Legal Disclaimer: Hi again! Yes, it's another rewritten episode with my homemade Rangers and villainess added.'s episode: Teamwork, reworked into this mess here. For those unfamiliar with the Unification series, I suggest reading "Power of Eight" and "Old Love?" first. Kelsi Syrok, Lindsey Switcher, and Netis Oliver belong to me, as do the Allosaurus and Pterandon Zords. The Power Weapons NOT seen on the show also belong to me. Enjoy!

Weapons of the Past
by Phillip Peterson

It was a day like any other at Angel Grove High as the various students wandered this way and that doing the things that they did. In one corner of a hallway, three young ladies were urging people to sign a petition, backed up by photographs of a hideous looking dumpsite.

"Stop the pollution of our neighborhood!" Trini called out. She, Kim, and Lindsey were doing everything they could to get everyone to sign the petitions they had.

Kim waved her clipboard. "Sign a petition!" she urged and Lindsey nodded, her eyes bright and shining.

"Help shut the dumpsite down!" she added her voice to the call. The Pink, Yellow, and Purple Rangers were united in this every bit as much as they were united in the defense of Earth against Rita and Kelsi.

Trini smiled as someone else signed the petition she held. "Come on, guys! We can hardly stand the smell anymore! Let them know that you care!"

"Please, sign up!" Lindsey watched as another person signed her own clipboard. Kim looked up as someone came through the crowd.

"Oh, hi, Mr. Caplan!" she waved. The semi-balding man came over to them.

The principal looked around at everything they'd done to get people to help out in their cause, and smiled. "This is wonderful, girls!" he declared. "It's just dandy that you're trying to clean up the environment. But is this dumpsite as bad as you say?"

"You should see the place, Mr. Caplan," Trini's face scrunched up as she thought about their visit there to snap the pictures behind them. It had been hideous. "It's an industrial waste disaster!"

Kim nodded. "I mean, who could stand to pollute the Earth like that?" she wondered. Even Rita was just trying to conquer it, not ruin it like this!

"We've got to get it shut down!" Lindsey added her own two cents worth. The principal nodded, impressed by their intense desire. This was a definite good cause!

* * *

On the moon, Rita Repulsa laughed coldly as she peered at the RepulsaScope and watched the three teenagers working to clean up even the smallest part of their poor polluted planet. Kelsi was ignoring her, as she had been for the last few days. Ever since her attempt to take over the mind of Billy, the Blue Ranger, Kelsi Syrok had been in a major funk. Rita didn't mind, though. It gave her the chance to explore her own evil desires.

"My pollution will ruin the whole planet!" she laughed. She hadn't started this, but she was going to finish it! After all, a ruined planet would be so much easier to conquer!

Finster nodded sharply. "Using their own pollution against them is a stroke of genius! Once my monster has eliminated the Power Rangers, then Earth is finished!"

* * *

The fight continued in Angel Grove, but not the fight against the forces of evil. Lindsey, Kim, and Trini urged more and more people to sign their petitions. "Sign the petition! We can live in a cleaner environment!" Trini called out. "Stop the pollution!"

"Sign a petition! Help clean up the dumpsite!" Kim cried, waving the clipboard and smiling as someone else beckoned to sign it. Her smile broadened as five very familiar people walked closer towards them: Jason, Zack, Billy, Tommy, and Netis, the other five Rangers.

Zack asked as they drew close enough to speak, "Hey, ladies, what's up?" They hadn't been around this morning until now to see what their friends were doing, but were plainly impressed!

"Hi, guys!" the girls grinned, with Lindsey's eyes warming at the sight of her boyfriend Jason.

The Red Ranger glanced around. "Wow, looks like you've attracting a crowd!"

"Yeah, are you conducting a campaign of some kind?" Billy asked. Trini nodded.

"We're going to deliver these petitions to the dumpsite owners today," she told him. The two of them weren't dating, but they were very strongly attracted to each other, and were more open about it than they had been before Kelsi's attempt at mind controlling Billy into believing he was her long-gone mate.

Kim glanced down at the signatures on her sheet. "Yeah, maybe we can convince them to clean up the mess," she suggested.

"You guys wanna sign?" Lindsey asked, holding the clipboard out to Jason, who took it.

