Silver and Sapphire
by Cynthia and Kahva

"I never realized just how much stuff was stored in here, Billy!" Kahva pulled out another box of old gadgets and equipment, barely holding back a sneeze as the dust stirred up her allergies. The Sapphire Ranger flashed her a sheepish grin.

"Neither did I!"

Adam's teasing voice floated into the room at that point, followed by the Green Zeo Ranger himself. "Ah, you haven't been here long enough to learn that Billy's a packrat!"

"I am not!" Billy protested, still grinning. It was true, though, he'd hardly thrown anything away that he had made since becoming a Ranger.

Kahva pulled a spray can out of the box she was looking in, and sneezed at the dust cloud that small action stirred up. "Oh, really?" she half-smiled, suppressing a giggle. "Are you quite sure about that?"


"Be honest, Billy!" Adam laughed. Billy threw up his hands in surrender.

"Okay, okay, I'm a packrat!" he admitted. Kahva grinned a little, then held up the can she was looking at.

"So that would explain this can, I guess. Is it any good anymore, or does it need to be thrown out?" She held it up so her two partners in cleaning could see it. She didn't expect the strange looks on their faces as they saw it, though.

Billy sighed deeply, his smile fading. "I'd forgotten that was in here," he said. Adam nodded.

"So had I."

Kahva frowned a little, afraid she had somehow done something wrong. "Oookay," she said nervously. "I'll just put this back where I found it and we'll pretend this didn't happen then."

Billy moved to stop her as she reached to put it back in the box. "No Kahva, don't," he smiled a trifle. "It's okay, really. We owe that can a lot."

"You owe a can?" Kahva asked, puzzled. "Should I even ask what that means?"

"That's the can that contains the spray that helped bring Sheena back to us that first time Mondo had her," Billy explained.

"This is the spray that broke the mind control potion's hold on her?" Kahva stared at the small can she held in wonder. Billy gave a small smile and nodded.

"Sort of," he told her. "It wiped her memory, and then I was able to link with her mind and trigger her full memories, so she could use the Silver Flame to get rid of the potion."

Kahva raised an eyebrow, her curiosity thoroughly piqued. "Sounds like a really good story. So who gets to tell me?" she inquired expectantly, looking from one young man to the other. Adam nodded for Billy to do the honors.

"Well," Billy started with a deep breath, casting his thoughts back to that day so long ago. That fateful day when the lives of the Rangers had changed forever... When his life in particular changed dramatically. "It all got started when we first heard of a Silver Ranger..."

* * *

Alpha scanned the entire planet over and over, trying to track down where the Cogs had appeared. The Rangers sat together, quietly discussing the new Ranger. As they did, Adam glanced over to see Billy staring into the viewing globe almost mindlessly.

"Billy?" He went over to his friend, and glanced into the globe. Frozen within it was the image of the new Silver Ranger that Zordon had shown them not long before. "Earth to Billy, are you okay, man?"

"Hmmm? What?" Billy glanced up at Adam's voice.

"Are you okay?" the Green Ranger asked. "You didn't seem to be here with us just then."

"I wasn't," Billy gestured to the viewing globe. "I was thinking about her."

"The new Silver Ranger? Yeah, we're all worried about what Mondo might do to her," Adam stated. "And the longer she's with him, the more damage he and Klank can do.

"It's more than just that," Billy shook his head. "Adam, it's something much more than that… for me, at least," he paused for a moment. "I - I love her."

"You what?" Adam couldn't believe his ears, this was calm, logical, always looking before leaping Billy, suddenly declaring he was in love with a total stranger.

"I love her," Billy repeated. "I've dreamed about her all my life, literally."

Adam took a deep breath, not quite sure how to handle this little bombshell. "How do you know you love the real woman, not the dream? A dream and reality can be completely different, Billy."

"I know they can be different," Billy said softly. "I don't know how I know I love her, I just do. I can feel it in every part of me." Billy sighed and gazed longingly at the image in the viewing globe. "I love her," he repeated simply.

Adam had never seen that look on Billy's face before. His friend was completely sure of himself. "Then when we get her back, I think you and this new Ranger need to have a serious conversation. You need to find out if what you feel is real, and you need to find out just what she feels."

"I know," Billy nodded, then sighed deeply. "I know her face, I've known it all my life. I just wish I had a name to go with it."

"Once we find her, that's the first thing we're going to ask her." Adam smiled a little, feeling much better when he saw Billy doing the same.

