BORING LEGAL STUFF: Yes, I know, I'm using these characters with out the premission of Saban. But it's only for fun. I'm also using the character of Skeksis with out the premission of Jim Henson. But, the characters I created are MINE and please throw the blame my way if you want to use them.

Future Rangers
by: April Michelle Richards

Evil had finally won. Lord Zedd finally used his ceaseless horde of monsters and putty patrollers to overwhelm the young Rangers. During this final Battle Royale, each of the Rangers were picked off one by one. First Billy, then Adam and Rocky, next was Aisha, and then Kimberly, who died in Tommy's arms. The White Ranger was the last one standing. And, he wouldn't be standing for long. He was emotionally and physically beaten. Goldar taunted the weary Ranger, drawing out his death.

"Kneel before me, White Ranger, and acknowledge your defeat." Goldar waved his stained sword in the air.

Tommy gritted his teeth. He had one weapon left, a small, but powerful grenade. With a silent prayer, he gathered his strength for a final assault. Then, he launched himself into the air, using the last of his Powers. He wrapped his arms around Goldar and pulled the pin out of the grenade. A bright light exploded from the weapon, distingrating Goldar.

_Kim, I love you!_ Tommy thought as the grenade detonated. _May we be together soon._ The gold space monkey's body had shield Tommy from the worst of the blast, but he still sustained fatal wounds. He sighed as he felt a cool sensation surround his body as he was teleported to the Command Center.

Alpha-5 removed Tommy's helmet. The White Ranger smiled softly at his robotic friend. The Command Center faded in and out of sight. Wait, was that Jason he saw standing there? No, impossible. Jason, along with Zach and Trini had also died during the battles. Tommy blinked his watery eyes. Yes, he saw all of his friends, alive and well, standing in a Command Center that seemed to shine with Holy Light. Kim smiled and held out her hand to Tommy.

_Come on, Tommy!_ Aisha encouraged.

Tommy seemingly floated to his friends. They welcomed him with open arms.

_Welcome aboard, Bro._ Jason slapped him on the back.

Kim threw her arms around him and kissed him full on the mouth. Tommy no longer felt sore and tired. He was Home with his friends.

An oily tear fell from Alpha's optical sensor and splashed onto Tommy's now peaceful face. His large, dark eyes were closed and he was smiling.

PLACE HIM IN THE CHAMBER WITH THE OTHER RANGERS, ALPHA. THEY HAVE EARNED THEIR REST. Zordon's voice was choked with unshed tears. The coming years would be dark and lonely for both the interdementional being and the little robot.

* * *

On the moon, Lord Zedd and his wife Rita Replussa celebrated their victory. Only Scorpina shed any tears for Goldar. She boldly faced her leaders.

"My Lord, My Empress, who will be your henchman now, since Goldar is now gone?" Scorpina asked. Her eyes were swollen from crying.

"We will replace him with... Hmm..." Zedd scanned the earth. Bulk and Skull had left the shelters, looking for evidence of the Power Rangers' identities. "Those two will do nicely. Bulkor and Skultron arise!"

Evil energy flowed from his staff and encased the two bullies in shells of evil. Then, they vanished from the earth.

* * *

That day, the town of Angel Grove mourned not only the death of the Power Rangers, but of eleven teenagers, who had been caught up in the battles: Tommy Oliver, Kimberly Hart, Aisha Campbell, Adam Chung, Rocky Michaels, Billy Parker, Jason Scott Lee, Trini Kwan, Zach Taylor, Eugene Skulovich, and Farkus Bulkmeier.

In the years that passed, Lord Zedd ruled the earth with an iron fist, renaming it Planet Bane, in honor of his mother. But, try as he might, he couldn't erase the Power Rangers from the memories of the people. They survived in legend and in the scraps of articles and photos that survived the years.

