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Power of Eight
by Phillip Peterson

If a place that has no sound could be said to have a quiet day, then such was happening on the small wandering asteroid that had ventured too near to the planet of Earth. NASADA, the space exploration division of the American government, had sent a pair of astronauts there to determine if it was hazardous to life on Earth. As the two of them wandered over the surface, one saw something glowing red ahead of them.

"Hey, look at that!" he pointed to his partner.

"Let's go!" was the reply. Together they ran over to it, discovering a strange carved container there. The glow came from a flashing red jewel on the top. "What do you think it is?"

The first one shrugged. "It looks like a giant space dumpster!" was all he could come up with, and indeed it did. But what could have thrown whatever was inside of it away? The price of the jewel alone on the top was worth more than anything the two of them could think of, who knew what might be inside!

"Let's open her up!" the second suggested. Eagerly they touched the ruby, and easily came off the top of the dumpster. Four beams of light exploded from within, flying a short distance away and transforming into four roughly humanoid beings, all of whom seemed to have no trouble existing without air. "What's going on?" the second astronaut moaned, terrified by what they'd unleashed already.

"Who cares?" his partner screamed. "Let's get out of here!"

The four creatures glanced at each other as the astronauts scurried a few feet away. One was tall, burly, covered in golden armor, and with a sword. The second was smaller, with white fur and spectacles, as well as a burn-spotted apron. The third resembled in many ways a giant blueberry, being small and round and blue, while the fourth was somewhat taller, with tattered wings and blunt claws. All bore the same glint of evil in their eyes.

"All right, we're out!" the small and blue one declared with joy. He ran over to the dumpster and peered back inside. "Rita, Kelsi, wake up, wake up, we're free!"

Gray hair wrapped up into a conical style emerged, followed by a woman dressed in a brown and gold gown decorated with even more cones. She threw her arms out wide and yawned deeply as Squatt, the one who had called her forth, fumbled in his pouch for something. "Uh-oh, morning breath!" he declared. "Let me get you a mint!"

The others were gathering around Rita as she got her bearings back. Finster, the one with the apron and glasses, stated firmly, "Oh, it's good to be free after ten thousand years!"

Baboo of the tattered wings came over to help her out of the dumpster. "Here, your Evilness, let me help you! Walk with me, talk with me," he sang off-key. She growled harshly and glared at him.

"You made me step in a puddle, you nitwit!" she hissed as she turned back to the dumpster. "Kelsi, what are you waiting for, an invitation? We're free!"

Another figure emerged from the dumpster, dressed in a pale gray gown and with short black hair. She glanced around and smiled. "It certainly has been a while!" she held out one hand as if she were holding something, as a small globe of light appeared within her hand, then coalesced into a staff similar to the one Rita was holding. "Who released us?"

Rita glanced around, and saw the two astronauts backing away as fast as they could. She laughed wickedly. "Don't leave!" she told them, watching as Kelsi blasted the dumpster to atoms. "You'll miss our coming out party! That's where we destroy the nearest planet!"

The six of them looked up to where Earth floated over them, and evil laughter sounded that had not in ten thousand years. It was time for some conquest.

* * *

It was Saturday in Angel Grove, California, warm, sunny, and delicious as so many days in that peaceful oceanside town were. In one of the most popular business establishments in town, the Angel Grove Gym and Juice Bar, kids had gathered as they did every day to work out, play, and just have fun together. The Youth Center, as it was also known, was known for it's safety, it's popularity, and the fabulous fruit shakes provided by the portly owner, Ernie.

One thing the town was known for, other than near-complete peace, was an abundance of people into the martial arts. Two of them were working out on the practice mats that morning, one a tall, well-muscled fifteen-year-old in a red tank top and black workout pants, his short hair held back by a red headband, his partner a young black man of the same age, in black jeans and shirt. The two of them sparred back and forth easily, it was obvious they'd done this before.

As they pulled apart, the one in red grinned to his friend. "Nice recovery, Zack!"

"Hey, thanks for teaching me, Jason!" Zack Taylor responding, clasping his hand warmly. Zack preferred his own hip hop Kedo for martial arts, but he didn't mind a few karate lessons, not from Jason, the acknowledged best martial artist in Angel Grove.

Not too far away, a young Chinese girl in bright yellow workout clothes was practicing a kung fu routine, her eyes flashing occasionally to a perky girl in pink on the balance beam a few feet from her. As she leaped off the bar, the girl in yellow came over and pattered her on the back. "That was awesome, Kimberly!"