"Sure!" he grinned as he jotted his signature down on it. As he passed it to the others, Trini suggested that they all go to the dumpsite together to hand in the petitions. Jason's eyes filled with a moment of panic. "I'd love to, but I've got a karate class I've got to teach later, I mean, it's a great cause, but I can't bug out on my students."

"And I'm going to be helping him," Tommy put in. The two of them taught most of the martial arts classes in the Youth Center, and were an excellent team together.

Netis nodded. "I'm in that class," she reminded them. "I can't pass it up."

Billy sighed as he signed. "Regrettably, I must also decline. You see, I'm president of the Science Fair Committee and today's our first meeting."

"I'd love to, ladies, but Alpha, he said he had something super-important to talk to me about right away," Zack said quickly. "I promised to meet him. Sorry."

Lindsey, Trini, and Kim glanced at each other, then at their teammates. "It's okay," Kim said finally, and Lindsey nodded.

"All right," Trini said. "Kim, Lindsey, and I will go alone then. But it would be a lot more impressive if we acted like a team."

Jason smiled a little weakly at his girlfriend. "Sorry, girls."

Lindsey shrugged. "Hey, thanks for signing the petition!" she told him as they started to walk off to their various activities, wishing them all luck in their attempt. The girls all turned suddenly at the sound of someone burping, to see Bulk, Skull, and some of their punk friends leaning up against the lockers.

"Hey, Miss Earth," Bulk mocked them as he deliberately dropped a can to the floor. "Recycle that!"

The three female Rangers exchanged disgusted glances; Bulk, Skull, and their friends made life a real pain at times. Kim half-growled, "Get a life, Bulk!"

"Hey!" Skull glared at them. "Why don't you take this," he snatched up the trash and threw it harshly at them. "to the dump with you, Miss Clean?" they laughed coldly as the wadded up junk fell to the ground. A passing young man glanced at it, then casually picked it up to properly dispose of it.

This did not sit well with the punks. "Hey, geek!" Bulk growled as Skull seized the young man and held him for Bulk to dump trash all over him. Trini's eyes flashed.

"That's it!" she growled, and Lindsey was right beside her.

"You're way out of line!" the Purple Ranger declared; none of them liked seeing innocent people hurt or inconvenienced in anyway! One of Bulk's other friends kicked the trashcan towards them as the polite teenager quickly fled the scene, and Kim, towards whom it was heading, flipped over it agilely.

Skull laughed as she came to her feet not far from him. "Guess you finally flipped over me!" he grinned, folding his arms.

"Come on! Let's get her!" Bulk growled, charging for the perky Pink Ranger from one way, while Skull did the same from the other. Kim was too fast for them, however, and flipped again, causing the two bullies to run straight into each other. They stared at each other for a few seconds, then jumped apart, losing their balance and landing right into two wastebaskets!

Kim, Trini, and Lindsey glanced at each other, then at the bullies. "Well," Kim grinned. "Looks like it's time to take out the trash!"

Lindsey nodded. "And deliver these petitions!" she waved the sheaf of papers and signatures they'd collected as the three of them waltzed off, glad to have escaped without the bullies bothering them anymore.

* * *

"Oh, this is sweet!" Rita laughed as she watched the waste dump she was carefully tampering with. "Kimberly, Trini, and Lindsey are about to walk into my waste dump!" she cackled, glancing at her minions. Kelsi was still unavailable, mourning or whatever it was she was doing in her room. "It's perfect! Those girls don't stand a chance!"

"Yeah!" Baboo was thrilled, then actually had a thought! "But if the girls find out it's your plant, won't that ruin your plan?"

Goldar made a very rude sounding noise that broke off the objections. "We'll ambush them with putties then finish them with a monster before their friends can help!" he told them harshly. If he'd actually cared about his sister, he might have been worried about her. As it was, he was going to take this chance to make her look bad. "And we don't need any help from Kelsi either!"

Rita glared at her servant. "She might be your sister, but she is also my partner and fellow queen!" she reminded him. "Treat her with respect!" she laughed again. "We can't lose with this plan, though! So we might not need her! Prepare the putties, they've got work to do!"

As everyone jumped to attention, Rita's eyes flicked back to Kelsi's chamber. She'd BETTER snap out of it soon! Or I'll just have to defeat the Rangers without her!

