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Also please note that this story takes place when Jason is the Gold Ranger and Billy is still on Earth, not in love with some fish. This story is a little bit different than previous Ranger incarnations because, even though they are all a part of the Element team, each power is significantly different. Thank you and come again. If you get the Sailor Moon ref. in here, thats good, because that's what its there for. That is all.

The Power of Elements
by: Rangergirl Q. Jedidiah

Chapter One: The Beginning

It was a normal day at the Angel Grove Youth Center, when out of the blue, the ground started to shake. Billy and Jason looked at each other, both overcome with an odd sense of Deja Vu.

"What's going on?" Shouted Tommy.

"I don't know! Hey my Zeonizer disappeared!" replied Adam.

"Uh, guys?" said Tanya, "What's wrong with this picture?"

"Hey, everyone's just frozen!" exclaimed Kat. She was wrong, however, because she didn't notice the one twelve year old hidden behind the counter, who was watching the whole thing intently. In a flash of coloured light, the seven teens were teleported away to the Power Chamber.

* * *

Justin Stewart looked ordinary enough, but there were actually quite a few remarkable things about him, like the fact that he can teleport without using a device, and that he has a photographic memory. So when he saw the seven friends being teleported away, he remembered the fact that teleportation was something the Rangers used to get around

"Those guys are the Power Rangers?" he whispered to no one in particular, and teleported back to the shelter. He had a lot of thinking to do.

* * *

Zordon told the Rangers that what had just happened was the result of the arrival of the Supreme Master of Evil, Dr. Goldfire. "The only way to free the world from this spell is to find the Crystals of the Seven Elements." Zordon told them.

"What are the Seven Elements?" Asked Tommy.

"The Powers of Wind, Fire, Thunder, Lightning, Earth, Rain, and Ice." Said Zordon. Then he continued on with, "At least, those are the known Powers. There are two or three more that have been discovered so far, but they are passed down through the oldest child in a family. To get back to the matter at hand, the Powers of Thunder and Lightning are eternally linked, as the creators of those two powers were husband and wife, the Ice and Rain Powers can only be held by someone with strong magic ability, Fire is usually considered the leader, and the Earth Powers are on another planet, and the other Powers exist, at this moment, in an alternate dimension that can only be reached by people with certain abilities and strengths, such as TimeKeepers. So you see, this quest will not be easy. One more thing. Tanya, I regret telling you this, but unfortunately, the Element Crystals can only be used by someone with the Morphin Energy inside of them. Billy, please contact one of the former Rangers and tell them that we need their help."

At this, Tanya sensed there was something Zordon was not telling her. He couldn't just ditch her like a cold fish, couldn't he?

"Zordon? Are you sure there's nothing else? Nothing at all?" She asked. Zordon looked nervous. Yes. Tanya decided, he was definitely hiding something....something big.

-I hope one of the Rangers finds that Silver Crystal- Zordon thought, looking at Tanya's confused face. -It's Tanya's only chance at being a Ranger again-

Meanwhile, Billy was using the communications console to contact Kim. The phone rang once. twice...

"Hi, Kim, this is Billy. We kind of-"

"No!" she stated firmly.

"Pardon?" Billy looked flustered.

"I don't want to come back and be a Ranger, ask Zack, or Trini, not me. I have my gymnastics."

"But Kim..." Billy trailed off.

"Don't you but Kim me you, you...well, I don't know what you are, but I'll tell you when I think of something,"

Tommy motioned for Billy to hand him the phone. He took it and said,

"Look, Kim, this is important...You are the only Ranger we can get a hold of and we really, really need your help." He proceeded to explain the entire story.

"So you're telling me I have to be a Ranger again? I suppose this could work, but what about my gymnastics?"

"Uh, well, I, uh..." Tommy was at a loss for words.

"I suppose being a Ranger is more important than gymnastics..." The Rangers in the Power Chamber cheered, and Billy activated the teleporter. A few minutes later, everyone was ready to go.

"Teleporting now!" said Alpha. The Rangers disappeared, leaving Tanya, Alpha, and Zordon alone in the Power Chamber.

* * *

The Phantom Ranger and Blue Senturion both decided it was time to pay a visit to Angel Grove.

-The Rangers need our help- thought the Phantom Ranger

-I can't wait to see them- thought the Blue Senturion

Chapter Two: Princes and Mazes

Rocky looked around.

-Oh, great! Nobody in sight. Now what?- He thought.

Just then, he heard a voice.

"Hey, who are you? This is my secret place, not yours, go away!" Said a girl, in somewhat halting English.

"My name is Rocky DeSantos, and I'm looking for a crystal of some sort." He replied calmly.

"Yeah, right. The only person who would be looking for a crystal of any sort would be Prince Terran. But he left for Earth about six years ago."

-Hey- Thought Rocky. -That's around the time I was adopted by the DeSantos-

Just then a young man walks up to the girl.

"Impossible!" he exclaims "The Prince has returned!"

"What are you talking about?" Rocky gives the man an odd look.

"I'd better get you to Mersyle quickly, before the hunters come looking for you." The man said, grabbing Rocky's arm and jerking him along. Rocky shrugged and followed behind the man.

"I guess I should introduce myself, because, after all, thanks to the wonders of space travel and memory wipes, you wouldn't remember me. I'm Chyar, ambassador for the Planet Keyydar, where you are right now."

Just then they arrived at a magnificent palace, where an old man stepped out and walked over to Chyar and Rocky.

"So, the Prince has finally returned." spoke the old man, who in case you were wondering,was the magician Mersyle himself.

"Could someone please pick me up and take me back to Earth because I am totally confused!" Rocky said.

