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Cat Tales
by: Cynthia and Elizabeth

Evanthe walked quietly through a deep, dark forest, enjoying the silence. Things had never been more peaceful, she felt. She loved every second of this.

"Hello, my pet!" Goldar appeared in front of her.

Well, she had loved it. "I'm not your pet! she backed away, only to stop suddenly, against her will.

"Oh, but you are!" Goldar laughed, and she saw that he was holding a leash that went back to a collar that had somehow appeared around her neck. Her eyes went wide and she started trying to pull it off, screaming in anger. "Oh, yes! Skull had the right idea when he had Elissa wear this!

Evanthe tugged at it with all her strength, but it didn't even loosen. "I'm not a pet! I'm a person, and I don't belong to you in any way!"

Goldar laughed, and a mirror suddenly appeared in his hand. "Oh, but you are a pet!" She looked, and her eyes widened to see herself reflected as a cat! "Forever my pet! FOREVER!"

Evanthe sat up in bed, screaming at the top of her lungs. Billy sat up next to her. "Evanthe!" Billy sat up next to her, holding her. "Evanthe, another dream?"

She nodded slowly, taking deep breaths. She had been having nightmares like that on a very regular basis for the last few days, and it was absolutely exhausting her. " was Goldar again. Calling me his pet. He had a collar and leash on me. And I wasn't me...I was..a cat!" Billy held her tightly against him, wishing he knew anything that could ease her heart and mind right now. "Oh, Billy, why did I have to be related to Vile? I wouldn't have these dreams if I wasn't! And I hate them!"

"We all do." Billy sighed. "For what they've done to this team."

"I can't..I won't be his pet, I don't care what the dream says, I hate him, I hate Vile, and the only person I want to make love to or with is you, forever!"

Billy nodded. "I'll have Alpha keep a close lock on you, just in case. I don't want my wife turning into a cat, though I do like it when you purr!"

She smiled, pulling him closer to her and purred deeply into his ear. He grinned as he nibbled on her neck. "I'd say this discussion has been put to bed!"

* * *
Vile watched with evil glee, laughing. "This is perfect!" he declared. He had crafted each nightmare with precision, and sent them to Evanthe through the magical link that all of his bloodline shared with him. The best part was, it was completely undetectable by any of the Command Center's instruments!

"That was a perfectly wonderful nightmare!" Goldar could hardly wait to make it come true, either!"

"Wait until the next one." Vile purred. "In that one, she is going to see her friend's death!"

Goldar smiled. "And the Rangers will rush to help the were!"

"And they'll protect her," Vile mocked. "Making it so much easier for us to get what we really want!"

"Meow!" Goldar chuckled, indicating what else he had in mind for Evanthe once he had her in his clutches once more. Vile nodded.

"And to be turned to her true form only when you want your time with her!" Vile agreed. Then, he looked at him with a touch of curiosity. "Goldar, I have thought of something. You have served me quite well, and I think you should have a slightly better reward. I know just what it is to be, also."

The monster looked instantly curious. "What, sire?"

"You shall see, Goldar. You shall see."

* * *
Evanthe knew somehow she was sleeping again, but that didn't seem to matter as she saw Elissa coming towards her. "Evanthe!" her werewolf friend wheeled towards her with a wide smile. Evanthe's eyes widened in shock to see Goldar behind her, with a long silver blade in his hand.

"Get away from her!" Evanthe shouted, running over. Elissa tried turning, but her chair tipped over. Goldar laughed, then slid his blade into Elissa's heart. With another mocking laugh, he turned to Evanthe.

"Coming soon, pet!"

"NO!! Elissa!" Evanthe's screams were almost loud enough to wake up people on Aquitar when she sat up this time. Billy pulled himself up, and looked at her.

"Evanthe, honey, calm down and tell me what's wrong!" he said quietly. Evanthe stared at him, her eyes wide and full of fright.

"Elissa," Evanthe whispered. "We have to get to her, she's in danger! Goldar's going to kill her!"

Billy swore, then started reaching for his clothes even as she was. "Let's get to their apartment!"

"I'm not going to be too late this time." Evanthe dressed, pulling her hair back into a knot. She was going to save her friend. No matter the cost.

* * *
Elissa kissed Adam with all her heart and soul. This has been a great weekend.

That it has been. She told him. But who says it has to stop? Let's try for a great week!