Ten thousand years passed and Zedd was still in command. One dark, rainy day in what used to be Angel Grove, now called Urami, a young boy sat by a lake, playing his flute. He had long dark hair, pulled back into a ponytail and big brown eyes framed with long lashes. He had the slender, well toned body of an athlete, clothed in a ragged pair of white shorts. His name was Alejandro Oriibaa.

Sitting next to him was a petite beauty named Kiko Kokoro. She and Alejandro were not lovers, but more than friends.

Suddenly, a blonde haired boy ran up to them. A dark-skinned girl and two other guys followed him.

"Ookami, what's wrong?" Kiko asked.

"Look what I found!" Ookami displayed a yellowed book.

"Oh, kewl. Where did you find it?" Alejandro flipped through it. Unlike most of the people of Urami, Alejandro and his friends could read and write with some degree of skill.

"In my house. The in "garage," I think it was once called." Ookami laughed.

"Alejandro, didn't you say that you found something like that once in your cabin?" Koomoriko, the girl with skin the color of cocoa, interjected.

"Yeah, I still have it. C'mon." Alejandro lead his friends into the small cabin. He dashed into his bedroom and returned with an old diary.

Seijaku, an Asian-looking boy, opened the old diary. He skimmed through it quickly, comparing it to Ookami's find.

"Well," Mikazuki, the other boy, demanded. "What are they?"

"They're the Power Rangers' diaries. This one belonged to Tommy Oliver, the White Ranger. He also used to be the Green Ranger. And, Ookami's was Billy Parker's. He was the Blue Ranger." Seijaku's voice was hushed. "They talk about a Command Center and, here's a map and a picture that Tommy drew."

Alejandro looked at the map. "This isn't too far from here. It's on the other side of the ridge. So, that's the building I can see from my secret place." He mused.

"What should we do?" Kiko asked.

"Well, according to law, we'd have to hand these over to Lord Zedd's minions. You know that anything dealing with the Power Rangers is illegal." Ookami said.

"No." Alejandro said in his whispery voice. "If we turn these over, they'll be destroyed. I say we find this Command Center."

"But, Alejandro, if Bulkor and Skultron catch us, we'll be punished." Mikazuki pointed out.

"Yeah, but if we make it to the Command Center, maybe we can help bring the Rangers back." Alejandro's eyes glowed with eagerness. "We can pack supplies and be on our way before night fall."

"Okay." Seijaku agreed.


"Count me in."



* * *

Unbeknownst to the teens, two sets of eyes watched them as they planned their hike.

"Bulkor, Skultron, come here!" Zedd yelled from his throne.

The two minions bumbled in, crashing together in a heap of armor. "Yes, my Lord?"

"Those teens have found two of the diaries that belonged to the Power Rangers and now, they're planning to go to the Command Center!"

"And?" Bulkor asked.

"AND?! I want you two knuckleheads to stop them!!! Take down your blasted Putties and get those children!!!"

"Yes, my Lord." The villains turned and tried to walk out of the throne room together. They slammed into each other again.

"Skultron, get out of my way!"

Zedd lowered his head and sighed. "There are times I actually miss Goldar. And, this is one of them."

* * *

The other set of eyes belonged to a massive head that floated in a column of energy. Zordon and Alpha had managed to hide the Command Center from Lord Zedd after the Rangers' deaths. They spent the lonely millenniums repairing the damaged Zords and restoring full Power to all six of the Power Coins and mourning the lost Rangers. Zordon had loved them like they were his children. In a way they were. _FRANCIS BACON SAID THAT "IN PEACE SONS BURY THEIR FATHERS AND IN WAR THE FATHERS BURY THEIR SONS."_ Zordon thought as he watched the young people in the viewing globe. He and Alpha had managed to make recordings of the Rangers when they were just being plain teenagers. These recordings were the only thing that could comfort Zordon at times, when the aching loneliness became too much to bear. He could watch and remember. Tommy and Kim on their first date, Zach teaching a Hip Hop Kido class in the park, Jason and Tommy teaching Karate classes together, Billy's mishaps in his lab, Adam's sweet shy face lighting up when Dulcea kissed him, Rocky playing, Aisha and Kim shopping together, Trini and Billy studying together, even though Zordon suspected that the two were exchanging more than just technical information. The Rangers in the Youth Center, drinking juice shakes served by Ernie, Laughing, Happy, _Alive_. The Rangers studying together. Going to Tommy's uncle's cabin by the lake and swimming. They took pleasure in the simplest things in life, just being together was enough for a celebration for the Rangers. Zordon's massive face was streaked with tears. God, he was so lonely.

