BORING LEGAL STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: Sigh, _you_ and _I_ know that I'm doing this stuff with Saban's permission. So what, I'm having a blast writing it and it's a wonderful way to make me forget about how the school system in American is to blame in part for the rise in Delinquency:(

New Enemies, New Allies
by: April Michelle Richards

Bright autumn sun light struck Angel Grove Bay, causing harsh shards of light to blind all passersby. Tommy Oliver closed his eyes with a soft groan. He had been staring at his reflection in the bay, wondering about his alien heritage. Outside of himself, he had only encountered three other Mirandians: Zordon, his "step father," Lord Zedd, his real father, and Akiko, his younger, hot tempered half sister.

Tommy turned his attention back to his reflection. Was he handsome for a Mirandian? Ugly? Or only average? He knew his Human girlfriend, Kimberly Harte, thought him cute, but would a Mirandian girl think the same. Tommy let out a sigh.

"Something wrong, son?" Zedd asked as he joined his only child at the pier.

"No, just thinking." Tommy answered.

"About what?"

"Nothing." Tommy turned towards his father. "Father, what was she like?"


"Mother. She must have been special if you and Zordon fell in love with her." Tommy said.

"Meigetsu was special, so pretty and delicate. Like a hot house flower. And, her heart was so full of love." Zedd looked at Tommy. "You know, Kimberly reminds me of Meigetsu."

"Then, she must have been very special." Tommy smiled softly.

"Yes. She was only a girl when I first met her. Only fourteen or so. I was ten years older than her and I was wealthy and came from a high ranking family, so I couldn't marry her. Besides, her family was arranging a marriage with a family by the name of Hooseki. Their eldest son, a powerful and respected General, had just gone through his Coming Of Age and gained the Ymyrald Armor. Far stronger than my own Fyre-Noki Armor." Zedd had a far away look in his eyes.

"When I saw that flying tiger birthmark on you, when you were born, I was worried." Zedd stared at Tommy.

"Why?" Tommy asked.

"Because the Hooseki family had no Tygor bloodlines in their family. Neither did Meigetsu's. However, there had been several Tygor's in my family history." Zedd explained.

"Were you afraid that your affair with Mother would be exposed?"

"Yes, but not for the reasons you are thinking of. Zordon was not only my Commander-in-Chief, he was a good friend. And, I loved Meigetsu too much to hurt her. The scandal would have killed her. But, I longed for the day I could tell you the truth. For the day I could be your father." Zedd put his arm around Tommy's shoulder. "Now, I have that chance."

Tommy rested his head on Zedd's broad shoulder.

* * *

On the moon, a furious Rita Repulssa paced back and forth across her throne room.

"Where the hell is Zedd?" Rita snapped.

"My empress," Goldar simpered. "You read the note he left. He's gone to Earth to live with his son."

"HIS SON!" Rita exploded. "Goldar, you ass, you told me that you killed Shirochi Hooseki!"

"I did!" Goldar protested.

Just then, the castle shook. Rita and her minions were thrown to the ground. Out of the one window in the throne room, Rita could see a large, gray and silver space ship land on the moon's barren surface.

"Akuma-sama!"* Rita hissed. Her minions cowarded in fear.

A gray fog filled the room. When, Rita looked pass the throne, she gasped. A slim, young man with silvery hair that reached down past his small buttocks, gray eyes, and pixie feature was striding towards her. A cruel smile caressed his full lips. The most feared being in the universe was dressed in a form fitting uniform of gray and silver, with red piping and boots. French lace type cuffs surrounded his smooth hands. A red cape flowed out behind him, caught in a breeze noone else could feel.

"Rita Repulssa, my dear." He leered pleasantly.

"My Lord," Rita bowed. "Why have you come?"

"Because Shirochi Hooseki is alive and has the Tygor Armor!" Akuma growled. "Along with the White Ranger Powers, he could incite the people of Miranda to rebel against me. As it is, there is a small rebel force on Miranda that is a real pain in my ass."

"My Lord, I am sorry, but what does this have to do with me?" Rita whined.

"Simple, my dear. I am going to take your place." Akuma looked around in distaste. "Where is your husband, Rita?"

"On Earth, living with Shirochi Hooseki and his new family." Rita gestured towards Earth.

"So, he left you, mm? Poor Rita." Akuma patted Rita on the head, between the two massive cones of gray hair. The Empress of Evil blushed. Then, Akuma turned to Goldar and glared. "You, kono kin-baka yaroo!"

"Me?" Goldar gulped.

"Yes, you! I thought you killed Shirochi Hooseki!" Akuma's eyes flashed. "Unless you failed and _lied_ to me."

Goldar defacated in his armor. The foul stench filled the room.

Hidden from Rita and her hench beast, Scorpina smiled. With Akuma here, things were going to change, starting with a _new_ empress of evil.

Scorpina signaled to her favorite slave. The handsome servant stripped away Scorpina's normal gold armor and then redressed his mistress in sexy, more revealing armor. A transparent sheath, made from crushed diamonds, molded itself to her shapely body, showing off the shimmery, translucent gold bikini she always wore underneath her armor. A long, gauzy skirt encircled her tiny waist, cinched by a jeweled belt. The skirt was split up both sides. Golden, high-heeled ankle boots completed the outfit. Then, Scorpina had Dokuritsu, her slave, weave strands of exotic jewels, plundered from various systems, through her long, black hair. _Rita Repulssa, my dear, prepare to step down. Empress Scorpina is ready to take over._ Scorpina thought with a saucy smile.

"Goldar, kono chimpoko no atama!" Akuma roared at the gold monkey.

"Goldar's done it this time!" Baboo squealed to his friend and fellow monster, Squatt.

"Yeah," Squatt agreed. "Maybe Akuma-sama will make Goldar into an ashtray!"

Suddenly, Scorpina stepped out of the shadows. The shiny fabric and jewels sparkled in the light.

"My Lord." She purred.

"And, who are you, my lovely?" Akuma leered.

"Scorpina, My Lord. One of your faithful warriors." Scorpina bowed, giving Akuma a wonderful view of her slim body.

"And, this is your husband?" Akuma pointed to Dokuritsu.

Dokuritsu blushed. He was a tall, slender youth with a silky mane of blonde curls that tumbled down past his waist. He had androgynous features and wide, blank blue eyes.

"Him?" Scorpina laughed. "He's only my _binanshi_, my beautiful boy. My favorite slave." Fond memories of breaking Dokuritsu's defiant spirit washed over her. A tingle spread over her body as she remembered all of the varied punishments she inflicted on her slave. Some exotic, some erotic, all sensually cruel. Yes, Scorpina had thoroughly enjoyed breaking Dokuritsu.

Akuma caught the glint in Scorpina's almond shaped eyes. A sensuous smile creased his lips.

Rita glared hatefully at Scorpina. "Hussy." She muttered under her breath.