"Thanks, Trini!" the gymnast grinned. The two of them looked over to their left, where two others were also sparring, though not quite as enthusiastically as Zack and Jason had been. Male and female, the only true difference in their features was that the girl's face was somewhat softer and more rounded, and her hair was longer than her twin brother's. They even wore the same outfit, with his tank top in green and hers in white.

"Doing good, Tommy!" the girl laughed as she ducked under a spinning kick leveled at her. "But watch this!" she darted forward with a quick punch to his rock-hard abdomen.

He laughed, falling back a bit. "You're really good, Netis!" Tommy Oliver declared. He was proud of his twin sister. They'd only moved to Angel Grove a few weeks earlier, but already had formed a tight group of friends. He glanced at Jason, Zack, Trini, and Kim, smiling at them all as their eyes met in turn. They were the best friends the young man had ever had, barring his twin.

The six of them looked up as two more entered the main room of the Youth Center, both in white gis and white belts, one a young man with glasses, the other a young woman with her long golden hair tied back with a purple twisty. They headed over to Zack and Jason, who examined their outfits with critical eyes.

"Hey, fellas!" the blue-headbanded guy smiled as they got closer.

"Yo, Billy!" Zack waved. "What's up?" he asked while Jason gave the girl a light kiss on the cheek. He and Lindsey Switcher had been going out for almost a month now, and each day they only grew closer together.

"Well, I think we're mentally and physically prepared for our first karate class, aren't we, Lindsey?" Billy Cranston looked over to his friend, who nodded.

"You know, you don't have to take this class, Lindsey," Jason said, looking into her warm blue eyes. She smiled at him.

"I want to, though, Jason," she told him. She'd seen him sparring and teaching for some time now, and the smooth liquid movements, the mental and physical discipline had all fascinated her, even more so than the fact it was Jason doing them. She was going to do this.

As the four of them spoke, Kim and Trini glanced up at the sound of footsteps, and groaned in unison. Two figures had entered the Youth Center, two very familiar, and unwanted, figures, clad in black leather and chains, one huge, the other skinny. "Oh, no," Trini whispered to her friend. "Look who's here!"

"Bulk and Skull," Kim sighed. These two had been doing their level best to 'date' the two of them for as far back as they could remember, and were also Angel Grove High's resident bullies, idiots, and ever present pains in the posterior. Bulk, the larger and supposedly the 'brains' of the two, grinned at them.

"Hi, girls!" he tried what he apparently thought was a charming look at them. "How about that double date we talked about?"

"Yeah!" Skull issued a hyena-like laugh as he leaned on Bulk's shoulder. "What about it?"

Trini shook her head. "Sorry, guys!" Skull shrugged and was about to walk off, when Bulk dragged him back, shaking his head. It was hard for him to take 'no' for an answer as he looked back at the girls.

"What's the matter?" he asked. "We're not good enough for you?" he was almost taunting in what he said.

"Leave us alone, Bulk!" Trini insisted.

Bulk grinned, leaning a bit closer to them. "Oh, yeah? Make me!"

"Yeah!" Skull nodded. "Make me!" he wilted a bit as Zack and Tommy came up behind the two girls, Tommy draped a protective arm over Kimberly. The two of them had hit it off at first sight, going on their first date almost immediately after meeting. "Him!" Skull pointed to Bulk quickly. "Make him!"

"Hey, you heard what she said!" Zack grinned a little.

Tommy nodded. "Didn't you hear the ladies? They said no!"

Bulk rolled his shoulders aggressively and glared. "Oh, what do you know? The dancer wants to be a fighter, and Tommy-boy here wants to protect his girlfriend! How sweet!"

Kim smiled at them both. "It's okay, guys," she said. "We can handle these two," as Zack and Tommy stepped aside, Bulk looked incredulously at Skull.

"Oh, really!?" he laughed. "Let's show them some karate moves, Skull!" with wild parodies of karate yells, the two of them charged the girls. Kim and Trini moved in identical blurring motions, seizing Bulk and Skull by the arms and twisting, letting their own momentum drag them to the floor. The two bullies lay on the mats, trying to figure out what had happened to them, as Kim giggled a little.

"You guys should definitely join Jason's karate class!" she declared. Bulk and Skull just looked at each other. How had it gone wrong?

* * *

On Earth's moon, Rita, Kelsi, and their forces had settled into an abandoned palace they'd found there. It would make the perfect staging ground for their attacks, and be a pleasantly depressing home to live in until they'd conquered the Earth.