Mersyle took a strange looking staff out of his bag. It wasn't a very large staff, about the size of a ruler. The magician uttered some strange words, then waved the staff over Rocky's head. Slowly, bits and pieces of his memories came back to him. How the King of Keyydar, his father, had sent the eleven year old to Earth in hopes of saving him from Goldfire, who had attacked the normally peaceful planet. Once he had arrived on Earth, Terran lost all his memories of his life back home. After that, he was adopted by the DeSantos. the magician and the ambassador spent what seemed like hours with Rocky/Terran putting all the fragmented pieces back together. Everything was still not clear, though Rocky/Terran had regained quite a bit of his former life. There was one thing he knew, and that was that he needed to find this crystal, wherever it was.

* * *

Chapter Three: Maze of Time, Dimension of Rain

As Rocky, or rather, Terran, looked around his surroundings, his hopelessness grew. How was he ever going to get to the center of this stupid maze and prove himself worthy of being heir to an entire world, the burden of being a TimeKeeper (someone who's presence keeps the whole time-space continuum from going out of whack,) and not to mention the fact that completing this task would give him the Earth Element Crystal.

-what was that?- "Hey! You there!" He called out, "hello?"

"HAH!" a voice cried out from behind him.

Terran easily recognized his friend. Switching from English to his native Keyya, he spoke.

"[Calysta? Calysta Shir? What are you doing here?]" he was surprised that his friend was also in the maze. Was she on a similar quest? He hoped so. She could be a big help. Sometimes.

"[What does it look like? I'm hunting Kytos Dragons, what else?]" she said sarcastically. "[Actually, I'm trying to find my way to the center of this maze.]"

"[Well, we may as well work together. Let's try this way,]" Terran pulled her around a corner.

"[Whoops. Wrong way]" the wall they faced was covered in spikes. One step further and they would have been shiskabobs. "[Ok, let's go this way.]" he decided, heading in the opposite direction.

"[Ohh, good deduction, ysalimiri brain]" she said. Calysta always had a quick retort to anything. Usually it was coupled with an insult.

"[Think you can do better, rancor breath?]" Terran also had the same speech habits. They were, after all, best friends. Well, at least they had been best friends.

"[How about..this one?]" As she opened the door, they were struck by a crystalline light. Taking this as a good sign, the two friends continued on their quest.

* * *

-Well, geez Adam! How do you always manage to get yourself into these messes?-

And it was, literally, a mess. He had arrived in a clearing, in a strange forest. And it was pouring rain. He noticed a book lying in the ground. Somehow, it had managed to stay perfectly dry. Picking it up, he began to read. The writing was quite messy, as if done by a child of six or seven.

I decided to start this journal today, after a dream I had. In it, there was a boy, my age. I felt so sad in that dream. I watched him as he was tormented by those bigger and stronger than him. And that's all I could do, was watch. I tried to help though. I told him not to let them do that to him. I think he heard me.


"Hey geekazoid!" the bully cried. Adam didn't look up.

"Yo, dweeb! We're talkin' to you!"

"Hey, SHRIMP!" cried a third one. Adam could no longer ignore them.

"What?" he asked meekly, looking up from his book.

"We want your money, dork," the first one said. As if to prove his point, he picked up Adam and shook him. "Now cough it up!". Adam was just about to, when he heard a faint voice, as if it were coming from a great distance.

"Don't let them do this to you. If they win, they'll do it again. Stand up for yourself."

Adam didn't know who had said that, but he knew she was right. He shook his head. "No." he stated flatly. "What did you say?" the second bully was dumbstruck. "I. Said. No." he repeated slowly. "What. Part. Did. You. Not. Understand?" the three older boys were too shocked to do anything. They dropped him. Two other people came towards him. He shrunk away instinctively.

"Hey relax," said a boys voice. "That was pretty cool what you did, standing up for yourself and all," The boy said. "Oh, man, I almost forgot. I'm Rocky. That's my best friend Aisha," he jerked a thumb in the direction of the girl behind him.

"I'm Adam." It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

End Flashback

"That was major weird," he said to himself. He flipped through the rest of the journal, catching bits and pieces of his life as viewed through her eyes. The journal ended when she was thirteen.

Well, this is it, the last page of my journal. I suppose I could start a new one, for I have a feeling that this Adam person exists, and that these dreams are very real experiences to him. I think we are linked, him and I.

Adam looked on the inside back cover. Written in a messy hand was the name "Carla Lute Thrawn"

"Well, Carla, can you help me with this quest I'm on?" he spoke aloud.

There was a crackle of light, and a glistening spirit appeared before him.

"Carla." It was not a question, but rather a statement. He'd seen her before, in dreams, or in life. She'd always been there to help, but sometimes she wouldn't-or couldn't, and would stand there, looking on sadly.

"Look inside the tree of light, Adam, and say the oath of the Rangers. It will know you." Then she vanished, answering none of the questions that were swimming in his head. Glancing around, he saw there was a tree that was bathed in a soft, blue-ish silver light. Approaching it, he spoke the words that Zordon had spoke to him. The three rules, the oath of a Power Ranger.

"One. Never escalate a battle unless forced. Two. Never use the Power for personal gain. Three. No one is to know that my friends and I are the Power Rangers." As he spoke, the light converged to a single spot, inside the tree. Reaching through a knothole, he picked up the newly formed crystal. The crystal of rain. Once again, Carla appeared.

"Well done Adam. Now you will need to remain here on the Dimension of Rain until your friends have successfully completed their tasks. You are allowed to observe them, just say the name and look into a pool of water." Once again, she disappeared. Adam found a puddle and stared intently.

"Billy." He spoke his best friend's name, and the pool rippled, then steadied to reveal his face.

* * *

Billy Cranston was having a bit of trouble with this whole Element Crystal thing. He had spent what seemed like an hour traipsing across the frozen lake to no avail. The only thing he had been able to figure out was that he was to be the Ice Ranger. That much was obvious.

* * *

Chapter Four: Billy's Crystal

As Billy surveyed his surroundings, he had the oddest feeling that he was being watched. He glanced behind him, not sure of what he would find. No one was there...but there was a feeling he could not shake....