"Ai yi!" Alpha-5 exclaimed suddenly.


"Zordon, look at this." Alpha pointed to the viewing globe. The Rangers were replaced by a group of six teens hiking through the mountains. It was Alejandro and his friends.

_COULD THEY BE THE ONES?_ Zordon asked himself.

* * *

Alejandro lead his friends deeper into the mountains as sunset stained the sky a deep rose.

"Can we stop soon?" Kiko panted.

"Soon. We're almost to my secret place. We can rest there for the night." Alejandro smiled. He was intimate with these mountains, having spent all of his life here.

Suddenly, Bulkor and Skultron appeared in front of the teens with their horde of putties.

"You guys hold it right there!" Bulkor demanded.

"Yeah, hold it right there!" Skultron echoed.

"Sir Bulkor, Sir Skultron, what's wrong?" Alejandro asked.

"Lord Zedd wants'cha." Skultron laughed.

"Well, sirs, this is an honor we must decline since my friends and I are on a little nature hike. And, we want to be home before tomorrow." Alejandro smiled winsomely.

"I'm sorry." Bulkor raised his hand. A foul smell wafted from underneath his beetle-like armor. "Putties, take them!"

The teens were surrounded by putty patrollers. As they steeled themselves for a battle which they could not win, Zordon's voice echoed in their heads: MY YOUNG FRIENDS, LOOK INSIDE YOURSELVES AND CALL UPON THE GREAT POWER THAT RESIDES INSIDE YOU.

The air shimmered as each young person called upon the ancient Ninjetti spirits. Alejandro was the White Falcon, the nobel warrior of the skies. Kiko was the Pink Crane, agile and full of life. Ookami was the Blue Wolf, cunning and swift. Seijaku was the Black Frog, a cheerful animal with hidden powers. Koomoriko was the Yellow Bear, a fierce, intuitive warrior. And, Mikazuki was the Red Ape, smart and powerful. The teens were now clothed in Ninja outfits that matched their colors. A Power that the teens had never felt before filled them. Obeying an unheard command, they fell into Karate stances and dispatched the putties with surprising ease. Then, they faced off against Bulkor and Skultron. The former bullies ran away in fear.

"This is so weird." Kiko said.

"Yeah, HEY!" Alejandro yelped as he and his friends were encased in beams of colored light.

They landed in the Command Center in a heap.

"What just happened?" Koomoriko cried.

"Where are we?" Mikazuki looked around in shocked.

"NO!" Seijaku cried when he looked at the symbol on his chest. "I can't believe it! I'm a frog!" The others laughed at the pained expression on his face. Seijaku pouted behind his mask. Then, they heard a loud laugh behind them.

"Who are you?" Alejandro gasped when he turned around and faced a giant, floating head.

"Yikes!" Koomoriko and Kiko scurried behind Alejandro, who was the tallest of the six.

I AM ZORDON, MY FRIENDS. YOU HAVE BEEN CHOSEN TO BE THE NEW POWER RANGERS. As Zordon spoke, Morphers appeared around the waists of the teens.

"Us?" Mikazuki's voice squeaked. "We don't know how to fight. The other Rangers trained from the time they were conceived and they couldn't beat Lord Zedd. How can we?" His friends echoed his concern.


"Um, Mr. Zordon, sir, we're teenagers. Why won't the same thing happen to us?" Ookami asked.