"What would have you said, Adam, if I had ever told you I was in love with a woman in my dreams?"

Adam grinned. "I would've said you were a bit crazy," he replied, glancing at the image in the viewing globe. "But the more I look at her, the more I have to admit, I can't really blame you!" Adam paused for a moment. The question had to be raised, no matter how much the answer might hurt Billy. "What are you going to do if she... ummm... doesn't feel the exact same way about you?"

Billy sighed again, a long and depressing sound. "I don't know, Adam. Probably be extremely depressed, to say the least. I just don't know, all I can do is follow my heart and hope for the best. I have to hope she loves me too, because right now, I can't imagine going through the rest of my life not knowing her as at least a friend."

Adam put an arm around Billy's shoulders. "Whatever happens, Billy, we're your friends, and we are always here for you. I'm here for you, whenever you need to talk, okay?"

"Thanks, Adam," Billy smiled and nodded. "Thanks a lot."

"What are friends for?" Adam had grinned before walking back over to the others. But even after Adam's reassurance, Billy felt his emotions tearing him apart.

"What if we can't get her away from Mondo, what if she already serves him? Sweet Jesus, what am I going to do if I have to live without her in my life?" Billy didn't dare to share any of this with the Rangers just yet though, because even for all of his celebrated knowledge, he had absolutely no answers for the questions which tormented his heart and soul.

* * *

Billy felt the love pouring through him and from him, the pure, unrestrained emotion, unhindered by any possible uncertainty or misunderstanding. Pure, true love filled him, and flowed from him. In that one moment, he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that this woman, this Sheena Devereaux, was more than just someone he had dreamed about, more than someone he loved. She was his true soulmate, his friend, his beloved. The one who knew the inside of his mind as well as he knew hers, the one who would always be there for him, as he would always be there for her. "Together forever, forever together," the words flitted through his mind.

It was time to get her free from Mondo's control, with two simple words.

"Sheena Devereaux!" he screamed her name to the stars. As it had when she had first taken the power into herself, time seemed to stop. From somewhere in the vicinity of her heart, a pale light began to glow. Billy knew instinctively this was the Silver Flame, and he watched as it ran throughout all her being, finding the potion that bound her to Mondo's will and service, destroying it. She stood upright, her eyes gleaming like the greenest of new leaves, with no trace of red at all.

"I am free."

* * *

Kahva stared at Billy, awestruck, once the tale was over. "Sheena never told me any of this, you guys really were made for each other!"

Billy sighed. "Yeah, we were. I've always wondered what she felt during that, though." Billy gazed at the can in Kahva's hand, the love he felt for his wife shining in his eyes. "I've never asked her."

Kahva smiled at the young man who was essentially her brother now, as well as best friend, placing a gentle, reassuring hand on his arm. "Knowing her, I'd lay odds that when you touched her, after Tommy had sprayed her, she felt almost exactly the same way you did: indescribably in love."

A smile played on Billy's lips as he thought about it. "I certainly hope so," he said after a few moments.

"Well, there's only one way to find out, you know!"

"Ask her?"

"Yup!" Kahva and Adam chorused. Billy chuckled a little.

"I think I'll do that," he decided. "We're supposed to have lunch together today in the park. That might be the perfect time."

Adam nodded. "I can't think of a better time or place, so it sounds like a plan to me!" As Kahva smiled and nodded, Adam continued, "So to answer Kahva's question before you leave for lunch; what should we do with the can?"

"Put it somewhere safe," Billy decided. "Heck, maybe we should build a little museum for some of these things!"

As Kahva put the can carefully on a medicine shelf, she nodded. "Maybe make another display case out in the main chamber for some of them? 'Things that have saved the Power Rangers', or something like that?"

"Sounds good to me!" Billy beamed as he helped put the last few things away. _I can't wait to see Sheena this afternoon. We have a lot to talk about._

* * *

Sheena hummed a little to herself as she typed. _Going back home for a visit after Mondo's last stunt two weeks ago was just what I needed. It was just what Kahva needed too, the look on her face when Daniel surprised her at Jaycynda and Cindy's… I wish he could be here for the surprise we've got planned, but he's got that big audition. Kahva was so thrilled for him._ Sheena smiled; Billy had been able to come with them as well, making the trip back to their old dimension even more special. _Being alone with Billy, being around all my old friends, and three whole days knowing that Mondo was nowhere near felt so good! I just wish we could've stayed longer._ Yes, things had certainly calmed down considerably and had been more peaceful around her since she'd blocked off Kahva Kilanye's memories within her, Sheena decided. Still, her ancestor's assurances that she would need those memories one day still worried her on occasion.

