DISCLAIMER: "Tiny Toon Adventures" is owned by the great and holy Stephen Spielberg and MMPR is owned by the omniponet Saban, but this is a comedy (i hope) and is being done not for profit. Of course, if this story isn't funny, I will disavow all knowledge of it and blame it on my guinea pig! Of course, this takes place right after "White Light" so Jason, Zach, and Trini are still on the team. Now, on to the show!!!!!:

Attack of the 50-Foot Elmyra
by: April Michelle Richards

[Angel Grove, Early Morning]

Tommy Oliver rubbed his eyes and groaned as he shambled into the autumn sunlight. He gripped his battered backpack. It was done in olive green camoflauge and was definately on its last legs. He knew he'd need a new one before the school year progressed any farther.

"TOMMY!" Kim squealed when she saw her boyfriend in the park. The perky Pink Ranger ran to Tommy and threw herself into his arms. However, Tommy was too tired to hold her slight weight and Kim fell from his arms. "Tommy, are you OK?" Kim picked herself up and looked at him.

"Yeah, I'm just tired. I had to babysit my cousins last night. The little babies aren't too bad. Infact, they're adorable, but their older sister, is a nightmare. A real spoiled brat." Tommy growled.

"I'm sorry." Kim hugged Tommy's waist.

"It wouldn't have been so bad, but Lovette, the older girl, she's four, had a copy of "How I Spent My Summer Vacation," on tape and that's all she wanted to watch until her bedtime. An entire evening spent watching "Tiny Toons"!" Tommy wailed.

"I thought you liked watching "Tiny Toons," Tommy." Kim said with a sly grin.

"Yeah, once in a while cuz Buster and Babs are cool, but not six hours of it! That Elmyra drove me nuts!" Tommy cried. "I'm gonna hug you and love you and SQUEEZE you all to widdie bittie pieces!!" Tommy mimicked.

"Scary!" Kim shivered. "You poor thing!" She cooed. "Do you want me to make you feel better..." She leered softly.

Tommy grinned as Kim lead him into the bushes.

[On The Moon, Same Time]

Zedd glowered as he watched the teens in the park. "FINSTER!" He roared.

"Yes, my Lord?" Finster asked timidly.

"What is this Elmyra?" He demanded.

"A cartoon character that is so sickly sweet and abusive that the Rangers can not stand her. Also, she has tremdous strength to squeeze the life out of her animals." Finster answered.

"Hmm..." Zedd grumbled. He pointed his staff toward the Earth. "Let's see how those Rangers handle a one hundred foot Elmyra! Ha- ha-ha-ha-ha!"

[Acme Acres, Same Time]

"Run, Babs!" Buster Bunny yelled to his companion, Babs Bunny (*"No Relation!"*) "Elmyra is right behind us!"

"I know, Buster." Babs panted.

"Come back, bunny-wonnies!" Elmyra cried. "I have soo much love to give!"

"I'd rather get a rash!" Buster snapped.

Just then, a colorful portal appeared before the toons. The pull of the portal sucked in Buster, Babs, and Elmyra.

"WHOA!" Buster and Babs cried out as they tumbled through the tunnel between demensions.

"Ewooo! Look at all the pretty colors!" Elmyra cooed.

[Angel Grove Park]

Tommy and Kim strolled through the park, Tommy's face contorted into a silly grin. Suddenly, the portal appeared and spit out the toons. Elmyra was sucked up to the moon while Buster and Babs rolled along the ground. The two toon rabbits slammed into the Pink and White Rangers.

"STRIKE!" Buster yelled.

Babs stood up, then spun around, reappearing in a Freddy Kruger outfit. "What a rush." She rasped in a Freddy Kruger like voice. Then, she spun back into her "normal" self.

"Oh man..." Tommy groaned, rubbing his head. "What......" His voice trailed off when he saw the rabbits. "Oh, man..."

"I'm Buster Bunny!" Buster stuck out his hand.

"And, I'm Babs Bunny!" Babs added.

"No relation!" They said together.

"I'm dreamin'." Tommy whispered, then pinched himself. "Ow! Guess I'm not!"