* * *

The dumpsite was disgusting, filled with filth and grime and trash everywhere. Kim, Trini, and Lindsey shuddered as they walked through it after school that day. "This is awful!" Lindsey groaned. "How can people live like this?"

"This is gross!" Kim shuddered, pointing to a mess of something on the ground. Trini winced.

"What do you suppose that stuff is?" she wondered.

Lindsey closed her eyes for a moment. "I don't think I wanna know."

As they walked, they all looked for some sign of life or someone who they could give the petitions they were holding to. There was no one, however, and the desolation and pollution was beginning to get on everyone's nerves. "Well, it really doesn't look like there's anyone here to give these petitions to." Kim observed.

"Then why does it feel like we're being watched?" Trini wondered, shivering suddenly. The answer came in a flash of gray.

Lindsey growled, falling into a fighting stance as Putties leaped from everywhere to land all around them. "That's why!" she snapped. The other two backed closer to her, also getting ready to fight.

"We've got company!" Kim's voice held a slight edge of panic; they still weren't used to fighting Putties. With quick movements they split up, hoping to pull their attackers apart and give them a less obvious target to fight against. With sharp battle cries and fierce thrusts, the three Rangers were dealing out some serious damage to the Putties, who chased them all over the dumpsite as per their queen's orders.

"This isn't going well!" Lindsey growled as she was tossed up against a wall, and swore mentally as a putty ripped her favorite purple shirt. "Keep your hands to yourself, clayhead!" she snarled, slamming a powerful foot into the creature. This fight wasn't fun!

* * *

"Good, they're fighting! This is great!" Rita laughed as she watched the battle going on below. "Now all we have to do is send the monster!"

"What monster?" the evil queen jerked around to see Kelsi standing behind her. "What have you been up to, Rita?"

Rita's eyebrows shot to her hairline, and she started fumbling around for an explanation. "Oh, forget it," Kelsi snapped. "Just do whatever pathetic plan you're doing. We'll get caught up later."

Kelsi went over to her Mirror and gazed into it, forcing her thoughts to remain calm. The Rangers were split up, easy prey. She would have her revenge. . .maybe not today. .but someday. ..

* * *

Far outside of Angel Grove, in the middle of the desert, inside the Command Center, Zack stared at Alpha. He did not believe the request he'd just heard. "That's why you brought me here, Alpha?" he asked. "Check it out!"

As he started to dance around the main chamber of the Command Center, the little robot stared intently at him. He really wanted to understand human customs and things, and Zack was possibly the best person to help him, he believed. "I'm watching!"

The skilled young dancer slipped and moved all over the Command Center, to Alpha's vocalized awe. When he stopped, Zack looked to the robot. "That's the hip-hop kedo and that's what it's all about!" he grinned, slapping Alpha's three-fingered metallic hand. They both jumped when the alarms began to blare suddenly.

Zachary. Alpha. Three of the girls are in trouble, Zordon told them as they raced to the Viewing Globe. The Putties have them outnumbered at the waste dump.

In the Globe, Lindsey, Kim, and Trini were still fighting valiantly against the Putties still trying to bring them down. "Ay-yi-yi-yi!" Alpha whirled around. "Dudettes in trouble, dudettes in trouble! What are we going to do, Zordon?"

The ancient wizard had an answer for them. Bring the rest of the team to help. Billy, Jason, Netis, Tommy. Teleport here at once. It is urgent.

In flashes of blue, red, white, and green, the other four Rangers appeared in the Command Center. "What's up?" Jason wondered.

Kimberly, Trini, and Lindsey are in trouble, Zordon told them. Zack came up from behind, getting their attention as Jason almost jumped for the Viewing Globe.

"Hey, fellas, take a look," the Black Ranger told them, gesturing to the Globe. Jason and Tommy exchanged fierce glances; their girlfriends were in major danger! "We've gotta help them!"

* * *

"Finster, is the monster ready yet?" Rita growled, entering the monster-maker's lab. "It's time!"

Finster nodded quickly. "Yes, evil one, the Minotaur is nearly complete! There!" he put the last few touches on it. "Done!"

With a wave of both Kelsi and Rita's wands, the Minotaur burst into full life and teleported down to Angel Grove. This was going to be something that the Rangers were simply not able to beat! The two evil queens looked at each other, and laughed.

"Revenge will be mine!" Kelsi gloated.

"And the world will be ours!"