He continued on his way throughout the snow, searching for answers. There was a noise, and he whirled around, expecting a monster of some sort. Instead, he found a young woman who looked to be in her early twenties.

"Who's there?" he asked. She just smiled.

"The name is Jianna. Jianna Thrawn, second-youngest of all the Thrawn sisters, and I have been waiting for you for an entire year. What took you so long?" She asked.

"Never mind that. Come on, I've got work to do." Billy replied.

"I see you haven't changed a bit, Blue Ranger." Jianna said.


"I have my ways-aaaaahhhhh!" Jianna screamed as she was quite literally swallowed up by a hole.

"Oh, this is just not my day," Billy muttered. "Jianna? Are you okay?" he called.

"Think about it, ice-for-brains. I just fell down a hugantic pit that came out of absolutely NOWHERE, and you are asking if I'm OKAY? Sheesh, and they call you a genius..."

Billy sat, pondering the predicament. For all he knew, this could be a trap. It could really be a monster, set to catch his guard down. He decided to try something. He knew all about the Thrawn sisters from Zordon's databanks. Things that only the forces of good were permitted to know.

"Um, why don't you tell me about your family, you mentioned you had sisters..."

Jianna brightened, and began to tell Billy about her family's rather interesting story.

"My parents were born on the planet Eltare, and it was there that they had their first child, Catalina. They remained on Eltare for about 3500 years. When my mother was pregnant again, they gave Catalina a choice: she could either remain on Eltare or come with them. She chose to stay there, and later she left for Triforia to train the Power Rangers. But she was knocked out of the loop, by an evil being -she's still alive, mind you, and is technically the last female Eltarian. It's really quite confusing, but anyway, soon after they left, my parents moved to Inquiris, and had twins. They named them Dimitria and Selena. But Selena was kidnapped by space pirates when she was about 3000, still a child by Eltarian standards, and so my parents decided to leave Inquiris. Dimitria chose to stay where she had grown up. Now, this is where things get a little confusing. When my parents left Eltare, they moved to Inquiris of this dimension, not the Inquiris of that dimension. So Catalina lives in a whole separate dimension. Also, Eltare of both this dimension, and that dimension were destroyed, which is why Zordon came to Earth in the first place -well, in this reality at least. But I anyway, you may or may not know this, but in each dimension, there are sub-dimensions, one for each of the Elemental powers-apart from the power of Earth, which is handed down generation to generation by the Keyyan rulers, which is somewhat of an exception to the rule and a completely different story. So they left Inquiris for the sub-dimension of Ice, which is where you are now. And, of course, I was born. When I was about 3500, they gave me the choice to either stay and live with my aunt, or come with them. Like my sisters before me, I chose to stay. Then my parents moved to the dimension of Rain, and are still there, with my youngest sister, who is only 17, and would be just barely a child on Eltare. I haven't heard from my sisters in about a few years, but I keep in contact with Zordon, and he told me a year ago that you were to one day be the Ranger of Ice. So here I am, Eltarian by blood, but technically a sub-dimensioner. And if you are wondering why my parents had to move every time a new child was born, it was because of a curse put on her by one of the most evil beings of the known Universe, Jenga, who is actually Lord Zedd's mother. If my parents were to have more than one child on the same planet, with the exception of twins, of course, the child would die. The curse is true, because it happened to my aunt Catalina, for whom my parents named their first child" Jianna finished her tale, and took a deep breath. "Satisfied?"

-So her story checks out. Only someone who is a being of good would have access to that information, but the question remains, now what do I do?- Thinking entirely on instinct, Billy recited a verse...

"Fire and cloud and rain and snow,
Lift the spell to let her go!"

With a flourish, Billy pointed at the hole. It immediately sucked in on itself, and Jianna appeared back on the surface.

"What did you do?" She asked at the same time that Billy said,

"What did I do?"

"I don't know!" they both answered simultaneously, and laughed. With a sparkle of light, the Ice Crystal appeared. It glittered like a chunk of real ice, yet was warm to the touch. A pleasant hum filled the air, accompanied by a brighter flash of light. When the light faded back to normal, Billy stood in his white Ranger costume.

"Wow..." he whispered.

* * *

Trini and Zack boarded the plane that would take them to Angel Grove. It would be good to see all their friends once again.

"I can't beleive we actually managed to get tickets so last minute," Trini commented to her friend.

"Yeah, thats a good thing." Zack replied. Then, the voice came over the intercom telling them to fasten thier seatbelts. The flight was about to begin. Soon, they would be home, where they were needed.

* * *

Chapter Five: Whispers of Wind

"Wow..." Kat managed, looking around the setting she was in. Everything was pink. The trees, clouds, grass, everything. She smiled as a faint breeze wafted through the leaves. Suddenly, she had an unexplainable urge to follow the wind. When it finally stopped blowing, she stood in front of a massive stone structure, a giant maze of some sort. Judging from the stone gargoyles and thousands of statues of all kinds, it was of some importance. Suddenly they all came alive. Well, at least the gargoyles did. The other statues remained still. "Great." she muttered. "Just great!" and fell into a fighting stance. She remembered the stories the others told her of their battle against some stone creatures on the planet Phaedos.

"I wish you guys would just get the heck OUT of here, I have better things to do!" as if in response to her thoughts, the six gargoyles were swept away by a particularly strong gust of wind. "Weird. I just wished it and-hey!" she decided to test a theory. "I wish I had a map." nothing. "I wish..I wish my necklace would unfasten itself. She watched in amazement as it did just that. -Maybe I can control wind currents, making it possible to move things just by thinking about it.- as she thought about this, it began to make more and more sense. She remembered a time when she had been trapped under some pipes back in Australia. Somehow, the pipes had moved, and she had been able to get out. As she was busy pondering, she didn't notice that the other statues were coming to life. But this time, instead of attacking her, they ran to her, and thanked her. One of them told her where she was,

"You are in the Dimension of Wind, where the Element of Wind is created. The pink is a symbol of the wind." the young man, who looked to be a few years older than Kat, was saying.