Rita and Kelsi stared at the Earth, Rita through her RepulsaScope, Kelsi with her Mirror of Shadows. "Ah, I like it!" Rita smiled, examining what seemed to be a large concentration of magical energy in a small California city.

"So do I," Kelsi nodded, licking her lips as she gazed into the Mirror. Several nice looking guys there. They don't compare to my true love, of course, but then again, who can? "Let's take it, Rita!"

The servants, Finster, Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar, nodded quickly and thankfully. It was good to know they wouldn't be traveling, this place was perfect just as it was. Rita looked to Finster, the monster-maker, and snapped out, "Finster! Start making Putty Patrollers!"

"I'll take them down and make the Earth yours, Empress!" Goldar declared, raising his sword. Kelsi laughed softly.

"You're going to need some help, little brother!" she laughed, transforming her staff into a sword of silver. "And I just happen to have a clear schedule!"

Rita nodded. "So be it! Kelsi, you will take Goldar and the Putties and conquer this planet for my greatness!"

Goldar almost glared at his older sister. Ever since they were children, she'd always taken the glory from him. He'd even sacrificed his human looks for greater physical strength and power than she had, hoping to outshine her in that way. Instead, she simply went into magic, and had risen faster and higher in the forces of evil than he could dream of. It had been simple luck he'd come to work for Rita, only to find his hated sister was in partnership with the evil witch.

Kelsi laughed and tickled him in his most sensitive area, the chin. "Be nice now, brother," she teased him. "And I just might let you kill a human or two!"

Goldar just growled and stomped off. This conquest was already getting off to a bad start!

* * *

Back in the Youth Center, Jason's karate class had begun already. It was a beginner's class, for which both Lindsey and Billy were extremely grateful as they struggled to learn the basics of the martial art. As Jason guided them all through the movements, it was plain Billy was having problems beyond the norm. The teacher finally halted them and came over to the young man.

"Try this," Jason said, demonstrating the move in much slower motion. Billy imitated it to the best of his ability, then Jason went on to the next, going through each slowly and carefully. Billy did what he could, but it was obvious he just wasn't getting it. He sighed.

"I'm just not good at this," he sighed. Lindsey laid a hand on his shoulder comfortingly.

"It takes time, Billy," she reassured him. She wasn't doing that well herself, but Billy had mastered everything else scientific he'd tried in his life so easily he'd almost thought he'd do this as well.

Jason nodded. "Billy, don't worry," he told his friend. "Even I was a beginner once!" it was rather hard to believe, seeing how good Jason was now. But Billy knew inside it was true. Jason moved to the front of the class, and looked at them all. "All right, class, what is it martial arts helps us to develop?"

Billy raised his hand quickly. "Courage, kindness, fitness, integrity, loyalty, and discipline," he replied at Jason's nod. The teacher smiled at him, then frowned briefly as he saw Bulk and Skull making their way through the class.

"Hey! Geek!" Bulk grunted. "Teach us how to beat people up!"

Jason shook his head, and Lindsay groaned almost audibly. She'd heard him repeat many times of how a true martial artist only used their skills to defend themselves or someone who needed it. "Martial arts was not developed to hurt others!" he reminded them all.

"We did not sign up for a geeky karate class!" Bulk declared. Jason smiled a little.

"Okay, Bulk!" he decided. "Maybe you're ready for some more advanced training techniques!" Bulk nodded his eager agreement, and Jason did a smooth side kick. "There. Side kick."

"Anything you can do, I can do better, baby!" Bulk challenged the martial arts teacher. Jason gestured for him to demonstrate, and Bulk puffed out onto the practice mat. With a sound that was more like a whine than a karate yell, he did a semi-passable side kick. Skull applauded loudly, while Jason only smiled, and did another move.

"Tornado kick," he told them. Bulk grinned foolishly, and attempted this more difficult move. This time, however, he collapsed full on his face on the mat. Jason managed to keep himself from laughing, and looked at the students, who were cracking up over the bully's foolishness.

"Class dismissed!" he declared, sending them to the showers. Lindsey smiled at Jason as she left, a sparkle in her eyes at the way he'd handled Bulk's insolence. That was one of the many reasons she loved him. He didn't make fools of people who bothered him, he let their own stupidity make fools of themselves.

Once she and Billy were showered and back in regular clothing, they gathered at the usual table the eight of them sat at. Tommy and Netis were the relatively 'new' people, but fit in like the other six had only been waiting for them their whole lives. Netis sat next to Zack, flirting a little with him, and enjoying the mild discomfort she was putting him through with that.

"Billy, I'm telling you," Jason reminded their friend, "for your first lesson, you did really well."