Sounds great to me!

Elissa smiled as she ran hr fingers down his back and she ran her hands through his hair. She grinned at him. Oh, let's forget about sleeping tonight. I'm having too much fun!

They were almost involved in something more, when Evanthe cleared her throat suddenly. "Elissa, I'm sorry to interrupt. . ."

Elissa looked up. What now!?

Evanthe sighed. "I had a dream that Goldar was coming to kill you." She looked quite as if she hadn't slept in days: because she hadn't. The nightmare filled time she had spent didn't quite count.

Adam glared around. "What!?"

Slowly Evanthe repeated it. "We came to make sure this one doesn't come true!" Elissa started to shake, and Evanthe came over to her. "I'm not going to let it happen, Elissa. No matter what."

Elissa nodded, signing what she had learned from Evanthe. "Why me?"

Evanthe smiled. "Because they haven't learned not to mess with my best friend, that's why!"

Adam put an arm around Elissa as she leaned against him. Hold me.

You'll be all right.

I hope you're right.

I am.

Evanthe sighed, brushing the hair back from her eyes and leaning against a wall. She had never been so totally exhausted in her entire life. "I hate those dreams."

"Yes, but if you didn't have them, we might have lost Elissa." Adam pointed out. Evanthe nodded quietly.

"We aren't going to." She sighed, then stood up. "Those nightmares really screwed up my sleep. I need to clear my head a little. I'm going to go for a quick walk. You guys keep an eye on Elissa, okay?"

Adam nodded. "Yeah, I have a feeling that there's going to be someone watching her at all times from now on.

Evanthe smiled and kissed Billy. "I'll be back soon, Billy. See you." she headed out the door quickly, and Elissa sighed.

Anything wrong, Elissa?

I hate Vile.

We all do.

So much for our fun, and great week.

There's always next week.

Let's hope I'm not under house arrest then.

NO, you're just going to have company everywhere you go!

Like I said, house arrest.

We're keeping you safe, and when it's just you and me...his mental voice held all manner of promises. She half-glared at him.

If we're alone.

* * *
Evanthe walked down the sidewalk, breathing deeply and trying hard not to think of various recent events in her life. All she could imagine was the strength that Billy had when he held her, the love. ..not like the domination and violence, I am not going to think about him, he's nowhere near her, I can't let fear rule my life!

"Out for an evening walk, my pet?" she went absolutely white at the sound of his voice, slowly turning to see him standing behind her. He looked almost as if he were. . .smiling. And in his hands were a collar and leash she had seen before, in her dreams.

Evanthe didn't bother thinking. Thinking was for people who had options. The only thing she wanted to do, the only thing she could do, was to reach for her communicator.

Just as Goldar's sword slashed it from her wrist.

She gulped, stepping back and about to start running. Goldar laughed, then threw something into her face. "Some of this will make it much easier on us both." she heard as her eyes began to close suddenly. "Sleep well, pet. When you wake up. ..we're going to be together." Then darkness closed all about her.

* * *
Aisha paced in the Command Center, her heart pounding. The previous night, Evanthe had vanished while out for a walk, and at the same time, Vile had stopped sending even Tengas down. It was as if the entire palace had sealed up.

"Something happened to her," Aisha declared quietly. They all knew that. "Let's recheck Vile's place, just to be certain."

Billy, haggard and exhausted, slowly did so, then shook his head. The only thing that they had been able to find was the ruined wreckage of Evanthe's communicator, and her morpher, both in Vile's palace. But there were no other signs of her there. "This isn't happening. he said quietly.

"We'll find her." Aisha reassured him. "They've got something to do with this, they wouldn't have her things if they didn't."

Billy sighed. "If they killed her, I'm going to rip their hearts out." he stated firmly.

"They'd be bragging if they had," Kim reminded her. Billy nodded.

"True." Billy agreed. "At least I have one piece of good news. Elissa was able to talk Thursday night." As the cheers died down, Billy glanced at them. "No word of Evanthe's disappearance to her, though."

Rocky frowned. "Why not? She's Evanthe's best friend, she deserves to know something's up."

"I know." Billy agreed. "But she's got enough to worry about right now."

Once everyone had agreed, Aisha suggested, "Maybe Vile put her in one of his dimesionettes?"

"Then let's starting looking."

