Power Rangers Vanguard: Relics From The Past
By Matt Hearne

It was the year 2014. The dark forces of Nemesik were finally defeated by the Power Rangers of the day after a four year long struggle. Although his fortress, armies and weapons were destroyed in the final, cataclysmic battle, Nemesik was not. He escaped through a time portal into the future, where he could regain his strength, rebuild his army and replenish his magic.

Not knowing where or when Nemesik would arise, the Power Rangers - Matt, Josh, Michelle, Kelly, Richard and James; Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Black and Starlight respectively - placed themselves in cryogenic storage, waiting for the day when they could banish Nemesik and his darkness forever.

Their Cosmos Zords were sent into a tight orbit around Earth's moon, ready for the time when they would be called again, and their weapons were being stored by Epsilon 12, the Ranger's faithful android friend. Sensors were placed in every city across the world, to alert them should they be needed again.

Now, it is the year 3489. The world has changed greatly. The populace of Earth, despite having spent centuries banishing disease, hunger, crime and war, had become lazy and disinterested in the real world. They have been living in a utopian society for longer than anyone alive can remember now, so the real world holds little for them. Spending most of their time plugged into a virtual reality, the only time most humans leave it is to attend or participate in the tournaments. Vast battle robots pitted against each other, the Tournaments have become the primary, if not only, form of non-VR entertainment in this new world.

Nemesik exited his time portal in 3479. For the last decade, he has been increasing his power and has reformed a powerful army, created legion of bizarre and destructive monsters, and made a new fortress for himself in the remains of a space base still orbiting the Earth, so long after it's original inhabitants had left. Or been destroyed. He did not know which, and he cared little. Perhaps his most lethal accomplishment was the acquisition of a set of data cards...

NOW: The Earth is under attack from Nemesik! With no military, the world is helpless before him. The sensors the Rangers placed hundreds of years ago are triggered, awakening them from their centuries long slumber. They are waking to a world gone mad, a world where people care not if they live or die, a world where they are horribly out of date, a world they must save!

Welcome to Power Rangers Vanguard: Relics Of The Past!