could hear his actual voice, not in her mind, but in her ears now. She didn't care, either. "You are enjoying it. I can feel your pleasures. Don't fight them."

Evanthe curled up on the ground, tears falling and making mud. "W. .why is this happening to me. .?"

"Because you enjoy it." Vile hissed. "And you want it again."


He seized her wrists. "You do, and you will!"

Evanthe tried to struggle, but there was no force behind it. "No. .no. ..don't want .."

"You are. You enjoyed him so much!" Vile laughed, knowing that the spell had won out over her true desires when she stopped fighting him. He looked down at her dull eyes. "You enjoyed it, didn't you?"

No life touched her voice. "Yes."

"You want it again, don't you?"


Vile smiled. "Then come with me." She had just said yes again when the Rangers appeared. He pulled her closer to him, starting to vanish when Tommy shouted out,

"Vile, leave her alone!"

He looked over at them with a triumphant smile on his faces. "Sorry, Rangers, but we leave!" The last thing the two of them heard was Billy screaming out Evanthe's name as they teleported back to the SpaceSkull.

Billy sank to his knees, crying his heart and soul out as Tommy came over to him. "We'll get her back, Bill. Vile can't keep them forever."

"Why is this happening to them!?" Billy cried. Tommy shook his head.

"I don't know, Billy, but we'll get them both back. Forever."

"We'd better." Adam said bluntly. Rocky put a hand on his shoulder.

"We will."

* * *
Her mind was a chaos of burning need and blankness. She knew nothing of who she was, only that the being in front of her was the one who gave her commands, who gave her whatever she needed and wanted. she didn't even notice the thin trickle of drool going down one corner of her mouth.

A voice spoke . "What did you do to her, sire!?"

The Master replied. "She is totally gone. Now to start rebuilding her the fashion that I want them built!"

Her eyes slowly glanced around the room. Her Master was nearby, along with a tall golden-armored simian warrior. Not that far away was a table with a woman strapped to it, struggling and staring at her.

"When an I play with her some more?" the warrior asked, and he seemed to be looking at her. She dismissed the notion; her Master had said nothing and it didn't matter to her.

"Soon." She started walking over to the woman, intending on unstrapping her. "Goldar, stop her!" the Master cried out, and the warrior grabbed her by the shoulders quickly.

"I. .I want.. ." the words came out from a place she didn't know, just something inside of her that might have been called a heart.

Goldar looked at her. "What do you want, my love?" he almost looked tenderly at her!

"H. .help her..." from some deep place in the depths of her mind came the image of this woman and herself together, together for so very long, always defending one another, always being with one another, no matter what. . .it was wrong to leave her there...

" her..."

Goldar shook his head. "Why? there isn't anything you can do for her."


"No. Nothing." Goldar told her. She nodded quietly, turning and heading back to Vile. She didn't, she couldn't hear Elissa's mental sobs.

No. .no...Why?

She glanced at Vile. ""

"I am your grandfather." Vile started to lay the groundwork for recreating her in his own evil image, making her into the perfect offspring, warrior, and slave to his and Goldar's will. "You are Evanthe, my granddaughter and a vampire."


"Those who drink blood."

She nodded, then looked at Goldar. "Who is he?"

"Goldar. You will be spending a lot of time with him." Vile declared. She nodded, nothing in her mind said there was anything wrong with this.

"Because this is what I wish." her grandfather told her. She nodded and looked back to Elissa.

"Who is she?"

Vile twisted his lips in evil glee. "She is no one important. Just a lab rat."

Evanthe nodded. "Why don't I remember things?"

"That I don't know." Vile lied, he knew just why she didn't. "But we will find out. It may take time, but we'll find out."

She nodded again. "Good, grandfather." She glanced to Goldar. "We are to spend time together?"

Goldar smiled. "A lot of it!"

"Why? Other than my grandfather wants it?" she was just slightly curious about this. Vile answered her question,

"You two are to be married!" he declared. Evanthe smiled. The thought of marriage pleased her, though a part of her felt as if it were being ill for some reason. ..

"Married. I like the sound of that."

Vile nodded wickedly. "Yes, but first you will do me a favor. I want you to spy on the Power Rangers for me." if she could do that and remain under his power, then he would know he had won.

"As you wish, grandfather." She smiled sweetly at Goldar. "When are we to be married?"

