by: April Michelle Richards and Yvonne Plante

Usual disclaimers.

Part 1 [April Richards]
     The Pan Global games were almost over and the media had yet
to find the one image that would signify it in the annuals of
history.  Kimberly Anne Hart, the star of the U.S.A. Gymnastic
Team, was prepared to do her final floor routine.  If she got
another prefect score, she'd  have the Gold medal all wrapped up. 
Kim loosened up at the edge of the mat.  Once the music started,
Kim launched into  her routine.  To finish it off, she did a high
jump and landed on her feet. No one in the audience heard the
delicate bones of her ankle breaking.  In the audience, her
boyfriend, Tommy Oliver, a Martial Artist who could have  had a
spot on the Karate Team with out any problems, cheered  the
loudest when she did her flawless act.  Yet, only Tommy was able
to notice the sudden injury to her ankle.  He pushed his way to
the mat and caught her before she fell.
     "Congratulations, sweetie."  Tommy whispered, then kissed
his girlfriend on the lips.  The media had found its image. 
Cameras rolled and the picture of Tommy, the supportive
boyfriend, in more ways than one, and Kimberly, was frozen in
time.  Then, Tommy lifted Kim above his head as the crowd cheered
and  the USA National Anthem was played over the loud speakers. 
Kim laughed, delirious with joy and love.  Tommy lowered Kim as
the judges approached them and placed the medal around Kim's
     "Oh, Tommy...."  She kissed his neck.
     "C'mon, Kim."  Tommy smiled gently at  his girlfriend, then
carried her off the mat and into the dressing room, where a
doctor was waiting to treat her ankle.

[Emergency Room, An hour later]

     Tommy held Kim's hand as the doctor  examined the ankle.  He
smiled at the young couple. He had been watching the Pan Global
Games during his break and had seen the entire incident.  His
young daughter was a fan of Kimberly's and the doctor had not
missed the chance to get an autograph from Kim.
     "Well, Miss Hart,"  The doctor finally said.  "I don't think
that it's broken.  But, I just want to take an Xray to make
sure."  He stated.  He made a few notes on the chart.  "Well, 
the nurse will come and take you up to Xray in a few minutes."
     "OK,"  Kim chirped.  "Thanks, Doctor Heinz."
     "Hey, Kimmie, would you mind if I ran to the  boy's room and
then hit the vending machines?"  Tommy asked.  "I haven't had a
bite to eat since lunch."
     "Sure, sweetie.  Just wait for me down here then."  Kim
kissed her boyfriend just as the nurse entered the room.  As soon
as Kim was settled into the wheel chair and on her way, Tommy
left for the vending machines.

[Nuclear Medicine, Xray Suite]

     Kim hummed to herself as she waited for her turn in the Xray
room. She flipped through an old copy of "National Geographic."  
She looked up when a female tech tapped her on the shoulder.
     "You're next, Miss Hart."  She said. "But, before we do
anything, I have to ask.  Is there a chance that you might be
     Kim paled when she started to answer the question.  "Um, I'm
not sure.  I, uh, haven't had my period for the past three
months, but I thought it was just the stress from training..." He
voice trailed off.  The tech wheeled Kim into a private bathroom
and handed her a pregnancy test.  Fifteen minutes later, Kim
sobbed when she read the results.  The tech looked at the test
and ran for the doctor.  Kim was wheeled out of Xray and back
into the examining room. Tommy was already there, with two cans
of soda and a bag of
bar-b-que corn chips, his personal favorite.  He stood up when he
saw Kim's distressed face.  The nurse
left Kim in the wheel chair, then let the couple have their
     "What's wrong, Kim?"  Tommy asked, kneeling in front of her.
     "Um, Tommy, do you remember what happened the night before I
left for Florida, three months ago? Our,  um, *private* good bye
     Tommy smiled softly.  "Of course I do, Kimmie.  That night
was very important to me."  Then, he looked her in the eye.  "Are
you pregnant?"  He asked, blushing slightly at his own boldness.
     '"Yes."  Kim looked down.  "Tommy, I'm so sorry!"  She
wailed. "Please don't be mad at me!"  She pleaded.  She braced
herself for Tommy's anger.  Instead, she felt Tommy's gentle
fingers lift her chin up so they were eye to eye.  In Tommy's
chocolate colored eyes, Kim found only love and joy. No malice or
anger.  "You're not......mad at me?"
     Tommy hugged her carefully, not wanting to hurt her or their
baby.  "Of course not, sweetie. Surprised as all get out, yeah,
but not angry."    He reached over for his old bomber jacket and
dug around in the pockets.
     "Tommy?"  Kim asked.
     Tommy pulled something out of one of the pockets and smiled
softly at his girlfriend. "I guess I have to move up my plans
some. I was saving this for Christmas, but I think winning a gold
medal is excuse enough."  Tommy got down on one knee and opened
up a small, blue velvet box.  Inside was a rose gold ring with a
heart shaped diamond surrounded by silver stars.  "Kimberly Anne
Hart, will  you marry me?"
     Kim's mouth slid open, then she launched herself into
Tommy's arms.  "Yes, oh, God, yes!"  She cried as Tommy slid the
ring on her finger.  Unseen to the young lovers, the Rangers
watched the proposal.  Kat's bow mouth turned down in a frown.
She had had fantasies about Tommy proposing to *her*.

Part 2 [Yvonne Plante]

[The Command Center]

     "Alright Tommy!" shouted Rocky with a silly grin on his
     Tanya sniffed and wiped at her moist eyes.  She turned to
Adam, "That was so sweet!"
     Adam put his arm around his girlfriends shoulder and gave
her a gentle squeeze, "It was only a matter of time."
     Jason stood with his arms folded, happiness shining from
every pore, "Those two definitely belong together."  He looked at
Billy who nodded his agreement, both thinking of all that the two
had been through.
     Tanya glanced over at Kat, her best friend, with sympathy. 
Kat looked up and noticed that everyone was giving her covert
glances.  She forced a smile, "I'm so happy for them."  But the
words seemed to leave a bad taste in her mouth.

[Emergency Room]

     Kimberly's ankle had been set and she and Tommy were waiting
for the OK to leave.  Dr. Heinz entered the room pushing a
wheelchair, followed by Coach Schmidt.  "Well Miss Hart are you
ready to face  you adoring public?"
     Kimberly looked at him in confusion.  With the news of the
baby and Tommy's marriage proposal the fact that she had just won
the gold medal had completely slipped her mind.
     Tommy chuckled at her confusion and lifted her from the bed
and gently sat her in the wheelchair, "Remember my little gold
medalist?  You won."
     "Kimberly.  The press and your fans are all waiting outside
to see how you are," said Coach Schmidt, looking forward to the
notoriety Kim's winning had brought to him.
     Doctor Heinz looked a bit frazzled, "There is a mob outside
and the news of you engagement has spread like wildfire."
     Kim looked dazed, "It did?"
     Coach Schmidt took the handles of the wheelchair and pushed
Kim towards the exit and the waiting cameras, "Let's hurry! 
We've left them waiting long enough."
     As the coach pushed the wheelchair out the door, Tommy held
back a moment with the doctor, "Um Doctor, no other 'news' has
spread has it?"
     The doctor smiled at Tommy with understanding, "Don't worry
Mr. Oliver, medical records are confidential.  You just take that
little lady home and take care of both of them."
     Tommy smiled in relief and shook the doctors hand, "Thanks
doc.  I plan to."
     With that Tommy went to rescue Kimberly from the crowds and
take his family home.

[Angel Grove Youth Center]

     The Rangers, without Billy who had stayed at the Command
Center, entered the usually busy Youth Center and found it
overflowing with people celebrating.   Amid the hustle and
bustle, the jovial, heavy set proprietor Ernie stood behind the
bar.  The Rangers made a beeline for the counter.
     "Hey Ernie, what's the commotion about?" asked Jason as he
gestured towards the happy crowd.
     Ernie looked up grinning from ear to ear and held up the
front page of the Angel Grove newspaper Special Edition.  
"Everyone is just so excited about Kim."  The front page showed
the picture of Tommy and Kimberly and another of Kim proudly
displaying the gold medal.  "Isn't it great?!?!"
     Rocky grabbed the paper out of Ernie's hands, "Sure is!!  I
knew she could do it!"
     Ernie threw his arms up in the air, "First the Power
Rangers, now Kimberly.  Angel Grow is famous now!!"
     As they all talked excitedly, Kat excused herself and went
over to their usual table.  She began ripping apart a napkin. 
"Don't mind me guys," she mumbled perturbed that no one had even
noticed her leave.

     David Trueheart, Tommy's half brother walked in the Youth
Center.  After looking around he noticed the Rangers and hurried
over to the counter to join them.  "Hey guys, Tommy called. 
They're on their way home."
     "How's Kimberly?" asked Ernie with concern.
     "Tommy said she'll be fine, she just needs to rest.  That's
why he's bringing her home so soon.  The press out there won't
leave her alone."
     Ernie nodded in agreement, "I can imagine."  Just then
someone called out an order for some sandwiches and Ernie excused
himself and went to go fill the order.
     "And...." David added mysteriously, "Tommy said they had a
big announcement to make when they get here."
     The Rangers looked at each other knowingly causing David to
eye them suspiciously.  "What?  Wait don't tell me!  You already
know."  The grins gave them away.  "What?  Tell me!"
     Jason looked rather guilty, "Well we were checking to see
how Kim was doing and we saw..."
     Adam continued on for Jason, "Well you should really hear
this from them but....."
     "They're engaged!"  Rocky blurted out unable to stand the
suspense any longer.
     "Already?"  David was surprised, but then again not.  "I
thought he was going to wait."
     Jason playfully shoved David on the shoulder, "You knew?"
     "Well you can't live with a guy day and night and not find
these things out."

     Just then there was a commotion at the door.  The others
stopped their conversation to see what was going on.  At first
all they could see was Billy walking towards them, then the crowd
separated to allow them to see Tommy walking behind him. 
Everyone jumped up from their seats at the counter and surrounded
Tommy.  They all began talking at once, asking about Kimberly and
congratulating him at once.  
     "Hey! Hey!   Kimberly's fine.  I dropped her off at the
apartment to rest, she's had a long day."  Tommy told them in
answer to the questions about Kimberly.
     David put a brotherly hand on Tommy's shoulder, "How did you
get here so fast?  I just talked you 30 minutes ago."
     Tommy nodded towards Billy and answered in a low voice,
"Billy contacted me and he and Zordon handled that.  Thanks again
Billy we'd still be trying to get to the airport."
     Billy accepted the thanks shyly, "We were watching and saw
how Kim was getting hounded.  We thought we could at least give
you a hand getting here."
     "When can we see Kim?" asked Adam.
     "Well that's why I'm here.  She's waiting at the apartment. 
She wanted to come here but I figured it might be too much for
     "Let's get going!" shouted Jason in a hurry to see his old
friend.  The group started walking towards the doorway.
     Tanya turned back to Kat who was watching the whole scene
from the table with a sad expression.  "Come on Kat.  Don't you
want come?"
     Kat got up trying to lighten her expression, "Sure, I'm
coming," and she went to join the group as they made their way to
the exit.

Part Three: [April Richards]

[Paris,  France;  The Next Day]

     Mrs. Cynthia Hart-Dupuy puttered around her large Chateau. 
Her husband, a French painter, had left early for an important
art show.  Just as she was about to get dressed to go shopping,
the phone rang.
     "Bonjour!"  Cynthia chirped in the phone as she answered.
     "Hi, mom!"  Kim laughed.
     "Kimberly dear!  Congratulations on your Gold medal!  I hope
your ankle's OK." Cynthia clapped her hands. "I feel so bad that
I couldn't be there, but all the planes to New York were booked
solid."  Cynthia apologized.
     "I understand.  And, my ankle is OK.  Broken in three
places, but it will heal with time."  Kim paused.  "Um, mom, are
you sitting down?  I have some great news!"
     "What is it, dearest?"
     "Mom, you're going to be a grandmother!"
     Cynthia plopped down in a near by Chippendale chair. 
     "I just found last night, at the Emergency Room. After the
Games. And, there's more."
     "What else could happen?"  Cynthia bit her lip.
     "I'm getting married. Tommy proposed to me last night!  We
were still in the ER and when I told him, he pulled out this
beautiful ring with a heart diamond on it and proposed. He said
that he just moved his plans up a little bit, but a winning a
gold medal was as good enough excuse as any to propose."  Kim
said in a rush.
     "Well, I guess as soon as I can get a plane back to
California, I have a lot of work to do.  Where are you staying?"
     "At Tommy's apartment. He shares it with his older brother, 
David Trueheart."
     "Older brother?  When did this happen?"  Cynthia was
     "Only recently.  They were separated when Tommy was a tiny
baby.  They only recently found each other.  And, David looks soo
much like Tommy, it's scary!  But, he's a nice guy, and thrilled
that he's going to be an uncle!"
     "I'm glad.  Well, I'm going to go and call the airport, OK,
sweetie?  Give me Tommy's number so I can call you and let you
know when my plane is coming in."
     "Sure, it's area code 703-555-9456.  Bu-bai, Mom!"
     "Bye sweetheart!"
     Cynthia hung up and stared at the phone in her hand.  Then,
she dialed a number and spoke rapidly in French. Once that was
done, she called the chauffeur and told him to be ready to do
some serious shopping in one hour.

[Angel Grove, CA.  Tommy and David's Aprt.  Three Days later.]

     Kim bounced excitedly as she waited for Jason and David to
return from the airport  with her mother.  An air cast was on her
right ankle, which was propped up on pillows.  Tommy was in the
kitchen, preparing lunch for the two of them. He carried it out
on a tray, set with a single pink rose bud.
     "Oh, Tommy, that's so sweet!"  Kim cooed when she saw the 
simple, but pretty meal that Tommy had made for her.
     "Anything for my little gold medalist."  Tommy kissed her
     "Tommy!"  Kim laughed and hugged her fiancee.  While they
ate, she asked: "I wonder what's keeping Jason and David?"
     "Traffic's probably horrible right now.  It's rush minute in
Angel Grove, you know."  Just then, his older brother entered the
apartment, laden with brightly wrapped packages.  "What in the
sam hill .....?"
     "Miffss Dooboo's wuagage!"  David snarled with his mouth
filled with a gift bag with teddy bears on it.
     Tommy jumped up and eased the burden on his brother. 
"What?"  He repeated his question.
     "Kim's mother's stuff."  David moaned.  "There's still more
of it in the car!   Jason is coming up with another load."
     "Oh, god!"  Tommy moaned.  He put his partial burden down
and ran out the door.  On the way down, he encountered Jason,
also burdened down with gifts. "What did that  crazy woman do? 
Buy out France?"   He wailed.
     "And, New York and London and Madrid and every other major
city in the world!" Jason snarled.   "Good luck, bro."
     Tommy moaned as he entered the  carport.  Mrs. Dupuy tapped
her foot impatiently as she gestured to the over loaded car.
     "Hurry it up, Thomas, dear."  She cooed.  Tommy pulled out a
small dolly that he used when he had to carry in a large load of
supplies for the Dragon-Tiger Dojo.  With the dolly's help, he
was able to take the last of Mrs. Dupuy's packages up to the
apartment over the school.   Cynthia Hart-Dupuy minced behind her
future son-in-law, carrying only her purse.