_Forget it!_ she snapped to herself. _You've got more important things to worry about,_ she thought, frowning at her computer screen. _Like how in the world I'm going to finish this story here._ Her head came up suddenly as a soft noise sounded behind her. Adrenaline filled her as she whirled, half-expecting to see Cogs there...

And saw only the room as it had always been. She shook her head. _I'm just too jumpy when I'm alone. But it was JUST like this when the Cogs abducted me in my old apartment..._

Sheena had deliberately avoided thinking about that; about her abduction, then the first time she'd seen Mondo... and then Klank... the lab... the potion... but found she couldn't avoid the memories today…

* * *

Klank looked at the young woman approvingly, noticing the red tinge to her eyes now. He made a note to himself to look into that, the potion had never had that effect on any other humans before. "Now for a little surprise for King Mondo." He turned back to the counter where his potions, drugs and devices were scattered everywhere and selected just the right one. Turning back to the proto-Silver Ranger, he shoved a vial at her. "Drink this!" he ordered. Without the slightest hesitation, she did so.

Klank ran a quick scan on her after she'd taken the hormone potion, then nodded to himself. Her musculature and skeletal structure had been altered somewhat, on a rough scale he would say she was nearly twice as strong as she had been before. That would be something he would keep from Mondo, at least for now. A little surprise for his king, an enslaved Ranger who was as strong as all the others before and after being morphed. He laughed to himself. The forces of evil were going to win this day!

* * *

Sheena shuddered as she remembered how that second potion had tasted. It was vile to the extreme, a scorching liquid that had hurt to drink. Thankfully that hadn't needed to be burned out of her; it had worn off naturally without a second application of it.

Sheena frowned a little, her nerves inexplicably on edge. She simply couldn't shake the feeling that someone or something was watching her. _I don't want to worry the others, though. Knowing my luck, it's probably just a stray cat or something._

A flicker of light from her computer caught her attention; she'd been idle for so long her screen saver had kicked in. _Well, whatever it is, I hope it's enjoying watching me pull this out of my brain. Back to work girl, this novel isn't going to write itself!_

* * *

He swore quietly to himself as he made certain the shadows hid him completely. _Blast it!! I could've ruined everything! I forgot how sensitive her hearing is, and how jumpy she is when she is alone! Curse Mondo, that's his fault, it is!_ Calming himself, he sighed. _Well, she won't have to worry about dealing with him much longer. No, not much longer at all._

The wizard smiled as Sheena turned back to her computer. _Oh my lovely Sheena, you are so devoted to your craft, I could watch you for hours on end._ He laughed silently to himself. _In fact, I've been watching you from both near and far for just under a year now... but it is nearly time for the watching to go to another level. Before this day is over, you'll be watching your so-called love exit your life... and yourself entering mine... for all eternity._

His plans were finally complete, they needed only the last few details to be done with. Then she would be his.


* * *

Sheena worked over her keyboard, thinking, plotting and writing. But even as she worked, her thoughts were inexorably pulled back to that day, to something she'd never told the other Rangers about.

To after she'd captured Billy. To when the first stirrings of love had nearly gotten her killed.

* * *

The Silver Ranger stared incessantly at the sleeping human in the cell. Had her face been visible, it would have been marked with confusion and concern. She berated herself internally for this, why was she feeling so... so CARING for this human?

She looked up as she heard the door to the prison area opening. As King Mondo entered, she leapt to her feet and bowed. "My lord, I await your commands," she snapped.

"How is the human, Silver Ranger?" Mondo looked approvingly at his slave warrior.

"He sleeps, master, and will continue to do so for the next few hours," she stated, unlocking the cell door and placing a canister of sleeping mist next to the prisoner, watching as he stirred briefly, trying to resist the gas even in semi-consciousness, then falling into a deeper sleep. After exiting the cell and locking the door, she glanced at this human, this Billy, feeling a strange fluttering in her heart as she did so. Without really knowing why, she whispered the command to power down, staring at him with a multitude of emotions tearing through her.

Mondo glared at her suddenly. "Why did you power down? I gave you no orders to do so! What is the matter with you?!"