"In just a few weeks." Goldar declared. He decided to hold off on the fact they could consummate the 'marriage' frequently before then. Evanthe smiled.

"I already can hardly wait!"

Vile nodded with pleasure. "Now, go, and spy on the Rangers!" he commanded. She bowed briefly, then vanished in her column of violet light. Goldar laughed.

"Your plan is working, sire!"

The evil sorcerer grinned from all three of his faces. "Soon, the Rangers will die, at the hands of one of their own!"

They laughed, as Elissa collapsed into tears. me, please..please, don't leave me! Evanthe!

Elissa, what's going on with Evanthe?

She left me alone with..Finster.

That's not like her at all! What have they done to her!?

I don't know.

Elissa, we're doing everything we can to get up there to you.

Hurry! Elissa's voice was a scream this time, and he could feel that Finster had just done something to her.

We will.

* * *
The Rangers had literally forced Billy to stay out of the Command Center, sending him to the park with Gwen and William, while Adam got some rest, and the others did their part to find those who were missing. William was crawling around happily, while Gwen just stood there, looking at him with tear-filled eyes.

They didn't see the eyes watching them from the bushes, as William crawled towards them. Evanthe glanced towards them, wondering why her heart was screaming to go out, pick the child up, and cuddle him into insensibility.

The Ranger she was watching came over and picked him up. "William!"

The toddler glanced up at his father, then to the bushes. "Mama!"

The moment Evanthe heard that, her eyes went wide. Memories began to run through her mind, true memories, not what Vile had put in here. William said it again. "Mama!"


Billy whirled at the sound, staring into the bushes and meeting a pair of eyes that he knew as well as he knew his own. "Evanthe?"

Slowly she stepped out of the bushes. "Billy." Her eyes were wide, sane, and filled with an enormous love beyond anything he had ever seen, even with her. He ran over to hold her the best he could with a child in his arms.

"Where have you been!?"

"With. .." her eyes suddenly went even wider. "We've got to get to the SpaceSkull! Elissa's in serious danger, and I didn't do anything to help her!"

Billy nodded; forget having a vacation! "Let's get to the Command Center, now!" HE grabbed Gwen's hand and the four of them teleported straight to the base. He shoved everyone out of the way and landed in front of the scanners. "Do you remember where you two were being held?"

Evanthe closed her eyes, ignoring the looks of the others. "Deep in the deepest part of it. Underneath the usual places."

Billy scanned, then smiled. "I think I can get a lock on her, but it's going to be hard."

"DO it, Billy, please!" she insisted, tears in both eyes and in her heart. Billy nodded.

"Trying..." he glanced at the panel with a smile and a sigh of relief. "Got it! Teleporting!"

Evanthe caught her breath and hurried over as Elissa appeared in a heap on the ground, with new bruises and silver burn marks all over her. "Elissa..." Elissa glanced up at the sound of her voice, and growled deeply. Evanthe held back her tears, reaching her hand out to her. "Elissa.." the ex-Ranger scooted away, and Evanthe stared at her. "Elissa..what did I do?"

She watched in horror as Elissa pulled herself into a ball and started to cry. Evanthe looked over at Adam. "I want to know what it was I..." her voice trailed off suddenly, and she looked back at Elissa. "I didn't know you! I didn't recognize you or anything, I was practically insane, if I wasn't already!"

Elissa didn't seem to be listening, as Alpha tended to her wounds. The robot glanced at her for a second. "Elissa? Have you been able to feel anything in your legs?"

A little..every once in a while. ..she sobbed a little. Adam, I want to go home, please!

As soon as Alpha's finished his scans.

Now! Please!

Adam sighed, and made a note in the back of his mind to get in touch with a psychiatrist that he knew. Out loud he asked, "Alpha, are you done yet?"

"Just a few more tests!" the robot declared. There were things that he really needed to know.

"We'll come back for them, she wants to be home." Adam tried. Elissa's retort nearly knocked him over with it's intensity.

No more tests! No more!

All right. He glanced at their robotic friend. "Sorry, Alpha, no more tests. She's had too much of that sort of thing. We're going home."

Alpha nodded, and Adam picked up Elissa. Come on. I love you.

They destroyed my chair. ..they. ..they....she...before she could finish, Adam teleported away with her. Evanthe stared at where they had been.