* * *
Elissa stretched out on the couch, fast asleep, as Adam put a blanket on her and Kim leaned back in a chair. Two of them usually kept an eye on her at any one time, and the Pink Ranger asked quietly, "How has she been?"

"Worrying. ..aggravated." Elissa had asked to see Evanthe, but they had been able to make some form of excuse. They both thought she was starting to see through them, though.

Kim nodded. "Hope we can figure out something soon, to protect her permanently." She glanced around, and whispered softly, "Any sign of Evanthe yet?"

Adam shook his head. "No, and we'd better find her soon, because Elissa's going to find out about it sooner or later."

Kim nodded. "Billy's been looking for her ever since he got to the Command Center. He hasn't stopped for a second." She stared suddenly, as Elissa opened her eyes and stared at them. "Umm...Adam..."

Adam glanced around, and bit his lip. "Oh, man. ."

"You heard, huh?" Kim asked unnecessarily. Elissa turned away from them both, tears filling up her eyes.

Elissa, we didn't want you to worry!

Adam, if I were you right now, I'd leave this apartment.

I'm leaving Kim here. We are not leaving you alone.

Take her with you. Right now, I don't want to see any of you!

Elissa, you're in danger, you know what Evanthe dreamed, and you know that her dreams come true.

I don't care. I want you both out of here.

Adam looked to Kim. "She wants us out of here. She's really upset."

Kim shook her head. "I don't blame her, but I'm not leaving."

Adam nodded. "I'm going to go to the Command Center and see if there's any news." Kim nodded as Elissa cried into the couch pillows, and watched quietly as Adam teleported off. A few seconds later, the werewolf turned around, growling when she saw Kim still there.

"I'm not leaving, Elissa. I couldn't live with myself if something happened to you because of me leaving."

Elissa glared at her, trying to get into her wheelchair. "I'm going with you wherever you go." Elissa tried to push her away, but Kim wasn't taking no for an answer. I'm still coming with you wherever you are." No matter what Elissa tried, Kim was right next to her. "Elissa, I know you're upset, but we're not going to leave you unguarded, deal with it!"

Elissa headed out for the elevator, Kim right behind her, right until Elissa hit a nasty bump outside. Before Kim could stop her, the chair tipped over and Elissa crashed into a tree. The Pink Ranger ran over to her. "Are you okay?"

As Elissa tried to get her wits back, Kim set the chair back up and did her best to help Elissa back into it, even with the other girl pushing her away. Kim looked at her. "We care about you, Elissa, that's why we didn't tell you. You had enough to worry over."

Elissa glared at her through the tears. Adam, call off your guard.

Not until we know you're safe.

NOW! He sighed. All right. The communicators crackled. "Kim, leave her alone."


"Let her be alone." Adam said quietly. "Come on to the Command Center, we could use some more help looking for Evanthe." Kim sighed.

"Fine." she teleported out, leaving Elissa there by herself. The crippled wolf rolled herself over to a tree and cried her heart and soul out.

* * *
When Kim arrived back in the Command Center, all she saw was everyone going this way and that, looking everywhere they possibly could for Evanthe, and thinking up new places to look for her at. She started helping as fast as she could.

Liana, the vampire bride of Vincent's to whom she had given her powers, started to go over some information. I wonder if I should ask Vincent to bump into Elissa. Ohhh. ..she closed her eyes for a moment as a silver spear of pain went through her head.

"Liana?" Aisha looked at her. "Are you all right?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." Liana nodded. "Probably just need a little break."

Aisha nodded. "If you're sure."

"I'm sure." the Rose Ranger smiled faintly. "I'm going to go lay down. Call me if you turn anything up."

"We will."

Liana headed over to Adam, tapping him on the shoulder. "If you want, I can have Vincent accidentally bump into Elissa."

Adam nodded. "That might be a good idea; someone needs to keep an eye on her."

Liana nodded, teleporting out with just a faint touch of internal nausea. Rocky looked at Billy as she vanished. "Anything yet? Anything at all."

Billy sighed. "No."

"We know they have, or had her." Tommy said, and Billy glared at him. "Sorry. I didn't mean it quite like that."

Billy growled, "They have her. I know she's still alive. I just know it!"

Kim nodded. "She is, Billy, and we'll find her."

"And we'll find her soon." Tommy agreed.

