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AUTHOR'S NOTES: I'm having big plans for this fan fic saga. This is going to be like an entire new series. It's going to be kind of like a comic book, with a bunch of twists and turns. Keep up with it, and you should be pleased (hopefully).

Remember, it may take a while to spit each chapter out, because I also have to run my website Power Rangers Power Page.

Oh, this takes place sometime after "Carlos and the Count."

This is the introduction to the series. Believe me, this is DEFINITELY not all of it.

by: B.L. Schroeder

It was a sunny day in Angel Grove. It was a teacher conference day, so all the students had a day off. Justin, Nico, and some other kids were playing soccer, while Carlos and T.J. watched. They were really proud that Justin had managed to make new friends his own age. They kind of liked not having to be the only ones to hang out with him. Not that they didn't like him, it was just a little humbling for a guy their age to always be seen with a 12-year-old.

Suddenly, a huge, round object sped overhead, moving so fast it blurred as it past. It seemed to be coming down toward the earth.

"What was that?" someone asked.

"The Power Rangers?" another person wondered.

Suddenly, a great explosion caused the earth to shake, sending everyone sprawling to the ground. The three rangers managed to scramble to their feet and teleport to the Power Chamber.

"Dimitria! What's going on?" T.J. asked their mentor, as Ashley and Cassie teleported in.

"Rangers, I have received an urgent message from an unknown source. Alpha 6, will you please play the message."

Alpha 6 pressed some keys on a control panel, and an image of an alien being appeared on the viewing screen. It looked somewhat like a Klingon from Star Trek, except with no hair, scales, and green skin.

"Power Rangers of Earth, children of Zordon, I send you this message in great distress. The Varox have invaded my ship. My only hope is for you to help me. My ship has gone out of control, and will be crashing into the Earth in a very short time. You are my only hope. Please help me--." The message ended abruptly, as if the craft's communication transference had been destroyed..

"I believe that they have already landed on Earth."

"They have. Shift into Turbo!" T.J. yelled. The rangers morphed and teleported to the area of the giant explosion.

"There!" Carlos pointed to the crash-landed spaceship. The five rangers ran to the site, where many people had already gathered.

"Everyone! Please, step back. We can handle this," T.J.told the crowd, as the four other rangers quickly helped the AGPD surround the area with "Police Line: Do Not Cross" tape.

"Rangers! Channel Four News Reporting! What do you make of this?" A woman yelled to them.

"Channel Five Afternoon Report! Is this another attack on the Earth by aliens?" a man asked. Camera flashes bombarded the rangers, as did the crowds questions.

"Okay! Okay! We have absolutely no idea what this is, or what is inside." T.J. yelled to try and quiet down the crowd. But, the crowd kept up there questioning.

"Guys. Are you ready?" T.J. asked the other rangers.

"Yeah. The life scanner is ready to go." Carlos announced. The rangers looked up at the huge craft, ranging over 25 feet above their heads.

"Where's the entrance?" Cassie asked.

"Search it until we can find it. Chief Murtaw, hold the crowd back as far as you can. No telling what's in here." T.J. told the Police Chief. He was a short fellow, cubby and balding, clad in a trench coat.

"Right. On it, Big Red." Chief Murtaw made a slight grin, then went and told the other Police Officers.

"Big Red..." T.J. mumbled.

On the other side of the craft, Justin surveyed the exterior very closely,trying to find the slightest indication of an opening. He knocked on the craft, trying to find a hollow spot. Suddenly he came across a knock that sounded hollow. He knocked again. It was definitely hollow. "Guys! Over here! I think I found it!" Justin yelled to his teammates. The others came running.

"Where?" T.J. asked.

"Right...here." Justin knocked on the spot.

"You're right. That's definitely hollow." T.J. said. He brought his hand to his mouth to talk into his communicator. "Alpha, send us Turbo RAM."

"You got it, Big Red." Alpha 6 told T.J., chuckling at the choke he had picked up listening in on the rangers' search.

"Big Red?" Cassie asked.

"Forget it." T.J. told her in annoyance.

Cassie almost replied again, but the Turbo RAM appeared.

The rangers took their positions. "Turbo Ram, fire!" they all said in unison. THe blast sent the piece of metal flying from the craft, giving the rangers a little dodge ball practice. Smoke appeared from the newly-found entrance way.

T.J. coughed. "Come on. We have to save anyone that's inside. Everybody, split up. It's not a huge ship, but it's pretty big."

"Right, Big R--" Justin started.

"Would you stop?" T.J. asked Justin, commandingly.