"But why not white? Or blue? Aren't those colors more closely associated with wind?" Kat questioned. The man shook his head.

"They could be, but the Ice Powers snatched up the color white, and it's the same thing with Rain and blue. So that left all the pastel colors. Since the Wind Rangers were almost always female, pink seemed the obvious choice. And as for why all of us were turned to stone, well those gargoyles have been terrorizing New Hopetown for generations. Every year for years and years before I was born, the village's five best warriors have been sent against them. And by my count, at least one every six or so generations has been able to defeat the gargoyles in combat, and even fewer are able to enter the Maze of Time and complete it's obstacles. Even when the gargoyles were defeated, they always came back the next year. It was said that when the Enchantress of the Winds came, she would banish the gargoyles once and for all, and our fighters would be free from the curse of stone. I always thought it was just a silly legend. Before I was sent against them, I had never even been near them. Only those who go to fight have ever been there, so all we had were the stories of the returning warriors, the Wind Rangers. There never was any way to prove the story, because the gargoyles who looted our city wouldn't let a secret like that be proven. But still, I grew up with that legend. Then, on my sixteenth birthday, I was sent against the gargoyles, along with my four best friends. We failed, and were turned to stone. I have watched fifty generations pass by me, and be defeated. I have watched three people in total, two of them women, claim the powers of Wind, and only the two women were able to navigate the Maze safely. Then you came along and freed us all. And for that, we give you thanks." He pointed to the Maze doors, which were locked and bolted. Kat gasped as hundreds of people began to pull them open, some with brute strength, some with magic, and some with telekinesis. The few (meaning more like fifty) who did not assist each offered Kat something, be it a piece of advice......

"Beware the traps of truth, you will know them when you see them,"

"Follow the path you trust as right, not necessarily the one that looks right,"

"Faith in one's friends is of utmost importance,"

"Even the word hopeless has hope in it,"

........or items like food and water. After thanking all of them for their help (which took quite a long time, seeing as there were many of them), she set off into the maze, not knowing exactly what to expect.

What she found in the maze, was various tests involving memories she would rather have forgotten, and visions of her friends. There was on that almost got to her, a vision of Kim and Tommy, holding hands and looking disdainfully towards her.

"Kat, you are so mean! Stealing my boyfriend? How could you? I thought you and I were friends. The nerve!" Kim spat.

"Kim, I-I never, heck, I even tried to set him up with someone else. Tommy and I have always been friends, and nothing else. I don't think a relationship with Tommy would have gotten anywhere, because we're too different." Kat smiled in triumph as the vision of Kim faded away. Tommy still remained.

"So then, you led me on, pretending you liked me? Some friend you are, Kat." the vision Tommy crossed his arms over his chest, awaiting her answer.

"No I didn't, Tommy. You were the one who actually said we were incompatible. It was you who made me realize it. You and Kim belong together, Tommy. I would never ever ever want to lead you on. You are, and always will be, my friend." The Tommy vision faded away, and Kat continued on her journey. Along the way, she also discovered a new power, that she could turn invisible if she wanted to. When Kat finally reached the center of the maze, she was greeted by a holographic vision of Selena Thrawn.

"I have placed these Powers of Time and Wind here for safekeeping. The Alliance of Evil is out for my twin sister, and I have decided to turn myself in posing as her. I don't know what will happen to me, but these powers are important to the survival of the Universe, so I am placing them in this dimension so that Jenga and Goldfire will never find them, and only one who is cleansed of all evil and contains the Wind Essence may claim the Powers of Wind. There is only one, however, that will be able to take both the Wind and TimeKeeper Powers. This person must have been one of Zordon's Rangers, and wielded a Power Coin. They must also, as I mentioned before, have experienced the Powers of Evil, but overcome them. There is only one such bloodline, and that is of my own children." Kat thought that the woman looked oddly familiar, and it was then that she realized that Selena was the spitting image of herself, only with brown hair instead of blond. The one odd thing about her was that Selena had a purple streak of hair in a ponytail. After the message disappeared, a strange, glowing crystal. She picked it up and inspected it.

"I wonder what all them squiggly lines is for..." she said in a southern accent, and then giggled. Something triggered in her subconscious, and she cried out "Wind Chaser Turbo Power!!" a glowing pink light filled the room, and there Kat stood, in the pink uniform of the Wind Ranger. Another flash of light came, this one leaving a small medallion on her Ranger suit. Engraved on it was a symbol of an hourglass. The timekeeper's medallion. "Wow..but now what am I supposed to do?" she wondered. In a streak of pink, she left the maze and was once again amidst a mob of people. The boy came up to her, and hugged her.

"So, sis, I expect you succeeded?" he said. He noticed the odd look on her face. "Oh, you mean the image of Mother didn't tell you?"

"I learned she was my mother, yes, but if you were her son, that would make you hundreds of years old..wouldn't it?" Kat was really overwhelmed by this.

"Yeah. What happened was this. My mother had been captured by the forces of evil long before I was born. She and her husband were both turned to evil. They had two children. You, and me, Kavan. After we were each born, I guess something in Mother just couldn't let us become evil. When I was born, she sent me here to the Dimension of Wind, where she had hidden before she was captured. When you were born, she sent you to Earth, so that you would eventually meet up with Zordon and become a Power Ranger. Now, because of a threat that is brimming on your world, we must work together along with your old friends and some new ones to stop it."

"But, shouldn't I be able to go back to my dimension now?" Kat asked.

"No, you have to stay here until all of your friends each complete their quests. Then you will be allowed to return." Kavan said. He led her to his small but comfortable house on the edge of the woods, where they waited, and waited.....