Billy blushed a little bit. "I did?" he couldn't believe just what Jason was saying. He was the master of karate, telling him he was doing well? Even Lindsey was better than he was, though not by much, he admitted honestly to himself.

Kim grinned. "Yeah, we were watching!" she told him. Tommy nodded.

"You're going to be a great martial artist one day," he told his friend. "Just give yourself some time to work at it, and don't lose hope. Somethings don't happen overnight."

"I don't know if I've got what it takes," Billy said pessimistically, shrugging. Trini reached out to pat his hand gently.

"It's all a state of mind, Billy," she reminded him. "You don't need to be strong for martial arts!"

Zack nodded and touched his head. "Yeah, man, it's all up here!" as the others nodded, Ernie, the owner and runner of the Youth Center, came over with a plate of drinks.

"Hey, guys!" he grinned, waving to them all. "Who ordered the spinach juice?"

As Billy raised his hand, the entire Youth Center began to shake uncontrollably. "Oh, no, it's an earthquake!" Ernie cried out. As he tried to regain his balance, the plate of drinks he held suddenly splashed all over Bulk. "Sorry!" he apologized as they began to make their way out of the Youth Center.

"Oh, man, what's going on?" Zack cried out as the eight of them slowly got to their feet, trying to find a way out and keep upright at the same time. Billy looked around, a strange sense of fate coming to him.

"Something tells me this is no earthquake!" he said, holding on to the table for support it wasn't providing. Something was going on, something that went beyond weird in the same way the sun goes beyond a candle flame.

Something was going to happen.

* * *

Far outside of Angel Grove, in a building shielded from every sensor known on Earth, things also shook there. Within it, a small robot ran up and down panicking. "Danger! Danger! It's the big one, I know it, we'll all be destroyed!"

Calm down, Alpha, his master looked down gently on him from the time warp he was in. It's Rita and Kelsi. They've escaped and are attacking the planet.

"Ay-yi-yi!" Alpha was even more nervous now! "What do we do?" he vividly remembered how Zordon had tricked the two evil sorceresses, and their four chief servants into the space dumpster and cast it onto a wandering asteroid, to forever soar space. Apparently, it had soared right by Earth and somehow they'd been released.

Teleport to us eight overbearing and overemotional humans, Zordon instructed. Alpha would have shivered if he had been human.

"No! Not that! Not teenagers!" he shook his head, wanting it to be a mistake.

That is correct, Alpha.

Alpha shuddered regardless of not being alive. "I was afraid of that!" Could teenager really do what they were going to be asked to? Even as he denied it, he was scanning Angel Grove, the nearest center of population, for eight of the proper age and mental and emotional requirements.

He found them.

* * *

In the Youth Center, the eight teens were still trying to find a way out, and still couldn't get to the door, the shaking was too great. As the last of the other patrons ran out, Kim shrieked, "Oh, my gosh, what's happening?" they could all feel something taking a hold of them, wrapping around them in a way nothing ever had before.

"I don't know, but I think I like it!" Tommy felt a thrill running throughout his entire body, something he couldn't explain, something he doubted even Billy could explain. It was just right!

"This is too weird!" Trini shuddered.

Jason took a deep breath, something was tugging at them all. "Hold on!" he ordered instinctively. Suddenly, the eight of them dissolved into balls of colored light: red, yellow, pink, blue, black, green, white, and purple and flew from the Youth Center, to the Command Center in the desert.

As they landed on the floor, they transformed back to humans, and found themselves staring at most unfamiliar surroundings. It looked like the most high-tech place in the entire planet, if not the universe, and it was obvious Billy was in love. Kim, however, wasn't taking it quite that well, nor was Netis. "This isn't exactly the mall, is it?" Kim whispered, staring around.

"I wish it was," Tommy's twin stayed right where she was, too scared to move as the others started to walk around.

"This place is magnificent!" Billy exclaimed, in purest heaven at the technology evident everywhere here.

Jason frowned, glancing to Lindsey to see how she was handling it. She was staring almost as wide-eyed as Billy, but more from the strangeness of where they were than at the scientific things. "I don't get it," he said finally. "How'd we end up here?"

"I just want to know where here is!" Trini insisted. Tommy nodded slowly.

"This is just. . .unimaginable!" was all he could find to say.

Billy reached out to a control console, starting to flip things. "Maybe the answers in these controls!" he said hopefully. Suddenly a voice came from behind them all.

"No, no, don't touch that!" they all turned at a noise to see a small robot falling as he tried to interrupt Billy's fascinated examination of things. Billy slowly helped him to his feet, staring.