Carlos turned a corner on the ship, coming to a room. Wires were torn out of the wall. The room was torn up badly. It looked like the ship had been invaded. He entered another hallway, giving him two directions to choose from. He chose the left way.

Suddenly, he saw a figure standing in the doorway of a room, carrying a staff with a sharp end. The figure saw him, and suddenly became enraged. "No! Leave me alone, Varox! What do you want!?" Carlos walked toward the creature. It collapsed in fear. "Don't hurt me! Stay away! Please!" The creature broke out into a wail and dropped his staff, finally ending in the fertile position. "Guys, I found the alien. Looks like the Varox got to him bad. Watch your backs, they may still be here. It looks like they've at least been on the ship," Carlos announced into his communicator.

"Guys...I think they're still here!" Justin announced through his communicator. He stared down a dark hallway. It was hard to see anything, except when sparks flew from the torn wires. Justin could make out a large figure, that he was almost sure it was a Varox. It didn't seem to notice him.

"Alright. Guys teleport out. Carlos, take the alien. I'll stay and seal off the ship." T.J. said.

"Wait. Yo, T.J. When you all teleport off, I'll teleport it to the Zeo Zord Holding Bay." Alpha 6 buzzed in on the communicators.

"Okay. Thanks, Alpha." T.J. said. Him, the other rangers, and the alien teleported off the ship.

On the outside of the ship, a news reporter and her camera man sneaked passed the Police Line. "I'm coming to the opening which the Power Rangers blasted open with what they called the Turbo RAM. Let's see what's inside." the reporter said into the camera, then turned to the ship. As they entered the ship, the reporter walked in awe. "Wow...this is amazing. Harry can you get a shot of this?" the reporter asked, pointing to a message on the wall. It was written in some alien language. "No telling what this magnificent language may reveal." the reporter looked at the message for a second, and then kept walking through the ship. Suddenly, she felt a big jerk, and it seemed as though they were being jetted off some place at magnificent speeds. "Whoa. Let's go down this way." the reporter told the camera, really talking to the camera man. The two went down a hallway, dark and with wires sticking out of the walls, every so often one shooting out a spark of electricity. "Whoa! What's that? Harry, zoom in!" the reporter ordered her camera man, seeing a large form down the hall.

The camera man zoomed in to the figure. It suddenly turned to them. "Humans...," it snarled. In one giant leap, the creature jumped on the two. The camera dropped as screams from the reporter and the camera man echoed throughout the hallway, as they were torn, limb from limb.

"What's his condition, Alpha?" T.J. asked, as he watched over the now-sleeping creature.

"Stable. You're right. He's been trampled pretty bad. There are signs of internal bleeding' Alpha answered, keeping vigil over a console as he made sure the creature was stable.

"Guys, I think you wanna see this...," Cassie said, as she stared up at the viewing screen, which was tuned into the Channel 6 News. A handsome man in a sat behind a large desk. "This is Channel 6 News: Live at Five, I'm Gary Cole. Today, a giant space craft crash landed in Angle Grove. The Power Rangers entered the space craft, as did or top news reporter, Laura Dane."

"What? No, she couldn't. Could she?" Carlos wondered, slightly in fear of what would come next.

"Let's watch this startling footage. Parents, you may want your children to leave the room." the reporter said.

The screen then cut to the reporter, outside the space craft. "Laura Dane, reporting for Channel 6 News. I'm standing outside of the space craft, which recently crash landed in Angel Grove Park. The Power Rangers have just arrived, as did the Police. They are cutting off the area to the public. Let's come around to the other side of the space craft, where there are no other reporters." Laura walked around the space craft and to where the Blue Ranger was. "There is the infamous Blue Ranger. Surveying the craft, most likely trying to find a way in. Oh, it looks like he's found something." The reporter began to whisper.

The rangers waited as the Turbo RAM appeared. They all got into positions and then yelled "Turbo RAM, fire!" A part of the space craft blasted open, and the rangers hurried inside.

After waiting a few moments, the reporter hurried across the Police Line. "I'm coming to the opening which the Power Rangers blasted open with what they called the Turbo RAM. Let's see what's inside." the reporter said into the camera, then turned to the ship. As they entered the ship, the reporter walked in awe. "Wow...this is amazing. Harry can you get a shot of this?" the reporter asked, pointing to a message on the wall. It was written in some alien language. "No telling what this magnificent language may reveal." the reporter looked at the message for a second, and then kept walking through the ship. Suddenly, the camera went to a snow screen. It then returned to normal. "Whoa. Let's go down this way." the reporter told the camera, really talking to the camera man.