     "Mom!"   Kim sat up when Cynthia entered the room.
     "Kimberly, dear!" The woman hugged each other. "How are you
     "I'm fine, mom, but what is all this stuff?"  Kim eyed the
mountain of packages in the middle of the living room floor.
     "Just a few things I picked up for you and your baby." 
Cynthia answered.  She laid her hand on Kim's stomach. There was 
a noticeable bulge under her robe.  "How far along are you?"
     "Just three months, mom, why?"  Kim asked, curious.
     "Well, nothing. I just wanted to know. So, have you and
Thomas set a wedding date yet?"
     "No.  We want it to be soon, though, before I'm so big that
I have to waddle down the isle."  Kim laughed.
     "It's a good thing I came, then.  I found the most
adorable..........."  Cynthia rattled on about what she had
bought  and her plans for the wedding.  In the kitchen, Tommy,
David, and Jason listened incredulously.
     "I can't afford stuff like that!"  Tommy yelped as he
slipped a cup of coffee.
     "Man, she just comes in and takes over."  Jason moaned. He
rubbed his sore shoulder.  "And, we have a class to teach today
     "Tell me about it.  At least I have the beginner's classes.
Those are easy." David answered.
     "Does that woman ever shut up?"  Tommy wailed.  He buried
his head in his hands.   "I'll be bankrupt in a week!"  David
massaged his younger brother's shoulders. Jason sat next to his
friend in silent  understanding.  Cynthia's prattling voice
smoothed out into a drone that sent all three men into a deep

[On the moon]

     Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa reclined in their matching
thrones, wedding gifts from Master Vile.  They  had recently
defeated the Machine Empire and reclaimed their lunar palace. 
Rita scanned the Earth with her Repulsascope.
     "Ahh!"  She  hissed.  "So, that annoying  former Pink Ranger
is pregnant with that traitor Tommy's baby, eh?"  She paused.
"Zeddy-poo, I want that baby!"  She demanded. 
     "Of course, my little evil one.  Once Kimberly has her baby,
we'll take it  and raise it as our own little bundle of evil." 
Zedd promised.

Part 4 [Yvonne Plante]

[Angel Grove Youth Center - One Week Later]

     Kimberly and her mother were sitting at a table after a
morning of shopping.  With her ankle resting on an empty chair,
Kimberly looked exhausted and a bit dazed as her mother flipped
through a wedding invitation catalog.
     "You know Kimberly, you could show a touch more enthusiasm
dear," Cynthia admonished her daughter.
     "I'm sorry Mom.  I'm just tired," Kimberly sighed as she
rested her head on her hand.  
     "I know sweetheart, but this would go quicker if you would
just come to some decisions."
     "I want to check with Tommy before I make any definite
decisions.  And he's been really busy and then when he is home I
fall asleep."
     Cynthia pursed her lips, "He could show a little more
enthusiasm himself."
     "I'll go over some things with him tomorrow.  I have a
doctors appointment and Tommy's coming with."
     "Just be sure that you do."
     Kimberly sighed and looked around the Youth Center like a
trapped animal.  Spying Tanya, Kat, Adam and Billy walk in, she
smiled, "Hey look mom!  There are some of the guys!"
     The four walked over to the table and greeted Kimberly and
her mother.
     "Hello kids," said Cynthia as she began to gather up her
belongings.  "Well I'm going to check with the caterer.  Here's a
list,"  she handed Kim a stack of papers.  "Come up with answers
on these items and after your appointment we'll go over
     Kim took the papers and rolled her eyes, " Yes mom."
     Cynthia rose to leave but first addressed her daughters
friends, "Now don't tire her out too much and would one of you be
so kind as to see that she gets home safely?"
     "Sure Mrs. Dupuy," answered Tanya with a grin.
     "Good!  Ta Ta everyone!"  and with flash Cynthia was gone.

     Billy chuckled as he took a seat next to Kim.  "I forgot
what a dynamo your mom was when she was planning a party."
     Kim grimaced, "Tell me about it.  Tommy is avoiding her like
the plague!"
     "Where is Tommy?" asked Adam looking around for his friend
and leader.
     "Anywhere my mother isn't," Kim giggled.  "Actually when
he's not teaching he's been trying to fix up the apartment.  It's
really sweet."
     "Trying to girlie up the jock bachelor pad?" joked Adam.
     "Yeah," Kim agreed, then got a dreamy look, "and he's fixing
up one of the spare rooms for the baby."
     Kat had been trying her hardest to be nice and friendly, but
the last comment was to much for her to stomach.  She became pale
and quickly excused herself, hurrying out of the Youth Center.

     "What's wrong with her?" asked Adam turning bewildered eyes
on Tanya.
     "I haven't got a clue," Tanya shrugged.  "Maybe she's
catching the flu or something."

[The Next Morning, 9AM, Dr. Richardson's Office]

     Kimberly had gone through all the normal pregnancy medical
exams and was sitting on an exam table waiting for the Sonogram
Technician to come in.  She was startled with the door opened,
but a smile quickly soften the anxiety, as Tommy walked in.
     He walked over to stand by her, trying to hide his concern. 
"Hey how are you doing?" he asked putting a comforting arm around
her shoulder.
     "I'm fine, I guess."
     "Don't worry Kim.  The doctor said everything was fine."
     "I know but why the rush sonogram?" she questioned with
tears forming in her eyes.
     Tommy gave her a reassuring squeeze, "Don't get yourself all
worked up.  Dr. Richardson said there was nothing to worry
     The door opened again and the doctor and the technician
walked in.  Tommy gave Kim a quick kiss and moved to her side,
out of the others way.

[45 minutes later - in the parking lot]

     Tommy and Kimberly seemed to be in a daze.  At his truck
Tommy opened the passenger door for Kim.  Suddenly he was struck
with the thought, that he was going to have to get a bigger car. 
"Oh my god!!!"  he shouted.  Then he was startled realizing that
he had spoken out loud.
     Kim bent her head and put her hands on the growing bulge
showing through her dress, "What are we going to do Tommy!" she
wailed as tears began forming in her eyes.
     "What are we going to do?" Tommy asked thinking that she
didn't get it.  He puts his hands on her shoulders.  "What do you
mean?  We're going to have twins Kimberly!"
     "DUH Tommy!!  What are we going to do about the wedding?"
     "Well we're going to get married of course!"
     Kimberly pushed him away and stood facing him with her hands
on her hips.  "I can't walk down the aisle in that white dress my
mother picked out!  I'll look like a blimp!!"
     "You'll be beautiful," he answered not comprehending her at
all.  He began to think what everyone said about pregnancy
hormones was true.  Kim was being completely irrational.
     Kim began to cry in earnest, "I can't do it Tommy!  I'll
look like an idiot and everyone will talk!"
     An idea began to form in Tommy's mind.   "Come on.  Let's go
home.  Everything will work out just fine."  He huddled her into
the truck and drove home.

[Angel Grove Park 7PM]

     Jason's car pulled up in the parking lot behind Rocky and
Billy's cars.  He hurried out of the car and ran around to the
side to help Kimberly out of the passenger seat.  Everyone was
dressed in their nicest casual clothes.  The guys were all
wearing their nicest jeans and the girls were all dressed in nice
dresses without being too formal.  They all stood together
looking around.
     "I wonder where Tommy is," said Billy as he looked around
the vicinity.
     "Well he should be here," answered Jason, "He said to meet
here at 7."
     Tanya grabbed onto Adam's arm, "Did he say anything to you
     "No.  He's been real mysterious all afternoon.  He was gone
and wouldn't tell me where he was going or what he was doing."
     Rocky pointed over to the pathway to the lake, "Well maybe
David knows.  Here he comes."

     Everyone anxiously waited for David to reach them.  But when
he did he refused to explain anything.  Instead he asked everyone
to follow him.  Taking Kimberly's arm he lead everyone up the
path.  At the top the ground leveled out to reveal a beautiful
view of the lake and the setting sun.  Tommy stood there talking
to a man and Kimberly's mother.  
     When Cynthia saw Kim she rushed over.  "Kimberly what is
going on here?  Tommy practically orders me to meet you here and
then refuses to tell me what's going on!  I had a meeting with
the wedding coordinator at 7:30!"
     "I have no idea mom."  Kimberly answered her mother as she
kept walking towards Tommy and the strange man.

     Kimberly stopped in front of Tommy and looked up into his
eyes, "What's going on Tommy?"
     "Well Kimberly you seemed so upset today that I wanted to
make it easier on you."  He took her hands and turned to face the
others.  "Kim and I had a shock today.  Actually it was a pretty
terrific shock." Tommy smiled remembering how he had felt when
the doctor showed them both of the babies in the  monitor.  "We
found out  that we are having twins!"
     Everyone surged around them offering hugs and kisses and
pats on the back.
     "Anyway, I wanted our wedding to be special but Kim was
worried about being a blimp," Kimberly slapped him in the
stomach.  "I wasn't worried about it but she was."
Cynthia started to understand what was going on and wasn't too
sure she liked the idea, "Kimberly dear, we'll find a dress that
will hide it."
     Tommy cut her off, "I really appreciate everything that
you've been doing Mrs. Dupuy, and I don't want to upset you but
Kimberly's happiness is more important to me."
     Cynthia became flustered, "Why of course that is the most
important thing."
     Tommy turned Kim towards the older man standing behind them
grinning broadly, "Kim this is Reverend Williams."
Kim finally noticed the black book the man was holding in front
of him.  She turned to Tommy smiling.  "Reverend?"
     Tommy got down on bended knee, "Kimberly Ann Hart, will you
marry me?  Today?"
     "Yes!" she answered, love and joy brightening her lovely

     With that said the Reverend Williams had everyone take their
places.  Tommy handed Kim a bouquet of pink, white and red baby
roses, that he had had hidden in a box by his feet.  When
everyone was situated the Reverend began the ceremony that would
unite the young couple for all eternity.
     When Tommy and Kimberly took their vows there wasn't a dry
eye in the group, even Kat was overcome with emotion.  Tommy
slipped the gold band on Kimberly's finger and then kissed his
new wife.
     They turned to their friends and Reverend Williams
introduced the new Mr. And Mrs. Thomas Oliver.

     Everyone rushed forward to kiss the bride and hug the groom. 
Even Cynthia couldn't fault the simple but beautiful wedding.
After all the congratulations Tommy steered everyone over to the
group of picnic tables that were set with a buffet.
Rocky quickly grabbed a plate and started loading food on it, "I
can't believe I didn't notice this!!"
     "You must be slipping Rocko!" joked Adam as he picked up a

     As the group was sitting at the tables enjoying the food
Tommy had had Ernie prepare for them, an older Indian man walked
up to the group.
     David was the first to notice the man.  When the man came
into view David jumped up from his seat and rushed over,
     Tommy joined the two men, "How are you doing?"
     "I understand congratulations are in order.  You married the
young woman of your dreams, did you not Tommy?"
     "Yeah.  Just a few minutes ago," Tommy was surprised since
no one besides David had known what he was planning.  "How did
you know?  Did David call you?"
     "No Tommy.  Your mother called to me."
     Tommy looked like he had been hit by a truck.  David put a
hand on his shoulder as if to hold him up.  "My mother?" Tommy
barely managed to whisper.
     "I have a present for you Tommy,"  Sam Trueheart handed
Tommy an old graying envelope.  "It is from your mother."

Part 5 [Yvonne Plante]

[Later That Night - The Oliver/Trueheart Apartment]

     It was well after midnight and all was quiet and dark in the
apartment.  Tommy stood at the window in the living room staring
out onto the empty streets, dressed in only a pair of red gym
shorts.  In his hand he clutched the letter Sam Trueheart had
given him earlier that evening.  
     That is how David found him a few minutes after 1 AM.  "Hey
Tommy," he called out quietly as he walked up to stand next to
his half brother.  "What are you doing out here, when you have a
gorgeous new bride in the other room?"
     "Kim's asleep.  It's been a pretty big day for her," Tommy
answered with a sad smile, "For me too."
     David noticed the envelope in Tommy's hand and nodded
towards it, "Did you read it yet?"
     Tommy clutched the envelope tighter, "No not yet."  He
looked to his brother sadly, "I'm kind of scared to."
     David put a hand on Tommy's shoulder, "There's nothing to be
scared of.  It's a letter from our mother.  I would have ripped
it open right away."
     "Easy for you to say.   You knew her.  I never even knew who
she was until a few months ago."
     "Tommy, mom was a great woman.  She was so excited about
you.  Think about it.  She had to have written that letter to you
before you were even born.  Don't you want to read what she had
to say?"
     Tommy took a deep breath, "Yeah I do."   He tore the
envelope open.
     "I'll leave you alone.  You know where I'll be if you need
me, little bro."
     "Thanks David," Tommy answered as David went back to his

     Tommy leaned against the window frame, using the light from
the streetlamps to read the letter.  He closed his eyes tightly,
took a deep breath and began reading

               My dearest baby,
     We haven't met face to face yet, but I'm your mother.  I
want you to  know how very much I love you already.  I can
already tell you're a little scrapper.  You barely keep still
enough for me to sleep!  

     Tommy smiled and wiped away the moisture in his eyes.  He
took another deep breath and continued on.

     The world you will be joining soon in person is not perfect
but it will be  filled with love.  You already have an older
brother, David, and he is  anxiously waiting for you.  Sometimes
I think he is more excited about you than I am!  But he really
wants a little brother, but I think he will be 
happy no matter what.  Your grandfather is also here looking
forward to  your arrival.  He is a very wise man and will teach
you so much.

     I know you will have questions about your father.  I wish
you could  meet him.  He is a wonderful, beautiful, loving man. 
I'm sorry he will not  be here for you but if he were I know he
would love you as much as I already do.  Your father was very
special to me and I loved him with all my heart, but we were not
meant to be.  You will learn later on in life that some things
don't always work out the way you plan or want.  Life takes 
many odd  twists and turns and you will have many decisions      
to make.  
     Sometimes they may not lead to the happy ending you were
hoping for.
     I'm ashamed to say that your father is a married man. 
Please don't think harshly of him, he was at a crossroads in his
life.  When we met he was separated from his wife.  I think I
fell in love with him the minute I saw him.  I hope at some point
in your life you feel the love I felt for someone.  But I 
hope and pray it lasts for eternity.