"Whoa!" he whispered. "A fully sentient multi-functional automaton! I've never seen anything like this!"

The eight kids stared at Alpha in shock and surprised and wonder all merged. Suddenly, a deeper, richer voice spoke from above and behind, pulling their attention. Welcome, humans.

Jason's eyes widened as they saw a face appearing in a tube set in the wall. "So who are you?" he asked.

"Like, what are you?" Kim wanted to know, staring wide-eyed.

"And who does your hair?" Netis wondered, wisecracking a little, especially with the fact the person they saw had no hair. He chuckled a little.

I am Zordon, an interdimensional being caught in a time warp.

The robot stepped forward. "And I am Alpha-5!" he declared. Kim and Netis exchanged glances.

"Would like, someone come back to Earth and pick us up?" Kim requested.

"Cause we are totally confused!" Netis continued. Tommy squeezed his twin's shoulder in reassurance, feeling, as did Jason, that they could trust somehow this Zordon.

Zordon smiled a little. It's quite simply, my dears, he told them. This planet is under attack and I have brought you here to save it.

"Oh, yeah, right!" Zack laughed, shaking his head and laughing. This was too. . .too silly!

Ah, a non-believer! Zordon wasn't surprised, there was one in every group. It was almost necessary, someone who could give some practicality to the team. Look behind you at the viewing globe. Your doubts will be answered in the images you see there.

The eight of them turned around to see the large crystal ball on the floor, then peered into it. The image of Rita appeared in it for a moment. This is Rita Repulsa, an intergalactic sorceress bent on controlling the universe. The globe cleared for a moment, then showed Kelsi. This is Kelsi, her partner and fellow witch of evil. With their henchmen and Putty Patrollers, they plan to conquer Earth.

"I have but one question," Lindsey said quietly, and Trini nodded, she sensed what it would be.

"What does all of this have to do with us?" she gestured to include their group.

Zordon had been expecting that. You've been chosen to form an elite team to battle Rita and Kelsi. Each of you will be given access to extraordinary powers drawn from the ancient creatures you call dinosaurs.

Kim laughed in disbelief. "Dinosaurs?"

Eight flashes of light suddenly appeared at their waists, and they looked down to see each of them now wore a strange belt, with a device on it that bore a coin. Behold! The keys to your power!

"Whoa!" Zack pulled his off and stared at the symbol of the Mastodon on it. "What are these?

Those are your Power Morphers. When in danger, raise them to the sky calling the name of your dinosaur, and you will morph into a powerful fighting force known to one and all as the Power Rangers.

As Zordon spoke, each of them felt a jump in their soul, thought they knew not why. "Morph?" Kim frowned in confusion, almost wishing she'd spent more time studying her English.

"Metamorphosis," Billy tried to explain. Trini translated, "That means to change!" Kim grinned a little, now understanding.

As Power Rangers, you will have access to a universe of power, and will command a fleet of fighting machines called Zords, Zordon went on to explain.

"I don't get it," Lindsey and Trini chorused. This was very confusing!

Zordon looked to Jason. Jason, bold and powerful, you shall command the Tyrannosaurus DinoZord, and be the Red Ranger, the field leader of the team.

Zachary, you are clever and brave. You shall command the Mastodon DinoZord, and be the Black Ranger.

Kimberly, graceful and smart, the Pterodactyl DinoZord shall be yours as the Pink Ranger.

Billy, patient and wise, you shall command the powerful Triceratops DinoZord, and be the Blue Ranger.

Trini, fearless and agile, the Sabre-Tooth Tiger DinoZord shall be under your command as the Yellow Ranger.

Tommy, strong and cunning, the mighty DragonZord is yours to pilot as the Green Ranger.

Netis, quick-witted and skilled, as the White Ranger you will wield the Allosaurus DinoZord in combat.

Lindsey, limber and courageous, the Pteranadon DinoZord is yours as the Purple Ranger.

The eight of them looked at each other for a moment, then Zordon continued. Observe the Viewing Globe. As they did, he showed them how five of the Zords could come together. As the eight of you work together, so do your Zords, in two different combinations. When you need help, you need only to turn to the power of the DinoZords, and as you see, the Tyrannosaurs, Mastodon, Pterodactyal, Triceratops, and Sabre-Tooth Tiger DinoZords come together to form the mighty MegaZord. As for the other three: observe!

They watched as the Allosaurus, Pterandon, and DragonZords all united, forming a single warrior as tall as the MegaZord. This is DragonZord in fighting mode, Zordon told them.