* * *

There is no time to waste, Zordon told them. Get to the dumpsite, and. . .wait, he paused. Rita and Kelsi have just sent down a monster. You had better deal with it first. I'll monitor the others from here.

The Rangers glanced at the Globe to see what they were going to have to deal with, and Billy shivered a bit. "It's a most menacing Minotaur!"

Jason shrugged; it was only his complete trust in Zordon that let him go off to fight it and not go rushing to save Lindsey. He also knew she was perfectly capable of saving herself. Tommy held the same trust in Kimberly, and nodded quietly as Jason looked at him. "They'll be okay, bro," he said. Jason pulled out his Power Morpher.

"It's morphin' time!"






In their blazes of light, they teleported to where the Minotaur was waiting for them, shouting their battlecry as they did so. Billy and Zack kicked in unison up high, while the twins went for a doublekick below, and Jason followed up with a powerful strike of his own to the chest. All that served to knock it back only a few feet.

"This guy's tough!" the Red Ranger growled. "I'll get him with my Bladeblaster!" he pulled the weapon from it's holster, shooting quickly, only to have the creature knock them all back by reflecting it! Things weren't looking good for these five.

* * *

They didn't look much better for the Pink, Purple, and Yellow Rangers either as they regrouped in the wastedump. "Are you all right?" Lindsey asked, glancing at her friends and receiving nods in return.

"Yeah, do you think we got them all?" Kim asked. Before either could answer, more Putties emerged from behind piles of rubbish. "Oh, great. ..," she groaned. "More trouble."

Lindsey saw something, though, behind them. "Kim, Trini, look," she gestured to the wastebuckets they were standing in front of. Kim grinned, figuring out her friend's plan at once. She turned to the Putties.

"Come on, clayboys, come and get us!" she shouted. The creatures, too stupid to resist the challenge charged, and the three of them moved quickly out of the way, letting the Putties land in the buckets just as Bulk and Skull had earlier!

* * *

"Ay-yi-yi!" Alpha moaned as he watched the events in the Viewing Globe, and saw Goldar heading down to Earth to join in the fight against the Rangers. "More trouble on the way, Zordon!"

Hmmmm. . .this is a dangerous turn of events, Alpha. Contact the girls and tell them to morph and try to hook up with the others. Working together as a team is their only hope now.

* * *

In the wastedump, the communication was quickly picked up by the three Rangers there, who had but one reply to it, and that was spoken by Kim. "It's morphin' time!"



"Sabre-tooth Tiger!"

As they morphed and teleported nearer to their friends, more Putties, and Goldar, almost seemed to materialize out of thin air all around them, charging for them. The battle was raging all around them again in moments, but with the extra strength and skill given by the Power, they were slowly beginning to get the better of their opponents.

Goldar decided to change that, attacking Kimberly directly. She was one of the weaker Rangers, her martial arts training not having been nearly as intensive. "You're mine!" he grated, knocking her off her feet.

"Kim, look out!" Trini called out as Lindsey leaped over to defend her friend, only to be intercepted by a group of Putties. Trini growled some, and attacked Goldar herself, pulling him away from the Pink Ranger until she got back on her feet. "Kim, call the others! Get help!" they were going to need help to fight off this guy!

Pink Ranger nodded, scrambling to her feet and jumping a few feet away to some clear space. "Right!" Lindsey worked her way away from the Putties and helped Trini with the fight against Goldar; they would not let anything take them down! They were the Power Rangers!

* * *

"Ay-yi-yi! The Power Rangers still have their hands full!" Alpha shook his head; this was serious! The Rangers were trying to get together, but with Goldar keeping Pink, Yellow, and Purple in check, there was little they could do to help out White, Green, Blue, Red, and Black.

Yes. This is the toughest situation they have had to face yet. Perhaps the time has come to reveal to them the ancient secrets of the Power Weapons, Zordon mused. The weapons were powerful, and deadly if used properly. Could this situation really call for it?

He was afraid that it did.

* * *

Zack, Tommy, Jason, Billy, and Netis were having their hands more than full when it came to fighting this Minotaur. It was shaking off their most powerful blows as if they were nothing at all! It got even worse when Rita's wand exploded out of the sky, wrapping the Minotaur in powerful bolts of energy that grew it to Zord-size!

"Oh, just lovely!" Jason groaned. "Just what we didn't need!"