     Tommy again wiped away the tears from his eyes.  He looked
towards his bedroom door, envisioning Kimberly asleep in the bed,
"I did mom."  He smiled and returned to reading.

     Your father was a professional athlete, a football player. 
I think that's where your energy comes from. We were happy but I
felt that he still loved his wife.  It is possible to love two
people at the same time, but unfortunately one of those 
people is bound to get hurt.  To make a long story short, his
wife found out she was pregnant and he rushed home to try to keep
his family together.  He never knew about you.  If he had I know
he would want to be here for you, he is that kind of man. But I
couldn't do that to him.  Please do not think of your father 
too harshly.  He would love you as much as I do.
     Just remember, my baby, I will always love you.

                                        Your Mother

     Tommy folded the letter and put it back in the envelope.  He
ran his free hand through his loose hair and looked up at the
stars.  "Thanks mom," he spoke quietly.

     Finally he pushed away from the window and went to his
bedroom.  He looked at the bed and watched Kimberly for a few
minutes as she lay sleeping, curled on her side.  He walked over
to the dresser and put the letter by a framed picture of his
mother, that David have given him.  He ran finger over the
picture of the smiling Indian woman with long black hair.  After
one last look at his mother, Tommy quietly crawled into bed with
Kimberly and curled up behind her.  He rested his hand on
Kimberly's swollen belly and gave her a kiss on the back of her
head.  Kim sighed in her sleep and nestled closer to him.  "I
love you Kim," he whispered.
     Tommy fell asleep thinking about the mother he had never
met, but who had loved him and died bringing him into the world.  
He also thought about the man who was his biological father.  The
man who could still be out there somewhere and not even know he
had a son. 

Part Six: [April Richards]

     Kim woke up the next morning to find Tommy  cradling her
close to him.  His face was pink and red from crying.   Tears
still glistened down  his tanned cheeks.  Kim wiped them away and
kissed her husband.   Tommy opened his eyes.
     "Hello, beautiful."  He said in a hoarse voice.
     "Hey. What's wrong?"  Kim asked.
     "Nothing."  Tommy slowly disentangled himself and sat on the
edge of the bed.  Kim could see the tension in his body.
     "What was in the letter Sam gave you?"   Kim asked, pointing
to the letter on the nightstand.    Tommy sighed.
     "It was written by my mother eighteen years ago, before I
was born. She was pregnant with me at the time and wrote it to
give it to me later.  She, uh, never got the chance to give it to
me."  Tommy buried his  face in his hands.  Kim hugged him from
behind.  Her swollen stomach  pressed against his back.  He could
feel the twins moving inside Kim.
     "What happened to her?"
     "She was  visiting New York City. She was an English teacher
at the local high school in Arizona,  where she was from.  Um,
she went to New York City while on maternity leave. You know,
just for a short vacation before I was born. She was  going to
visit a friend that lived there.  Well, she never made it. The
police found  her body  in an alley way, nude. No ID." Tommy
whispered.  "I was, uh, laying in between her legs, almost dead." 
Tommy shivered.  Kim massaged his shoulders.  "She had been
mugged, raped, and stabbed.  The last thing she could do before
she died was give birth to  me so that I would have a chance at
life.  Since no one could ID her body, she was buried in a grave
with a brass plaque with a number on it.  I was put up for
adoption.  That was when the Olivers adopted me. They wanted a
baby and Dad was a lawyer who had the right connections in the
court system.  I guess a lot of  offers came in to adopt me." 
Tommy laughed bitterly.  "The news media called me "Baby Star"
because I have a star shaped birthmark on my right hip."  Tommy
shook his  head.  "A few weeks before my eighteenth birthday, the
people from the New York Times tracked us down and asked to do a
feature on "Baby Star " eighteen  years later.   My parents and I
agreed to it.  Just as long as they were not too intrusive...." 
Tommy looked at the far corner of the wall.
     "Isn't that how David and Sam found you?  By that article?" 
Kim asked quietly.
     "Yeah."  Tommy stood up.  "I have to get ready to teach.
Excuse me."  He walked away.  
     Kim waited until her new husband was gone, then she opened
the letter and read it.  Tears fell down her face as she read
about one mother's love for her baby.  Then, Kim replaced the
letter and stroked her  growing belly.  She could feel the tiny
lives stirring inside her.   "Your poor daddy."  She said to her

     In the shower, Tommy stared at the birthmark on his hip. It
was odd. It was a six pointed star with three different colors in
it: green, white, and red.  He touched it once and started
washing. He couldn't shake the fear the clutched at  his heart. 
His mother had died giving birth him.  And, now Kim, the woman he
loved, was pregnant with his twins.  Would she die too?  The
doctor had said that everything was fine with Kim, but Tommy
could  not stop the feeling that something was going to go wrong.
Something or some *one* was endangering the lives of the people
he loved.

PART SEVEN: [April Richards]

     Kat Hillard sobbed as she traced Tommy's face in the
picture. She had stolen it from Kim's backpack when she had
worked for Rita.   It was the only thing she kept from that 
time.  Her unending love for Tommy Oliver had not abated when the
evil spell was lifted from her.  She wanted Tommy and now that he
was married to Kimberly, there was very little chance that she
could ever have him.
     "Damn you, Kimberly, for getting pregnant! And, with twins! 
How selfish can you be, bitch?"  Kat wailed. She kicked at the
headboard on her bed.  *I have to get Tommy away from  Kimberly. 
But how?*  Kat mused. She hugged her stuffed cat close to her
chest.  *He's a married man now.*
     Just then, Tanya walked into the room she shared with Kat. 
The new Yellow Ranger saw the tears on Kat's face.  Tanya sat
next to Kat.
     "Kat, let him go. He's married to Kimberly now."  Tanya
     "That's only because I failed to get pregnant first!" Kat
exclaimed.  "Just because my love potion didn't work out and
Tommy didn't jump in bed with me. No, instead, he got so sick
that Jason had to take him to the hospital to get his stomach
pumped!"  Kim huffed.
     Tanya put her arm around Kat.  "Let him go, Kat. That's all
you can do.  Look at you!   You've been crying since the
wedding!"  Tanya scolded.  "Go and find a guy who loves you. 
What about Jason?  He's nice enough and he seems to really like
you."  The Yellow Ranger suggested.
     Kat pushed Tanya away. "But I don't want Jason. I want
Tommy! He's soo damn sexy."  Kat sighed.  "Damn Kimberly for
being so selfish. She got pregnant on purpose! Just to spite me!
She knew that Tommy was going to fall out of love with her and
fall in love with me, so she seduced him and got pregnant! 
Little hussy!"  Kat snarled.
     "Katherine  Hillard!" Tanya exclaimed, wide eyed.  "Listen
to you! Tommy and Kim were dating long before any of us showed
up.  They love each other. Let them have their happiness."
     Kat turned away from Tanya.  "No.  Tommy is mine.  And, I
won't let Kim have him!" 
     Tanya grabbed Kat's  shoulder.  "Tommy is a human being. He
doesn't belong to anyone.  Not you or Kimberly. Please, as your
friend, Kat, listen to me. Leave Tommy and Kim to their
     Kat stood up. "I'm sorry, Tanya. I can't.  I won't give up
what's mine by Divine Right."  With that, the Pink Zeo Ranger
left the room.
     Tanya flopped on her bed, confused.  Finally, she lifted up
her communicator and said: "Adam, could you meet me at the Power

[The Tiger-Dragon Dojo, Same time]

     Tommy bowed to his class, then dismissed them.  "Whew!" 
Tommy wiped the sweat from his face.  "What a work out!" He
     "Yeah."  Jason agreed.  "But, I'd be disappointed if our
students couldn't give us a run for our money!"
     "Yeah, you're right."  Tommy sipped from his water.  He
looked over at his brother, who ran the beginner's classes. 
David was almost finished.  "Um, did I show you  the necklace I
got Kimberly?" He asked.
     "No."  Jason took the box from his friend. It was rose gold
with pink and blue heart shaped diamonds.  It matched Kim's
engagement ring.  "It's nice. Where did you get it?"
     "An antique shop in Stone Canyon when I went to get the
belts." Tommy grinned.  "I'm going to give it to her tonight."
     "What's the occasion?"
     "Nothing special. Just thought that she'd like it."
     "Spoiling her a little bit?"
     "Yeah, I guess so."  Tommy put the box away. He looked at
his watch.  "I'd better get going and help Kim start dinner."
     "OK, bro.  See ya later."

Part Eight: [Yvonne Plante & April Richards]

[Command Center]

     Tanya was standing biting her lip in thought when the flash
of green light appeared.  Adam rushed to Tanya's side and put his
arm around her shoulders.  "What's wrong?  Where is everyone?"
     Tanya looked worriedly at Adam, "I wanted to talk to you and
Zordon, before we involve anyone else.  I might just be over
     "WHAT IS THE PROBLEM TANYA," spoke Zordon from his tube.
     "Well...  Um...  I feel kind of funny about this.  But..." 
Tanya began awkwardly.  "Well...  I'm worried about Kat."
     "No...  It just seems like she has...  Lost it."
     Adam looked at his girlfriend with concern, "What happened?"
     "It's Tommy.  Well...  Kim."
     Adam looked completely confused, "I thought she was over
     "So did I, but she came unglued tonight and left.  I'm not
sure what she's going to do.  I've never seen her like that."
     "We don't even know where she is," said Adam.
     Tanya put her hand on his arm, "I think I may have an idea,"
Tanya looked from Adam to Zordon, "But for now do you think we
can keep this just between us?"
     "Sure.  Just between us." Adam nodded his head in agreement.
     The two Rangers teleported out.

[The Tiger-Dragon Dojo, upstairs apartment]

     Kimberly was standing in the kitchen stirring a large pot of
spaghetti sauce when Tommy walked in quietly.  He folded his arms
across his chest and leaned against the doorjamb unnoticed. 
Tommy smiled as he saw what his wife was wearing.  She was down
to one of her last outfits that fit, bike shorts and a flared
pink top.  He was amazed at how quickly her normally lithe,
athletic figure was changing.
     Kimberly turned away from the stove to get the packages of
spaghetti on the counter and spotted Tommy.  She smiled happily,
"Hi.  How long have you been standing there?"
     "Just a few minutes.  I was just thinking how beautiful you
are looking."
     Kim looked slightly embarrassed, "I look a mess.  I have
almost no clothes left!  At this rate I'll be wearing yours
     Tommy walked over and pulled her into his arms, "You look
cute.  And my closet is your closet.  Anything you want, it's
     "Thanks a lot!  I think I'll go shopping instead."  She
pulled out of his embrace, "Go clean up.  Dinner's almost done."
     Tommy rolled his eyes, "I see my bank account shrinking by
the minute."
     Kimberly laughed and pushed him towards the doorway, "Go!"
     "I'm going!"  

     Tommy walked towards their bedroom and pulled off his shirt
on the way.  A knock at the door stopped him before reaching his
destination and he walked back to open the door.  "I'll get it!" 
he called out. 
      He opened the door to find Kat standing on the other side. 
She looked like she was going out, dressed in a midriff baring
pink top and skintight mini leather skirt.  "Hi Kat."
     Kat just stood there for a moment staring at Tommy's
glistening bare chest.  She finally tore her eyes away and smiled
seductively at Tommy.  "Hi Tommy.  How are you?  I haven't seen
much of you lately."
     "Well I've been pretty busy," he moved back a step to let
her in, "Come on in."
     "Thanks," smiled Kat.  She brushed past him and stood close
as he shut the door. 
     "Well I was just going to clean up," Tommy gestured to the
shirt bunched up in his hands.

     Kim walked out of the kitchen, "Who is it Tommy?"  She saw
Kat and smiled, "Oh!  Hi Kat!"
     "Hi Kim," answered Kat with a quick glance at Kim.  She did
a double take when she noticed how large Kim's belly was getting.
     Tommy started walking towards the bedroom, "Well I'll be
right back."
     "Do you want to join us for dinner?" asked Kimberly.
     Kat tore her gaze away from Tommy's retreating figure,
"Uh...  Sure...  Thanks."
     "Well I've gotta finish everything.  Why don't you come on
into the kitchen."
     Kat glanced back at the closed bedroom door, "I'll be right

     Kat watched Kim go back into the kitchen and then turned
towards the bedroom door.  She was thinking about following Tommy
when there was another knock at the door.  "Can you get that
Kat?" called Kim out from the kitchen.
     "Sure Kim!" Kat grimaced in frustration and opened the door
to find Tanya and Adam standing there.  "Hi guys.  What are you
doing here?"
     Tanya looked at Kat oddly, "Kat?  Hi."
     "Hi Kat.  Um.  What are you doing here?" asked Adam
     Kat narrowed her eyes at Tanya, "I just dropped by to say hi
and Tommy invited me to stay for dinner," she added smugly,
conveniently forgetting who had actually invited her to stay.

     Kim popped her head out of the kitchen.  She smiled seeing
her two friends, "Hi Adam!  Hi Tanya!  You guys are just in time! 
Dinners ready."
     "Hi Kim,"  Tanya looked to Kat then Adam, "We don't want to
put you out."
     "Hey it's no problem.  I made tons.   David, Jason and Rocky
should be here any minute and Kat's staying.  We can make a party
out of it!"
     Adam smiled at Kim, "If you're sure."

     Tommy walked out from the bedroom wearing jeans and a red
buttoned shirt.  He had pulled his wet hair back into a ponytail. 
"Hey guys!  This is great.  Why don't we find Billy and we can
all have dinner together.  There's more than enough to eat and
plenty of room."  He gestured to the huge oak table set for five.
     Adam shrugged, "OK.  Thanks."  He and Tanya walked into the
room but before Kat could close the door, David, Jason and Billy
walked in.
     Jason looked at everyone and smiled, "Hey Kim!  Billy
stopped by and we invited him along."
     Billy looked awkwardly at Tommy, "Are you sure it's OK?"
     Tommy practically pulled him in the door and shut it.  "We
were just going to call you."
     Everyone walked towards the living room couches and chairs
and Tanya continued walking to the kitchen, "Let me help you
     "Thanks Tanya," chirped Kim.
     Tanya turned to Kat, "Why don't you come with Kat."
     Kat looked at Tommy who was sitting on the couch talking to
the other guys, "You know what.  I'm an awful cook and I'll get
in the way.  I'll just stay out here."  She sauntered over and
sat down next to Tommy.
     Tanya gave her a suspicious look and went to help Kim.