* * *

Tommy and Zedd watched a pair of dolphins playing in the bay. The young dolphins leapt into the air; the sunlight reflecting silver off their smooth skin. One dolphin did a mid air flip, then landed in the water with a resounding SPLASH! The second dove underwater, to where Tommy and Zedd were watching. She swam up to Tommy and splashed him with one of her flippers.

"AH!" Tommy gasped as he inhaled sea water.

The dolphin laughed at Tommy, slapping her fins against the surface of the water. She did another flip and then splashed the White Ranger again.

"Gross!" Tommy spluttered. He shook out his long hair, spraying Zedd. The former Lord of Evil laughed. He handed Tommy a silk handkerchief with his name, Zedd Asagao, stiched on it in red and gold thread.

"I think she likes you, Tommy." Zedd teased.

"Yeah, well, tell'er that I've got a girlfriend and she wouldn't appreciate it if I left her for a dolphin." Tommy snorted. Zedd laughed at his son.

Suddenly, the air filled with thunder and lightening as Tommy doubled over with pain. He cried out and covered his ears. "Oh, God, stop it!" He wailed. Zedd gathered his son into his arms and held him.

"Shh. It's gonna be OK." Zedd whispered into Tommy's hair. Zedd carried Tommy to a dark alley, then activated his son's Communicator. "Zordon, something's wrong with Tommy!" Zedd exclaimed.


Zedd and Tommy teleported out of Angel Grove.

* * *

The other Rangers jumped when Tommy and Zedd teleported in. There was still some shock when they thought about Zedd who, at one point wanted all the Rangers dead, was now their ally and father of their leader. Zedd laid Tommy on a cot. The White Ranger was still writhing with pain.

"What's wrong with him?" Kimberly cried. She sat on the cot and laid Tommy's head on her lap.


"Why?" Adam asked.

"Simple," Zedd answered. "So in battle we can detect any attacks by hostile Mirandians. Since Akuma is pure evil, and Tommy is good, he can sense Akuma's foul being."

"So, he will be like this everytime he encounters Akuma?" Rocky asked. He, too, could sense something was wrong, but he had learn his lesson about jumping to conclusions.


Kimberly ran her fingers through Tommy's long hair. Tommy moaned once then quieted down. He had slipped into a light sleep. The other Rangers watched as Tommy rested.

* * *

Akuma sat on the throne formerly occupied by Lord Zedd Asagao. He pulled Scorpina onto his lap. Dokuritsu took his normal place by his mistress's feet.

"You are very lovely, my dear." Akuma kissed Scorpina's neck. Scorpina giggled, but remained silent. She loosened the armor around her neck, giving Akuma an even better view of her slim body.

"You flatter me, My Lord." Scropina purred softly.

Dokuritsu watched his mistress and Akuma make out beside him with blank eyes, that hid the jealousy that burned in his withered heart. Despite the hell Scorpina put him through, Dokuritsu was in love with his cruel mistress. He didn't like some one taking away the attention she normally gave to him.

Suddenly, Akuma picked up Scorpina and placed her on the throne. Then, he got on his knees.

"Lady Scorpina, I need a new Empress of Evil. Someone who is as cruel as she is lovely. Marry me, and rule my evil empire by my side." Akuma proposed.

"Of course, Akuma." Scorpina smiled wickedly.

Akuma pulled Scorpina into his arms and kissed her. Squatt and Baboo cooed and made gagging sounds in the back ground. Dokuritsu stayed silent. Then, Akuma glared at the hench beasts.

"Get the hell out of here!" He screamed and sent bolts of energy flying out of his eyes. The hench beasts wisely scattered to unknown parts of the castle. "Now, where were we?" Akuma murmured.

"About right here, Akuma." Scorpina pulled his head down.

* * *

Bulk and Skull walked into the Youth Center and paused. They scanned the crowds. Richie, Ernie's assistant, approached them.

"What can I do for you two?" Richie asked.

"Have you seen Tommy and the others? We're supposed to meet them here." Bulk said.

"Yeah. Um, they gave me this message to give to you. Said something about an emergency." Richie handed the former bullies a folded sheet of paper. It was pink with roses and bunnies on it, Kim's personal stationary.

Dear Bulk and Skull,

Sorry we had to run out, but there was a major problemthat came up that we had to take care of. We shouldn't be long in joining you two in the Youth Center. Sorry again.

Love: Kimmie, Aisha, Akiko, Rocky, Adam, Billy & Tommy.

"Well, this is strange." Bulk murmured and joined Skull at the Rangers' normal table.

* * *

The Rangers paced nervously in the Command Center, as they waited for Tommy to wake up. Akiko fumed and made several private observations about Akuma and his desintation in the afterlife. Adam put his arms around the new Green Ranger in an effort to calm her.

"You're not gonna do any good swearing like that, Akiko." Adam admonished lightly. "All you're doing is getting upset and nothing bad has happened."

"Yet." Akiko snapped, finishing Adam's sentence.

The Black Ranger just hugged the upset girl.

Suddenly, Tommy yawned. "Adam, you have two seconds to get your hands off my baby sister." Tommy advised. Adam backed away from Akiko.

"Aw, I like Adam, bro!" Akiko whined.

"So?" Tommy laughed. He swung his legs over the side of the cot, grinning.

Adam blushed a bright red. The other Rangers laughed at him. Akiko humfed and kicked Tommy in the shins. Soon, the siblings were wrestling on the Command Center floor.

"Ai yi yi yi yi!" Alpha-5 yelped and tripped over the Rangers.

OK, YOU TWO, BREAK IT UP. Zordon chuckled. Seeing the White and Green Rangers horsing around brought back pleasant memories of watching them grow up all of those years ago.

"Yeah. We're supposed to meet Bulk and Skull in the Youth Center." Rocky chimed in as he jumped over the siblings.

"Oh, yeah, that reminds me!" Tommy slapped his forehead.

"Now what did you forget?" Aisha rolled her eyes.

"Nothing!" Tommy sulked. "Remember what we talked about the other day?" The Rangers, Alpha and Zordon nodded yes. "Well, now is the perfect time. Excuse me." Tommy straightened up his clothes and teleported out of the Command Center.

* * *

Bulk and Skull had downed their fifth shakes when Tommy ran into the Youth Center.

"Bulk, Skull, I gotta show you somethin' outside!" Tommy grabbed his new friends and tugged them towards the door.

"Hey!" Bulk protested as he spilled his shake on his crotch.

"Yeah! What's so damned important?" Skull yelped.

Tommy, however, ignored their complaints and lead them to the alley behind the Youth Center. Tommy paused for a second, and closed his eyes. He remembered Rita Repulssa kidnapping him here when he was on his way to meet Kimberly at the Youth Center. Tommy shook off the awful feeling that memory brought on, all the pain and fear getting the Green Powers for the first time inflicted on him.

"Stay close to me." Tommy instructed the two former bullies. Tommy pushed the button on his communicator and the three vanished from the alley in a flash of white light.

* * *

"What the hell!" Bulk exclaimed as they rematerialized. He and Skull fell the instant their feet hit solid ground again and pulled Tommy down with them.