"We can worry about what we need or don't need once we've space-dusted it!" Netis snapped. "And for that, you know what we need!"

Red Ranger nodded, reaching for his communicator. "Kim, Trini, Lindsey! We've got our hands full over here! Call up the Zords and help us put this dude down!"

Trini's voice came back over the device. "Right! We're on the way! And while we're at it, we'll take out Goldar and the Putties too!"

From all over, voices rose in sharp commands of power. "Tyrannosaurus DinoZord Power!" as the creature rose up, Jason leaped for the cockpit, ready to fight.

"Mastodon DinoZord Power!" Zack ordered, grinning as his Zord appeared. "Let's get it!"

Billy called his with a simple wave of a hand and a "Triceratops!"

Tommy pulled out the Dragon Dagger and took a deep breath, playing the melody that called forth the DragonZord from the depths of the ocean. "DragonZord!" he breathed almost reverently, staring at the mighty creature that was the source of his power.

"Allosaurus DinoZord Power!" Netis cried out, smiling under her helmet as the powerful Zord leaped towards them. The White Ranger enjoyed many things about being a Ranger, but fighting the forces of evil with her mighty Zord was one of the best.

The other three Rangers were also calling their Zords. "Sabre-Tooth Tiger Power!" Trini called out fiercely, tired of having to deal with Goldar and the Putties. They were going to go down!

"Pteranadon!" Lindsey's voice was harsh; she was wearing out. Even the extra strength of being morphed wasn't quite enough to keep her going for too much longer. This fight couldn't last forever, Kim knew, as she summoned up her own Zord.

The eight powerful battle machines raced towards them as swiftly as they could, and the Minotaur backed off just a little, obviously somewhat impressed with the power they presented. The Rangers felt a thread of hope at this; they would soon be done with this fight!

"Let's do it!" Jason declared, leaping up for his Zord, with the others agreeing and following. "Log on!"

"Zack here, moving and a-grooving!" Black Ranger shouted from the Mastodon.

"This is Billy, outstanding!" came from the Triceratops-bound Blue Ranger.

"Trini here, ready to rock!" Sabre-tooth Tiger's master declared.

"Let's munch this Minotaur!" was Kim's addition.

Tommy's voice came from the DragonZord. "He's gonna regret the day he was made!"

His twin's voice was just was powerful. "Just like we already do!"

Lindsey was the last to speak. "Bad guys zip, good guys one hundred percent, all the way!"

"Battle sequence engaged!" Jason called out, the five Zords that formed the MegaZord starting to move a little closer together. In one-monster fights they usually took the lead, with the DragonZord, Allosaurus, and Pteranadon waiting in the wings to deal with Goldar, Kelsi, or anything else that might show up to bother them.

The Minotaur was waiting for them, it seemed, as were Goldar and the Putties. Jason's voice snapped quickly, "Tommy, Netis, Lindsey. You guys take care of the Putties and Goldar, the Minotaur's ours!"

"On it, Jase!" Green Ranger called back as the three Zords turned to deal with the not-quite-as-annoying enemies. Their fight was going to be the relatively easy one, they all knew. Goldar seldom stuck around if he was outnumbered or as outclassed as he was by the Zords. The rest of the team turned their attention to the Minotaur, Billy first.

"Activating weapon systems," the Blue Ranger called out, turning levers and switches on the control panel. He might not be able to do too much physically in a fight, but this was one place where he was just as good a fighter as Jason or Tommy, and he relished it! The Triceratops shot lasers at the creature, followed by bolts from the Sabre-tooth Tiger. The Minotaur didn't seem too impressed, shooting lasers from it's massive horns back at the two of them.

Zack was already to join them, though. "Let me chill this dude!" he cried out, shooting streams of icy cold from the trunk of the MastodonZord. The Minotaur simply raised his shield to block, and then slammed his club into the mighty creature.

"I'll get him!" Billy declared, shooting forth the horns from his Zord to wrap chains around the monster. "Power hooks are locked on!" he declared, shifting gears to try and knock the thing over. His sensors, and his eyes, reported something bad, though. "They're not holding! Increasing power! Now!"

The Rangers all held back a cheer, just out of habit, as Billy pulled the creature onto it's side. Could it really be this easy?