"Oh, no! That's the way I went!" Justin cried.

"They must have been in the ship when it teleported. That's what that snow was." T.J. realized.

They turned their attention back to the screen. The reporter suddenly saw something down the hall that caught her eye."Whoa! What's that? Harry, zoom in!" the reporter ordered her camera man.

The camera man zoomed in to the figure. It suddenly turned to them. "Humans...," it snarled. In one giant leap, it leapt over the camera's view, suddenly their were screams of both a man and a woman, as the camera dropped and returned to snow again.

"No! No, this can't be happening!" T.J. hoped.

"T.J., yo I'm getting some major reading here. Someone trampling the Zeo Zord Holding Bay!" Alpha 6 announced.

"Oh, man. That..thing must've gotten out of the ship." T.J. said.

"How do we get it? I mean, I at least heard what he did to those two." Ashley was very worried.

"Can't we just leave him in there?" Justin asked.

"No, he'd get out. Or, he'd figure out the way to get from here to the Holding Bay. Then, he'd destroy the Power Chamber." T.J. was just as scared as the others, but he had o remember he was the leader here.

"Let's go. Maybe we can get him...somehow." Carlos was trying to stay cool.

"You guys are right. We need to go in there." Ashley said, trying her best to pep talk herself.

"Yo, yo, yo. You ain't gotta. The thing's escaped!" Alpha 6 told the rangers.

"How, Alpha?" T.J. asked.

"He tore a hole in the wall." Alpha decided to put it bluntly.

"How? You all rebuilt it specifically for storage, and where nothing could get in or out, except through the tunnel. You built it to stand up to the power of a thousand Varox!" T.J. was really confused and angry.

"I'll tell you one thing, this ain't no run-of-the-mill Varox!" Alpha 6 told the rangers.

"Where is it now?" Cassie asked.

"Geez! It's headin' for the Power Chamber!" Alpha realized.

"Can you cloak the Power Chamber?" T.J. asked.

"No, the power's not quite up to that kind of voltage." Alpha 6 was getting worried.

"I guess we have to go out there and face him," Carlos said.

"You're right." T.J. said. The rangers put their helmets back on and exited the Power Chamber. The creature was approaching fast. "Get ready guys."

Suddenly, the creature stopped about ten feet away from the rangers. "Hello, Power Rangers of Earth. I am one of the many of the new improved race of Varox. I have come to give you a message." The rangers were confused. "The Master Emperor of evil declares war upon all that is good in universe, yourselves included. We will start to enslave your planet soon, unless you wish to make a proposition." The creature waited for the rangers to reply.

"What proposition?" T.J. asked the creature.

"If you, along with all who have been a Power Ranger, would become evil and join the ranks of the Master Emperor, we would graciously leave your planet alone. If you do not...well, I believe you already know."

"How do we know that you will leave Earth alone?" Carlos asked.

"I will tell you this much. The creature you 'saved?' That was only an example of what will happen to those who cross the Master Emperor. You have 24 hours to decide," the creature said, and in a single hand gesture he disappeared.

The rangers returned to the Power Chamber. "What do we do?" Carlos wondered out loud.

"I don't know. We have to call reinforcements." T.J. said.

"What about the Robot Rangers?" Ashley wondered.

"What about them?" Cassie asked.

"Well, what if we send them, and not us?" Ashley thought.

"Yeah. But, what about the former rangers? They don't have Robot Rangers." T.J. realized.

"And, plus, your's aren't operational, neither." Alpha 6 told them.

"Great. So, we have to actually turn ourselves over?" Cassie hoped not, but she knew the answer.

"Alpha, do you know anything about the Master Emperor?" T.J. asked, trying to think of a plan.

"No. New to my data banks." Alpha told the rangers.

"Well, before we decide anything, let's get the former rangers here, pronto." T.J. told everybody.

"Rangers, whatever you decide, I am sure it will be the right thing." Dimitria chimed in.

"Thanks, Dimitria." T.J. said.

"How can we get all of them here in less than twenty-four hours?" Justin asked.

"I don't know. We have to try, though." T.J. told them. The rangers began scanning for the former rangers' life readings on the Power Chamber's controls.

"Alpha, ready to teleport, now." Carlos told Alpha, after checking the scan on one of the control panels.

"Alright." Alpha said, pressing a few buttons on his own control panel. The five rangers stood back, as 12 teleportation beams entered the Power Chamber. Appearing in place of them, the former rangers stood, realizing that they had been returned to action once more.

"Whoa," Zack said.