     As everyone was finishing their dinner, Adam quietly asked
Tommy about the letter.  Tommy had gotten it over a week ago but
there had been no time to talk to anyone besides Kimberly and
David what had been written in it.  Tommy got everyone's
attention and proceeded to tell them what the letter had said. 
He explained about what his mother had said about David and his
grandfather, Sam Trueheart.   "She also wrote a little about my
dad.  She told about how they met.  He was a professional
football player.  He was married but separated at the time.  She
loved him and he loved her, or at least thought he did, I guess. 
Anyway his wife got a hold of him when she found out she was
pregnant and he went back to work things out.  My mother didn't
know she was pregnant when he left and then when she did find out
she didn't want to break up their marriage."
     Kat, who had managed to seat herself next to Tommy, put her
hand on his arm, "Oh the poor woman."
     "Did she say what his name was?" asked Rocky.
     Tommy shook his head sadly, "No."
     "Hey Tommy."  Jason said excitedly, "My dad was playing pro
ball at that time.  I can ask him about it."
     "That would be a long shot Jase," answered Tommy, but the
suggestion caused a spark to light his eyes.
     Kim noticed the spark, "Well you never know Tommy.  Mr.
Scott might have known someone like that.  It can't hurt can it?" 
She hadn't seen Tommy light up like that since he read the
letter.  If it would help she was willing to grasp at straws.
     Tommy smiled at her enthusiasm.  How like Kim, he thought,
to encourage the slightest hope.  "Sure.  Thanks Jason."
     "No problem bro."

     When everyone was finally done eating, Kim got up and
started collecting plates.  Tommy jumped up and hurried over to
her, taking the plates from her hands, "No you don't!"  He gave
her a quick kiss and gently nudged her with his elbow, "Go sit
down sweetie, you need to stay off your feet."
     Kat's eyes seem to flash with jealousy.
     Kim smiled lovingly at her husband, "Thanks Tommy."  She
turned to Kat and Tanya, "Come on girls.  The guys are cleaning
     Kat smiled at Tommy, "I'll help clean up."
     "That's OK Kat.  We've got it, you go with the girls," Tommy
told her as he walked in the kitchen.
     "No.  I insist!"  Kat said almost desperately as she reached
for some plates.
     Adam took the plates from her, "No Kat.  Go sit with Tanya
and Kim."
     Kat's eyes narrowed for a moment, "Fine," she turned and
flounced over to sit in a chair across from the couch where Kim
and Tanya were sitting .

     "Hey Kat," said Kim cheerfully, "I was just telling Tanya
that I need to shop for some new clothes.  Are you free
     "Why the sudden rush to shop?" Kat questioned.
     Kim and Tanya chuckled, "Well I'm kind of running out of
     "I can go tomorrow.  Anytime.  It should be fun buying a
whole new wardrobe for you," Tanya agreed and then she turned to
Kat.  "Don't you want to come Kat?"
     "Well can we go to that new boutique in the mall?"  Kat
smiled wickedly.
     Kim giggled, "I don't think I'll be fitting in those clothes
for awhile."
     "Oh sorry Kim, I forgot.  It must be awful not being able to
wear sexy clothes for your new husband."
     Kim's happy expression fell.  Tanya put a reassuring hand on
her arm and gave Kat a stern look, "Kat!!  What's wrong with you? 
I know Tommy thinks Kim's beautiful in whatever she wears.  Don't
listen to her Kim."  Tanya gave Kat another dirty look.  "She's
just being dumb."
     Tommy frowned as he did the dishes.  Adam was the dryer and
Jason put them away.  As soon as the girls were talking about
spending his money, Tommy hissed to Adam: "What the hell is Kat's
     "What?"  Adam dropped the glass in his hand. Tommy caught it
before it broke on the ground.  
     "I mean, she comes  here dressed like she should be workin'
the corner and  has been trying to put the "moves" on me since
she arrived. Now, she's making, forgive me for the pun, catty
remarks to Kim about being round."  Tommy growled.
     Adam put his arm around Tommy, having to stand on his tip
toes to do so.  "Well, Tanya told me that Kat is loosing it. She
has it in her head that you belong to her.  She wants you bad." 
Adam blushed at his own boldness. "Um, she's the one who poisoned
your drink at that party."  He added.
     Tommy slammed down his dishrag.  "Damn that bitch!"  He
growled. Before he could storm out of the kitchen and shake Kat
senseless, Jason grabbed his arms.
     "Watch it bro.  Just take her aside later and talk with her.
Don't go all crazy.  Just take it easy.  Make a few suggestions,
but don't accuse or anything like that."  Jason whispered.  "If
she's really that crazy, she might harm Kim and the babies."  
     "Damn." Tommy sighed.  He thrust the rag at Jason and walked
out, his mounting rage under tight control.   He tapped Kat on
the shoulder and pointed to the "mud room"  by the lift.  
     "Yes, Tommy?"  Kat purred, running  her hands over his
chest. Tommy pushed her away.
     "You sicken me  Kat."  Tommy growled.  "I do not belong to 
you or to anyone. I am my own person.  And, I love Kimberly. Not
you. I'm sorry if I ever let you believe other wise, but only
Kimberly will be my wife for all eternity."  He said in a quiet
voice.  Tears fell down Kat's face.
     "But, Tommy, I love you!  I can give you soo much that
Kimmie can't!  I'm  nice and slender and eager and she's fat!" 
Kat stroked her body.  Tommy shoved her through the door.  
     "Leave now, Kat.  And, I won't call the police about  the
poisoning incident."  Tommy hissed.  As soon as Kat was out of
the ho use, Tommy contacted Zordon.  "Zordon, I'm sorry, but  you
have to take the Zeo Crystal from Kat. She's too unstable."  
     "I UNDERSTAND, TOMMY."  Zordon answered.  As Kat sulked at
home, a flash of Pink Light startled her.  She realized that the
Power was no longer with her. 
     "Damn  you Tommy Oliver!"  She swore and teleported to the
Power Chamber.

[Back At The Oliver House]

     Tommy sighed as he sat next to his wife. He hugged her
close.  "We have an opening on the team now, Kimmie."  He nuzzled
her neck.  "Once the twins are born, do you want to be the Pink
Ranger  again?"
     Kim threw her arms around her  husband.  "Of course!"  She
squealed.  "I guess I'd look pretty scary in spandex right now,
huh?"  She laughed, patting her tummy.   One of the twins gave
her a good kick in the ribs.  
     "Hey,  you two in there,"  Tommy lightly poked the mound. 
"Wait until you're born, then I'll start the Karate lessons." He
     "Um, Tommy, what was your mother's name?"  Jason asked.
     "It's kinda long and complicated. I'll write it down for
you." Tommy scribbled the name on a piece of paper and handed it
to Jason.  Then, Jason looked at his watch.
     "Well, I'm gonna go.  See you guys later!" Jason walked out.

[The Scott House]

     "HEY DAD!?"  Jason bellowed when he entered the house. 
Steven Scott smiled warmly at his son.
     "Yes, Jason?  What was so urgernt that you had to bring the
house down?"
     "Dad, Tommy got a letter his mother wrote a long ago, before
he was born.  And, we were thinking that since  you used to be a
pro, that you might have known Tommy's dad."
     "Why do you say that?"  Steven asked.
     "Well, the letter said that his father was an athlete and
met his mother when he was separated from his wife. He left
Tommy's mom when he learned that his wife was pregnant.  Um, he 
never knew that Tommy's mom was pregnant."
     Steven paled. He sat down to hide his nervousness.  "What
was his mother's name."
     "Flying-Rose-That-Is-Resting-On-The-Silver-Cloud TrueHeart."
Jason said.

Part 9 [Yvonne Plante]

[The Command Center]

     Kat appeared in a flash of white light.  As soon as she
stabilized she stormed over to Zordon's tube.  "What is going on
Zordon??!!  Why are my powers gone?!"
     "How can I calm down!?  My powers are gone!  Why did you
take them away?" Katherine shouted, waving her arms around
     "Tommy!  That self righteous bastard!  How could you listen
to him?"
     "I have not been acting irrationally.  Maybe you should be
looking to Tommy for irrationality.  Ever since he found out
Kimberly was pregnant he's been acting crazy.  It's his powers
you should have taken away!  His mind is not on the team, it's on
Kimberly and those babies she said are his."
     "Fine Zordon.  I'll be back."   And Kat disappeared in
another flash of white light.

[Angel Grove Park]

     Kat reappeared by the playground and walked over to the
swings.  She sat down and began swaying back and forth.   "I'll
get that Tommy Oliver and his 'wife'" she muttered with a voice
full of venom.  "How dare he!  He'll be sorry he ever did that to
me."  And Kat began to plot her revenge.

[The Scott Household - Around Midnight]

     Mrs. Scott was sitting up in bed waiting for her husband. 
Finally Mr. Scott walked in and didn't even seem to notice her. 
He methodically began preparing for bed as his wife silently
looked on.  When he lay down she finally spoke up.  "It's him
isn't it Steven?"
     Steven paled as he looked at his wife in surprise and fear,
"What are you talking about Alley?"
     "I was in the hall when Jason walked in tonight.  I heard
what he said."
     Steven looked at his wife sadly with tears in his eyes, "Oh
god Alley!!"
     Alley gathered her husband in her arms, "Did you have any
     "I swear to you Alley, everything I told you about Rose was
the truth.  I swear I never knew she was pregnant.  You've got to
believe me!"
     Alley stroked her husbands back and held back the tears
gathering in her own eyes, "I do honey.  I do."  She closed her
eyes for a moment as if to gather up courage.  "What are you
going to do, Steven?"
     "I don't know.  I just don't know.  What will it do to the
kids?  I have to think about the kids."
     "The kids may have a hard time at first.  They are wonderful
kids, Steven, and they love you."
"A part of me wants to keep this a secret.  It will hurt so many
people."  He pulled away from his wife to look in her eyes.  "I
don't want to hurt you any more than I already have."
     Alley gave her husband a kiss, "I love you Steven.  I
forgave you for all of it and it was so long ago."
     "I know Alley.  I love you too.  I just wish I had known."
     "It's too late for what ifs, Steven."  Alley took her
husbands hands into her own, "There is one thing though."
     "What's that?"
     "Steven," Alley gave him a half smile, "You're going to be a
     "Alley.  I had completely forgotten.  Kimberly's pregnant."
     "With twins.  Don't twins run in your family?"
     Steven sighed and hugged his wife close.

[The Tiger-Dragon Dojo - The next day]

     Billy walked in and watched the different classes going on
through the observation glass.  As soon as the classes were over 
he walked through the door and motioned for Jason and Tommy.  The
two rushed over.
     "You got her didn't you?"  Asked Jason as soon as he noticed
the smile on Billy's face.
     "She'll be here in about an hour or so."
     Tommy and Jason high-fived each other.  "Alright!"  Shouted
Tommy.  "Kim's gonna be so happy."
     "You haven't told her yet have you?" asked Billy.
     "No.  After the way Kat acted last night I figured she
didn't need to get her hopes up in case it fell through."
     "This is so cool,"  smiled Jason, "It'll will be great to
have Trini back on the team."
     "Yes," said Billy with a happy look on his face, "It will be
wonderful to have Trini back in Angel Grove."
     Jason and Tommy exchanged smirks.
     "What?!" Billy began to blush.
     "Oh nothing dude,"  Tommy smirked and patted Billy on the
     They were interrupted by one of Tommy's students, "Sensei
Tommy, the class is ready."
     "OK Danny, I'll be right there." He turned to his friends,
"Don't you dare let Kim see her till I get done."
     Billy and Jason agreed and left the studio and went into the

     Half and hour later Steven Scott entered the Dojo.  He
didn't visit very often but he felt drawn to the place today.  He
quickly spotted Tommy and felt a jolt go through his system. 
Jason had always favored Alley, but as he looked at Tommy he
began to notice similarities between himself and the young man. 
The Indian heritage from Rose was predominate but there were
subtle undertones of the Scott family.
     "Hi Mr. Scott!"  Steven nearly jumped out of his skin.  He
was so absorbed in watching Tommy he hadn't noticed Kimberly walk
     "Oh!  Hi Kimberly."  He was shocked to see her so pregnant. 
"How are you doing?  I hear congratulations are in order."
     Kim smiled at Mr. Scott, "Well thank you. Mr. Scott.  You're
looking very distinguished today," she replied, calling attention
to three piece suit, his normal office attire.
     "Well I needed a break from the office so I just decided to
take a walk and this is where I ended up."
     "Does Jason know you're here?  I can go get him."
     "No don't bother.  Um...  I was just watching Tommy teach
his class."
     Kim turned to look through the window and smiled as she saw
Tommy leading his students through a Kata.  "He's amazing huh? 
He's very athletic.  Sometimes I can't get over some of the
things he can do."  She turned back to look at Mr. Scott who was
watching Tommy, "But then Jason is the same way."
     Mr. Scott paled but quickly pulled himself together.  "Yes
he is."  He noticed another man inside the Dojo who was staring
at him.  "Who's that?"
     Kim followed the direction of Steven's gaze and spotted
David, "Haven't you ever met Tommy's half brother David?"
     "Um.. No I haven't.  But Jason did inform us about he and
Tommy finding each other." He glanced at his watch, "Well it was
nice seeing you again Kimberly.  And congratulations on
everything, the gold medal, the wedding and the baby."
     Kimberly gave him a hug, "Thank you Mr. Scott."  As she
hugged Mr. Scott one of the baby's kicked.
     "Woah!"  Steven held out his hand to Kim's protruding
stomach, "May I?"
     Kim laughed and pulled his hand to her stomach, "They are
feisty little devils.  Tommy's already got them signed up for
Karate Class."
     Steven was quiet for a moment the baby's kicked again. The
realization hit him that he was feeling his grandchildren kick at
his hand.  Steven smiled awkwardly as he pulled his hand away, "I
think Jason was just like that..."  He quickly stopped himself
from going on.  "Well it was nice to see you again, Kimberly.
Come by the house sometime, I'm sure Alley would love to see
     "I will Mr. Scott.  And you should come by more often.  It's
great to see you."
     "You too Kimberly."

