DISCLAIMER: This Story is done Sans the Permission of Mr. Haim Saban. It is done Soley for Fun. It takes Place during the Second Season, right After "The Mutany."

Bubble, Bubble, Ranger Trouble
by: April Michelle Richards

The scent of shampoo and wet fur hung over the parking lot of the Angel Grove Youth Center: Gym And Juice Bar. The teens from Angel Grove High School had organized a pet wash to raise money for the library's book fund. Six teens, known as the Power Rangers during times of trouble, were working together to try to bathe an oversized dog that did not want to be clean.

"Whoa!" Billy yelped as the dog pulled him into the tub of warm, soapy water. His glasses were lost in the mass of bubbles.

"Sorry, Billy." Tommy blushed. The tallest Ranger reached down into the water and pulled out the glasses. He handed them to Billy. "At least they're clean." He added lamely.

Laughing, Billy put the wet and soapy glasses back on. Jason and Tommy hulled their Blue friend out of the water. The dog panted happily near by, rolling in a mud puddle.

"Oh no!" Trini moaned. "Look at that silly dog!"

"C'mon, buddy." Tommy said. He picked up the dog and carried it back to the tub. The Green Ranger dropped the dog into the water and the other Rangers wasted no time washing the mud off the pathetic pooch. Laughing at the look on the dog's face, Tommy paused to take a long swig of juice. He set his juice down, then grabbed a few thick towels to dry the poor dog off with.

"Boy, I hope this raises the money we need to get new books for the library." Zach commented, wiping the sweat off his mocha colored skin.

"Yeah. With this and the bake sale last week, the library will have enough money to buy that set of reference books on CD-ROM." Trini added.

Suddenly, Kimberly let out an "Oh!" A bubble had landed on her nose. Tommy grabbed the camera off the kid from the school news paper and snapped Kim's picture. Kim shook her head, breaking the bubble.

"Tommy!" She playfully swatted his arm. "Why did you take my picture? I'm a wreck!"

Tommy pulled Kim close and kissed her. "Because you looked so cute, I just couldn't resist." He grinned at her after their lips parted.

The male Rangers gagged. Tommy smirked and tossed the used water on his friends. Jason, Zach, and Billy backed away, soaking wet.

"This means war, bro!" Jason laughed, hefting a soapy sponge. Trini and Kim scurried away from their friends.

"Take your best shot!" Tommy dared. Jason hurled the sponge at Tommy. It hit Tommy dead center in the chest. "Oh no! I'm hit!" Tommy clutched his chest. He fell to his knees, moaning. Jason ran over to his friend, worried that he had hit Tommy harder than he had intended to.

"Tommy, man, you are OK?" Jason asked.

Tommy fell limply to the ground and laid still. Kim rushed to his side and cradled his head on her lap. Jason, Trini, Zach, and Billy didn't see the wink Tommy slipped Kim.

"Oh no, what have I done?" Jason knelt by his friend. "Please be OK, bro." Jason prayed.

Tommy gripped the still soapy sponge in his hand. "Jase..." He said in a weak voice. Jason leaned closer.

"Yeah, bro?" Jason bit his lip.

"BONZAI!" Tommy yelled and slapped Jason in the face with the sponge. Jason fell back on his rear end, spluttering and spitting out soap. "Gotcha!" Tommy jumped up, laughing.

"Man, I can't believe I fell for that!" Jason admitted ruefully. "I guess you earned that "A" in Drama class last year!" He added. Trini, Billy, and Zach were leaning against each other, laughing too hard to say anything.

"Thank you, thank you." Tommy did a dramatic bow. "Don't applause, just throw money!"

"You!" Jason lightly shoved Tommy. The Red Ranger couldn't help but laugh at the antics of his hyper friend. Just then, Bulk and Skull, Angel Grove's resident wanna be bad guys strolled up the group.

"You dweebs still washing pets?" Bulk demanded.

"Yeah." Jason answered. Bulk didn't answer. Instead, he handed Jason a leesh connected to a tiny, shaved French poodle.

"This is Pierre, my mom's special toy poodle. I want him washed and waxed in one hour." Bulk ordered.