"Wha...?" They stared open mouthed at the giant floating head.


Other P-p-power Rangers? What?" Bulk looked around. "Are you telling us the _you_, Tommy Oliver, are a Power Ranger as well as that Tygor you told us about?"

"Yes." Tommy nodded. "I'm the White Ranger. Kimmie is Pink. Akiko is Green..."

"And, Adam is Black. Rocky is Red. Aisha is Yellow. And, Billy is Blue. I am right?" Skull added.

"Yes." Tommy smiled.

"All this time." Bulk shook his head. "You guys really had us fooled. But, why are you telling us this now?"

"Simple, after Rocky was attacked by the werepire, you two proved yourselves to be not only good friends, but trustworthy. We knew that we could tell you our secret. We tested that theory when we told you the truth about Akiko and myself." Tommy said. "You not only kept the secret, but helped us all get through those awful times. Now, we are baring our entire souls to you. We need your help, Bulk and Skull."

"Our help?" Bulk and Skull looked at each other, then at the other Rangers. The Rangers nodded their approval.

"Yes. A new enemy now threatens Earth and he is far more dangerous than Zedd or Rita. His name is Akuma. He is the one who ordered Goldar to murder Akiko, mother, and myself." Tommy frowned at the memory of his death.

"How can we help?" Skull asked.

"There will be times when we must leave school. I know this will get you in trouble if you are ever caught, but you two will have to provide a cover for us. Or, help evacuate civilians, especially from the school since Akuma will more than likely attack while we are there. But," Tommy paused. "Doing this will put you in danger from Akuma. We'll understand if you want nothing to do with this whole crazy idea."

A maniac grin spread over Skull's face, which mirrored itself on Bulk's. "Hell no!" Skull yelled. "We _want_ to help! Juz let us know when you need us."

Billy handed the former bullies communicators. Bulk's was done in every color imaginable, while Skull's had skulls and cross bones on it. "These will allow us to keep in touch. This button is for calling one of us or the Command Center. This one is for teleportation. And, this one allows you to answer a call." Billy demonstraited the functions of the communicator. "They also work as watches too, with an alarm and calendar function."

"Cool!" Bulk laughed. He and Skull put on the communicators and displayed them to their friends.

* * *

Dokuritsu stared unabashedly at his mistress and Akuma. The briefest flicker of emotion crossing his face. Suddenly, a heavy, metallic hand clamped down on the young slave's shoulder. Dokuritsu jumped up, making a sqwacking sound.

The owner of the hand was a large being with metallic cyborg parts for most of his body. Weapons hung over the being like cheap and gaudy jewelry. A red targeting system covered his right eye. He cleared his throat. "My Lord." The being said in a deep, rumbling voice.

Akuma looked up and sighed. "Yes, Akui, what is it?"

"My Lord, we are all settled in this," Akui paused as he looked around his disgust. "This place. What are your orders now?"

"Scorpina, my love, what do you know about Shirochi Hooseki?" Akuma caressed her cheek.

"He goes by Tommy Oliver now, Akuma, and is the White Ranger. He is the leader of those annoying Power Pests. Rita and Zedd couldn't handle them." Scorpina sighed. "But, I know that you can." She added. "

Of course, my dear. Akui," Akuma looked over at his main hench being. "Take a legion of Zombies down to draw out those Rangers. Then, release Burst on them."

"Right away, My Lord." Akui bowed and scurried off to follow his master's orders.

"Oh, Akui," Akuma called out.

"Yes, My Lord?"

"Take that failure Goldar with you. And make sure that he doesn't come back alive."

"Of course, My Lord." Akui smiled for the first time.

* * *

WHOOP! WHOOP! The alarm interrupted the conversation in the Command Center. Bulk and Skull ducked and covered their heads, just incase something decided to explode. They exchanged worried looks with each other.

"What's wrong, Zordon?" Tommy asked, falling into his leader mode.


"Zombies?" Aisha looked up at the giant, floating head.

"Zombies are what Akuma uses to fight his battles. Um," Zedd paused. "Like Putties only more dangerous."


The Rangers and their friends turned to the Globe. Inside they could see several gray, humanoid creatures with their fetid skin hung like limp rags off their bones. Long, bony claws slashed through the air, making a whistling noise.

"Damn," Rocky swore. "Those things look like bad news."

"Affrimative." Billy agreed.

"Let's go! IT'S MORHPIN TIME!"








"Good luck, guys." Alpha sighed.

"Wow." Skull understated.

* * *

The seven Rangers landed in the park and were almost trampled by panicked civilians. Putty patrollers they were used to, but these Zombies were far more frightening than anything, putty or monster, that had been sent down before.

"Everybody, get out of the park!" Tommy shouted over the panicked screams of the cilivans. "Billy, get them out of here, we'll handle these rejects from a bad "B" movie." Tommy whispered to the Blue Ranger.

"Got it! And, Tommy, there is no such thing as a "good" "B" movie." Billy corrected.

Tommy rolled his eyes and laughed. However, a Zombie slashed at him, cutting his uniform, putting an end to his mirth. "Baka yaroo!" Tommy growled. Tommy looked around to make sure that none of the civilians or Rangers were near by. Then, Tommy took a deep breath and shouted: "TYGOR-WHITE RANGER POWER!"

Suddenly, the White Ranger was encased in a Golden-White glow. A Zombie had been inside the circumference of the glow and vanished. From out of nowhere, the Tygor Armor appeared beside the White Ranger. It hovered in the air for a second, allowing the Rangers their first look at it.

Tygor was white with gold markings like a tiger's. It's skin was deceivingly furry and soft looking. It had midnight blue eyes like pieces of lapis lazuli edged with emeralds. Those beautiful eyes were narrowed like a falcon's. It's face was majestic and wise, with an air of kindness about it. Pale gold wings sprouted from the back of the armor. And, much to the Rangers' amusement, Tygor had a long tail attached to its back.

The armor latched itself on to Tommy, covering the White Ranger uniform. As soon as the armor was in place, the chest shield of the White Ranger costume reappeared. Tommy stood before the Zombies, his tail twitching. He hissed at the monsters, his tail fluffing out.

"TYGOR CLAWS!" Tommy yelled, obeying a command deep in his brain. The electric claws curved out of his hands, crackling with Energy. "Now, things are more even."

The Zombies stared at him with dead eyes. They didn't even realize that Tygor would be more than a match for them. In the few seconds it took for Tommy to transform, the Zombies had attacked a straggling civilian, a small boy that was in Rocky and Adam's karate class for children.

"Help! Lemme go!" The boy wailed.

"Terry!" Rocky yelled. "Ass wiper, you're gonna pay for that!" He snarled at launched himself at the Zombie. The Red Ranger knocked the Zombie down, snapping its arm off. Terry fell free, sobbing but unharmed. Rocky slammed his fist into the Zombie's face. Nothing happened to the creature. Instead, it opened its mouth and bit down on Rocky's hand. Its fangs tore through the thick leather gloves, to the tender skin beneath it.