"I don't know, master," Sheena shook her head. "I just feel drawn to him, I feel something about him... for him..." She couldn't explain it at all. She looked up fearfully as Mondo seized her by one arm and dragged her out of the prison area, ordering several Cogs to take her place there. _Oh no, I knew I should not have demorphed! I have failed him! I have failed my master!!_

Mondo viciously threw her against the wall outside the prison area and glared at her with all the evil in him. "How dare you feel anything for him? For anyone?! You may feel NOTHING for anyone that I do not order, especially not the Power Rangers and their friends! You are to HATE them, is that understood? HATE!" He repeated the word several times, slapping her almost hard enough to break her neck. "Hate! Hate! HATE!! You are to feel nothing, no emotions save that one!"

Sheena shivered a little, as something flickered through her mind, an image of herself and the human prisoner, hand in hand, so very close to each other. "Not even love, my master? Not ever?"

Mondo very nearly killed her then, right where she cowered before him. "Hah! Love?! Of course not! It is a silly, useless human emotion, one you do not need! What makes you think you would ever want that anyway, you idiot?" he snorted. "It is a weak, pathetic emotion, for weakling humans like him!" he gestured back down the hallway to the holding cell where the unconscious Billy was still imprisoned. "You are my warrior, and my warriors are not weak! Weaklings are useless and have no value, remember that, Silver Ranger!"

Sheena slowly made her way to her feet and bowed her head, not daring to look in her master's eyes without permission or command. "I will remember, my master," she replied, obediently powering back up at his command.

"See that you do! Now come along. You have angered me severely, and you must earn my forgiveness." He practically dragged her away from the dungeon area, into a broad arena where a round dozen Cogs stood in a neat row. "You will fight these Cogs, the finest that have been built, to the death: yours or theirs, it doesn't matter which."

The Silver Ranger nodded, pulling her sword out, only to have it slapped away. Although she would be allowed to stay morphed, she would have to fight this battle of redemption unarmed. Mondo shuffled off to be with his family to watch her battle, he would either regain a fine warrior slave, or be rid of a weakling idiot before long. Their voices sounded clearly as if she were next to them as she and the Cogs fought, their cold words burning their way into her mind, cutting her heart for some reason, even though she'd just clearly been told that she wasn't entitled to any feelings at all. Only humans could have emotions. She was simply a warrior, a thing created only to carry our her master's orders. Still, the words dug into her, crushing her heart as she dismantled one Cog after the other, following her orders like an obedient warrior slave should.

"What did she do to anger you, my love?" Queen Machina was asking. "I thought she was the perfect slave."

"Phagh!" Mondo spat oil out into the arena. "That stupid idiot! She was asking questions about LOVE!" Mondo shook his head. "I must talk to Klank about that; the potion should have destroyed all those foolish desires forever!"

Machina chuckled wickedly. "How foolish of her to ever think that anyone could ever love her, that she could ever even deserve love! She isn't worthy of that, and never will be."

"I have no idea!" Mondo watched with evil glee as Sheena continued to tear her way through the Cogs. She was definitely a magnificent warrior. "She's just a stupid slave... but a very powerful one. She will be the ultimate weapon to destroy the Rangers with."

Long minutes passed as Sheena tore asunder every Cog that came up against her. Once she was done, she stood victorious in a pile of scrap metal. Mondo gazed approvingly upon her as she knelt in a proper salute of service and loyalty. "Well done!" he declared. "You have earned my forgiveness this time. But disobey me ever again, show weakness ever again, and you will be terminated," he glanced to where the remainders of the Cogs were starting to be incinerated by their companions. "Is that understood?"

Sheena refused to wince as she looked at the wrecked Cogs, now destined for the incinerator. "I understand, my Master. I will not disobey you ever again."

* * *

Tanya quietly walked into the cabin. Sheena had told her she probably wouldn't hear her knock if she were deep into her writing, so she was to just come on in when she got there. The Yellow Ranger had wanted a couple of easy ki-see lessons, the art seemed to confuse the Cogs, and Tanya was getting fairly interested in it from seeing Sheena, Tommy, and Kahva's movements.

Her heart sank as she entered Sheena's home office, only to see the Silver Ranger sitting with her back to the computer, eyes wide, and full of shock, love, pain... "Sheena?" she asked, her hand already moving to her communicator, preparing to call the Power Chamber. "Sheena, are you okay?" _Oh, please, no, not more sleepwalking!_

"Tanya?" Sheena shook herself, then looked at her friend.