"Um," Kimberly bit her lower lip. "What are you two, uh, guys doin' here?"

"Dunno." Buster answered for the pair. "One minute we are running from Elmyra in Acme Acres and the next, BOOM! We were here. Where is here?"

Babs spun around again, this time appearing as Dorothy with a stuffed Toto. "We're not in Acme Acres anymore."

"No duh, Babsy." Buster muttered.

Tommy ignored the rabbits. "Um, Zordon, we're comin' to the Command Center with some, uh, friends. It's important."


"Buster, Babs," Tommy spoke up. "Stand close to me." Tommy ordered. The toons gathered around the White Ranger.

"I'll call the others, then meet you there." Kim said. She stood on tip toes and kissed Tommy's chin. Buster gagged, but Babs smacked him on the back of the head. The blue bunny scowled at his friend.

As soon as the trio had vanished in a flash of White Light, Kim pressed on her communicator. "Um, Jason, this is Kimberly. Get Trini and the guys and go to the Command Center."

"*What's wrong, Kim?*" Jason's voiced boomed over the tiny watch.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told ya." Kim answered, then signed off.

[The Moon]

The moon was in turmoil. A high pitched squeal was heard over the enraged roar of Lord Zedd.

"Eww!! An icky red buggy wuggy metal face man head!" Elmyra cooed and poked at Lord Zedd's face.

"Get off me you cretin!" Zedd ordered. "GOLDAR!"

The gold space monkey stormed into the room. Elmyra turned and jumped up and down on Zedd's lap, slamming her small feet into his metal shod groin. The Lord of Evil groaned with the pain.

"Eww!! Cute, gold monkey face head!" She ran to Goldar and grabbed his tail. "PU! Monkey baby face head needs a bath!" She skipped off, dragging Goldar behind her. The space monkey bounced with each of Elmyra's gravity aided leaps.

Zedd shook his head in disgust, then he bellowed: "FINSTER!"

"Yes, Lord Zedd?" Finster shuffled into the throne room.

"Is that special growth potion ready yet?"

"It is, my Lord." Finster held up a vial of bubbling, yellow liquid. "Now we have to get that idiot of a girl to drink it."

Zedd eyed the potion. The foul smell was burning even his tough nose. "Hm... What would a girl like that Elmyra like...Ah- ha! Finster, put that potion in a cat shaped cake, loaded with chocolate and sugar." Zedd ordered.

"Then what, My Lord?" Finster asked as he whipped up the cat.

"Then give it to me, you onion domed nit whit!" Zedd roared. He snatched the cake as soon as it was done. Then, he followed Elmyra's shrill laughter towards Goldar's room. Inside, Goldar was being bathed with sudsy water in a small tub. His dark fur was tied up in pink bows and Elmyra had a frilly dress laid out for him to wear.

"This is the way we wash our pets cuz they are dirty, filthy and disgusting!" Elmyra sang off key. Goldar howled in dismay as Elmyra pulled him out of the tub and forced the dress onto his large frame. "There, don't we look all cutesy wootise in our bestest party dress?"

"Hello, Elmyra." Zedd spoke in his quietest, calmest voice. He held out the cake.

"Hello Mr. Red Buggy Face Metal Head!" Elmyra skipped over to the monster. "Ooo, what a pretty kitty witty cake! Is that for me?"

"Yes, it's for your tea party with Goldar, er, Baby Monkey Face Head." Zedd answered, then gave the toon girl the cake. With a satisfied smirk on his face, Zedd spun around and left the room. Goldar's wails for pity were ignored.

[The Command Center]

"I don't get, Mr. Zordon." Buster Bunny scratched his head. "What would Lord Zedd want with Elmyra?"


"Use Elmyra? A giant Elmyra?" Buster gasped. "That's a scary thought."

Before Babs could make a retort, the alarms blared out a warning.

"What is that?" Babs and Buster huddled together.

"Ai yi yi yi yi yi!" Alpha threw up his hands. "Look!" He pointed to the Viewing Globe.