* * *
Goldar and Vile stood on the balcony of the SpaceSkull, staring down at Earth. Evanthe was in the form Goldar had chosen for her when he didn't want to use her: a small black cat, locked up in a cage. Vile laughed suddenly. "Goldar, I am brilliant!"

"Indeed you are, sire!" goldar agreed, wondering just what this had to do with anything.

Vile smiled darkly. "How would you like a child?"

"What!?" Goldar stared at him in shock. Vile nodded.

"I want you to impregnate my granddaughter." Vile said softly, coldly. "I want a great-grandchild that is pure evil: like me."

Goldar nodded. "Sire, she's a vampire. It's not possible; they used some form of magic, I believe, so they could have their other brat."

The sorcerer shrugged. "Then I'll use my own magic."

The warrior bowed his head. "I would be honored to father your great-grandchild, sire."

"I am sure you will be." Vile agreed. "Next time you play with her, let me know."

"I was going to tonight." Goldar told him. "We're going to have to have to feed her, sire. Even as a cat, she is still a vampire, she needs blood. I must take care of my pet after all!"

Vile shrugged. "Fine. Pity she can't drink werewolf blood. I'd take the one called Elissa and feed her that. But since that can't be done, take some from the local blood banks."

His warrior and future effective grandson-in-law laughed, bowing. "I'll go at once. I'm sure she's hungry after the fun we had earlier!"

"True." Vile agreed. "Go get her food, then she will become the mother of your child!"

Goldar smiled. "I'm certain she will be honored, but even if she isn't, she's going to have it!"

* * *
Three weeks had passed since Evanthe's capture. Elissa stared out of the patio window, her eyes dark. Adam came up behind her. Elissa?

She had hardly spoken to him at all in the last three weeks;, though she had communicated briefly in sign language to Vincent a few times. Adam sighed. "I'm sorry." He'd lost track of how many times he'd said that the last few weeks. Elissa backed away from him, going over to pick up her sketchpad and start working again. Adam groaned. "I'll be at the Command Center. Billy came up with a new program that might be able to locate Evanthe."

He was about to teleport out when there came a knock on the door. "I'll get it." He opened the door to see Sophie and Skull standing there. "Hello!"

"Adam!" Sophie stared. "May we come in?"

"Sure." He opened the door, and glanced to Elissa. Sophie and Skull are here.

Elissa looked over and smiled widely, then wheeled over to them. Skull's jaw dropped when they saw her in the chair. "Elissa, what happened to you?"

Maybe you should stay, Adam.

I think so too. Adam explained what had happened to her by Finster's hands. Sophie growled.

"I would have killed him when Rito told us what had happened," She snapped. Adam nodded.

"We all want our hands on him."

Skull glanced at them both. "So...I...uh...take it you together?"

Well, what do I tell him, Elissa?

We are, but don't think that makes me happy with you right now!

All right. He spoke aloud. "Yes, we're together."

Skull smiled deeply. "That's good,,..." he glanced at Sophie. "We got married!"

Adam smiled and the two of them hugged their friends. "Congratulations!"

Sophie smiled. "So, how is everyone doing since we left?"

Adam sighed. "As well as can be with Evanthe missing." He explained what was going on, noticing vaguely that Elissa was wiping some sweat away from her forehead.

Sophie shuddered at the tale. "Vile is sick!" she regretted everything she'd ever done as Girard's mate, and was going to do all she could to make up for it: including helping the Rangers defeat Vile now.

Adam!! Elissa tried reaching for his arm, only to fall out of her chair, unconscious. Adam whirled around, his jaw falling open in shock.

Elissa? Elissa, can you hear me? There was no answer, and he picked her up. "I'm going to take her to the Command Center."

Sophie nodded. "Take care of her. Let us know how she is, we're staying at the Angel Grove Motel for now." She handed him the number of their room.

Adam nodded. "Thanks. We'll let you know as soon as we know anything."

"You'd better!"

Adam nodded and teleported off quickly. What he heard when he entered was, "Two minutes and the program will be fully operational."

"We're going to find her this time." Aisha said eagerly. Billy nodded.

"We'd better." Billy glanced to Liana. "Are you okay?"

The Rose Ranger leaned against a console, sweat pouring off her. "Yes...."

"Are you certain?" Billy looked over when Adam teleported in, Elissa in his arms. "What happened!?"

