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by : Rangergirl

Change will come
Change is here
Love fades out

* * *

Carlos Veranda knew that Ashley could never love him. Sure, they had been friends- maybe, just maybe a little more-, but nothing beyond that, really. As much as he would have liked for it to happen, they never could have been a couple. He was glad that she had found something in Andros. Something he could never give.

* * *

Then love appears

* * *

It was definitely fate that brought Zhayne Starkiller to the Astro MegaShip. As it happens, Carlos was monitoring the bridge systems at the moment that her signal came through.

"This is Zhayne Starkiller to Andros Nightrunner. Hey Red, do ya read me?"

"DECA, put the transmission on screen," the ship's sentininet computer obeyed, and the image that appeared on the MegaShip's main viewscreen took his breath away.

-She's beautiful,- he thought to himself. And indeed, she was. Her features, though unusual to him, were exotic and wonderful. With her black and red striped long, waist length hair and striking grey eyes, she took his breath away. Apruptly, he shook himself out of his reviere.

"I'm Carlos, the Black Ranger. Andros is- busy at the moment." he stuttered out, after running a scan on her systems. She flashed him with a wide grin, the kind that reached her eyes. Little did he know that under her calm exterior, her thoughts were running on a similar line as his own.

-Gods, he's handsome,- Zhayne thought, as the unfamiliar face came up on her ship's viewscreen. She was careful not to let her emotions show, because one never knew. After all, Andro's old teammates had just been a bunch of jerks, in her opinion, and much as she had hated leaving her best friend, an assignment had come up on KZ-01, and she had jumped at the chance to get away from them. Mentally reminding herself that he was right there and this was no time for reminsing, she spoke.

"Carlos, this is Zhayne Starkiller, the Silver Ranger. If it's alright, could I come aboard the MegaShip? I'm sure DECA and MATT can find plenty of things to chatter about once I dock,"


"My onboard computer. It stands for "Mega AsTro Terminal. Don't ask."

* * *

Now my water's turned to wine
And these thoughts I have
I now claim as mine
I'm coming home

* * *

Zhayne was never more happy then she was at this moment. Sure, her past experiences with the Lightstar Rangers, apart from Andros, had been less than pleasant, but if the other team members were like Carlos, then she suspected that she would not have a problem. Once again, she was home, and this time, she vowed that things would turn out much better.

* * *

Change has been
Change will be
Time will tell
Then time will ease

* * *

Carlos knew Zhayne wasn't lying. He didn't know exactly HOW, but he knew she posed no threat, and was, in fact, who she said she was. His speculations were confirmed when Andros walked on to the bridge.

"Zhayne?!?" his mouth dropped open so wide Carlos could swear it touched the floor. "What are YOU doing here?"

"Same thing you are, most likely. Carlos here was just about to let me aboard." Andros could tell right away that something had sparked between the two. Grinning devilishly, he said,

"Carlos, why don't you head on down to Docking Bay Three. I'll transmit the sheild codes to Zhayne,"

* * *

Now my curtain has been drawn
And my heart can go
Where my heart does belong
I'm going home

* * *

As the two of them finally met in the flesh, they knew instantly that something more was at work here. It was destiny. They had both found the something that they had been searching for. Someone to love, someone to care. Now that they had found each other, they could face anything. Only one final score remained, and that was the haunted, lonley look in Zhayne's eyes. Carlos vowed to himself to do whatever it took to find out why Zhayne had so many secrets, and Zhayne vowed to someday tell Carlos her deepest feelings.

Ashley and Andros. Cassie and TJ. Carlos and Zhayne. Six teenagers, three couples, one team, one destiny, one goal.

The End

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