"OW!" Rocky cried out. The Zombie was intent on taking the Red Ranger's hand. The sharp fangs ripped through the skin, staining the mouth of the Zombie red with the young Ranger's blood. He beat the Zombie, calling not only on the Morphin Powers within him, but also on the werewolf that was a part of him. Rocky felt a tingle in his body. He grinned under his helmet as he felt his body Change from that of a teenage boy to that of a powerful wolf's. The wolf burst out of the Red Ranger's spandex costume with an unearthly howl.

_You're toast now._ Rocky thought to himself. He lunged and grabbed the Zombie's throat in his powerful jaws. The bony neck snapped easily.

"HELP!" Aisha screamed. A Zombie had twisted her arm behind her back and was trying to break it.

"On my way, Aisha!" Tommy called out, but a golden shadow stopped him.

"Sorry, Shirochi Hooseki, but you'll have to defeat me first!" Goldar snarled and waved his sword about. Tommy sighed and pulled out Saba. He twirled the enchanted sabre around in a few practice moves before facing off with Goldar.

"I killed you once, and I'll kill you again!" Goldar roared and slashed at Tommy with his sword. Tommy parried the blow and kicked Goldar in the groin, not too sure if the monkey had any organs there he could injure. Suddenly, Goldar doubled over and wailed with pain. Then, he preformed a "modified crotch hop"** over the battle field. To the White Ranger, that was the funniest thing he had seen all day. None of the stunts Bulk and Skull had pulled over the years equaled a giant space monkey hopping all over a battle field with his hands in his crotch screaming in a soprano voice.

"TOMMEEE!" Kim cried out as she was thrown to the ground by a Zombie. The foul creature slashed at her uniform, tearing it to shreds along with some of her flesh.

"You bastard!" Tommy roared and flew across the field to his girlfriend. With one swipe of his claws, the Zombie's head flew into a tree. Tommy picked up Kim, who was shaking and crying. "Kimmie-chan, daijoobuka?" Tommy whispered.

"Yeah." She rubbed her helmet where her nose was. The Zombie had only scored a few slashes on her soft skin, and they didn't look too serious.

"You're going back to the Command Center. I want you checked out by Zordon and Alpha." Tommy ordered her.

"OK." She hugged him once and climbed down from his arms. Then, she disappeared in a flash of Pink Light.

Once Kim was gone, Tommy surveyed the battle. Rocky was helping Aisha with the Zombie that had broken her arm. Akiko was pounding the hell out of a Zombie and enjoying it by the looks of it. Billy and Adam were battered and bruised, their uniforms in shreds, but they were holding their own against the Zombies.

Rocky and Aisha limped towards Tommy.

"What happened?" Tommy demanded.

_Damn Zombie broke her arm._ Rocky answered. He shook out his injured paw, the one a Zombie had chewed. _And, one tried to use me as a chew toy._

"Kuso." Tommy swore. He looked at the paw and shook his head. "Rocko, bro, you're gonna have to go to the vet's and get this fixed." Rocky whined and stared at his leader with big, caramel-brown eyes. "And, don't try that innocent puppy eyes trick with me, Rock. Aisha, take Rocky back to the Command Center. I'll get Adam and Billy and met you there."

"OK." Aisha saluted with her good arm. Then, the Red and Yellow Rangers were gone.

Before Tommy could start towards the other Rangers, Goldar threw a silver spear at him. It found the only weak spot in the Tygor armor: the very center of the back, and penetrated deep into Tommy's heart.

"Now, you DIE!" Goldar snarled.

Tommy gritted his teeth. Adam and Billy were running towards him. Tommy grabbed Saba and lunged at Goldar. His sword entered the monkey's unprotected stomach. Then, Tommy jerked Saba upwards. Goldar screamed once, then died. Tommy pulled out Saba and wiped him off on the ground.

"Sorry, buddy. I'll give you a good cleaning when we get to the Command Center." Tommy promised his sabre.

"You'd better!" Saba huffed. "Ew! I've got Goldar guts all over me!"

Tommy shook his head. Then, all of a sudden, he was over taken by a spell of dizziness. He fell to his knees.

"Tommy!" Billy yelled and with Adam's help, pulled Tommy to his feet. "Hang on!" Billy urged his leader. They still shared at close bond after Billy had "drawn" Tommy into him to save him from dying after Rocky had gone mad once and tried to kill Tommy. Billy could feel Tommy's pain and weakening hold on life. Billy wrapped his arms around Tommy, supporting the White Ranger with his body. "Let's go, Adam." Billy ordered. Since he was the least injured of he and Tommy, Billy was in command. He had been formally named as Tommy's second-in-command only a few days ago. Adam nodded and the three Rangers teleported out of the battle field.

Akiko saw her brother leave and followed them. She hadn't been hurt too badly by these new Zombies.

Akui, who had been hiding in the shadows with a robot monster smirked at Goldar's dead body. He had waited a long time to see that sweet sight.

* * *

"Help me, here!" Billy snapped at Skull when the Rangers reappeared at the Command Center. Skull was the only one not helping Alpha treat the other Rangers.

"Sure. What the hell happened to him?" Skull asked.

"Goldar got him. Don't worry though, Tommy got Goldar back." Billy unMorphed.

"Damn!" Skull swore when he tried to get the Tygor uniform off Tommy. It would budge. "How do you get this thing off?"

"Tygor-White Ranger, Power Down." Tommy whispered and passed out. The armor and the White Ranger uniform vanished. Billy held Tommy while Skull examined his back.

"Not good. It's a damned miracle he survived." Skull shook his head. "I can't take this out. We need to get him to a doctor."

"I don't know if that's a good idea. How can we explain away an injury like this?" Billy pointed out.

DO WILL NOT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT THAT, BILLY AND SKULL. TAKE TOMMY TO THE NEW SICK BAY. PINCHER IS WAITING FOR HIM. Zordon advised. A door way of Light appeared in the far side of the Command Center. Billy and Skull carried Tommy into the door way.

On the other side was a sick bay that looked like it might have come from STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION. It had all of the latest Mirandian technology. In the center was a squat, Dragon Zordesque robot. He was putting the finishing touches on a bed.

"You must be Billy and Skull. Zordon warned me that you were comin'. Put 'im on the bed." The robot said. He had British accent.

"Pincher?" Billy asked as he complied.

"Yes, sir. Now, if you gents will excuse me, I 'ave work to do." Pincher ran a scanner over Tommy's still form.

Billy and Skull looked at each other and laughed. When Pincher shot them a dirty look, they retreated to the main room of the Command Center.

"Zordon, who is Pincher?" Skull asked.


Akiko looked at the other Rangers. Using the same technology that is in the sick bay, Alpha, Zedd, and Bulk were repairing the other Rangers. Aisha's arm had almost healed completely as had Rocky's paw. None of Kim's slashes were serious and had faded with out any scars. Akiko, Billy, and Adam had faired the best against the Zombies, but they were still sore and bruised.

"Boy, we sure got our asses handed to us this time." Akiko fumed. "Those things were unstoppable!"