"Yeah, one hour!" Skull echoed.

"Sure. Five dollars, payable over there." Zach pointed to the cashier. Bulk willingly handed over the money, then left the strange duo entered Ernie's.

"Let's give Pierre a bath." Kim sighed. She righted the tub, while Tommy filled it with warm water from a tank. Then, he added doggie shampoo. More bubbles filled the air as Pierre sumbitted to his bath.

[Lord Zedd's Moon Palace]

Lord Zedd glowered at the Power Teens as he spied on their normal activities.

"Those annoying Power Pests!" Zedd growled. His vision centered on the bubbles. "Those bubbles give me an idea. FINSTER!" He roared.

"Yes, Lord Zedd?" Finster hobbled out of his work shop.

"Do you have any of the magic bubble potion left?" Zedd demanded.

"Yes, My Lord." Finster handed Zedd the crystal vial.

"Good. I'll use this potion to encase the Rangers in bubbles that will float them up to the moon, where they will be my prisoners!" Zedd gloated. "GOLDAR! Get your gold butt over here!"

"Yes, Lord Zedd, how may I serve you?" Goldar bowed.

"Take a legion of your putties and put this potion in the water those Power Punks are using to bathe the pets of Angel Grove." Zedd ordered.

"At once, my Lord." Goldar took the vial and vanished from the moon's surface.

[The Youth Center Parking Lot]

Tommy continued to sip from his juice drink as he and the other Rangers washed Pierre. The toy poodle loved water and gave them no problems.

"You know, bro, you should lay off the juice. You'll have to go all day." Jason said. Tommy laughed, nearly spraying juice out of his nose.

"Yes mother." Tommy snickered. Zach, Kim, Billy, and Trini giggled at the look on Jason's face.

Before Jason could retort, Goldar and his putties appeared in the parking lot. Civilians and animals wisely scattered.

"Let's clean these clay brains up!" Jason snarled and punched a putty in the "Z" spot. The hapless putty broke into six parts and vanished.

Tommy faced off with two putties. He jumped up in the air and kicked on in the head. It fell to the ground in a babbling heap. Its partner kicked Tommy in the stomach. Tommy doubled over with a few swear words, then, slammed his fist into its chest. Then, Tommy stomped on the putty's chest who was still on the ground.

Kim jumped on the table, since she was the shortest of the team. With the increase in height, she could kick her putty in the chest, destorying it. Beside her, on the ground, Billy and Trini worked together to take out five putties. Zach used a tub as a shield while a putty punched away, denting the metal and ruining its hands. Then, Zach slammed the tub into the "Z" spot.

"You're next, Goldie locks!" Tommy snarled and launched himself at Goldar. Goldar hit Tommy with the flat of the sword, stunning him.

"TOMMY!" Kim screamed. She ran to her boyfriend's side and helped him up. Unseen by the Rangers, the final putty emptied the contents of the vial into the water. Then, it vanished.

"I'll destory you punks next time!" Goldar promised. "I have to do a special errand for Lord Zedd." And the space monkey vanished in a flash of light.

"Boy, that was strange." Trini commented wrily. She picked up a tiny puppy that had used the commotion as an excuse to get dirty again.

"Yeah. But, the minute you understand what goes on inside Goldar's head, that's the minute you move to the funny farm!" Tommy laughed. Then, he winced. "Um, would you guys excuse me?" He blushed as he scurried towards the Youth Center.

"Oh, nuts." Kim frowned. "We're almost out of towels!"

"I can go and procure some more." Billy volunteered.

"Great." Jason smiled.

Billy whistled off tune as he walked towards the Youth Center.

Jason and Zach started washing a different dog. The husky whimpered as he was dosed with doggie shampoo. The air was thick with iridescent bubbles. The husky whined and sneezed as the bubbles went up his nose. Suddenly, the dog growled and bolted out of the tub.

"Oh no!" Kim moaned as the dog huddled by the side of Ernie's. "C'mon, puppy." She cooed. The dog whined and backed away.

