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The Geminoids
By Tammi

"There is our target," Lord Zedd told Rita.

"I love it!," Rita squealed with delight. "The Aquatian Rangers are all washed up!"

Serpentera fired at the water planet. Delphine witnessed the attack. "It's morphin time!," she shouted. She and the others transformed, and called their battle borgs.

But the odds were against them. Serpentera blasted at the battleborgs, and one by one, they fell. "Retreat!," Delphine ordered.

The team returned to their underwater chamber. "Are you all right?," Billy asked.

"Yes," Cestro answered. "But our battleborgs are damaged."

"I wonder why Rita and Zedd attacked," Corkus remarked. "I thought Zordon's energy made them good."

"I can't answer that," Billy informed his friends. "But I do know one thing. Within the past few hours, Divatox attacked Eltar, the Machine Empire raided Triforia, and Gasket and Archerina victimized the inhabitants of KO-35."

"But that's impossible," Aurico said. "All of them were either destroyed or purified by Zordon's energy."

"Or so we thought," Delphine sighed.

A short while later, the Astromegaship approached Earth. Andros and Zhane were inside.

"Look," the Red Space Ranger said. "There's a good place to start."

He and Zhane fired at the cars down below. Lenny and George were in one, and Silvy and her mom were in another. Both vehicles were instantly paralyzed. All the occupants got out.

"What just happened?," Lenny asked.

Silvy looked skyward. "There's your answer," the little girl said. "It's the Astromegaship."

"I guess Cassie is still mad at me for stealing her diary," Lenny suggested.

"No," George said. "Not after all this time."

"Or maybe Carlos is angry with me for learning his secret," Silvy said.

"That's unlikely, too," her mother answered.

Just then, another ray hit the cars. The four got back into them, and discovered their cars were running again, as if nothing had gone wrong! They drove away, completely baffled.

Half an hour later, Zhane was in the park waiting for Karone to show up. Suddenly, he looked up and saw the Megaship. "That's odd," he told himself. "I thought it was supposed to stay at NASADA."

Zhane contacted Alpha. "Why are you flying the Megaship?," he demanded to know.

"I'm not flying it," the robot replied. "No one is flying it. It's here at NASADA, safe and sound."

"Then there's only one explanation," Zhane realized.

He summoned Andros. "Listen," he said. "It looks as if Kyno and Zath are up to their old tricks again. "They've turned the Convertisaucer into a duplicate of the Megaship."

The other Rangers were also listening. "Who are Kyno and Zath?," T.J. asked.

"Identical twin brothers, also known as the Geminoids," Andros explained. "They can become the exact doubles of anyone they choose. They also pilot the Convertisaucer, which they can transform into any spacecraft."

"Wait a minute," Carlos realized. "Has anyone seen Karone?"

The five looked at one another in shock. "She could be in danger!," Cassie cried. The five rushed out of the Surf Spot, and hurried to join Zhane.

At that very moment, Karone was walking down Main Street, when she saw the fake Megaship. As it fired at her, she leaped aside.

"Why is my own brother shooting at me?," she asked herself. "I'd better see what this is all about."

She teleported aboard the ship and confronted her "brother" and his friend". "Why are you doing this, Andros?," she asked. "Have you forgotten I'm your sister?"

The pair burst out laughing. "Hey," 'Zhane' said. "She thinks you're her brother!"

"Let's correct that error," 'Andros' said.

The two removed their helmets, revealing two humanoids who looked exactly alike. They had dark hair, and no eyebrows. "Who are you?," Karone cried.

"I'm Kyno, and this is my partner Zath. But we're better known as the Geminoids."

"You pretended to be Rangers, just so you could attack Earth, is that right?"

"Absolutely right. And now we've got ourselves a hostage!," Zath commented.

He fired at Karone, and stunned her. Then he bound her with rope.

Meanwhile, the Rangers went into action. "Let's Rocket!," they yelled.

They transformed and teleported to NASADA, where they got into the REAL Megaship, and blasted off.

"There's the Convertisaucer," Zhane said. "Let's blast it."

"No, wait," DECA said. "Karone is aboard. You'd better hold your fire."

"Agreed," Andros said. He and Zhane teleported to the other ship. By this time, Kyno and Zath were no longer wearing Rangers' uniforms.

"What have you done with my sister?," Andros shouted.

"Andros! Here I am!," Karone shouted.

Andros hurried over and untied his sister, while Zhane held the villains off.

"I've got her!," Andros cried. "Let's get out of here!"

The trio returned to the Megaship. "Remember," Andros said. "We don't want to destroy the ship. We just want to blast it enough to return it to its original form."

The two ships began firing at each other. The fake Megaship once again became the Convertisaucer. But it blasted at the real Megaship, causing extensive damage. It began plummeting to Earth!

"That should finish them," Kyno said with glee.

"Wait," Zath said. "Our craft's been damaged, too! We're going to crash!"

The Convertisaucer crashed on the moon's surface. The Geminoids survived, but their ship was now in a million pieces.

The Astromegaship crashed right in front of an auto repair shop. All the passengers, including Alpha, got out. A youth in a green jump suit heard the noise and came out.

"Well, now," he commented. "It looks as if you could use some help."

"You mean you can fix this?," Zhane asked.

"I've been fixing cars for quite a while. So this spaceship should be a piece of cake." He shook their hands. "Damon Henderson, mechanic extraordinaire, at your service."

"How long will it take?," they wanted to know.

"A few days. This ship took a real beating. But at least it's not damaged beyond repair."

A fewe days later, the Rangers came to pick up the Megaship. "Well, it's fixed," Damon said. "But I'd advise against flying it again."

"So what do we do with it?," Carlos asked.

"I know," Ashley said. "We'll convert it into a museum. Say, Damon, how would you like to be its personal mechanic?"

"I'd love it!"

So the Astromegaship became a museum. Damon took care of the retired craft, little realizing that he was just a couple of years away from flying it, and becoming a Power Ranger himself.

The End