The eight teens looked at each other, then Zack shook his head. "Power Morphers? MegaZord? This is just too weird for me!"

Lindsey nodded briefly. "It's been real, but we've got to go!" she declared. It drew her, she admitted it, but this just couldn't be happening, and even if it was, she was only fifteen! What did she know about trying to save the world? What did any of them know?

"Yeah, see ya!" Kim said, waving as they started out slowly, swayed by Zack's disbelief. Jason stood for a few moments, staring at Zordon, until Zack called out his name.

"Yo, Jason, you coming?"

The tall youth in red closed his eyes briefly, and wondered why he felt like he was turning his back on destiny as he followed his friends and girlfriend out. Very well then, let the Power protect you!. Zordon declared as they left. Alpha shook his head.

"Well, that didn't go very well, did it? Ay-yi-yi!" they heard Kim's voice from outside complaining bitterly, "Great! They could have sent us back into town!"

If I had, Kimberly, then you would have regretted it, Zordon thought. I can only hope all works out.

* * *

On the moon, Kelsi's mirror flashed suddenly, and she turned to see what it was trying to show her. It was of a low-level sentience, and constantly scanned anyplace she set it to in order to find things or people. She'd had it set to scan Angel Grove for people or beings of high magical energy, something she could use for a special project she had in mind.

With a whispered command, she saw eight teens, four boys and four girls, heading out from what could only be. . ."Rita!" she hissed. "Look!"

Rita turned to the Mirror for a moment, then grabbed for her RepulsaScope. "Zordon, I'm surprised!" she laughed. "Teenagers? You'd think he'd recruit real warriors, not children!"

Kelsi shook her head. "Don't be so quick to underestimate them, Rita. Young warriors are often the most flexible and inventive, they aren't bound by years of learning what can and can't be done. Remember how it was in sorcery school? The ones who broke the rules got the farthest."

"So, they think they can stop me, huh?" Rita ignored her partner in evil. "Finster! Hurry up with those Putty Patrollers!"

Finster nodded as he shoved rolls of clay into the Monster-Matic shaping trays. "Yes, your Evil Badness, I'm molding the last ones now!" as they went into the machine that would give them life, Squatt laughed.

"Those putties'll make spacedust out of those kids!" he declared.

Finster shrugged. "And the beauty is if they don't, we can always make more!" he said pragmatically. He preferred to look on the darker side of things, he wasn't disappointed like that as much. "Now, into the Monster-Matic they go! Ten seconds should do it!"

As the putties came out, full sized and ready to fight, Rita laughed. "Now, my putties, prepare to get those teenagers!" she ordered. Goldar and Kelsi both rolled their eyes, they might agree on nothing else, but that Rita was a glory hog was one of them!

* * *

"Guys, we shouldn't have left!" Jason insisted as they made their way home through the desert. "I mean, he chose us to save the world! I say we do it!"

Tommy nodded. "I agree," he'd been as reluctant to leave as Jason. Trini looked back at them, confusion in her dark eyes.

"Do you really think we can?" she wondered.

Netis shrugged. "I don't," she stated flatly. She could barely get herself and Tommy to school on time half the time, how could they save the world?

"Guys!" Zack interrupted. "You don't even know what you're talking about, we were talking to a giant floating head!"

Lindsey shrugged a little. "I don't know," she sighed. Suddenly, an explosion came from just ahead of them.

"Whoa, what was that?" Trini stared in shock as suddenly gray warriors, Putties such as they had seen in the Viewing Globe, were flipping all around them, surrounding them. Kim shrieked as one reached for her arm, pulling her away from the others along with one of it's companions.

"Let go of me!" she cried out, trying to get away from it.

"Zack, Tommy!" Jason cried out, gesturing for them to spread out a bit. The two of them nodded, drawing away some of the Putties.

Zack grinned a little. "These two are mine!" he declared, getting two of them away from the others. He started in on his hip hop Kedo, working to take the creatures down as fast as he could.

Netis and Trini worked back to back, fighting, while Billy and Lindsey, as the two weakest, were having the hardest time dealing with the Putties. Kim had managed to squirm away from the gray things, and was doing her best to fight, kicking and punching and flipping with all her strength, as they all were.

It was a lost cause, though, as one by one, from Billy, Lindsey, Kim, Zack, Netis, Trini, Tommy, to Jason, they were defeated and thrown into a pile under an overhanging ledge. The putties gathered around them, burbling and gloating it seemed in their senseless manner. "This day is too weird!" Kim moaned, and Netis nodded agreement.