* * *

Rita's eyes blazed as she and Kelsi watched the battle raging below. This couldn't be happening; the Minotaur was her mightiest weapon ever! "What!? It can't be defeated now, we're too close!"

"Open your eyes, Rita," Kelsi said dryly. "It's happening. Of course, it doesn't have to happen."

The evil sorceress turned to her companion. "What are you talking about? Speak sense!"

"Why bother, no one else around here does," Kelsi retorted. "It's simple. I'll give our monster a power boost, and then not even all eight Zords could defeat him! That's all there is to it. The Minotaur'll destroy them, and we will take over the Earth." and my revenge will be complete.

Rita laughed wickedly. "Yes! Do it, Kelsi! Do it!" she watched with glee as Kelsi raised her staff and pointed it to Earth, sending a wicked bolt of green energy down. "Oh, we're going to win!"

* * *

Back down on Earth, the Rangers watched as the Minotaur was struck by an emerald green bolt of lightning, and Billy shivered. He recognized the power signature at once, having had it far too close to him for comfort before. Kelsi. "Kelsi must be increasing it's power!" he called out . "We'd better be ready, this isn't going to be pretty!"

That was one of the worst understatements of the year, as the Minotaur leaped back onto it's feet and kicked powerfully at the TyrannosaurusZord, knocking it over as the Triceratops had knocked the monster over only moments before. The metallic representation of the king of the dinosaurs went rolling over and over, and Jason was glad he wasn't prone to motion sickness. He was also glad he could think on his feet. Five words burst from his mouth. "Power Rangers, bring them together!"

As the Mastodon, Triceratops, Sabre-tooth Tiger, Pterodactyl, and Tyrannosaurus Zords began to join up, the other three Rangers were still involved with Goldar. They'd abandoned their Zords for now, preferring to deal with this one on one. Tommy and Goldar were going at it fiercely, while Netis and Lindsey made short work of the Putties. When they saw the MegaZord being formed, however, they knew things were getting serious.

"The guys might need our help!" Lindsey shouted. "Tommy, be ready!" she hoped the Green Ranger had heard her over the sound of battle.

"I am!" he shouted back to her. "That Minotaur's giving them serious problems!"

Goldar growled as he slammed Tommy in the ribs, "Not nearly as many problems as I'm going to give you, Ranger!"

"Oh, shut up!" Tommy snapped. The last thing they needed was a bigmouthed henchman.

The other five Rangers were forming the MegaZord as fast as they could, and the Minotaur marched towards them as they rolled along in tankmode. It leaned over, shooting lasers at them from it's horns and knocking them around in the cockpit. "Bring the MegaZord to full power!" Jason snapped, preparing to transform it into full standing warrior mode. If they went down, it would be fighting.

* * *

In the Command Center, Zordon and Alpha were watching with deep interest and concern. Zordon had hoped the Power Weapons wouldn't be needed, but it was beginning to look as if they had no other option. "Ay-yi-yi, Zordon, he keeps coming no matter what they do! The Zords have no effect! At this rate they don't stand a chance. Should they try using both MegaZords?"

No, Alpha, Zordon's scans had revealed the monster's weakness, and there was only one thing to be done. He opened a channel to all the Rangers. Power Rangers, return to the Command Center for new instructions.

In the cockpit, Jason nodded. "You heard him, guys, let's go!" eight flashes of light departed the battlefield as the Rangers obeyed instructions. They could only hope Zordon knew what he was talking about.

* * *

"They're running away!" Rita laughed. "We did it, Kelsi, we did it!"

The other evil being snorted. "It's more like I did it!" she growled. "I'm the one who expanded the Minotaur's power, remember? Of course you don't! That would require thought, and there's very few around here who know how to do that, especially not you!"

Rita ignored the insults, preferring to relax in the sensations of victory, so wonderfully tasty to her! "Now the world will be our for the taking!" she declared. "All ours, all ours, all ours!"

Kelsi sighed, shaking her head. Somedays I really wonder about her.

* * *

Red, blue, yellow, pink, black, green, white, and purple light soared across Angel Grove and finally landed in the Command Center, transforming back into eight chattering Rangers as they tried to figure out what was going on and why they had been brought back without even trying the double MegaZord attack that would've most likely been Jason's next attempt to defeat the Minotaur.

