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Ashley's Revenge
by : Rangergirl

I had just come back from the kitchen when I found her in my room. I don't know who started this whole Muse Fic craze, but I didn't think I would be a victim.  After all, my characters usually get what they want.  It wasn't like I had done anything like those Astronema writers who I had spent the last two days getting out of trouble.

That hadn't been easy.  I mean Astronema isn't someone you toy with.

Brent is finished his story, finally, but I couldn't convince Astronema to let him out of the tower yet.  I do want to see more stories, after all.  She's letting Rob stop writing, and Camron doesn't have to run any more.

Then there is Greywolf.  Who knew Adam and Rocky would duct tape the poor wolf up and leave him.  I got some adhesive remover and got off the remainder of that duct tape.  Unfortunately the remover smelled bad, so I had to dunk the wolf in some perfume.  If you smell Strawberries, you know Greywolf is near.

AstroSonya will be glad AFPR has that insurance policy. Justin taking out her modem was covered.  Now that was a 56K modem right?

"Excuse me," the teen said.  "As much as I enjoy hearing how you righted wrongs and triumphed over evil, this isn't Sailor Moon, and I have some things I'd like to talk to you about."

"Uh oh..." Telemneth, my dragon, muttered, scurrying off to the computer room.

"What is your complaint, Ashley," I asked.  "It's not like I've done anything really bad to you.  I mean just look at the Tommy writers."

 "I can't read most of those, I'm not 18 till my next birthday," Ashley responded. "As for what you did to me, I think I can give you quite a list, now where is the computer?"  Ashley looked around the room. Her gaze fell upon Norman, my three inch elf that was always on my shoulder. He was laughing hysterically at some joke he'd found on the internet or something. Ashley opened her mouth to speak, then closed it.

"Never mind.  I want to know why you killed my best friend."

"It seemed like a good idea at the time."

"It seemed like a good idea at the time, It seemed like a good idea, do you have any idea how that sounds?  Killing a young girl's best friend off because IT SEEMED LIKE A GOOD IDEA AT THE TIME!"

"Alright, alright, calm down. I just needed to give you some angst, a secret past, if you will, to fit with my storyline."

"I see what you mean," Ashley said, pulling a chair over and sitting down in it. "But why the whole flashback thing?"

"Over compensation," I replied, relaxing as the storm seemed to be over for the moment.  "You see I have these critics over on the group rec.arts.tv.mst3k.misc who have been complaining that you needed some angst, so when I revised "Wish Upon a Star" the idea for "Ghost Eyes" came up.

"Well I guess that explains it," Ashley commented, somewhat reluctantly.  "I'll begoing now.  Oh, and by any chance do you know the way to Duke University?  There is this guy named Elgar K. that I've got to talk to about making me eat my own daughter."

"Here's a map, and let me know how it goes," I replied.  "Any other stops?"

"Well there is LauraLynn Mercier," Ashley said.  "I think she's somewhere in Alberta."

"What did she do?"

"Nothing, I want to thank her.  And then there is Mike Crome, I'm thinking of having Andros get rid of all his Credits.  I would go after Shannon Mason, but Cassie likes her drawing so I'll stay away from her for now."

"Well thanks for stopping by," I remarked as she got up to leave.  "Next time stop by when I'm in Edmonton.  There are some neighbors I'd like you to meet."

"I'll stop by during Thanksgiving.  I should be finished with Elgar and Mike by then."

With that, Ashley tapped her communicator and disappeared in a whirl of yellow light.

I walked down the hallway to my computer room, releived that she'd let me off relatively easy. That was when I saw Telemneth chewing my computer disks up. Those disks, in particular, contained my entire "Simple Wishes" series. No wonder Norman was laughing so hard. He must have known the entire time. As I yanked the last disk from Telemneth's rather sharp teeth, Norman cocked his head and asked speculatively;

"Why don't British people sound British when they sing??"

The End? Not Likely