[ At the Same Time - Inside the Dojo]

     Tommy noticed his brother staring at the observation glass. 
With a quick glance he saw Kimberly talking to Mr. Scott.  He
walked over to David as his class practiced a kick.
     "Hey David!  What's wrong bro?"
     "Who's that man talking to Kim?" asked David, unable to tear
his eyes away from the man.
     "That's Jason's dad.  Haven't you met him yet?"
     "No," David shook his head, "I don't think so."
     "He's cool David." Stated Tommy with concern lining his
features.   "What's the problem?"
     "He looks familiar.  I know I've seen him before."
     "Well his picture has been in the paper.  Maybe you saw him
     David tore his gaze away and nodded, "Yeah that must be it."
     Tommy walked back to his class.  With one last glance at Mr.
Scott David went back to teaching his class.

Part Ten [April Richards]

     Steven Scott returned to his office and paced back and
forth, unable to concentrate on his work.
     *Dammit, Rose, why didn't you tell me that you were
pregnant? Were you afraid that I'd hurt you?  If Tommy' s my son,
he deserves to know the truth.  What happened to you? Why did you
abandon Tommy?*  He thought.  Finally, he called his wife.
     "Hello, Scott residence."  Alley answered.   
     "Hey sweetie, it's me." Steven said sadly.
     "Still thinking about Tommy, huh?"
     "Yeah.  I was trying to figure out why Rose would abandon
her baby."
     "Maybe she didn't have a choice." Alley pointed out.
     "I guess so."
     "Maybe you should talk to Tommy. Just ask a few questions
that don't rise his suspicions. After all, Jason promised him
that you'd help find his father." Alley prompted.
     "OK. I'll go after work. Don't hold dinner for me."  Steven
hung up the phone.

[That Evening, Oliver Apartment]

     Steven knocked at the door. He checked his watch and
frowned. Just then, Kim opened the door.  
     "Mr.  Scott!"  She squealed.  She backed up so that he could
     "Hello, Kimmie. Is Tommy home?"
     "Sure. He's taking a shower. Please sit down.  Do you want
some coffee?"  Kim offered.
     "No, don't tire yourself out."  He sat down.  Kim sat on the
recliner.  They waited in silence until Tommy came out of the
shower with only a towel wrapped around his narrow waist. 
     "Hello, Mr. Scott.  Please stay for dinner."   Tommy
     "OK. Is this an informal affair?" He asked, raising an eye
brow at Tommy's  lack of clothing. Tommy blushed.
     "Oops. Sorry."  Tommy scurried back into his room and
re-entered the living dressed in jeans and a 
t-shirt.  His long dark hair dripped onto  his back.  He sat down
after pushing aside Misty Jo, the dojo's mascot and resident pain
the arse. "So, Mr. Scott, what brings you down this way?"
     "Oh nothing, just a few questions to help with trying to
find your father. What happened to your mother?  Why were you put
up for adoption?"
     Tommy winced.  He got up and dug out a bunch of old news
paper clippings. He handed them to Mr. Scott.   Mr. Scott read
them and forced the tears out of his eyes.
     "Oh, I never knew. I'm so sorry, Tommy."  Mr. Scott stood up
and put his arm around Tommy's shoulder.  "They never caught the
guys who did it?"
     "No.  And, since it's been so long, I don't think that the
police ever will.  Besides, who cares about a murder that's over
eighteen years old." Tommy wiped his face dry of tears.
     "Don't say that.  So, um, where is  your mother buried?"
     "Grandfather had her moved to the reservation's cemetery.  I
have already paid my respects to her there.   I, uh, haven't been
back to New  York since I was taken by the Olivers."  Tommy
     "OK. I'm sorry for drudging up bad memories."  Mr. Scott
stood up as David entered the apartment. The older brother stood
shock still as memory surged forth.
     "It's you!" David exclaimed.
     "It's me what?"  Mr. Scott asked.
     "You're the man Momma was in love with!" David yelled.
"You're Tommy's father!"

Part Eleven [Yvonne Plante]

[Fire Escape outside the Oliver Apartment]

     Kat sat crouched beside the open window peering in.  When 
the surprise of David's announcement passed Kat practically
rubbed her hands in pleasure.  "This is perfect," she whispered
to herself and continued to watch the drama playing out before
her eyes.

[Inside the Apartment]

     The entire living room was in shocked silence.  All eyes
were on Mr. Scott, who couldn't utter a word through the knot on
his throat.
     Kim pulled herself up from her seat to stand by Tommy.  "Mr.
     "Um," Steven cleared his throat.  "Maybe we should all sit
     Tommy's eyes blazed, "Is it true?  Are you my father?"
     "Look Tommy you've got to understand.  I never knew Rose was
pregnant.  She never contacted me."
     "You knew?" Tommy accused.
     "No.  I swear I didn't know until Jason told me about your
mother yesterday," he placed a hand on Tommy's arm.  "I never
knew."  His eyes began to fill.
     Tommy violently shrugged his arm away from the man, "Don't
touch me!"
     "Tommy.  You've got to believe me," Steven pleaded.
     Tommy tore his hands through his hair and looked around
wildly, "I have to get out of here."
     Kim put her hands on his cheeks, "Tommy...."
     Tommy grabbed hold of her hands and lowered them, "Please
Kim.  No.  I've got to go."  He practically ran for the door.
     David tried to stop him but Tommy dodged the attempt, "Don't
David."  And Tommy was gone.
     Kim hurried to the door to follow Tommy.  David grabbed her
arm before she could leave.  "Kim you need to take it easy.  You
just got your cast off."
     "I will David, but I have to be there.  He's going to need
someone," Kim cried.
     Reluctantly David let her go and turned to Mr. Scott with
hard eyes, "You want to tell me about it?"
     Steven ran a hand through his hair, "Actually David, I could
use a drink."
     "Mind if I join you?"
     Steven looked at David's hard expression but felt the need
to explain to someone, "Sure David."  The two walked out of the

[The Fire Escape Outside the Oliver Apartment - at the Same Time]

     When Tommy turned away from Kim and went out the door Kat
had a hard time stopping herself from cheering out loud.  
     "Here's my chance," with glittering eyes she hurried down
the fire escape to follow Tommy.

[Angel Grove Park]

     Tommy ran until he couldn't breath anymore.  He stopped by
the playground and staggered over to a bench.  Tommy sat down on
the top, leaned back on his arms and looked up at the stars.
     That is how Kat found him.  She smiled and sauntered over,
coming to a stop by his thigh.  She ran a hand over the muscled
thigh, "Hi Tommy."
     Tommy didn't even have the energy left to move.  "Go away
Kat.  I don't even want to deal with you right now," he replied
without even looking at her.
     "Is there something I can help you with?  You know I am here
for you Tommy," she continued running her fingers on his thigh.
     Tommy grabbed her hand before it could go any further and
sat up straight, "Go away Kat.  I'm married remember?  And on top
of that I don't want you," he stated through clenched teeth.
     Kat smiled seductively, "You know what they say Tommy.  The
apple never falls far from the tree."
     Tommy dropped Kat's arm and stood with his hands on his
hips.  The two were face to face and with Kat's height that
almost brought them nose to nose.  "What do you know about it?"
     Kat smiled and put a finger on his chin, "The resemblance is
there Tommy."  She kissed him lightly on the cheek.  "Just
remember when Kim is out of commission I'll be waiting."
     Tommy was seething, "Get out of here Kat before I hurt you."
     "Sure Tommy," she slowly backed up, "Just remember Tommy. 
I'm here when you need me."
     Tommy watched her walk away with disgust, "Don't hold your
     Half and hour later Kimberly found Tommy alone doing a Kata. 
She walked up quietly not wanting to disturb him and took a seat
at the end of a nearby bench.  When he was done he was surprised
to see Kim sitting there.
     "Hey," he walked over and kissed the top of her head and
took a seat next to her.  "You shouldn't be out by yourself."
     "I'm not, your here"
     Tommy pulled her into a hug and rested his chin on the top
of her head.  "You know what I mean," he said with a smile in his
     "I'm your wife Tommy.  I should be where you are.  Unless
you want me to leave." 
     He thought of Kat's offer and shivered in distaste.  "No. 
You're just what I need right now."  He closed his eyes as if in
pain.  "I can't believe he's been right here the whole time."
     "Pretty amazing huh?"  Kimberly put her arms around Tommy. 
"You know Tommy, I've known Mr. Scott almost all my life and I
believe him when he says he never knew."
     "So do I.  It's just so weird."
     "Yeah it is.  But he seemed genuinely surprised when he read
those newspaper clippings about you and your mother."
     Tommy breathed deeply to control the emotions raging through
him.  "Now what?  What happens now?"
     "Well I guess whatever the two of you want to happen."
     "I don't know what I want.  And then what about Jason?"
     "I don't know."
     "God Kim.  This is such a mess!"
     "Give it time Tommy.  Hopefully everything will work out."
     "I wish I had your positive outlook.  But I just don't
     The couple sat on the bench for awhile just holding each
other.  Finally they got up and walked slowly back to the
apartment arm in arm.  From a spot hidden behind a tree Kat
watched the couple with hatred.  "You will be mine Tommy Oliver. 
I swear you will be mine."  An evil smile replaced the hatred as
a plan began to form, "And I know just the person to help.  Maybe
I'll just have to see how Jason handles this.  And with a little
encouragement from me he could be the perfect ally."

Part Twelve: [April Richards]

     Trini Kwan, the former Yellow Ranger, now the temporary Pink
Ranger, sighed as she stared at the Power Chamber. It was ten
times better than the old Command Center. At least  Zordon and
Alpha hadn't changed.   Her head was still spinning from
receiving the Pink Zeo Powers from Zordon.  They were stronger
than anything she had experienced before.
     Just then, Tommy teleported in the Power Chamber.
     "Hello, Tommy!" Trini gave her friend a hug.
     "Hey, Trini." Tommy smiled.  "Why aren't you wearing Pink?" 
He teased.
     "Because I look like a deranged doll in Pink. It's not my
color." Trini protested. "So, does Kim know  I'm here?"
     "Nope.  It's a surprise."  Tommy answered.  "We can teleport
there in a minute, OK? I have to talk to Zordon."
     "Kat's at it again."  Tommy sighed.  "She  was touching me
and it was pretty sad.  She let me know that she was ready any
time I wanted her. I told her not to hold her breath. I'm afraid
that she might make more trouble."  Tommy shook his head.
     "Thanks, Zordon." Tommy smiled at his mentor. "Well, Trini,
let's go!"
     The two Rangers teleported out of the Power Chamber. 

[Oliver Apartment]

     Kim  folded her new purchases and hummed a new song.  She
squawked when Red and Pink Light filled the room. Then the Glow
faded, Kim jumped to her feet and squealed:  "TRINI!"
     "Kimberly?"  Trini gasped.  She had been told that Kim was
pregnant, but she wasn't prepared for the sight of her tiny
friend dwarfed by a swollen belly.  Trini gently hugged Kim, then
rested her hand on Kim's stomach. One of the twins kicked with
surprising strength.   
     "I must be a mess, huh?"  Kim laughed.
     "No, you look radiant." Trini said as she and Kim sat down. 
     "Well, I do feel good.  I don't even mind it when they kick
me at night."
     "They?"  Trini asked looking at Tommy with shock.
     "The twins.  Oh, didn't anyone tell you?"  Kim asked.  She
picked up a strange picture from the coffee table picture album. 
It was  a sonogram picture of the twins.  She handed it to Trini.
     "Wow. When was this taken?"  Trini asked.
     "Not too long ago."  Kim answered. "They couldn't tell the
sex, and honestly, I don't want to know either. Sort of a
surprise, you know?"
     "I guess so."  Trini answered, studying the picture. She had
fantasies of  herself in Kim's position, only with Billy as her
husband.  Trini sighed softly, a far away look on her face.
     Tommy looked at his watch. "Well, I'm going to go and change
so we can make it those classes on time, OK?"
     "Sure sweetie."  Kim answered.
     "What classes?"
     "Lamaze ones."  Kim said.  "So, Trini, what are you doing
     "Didn't Tommy tell you?  I'm the Pink Ranger until  the
twins are born." 

Part Thirteen:

[The Scott House]

     The Scotts were all sitting down to dinner.  Steven and
Alley sat at the head of the table with their oldest child,
daughter Callie on one side and Jason and his 14 year old
brother, Jeremy on the other.
     Jason turned to his father ignoring his annoying brother,
"Hey dad, Tommy said you were at the Dojo today."  Alley and
Steven looked sharply at each other, "Why didn't you come into
the office and say hi?"
     "Um..." Steven stuttered.  "I...  I didn't have enough time. 
I had to get back to the office."
     "Yeah butthead," sneered Jeremy.  "Tommy's way better than
you are anyway.  Why would he want to see you?"  Jason slapped
Jeremy in the head.
     "Boys!" admonished Alley.
     "Um kids.  After dinner I think we need to have a family
     "What'd you do now brat boy?" Jason whispered to Jeremy.
     "Not me Hong Kong Fooey."
     After they all finished eating, they began clearing the
table when the doorbell rang.  "I'll get it!" yelled Jeremy as he
ran to the door.  A few seconds later he yelled for Jason.

     Jason walked to the door dodging his brothers punch.  He was
surprised to find Kat standing there looking concerned.  "Kat? 
What are you doing here?"
     Kat looked over his shoulder and saw his family clearing the
table.  "Uh..  I wanted to talk to you."  She looked a little
uncomfortable, "Can you come outside a minute?"
     "Well...  Sure.  I guess."  Jason walked out and shut the
door behind him.  He walked over to lean on a post and crossed
his arms across his chest facing Kat.  "What is it Kat?  I'm not
going to help you get Tommy.  He and Kim belong together."
     Kat looked hurt, "This has nothing to do with Kim.  This has
to do with you and Tommy and your father."
     Jason glared at Kat, "What does my dad have to do with me
and Tommy?"
     Kat feigned shock, "Oh my god!!  You don't know?"
     "Don't know what?" Jason was becoming irritated with her
     "Oh I shouldn't say anything," and she began to walk away.
     Jason grabbed her by the arm, "Just say it Kat.  What's
going on?"
     "I can't."
     Jason clenched his teeth, "Just tell me."
     Kat cleared her throat, "Jason.  Your dad is Tommy's
     Jason paled, "What?"
     "Your dad was the man Tommy's mother had the affair with." 
Jason didn't notice the satisfaction in her voice.
     "You're lying!" shouted Jason, "You're just so warped with
your obsession with Tommy, you'll say anything!"
     "Why don't you just go inside and ask your father?" she
dared him.
     "Fine!!  You can just come with me!"
     Jason dragged Kat inside the house with him, "DAD!!!" he

     Steven ran out at the urgency of his son's voice, "What's
wrong Jason?"
     "Is it true dad?"
     Steven paled, "Is what true Jason?"
     The rest of the family gathered around.  Jason ignored them
all, his attention centered on the father he loved and admired. 
"Are you Tommy's father?"
     There was a shocked gasp from Callie and even Jeremy was too
shocked to make a wise crack. Steven's eyes darted from one
person to the other.   His eyes finally rested on his oldest son,
his eyes seemed to plead for understanding.  "Let's go in the den
and talk son."
     Tears began to gather in Jason's eyes and his grasp loosened
from Kat's arm.  "Just answer me dad!!!"
     Steven held out his hand to Jason and Jason moved away. 
Steven's shoulders visibly slumped but he tried to pull himself
together.  "Yes.  It's true."  He looked at the hatred glaring
from his son's eyes, the eyes that had always looked to him as a
hero.  "I am Tommy's father."
     Tears began to fall freely down Jason's flushed cheeks. 
"No."  He shook his head in denial.  "No.  Why are you saying
     "I'm sorry Jason."
     "NOOOOO!!!"  Jason yelled as if in pain and ran from the
     "Jason!!"  Alley tried to follow him but by the time she got
to the door Jason was in his car and screeching away from the

[Oliver Apartment]

     Trini and Billy were sitting on the couch catching up on
their lives when there was a banging on the door.  They both
hurried over finding a distraught Jason standing on the other
side of the door.  
     "Jason!  What's wrong?"  Trini asked with concern.
     "Where's Tommy?"
     "He and Kim are at a Lamaze Class.  They should be back any
minute."  She looked to Billy.
     "Jason why don't you come in and sit down."  Billy offered,
concerned at Jason's demeanor.
     "I can't," and Jason walked back down the stairs.
     Billy and Trini stood there in shock watching Jason walk
dejectedly down the stairs.  A few minutes there was a commotion
outside and they hurried down.