Your questions will be answered in due time, Zordon's voice cut across the babble, and they were all silent. Your Zords have been returned to their hiding places and I will now reveal to you new powers and weapons. Behold!

Billy half-jumped as a long blue lance appeared in his hand. Billy, this is your Power Lance, a weapon of great power and range.

A green scimitar materialized in front of Tommy. Tommy, this is the Power Scimitar, use it in good cause only.

Purple light melted into a long staff in Lindsey's hands. Behind the Power Staff, Lindsey, weapon of the Purple Ranger.

Netis smiled as a powerful-looking bola came to her. This is the Power Bola, Netis, and your Power Weapon.

Kimberly, Zordon's voice held a smile as a longbow appeared in the Pink Ranger's hands. Behold your Power Bow, accurate and strong.

Jason, this is your Power Sword, a longsword came into being in Jason's hands, longer than Tommy's and somehow looking more powerful. Key to all the weapons' power.

Zack was next. Zachary, behold the Power Axe, lightning quick and hard as diamond.

The Yellow Ranger was last, as twin daggers appeared in her hands. Trini, your Power Daggers are feather-light and true as arrows. Use these weapons together and you will be unstoppable!

Jason raised the Power Sword, feeling the power and strength of it pulsating through his body. "That Minotaur's history!" he declared.

* * *

The eight of them flew in their teleportation colors back to where the Minotaur was marching towards Angel Grove. "Okay, here's the plan," Jason told them quickly. "Tommy, Netis, and Lindsey, you guys go first, get him off balance and inflict as much damage as you can. Then we corner the Minotaur and give him a taste of our weapons. If that doesn't work, we bring 'em together and give him a blast of our megapower! You with me!?"

Seven other voices rose in quick agreement; this was going to be incredible, they all felt! They had new weapons to use against the forces of evil, and the forces of good were going to win the day this time around. It was time for round two!

They materialized back on the battlefield, feeling their warrior's spirit arising as they did so. It demanded a little posing and spouting off of speeches. They couldn't be satisfied else. Jason waved his sword. "All right, Minotaur, you're going down!"

"You got that right!" Zack declared, his axe gleaming. "You're yesterday's news!"

"And bad news at that!" Lindsey added, the staff looking dangerous in her hands, despite the newness of it.

"You're going to wish you'd never tangled with the Power Rangers!" Tommy was glad he'd practiced with his sword, to know how to use this scimitar.

"Just like all the rest of the monsters have!" Netis joined her voice to her friends.

Billy felt almost like laughing. "Face it, Minotaur, you're finished!" he declared.

"So why don't you go back where you came from?" Trini flipped and tossed her daggers expertly, her own skill shining through here. "Before you get hurt?"

"And the same goes for Rita and Kelsi!" Kimberly declared, drawing her Power Bow and almost itching for a fight, though she wouldn't escalate it.

They would, however, continue one. Netis whirled the Power Bola around quickly, gaining strength and speed, and tossed it out, wrapping the gleaming balls around the Minotaur's legs and watching as it tipped over. With a mental command she brought the weapon back to her, and grinned as Tommy and Lindsey started the next wave of the attack, leaping towards the monster with Staff and Scimitar outstretched for combat. The Minotaur, already offbalanced by her Bola, didn't stand a chance as first the Green and Purple Rangers, then the Black and Blue, Pink and Yellow, and finally Red each slammed into his with their various weapons, knocking him farther and farther back.

Zordon's voice coming from Jason's sword startled them. Rangers, the time is right to bring these weapons together, he told them. Your team must work together as one, now.

"Come on, guys!" Jason declared. "Let's do it!" they clashed their weapons together, charging them to the next level of power, then began to bring them together.

"Power Axe!" Zack cried, sliding a lever down and tossing the axe up to hover in the air.

"Power Bolas!" Netis shouted, sending her weapon up to hang just across the Axe.

"Power Staff!" Lindsey's staff slid in between the two already there, providing balance.

"Power Scimitar!" Tommy added his weapon next to the staff.

"Power Bow!" Kim threw her bow there, lengthwise so it gave a forward brace to the superweapon they were forming.

"Power Daggers!" Trini's daggers slipped up to even things out there.

"Power Lance!" Billy separated his lance and added the next to last weapon. Jason leaped up to where the gestalt was hovering, and slammed his sword into the final position, bringing it down.