"She hates me."

Billy shook his head. "She doesn't. Give her time to calm down and then to talk to her. Tell her your side of the story. She'll listen, she always has."

Evanthe shook her head. "Billy, do you know how close I came to being insane? I might have been, I'm not even sure anymore. I didn't care about her, or anyone else." Revulsion filled her. "I actually liked the thought of marrying Goldar."

Billy held her. "Looks like you need some time to heal."

"It's my own fault this happened to Elissa. If I'd just paid more attention to the dream I had, and gotten here faster, we would've been there and gotten to her before Goldar did."

"I should have kept a tighter lock on her, like I was supposed to."

Evanthe shook her head. "You were worried over me." She shivered. "Billy, I couldn't stop feeling Goldar, before. That's why I left. I couldn't stand to be around you guys and to feel him at the same time."

Billy wrapped his arms deeply around her. "What do you say that we spend the weekend talking? I know a little cabin in the mountains."

She nodded. "And maybe we'll be left alone long enough so I can heal."

Billy smiled. "Wouldn't that be wonderful."

The romantic moment was spoiled when Alpha interrupted. "Um, Billy?"

"What is it, Alpha?"

The robot told them, "I Need Elissa to finish these tests. It appears that her back is healing itself!"

Evanthe nodded. She'd expected that, with the way a werewolf could heal from practically anything. Apparently even silver, if it wasn't fatal. "Then let it heal. Finster was doing all kinds of tests to her, I remember that. I don't think she even wants to hear of tests for a while."

"All right." Alpha agreed. "But I hope that what I did get was true."

"What's that?"

Alpha seemed to smile. "That her back isn't the only thing that's healing."

Evanthe smiled even more. "Her voice."

Alpha nodded; the wounds there were healing as well. Because they had been made of silver, it took Elissa longer to heal than they would have if anything else had made them. "But I needed the tests to make sure it isn't doing even more damage, instead of healing."

Evanthe advised, "Give her some more time."

"I will." Alpha decided. That was all they really could do.

* * *
"Those blasted Rangers!" Vile had been watching the Rangers, and what he had found out made him very angry, and glad at the same time.

"They took them both!" Goldar whined. Vile glared at him.

"I want my granddaughter back! I want her gift!"

Goldar snorted. "Gift? the only gift she has is to be my plaything!" it was plain he hadn't been paying attention to what was going on.

Vile smacked him hard. "She has to gift to foresee things in her dreams!" So that's how my blood rises in her. An excellent weapon.

Goldar rubbed his head. "Oh. How shall we get her back then?"

Vile glared down at the planet beneath them. "That shall be tricky."

"Maybe if we threatened that brat of hers?" Goldar suggested. Vile shrugged.

"Look what happened when we threatened her friend." Vile reminded him. Goldar glanced back at Earth himself, thinking.

"Maybe if she dreams what is to come, you could send her a fake dream?" he suggested off-handedly.

Vile laughed. "Perfect! One that will not only terrify her, and put the Rangers on guard for her friend, it will show her coming to work for me! She'll be so busy guarding her, we can easily take her!"

"And marrying me!" Goldar declared. "Or at least being what she should be, my toy! I like the way she screams when we're together."

Vile considered Evanthe's likely reaction. "Maybe we could just leave out the part of her coming to me, and leave her being her pet, and enjoying it!"

"She should enjoy it!" Goldar laughed. "I know I do!"

Vile nodded. "Let's watch them for a while, and se their fears. I'll let them relax, for soon they'll be overworked trying to help one former Ranger, when they should be helping another!"

Goldar nodded. "I'm going to go get a little pet area ready for her." He chuckled. "Skull had some good ideas while he was here before. A collar. . a leash."

"Go do that.' Vile ordered. "I want to watch those pathetic humans a little closer."

* * *
Elissa lay on the bed where Adam had laid her down, eyes shut. She sighed deeply.

How are you feeling? Adam asked.

Not good.

Anything I can help with?

Hold me?

Adam held her gently and murmured softly into her ear. Whenever you want to tell me what happened, you know I'm here to listen to you.

I did something in the Command Center that I haven't done since Vile first showed up.

What's that?

I growled.


I growled at Evanthe.


She let him do that to me!