"Yeah." Kim agreed. She shivered as she remembered the Zombie tearing at her uniform.

"How can we beat those things?" Adam shook his head in dismay.


Out of the gloom that surrounded the main room of the Command Center marched six robots. They were done in all of the colors of the Rangers except white and each head was stylized after a Ranger's helmet. They were sleek looking, but still heavily armored with lots of fire power.


"Wow! This is awesome!" Rocky squealed and ran to the red suit. The other Rangers echoed the same sentiment.

"I'm glad you like it." Tommy smiled. He was shirtless, leaning against the computer console. There was no evidence of the fatal injury that had killed him.

"Tommy!" Kim squealed and hugged her beloved. "I thought that you were dead!" She buried her face in his bare chest, her tears soaking him. Tommy wrapped his arms around the tiny Pink Ranger.

"Daijoobu*, Kimmie-chan." Tommy whispered into her hair.

* * *

In a foggy cell, a woman sat alone, comtemplating her future. She had just learned of Goldar's death at the hands of Tommy Oliver. It was fitting in a way. 20,000 years ago, Goldar had slaughtered Tommy, his sister, and mother. But, before he murdered them, he violated them in degrading ways that even made the evil Rita shutter with disgust.

Rita knew that she would be the next to die. With a sigh, she undid the thongs that held her long gray hair in its cone shape. She straightened her back as she felt that weight leave her head and her presistant headache finally ease up. Then, she stripped off her combursome dress and tennis shoes, leaving her clad in only a white lacy slip. Rita searched her dress's many pockets for a knife with a whisper thin blade.

Using the leather thongs from her hair, Rita bound her legs together. Then, she gripped the knife and pressed the tip against her throat.

_I'll be dead, Akuma-sama, but it will be because I wanted it so, not by an order by you. You've lost this battle, Akuma-sama. I've won._ Rita thought. With a fleeting thought of her erstwhile husband, Lord Zedd Asagao, Rita plunged the knife into her throat. _I thought it would hurt a lot more._ Rita thought as the first drops of her life force dripped onto the floor. As the pool collected on the floor, Rita felt light headed. Images started floating through her head. She saw a blonde man in a solider's uniform. And, herself as a young woman on a glacial planet, her home planet. Love filled her dying heart as she remember the pleasure that she felt that summer and the gift that the solider left her with...a daughter with dark hair and almond eyes. A daughter she lost when pirates raided the ship she was on. Then, the name of her solider lover floated through her mind: Zordon Hooseki. _Zordon, I loved you and you left me for Meigetsu. I had your first born child, a lovely little girl named Iyani. She was taken from me. Killed by Pirates. I loved her and I know that you would if you hadn't left me before she was born. Good bye my first love._ Rita's mind called out as she slumped over. The last dregs of life drained out of her and the Empress of Evil, Rita Repulssa, was no more.*

* * *

"Akui," Akuma ordered his head minion. "Bring the former empress to me. It is time for her to be punished for failing to destroy those Power Rangers."

"Yes, my Lord." Akui bowed and scurried off to do his master's bidding. He came back alone with a worried look on his face. "Your Evilness, Rita is dead. She killed herself in her cell." Akui gulped.

Akuma's eyes narrowed. "That bitch! She deprived me of the pleasure of watching her die!" Akui joined Dokuritsu, Squatt, and Baboo in a cornor. They were wisely in an inconspicuous spot incase Akuma decided to loose his mind and kill everything he could find. "Akui, get your metal ass to Earth and unleash Burst! Destroy those asinine Power Rangers and anyone else who crosses your path!"

"Yes, my Lord." Akui signaled to the robot monster and vanished from the throne room in a flash of purple light.

* * *

Kim lifted her head from Tommy's chest. Something was wrong with him, she could tell. She looked over to Billy, who also had a puzzled look on his face.

"Tommy," Kim asked. "Is something wrong?"

"What makes you ask that?" Tommy laughed.

"Well, for one thing, you're leaning against the computer console. Am I too heavy for you to support?" Kim asked.

"No. I'm fine, just a little weak from dying. I'll be OK in a minute." Tommy hugged Kim tighter.

Billy's mouth tightened into a grim line of disapproval. He shook his head at Tommy. Through their strong bond, Billy could tell there was more wrong with Tommy than a little weakness, however, neither boy understood it. Billy turned his gaze to catch the meaningful look Zordon and Zedd exchanged with each other. _They know what's wrong with Tommy, yet they won't tell us._ Billy thought.

Suddenly, Tommy's legs gave out from under him and he fell to the floor, trapping Kimberly underneath him.

"TOMMY!" Kim screamed. The Rangers and Bulk and Skull ran to the fallen leader. Zedd pushed the teens aside and picked up Tommy. Akiko helped Kim to her feet.

"What the hell happened to him!?" Billy demanded, surprising himself and his friends with his use of profanity.

"He needs to recharge his Energies. This happens to all Mirandians who have gone through their Coming Of Age. But, he should not have fainted." Zedd said in a grim voice.

"She's dead. She killed herself. I felt her Evil Energy leave her. Akuma lost that battle. A battle of Wills." Tommy mumbled.

"Who's dead, Tommy?" Adam asked.

"Rita." Tommy swollowed. He looked up when he felt tears hit his face. Lord Zedd was crying.

"I know that she was evil, but I still loved her. She was my wife." Zedd sighed. He held his son tighter.

WOOP! WOOP! The alarm shouted.

"What is wrong, Zordon?" Billy asked.


"Lemme down, Father." Tommy whispered. "I have to lead the battle."

"No, Tommy. You are not leading his battle. You are too weak." Billy said. "Alpha, does the Command Center have the proper facilities for recharging?"

"Yes. In the Sick Bay. Pincher knows what to do." Alpha answered.

"Good. Zedd, take Tommy to the sick bay. Bulk, Skull, stay here. We may need you if Akui hits the town. The rest of us, IT'S MORPHIN TIME!"

The Rangers teleported out of the Command Center and into the park. "Zordon, send the Battle Suits!" Billy ordered as the Zombies swarmed around them.


The six suits appeared and the Rangers ran towards their new toys.

"Battle Suits on line!" Billy annouced as the lights in the Blue suit flashed green. "Let's take them out!"

* * *

Zedd carried Tommy into the sick bay and laid him on a strange looking bed. With Zedd's help, Pincher stripped off the White Ranger's jeans, Morpher, and Communicator. The robot took the boy's limp wrist into his claw. He rubbed a strong smelling antiseptic over the main artery, staining the skin dark purple. Then, he plunged a thick IV into the skin. Tommy twitched, but didn't move away. He was too weak. Pincher repeated the process on every major artery in his body. The IV's on the right side of his body were hooked up to bottles of a sparkling aqua colored liquid. The ones on the left were attached to empty vats. Then, the small robot strapped Tommy to the bed while Zedd placed an oxygen mask over Tommy's face. When Zedd nodded, Pincher turned on the valve beneath the blue liquid. Sluggishly, it flowed into the clear tubing and into Tommy's body. Almost immediately, the empty vats started filling up with a smoky gray liquid that came from Tommy's body.