* * *

"[I'm telling you Cally, its left.]" Terran was saying.

"[Oh it is not.]"

"[Is too.]"

"[Are you disagreeing with me?]" she challenged.

"[Um, no, you're right, it's right.]" and they took the right path. All was well, until the voice was heard. Well, voices.

"[This way.]" it beckoned. "[It's important.]" said a male voice.

"[What do you mean, important?]" Cally asked.

"[You seek the powers of Earth and Wood, do you not?]" said a new voice, this one female.

"[Well, yeah, but what of it?"]" Calysta challenged. Terran just stood open mouthed, wondering how she could be so gutsy to a couple of voices.

"[Terran. What if I were to tell you that there was a way for your friend Tanya to be a Ranger again?]" the female voice asked.

"[One thing. Do you always talk in questions?]" Rocky/Terran asked. When the voice replied, it was laughing.

"[And do you always answer questions with more questions?]"

The male voice then spoke;

"[Dimitria, stop it with the questions already.]" grinning, he materialized from thin air. "[It's annoying. Really annoying. I love you, but I hate the questions.]" It was obvious that this was a very old debate between the two of them.

"[Just who are you anyway?]" Rocky/Terran asked.

"[I am Darius, and this is my wife Dimitria. We are here to help you with your quest. There is also the matter of Tanya. As we said before, there is a chance she can be a Ranger.]"

"[But how?]" Terran questioned. Darius and Dimitria smiled, and motioned for the two of them to follow. They were led to a chamber in roughly the center of the maze.

"[What are we doing here?]" asked Calysta. Darius pointed to the three crystals and two medallions on a table.

"[These," he began, "[are the Element Crystals of both Earth and Wood. The medallions are the symbol of the TimeKeepers, and the last crystal is the Imperium Silver Crystal, used to energize a Ranger similar to the Gold Ranger of Triforia. There is a long history behind the Silver Crystal, and it would be best if I explained it to you.]"

"[That would be great, but Zordon said that only former Rangers could use the Element Crystals, didn't he? So how would Calysta be able to morph?]"

"[Because it is in her blood. Her ancestors were all former Rangers, and so she will be able to hold the crystal because of the pure concentration of Morphin' Energy within herself.]" Dimitria replied.

"[Oh]" When she explained it that way, Rocky/Terran thought, it made perfect sense. Picking up his crystal, he asked,

"[So how do I morph?]" he asked.

"[Simple, just think of your Element and call out, 'Earth Shaker Turbo Power']" Darius said .

"[Darius!!]" Dimitria chided "[You're not supposed to tell him how to do the morph. He's supposed to figure it out himself!]"

"[Oh...heehee....oops]" Darius smiled sheepishly. "[At least I didn't tell them both,]" Dimitria rolled her eyes. Looking over to Calysta, she said,

"[I love him, but he's an airhead]" Darius glared at her, and she playfully stuck her tongue out at him.

"[Why you little....]" he trailed off, laughing. Meanwhile, Calysta had picked up her crystal. She looked at Rocky/Terran and he nodded

"[Wood Leaf Turbo Power!]" said Calysta.

"[Earth Shaker Turbo Power!]" said Terran (I'm gonna start calling him Terran now. If you still haven't figured out who that is, well then, tough jellybeans) "[Wood Leaf?" asked the Brown Ranger. Darius shrugged.

"[Don't ask me, I didn't name them. I just helped lead you to them.]" The two Element Rangers then noticed the TimeKeeper emblems were no longer on the table, but rather a part of the uniforms.

"[Cool]" Calysta said, "[so now what?]"

"[We wait for the others to complete their quests, Calysta]" said Dimitria, "[and while we are waiting, I will tell you the story of the Imperium Silver Crystal...]"

[Long ago, the four allied planets of Earth, Triforia, Edenoi, and Cildare were under attack by an evil demon named Dark Spectre. Each of the planets was given a crystal to energize that planet's ultimate warrior. Unlike the others, however, Earth's warrior was from their moon. She was the moon princess, and had several back up fighters...the Triforian Gold Ranger was Trey's grandfather. The Platinum Ranger from Cildare was someone named Ashli Harren, beleived to be an ancestor of Emily Schultz of Earth, and the Bronze Ranger from the planet of Edenoi was a young man named Drea (pronounced Drew). The four fought nobly side by side until the enemy was vanquished. Then, the Imperium Silver Crystal was given to Darius and I as a wedding present, so we are now making sure it does not fall into the wrong hands. But the crystal longs for action, it has laid dormant too long and craves to once again aid someone in the fight against evil.]"

"[What do you mean, it?]" asked Terran.

"[The crystal is somewhat sentinent. It needs to be used or it will become depressed and not work for anyone. Take it back to Tanya and give her a chance to once again be a Ranger.]" Dimitria said.

"[Alright, but now what?]"

"[We wait]" she replied simply, "[Like I said before. Until all the others have completed their quests, there is nothing more we can do.]"

* * *

There was some kind of delay. All communications to Angel Grove had been cut off. The plane's pilot had informed the people at Stone Canyon Airport that they were about to make a landing there. Zack looed nervously at Trini.

"Something is definitly wrong here." he surmised.

"Isn't there always something wrong in Angel Grove?" Trini grinned.

"You're right."

"Aren't I though?"

* * *

Chapter Six: Thundercrash and Lightningstrike

"Hello?" Kim called out.

"Hello?" replied a voice from behind her.

"Yeah, its me. You were expecting maybe the tooth fairy?" he grinned and caught up to Kim. Walking side by side, they talked about different, life, martial arts, gymnastics, all the while avoiding the subject of love. Finally, Kim brought it up,

"Tommy, um, is there anyone who you, um, you know.....?" she trailed off, unsure of what to say.

"Love?" he laughed, "No. There only was you, Kim. I tried going out with other girls, but it didn't work. All I could ever think of was you."