     Outside the door of the Dojo Kim and Tommy were walking up
to the door arm in arm as Jason walked through the door.  When
they spotted Jason they stopped.
     "Jason?  What's wrong?"  asked Kim noticing his tear stained
     "Stay out of this Kim." He turned to glare at Tommy, "This
is between me and you." He walked up and poked Tommy in the
     Tommy gently pushed Kim towards the door, "Go inside Kim."
     "Tommy?" her gaze darted between the two.
     "Go Kim."
     Kim shuffled over to the door to be met by Trini and Billy. 
The three stood and watched helplessly.
     "What's wrong Jase?" asked Tommy even though he had a good
     "Don't Jase me!  Brother," Jason practically spat out the
     "Look Jason.  Let's talk about this."
     "NO Tommy!!  I don't want to talk.  Our friendship is over."
     "I know this is weird Jason, but..."
     "Weird?!?!  This is sick!"  He shoved Tommy backwards.  
     Tommy threw his hands up to show Jason he wasn't going to
fight him.  "Don't do this Jason.  This can all be worked out.  I
know how you feel."
     "No way Tommy!  You don't have a clue how I feel.  But you
know what?" he clenched his fist to stop himself from hitting
Tommy.   His martial arts training was too inbred to fight a
unwilling opponent.  "You can have my father.  I can't even look
at him anymore."  
     Jason turned and walked to his car.  Kim, Billy and Trini
hurried over to the car and they were joined by Tommy.  "Jason
wait!" Kim called out.
     Jason roared off in a screech of tires.

     They all watched as Jason's tail lights sped away.  Kim put
her arms around Tommy and began to cry.  "He'll be OK Kim," Tommy
tried to soothe his wife.
     "I hope so," she sobbed.
     Tears began to fall down Trini's cheeks and Billy pulled her
into a hug.

Part Fourteen

     As soon as they were in the apartment, Tommy made Kim lay
down.  She did not need the extra shock and strain on her body. 
Once Kim was asleep, Tommy fell onto his worn couch and started
crying.  David put his arm around his younger brother. 
     "It's not your fault, Tommy."  David said quietly. 
     "If I had only died with her!"  Tommy wailed.  
     "Don't say that!"  David admonished .  "Tommy, Jason is
upset. The man who was  his hero has fallen from  his perch and
admitted not only to being unfaithful to his wife, but to
fathering, and then, abandoning, a child to another woman." David
stroked Tommy's back.  "It's going to be  hard for Jason to
accept all of this."
     Tommy didn't answer. Instead, he pushed David away and
stormed down stairs to  hammer out his anger on his punching bag.

[The Scott  House]

     Jason slammed the door open.  Mr. Scott looked up from the
newspaper.  Alley, Callie, and Jeremy were gone.   Mr. Scott
stood up, folding the paper. 
     "Why?" Jason hissed.  
     Mr. Scott closed his eyes in pain. He sat back down. "Jason,
your mother and I were  having some problems in our marriage. My
pro ball career was taking its toll on us.  We were legally
separated and thinking about getting divorced."  Mr. Scott
sighed.  "I met Rose Trueheart shortly after her  husband died in
a car accident. I was on break from the team and was visiting
Arizona to escape from my pain.  I loved
Rose. She was an understanding woman." Mr. Scott laughed softly. 
"In fact, she's the one who got  me back with your mother.  She
could tell that I still loved Alley.  Anyways, one day, I get
this hysterical call from Alley.  She was pregnant with you
Jason.  Rose made me go back to Alley to work out our problems. I
never heard from Rose again."  Steven Scott stared blindly at the
paper in his hands.  "When Tommy told me what happened to
Rose...." His voice trailed off.  "A few years after you were
born, I tried to get in touch with Rose, just to let her know
that Alley and I had worked out our problems.  The letter was
     Jason frowned.  His thoughts were in turmoil.  "If I hadn't
been born, would you have married Rose?"
     "No. I don't think so. Rose seemed very intent on getting
Alley and I back together."  Steven smiled.  "I guess she picked
up some Shaman training from Sam, because she knew that I still
loved Alley with all my heart.  Once things were doing better
with Alley, I told her about my affair with Rose.  Your mother
forgave me a long time ago." Steven looked at his oldest son.  "I
hope you can forgive me someday too. I'm  not
perfect, Jason. I'm human. I've made some mistakes in my life. 
Everyone does."
     Jason looked away from his father.  He ran up the stairs and
threw his clothes and a few important things into an over night
bag and left the house.  He jumped into the car and drove until
he reached a small bed and breakfast in Stone Canyon. He rented a
room there.  Jason never called Tommy to let him know that he
wouldn't be teaching classes at the  Tiger-Dragon Dojo for a

[Three Months later]

     Tommy slammed the phone down.  Kim looked up from the couch
where she was laying.
     "Still won't talk to you?"  She asked sadly.
     "No. Stupid son of a bitch!"  Tommy growled.  "It's bad
enough that he left his students down when he pulled his little
disappearing act, but  he won't speak to any of his students or
to any of us.  Even just on  business matters. The Dojo  is
loosing money because I had to cancel Jason's classes!  That was
over five  hundred dollars in refunds I  had to give out because
of that jerk off!"  Tommy's voice rose as  his anger  mounted. 
Suddenly, something snapped in Tommy. He grabbed his jacket off
the coat rack and stormed out of the apartment. "I'm going to
talk with that jerk if I have to choke every word of him!"
     Kim cried into the blanket she was knitting.  The
estrangement with Jason had been hurting Tommy for the past three
months.  And, Kim was the only witness to it.  She had to watch
her  young husband go from anger to sadness to even wishing that
he died with his mother.  Kim felt helpless.  There was nothing
that she could do to help her husband or her old friend.

     Kat  had watched the exchange from her perch on the window. 
This was the perfect time to strike out against Kim.  The former
Pink Ranger kicked the window in and pounced on Kim.
     "You'll pay for taking Tommy from me!"  Kat shrieked.   She
forced Kim off the couch and shoved her to the steps that  lead
down to the Dojo.  They were rarely used since there was a  lift
     "Katherine!"  Kim yelled. "What is your problem?"
     "You bitch! You're my problem! You stole Tommy from me by
claiming that the bastards you are carrying are  his!" Kat
growled.  Irrational anger fueled Kat's next actions.   She
pulled Kim up to her feet, then pushed her down the stairs. Pain
shot through Kim's body as she  hit the hard metal steps.  A
strange iron band had encircled her stomach by the time she was
at the bottom.  A warm wetness spread over her inner thighs.
     "My babies!"  Kim cried out.  
     Kat laughed and ran down the stairs. She kicked Kim in the
stomach once, then left.  Satisfied that she had done what was
necessary to get Tommy to come to her.
     Kim started crawling to her pink Geo Storm.  Inside was a
cell phone.  Her hands shook as she dialed a number.

[The Sea Spirit B&B, Room Four]
     Tommy pounded on the door to Jason's room.  "Dammit, Jason,
let me in! We have to talk!"
     "Go away!" Jason called out from inside.
     Tommy was about to kick the door down when the phone rang
and he heard Jason say: "Wait a minute, he's right outside my
door."  Jason swung the door open.  The Gold Ranger was pale and
shaken as he thrust the phone towards Tommy. "It's Kim.  She said
that Kat attacked her.  She's bleed and having contractions...."
     "Sweet mother....!"  Tommy swore.  "Call 911 for me!  Tell
Kim I'm on my way!"  Tommy dashed out of the B&B.
     "Kim, please, hang on. Tommy is coming! I'm gonna call an
ambulance for ya!" Jason spoke into the phone.

Part Fifteen:

     David parked his motorcycle next to the passenger side of
Kim's car and noticed the interior light on.  He peeked in the
window and saw the drivers door was opened but didn't see
anybody.  He slowly walked around the back of the car.  When he
got to the drivers side he found Kim laying on her side moaning
softly.  David rushed over to her side and kneeled down next to
her, "Kim!"
     Kim grabbed his hand as he put her head in his lap. 
"David," she cried.  "My babies!"
     "What happened?"  He gently brushed the hair from her face
and noticed the blood on the pavement.
     Kim managed to say the name Kat before a wave of pain
overtook her and left her breathless.
     An ambulance came speeding into the parking lot and the
attendants jumped out and quickly got a stretcher out of the
     "Kim where's Tommy?" David asked as he looked to the men in
     "He went to see Jason," she gasped.
     The attendants pushed David out of the way as they tended to
Kimberly.  "How far along is she?" the blonde man asked.
     David was dazed for a moment.  "Um..  8 months.  She's
pregnant with twins."
     They lifted Kim onto the stretcher.  She frantically held
out her hand reaching for David.  "David!?", she cried.
     David took her hand in his, "I'm here Kimberly."
     "Come with me... AGHHH!" she cringed in pain, "Please?"
     "I'm here Kim.  I'll be here for you," he looked frantically
at the attendants, "Help her!"
     "Let's go!"  They rushed to the ambulance with David running
along side.

[Labor and Delivery Room - Angel Grove Hospital]
     Kim, in her hospital gown, lay on the bed with a couple of
monitors attached to her.  David sat on the chair next to her
holding her hand.
     The doctor came into the room.  "Doctor?" Kim looked at him
anxiously, "Are my babies OK?"
     "Kimberly, the sonogram showed no problems.  You all were
very lucky."  He shook his head in wonder, "Who would do
something like this to you?"
     Kim grimaced and turned away.  David squeezed her hand.
     "OK Kimberly but the police will want to talk to you later." 
He walked to the end of the bed and lifted the sheet to check her
     David looked away in embarrassment but quickly looked back
at Kim as another contraction hit and she squeezed his hand.  He
was starting to feel like the bones would be cracking soon.
     "I think we're ready Kim.  These babies are in a real hurry
to be born."  The doctor pulled the stirrups up from the bed and
placed Kim's feet into them.  "You're fully dilated."  He looked
at David, "You need to scrub up Mr. Trueheart."
     David looked like a caged animal, "What?  I can't stay!"
     Kim was hit by another contraction.  "Please David!" she
squeezed on his hand harder, "Don't leave me!"

     David looked up as the door flew open and his salvation
walked in followed by a nurse.  Tommy rushed over to Kimberly's
side and put his arm on the pillow around Kim's head and took her
other hand, "Kim!  Are you OK?" 
     Kim smiled, "Oh Tommy!"  Tears formed in her eyes, "I was so
scared.  I didn't think you'd get here in time."
     He kissed her forehead.  "I'm here now."  He turned to the
doctor, "Are the babies all right?"
     "Well Tommy," the doctor pulled on his surgical gloves,
"You're about to find that out."
     "You might want to go scrub up quickly.  These babies want
to be born now."
     Tommy looked from the doctor, to Kim, to David.  The nurse
came over and took his arm.  She guided him to a sink and helped
him scrub his hands.  Then she helped him into a surgical gown.

     When Tommy was back a Kim's side she finally let go of
David's hand.  David began shaking his hand trying to get the
circulation back.  "I'm outta here bro.  I've seen and heard more
than I had planned on.  Let me know when the babies are here and
all cleaned up."  He gave Kim a kiss on the cheek and hurried
towards the door, averting his eyes as he passed the end of the
bed.  "Good luck." He called out as he walked out the door.

     Tommy had no time to question Kim about what happened since
the contractions began to come faster and faster.  He couldn't
believe the pain his wife was going through.  When the doctor
told Kim it was finally time to push, she pushed and cried out.
     "Tommy.  I changed my mind," she looked at him desperately. 
"Please take me home now."
     "Sorry Kim," he smiled, "I think we're stuck here now."
     "TOMMY!"  she cried as she pushed again.  "Why did you do
this to me?"  Tommy nearly fell to his knees as Kim squeezed his
hand harder with the strength of a weightlifer.
     "I see the head!" the doctor called out.  Tommy and Kim
looked at the mirror strategically placed behind the doctor. 
There before their eyes they saw their baby slip out into the
doctors waiting hands.  "It's a perfect baby boy!"
     "A boy!  Kim we have a son!"  Tommy kissed Kim in joy.
     The doctor cut the cord and handed the baby to the waiting
nurse.  Tommy and Kim watched as the nurse cleaned up their new

     Again Kim became racked with pain.  "OH GOD!!"  she grabbed
the front of Tommy's gown also getting his shirt and pulled him
down, "Tommy!!  You're going to pay for this!"
     "Gladly Kim.  Gladly." He smiled, all thought of what
brought them here so early taking a backseat to seeing his
children into the world.
     The doctor called their attention to the mirror again and as
before they watched their second child enter the world.
     "Well you two.  You have one of each,"  He held up the
second baby for them to see.  "It's a gorgeous baby girl."
     Kim collapsed onto the mattress and smiled, "A girl. Oh
Tommy," she began to cry.
     "She's beautiful Kim.  Just like her mother."  He gave his
exhausted wife a hug.  "Uh Kim?  Could you let go of my hand
     "I think all circulation is gone from my hand," he chuckled.
     "Oh!  I'm sorry, honey."
     The nurse carried over the baby boy and handed him to Kim
and followed with the other.  Tommy looked down with tears in his
eyes at Kim as she kissed one baby and then the other then looked
at him with complete joy.