"Power Sword!" he declared, aiming it at the Minotaur. "Power Rangers!" they called out together as he fired. Bolts of light and energy swarmed forth from the Power Blaster, blowing the Minotaur into spacedust! They had won!

The Rangers looked at each other, and at their weapons. Working together as a team, they had won the day! Teamwork really did make a difference!

* * *

"I don't believe this!" Rita growled, kicking things around the throne room. "We were this close to defeating the Rangers, what happened, Kelsi?"

The other sorceress leaned quietly against a wall and polished her nails. "The Rangers beat us. You really must pay more attention to these things, Rita."

She watched with a cruel smile on her lips as the various idiots around the palace tried to blame each other for things. Kelsi was perhaps a trifle more realistic than her companions. It did little good, she'd realized long ago, to rant and scream and rave over a defeat. That just gave your enemy time to rest and plan other ways to make your life miserable. She preferred simply to accept what happened, and move on to the next plan.

"All the bad guys in the universe and I had to get stuck with these nitwits!" Rita's screech penetrated even Kelsi's thoughts, and the evil witch groaned mentally. I think I should look up another line of work.

* * *

As the eight Rangers walked through the halls of Angel Grove High, replete in their victory, Trini grinned. "We're awesome when we work as a team!" she declared.

Billy agreed. "Maybe with a little teamwork, we can get the dumpsite closed down yet!" he declared. Lindsey smiled.

"That would be so awesome!" she declared. "Believe me, of all the places to fight a battle in, that is one of the ones I do not want to repeat!"

Kim shuddered at the memory of the stench and the debris everywhere. "Tell me about it. I'd rather fight in Netis' bedroom!"

"Hey!" the White Ranger looked mock-offended. "My room isn't that bad!"

Tommy giggled. "Oh, yeah, I just almost got lost in there the last time I was there!"

Their teasing and laughing stopped suddenly as they came to where Bulk, Skull, and their punk buddies had left the hallway a complete disaster area. Mr. Caplan was walking towards them as they stopped, and glanced at the mess. "Uh-oh," Jason murmured.

"Look at this mess!" the principal groaned. "Why hasn't it been cleaned up yet?" he spied the teenagers and pointed at them. "You there! I wanna talk to you!"

As the eight looked at each other, the intercom crackled to life suddenly. "Uh, Mr. Caplan? Mrs. Queran wants to talk to you," the school secretary's voice sounded. The balding man looked at them sternly. "One moment!"

He walked away to the office, and the Rangers glanced quickly at each other. "What do you say we show a little teamwork and get this place cleaned up?" Jason suggested.

Lindsey's lips curved into a smile. "Morphinomenal idea!" she declared. The eight of them burst into action, gathering the scattered trash and replacing it in the recycling bins, sweeping up the dust and dirt, and moving the bins neatly back against the walls. In mere moments, the entire place was spotless, just in time for Mr. Caplan to return.

"Nice work, team!" Trini congratulated them as they relaxed after the superfast cleanup. Even with eight people working, it had taken quick work to get it straight in time. The principal stared.

"What happened to the mess?" he stuttered.

Jason affected the most innocence face he could, and it was all they could do not to laugh. "Mess? What mess?" the principal just stared; he was certain he would have had the chance to yell and scream at them, but now. . .everything was all cleaned up. He mentally threw up his hands and walked off; he'd have to find someone else to put in detention now! Bulk and Skull were always available, he remembered, and headed off to find them.

The Rangers laughed, then stiffened briefly as their communicators beeped. Zordon's voice came through Jason's. Congratulations, Power teens, you've done well, he told them, his voice distorted strangely. Please excuse the static on your communicators. Alpha's been so busy practicing his dance steps, that he keeps short-circuiting the control console.

In the Command Center, Zordon watched as the little robot twirled and whirled around, working on the dancing that Zack had taught him and shorting out a few more panels. "That's kicking!" he declared. "Ay-yi-yi-yi!"

Zack shook his head, grinning. "Alpha, my man! Forget about the hip-hop!" he advised. "Just keep being a robot and keep that control console working!"

The Rangers looked at each other and laughed. Once again they had defeated the forces of evil. Once again, they had won. With their new weapons, they knew they were going to have to face foes that were perhaps even more difficult than the Minotaur. But with teamwork, they knew they could do it.

After all, they were the Power Rangers.

The End... for now