Adam looked scared. "She just collapsed!" Alpha started running tests at once. "What is it, Alpha? What's wrong with her?"

"It will take some time to get the results back." the robot told him, and Adam started pacing in the 'pacing back and forth' area set aside for worried Rangers.

Billy started running the new program he'd invented, and smiled widely. "I found her!" just knowing where someone was didn't always mean the Rangers could teleport them from somewhere; frequently they were blocked or they couldn't get a definite lock on them. That was what took them so long to find captives on occasion; especially this one. "Locking on. ..she should be!"

They all turned as a purple flash entered the Command Center, and a small, ill-fed, ill-treated black cat appeared. Tommy blinked. "Um, Billy, I think that there's something wrong with your program."

The cat looked up at Billy and meowed softly, weakly. Alpha scanned quickly, and glanced at Billy. "That's your wife."

"I don't believe it!" Billy stared. "Her prediction came true!"

The cat nodded briefly, and Alpha checked the scan again. "Want the good news?" Billy nodded, and Alpha told him, "You're going to be a father again! I can change her back now if you want."

Billy nodded in shock, as Alpha picked up the tiny feline and carried her into a back room. A few moments later, Evanthe, in human form, came stumbling out, wrapped up in a blanket and with tear streaks down her cheeks. Billy ran right to her, holding her quickly. "B..Billy.." she murmured softly, leaning against him and crying.

"It's going to be okay." he told her. Evanthe shook her head.

"No, it isn't."

Liana looked at them, then went pale suddenly. "I..don't...." she collapsed, eyes rolling up into her head. Alpha ran over to her with his scanner, quickly recaliberating it.

"Someone call Vincent!"

When the vampire king appeared, he ran straight to his wife. "What's wrong with her?"

Alpha told him, "The scans say she's having a severe allergic reaction to the Rose Ranger powers."

"Then take them away!" Vincent insisted. Alpha shook his head.

"She has to give them to someone. . .to a werewolf. The Rose powers belong to the werewolf kind, and the Purple ones belong to the vampire kind."

Vincent sighed, then looked over to Elissa. "This isn't a good sign." he half-breathed. Adam glared at him.

"What is it?"

"The Healing Fire. Very few werewolves have survived it. I hope she's one of them." He looked at her, then back at Liana. This wasn't a good sign.

Aisha walked over to Evanthe, leaning still against Billy. "You need to eat."

Evanthe whispered softly, "I need to die..."

"Don't you dare say that!" Billy shouted. "I'm not going to let you leave me again!"

Evanthe shook her head. "Billy...I'm pregnant."

"I know."


Billy frowned. "What about him?"

She shuddered. "'s his..." she would never forget the agony Goldar had put her through, so many times, and how he had laughed at her screams.

Her husband's eyes flashed. "I'm going to kill them!"

"Vile did it. He..he did something so it's going to look human, but be evil." she murmured. Alpha scurried over with a scanner, running it over her stomach.

"I can fix the evil part." he said. Billy looked at her quietly.

"Will you let Alpha fix the being evil part of what Vile did?" he asked. Evanthe nodded quietly. "I will love that child with all my heart, like it was my own."

As Alpha began his preparations, Tommy came to join them. "How are you holding up, Evanthe?"

"I couldn't do anything to stop him," she whispered. "They said if I didn't co operate, they'd kill Elissa."

He nodded, looking at her carefully. "You need food."

"I know." she nodded. "All I got there was blood bank blood, in a dirty bowl."

Tommy took her hand gently. "I promised that if you ever needed any, I'd be here for you to take some of my blood. Time to pay up on that promise."

Evanthe looked at him. "Are you sure?"

"Yes. What else are friends for?"

She nodded quietly, and he was struck by how sad and lonely her eyes were now. "I don't think anyone wants to watch me feed."

He twisted his hair up into a ponytail and together the two of them teleported away.

* * *
Vile hissed when Goldar reported that Evanthe was no longer in her cage. "Not again! Those meddlesome Rangers will pay!"

"And this time, she's pregnant!" Goldar growled. Vile regained his composure almost at once. He did have an image to maintain, after all.

"No matter." he said. "The child is one of pure evil!"

"And I had so much fun creating it!" he mocked. Vile smiled with purest evil in his gaze.

"We wait till she has the child...then we take it back!"

Goldar nodded. "And take the mother with it. She'll still be a good little pet!"