"What do we do now?" Trini wondered. Jason pulled the Power Morpher from his belt and looked at it.

"Zordon said these Power Morphers would give us power," he said finally. "Let's do it!"

The eight of them got to their feet, reaching for the Morphers. The putties looked at each other, too stupid to realize what was going on.

And then it happened.







"Sabre-tooth Tiger!"


In unison, they cried out, "Power Rangers!" In multi-colored flashes of light, where eight teens had stood, now were eight mighty warriors. Purple Ranger, White Ranger, Green Ranger, Black Ranger, Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Red Ranger all stood there, covered in armor of some strange material, with laser pistols by their sides, and a confidence flowing through them like nothing they had ever imagined before.

Back in the Command Center, Alpha suddenly went into paroxysms of joy. "Zordon, they've done it, they've made the metamorphosis!"

Good. Teleport them to Angel Grove City, Rita just sent down Goldar and Kelsi.

"Right away, Zordon!" Alpha punched a couple of buttons, sending the newly made Rangers to where they were needed.

"We're teleporting again!" Billy shouted as they flew through the air. They'd discovered quickly they could speak while this was happening.

Kim was still a little afraid. "Where are we going?"

Jason had an answer for her though. "We're going to save the world!" as they arrived on a rooftop in Angel Grove, Jason threw out an arm commandingly. "All right, let's do it!"

Goldar appeared, Kelsi by his side, and a full army of putties at his command. "Get them!" he ordered the clay warriors. The Putties rushed towards them, and this time, the Power Rangers got the best of the fight, as filled with their new strength and powers, they fought back.

The battle raged all over the tops of the buildings, as Rangers and putties flipped everywhere. The forces of good had just gained eight powerful new allies, and the forces of evil were hard-pressed to stop them.

* * *

"Finster!" Rita screamed as she stormed into her servant's workshop. "Those stupid putties are being beaten by a bunch of pimple-faced meatheads! They're pathetic!"

As Finster huddled away from her wrath, Squatt piped up, "Why don't you make Goldar and Kelsi big with your wand?"

Rita glared at him, then marched back to the balcony she was watching the events unfold from. "I always have to do everything myself!" she grumbled. "Finster, I'll deal with you later!" as the little monster maker cowered in a corner, she raised her wand and threw it to Earth, calling out, "Magic wand, make my warriors grow!"

On Earth, Goldar and Kelsi suddenly both expanded into immense proportions. Kelsi threw her head back and laughed. "Thank you, dear Rita!" she smiled, glancing down at the now small Rangers. "Time for some fun, little brother!"

"Oh, YES!" Goldar cackled, stomping towards the Rangers.

"Man, that dude's huge!" Jason declared, backing away a bit. "Back off, fang-face!" he growled, glaring at the monster and at the woman next to him. As beautiful as she was, she was still trying to conquer his world.

"The good guys are here!" Zack agreed from next to him.

Billy nodded harshly. "Get off our planet!"

"Before we kick you off!" Tommy shouted.

"And kick you off hard!" Netis bellowed with all her strength.

"You don't know who you're dealing with!" Lindsey shrieked.

"Cause we're the Power Rangers!" Trini announced proudly.

"And we're not backing down!" Kim finished it up. Jason nodded.

"DinoZord Power!" he ordered. From their secret hiding places came the eight Zords, rising up at the command of the Power Rangers. The Rangers each leaped to the Zord's cockpits, and Jason commanded, "Log on!" he wanted to make sure all of his friends were handling this as well as he was.

Zack was first. "Zack here, this is kicking!"

"This is Billy, all systems go!"

"Trini here, ready to rock!"

"Hey, nice stereo!" that could only have come from Kimberly.

"This is awesome!" Tommy declared.

Lindsey laughed. "I'm loving this!"

"Let's kick some rear!" Netis smiled under her helmet. To heck with her fears, this was destiny!

Jason nodded. "MegaZord power, on!" as they started to come together, he listened in to what they were saying.

"Trini here, this is amazing!" the Yellow Ranger was excited! "I seem to know how to drive this thing!"

Billy giggled. "Affirmative, me too! It's almost like second nature to me!" it must be a side effect of these powers. I must look into this.

Tommy, Lindsey, and Netis watched as the other five Zords united into the MegaZord, then started to fight with Goldar. "What do we do?" Netis wondered. "I mean, they've got him all wrapped up it seems!"

"AH, but there is still me to contend with!" they looked up to see the gigantic Kelsi coming towards them. "And you don't stand a chance, Rangers!"