The Rangers focused on the miscreant dog and did not notice the bathwater that was bubbling and churning behind them. The Ranger did not take notice of the strange bathwater until the first large bubble emerge from the tub and enveloped Kimberly.

"Help!" Kimberly screamed as she pounded on the malleable sides of the bubble.

"Hang on, Kim!" Zach started to run to his friend, but another bubble trapped him. "Oh man!" He turned in the bubble and let out a cry of dismay: Jason and Trini were also trapped in bubbles.

[On the Moon]

"NO!" Zedd slammed his fist down on the balcony. "The blasted bubbles only caught four of those Power Brats and the Green Traitor wasn't one of them!"

Goldar stood behind his Lord and shook with fear. He hated it when Zedd was mad. The Lord of Evil had a nasty tendency to fire lightning bolt out of his hands and fry anything in the room. And, those lightning bolts hurt when they impacted against Goldar's shiny metal armor. Not to mention the damage they did to throne room.

*At least Rita just swung that stupid wand around and you can duck from that.* Goldar sighed.

"GOLDAR!" Zedd screamed.

"Yes, Lord Zedd?" Goldar said. Zedd turned around.

"Take a horde of putties down and get those bubbles with the Rangers in them. We can use them as bargining chips for the Green Ranger's surrender."

"Yes, my Lord."

[In the Youth Center]

Tommy and Billy carried arm fulls of soft, thick towels that Ernie had donated to the pet wash outside to the parking lot and their friends.

"It was nice of Ernie to let us use these towels." Tommy commented.

"That is typical of Ernie." Billy said. "Always giving back to the community."

Just then, a bubble, a harmless one, floated under Tommy's nose, and the Green Ranger sneezed. He dropped his load of towels.

"Bless you." Billy said, laying his towels on the back bumper of the RAD BUG. The Blue Ranger helped the newest Ranger to gather up all the towels.

"Thanks, Billy." Tommy said. Suddenly, Tommy looked up and let out a cry.

"What's wrong?" Billy pushed his glasses up.

"Look." Tommy pointed to his friends, encased in the bubbles. Two large bubbles were floating toward Tommy and Billy. "Billy, get down!" Tommy knocked Billy to the ground and threw two large, sharp rocks at the oncoming bubbles. The bubbles exploded upon impact, spewing hot sparks and gases everywhere.

"Well, I guess we can't just pop the bubbles to get the others out." Billy rubbed his forehead.

"OK, then how do we get them out?" Tommy asked.

Just then, Goldar appeared infront of Tommy and Billy. "Hello, Green Traitor!"

"What do you want, Goldielocks?" Tommy growled.

Goldar strolled over to Kim's bubble. The monster held his sword near the Pink Ranger's bubble. Kim backed away as far as she could from Goldar.

Tommy tensed his muscles, but Billy put a restraining arm on Tommy's shoulder.

"If he pops that bubble," Billy hissed in Tommy's ear. "Kim's a goner."

Tommy swatted Billy's hand away. "I know." Tommy admitted in a strained voice.

"What do I want?" Goldar repeated. "I want what Lord Zedd wants: your total surrender, Green Weakling."

"In your dreams, Metalhead." Tommy growled.

Goldar held his sword over Kim's bubble. "Are you willing to risk your beloved's life?"

"NO!" Tommy screamed, then tackled Goldar, knocking him away from the bubbles. Billy stood still, shell-shocked by his friend's violent reaction.

Just then, Billy's communicator beeped. "Yes, Zordon?" He asked in a shaky voice.


"On my way." Billy looked up. "Tommy! We have to go to the Command Center."

Tommy looked up at Billy, then grabbed the churning tub. "Hey, Goldielocks!" Tommy yelled, then threw the water on Goldar. The magicked bubbles exploded, driving Goldar backwards. The gold space monkey covered his face in a vain attempt to protect himself. Then, he teleported back to the moon in shame.

"Ready?" Billy ran up to Tommy.

"You bet." Tommy gazed at Kimberly and mouthed the words: "I love you." Kim smiled softly and mouthed them back.

"Let's go." Billy said, not understanding the silent display of affection. The teens vanished in flash of Green and Blue Light.

[The Command Center]

"What did Zedd to them?" Billy asked.