As the chemicals hit his system, Tommy moaned and jerked against the restraints. A blue, sparkly haze covered his vision. From the depths of that blue sea, Tommy could see Zedd leaning over him.

"Rest, son, and let the Chemicals recharge your body." Zedd kissed Tommy's forehead.

Tommy was feeling drowsy and dizzy. _These Chemicals are giving me a royal buzz!_ He woozily thought.

Suddenly, a roar, like that of a tsunami, filled his ears. Tommy felt himself tumble through the sapphire sea. The roar became louder, almost too loud for Tommy's sensitive Mirandian ears. He screamed once, then passed out.

* * *

The sapphire sea faded. Tommy moaned, then opened his eyes. He looked around. It was night. _How long was I out?_ He mused. Next, he tried to sit up, but an intense pain in his head forced back down.

"Take it easy." A soft voice admonished.

"Kimberly?" Tommy asked.

"Who's Kimberly, Tommy?" The woman asked. She wiped his face with a cool rag, then ran to a doorway. "Hazama!" She called out.

_HAZAMA?_ Tommy gasped. He looked around. He wasn't in Angel Grove. He was in Metro City, in Hazama's old apartment. Tommy stared at the woman. It was Yumi, Hazama's fiancee. "This is impossible!" Tommy exclaimed. "Yumi, what are you doing here?"

"Helping you and Hazama, like I always do." Yumi answered, a little worried.

"No! You can't! You're dead!" Tommy wailed.

"What de hell is goin' on in here?" A voice with a Jamaican accent called out. "I thought dere was an injured person in here." It belonged to a large, black Jamaican man dressed in faded demin.

"Jahman!" Tommy called out.

"Well, hello, Tommy-mon. How are you?" Jahman smiled.

"Confused." Tommy sighed.

"It's simple, Tommy-mon. You got hit on de head pretty hard by some goons. The Zama-mon and me got you back here so de Doc and Miz Nana could check you out. You've been out for three days, Tommy-mon. We were ready to take you to de hospital." Jahman explained.

_This is all wrong!_ Tommy thought. _I should be in Angel Grove! I was Recharging! That's it! This is some kind of dream from those chemicals! This is all a dream!_ Tommy relaxed as realization hit him. _I guess this a chance to spend some time with friends I won't ever see again once I wake up._

Hazama, Yumi, and Jahman were gathered around Tommy, looking concerned. Tommy smiled at them, and they relaxed. Before anyone could speak, a shrill scream of pain pierced the dream world.

"AKIKO!" Tommy yelled and the dream world desolved around him.

* * *

The armor-clad Rangers faced off with Burst. The park was abandoned, much to Billy's relief. He was not too sure of his leadership capitibilites; and he wasn't sure about the battle suits either. _You would pick this time to have to Recharge, Tommy!_ Billy sighed.

"Alright, activate weapons systems!" Billy ordered over the intercom. A targetting eye piece come over his helmet's normal visor. Numbers and strange symbols flashed in front of him. Information about the battle scene was whispered to him by a sexy female voice in his ear.

:I will destory you pathetic Rangers!: Burst bragged. The robot monster sent off a bolt of light that exploded infront of the Rangers.

"My eyes!" Kimberly wailed. "That hurt!"

"I can't get a lock on Burst! He's too bright!" Rocky added, a hint of a werewolf growl in his voice.

"My scanners are picking up several moving targets heading due east." Aisha said. "I think they're Zombies!"

"They are Zombies." Adam confirmed using the major tracking systems in his suit. Adam's battle suit was filled with ECM and tracking systems. His quiet, disiplined mind could handle the strain of fighting and of monitoring.

"Akiko, you take Adam and Rocky to fight the Zombies." Billy ordered.

"Dyokai! Dyokai! Ikozei!" Akiko yelled.

With the Green Battlesuit in the lead, the four Rangers rushed the Zombies. Using the pair of sai built into her suit, Akiko sliced off heads of the Zombies she encountered. The still bodies of the decapitated Zombies crunched under her steel, high heeled boots. Adam punched one Zombie in the ribs, breaking all of the dried, brittle bones of the chest. Then, employing his large, double headed axe, the Black Ranger relieved the Zombie of his head. Rocky howled like a wolf, then tore into the Zombies who faced off with him. Using built in steel claws (much like Tygor's claws) Rocky gored and mauled the Zombies. What few strikes the Zombies could score against the Rangers, the armor plating of the Battlesuits protected them. Soon, the parts of the Zombies littered the ground.

"We got 'em, Billy!" Akiko yelled.

"Good, then get back here, we need help!" Billy said tersely over the intercom.

Billy squinted as he tried to see Burst through his visor. The bright sun light reflected off the monster's shiny surface, making it nearly invisible in the glare. Billy ordered the Blue Battlesuit's computer to filter out all the excess light and give him an infra-red picture of the monster.

"Processing, Billy-chan." The computer said. Billy turned bright red.

_You and I are going to have a little talk, Tommy, when we're done with this battle!_ Billy thought to himself. The computer showed Billy a grainy, but workable picture of Burst.

"OK, Kimberly, Aisha, stick with me. Fire rail guns!" Billy held out his arm and shot off a nine inch spike. It skidded along Burst's surface, inflicting no damage on the monster. Then, the spike exploded, causing the robot only to stumble back a few yards.

"So much for that! Gas lasars!" Kimberly shouted. A bright pink lasar shot out of the eyes on her helmet. They reflected back and struck her dead center in the chest. The Pink Ranger flew back several yards. Most of her chest plate had been melted away, showing the sparking circuitry.

"Kimberly, are you OK?" Aisha called out.

"I'm fine. Repair systems are kicking in. Cover me for a few minutes." Kimberly answered.

"Got'cha!" Aisha went in with her daggers. She sliced a segment of Burst's heavy armor off.

:You'll pay for that, Yellow Ranger!: Burst growled and back handed Aisha. She flew against a tree, part of her helmet caved in.

Just then, Billy got the call from Akiko that the Zombie problem had been eliminated. The Green, Red, and Black Battlesuits quickly joined the fight.

"You have to get in close to him!" Billy advised his team mates. "Artillery is useless against him!"

"Gotcha!" Akiko gave the Blue Battlesuit a thumbs up. Then, she cracked her knuckles. "Ikozei!" She murmured. She launched an upper cut to Burst's face, staggering the beast. Then, she did a roundhouse kick to the knees, knocking him down. But, before she could finish the fight, Burst jumped up and grabbed Akiko by the throat. She screamed as the armor around her throat was crushed. Akiko felt herself blacking out. Just then, all the screens in her Battlesuit turned red. Alarms when off. Suddenly, thick cables shot out of the sides of the interior and wrapped around Akiko. Electricity flowed through her, fusing her mind and body to the suit. Akiko felt her conscious self black out, over loaded.