[Waiting room of Angel Grove Hospital]
     Billy, Adam, Tanya, Trini and David all waited to hear about
     "Are you sure the doctor said everything was OK David?"
asked Trini as she watched David pace back and forth.
     "They took one of those pictures and the doctor said the
babies were fine."
     "A sonogram," Billy said automatically.   Trini smiled at
     They all looked up as a jubilant Tommy walked over to them. 
They all instantly surrounded him firing off one question after
another.  Tommy laughed and held up his hands to quiet them.  
"Kim is fine and the babies are great."
     "Well what are they?" asked David with impatience.
     "Well they both have dark hair but I'm not sure about their
eyes yet."
     Trini slapped him on the shoulder, "No!  What are they?"
     Tommy smirked, "One is 6 pounds and the other is 6 pounds, 2
     Tanya rolled her eyes, "Tommy!!  What sex are they?"
     Tommy looked at them with complete innocence enjoying their
impatience, "Oh!  Well."  He glanced around at the expectant
faces of his friends and brother.  "Kim and I are the proud
parents of..." No on took a breath as they waited for him to
continue, "A son and a daughter."
     Everyone shouted in joy and hugged Tommy.
     "When can we see them?" asked Trini as she grabbed Billy's
hand in happiness.
     "Pretty soon I think.  I know she wants to see all of you." 
He turned to his brother with gratitude, "Thanks for all you did
David.  I really appreciate it.  I'm glad you were with Kim."
     David gave his brother another hug, "No problem bro.  I just
wish I had been there sooner.  Maybe I could have stopped it from
     The happiness faded from Tommy's face as they anger took
over, "Yeah.  Kat is going to pay. "  He clenched his fists,
"She's going to pay." 
Part Sixteen: [April Richards]

     Jason hid in the shadows while the jubilant Rangers, and
David, cooed over the babies. No one noticed him in the far
corner of Kim's room. He had seen the entire birth from his
vantage point.  The Gold Ranger waited until Kim was asleep with
her loving husband beside her.  The twins laid in side by side
bassinets near the new parents.  Jason quietly strolled over to
the twins and stroked their  downy heads.
     "Hey."  Jason whispered.  The little boy stirred and
wrinkled his nose, then fell back asleep.  "I'm  your uncle
Jason."  He touched the little girl's tiny hand.  It was barely
the size of Jason's pinky.  The twins cooed and Jason's heart
melted.  His hands dropped to his side and he left the room.  
     Tommy's eyes opened wider. He had been aware of Jason's
presence in the room the entire time.  Tommy's heart nearly burst
when Jason called himself "Uncle Jason."  *Poor Jason.*  Tommy
thought.  *I wish he wouldn't tear himself up like this.  Maybe
now he'll listen to me.*  Tommy disentangled himself from  Kim
and followed Jason.

[Outside Angel Grove Memorial Hospital]

     Jason sighed and looked up at the night sky. It was  a
clear, cool evening.  Suddenly, Kat tackled Jason.
     "Hello, Jason."  Kat purred.
     "Get out of here, slut!" Jason growled.  "You could have
killed Kim and her babies, my niece and nephew, with your stupid
     Kat blanched when she learned that the twins had been born
with out any problems.  She covered it with a smile and ran her
hands up Jason's chest.  "Jason, why don't you go back and get
those twins and we can leave Angel Grove and move back to my home
town in Australia.  We can raise those twins as our own...."  She
     Jason shoved the former Pink Ranger away.  " Go to hell,
Kat. I'd never to do that to Tommy and Kim!"
     Kat snarled something and ran into the night.    Tommy
silently approached Jason.  He placed his hand on Jason's broad
     "Jason...."    Jason spun around. He started to leave, but
Tommy stopped him. "Jason, listen to me!"  Tommy snapped.
     "What do you want?"
     "You hurt your father when you ran out like you did."  Tommy
started.  "And, you hurt  your students.  I can understand that
you wouldn't want  to be around me, the bastard, but when I had
to cancel your classes, a lot of those kids were devastated. 
They wanted to know what they had done wrong to chase away
     Tears fell down Jason's face.  "I never meant to hurt them. 
What did you  tell them?"
     "Just that Sensei-Jason had some personal problems that he
had to work out and couldn't teach until he took care of them." 
Tommy said.  "It was the truth."  Tommy tightened his grip on
Jason's shoulder.  "Jase, we used to be friends.  Before we both
learned what happened eighteen years ago.  Something that neither
one of us could have done anything to prevent."  Jason looked at
his feet, but didn't try to pull away from
Tommy.  "Jason, you don't have to accept me as a brother, if that
is too  hard for you to do right now.  But, can we still be
     Jason looked at Tommy.  "I need to think about it." Jason
whispered  hoarsely.  "How's Dad?"
     "Fine. He misses you, though.  He's been spending a lot of
time filling me in on the Scott Family history.  Um, Jason,  how
much of what he says is pure BS?" 
     "About forty percent." Jason laughed.  Then, he sighed. 
"I'll let you go back to your wife, OK?"
     "Sure. But, please think about what I said.  And, um,
     "For what?"
     "For telling Kat to go to hell."
     Jason grinned.  " Any time. It was my pleasure!"

Part 17

[The Oliver Apartment - Two Days Later]

     Tommy stood over the pink and blue bassinets by the end of
his bed watching the twins sleep.  Kim snuck up behind him and
put her arms around his waist.  "Tommy would you stop that. 
There are other things to do then stand there all day looking at
     Tommy smiled and put his arm around Kim pulling her to his
side.  "I know, but it's just so.... Amazing.  They are perfect."
     "Well would they dare be anything else!  Look at the gene
     Tommy chuckled, "Steve told me that twins run in his
family."  Tommy couldn't bring himself to call Steven Scott dad,
out of deference to his adopted father and Jason, and Steve
     They quietly stood watching the babies for a few minutes. 
"You know Tommy, we HAVE to name them soon.  They are gonna look
pretty stupid going to school as Baby Boy Oliver and Baby Girl
     Tommy took his daughters tiny hand in his, "I was thinking
about that.  How does the name Rose sound?" he asked a little
afraid that Kim wouldn't agree.
     "I think Rose would be a beautiful name Tommy.  It would be
a wonderful tribute to your mother.  And how about Christine for
a middle name?"  Christine being Tommy's adopted mothers name.
     Tommy gave Kim a kiss to cover up the fact that his eyes
were filling with tears.  "That would be great.  Mom will be so
     "OK now we've got Rose Christine Oliver.  But we still have
Baby Boy Oliver here."  The baby boy began to whimper and
Kimberly picked him up.  "See he's crying out for a name."
     Tommy put a hand on the baby's back, "Since I named Rose,
Baby Boy Oliver is up to you."
     Kim's face scrunched up in thought, "Well....  How about
     "For your grandfather?"
     "OK."  He gave her a sly look, "And Samuel as a middle
     "For your grandfather?"  Tommy nodded, "OK.  We now have
children that we can call something besides baby.  Rose and
     "It's a deal."  Tommy gave Nicky a kiss on the forehead,
"Well I've got a class to teach.  I'll be up later when the
classes are changing."  He walked out of the room.

[Half an Hour Later]

     Kim was kneeling on a baby blanket.  After changing Nicky's
diaper and laying him next to her she was now changing Rose's. 
There was a soft knock on the door and she called out for whoever
to come in.
     She was a little surprised to see Jason walk in but quickly
covered with a smile and an enthusiastic hello.
     "Hi Kim," Jason looked longingly at the twins.
     Kim waved him over, "Come on over and meet Rose and Nicky."
     Jason walked over smiling.  When he reached the blanket he
kneeled next to Kim and looked at the twins.  "They're amazing
     Kim smiled with maternal joy, "They are aren't they?"  She
picked up Rose and held her out to Jason,  "Do you want to hold
     Jason looked embarrassed, "I don't know."
     Kim placed the baby in his arms, "It's easy, just watch her
     Jason held the baby awkwardly, "She's so small." He smiled
at Kim.
     Kim picked up Nicky and stood up, "They'll grow up so fast,"
Jason stood up next to her, "And before you know it they'll be in
your Karate class."
     "Come on Jason.  It's been over 3 months.  You need to come
     "I don't know if I can."
     Kim put her arm around Jason and gave him a squeeze,
"Everyone misses you.  We all love you Jason.  What can we do so
you'll come back?"  Tears began to form in her eyes.  "Even with
the babies, Tommy still has a sadness in him.  It's breaking his
heart.  Please Jason."
     "Kim.  I don't know what to do anymore.  My life is so.... 
Screwed up!  Nothing will ever be the same."
     "I know Jason.   But you can move forward.  Don't stand in
one place.  Take a step.  Talk to your dad.  Or talk to Tommy,
you two have always been like brothers."
     "But now we really are.  Geez Kim.  The things I said to
everyone.  How can we ever get past any of that?"
     "Oh Jason.  I know it'll be hard.  But believe me no one is
holding anything against you.  Everyone knows it was hard to
learn about your father's past but nobody's perfect even if we
like to think they are.
     Jason looked up at the ceiling trying to clear the tears in
his eyes.  "I don't know Kim."
     "Well no matter what, please come back and see us again.  I
want the twins growing up knowing their whole family.  And I've
missed you Jason."
      "I will Kim.  I promise."

Part Eighteen: [April Richards]

     Ice blue eyes watched Tommy teach the intermediate  Karate
class.  Kat Hillard tightened her grip on the shiny new pistol
she carried in her purse.  It was what Tommy would  have called a
"Saturday Night Special," a gun bought illegally on the streets. 
She waited until Tommy bowed to the class, dismissing them for
their break.   Then, she strolled into the Dojo.
     "Tommy."  She called out sweetly.  Tommy blanched.
     "Go away, Kat. I'm not in the mood for  your stupid games." 
Tommy said curtly.   Kat sulked. She turned around as though she
was going to leave, then she changed her mind. She pulled out the
     "If I can't have you, Thomas Oliver, then no one will!" Kat
snapped. She aimed for Tommy's heart and fired. Tommy jerked at
the last minute and the bullet missed a fatal shot by mere
inches.  Tommy crumpled to the ground.  
     Jason had been walking down the steps when he saw Kat shoot
his half brother.  Jason launched himself from the stairs and
tackled Kat before she could get away.  Stunned students stood
helpless near by.
     "Call for an ambulance!"  Jason ordered.  An older student
ran for the phone.  Jason glared at Kat, rage building in his
heart.   Rage at seeing his *brother* being shot....  Something
snapped inside Jason as he realized that he was seeing Tommy as
his brother for the first time since he learned the truth.  
     Kat saw the anger in Jason. She knew that he wouldn't be an
ally for her. So, she smirked once, then put the gun in her mouth
and pulled the trigger.  
     "Shit!"   Jason yelled as he leaped away from Kat's body.
"Stupid bitch killed herself!"  He knelt by Tommy's side.  The
Red Zeo Ranger was barely conscious.
     "Shh.... It's gonna be OK."  Jason stroked Tommy's pale
cheek.    Tommy gripped Jason's hand.
     "Take care of Kimmie..."   He whispered, then passed out
from blood loss and shock.  Just then, the medics rushed in and 
took Tommy away.  The coroner was summoned to deal with the dead
Ex-Pink Ranger.  Jason quietly dismissed the class for Tommy,
falling back into the role sensei.  The children in the class
obeyed Jason with out question.  The police questioned Jason
about what  happened.
     "Um, sirs, you'd better let me tell Kimberly about what
happened, OK?  She just had twins and I don't know how she'd
handle it, oK?"  Jason said to the police.
     "OK. Do  you want us to come with you?"
     "No. I'd better do it alone."  With a heavy heart, Jason
used the lift to quickly reach his old friend.

[Meanwhile, on the moon.....]

     Lord Zedd gloated while he witnessed the shooting.   "Now is
the perfect time!"  He  said.  "Goldar, go down and get the
former Green Ranger's babies!"
     "Yes, My Lord." Goldar bowed and vanished.  
     He rematerialized in the Olivers's apartment.  Kim was
singing softly to the babies,  hoping to get a few minutes rest
from the demanding babies.  The twins' bellies were full from
their mother's milk and they were sleepy.  Nicky burped in his
sleep, then all was quiet. Until Goldar made his presence known. 

     "Pink Ranger, Lord Zedd demands that you now turn over your
children to him!"  Goldar  ordered.
     Kim jumped to her feet. ......

Part Nineteen: [Yvonne Plante]

     Kimberly ran in front of the bassinets and held her arms out
to block Goldars way.  "Get real Goldar!!  Over my dead body!"
     "That can be arranged Kimmie!" Goldar snarled.
     "What do Rita and Zedd want with two innocent babies?" Kim
cried out.
     "Beats me.  Rita has always had a soft spot for the Green
     "Tommy will never let you get away with this!"
     "There's nothing Tommy can do about this.  He has already
been taken care of."
     Kim became apprehensive, "What are you talking about?"
     "Well it seems that form Pink Zeo Ranger has taken your
precious Tommy down."
     "Didn't you know?"
     "Know what Goldar?  Stop playing games!" Kim yelled out
trying to keep the fear out of her voice.
     "Your precious Red Zeo Ranger has been shot."
     It seemed that all the breath was torn from Kim's body. 
"Your lying Goldar," she said in barely a whisper.
     "It would seem , Kimberly, that someone hates Tommy more
than I do."
     "Tommy's downstairs teaching a class."
     Goldar sneered, "No."  The sirens blared outside, "It would
be my guess that he is on his way to one of your pathetic
     Kim turned her head to the sound of the siren, "NOO!!" she

     Jason walked out to the door of the apartment and took a
deep breath and tried to reach a sort of calm before entering the
apartment.  Suddenly it dawned on him that Kimberly would need
her friends with her, especially a female friend.  Before
knocking he reached for his communicator and pressed the button. 
"Trini do you read me?"
     Trini's cheerful voice answered quickly, "Yes Jason.  It's
so wonderful to hear from you again!"
     "I'm afraid it's not Trini," he said sadly.  "Who's there
with you?"
     "Um... Billy's here," she answered, a little embarrassed.
     "Well I need you both to get to Tommy's apartment right
away.  There's been an accident.  Well not an accident."
     "What happened?"
     "It's Kat.  She..." Jason had to stop to gain control again.
     "What did she do Jason?" Trini's asked anxiously, fearing
the worst.
     "Oh God!" Jason cried.  "She shot Tommy.  She shot him."
     "Jason!" Billy had taken over communications from Trini who
was now in tears.  "We'll find the others!  We'll be there right

Jason  wiped at his eyes.  "Get a hold of yourself!  You can't go
in there like this," he berated himself. "You have to be strong. 
You promised Tommy."  Jason took a couple of more deep breaths
and tried to gain control of his emotions.  When he felt he was
sufficiently under control he reached out and softly knocked on
the door.  When there was no answer, he opened the door and
walked in, figuring Kim had put the twins to bed.  Kimberly and
the babies were no longer on the floor of the living room,
confirming his suspicions.  Jason began walking slowly towards
the bedroom but stopped in his tracks when he heard Goldar's
voice.  Kim's scream of no triggered him to action and he raced
to the bedroom.  