"*Eww! A cute building!*" The one hundred foot Elmyra hugged Angel Grove First National. The building shattered into millions of pieces.

"How gross!" Babs gagged.

"Lord Zedd has gone too far this time !" Jason Scott, the Red Ranger, snapped. The other Rangers voiced simular thoughts.

"Chill, guys." Tommy said. "Zordon, I'm going to try to take that thing down with Tiger Zord. I need Buster and Babs with me. They know Elmyra well."

"Radical!" Buster yelled and jumped up.

Babs spun around into a pink spandex suit. "I'm ready to go!" She announced.



[Downtown Angel Grove]

Tommy and the toons raced to the park, where Elmyra was tormenting Bulk and Skull.

"Help!" Bulk wailed.

"I don't wanna be a baby doll!" Skull cried.

The bullies of Angel Grove were dressed in pink dresses and had large, floppy ribbons tied into their hair. Elmyra was forcing them into a demented tea party with Goldar.

"Bad baby doll head!" Elmyra scolded when Skull spilled his "tea." "Elmyra spankie!" She lifted Skull up and lightly patted his bottom. Then, she laughed and said: "Mommy Elmyra has to change your diaper now!"

"Put him down, Elmyra!" Tommy ordered from the Tiger Zord.

"Eww!! A cute kitty witty for me to play with and love and do experients on!" Elmyra put Skull, freshly diapered, into his seat, then went after the Tiger Zord. She caught it up in a crushing bear hug. The toon girl swung the Zord around. Sparks and smoke bellowed from the hapless Tiger Zord.

"She canna take much more of this, Tommy!" Babs yelled out in a Scottish accent.

"Abandon Zord!" Tommy yelled. He grabbed the toon rabbits and jumped out of the Zord moments before it vanished to its hiding place.

"WAAAAH!" Elmyra cried. "Widdle Kitty Witty go bye bye!" Large tear drops fell to the ground with the force of bombs.

"Yikes!" Babs jumped into Tommy's arms. She blushed, then looked behind him. "Do you know you have cute buns?" She asked. Tommy's shocked experession was visible despite his helmet.

"Rope it in, Babs." Buster told his friend. "We have to stop Elmyra from crying or she'll flood your city!"

"But how?" Tommy frowned. Just then his communicator chimed, scarying Babs.

"WHOA!" Babs climbed down Tommy's suit.

"I'm here, Zordon." Tommy said.


Great." Tommy signed off, then pulled Babs out of his costume. He gently placed her next to Buster. It was at that time that a large, blue capsule appeared in the park. Tommy strained to pick it up, but he couldn't. "Jase, I'm gonna need your help on this one!"

"*On my way!*"

The Red Dragon ThunderZord landed in the park, already in Warrior Mode. The massive machine was able to heft the pill up.

"Jase, I'm comin' up!" Tommy spoke into his communicator. He tucked a bunny under each arm and jumped up into the cock pit.

"Welcome aboard, bro." Jason smiled. "Now, Billy said that we have to get that big girl to take this pill. It'll shrink her back to normal and then teleport all the toons to their demension." Jason said.

"Elmyra, open up!" Tommy called over the intercom. The Red Dragon Zord held out the pill.

"No. Mommy always gives me chocolate ice cream when I have to take icky wicky medicine!" Elmyra pouted.

"Where are we gonna get enough ice cream to cover that pill?" Tommy gasped.

"Gimme that!" Buster took the mike off Tommy. "You don't know how Elmyra mind, what little there is, works." Buster smirked. "Elmyra, this isn't icky wicky medicine." The blue bunny said into the mike.

"It isn't?"

"No, silly, it's a yummy, new chocolate with candy coating!" Buster lied.

"It is? Ooo! I love yummy chocolates!" Elmyra grabbed the pill and gobbled it down. "Ooo, I don't feel so good." She groaned, then vanished.

Tommy and Jason watched as the toons grew faint. "Well, I guess this is good bye!" Buster said.

"Good bye, adios, chow..." Babs said, then faded out sight.

"Rope in it, Babs." Buster sighed. "Just say, Good night, Babs."

"Good night, Babssss...."