"Oh Tommy!" Kim's face lit up. "I always felt the same way about you!!"

"But, that letter? Why did you write it?" Tommy was confused....if she loved him, why did she write him saying that she didn't?

"The letter? I wrote that because I thought you didn't love me, and that you shouldn't have been tied down when so many other girls would gladly have gone out with you," She sighed.

"Oh Kim," Tommy laughed, "Beleive me, I would never go out- seriously- with anyone but you," the two reunited lovers continued on their quest for the Element Crystals, hand in hand. Everything had been going fairly smoothly when two ghostly figures, who strangely enough, resembeld both Kim and Tommy greatly, stepped out from behind the bushes.

"See Kor, I told you these two were them. They seek the crystals, they know my brother and second cousin, and they even look like us too!" said the girl.

"Uhm, if you don't mind me asking," Kim spoke up, "Just who are you, and what do you want with us?"

"I'm Trandia Thrawn, pincess of the planet Keyydar, and this is my boyfriend, Korandr Ansin, called Kory by his friends. Six years ago, I was seperated from my brother Terran when they attacked my homeworld. Kory and I were sent here, the dimension of Storm, to guard the Thunder and Lightning crystals, and also be the Rangers here. Unfortuneatly, we were killed by his henchman General Snotzenxer. As a last resort to save the crystals, we absorbed them into our bodies. Now the only way a Ranger can possess these powers is if they have Morphin' Energy and are willing to merge bodies with us."

"Whoa!" said Kim, "that's pretty heavy. How is it possible to 'merge bodies', anyway?"

"Simple. All I have to do is step into you. Then it will be like we are two people in the same body. When I speak, my features will appear on the outside, and when you do, yours will. You will also gain the ability to speak any language that I know, and I will gain the same from you. We will both have free access to each other's memories and we will even be able to communicate with each other inside our heads. We also share a telepathic bond with our "other half", meaning for you and I, Kim,

Tommy and Kory. The same goes for them too."

"Morphinominal!" Kim said, "let's do it!"

"First, we need to cast a circle, so that no evil presence may enter during the process," said Kory. He proceeded to scratch a circle in the ground. He then stood with Trandia directly oppisite Tommy and Kim. With a flourish, both pairs stepped forward.

*Whoa* Kim/Trandia thought inside her head. (**note** from now on, if you see two names like this, Kim/Trandia, it's always the person who is listed first that's confusing, I know)

"It worked!" Trandia/Kim said. Her features shifted slightly, beciming an inch taller, and her hair a shade darker. The strangest thing was her eyes. Instead of being Kim's brown, or Trandia's blue, they were blue rimmed with a brown aura. When Kim spoke, it became brown with a blue aura. The same went for Tommy.

{Kim? Trandia?} said Tommy/Kory.

{Yeah. It worked} replied both Kim and Trandia, then laughed out loud.

"You know, it is so weird to have two people in the same body!" Kim/Trandia finally said out loud.

*I'll say* Trandia/Kim thought.

{So now we just....wait?} asked Tommy/Kory.

"We wait." Trandia/Kim said aloud.

{But what about our powers?} Tommy/Kory asked.

{Simple. You are Desert Thunder, Kim and I are Yellow Lightning} Trandia/Kim took the morphing stance, and shouted

"Yellow Lightning Turbo Power!!" at the same time that Kory/Tommy said,

"Desert Thunder Turbo Power!!" now, instead of two teenagers, there stood a yellow Ranger (Trandia/Kim) and a black Ranger (Kory/Tommy).

"Morphinominal!!" said Kim/Trandia

* * *

Chapter Seven: Volcano Quest

Jason surveyed the forest. Nothing interesting, except for the large volcano in the distance.

"Hey!" squeaked a small voice,

"Who's there?" Jason whipped around, expecting....well, he didn't know exactly what to expect, but it certianly wasn't what he got.

"Down here," it said, "humans, sheesh. Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em," Jason looked down to see where the voice was coming from, and saw a small red lizard. "The name's Fire. Fire the fire lizard. Got a problem? If you do, just take it away from me. I've got enough problems as it is, I certianly don't need yours." he scrambled up to Jason's shoulder.

"Uh, no. My name's Jason Scott." the lizard cocked his head, looking about as thoughtful as a lizard could,

"You are Jason? Why so you are!! This is good. This is very very good!" The lizard exclaimed.

"Why's that?" Fire looked at Jason as if he was explaining this to a small child.

"Because," he said slowly, "My name is Fire. And you are looking for an Element Crystal, one of which is Fire, correct?"

"Well, yeah," Jason managed.

"And, since you are here, in the Dimension of Fire, and not somewhere else, like, say, the Dimension of Wind, I'm assuming you're here for me."

"You?" Jason asked quzzically.

"Yeah, me. If you haven't noticed, my name is Fire. You are looking for a Fire Crystal. Duh. I think I've pointed this out too many times. I hate repeating myself. It's annoying. Not to mention it makes this fanfiction author look stupid," Fire rolled his eyes, "humans..."

"Fanfiction author?"

"Uh, forget I said that. You wouldn't understand. Long, complicated story."

"Okay, whatever." Jason really looked frustrated now, "so, are you here to help me, or what?"

"Ahhhhhh!" The lizard screamed. "You mean after I explained it to you three times, you still don't get it?"

"You didn't explain anything, Fire. All you kept saying was your name was Fire and I was- oh," Jason finally got the gist of what Fire was saying. "You mean, you are-?"

"Duuuh," he rolled his eyes again.

"But you're a lizard. How can you be a crystal?" Jason asked, puzzled.

"Haven't you ever heard of Organic Embodiment Transformations?" Fire asked.

"No, not really."

"It works like this. I am the embodiment of the Crystal. When I am needed to help you morph, I become the Crystal. Otherwise, you have me, a bright red lizard with a sarcastic sense of humor. It's that simple."