Jason was stunned in his tracks at the scene before him.  Goldar
advanced on Kimberly and tried to push her out of the way.  She
struggled for a moment but the shock of what Goldar had said and
the sound of the sirens had put her in a state of shock.   With
Kimberly out of his way Goldar moved to the bassinets.  The
scream from their mother had woken the twins and they began to
cry.  The plaintive wails from the small babies caused both
Kimberly and Jason to spring into action.

Part Twenty [April Richards]

     Jason leapt into the air and yelled out:  "IT'S MORPHIN
TIME! GOLD RANGER POWER!"  He transformed into the mighty Gold
Ranger.  Jason tackled Goldar and began pounding him.  
     Kim grabbed her babies and ran into the foyer.  She was
greeted by Trini and Billy and a police officer. By this time,
Goldar had wisely retreated to the moon.  Jason deMorphed and
joined his friends.
     "Is Tommy alright?" Kim demanded from the officer.
     "He's alive.  He's been taken to Angel Grove Memorial."  The
officer said.  He quietly lead Kim downstairs.  Jason and Billy
kept a hold of Kim's arms so that she wouldn't drop the babies in
her shock.  David had gone with the ambulance, so Billy and Trini
took Tommy's old clunker of a car, while Kim, Jason and the
babies rode in hers.   The officers acted as an escort for the

[Five Hours Later]

     David paced back and forth as they waited for news of
Tommy's condition.  The Olivers and the Scotts had joined the
Rangers.  Kim rocked the twins as she focused on caring for her
babies.  Rose and Nicky had finally fallen back asleep.
     "They are sweet, aren't they?" Tayna cooed, stroking Nicky's
soft hand.
     "Yes.  Even when they wake me up at  night to be fed, I
still can't help but love them." Kim laughed softly.
     "Can I hold Rose?" Tayna asked.
     "Sure. Here."  Kim handed over the tiny baby girl.  Tayna
cuddled Rose close. The girl baby  yawned and snuggled down for a
     "Oh, how sweet!"  Tayna whispered.  "You are the luckiest
woman in the world, Kim!"
     Kim smiled sadly.  "I hope I am."  She whispered.
     Jason put his arm around Kim.  "Tommy's gonna be fine. He's
as stubborn as a rented mule."  Kim leaned against Jason.  Jason
hugged Kim tight.  Just then, the doctor came out of the ICU
     "Mrs. Oliver?"  She called out. Kim stood up.
     "I'm Mrs. Oliver."  Kim answered in a weak voice.  "How is
     "He's going to be fine."  The doctor announced.  The group
relaxed.  "The bullet missed all  his vital organs, so there was
no major internal damage.   He did break a few ribs, though.  We
wired them shut. And, he's on IVs to replace the blood he lost." 
The doctor said.
     "Thank God."  Kim whispered. "Can I see him?"
     "Of course. He's still groggy from the anesthetics, so don't
be surprised if he doesn't recognize you at first." The doctor
     The group followed the doctor into ICU.  She lead them to a
small cubical. Inside was Tommy Oliver. Pale and weakened, but
alive. He smiled when he saw his wife and babies.
     "Hey."  He whispered in a voice that was  almost to faint to
hear. Kim handed Nicky to Jason and rushed to her husband's side. 
She gripped his hand and kissed his cheek.
     "Baby, you had us all so scared."  She cried.  Tommy gently
squeezed his hand.
     "I'm OK, Kimmie." Tommy murmured, hugging her close.  Nicky
and Rose wailed for their parents.  Jason and Tanya laid the
babies by Tommy's side.  The babies quieted down instantly.
     "I think  two little, somebodies missed you too."  Jason
whispered.  Tommy reached out his other hand. 
     "Shh..." Jason put his finger to Tommy's lips. "Save your
strength for  getting better.  There will be time to talk later,
once  you're out of the hospital, OK?"  Tommy nodded quietly.  He
was tired. 
     Mr. and Mrs. Oliver kissed Tommy's forehead, then left, so
their son could sleep. David, Billy, Adam, and Rocky lightly
patted Tommy's shoulder, then also left.  Mr. And Mrs. Scott
gripped Tommy's hand in silent goodbye.  Pain and fear still
shone in Mr. Scott's eyes.  
     "Um, Tommy, Kim, I want to talk to my parents.  Um, I'll
still be here to give you a ride home, Kim, OK?"
     "Sure."  Kim kissed Jason's cheek.
     Jason turned to say good bye to Tommy and found him fast
asleep.  The Gold Ranger tip-toed out of the room.

Part Twenty-One [Yvonne Plante]

     Jason entered the hall hoping to find his parents.  "Damn,"
he muttered finding the hall empty except for a few nurses going
about their duties and a policeman walking towards him.
     The policeman came to a stop in front of Jason, "Excuse me. 
Aren't you the man I spoke to briefly at the Karate place?"
     "The Dojo," Jason corrected absently.  "Um yeah that was
     The policeman pulled out a notepad and pen, "I'm Sergeant
Tucker.  I have a few questions for you regarding the incident
     Sergeant Tucker proceeded to question Jason for over half
and hour getting all the information Jason could tell him.

     Kim popped her head around the wall and called to Jason,
"Jason!  Could you give a hand with Nicky and Rose?  Tommy's
sleeping now."
     "Mrs. Oliver.  I have a few questions I need to ask you
about the encounter you had recently with the deceased."
     Kim frowned for a moment, "Sure.  Just give me a second."
     Jason followed Kimberly and they both returned, each holding
a sleeping baby.  Jason had the diaper bag slung over his
shoulder.  "Aren't they hungry?"  Jason asked.  "They've been
pretty quiet."
     "I just fed them Jason," Kim smiled.
     "I didn't see any bottles," he looked in the diaper bag.
     Kim smirked at him, "I don't need any."
     "Huh?"  Jason's eyes went to Kim's chest and he quickly
looked away, blushing a bright red.  "Oh yeah.  Right."
     Kim laughed at Jason's discomfort finally able to let go of
the fear that had gripped her all night, Tommy was OK.  "It's OK
     The policeman cleared his throat to get their attention.  He
proceeded to question Kimberly for another 30 minutes about the
attack the night the twins were born.

[Oliver Apartment - 2 Days Later]

     Kimberly was bathing Nicky in the kitchen, while Rose was
waiting in her carrier, when there was a knock at the front door. 
She called out for whoever it was to come in.
     The front door opened and Steven Scott entered, "Kimberly?!"
he called out.
     "I'm in here Mr. Scott!" Kimberly called out.
     Steven entered the kitchen and when he saw what Kim was
doing he rushed over to help.  As Kim took a dripping Nicky out
of the bath water, Steven was waiting with an open towel.  He
quickly wrapped the baby and held him close.
     They chatted as Kimberly undressed Nicky and put him in the
warm water.
     "They are just beautiful, Kimberly," said Steven as he
touched Nicky's soft cheek.
     Kim smiled at him, "They can't help it.  Look at the great
relatives they have."
     Steven smiled, "I can't believe it.  I'm a grandpa.  Thank
you so much Kimberly, for everything you did to help Tommy reach
out to me."
     "It wasn't me."
     "You helped.  If Tommy hadn't been so content with the life
you two have made for yourselves, it would have taken him much
longer to acknowledge me and stop hating me.  If he would have at
     "He would have done it eventually on his own.  It was just
such a shock.  Within a year he gets a brother he never knew, a
wife, twins and then another whole family."

     Kimberly walked out to the living room where she had set out
clothes and diapers for the twins with Steven following behind. 
They had just lain the babies down on the blanket when the door
     Jason walked into the apartment, "Hey Kim...."  He stopped
suddenly noticing his father .
     "Hi Jason!  Come on in."
     "Hello Jason," Steven said as he looked longingly at his
son.  It had been so long that they were in the same room
together, not taking into consideration the night in the
     "Hi Dad," Jason answered awkwardly.
     The phone rang and Kim reached over to answer the cordless
phone sitting on the table.  "Hello?  Tommy!  I was just getting
the babies dressed.  As soon as Trini and Billy get here I'll be
there," she looked from Steven to Jason as they snuck looks at
each other.  She smiled and stood up, "Hold on Tommy."  Kim
glanced at Jason.  "Jason could you dress Rose for me?  I need to
get Tommy a few things to take to the hospital."
     Jason looked at the tiny baby, "I don't know..." he hedged.
     "Please.  Your dad can help you if you get stuck."
     "Sure," Jason walked over and knelt next to his dad.  Well a
satisfied smile Kim walked to the bedroom.

     Jason began to copy how his dad was putting the diaper on
Nicky.  "How have you been Jason?"
     "Fine.  How are mom and Callie and the twerp doing?"
     Steve smiled, "They are all fine."  He looked at Jason, "We
all miss you Jason."
     "I know dad.  I miss everyone too."
     "You can come home anytime you want, son.  No questions
     "Look dad," Jason buttoned up the pink jumper, "I'm really
sorry about how I acted."
     "No Jason, you have nothing to be sorry for.  It was a shock
for all of us."
     "I've done a lot of thinking lately.  And I didn't handle
the whole thing very well."
     "You don't have to explain."
     "No I want to," Jason picked up the baby and sat down on the
couch.  "I just felt... let down."
     Steven picked up Nicky and sat in a chair across from Jason,
"I'm so sorry for that Jason."
     "I just couldn't believe that you could do that.  You and
mom always seemed so happy."
     "Everyone has problems Jason.  No marriage is perfect and I
was on the road so much, it put a real strain on our
     "I understand that know.  It was just so unreal.  To think
that my best friend is my brother."  Steven nodded his head in
agreement.  "It was all just too much for me to handle."
     "Have you got a handle on it now?"  Steven looked at his son
with hope.
     "I think I do.  Seeing Tommy shot down brought it all home. 
I can't keep hating and hurting."  Jason looked at his dad with
tears in his eyes.  "When I saw Tommy laying there in a pool of
blood all I could think of is that he was going to die thinking I
hated him."
     "He knew what you were going through," Steven watery eyes
mirrored his sons.
     "It made me realize that life is too short.  I had to let
the anger go."
     "Did you?" Steven asked hopefully.
     "Yeah dad, I did."  Rose began to squirm around, "I want to
come home."
     "Anytime son."  Steven smiled with joy. 
     Nicky began to cry and Jason chuckled, "Hey gramps.  I think
your grandson wants some attention."
     Rose joined in with her brother's crying, "Well Uncle Jason,
I think your niece wants some attention too."

     Kimberly stood at the doorway of her bedroom clutching the
phone, tears streaming down her face, "Tommy, Jason's going
     "Yes!!"  Tommy shouted into the phone causing Kim laugh.
Part Twenty-Two [April Richards]

[One Week Later]

     Tommy tapped his foot as he waited for a nurse to wheel him
down to the front of the hospital, where Jason was waiting to
pick him up.  After a brief snafu with the paper work, Tommy was
able to leave the hospital.  It was  a typical, warm day in Angel
Grove and Tommy relished the soft sunlight on his pale face.
     "Oh, that fresh air smells so good!"  Tommy inhaled deeply. 
Jason smiled.  He had just opened the door, and was about to help
Tommy into the front seat, when he snarled. Jeremy was stilling
sitting in the front seat.
     "Hey, Devil Boy, I told you that you couldn't sit in the
front seat.  Tommy  has to!" Jason growled.
     "I called out shotgun!"  Jeremy protested.
     "Sorry. Shotgun is null and void when we're transporting a
patient from the  hospital.  Get in the back!"  Jason grabbed 
his younger brother and tossed him into the back seat. Before
Jeremy could scramble into the front seat again, Jason helped
Tommy into it.
     "I'll get you for this one, Jason!"   Jeremy yelled.  As
soon as Jason was settled and  had started the car, Jeremy kicked
the seats of his older brothers.  Jason growled silently, trying
to ignore his pesty brother.   Pain shot through Tommy's healing
body as it was being jarred by the bumps in the road and by
Jeremy's kicks to the back of his seat.
     "Jeremy, dammit, stop it!" Jason  hissed.  Jeremy kept up
kicking Jason and Tommy's seat until they pulled up in front of
the Dojo.  Then, Jason snagged his little brother and held him up
by his throat.  "You spoiled, little twerp!" Jason roared. 
Jeremy shrank in Jason's grip.
     "Jason, put me down!"  Jeremy whined.  Jason snarled
disgustedly and dropped Jeremy.  He  ignored the enraged boy and
focused on getting Tommy into the lift and into the apartment.
Jeremy followed, carrying Tommy's things.
     "Hey, Jase,"    Tommy  said as they entered the dark
apartment. "I think David forgot to pay the electric bill."
     "SURPRISE!"  The lights were thrown  on and Tommy jumped
back. The Rangers and  his family were there, infront a large
banner that said "Welcome Home Tommy!"  On the table was a giant
cake and Tommy could smell Ernie cooking in the kitchen.
     "You guys!"  He scolded lightly.  Jason put his arm around
his brother. 
     "After what all you've gone through, bro, you deserve it." 
Jason answered affectionately.  Everyone else in the room agreed
whole heartedly.  Kim ran up to her husband and kissed him. The
twins snagged their daddy's long hair and cooed.
     "We all missed you so much."  Kim whispered.  Rose yawned
and stuck her tiny fist in her mouth.  Nicky stuck his tongue out
at Rose.  The new parents laughed.  "I'm so glad this nightmare
is over!"  Kim hugged her babies tight.  "What ever made Kat do
what she did?"
     "Lust." Tommy answered simply.  "Did her family have a
funeral for her?"
     "No."  Kim said.  "Since she committed suicide after trying
to kill you, her parents just had a private family funeral and
she's buried in an unmarked grave."  
     Tommy lowered his eyes.  "I feel sorry for her. She was  a
Ranger, but...."  Jason put his hand on Tommy's shoulder.
     "Don't feel sorry. She did it all to herself. You never lead
her on, bro.   It's over. "
     "I know. It isn't easy, though."
     "It never is, bro. It never is."