Tommy did not look away from the Viewing Globe. "OK, we know that." Tommy growled.


"Ai yi yi yi!" Alpha moaned as he checked the read out on Kim, Trini, Zach and Jason.

"What's wrong?" Tommy asked in a tight voice.

"The air in the bubbles is starting to vanish!" Alpha wailed, clutching his metal head.

"Kim..." Tommy whispered.

Billy turned to the giant, floating head. "How long do they have until their air runs out?"


Billy turned to the computers and started working, pushing aside his own fears about his friends. Tommy stood, catatonic, infront of the Viewing Globe. Billy, Alpha and Zordon exchanged looks. Alpha came up behind Tommy and injected the Green Ranger with a powerful seditive. Tommy collapsed backwards, into Alpha's metal arms.


"Right, Zordon. Ai yi yi yi yi!" Alpha moaned as he dragged Tommy away.

Billy did not look back up from his device. He muttered under his breath as he worked. A clock, located in Billy's prodigious mind, ran down.

[Fourty Five Minutes Later]

"Ah-ha!" Billy exclaimed amid a shower of sparks. "It's finished."

"Ai yi yi yi! What is it, Billy?" Alpha asked.

"A stabilizer. It will make the bubbles into a solid, glass-like surface that I can cut open to get the others out." Billy explained as he loaded up the supplies he'd need to free his friends.

"Then, what would happen to the bubbles?" Alpha asked.

"Once the effects of the stabilizer wear off, the bubbles will harmless detonate, I hope." Billy added.

GOOD LUCK, BLUE RANGER. Zordon said quietly.

"Thanks." Billy teleported out in a flash of Blue.

[Ernie' Parking Lot]

Billy landed in the empty parking lot. Jason, Trini, Zach, and Kim were laying on the floors of the bubbles, their faces a pasty grey.

"Hold on, guys!" Billy said.

He turned on his new device. A shimmery light shot out of the device and struck each bubble. The bubbles took on a harder, glossier look as their molecular structure was changed. Once the bubbles were glass, Billy dropped the device and pulled out a cutting tool. He cut open doorways in each of the bubbles, then starting pulling his friends out. However, Jason had already passed out from lack of oxygen and he was too heavy for Billy to lug out.

"Zordon, can you wake up Tommy?" Billy asked.


Just then, the Rangers were joined by their Green companion.

"Kimberly!" Tommy hugged Kim close. The exhausted Pink Ranger pressed her face against Tommy's chest.

"A-hem." Billy cleared his throat and pointed to Jason. "Hurry, you do not have much time." He added.

Tommy ran into Jason's bubble and hoisted the Red Ranger onto his shoulders. "GAH!" Tommy gasped. "You're going on a diet, bro!"

Suddenly, the bubbles shivered and shook. Smoke curled up from the cut edges.

"RUN!" Billy yelled. Trini, Kim, and Zach were gathered behind him.

Tommy stumbled under Jason's weight. The Red Ranger's greater mass was slowing Tommy down. By the time the teens were at the edge of the bubbles, they started their pyroclastic death. Tommy and Jason were thrown up against the side of the Youth Center by the force of the blast.

"TOMMY!" Kim wailed and tottered over to her boyfriend. Tommy slowly sat up, shaking his head.

"Not so loud, Kimmie." He whispered. Jason grunted and opened his eyes.

"What happened?" He moaned. Then, he pushed at Tommy, who was sitting on his legs. "Get off, bro."

"Sorry." Tommy stood up, then helped his best friend up. "You OK?"

"Yeah." Jason brushed his clothes off. "How did you get us out of the bubbles?"

"Dunno. Ask Billy. He's the one who did it." Tommy pointed to the Blue Ranger, who immediately found something fasinating to look at on his shirt.

"Thanks, man." Jason clapped Billy on the shoulder.

"It was nothing." Billy said.

Just then, the husky who had first alerted the Rangers to the bubble trouble, yelped. The Rangers turned, enmass to see what was wrong.

"What is it, boy?" Jason asked.

Suddenly, they were doused with cold water from the hose that the dog held in his mouth.