Adam looked at her. What did you tell me, Elissa? Before she showed up there. They're sending her insane. Remember?


If she was in that kind of mental agony, I don't think she could have stopped them. Think. What did she look like when you saw her?

I..I..oh, Adam, what have I done?

You growled at your best friend.

And hurt her feelings. She probably thinks I hate her.

Evanthe knows better than that. Surely over the past century you guys have had fights.

I have to talk to her, and no we haven't. Not ones that weren't caused by someone else.

She and Billy are probably at home by now.

Elissa nodded, tears in her eyes, then looked at her husband. She did something that completely shocked him. "I.. I love you." her voice was thick and raspy and full of pain, and it sent Adam's eyes wide in shock and joy.

"Elissa! You spoke!"

The beautiful werewolf smiled. Call Evanthe!

Adam smiled. "I love you too."

Elissa wiped away the tears that speaking had drawn up. It may be a while before I can say something else. But it's a start.

Adam nodded. It is. Quickly he dialed up the Cranston house, and heard Billy's voice in response. "Billy, it's me, Adam."

"Hey. How's Elissa doing?"

Adam smiled. "Better. She wants to talk or communicate or have me relay, whatever you call it. Well, she wants Evanthe on the phone.'

"Okay." Billy nodded and called out, "Evanthe, I think Elissa want you on the phone to communicate with her through Adam."

Evanthe picked the phone up. "Hi, Adam. Tell Elissa I said hi..." there was some nervousness in her voice just then.

Once Adam did, he spoke to her again. "Some good news.

"What's that?"

"Elissa actually spoke. Verbally, not telepathically."

"Yes!" Evanthe practically howled it out. "Alpha said that there was a chance her voice was healing."

Adam tilted his head. "He did?"

"Yes." Evanthe confirmed. "And her back too, probably. That's why he wanted the other tests to be certain."

Adam nodded. "It's going to be a while before she let's him do that."

Ask her if she wants to have lunch tomorrow. I need to learn sign language!

Evanthe nodded when Adam relayed it to her. "Sure. I'll meet her at noon. Just don't expect me to eat too much, I'm going to be taking care of that later tonight." She had found the Englishfolk she'd fed of during her time at the stables to be rather unfilling. She wanted a good American dinner.

Adam laughed. "Elissa says it's no problem. She doesn't think she's going to eat much either."

"Good. Billy and I are going to spend the weekend somewhere private, so I can get over everything that's happened recently." Evanthe told him.

Adam nodded. "You both deserve the time away. I might just do that for Elissa."

"Good idea."

Adam took a long breath. "Evanthe, Elissa and I talked about something earlier. You don't think she hates you because of that growl she did in the Command Center earlier?"

Evanthe sighed. "I was worried about that."

Adam nodded. "She was a little upset, but once she had a chance to think things through, she was more worried that you thought she hated you."

Evanthe sighed. "I hoped so. I would have never let them do that to her if I was completely in control of myself."

"I know that." Adam said. "You know that. She just needed to be reminded of that." The Black Ranger glanced to the bed. "I better let you go, she just cried herself to sleep. Her three little words hurt her more than she's willing to say they did."

Evanthe smiled a little. "She told you she loved you, didn't she?"

Adam nodded. "Yes, I once mentioned that I missed the sound of her voice saying it out loud, but I didn't want her to hurt herself saying it."

The Purple Ranger nodded. "That will heal in time."

"Hopefully, she'll let Alpha help her, or Vincent." Adam said. "Well, you'd better get ready for your weekend away. Heal in peace."

Evanthe sighed. "Maybe this time we'll get that peace."

"We'll make sure of it."

"Thanks, Adam." Evanthe sighed. "Tell Elissa I'll see her tomorrow."

"First thing in the morning," Adam told her.

"You get some rest too." Evanthe ordered. Adam promised he would, then hung up. He turned at the sound of Elissa's voice in his mind.

Come to bed.

"Coming. He slipped in next to her and held her.

What do you say of moving her permanently?

Are you sure?

This apartment has better accessibility for my chair, when I get a new one, and Gwen seems to have made a few friends her, and she likes the building's pool!

I think that's a great idea then.

We can let Sophie have our old place, since she and Skull are coming back.

They are. Do you know when?

End of the month.

That's what, three weeks away?

Yes. They're coming home.