"DragonZord fighting mode, online!" Tommy snapped, watching as their own Zords came together in their gestalt configuration. "Kelsi, you're the one who doesn't stand a chance, we're going to kick you and your people straight back to wherever you came from!"

Kelsi laughed, running her finger along the edge of her equally huge sword. "Promises, promises, Green Ranger!" she mocked him. "Let's see what you've got!"

"You want it, you got it!" Netis growled. "DragonSword!"

The sword appeared in the DragonZord's hand, as they started to seriously fight. It was all the three of them could do not to look at the other fight taking place only a few feet away, with the MegaZord and Goldar. They had their own battle to deal with as Kelsi slammed her fist into them as powerfully as she could. "Whoa!" Lindsey whispered. "We're gonna have to do better than that to get rid of her!"

Kelsi laughed, following her punch up with a swift kick that they only barely managed to block. "Oh, I'm going to have so much fun tearing you apart!" she declared. "And if you're very lucky, I might take the males of your team for my own personal sport!"

An image flashed in Lindsey's mind of Kelsi, tormenting Jason, and the Purple Ranger growled harshly. "No way!" she snapped, slamming her finger down on a missile launch button. Three of the weapons launched towards Kelsi, all hitting her. The evil sorceress fell back, just as Goldar was knocked back by the MegaZord's Power Sword.

"This isn't over!" Goldar declared, looking at his sister, who nodded briefly. She knew when to fight, and when to retreat.

"We'll be back!" Kelsi declared, taking them both back to the moon in a flash of fire. The Rangers all stared at each other in pure joy.

"We did it!"

* * *

"I can't believe this!" Rita roared as they appeared on the palace. "You failed! How dare you fail! Kelsi, you're supposed to be this great evil sorceress, and you screwed it up! How could you?"

Kelsi leaned back, gazing into her Mirror again. "Chill out, Rita," she said casually. "This is just a minor setback. Deal with it."

Rita growled and almost kicked at her partner. "This better not happen again! I've got a headache!" she marched out of the room, looking for her aspirin. Kelsi sighed and shrugged.

"We'll try again later," was all she said, watching Angel Grove. I will find you, my love. I will.

* * *

Glad, cheerful, and surprised voices filled the Command Center as the newly made Rangers talked among themselves. Zordon's voice cut through it all. Congratulations on a job well done, he told them. Now that you have become Power Rangers, you must follow three basic rules, or lose the protection of the Power. First, never use your power for personal gain. Second, never escalate a battle unless Rita and Kelsi force you. Finally, keep your identities secret. No one may know you are a Power Ranger.

Zack stepped forward. "Wait a second," he said, a bit nervously.

Yes, Zachary? What is it?

He took a deep breath. "I'm not sure we're all up to this," he said. "I mean, we got pretty lucky this time!"

Tommy, Lindsey, and Netis all nodded; they knew their fight with Kelsi had ended by her choice, not theirs. Zordon shook his head, though. Luck had nothing to do with it. The eight of you have come together to form as fine a group of superheroes as there has ever been.

"No way," Netis and Kim spoke in unison, as they did on occasion. "Really?"

You have been through an extraordinary experience together, Zordon reminded them. You need each other now, and the world needs YOU!

Jason nodded sharply. "Yeah! All right, I'm in!"

"Me too!" Zack declared.

"Affirmative!" Billy decided.

"You can count on me!" Trini told them.

"And on me, one hundred percent, Zordon!" Tommy added his voice.

"I'm with you all the way!" Lindsey was firm in her resolve.

"You're not getting rid of me!" Netis laughed. They all turned to look at Kim, the only one who hadn't spoken.

She shrugged. "I dunno, you guys," she pulled out a strand of brownish hair. "My hair gets all tangled up under the helmet. . .I don't think I can do it."

Everyone stared at her in shock. "Kimberly!" came from eight different voices, as even Alpha tried to persuade her not to do this. She grinned at them all suddenly, and laughed.

"Not!" she'd only been joking! Alpha spun around a bit, smoke coming from his helmet as he tried to deal with what was going on.

"Illogical, illogical!" he cried out, "Circuit overload, circuit overload!" he whined until Kim explained what a joke was to him. "Humor," he shook his head. "What a concept!"

Jason laughed. "Let's do it!" he declared, holding out his hand. The others all piled theirs own, and for a moment, they stood looking at each other. Jason, Kim, Zack, Trini, Billy, Tommy, Netis, and Lindsey. The Power Rangers. A team. A family.

In one mighty voice, they shouted out, "Power Rangers!"

The End?