Tournament Results
by : Crypt

Two reporters named Nolan and Janet sit behind a desk with a large monitor screen behind them for home viewers to see some tournament replays. They are keeping the people of Earth informed of the tournament outcome.

[Nolan] As you know, the misfit group known as the Spice Club have been participating in an intergalactic tournament in order to rescue the Power Rangers from the evil Dark Specter.

[Janet] Well, there were some other competitors too, like Andros, Trey, Auric, the Blue Senturion, and the Phantom Ranger.

[Nolan] I'd say the Spices did a good job. They fought in the tournament, and they remained undefeated.

[Janet] Honestly, it came as a big shock to me, because I didn't think that the Spice Club would last a day.

[Nolan] Why is that, Janet?

[Janet] Well, for one thing, they don't look anything like warriors. Another thing, they act like clowns or something. Did you see Cold Spice just before his match with the Saliguana? See for yourself.

[An image of Sal appears in the monitor. He stands on the battlefield making twisted faces.]

[Nolan] [laughing] Well, that shows that they have a sense of humor. At least he won the fight by a long shot, needless to say. Cold Spice matched well against the Saliguana. He only needed to freeze the monster whenever it tried to breathe its fire on him.

[Janet] I was also surprised that the non-Spices spared the monsters' lives, but the Spice Club brutally put an end to their opponents.

[The monitor shows Sal freezing the Saliguana, then lifting it above his head, then smashing it on his knee. The monster shatters into millions of pieces.]

[Nolan] Whoa, that was brutal. I like it. Hey, Janet, did you see the fight between General Havoc and the Phantom Ranger?

[Janet] No, I missed that one.

[Nolan] Aw man, it was awesome! It was one of my favorite battles in the tournament. However, I was quite disappointed that the Phantom Ranger lost that one. I was surprised, because of his loss, and because of the fact that Havoc didn't kill him.

[In the monitor, General Havoc and the Phantom Ranger battle vigorously.]

[Janet] You're right; that does look pretty intense.

[Nolan] Oh yeah, there's one thing I forgot to mention and that we should mention while we talk about each of the battles.

[Janet] What's that, Nolan?

[Nolan] The victor's winning pose. For example, check out Cold Spice's winning pose.

[Sal places his palms together above his head, then spreads them out with glowing neon blue energy sprinkling about.]

[Sal] Oowwww, that was cold!

[Nolan] I don't know why I love the poses and phrases, but I do.

[Janet] Me too. Anyway, there was the fight between Andros and Astronema. That match resulted in a victory for Andros.

[Nolan] I saw that one. Astronema didn't look too happy.

[Janet] I'm telling you, she was pissed! I say Andros should've killed her.

[Nolan] You know, I don't remember seeing Auric the Conquerer in the tournament. Was he in?

[Janet] Yes, he was in the tournament. He fought Prince Gasket.

[Nolan] Really? What happened?

[Janet] Gasket won.

[Nolan] [chuckling] Gasket won; I should've known. I knew that Auric's overconfidence would get the best of him. I wasn't surprised that he lost.

[Janet] And neither was the Spice Club.

[The monitor shows Prince Gasket standing over a defeated Auric.]

[Gasket] You look more like Auric the Conquered now.

[Nolan] [chuckling] Well, that's Prince Gasket for ya.

[Janet] And then Trey fought Varox. Just another hard battle. Trey won.

[Nolan] Wowee. Did you see the Blue Senturion fight?

[Janet] Yes. I was kind of worried. In the beginning, it seemed that the Blue Senturion would lose. That Mad Mike was one nasty opponent.

[Nolan] I know. I was glad that Blue found a way to outsmart the pizza delivery monster.

[Blue Senturion] He was a clever criminal. I'll just make a note.

[Janet] Yeah, I was relieved. And now there's the fight between Ninjor and Vampirus.

[Nolan] Remember how those two disappeared for a little while, then reappeared? That was weird. Oh well. That was one more point for the good guys.

[Ninjor] When will they ever learn? Evil never triumphs.

[Janet] All right! Ninjor won! Let's see, did we cover all the non-Spices?

[Nolan] I believe so. Now we can find out just how bloodthirsty the Spice Club really is.