Tanya came over to her quickly. "Are you okay? Do I need to call Billy, you seemed out of it there just then."

Sheena shook her head. "No, I'm okay, I was just remembering something."

"Really?" Tanya frowned a little. "A good memory or a bad one?"

"Little bit of both."

Tanya's frown deepened. "Anything you want to talk about?"

"Well... yes..."

Tanya had heard that inflection in Sheena's voice before, and knew full well what it meant. "But not with me, right? Who do you need; Kahva?" Tanya started to raise her communicator to her lips, but was stopped by Sheena's gentle hand.

"No," Sheena sighed a little. "She's at the Power Chamber, and I don't really want to interrupt them right now." _And I really don't want to worry her with this, she worries about me enough as it is._

"Yeah, she and Adam are helping Billy do inventory today," Tanya nodded, then looked a bit more at her friend. "She's not the one you need to talk to, is she? You need to talk to Billy, don't you?" At Sheena's sigh and nod, she continued, "How about we skip my lesson, then? I know you and Billy were talking about going to the park for a while before we all go to the carnival, maybe you two should get an early start."

Sheena's eyes flicked around the room, she still couldn't get rid of the sense that hidden eyes were on her, watching her every move. She decided not to worry about it, for now. _I'm just jittery right now, that's all._ "I don't know," she finally murmured. "Tanya, I might need to talk to Billy, but I want to talk to someone else about one other thing I remembered."


"You, and Tommy too, preferably." _Except for Kahva, Tanya's the closest friend I have here, and Tommy understands about being forced to serve evil. Well, so does Kat, but I think I want to keep this confined to as few people as possible. The last thing I need is to have all of them worrying over me like a bunch of mother hens. I worried them all quite enough two weeks ago._

Tanya raised her eyebrows. "Me? Sure, what is it?" Sheena quickly revealed what she'd remembered, and as Tanya heard of the events that had taken place in the Skybase during that awful time when Sheena was evil, she shuddered. "Man, we never knew! Mondo just doesn't seem to know when to quit, does he? And I never realized just how cold they all could be," she shivered, rubbing her arms instinctively.

Sheena looked quietly at her. "Why do you think I'm so scared of him?"

"He's not going to get you again, we won't let him, Sheena!" the Yellow Ranger insisted. "I won't let him!"

Sheena smiled. "You already showed me that once," she shuddered a little. "I still remember what Mondo and Machina said though, and how it hurt even then. I couldn't show it, I didn't dare. But I felt it."

Tanya hugged her friend quickly. "You know what she said isn't true! You deserve love, everyone does! Billy loves you, we all do, never doubt that for a second, Sheena!"

"I know," Sheena returned the hug gently.

"You want me to call Billy at the Power Chamber and tell him to meet you earlier in the park than you guys had planned?"

After a short pause, Sheena nodded. "I think I need to talk to him now. I can talk to Tommy later, after the carnival. Hey, maybe you should go to the Power Chamber, since we aren't going to be practicing today. You might be able to help Adam pull off his assignment for the carnival," she grinned conspiratorially.

As a chuckling Tanya made the call, Sheena leaned back in her chair and sighed deeply. _I hope Billy can understand what I've been thinking. I think I'm going to tell him. He should know. Oh Goddess, I love him so much, but how can I be sure it is me he loves?_

Her fingers brushed against her rings for a moment, and she glanced down at them, her eyes lingering on her wedding ring. _I inherited so much from Kahva Kilanye. I hope... I pray, that this is something I did NOT get from her._

* * *

"Perfect." Billy looked around the picnic he'd set up, smiling a little to himself. There were red and white roses in a crystal vase, all the little foods he and Sheena both enjoyed… everything looked so romantic, nestled away here in this secluded little grove he and Sheena loved to go to. He glanced up as he heard light footsteps approaching, and smiled to see Sheena there.

"Sheena, you made it!" he jumped up to hug and kiss her tenderly. "I thought I'd set up something special right here, where nobody can see us." He found himself looking into her eyes, and frowned. "Sheena? Honey, what's wrong?"

"Nothing, really," she shook her head. _Now that I'm here, and he's worked so hard to set all this up, I can't risk spoiling it, I can't!_ "Just... "

A shake of his head stopped her. "I've seen that look before, don't tell me it's nothing!" Billy guided her quickly to the blanket and sat down. "What's bothering you? You can tell me, you know that."