The Rangers ran to aide the Green Battlesuit. They paused when they saw the visor glow an omnious red. The Red Battlesuit reached Akiko first.

"Akiko, are you OK?" Rocky asked. He put his metal shod hand on her shoulder. The Green Battlesuit spun around and jammed her hand in between Rocky's legs and squeezed. Rocky screamed with pain as Akiko increased the pressure on his senstive organ. Rocky reached down and broke her powerful grip. He fell back behind the other Rangers.

"Akiko, what's gotten into you?" Kimberly asked.

The Green Battlesuit glared at Kimberly, then launched several missles at her friend. Kimberly dodged some, then called up her shield to deflect the ones she couldn't block.

"What's wrong with her?" Adam cried out. He ducked under a blow from Akiko, but didn't attack her.

"I don't know." Billy bit his lip. _I wish Tommy was here!_ He thought to himself.

* * *

Tommy sat up, pulling the IV's out of him. He ignored the pain and quickly threw on his jeans and grapped his Morpher and Communicator. Zedd and Pincher followed the Leader of the Power Rangers into the main chamber of the Command Center.

"What's going on?" He asked Bulk, who was frowning over a read out.

"We don't know. Something happened to Akiko. There was this surge of energy in her suit, then we lost contact. The override system you installed isn't responding. It's like she's gone rogue or somethin'." Bulk sighed.

"Damn." Tommy swore. He ran his hands through his long hair as he watched the fight on the Viewing Globe. "I had wanted to wait before we do this, but, I think we have no choice." Tommy nodded towards Alpha-5.

"Do what?" Skull asked.

Alpha handed the former bullies large rings with glowing jems on them. Skull's had a spider carved on the top of the jewel while Bulk's had a scorpion on it. Then, two Battlesuits stomped out of the storiage bay. They were more heavily armored than the Rangers' Battlesuits. The black and gray one had the same spider design on its chest as did Skull's new ring. The orange and brown one had the scorpion on it.

"Wow." Skull gasped.

"What are these for?"


"Wow!" Skull laughed. "This is soo wild!" He and Bulk slipped the rings onto their middle fingers.

Tommy smiled at his new friends. He had his Morpher out, ready to give the command to fight. Then, he glanced at his coin. It no longer had the symbol for the Tiger on it. "Zordon, what happened to my coin?" He yelped and held it up. The gold coin had a carving of a flying tiger on it.


"Alright, then. IT'S MORPHIN TIME!"




* * *

Tygor Ranger landed with the newest members of his team. The Arachno and Stinger Battlesuits appeared next to Bulk and Skull. The newest Rangers wore suits that were more like armor than the spandex like material of the others. The Battlesuits opened so that the two former bullies could jump into them.

"Stinger Suit, online!" Bulk called out.

"Arachno Suit, online!" Skull added.

The other Rangers looked over. "The calvery has arrived!" Bulk shouted.

"Bulk and Skull, you two help the rest of the gang fight Burst. I'm goin' after Akiko." Tommy ordered. Then, Tommy sent a mental messege to Zedd. _Father, I'm gonna need your help for this one!_

_On my way, son. FIRE NOKI ARMOR!_

Zedd appeared by his son, in his bio-armor, in a flash of Red Light. He twirled his Z staff as he and his son approached the rogue Battlesuit.

"Akiko," Tommy said in a calm voice. "Sis, it's me, Tommy. You're older brother. We're here to help you." He held out his hand to her.

_Tommy..._ Akiko's voice echoed in Tommy and Zedd's minds. _Tommy, help me! I can't control myself!_ She sobbed as she deployed her swords and attacked her older brother. Tommy deflected the blow of the first sword, but didn't see the second one. The glowing sword pierced Tygor's armor and entered Tommy's stomach.

"NO! TOMMY! NOT AGAIN!" Zedd growled and jerked Akiko off her brother. He tossed her into a tree, stunning her. With his blood staining Tygor's "fur," Tommy lurched to his feet and hobbled over to the two Mirandian warriors. "Tommy, are you alright?" Zedd hugged his only son.

"I'm fine, Father. Left heel of the Battlesuit. Achilles' heel." Tommy panted.

"What?" Zedd looked at his son.

"Trust me." Zedd detached the panel and gasped. There are a red button underneath it. Zedd pushed it and Akiko and the Battlesuit vanished in a haze of Green Light. "What happened to her?"

"Escape system. I installed them in all the Battlesuits, but when Akiko fused with hers, it was over ridden. I installed the manual one just incase the systems in the 'Suit were damaged. The escape system is supposed to kick in when the polit's heart rate drop below a certain level." Tommy explained. He laughed, then winced.

"Just take a deep breath, son." Zedd put his hands on Tommy's shoulders. _Use your Powers to heal yourself. See the wound closing and healing with out a scar._ He whispered mentally.

Tommy relaxed and did as he was told. He could feel the damaged muscles and organs heal themselves as he envisioned it happening. Then, Tommy shivered as his skin sealed itself just as smooth as it had been before.

"Wow, Father, that was wild!" Tommy exclaimed as he examined himself. "How did I do that?"

"Simple. You're a Mirandian. We have the ability to heal most serious injuries ourselves. One of the benefits of being immortal, I guess." Zedd answered.

Just then, an explosion reached their ears. They turned to see Burst dying a firy death.

* * *

The Rangers knew about the Rings that were to be given to Bulk and Skull, but they were surprised that they were given their new Powers so soon. Tommy had originally wanted a period of adjustment for the two former bullies before offering them the Power, but Akuma had forced Tommy to go against his waiting policy.

Billy quickly updated the newest members on the battle. Skull's helmet nodded as he spoke. "Ok. Maybe if we imobilize that monster, then hit it where the armor has been knocked off?" He sugggested.

"Sounds like a sound plan, Skull." Billy said. "How do we imobilize him?"

"With my Web. Watch!" Skull held up his right arm and fired a long burst of a thick, white material. It twisted around Burst, pinning the robot to a near by tree.

"FIRE ALL WEAPONS!" Billy ordered. Rail spikes, lasars, stingers and fire stars slammed into the monster's exposed chest.

"FALL BACK, GUYS! HE'S GONNA BLOW!" Rocky yelled when the bulges started appearing in the monster's armor and an omnious rumbling was heard. The Rangers covered their heads as Burst exploded in a fire ball. Metal chunks splew out of the heart of the explosion, imbedding themselves into trees and statues.

"Impressive pryo-technics." Billy commented drily. Then, he turned to the Arachno and Stinger Suits. "Thanks a lot, guys. You saved our hides!" Billy held out his metal shod hand. Skull, then Bulk, gripped it in friendship.

"Any time, Geek-O." Skull laughed, using his old, hated nickname for Billy and his friends, only this time it was laced with affection for his new friend.

"Yeah. It was a lot of fun." Bulk added. "But are all the fights gonna be _this_ intense?" He added.

Billy shrugged. "I dunno. You'll have to asked Tommy or Zedd about that one."

At that moment, Tygor Ranger and Lord Zedd joined the group. Adam looked at them worriedly.