* * *

"Blast that infernal Zordon!" Zedd raged. He glowed an ominous shade of red. "And those losers, Bulkor and Skultron!" He slammed his fist down, emitting electric sparks. "Finster, make me a monster to destroy those "new" Power Rangers!"

"Of course, my Lord. I have been using this time to study Earth's works of literature and I have found a most interesting creature from a fantasy novel called THE DARK CRYSTAL. It is know as the Skeksis." Finster show Zedd a large, vulture like creature with cruel claws and a hooked beak.

"Very good. Skeksis, go and destroy those brats!"

* * *

"Zordon, are you sure we can handle this. I mean, getting rid of Lord Zedd is a big responsibility." Alejandro said.


Kiko blushed a faint pink. "_All_ of the time?" She asked. She wasn't too sure if she wanted this giant head watching her taking her bathes.


"Uh, we?" Ookami looked around. Then, he saw Alpha-5 for the first time.

"Oh, how cute!" Koomoriko squealed. She and Kiko gathered around the tiny robot.

"Aw, shucks." Alpha laughed.


"Ninja Zords?" Mikazuki raised an eyebrow. This whole deal was getting better and better.

"Yes, the Ninja Zords allow you to fight against Lord Zedd's giant monsters. Please, let me show you on the viewing globe."

Alpha pointed what looked like a giant crystal ball to the teens. Inside, they could see footage taken from the battles of the original Rangers. They were facing off with Hornitor in space. The Mega Ninja Zord kicked the monster in groin and all of the guys in the Command Center crossed their legs. Then, the monster was destroyed by the Zords.

"Wow!" Seijaku's eyes were wide. "And we're gonna control that thing?"

"Awesome." Alejandro sighed.

WOOP! WOOP! WOOP! The alarm echoed through out the Command Center. The new Rangers covered their ears and ducked. Just in case. They exchanged wide eyed looks.


"Shall we?" Ookami looked at the new leader of the Power Rangers.








* * *

Skeksis slashed through a building, sending the citizens running. It had been 10,000 years since Angel Grove had suffered a monster attack, but the terror returned like it had only been yesterday.

:Stupid mortals, you will pay for angering Lord Zedd!: Skeksis snarled from his 500 foot hight.

On the ground, Bulkor and Skultron had gathered up all of the citizens in what had been the Angel Grove Youth Center, Gym, and Juice Bar, a place that Bulkor and Skultron had spent a lot of time when they were human. The bullies were planning to use the citizens as a human shield.

"Bulkor, why does this place look so familar to me?" Skultron asked, removing his skull mask.

"I dunno. Maybe we lived here in a past life." Bulkor grunted. They didn't know that their memories as Bulk and Skull had been erased by Zedd when they became henchmen.

* * *

Outside, the new Rangers teleported into the center of the city. Skeksis attempted to stamp the Rangers out of existence, but the nimble youth rolled out of the way.

"Whoa! Watch it!" Alejandro yelped. BEEP, BEEP, BEEPBEEP, BEEP! "Yeah, Zordon?"

"Tommy, er, Alejandro, my scanners show that Bulkor and Skultron have innocent civilians trapped in the Youth Center." Alpha reported.

"OK." Alejandro looked at his friends. "Guys, you heard'em. You go after those people and I'll handle Skeksis." He ordered.

"Will you be OK?" Kiko asked.

"Sure. Just get those people!" Then, Alejandro took a deep breath. "FALCON NINJA ZORD, POWER UP!"

Like a white comet, the Falcon Zord streaked through the dark skies of Angel Grove/Urami. It emitted an ear-shattering cry. After 10,000 years, the Falcon Zord was airborn again.

"Kewl!" Alejandro jumped up onto the Zord and entered it. "This is great!" Just for the heck of it, Alejandro did a roll over, exhilerating in the thrill of flying at super sonic speeds.

:Foolish Ranger!: Skeksis swiped at the Falcon with his claws.