"Uh, yeah," Jason rasied an eybrow, "but how do I morph?"

"Simple, you find the Transformer Unit, and fasten it around my neck. That will allow me to go inbetween crystal and lizard mode."

"Is there any way to transform you permanantly into a crystal?" Jason asked dryly.

"No. If there was, I would have found it, and used it."

"Just my luck, I get stuck with a smart alec as a partner."

"Did you say, partner?" Fire asked, a curious tone to his voice.

"Well, yes. I suppose I did." Jason smiled. It looked like the two of them were going to get along after all. "Now, let's get going, shall we, partner?"

"Fine with me. I suggest we start off with the volcano. Last I remember, it held significance to the Fire powers."

"Alright. It's best we get moving then." Jason and his newfound ally set off to the volcano.

* * *

Phantom Ranger was worried. If there was a disturbance in Angel Grove, and there was no communications, this meant something bad. Very, very bad. The Phantom glanced at it's partner. Even Blue Senturion was not in his usual cheerful mood. Yes, Phantom decided. There was sonmething serious, and it was a good thing that they were able to help. The Rangers would need all the help they could get, if the threat was as serious as it seemed to be.

* * *

"Are you sure this is the right path?" Jason asked.

"Of course I'm sure. Why wouldn't I be sure? There is no reason for me not to be sure, because I was born there. Well, not exactly born. Created is more like it. Yeah. I was created by an ancient magic from the crystal. When my previous holder was killed, they seperated me and the Tranformer Unit, so that there would never be another Fire Ranger. Luckily, I hid the TU in the volcano before they destroyed it. So, don't you go asking if I know what I'm doing, because I do." Jason, who was beginning to get used to the little lizard's ways, smiled.

"Alright, alright. I beleive you."

"You better. Oh look, here we are. What a coincidence." They had arrived at the foot of the volcano,

"Now what?" Jason asked.

"What? You expect me to have an answer for everything? I may be extremely intelligent, but I think you are going to figure this one out yourself, volcano boy."

"What did you call me?"

"Must I repeat everything? I swear for a minute there you were actually acting intelligently. Now it's back to the questions. I said volcano- ay yi yi! Did I say that? Oy, I think you're rubbing off on me."

"Oh great. And I thought we were friends now. But, to get back to the matter at hand, how are supposed to get into a volcano?"

"You don't." Fire said simply.

"I don't? If the TU is in the volcano, then how do I get it without going in the volcano?"

"You call it. Idiot. And to think Zordon thought you were smart."

"Call it?"

"Yeah. You are a part of the fire, the fire is a part of you, and all that junk."

"Ok, whatever." A flash of insparation hit him, and Jason raised his arms to the sky. "By the Power of Volcano Fire, I summon the Transformer Unit!" Fire cocked an eyebrow,

"Fancy and overdone, but it worked none the less." he said, indicating the small device around his neck. "Humans. Bah. I still don't see what Zordon saw in you."

"Should I try to morph?" Jason asked.

"Go ahead," using a small claw, Fire pressed a button. Instantly, he was transformed into a red crystal.

"Volcano Fire Turbo Power!!" Jason cried. With a flash of red light, he was transformed into the Red Turbo Element Ranger. With a streak of red, he teleported home.

* * *

Across several dimensions and one planet, seven other Rangers and seven new allies were teleported back to the Power Chamber. Joining the confusion was one twelve year old boy, who had noticed the teleportation streaks. He followed the green, brown, and white ones that had appeared from the sky.

* * *

Chapter Eight: Reunion

"Come on Zack, we've got to get to the Command Ce- Power Chamber." Trini corrected herself. Looking at her partner in grime, who was fully morphed in his Blue Senturion costume. Teleporting was much faster than walking or driving anyway.

"Right-o, fearless leader!" Zack told the Phantom Ranger. They dissolved into two streaks of blue and black. Of course, they had no idea what was about to happen next.

* * *

In the Power Chamber, there was a scene of general confusion. Eight Rangers were milling around, along with Tanya, Justin, three of the Thrawn sisters, Darius, and Kavan. Finally, Zordon spoke.

"Just what is going one here?"

All the Rangers began to speak at once. Zordon silenced them by saying,

"It seems we are in need of introductions and explainations. Why don't we let this young man go first," he looked at Justin, "after all, he has the most explaining to do." everyone turned to look at Justin. No one noticed the looks of complete disbeleif on both Dimitria and Darius' faces.

"Well. I suppose I should explain something. I can teleport, without one of those devices," he pointed to the communicator on Jason's wrist. "And I have a photographic memory. When I saw you guys," he pointed to the Element Rangers, "being teleported away, I remembered that that was how the Power Rangers often got around. I tracked your signal from a device that I built, and then, when I saw teleporting signals entering Earth's atmosphere, I followed them."

"Okay, Rocky, you are next. Just who are these three people with you?"

"I'm Te-Rocky Thrawn. This is Calysta Shir, Dimitria and Darius. We have a way for Tanya to become a Ranger again. Also, we have two other crystals that need Rangers. One from Cildare and one from Edenoi. Supposedly, the Cildarean Ranger lives on Earth." Terran finished. He decided not to tell the others of his heratige quite yet.

Kim was the next to speak.

"Okay. This is rather complicated, but here goes. In order for Tommy and I to get our Powers, we had to merge spirits with the previous Rangers, Trandia Thrawn and Kory Ansin. So basically, you have four people and two bodies."

Tommy confirmed the story, and then Kat spoke,

"I'm Katherine Thrawn, this is my brother Kavan."

"Jason Scott, along with my partner the smart alec lizard,"

"Hey!!" squeaked a bright red lizard, "I resent that,"

"Oh shut up,"

"Adam Park, along with Carla Thrawn,"

"Billy Cranston, with Jianna Thrawn,"

There was a flash, and two more bodies teleported into the already crowded Power Chamber,

"Um, hi," said the black one. She removed her helmet.