Vile nodded. "We shall put them both where the Rangers cannot get them, ever!" He considered for a few moments. "We shall have some fun with the Rangers, Goldar. They are at least one Ranger short for a while, and we can send a few monsters to attack them."

The evil warrior nodded. He also had a few plans he wanted to enact upon the bearer of his child.

* * *
Aisha looked at Elissa. "Any change, Alpha?"

"Nothing yet." the robot told them. Adam stared down at his wife, holding her hand, and murmuring over and over for her not to leave him, that he loved her. He almost jumped out of his skin when he felt her skin suddenly go ice cold.

"She'll be okay." Rocky tried to reassure him. Adam just stared.

"" Vincent put a hand on his shoulder in comfort, and Adam sighed. "Elissa, don't leave me...I love you!"

They watched for several tense moments, then Adam's eyes went wide when he heard her talking. "Adam...turn the air-conditioner off...please..." her eyes were still closed, and Adam shouted for a blanket, which he wrapped around her. Slowly, her eyes started to open. "Adam..."

"Elissa!" he smiled. "You're all right!"

She sat up, wrapping the blanket around herself snugly. "I'm freezing! What's wrong with Liana?"

He took a deep breath. "She's having an allergic reaction to the Rose Ranger powers."

"What!?" Her eyes went wide. "Alpha, how do we fix it?"

"Only a werewolf can have the Rose powers, Elissa." Alpha told her. "Just as only a vampire can have the Purple ones."

"Then give me back my powers." Elissa said firmly. Adam looked at her.

"Are you sure?"

She nodded. "I don't have much of a choice. Either I take the powers back, or my friend gets worse. Yes, I'm sure."

Alpha told her, "Liana has to give them back to you."

Elissa slowly got off the bed and made her way awkwardly over to Liana. "Liana...can you hear me?"

"E..E. ..Elissa?"

The first Rose Ranger nodded. "We're going to help you, but first, you have to give me back the Rose Ranger powers. They're what's causing you to feel like this."

Liana fumbled the morpher out, handing it to ELissa. "Here..they..belong to you anyway."

As Elissa took them, a faint spark of rose light came between them, and Liana fell into a deep sleep. "She just needs rest now."

Elissa tried standing up, but fell back down. Adam helped her up, and she looked at him. "Let's go home."

Adam nodded. "I think we all need some serious rest." Elissa put her arms around him, and in a rainbow of light, the Rangers went home at last.

* * *
Billy sat down next to Evanthe, staring at her. Evanthe was crying in her sleep, tears falling endlessly into her thick hair. He put his arms around her. "You're home."

Her eyes opened. "Billy?"

"I'm here."

She looked up at him, eyes red. "Billy. .the dreams..the last two. .Vile sent those to me." Her tears fell. "He wanted you guys to be focusing on Elissa, so he and Goldar coud..could..." she huddled against him, slowly speaking of the collar, the leash, the cage, the beatings, all that she had went through. Billy gazed softly at her.

"You are safe now. He won't do that to you again."

She glanced at her stomach. "Then. .he put that in me, and he was laughing all the time! I couldn't do anything, nothing at all!"

"Remind me to kill him the next time I see him." Billy said

Evanthe sobbed, "Vile kept saying that my dreams would help him win against the Ranger..."

He looked her deep in the eyes. "They will help us defeat him, not the other way around. there are some good things that came today. You are home safe, Elissa is back as a Ranger, and talking, probably yelling at Adam right about now, but still." She nodded quietly. "I love you Evanthe Cranston, and I will until the day the earth stops, and beyond."

She held him gently. "I kept thinking about you the whole mite I was there. Hoping they were just tormenting me with the threat of the child, hoping it couldn't done, praying if it could be that it would be yours somehow. I wanted dreams of us winning against them, anything but the nightmare I lived there."

"We will win, and soon," Billy told her. "And that child is ours now."

She sighed, and nodded. But I can never forget who put it there.

Billy hugged her deeply, kissing her on the forehead. "We're going to take this day by day."

"How else could be take it?" she sighed.

"Second by second?" There wasn't even a smile from her, and he slowly kissed her. "You need some rest." She nodded, and slowly fell to sleep, her face sad and drawn. Billy watched her sleep for a few moments, then fell asleep with his arms around her, protecting her from all the world.