"Where's Akiko?" He asked.

"In the Sick Bay. Her 'Suit's in the repair bay." Tommy said warily. "Bulk, Skull, welcome aboard." Tommy embraced the newest Rangers. "Let's go home, guys."

The Rangers teleported out of the park.

* * *

As soon as the Rangers were in the Command Center, the Battlesuits were teleported to the repair bay. The Rangers faced Zordon, ready for their debreifing.

"Zordon, do you know what happened to Akiko?" Adam demanded.


"Who would tamper with an unborn baby?" Kimberly asked. The Rangers nodded their heads in agreement.

"We found a name on one of the parts. A company called GEMON." Alpha added.

Tommy bit his lip. "Zordon, how do you know when a Mirandian is going to go through his or hers Coming Of Age?" Tommy asked.


"Could we artifically induce a sufficent amount of that chemical into Akiko's system? I mean, with out harming her?" Tommy asked.


"Adam, will you come with me?" Tommy looked at Akiko's love interest.

"Sure." Adam said.

"Where is Akiko?" Tommy asked.

IN THE SICK BAY. Zordon answered.

Tommy and Adam quietly entered the sick bay. Akiko was lying on a bed, covered only by a white sheet. She was paler than normal and crying.

"Sis," Tommy kissed the top of her head. "Sis, Adam and I want to talk to you."

"You're gonna kick me off the team, aren't you?" She sobbed.

"No. Sis, it's not your fault that you went rogue. Some one tampered with you! It's their fault, not yours. But, Papa-san said that we can safely induce a Coming Of Age in you so you can have the protection of your bio armor."

Akiko looked at her brother with hope in her eyes. "You can? I'll still be part of the team?" She asked.

"Of course. You'll always be a Power Ranger." Adam spoke up. Then, he turned bright red.

"Then, I want to do it." Akiko said in a firm voice. Then, in a quieter one she added: "Adam, will you stay with me?"

"Sure." Adam sat by her as Pincher placed an IV in her arm. Adam held her hand and smiled.

Tommy stood up to leave. He patted Adam on the shoulder. "Akiko is very luck to have you, Adam." He said. It was the closest thing to approval that Adam had every recieved from Tommy since he and Akiko started dating. Tommy walked out of the Sick Bay and motioned to Billy. "Let's go to the repair bay. Those 'Suits looked really beat up."

"Sure." Billy said.

The teens entered the repair bay. The battered Battlesuits were lined up, ready for repair work to commence. Tommy slipped on a pair of cover alls and tossed Billy a pairl

"Let's go to work." Tommy said. Billy picked up a wrench. The Blue Ranger knew that his friend didn't want to sit around while Akiko was going through her Coming Of Age.

"Where do we start?" Billy asked.

* * *

As the chemicals built up in Akiko's system, she began to feel dizzy. She clung to Adam's hand as she passed out.

When her vision cleared, Akiko was in Tokyo, Japan. She looked around, confused. _What is this about? Is this where it's to happen?_ She thought to herself. She strolled down the street, trying not to feel self conscious. The people she encountered ignored her. _This is soo wierd. It's like they don't see me or somethin'!_ She mused.

Before Akiko could test her idea, she heard a child cry out: "Help me!" She saw a little boy being abducted by ninjas. No one seemed inclined to help the child.

"Hang on! I'm comin'!" She yelled and ran towards the car. A ninja threw stars at her. Akiko nimbly dodged them. "HE-YA!" She screamed and tackled the ninja who held the child. The little boy fell unharmed to the ground. He huddled behind a near by Sushi cart. The Green Ranger faced off with the ninja.

"You die now for interferring!" He commanded.

"I don't think so, asshole!" Akiko growled. She kicked the ninja in the groin with steel toed boots. Then, she snap kicked him in the chin, sending him flying against the car. Two other ninjas grabbed her from behind. "Kuso!" She growled.

* * *

In Angel Grove Woods, a vixen sniffed at a green, glowing emerald. It pawed at the strange stone. Suddenly, a finger of light shot of out of stone, enveloping the vixen. Then, the stone and the vixen were gone.

* * *

Akiko struggled against her opponets. She was quickly being overwelmed by them. The leader, the one Akiko had kicked in the groin at the beginning of the fight, approached her with a large dagger. With a malicious gleam in his eyes, he stabbed Akiko in the heart. She screamed.

Just as she felt her life starting to ebb away, the vixen, now seemingly made from the emerald that had taken it, ran towards her. It jumped high into the air.

_VYXEN!_ A voice echoed in Akiko's head.

"VYXEN!" Akiko shouted as the emerald fox entered her chest. A Green Light surrounded her. The two ninjas holding her were disintigrated by the Light. The jeweled armor latched onto Akiko as the wound in her chest healed up. The Vyxen armor was many faceted with the face of a vixen. The vixen's bushy tail swished behind her. She faced off with the ninja leader. "Now, _you_ die!" She growled. She ran towards him, summoning an emerald sword. Calling upon the swiftness of the vixen, Akiko sliced into the ninja leader before he could react. With him dead, the other ninjas were easily dispatched. When the last ninja fell dead to the ground, the Vyxen armor vanished.

:You did well, Akiko Midoriyama, daughter of Zordon Hooseki and bearer of the Green Ranger Powers.: A voice said. Akiko turned around and found the little boy she had saved. He was metamorphising into a being of fire.

"You're a member of the Council Of Fire!" Akiko gasped, then bowed. "You honor me with your presence." She added.

:You are a brave warrior, Akiko. You earned the Vyxen armor. It is swift and cunning like you, Akiko. Use its Powers to defeat Akuma and to serve your older brother and emperor.:

"I shall, Honorable One." Akiko bowed again.

:Very well, child. Go back to your world.: The Council member raised his hand and sent Akiko flying back into her body.

* * *

Tommy leaned against the Arachno Suit. It was the last one to be worked on. It had taken the least amount of hits and wouldn't take long to repair. Billy, however, insisted that they take a break from the repair work and get something to eat. Alpha brought them sandwhiches and juice.

"We made good time, Tommy." Billy said, trying to make small talk.

"Yeah, I guess so." Tommy sighed. He wasn't hungry. His stomach was too full of knots of worry to eat.

Before Billy could make another comment, they both felt a strange Presence enter the Command Center. Billy closed his eyes and consintraited on it.

_Akiko! You're OK!_ Billy exclaimed mentally.

_You bet I am! Where's Tommy?_ Akiko asked.

_Right here, sis. You'd better get in your body. Adam is beside himself with worry!_ Tommy laughed.

_OK!_ Akiko laughed. Tommy and Billy could feel her slip into her body.

* * *

Adam stroked Akiko's long brown hair. He was worried about the only woman he loved. "Please be alright, Akiko. I can't stand to loose you." He whispered. He had been by her side the entire night.

Just then, Akiko opened her eyes and kissed Adam. "I'm back." She laughed. Adam just pulled her close and kissed her full on the lips. The two lovers fell back against the bed.