She sighed, she couldn't hide her feelings from him no matter how hard she tried. "Just a few memories I wish had stayed forgotten."

"Stayed forgotten? What do you mean?" he frowned. "Please tell me what's bothering you. Maybe I can help." When she still didn't speak, he kissed her forehead tenderly, his fingers delicately caressing her face. "I'm a good listener, at least."

It took her a few moments, but finally she poured out the tale once more of what had occurred while he had slept in the Machine Skybase all those months ago. His eyes narrowed in rage and hate at the machines when he heard what they had said and done to his beloved wife. "As if they know anything about what it's like to care about anyone, really care! Sheena, don't you believe what they said for a single second! Everyone deserves love, everyone is worthy of love! You are more than deserving and worthy of love, believe me!"

He wrapped an arm around her as she leaned against him, her shoulders shaking. "I love you, Billy," she whispered. If he hadn't been so close to her, he would never have heard it.

"I love you, too, Sheena. I've loved you from before I knew you were real, and even more so once I knew you were real. I fall in love all over again with you every single day," he leaned down to kiss her once more, as sweetly and tenderly as he was capable of.

Her eyes were full of tears, tears she'd held back for so long as her fears returned to her full force. "How can I be sure?" she whispered, half to herself. "How…"

"I love you," Billy softly kissed her lips. "I have always loved you," he kissed her forehead. "And I always will. My life isn't whole without you in it," he cradled her face gently in his hands, drinking in the sight of his true love, her mere presence filling his heart to overflowing with joy and love.

"But do you love me because of me, or because of..." She trailed off, refusing to look at him. Billy smiled a little, he'd known this was coming.

"Or because of Silias and Kahva? I've wondered that too." Billy pulled her into his lap and wrapped his arms firmly around her. "Guess what I discovered when I looked deep into my heart."

"What?" she asked breathlessly. _Can I bear to hear the truth?_

"All those years I thought you were a dream, I loved the dream," he told her. "Even when I dated other girls, the dream was still there, but that's what it was then, only a dream. I still fell in love with other girls, but it wasn't the kind of love that two people who are going to share their lives together forever have. Then I met you for real, and you weren't a dream anymore," he paused, remembering. "I was so scared… All of a sudden, all of my secret dreams were real, and right here in reality. I didn't know if you would care for me at all. And the thought that you wouldn't nearly tore me apart."

"Then when Zordon said there had been a bond passed down through the generations, I wondered if maybe the feelings I had were manufactured somehow, that I wasn't experiencing my own true feelings." At Sheena's nod, he continued. "But when I saw you, I knew I had to find out. I had to find out if what I felt was real, and if you shared those feelings," he turned her to face him. "When I touched you in the Skybase, when you remembered who you were, I saw your life, who you were, the kind of woman you are, and I knew right then that I loved you, no matter who or what our ancestors were, or what they were to each other. I loved you, and would always love you, no matter how you felt about me."

Sheena nodded softly, her eyes shining with the love he was sending her by his touch, his warmth, and through their link, and with the love that filled her heart for him. "I knew some of what you were from the show in my own world, and what I knew of then, I loved with all my heart. When I finally met you for real, and learned who and what you are, learned all the things they never showed back there... I loved you even more. I love you now. And will for all time."

"They may have given us our heritage, our psychic bond, but love? We gave that to ourselves. I love you, Sheena Devereaux Cranston, with all of my heart and soul, and I will love you until the day I die and beyond, forever into eternity," he kissed her long and lovingly on the lips. "I love you, forever and always."

Sheena returned the kiss with all her love, and every fiber of her being. "I will love you forever, until the end of time, my heart, my soul, my love, my Billy. I will never leave you."

And then, in the sweetest, tenderest, most passionate and oldest way of those who love each other, they demonstrated that love in the peaceful seclusion of the hidden grove… much to the extreme displeasure of someone who watched from the shadows.

"He does not deserve your love, he is not worthy, only I am worthy of your eternal loyalty!" he hissed vehemently, too low for them to hear. "Sapphire Ranger, enjoy your last few minutes with Sheena, because before the day is done, she will love me and only me for all time, and you will be completely powerless to stop me!! In fact, you are going to drive her to me! Prepare to meet your true heart's master, Sheena! Prepare yourself for me!!

The End... for now