Alejandro dodged the blow, loosing only a few tail feathers in the process.

* * *

The other Rangers burst into the Youth Center. Citizens and putties alike scattered.

"The Power Rangers!"

"I don't believe it!"

"I thought that they were dead!"

"They've come back to free us from Lord Zedd's rule!" The people cheered.

"Everyone, leave here, now. We'll handle Bulkor and Skultron." Ookami shouted over the excited din.

"C'mon, people!" Mikazuki and Seijaku motioned for the frightened people to leave through the front door. "That's it, don't rush, we'll get you out."

"You stupid Rangers, you'll pay for that!" Bulkor growled. He aimed his laser cannon.

"Thunder Whip!" Kiko yelled and lashed out with her weapon. It wrapped around the laser cannon. She yanked it out of Bulkor's hands.

"Mommy!" Bulkor whimpered.

"Get out of here!" Koomoriko yelled. The two villians vanished in a flash of light.

"GUYS, I NEED HELP OUT HERE!" Alejandro cried over their communicators.

* * *

Alejandro raked his talcons across Skeksis's ugly face. The monster wailed with pain and flung his arms about. Then, he snagged the White Ranger's Zord, impaling it on his massive claws.

"Oh, no!" Seijaku cried.

"WE NEED NINJA ZORD POWER!" The Rangers called upon their new Zords.

The air filled with a symphony of growls, snarls, shierks, and howls as the Ninja Zords gathered from the far cornors of the earth. Then, they "morphed" into the Mega Ninja Zord. The frog made the legs and lower body, the bear was the upper body, the wolf and ape were the legs, and the crane was the head.

"POWER UP!" The Rangers yelled.

The enormous robot grabbed Skeksis and broke off the claw that was holding their friend. Alejandro flew out of the town and crash landed by the lake. A tiny cabin was crushed under the weight of the Zord.

"Oh, no!" Alejandro wailed. "My home!"

"Get up, Alejandro. We needcha!" Mikazuki yelled.

"OK! MEGA NINJA FALCON ZORD!" The Falcon Zord connected to the back of the Mega Ninja Zord. "Koomoriko, prepare the secret weapon! Guys, cross your legs! GO!"

The Mega Ninja Falcon Zord raised one leg and slammed it into Skeksis's groin. The monster doubled over.

"FIRE ALL WEAPONS!" Alejandro ordered.

The Mega Ninja Falcon Zord fired every weapon at the helpless monster. The explosion rocked the town as the monster died a firy death.

"Way to go!" Alejandro congradulated his friends.

* * *

"I can't believe it!" Zedd snarled. "Those pesty Rangers are back!" His minions wisely cowarded in a cornor. "Well, you might have won this battle, but, I will the war!"

* * *

CONGRADULATIONS ON YOUR FIRST VICTORY, RANGERS. Zordon said when the Rangers teleported into the Command Center.

"Yeah, we won, but," Alejandro closed his eyes. "I lost my home. Where can I stay?"

"Where are your parents?" Alpha asked.

"I'm an orphan. I have no family." The White Ranger wiped tears from his eyes.


Alejandro brightened. "Do you mean it?"


"Alright! Well, let's go see my new home!"

"Right this way, Alejandro."

* * *

That night, Alejandro slipped out of his room to explore the rest of the Command Center. He found a strange chamber near his room. He pushed the ornately carved door open. Inside, in glass coffins, rested the original Rangers.

They didn't look like wax dolls, like Alejandro's parents did when they died. They looked like they were sleeping. The new White Ranger couldn't see any evidence of the fatal wounds that had killed them or any signs of decay. They were perfectly preserved at the peak of their lives.

"Tommy," Alejandro whispered and kneeled infront of Tommy Oliver's coffin. "I promise, we will free this world from Lord Zedd. Your soul can rest now."

Alejandro crept out of the Crypt and didn't see the tiny smile that creased Tommy's face. . . .