"TRINI??" cried Jason, Rocky, Adam, Billy, Tommy/Kory and Kim/Trandia.

"Yeah, it's me. And my blue friend here," she gestured to the Blue Senturion, "is Zack. Who are all these people?"

"Tanya Sloan,"

"Dimitria Thrawn-Yera"

"Darius Yera,"

"Jianna Thrawn,"

"Carla Lute Thrawn,"

Calysta Shir,"

"Justin Stewart,"

"Fire the lizard,"

"Who asked you? She said people,"

"Oh shut up."

"Katherine Thrawn,"

"Kavan Thrawn,"

After the introductions were made again, Zordon said,

"Alpha, teleport Emily Schultz here immediatly. Also contact Trey and Drea the third."

"Right away Zordon," this prompted puzzled questions from everybody but Terran, Calysta, Darius and Dimitria. Thet knew exactly what he was planning. Once the three newcomers had arrived, Zordon instructed Jason and Darius to step forward. Jason handed the Golden Crystal back to it's former owner, who was now completly unified, and Darius gave Tanya the Imperium Silver Crystal. Drea already had the Bronze Crystal in his possession, and the Platinum Crystal was given to Emily by Alpha, who had had it since the death of the first Cildarean Ranger. The Planetary Alliance of Power Rangers, or P.A.P.R. was once again complete, with the Rangers from Earth, Keyydar, Cildare, Triforia, Aquitar and Edenoi.

Meanwhile, Billy and Jianna were buisily trying to figure out all the Thrawn bloodlines. With a triumphant shout, Billy held out a computer printed sheet.

"I've got it!!" he cried. The Thrawns, all eager to figure out their connections to one another, gathered around him.

"Well, first we have Catalina, then Dimitria and Selena, then Jianna, the Carla. Rocky, Trandia, you are Catalina's grandchildren, Kat, Kavan, you are Selena's children, and Rocky and Trandia are your second cousins. Dimitria and Darius also have a son, who is," he paused, looking Justin straight in the eye, "one Justin Yera, adopted by a Gregory Stewart, he is beleived to be in possession of the Mountian Spirit Crystal." Justin grinned widely, "I'm a Power Ranger!?!?!" Cool!!" he fished a glowing purple crystal out from his backpack, he said "Is this that Crystal? I've had this since forever. No one knows exactly where it came from."

"Justin," Darius said, "that is the Mountian Spirit Crystal. Using it will transform you into the Purple Turbo Element Ranger,"

"Cool!! Mountian Spirit Turbo Power!!" he shouted, and morphed to become the the Purple Ranger. The others soon followed suit,

"Rain Blaster Turbo Power!"

"Ice Storm Turbo Power!"

"Earth Shaker Turbo Power!"

"Volcano Fire-oops, darnit. Press the button, Fire." Jason waited a few seconds, "okay! Volcano Fire Turbo Power!"

"Wood Leaf Turbo Power!"

"Desert Thunder Turbo Power!"

"Yellow Lightning Turbo Power!" now all the Turbo Rangers were morphed and ready.

"Gold Ranger Power!" shouted Trey. The other Metal Rangers followed suit.

"Silver Ranger Power!"

"Bronze Ranger Power!"

"Platinum Ranger Power!" The Metal Rangers were also ready to join the fight.

"Back to Action!!" cried both Trini and Zack. The full Power Team was ready for battle now. All they had to do was wait.

* * *

"Snotzenxer!! Send down a monster to destroy those Rangers!! I don't want anyone to ruin my victory!"

"Yes, sir." the henchman selected his favorite ninja warrior.

"Astronema, go battle those Power Punks,"

"Whatever. I'm only doing this because my big brother thinks you two need some obvious help. Keyydar was a weak planet, but this will be much harder. They have two teams of Rangers, you know."

"Don't act all high and mighty just because Dark Spectre is your brother. Go down there with a sqaudron of Quantrons, NOW!!"

"Yeah yeah yeah," the purple haired ninja muttered something about certain henchmen and their intelligence factors, and went off to prepare.

* * *

The alarms started blaring and all the Rangers stood at attention.

"I knew there was a reason we morphed!" Terran said. The new Power Team headed out into battle.

"So...these are the big scary Rangers I've heard so much about!" Astronema snarled. "Well, be prepared to meet your doom!!"

"How many times have I heard that one before?" Zack asked.

"Oh shut up! QUANTRONS!!!ATTACK!!" the typical Ranger battle ensued. They battled Astronema on foot, she grew, they called their new zords, the Turbo Rangers formed the MegaZords, while the Metal's Pyramids and Phantom and Blue Senturions Battle Machines backed them up, Astronema was winning, then losing, the Rangers came close to defeating her, then she teleported away.

* * *

Sometime later, in the Power Chamber...

"You know, all we need is Catalina and Selena. Then it would be like a family reunion." Carla commented. As she spoke, there was a brilliant blue shimmer in the air, and a see through woman with blue hair materialized in the Power Chamber.

"Speaking of...." Jianna said.

"One problem remains," spoke up Billy. "Time in Angel Grove is still frozen." He motioned to Kat, Terran, and Calysta. "I beleive this is your job,"

"Right!" Calysta said. The three formed a triangle, and raised their hands to the hourglass medallions on their chests. A golden light shot out from the center of the triangle and through the top of the Power Chamber. In a matter of minutes, Angel Grove was returned to normal. Well, as normal as Angel Grove ever gets.

"So..." Catalina said, "who are you all anyway?" the Rangers, and everyone else in the Power Chamber, let out a collective groan. Not again......

* * *

There was a newcomer at Goldfire's battle station. Her name was Divatox, a pirate queen from Inquiris. She bore an uncanny resemblance to Dimitria, though she had a purple streak of hair instead of Dimitria's plain brown. The top half of her face was hidden by a golden mask.

The End