"Hello, former rangers of Earth. I am Dimitria of Inquirius, predecessor to Zordon of Eltar. You all been called back, to contribute your help in the most dangerous mission any of you have ever attempted. A new villain, known only to us as Master Emperor, has made a great threat: to turn over all current and former rangers of Earth to turn them evil, or watch as the Earth is enslaved. The choice is yours, and I believe you already know what you must do," Dimitria filled all of the former rangers in on the current events. "I am sorry we could not meet under better circumstances."

"We need advice. From experienced rangers. We need your help to get through this," T.J. spoke up.

"Well, we have to go with them; we have to save the earth," Kimberly was ready and willing to defend Earth. She wore a silver Pan Global Games metal around her neck.

"Yeah. But, we have to have a plan. We can't just take off and leave earth unprotected." Tommy realized. He held hands with Katherine.

"What do you mean, Tommy?" Billy asked, glad to see his old friends again.

"Well, my brother David already knows some of us to be the rangers. I was thinking of leaving him to protect earth." Tommy was confident in his plan.

"You have a brother?" Kimberly asked, rather provoked at the idea.

"Long story," Tommy told her.

"Yeah, that's a good plan, man. But...uh... powers?" Rocky asked, rather spaced out at the idea.

"Well, the Turbo Powers are endless, and plus, David's got the arrowhead.Alpha, teleport David here, now," Tommy asked Alpha.

"Alrighty." Alpha pressed buttons on the control panel before him.

Suddenly, a beam of silver light entered the Power Chamber. David appeared. "What the--?"

"Hey, bro. We need your help." Tommy told David.

"What do you need?" David asked, staring at the many people he had only faintly heard about from his brother and Katherine.

"We need you to become a Power Ranger." Tommy told him.

David looked stunned for a moment, but then resorted to a smile. "I've been waiting for this forever." David shook Tommy hand, which soon lead to a hug.

"I knew you'd always make a great ranger, bro." Tommy said, still hugging his brother.

"Thanks, man." David patted Tommy on the back, and released the hug.

"So, what's going on? Why do you need me all of the sudden?" David asked.

"Somebody named Master Emperor's ordered us to come with him and let him turn us evil. We need you to stay and protect Earth." T.J. stepped up, trying to show his position as leader as best he could. "T.J." TJ. and David shook hands.

"Whoa. That's.. big." David said.

"Yeah. Big," Tommy said.

"Everybody, come with me. I need to give you guys some gifts." Alpha told the group.

"What's this all about?" Tommy asked. Kat shrugged. All of the rangers gathered around Alpha.

The rangers stood stern, awaiting the space craft which would soon let them depart from the Earth, possibly forever. Alpha 6, David, Dimitria's ghostly form, and the creature which they had saved the day before, who leaned upon David, stood behind them, wishing they could somehow save them.

Suddenly, out of the dark, gray sky, a giant space craft came, it's black and gray surface signalling the evil within.It seemed to be alive, as it pulsated with a bright white glow. The craft landed, sending sand swirling through the air. An opening appeared in the craft, and around a dozen of the Varox creatures stepped out, carrying large laser rifles.

"Have you made your decision?" one of the Varox asked.

"Yes. We will come with you," T.J. said coldly.

"Good. Take them to the cryo-chambers," the same Varox ordered his peers.

"Cryo-chambers? You're going to put us in suspended animation?" Billy realized.

"You didn't think we'd let you go running all over our fine craft, did you?" the Varox asked, as the other dozen grabbed the rangers.

"I guess not." Tommy said, being in some fashion hand-cuffed by one of the Varox.

"You're going to leave earth alone, right?" Kat asked. The Varox did not speak. "Right?"

The Varox grinned slightly. "Of course."

"I didn't like that grin, Alpha," David whispered to Alpha 6.

"Me neither, David. Me neither." Alpha 6 watched closely as the rangers were forced to walk to the craft.

"I hate you." Tommy told the Varox as he boarded the ship.

The Varox gave a firm slap from his metallic hand to Tommy. "And I, you. But, I hold the power, don't I?"

"We'll see." Tommy boarded the ship.

"Yes, we will," the Varox mumbled.

The Varox entered the craft, and the opening closed behind them.

A tear formed in David's eye. "Goodbye, bro. I'll miss you."

"Good luck, rangers," Alpha 6 said, followed by an electronic sniff.

"I barely knew you, Rangers of Earth. But, I hope you succeed in your mission," the creature said.

"Goodbye, rangers. May the power protect you." Dimitria watched, as the space craft rose to the air, and disappeared above the gray clouds of Angel Grove.