[Janet] Let's see, there's Tonfa Spice; who did she fight?

[Nolan] She fought the Octophantom. Did you see her; she was hardly even touched. She was nearly perfect! And after she slaughtered that thing, whoo!

[The monitor shows Jenny pounding the Octophantom with her deadly blows. She pushes the monster away, then lowers her stance. She actually transforms into a fiery panther and runs through the Octophantom. The monster falls to the ground and explodes as Jenny returns to normal.]

[Jenny] You don't know spice!!

[Janet] How did she do that?

[Nolan] I've no idea. Neat trick, huh?

[Janet] I'll say.

[Nolan] Let's see who's next? Ah yes, the match between Zombie Spice and Admiral Abominator. T'was a tough one indeed. Poor Zombie Spice was being tossed around at the beginning.

[Janet] What'd you expect? He only weighs 30 lbs. Even the skeletons in that group weigh more.

[Nolan] Oh come on; 30 lbs?

[Janet] I'm dead serious!

[Nolan] Not as dead as Zombie Spice.

[Janet] Okay, enough arguing. Who won the fight?

[Nolan] Zombie Spice, of course. He was able to kill Admiral Abominator from a mile away. But he wasn't exactly that far when he did. Check it out.

[The monitor shows the Cryptkeeper gathering energy in his hands. He throws a long fireball, which resembles a dragon. The fire dragon engulfs Admiral Abominator and leaves him as nothing more than a pile of ashes. The Cryptkeeper then bows to his dead foe.]

[Cryptkeeper] Oooh, I love that burn!

[Nolan] [chuckling] Well . . . nice job, Zombie Spice. Shall we get to Blonde Spice next?

[Janet] Blonde Spice? Is that the one with the pigtails?

[Nolan] Yep. She fought the Bloom of Doom. I almost puked at that fight.

[Janet] Me, too. That monster's pollen actually caused blood to just gush out of Blonde Spice's body. It's amazing that she still won.

[Nolan] That monster got what it deserved. Look at that!

[In the monitor, Cammy comes near the monster and screams loudly. Pedals start to shed from the monster, then its body disintegrates and blows away. Cammy spreads her arms out to indicate her victory.]

[Janet] Yeah, it was a fitting punishment. Now to check out Blonde's boyfriend Wild Spice. Now who'd he fight?

[Nolan] Janet, don't you know? Wild Spice Vs. Wild Weeder. Wild Weeder's vines really had Wild Spice in a bind. However, what he didn't know was that Wild Spice's hat seems to have a mind of its own. And after Wild Spice split the monster in half with his hat, it's a fair bet that he won the fight.

[Bat] Fang you very much.

[Janet] Wow. I'm only sorry I missed that one.

[Nolan] And here's a fight I think you'll find interesting; the fight between Candy Spice and the Skelerena.

[Janet] Candy Spice? Which one is that?

[Nolan] You know, the little twelve-year-old girl.

[Janet] I missed a lot of fights. Sorry. How'd she do?

[Nolan] Well, Candy Spice was more excited about the tournament than anyone else, so of course she won the fight! The Skelerena was truly stunned! I've only one thing to say; Candy Spice may be sweet, but her kiss sure wasn't.

[Janet] Really? What happened?

[Nolan] Well . . . you've gotta see it for yourself.

[Hallie appears in the monitor. She approaches the dizzy Skelerena, then plants a gentle peck on its cheek. The monster stretches painfully out of shape, then blows up. Hallie holds one fan blade across her body and the other over her head.]

[Hallie] I am Candy Spice. I'm as sweet as can be. [She hops up and down and laughs maniacally.]

[Janet] Wow. I'm shocked. Who'd have thought that a little girl was capable of such brutality. No wonder they call themselves the Spice Club.

[Nolan] If you thought Candy Spice was brutal, wait 'till we get to Baby Spice, the ten-year-old. But we'll get to her later. Right now we'll mention the fight between Martian Spice and Magnet Brain. Just call it . . . scientific.

[Janet] Another victory for the Spice Club, of course. And the Martian's finishing touch . . . unbelieveable. That monster never knew what hit it.

[Marvin backs away from the Magnet Brain, then presses on his wrist. A white beam of light comes down on the monster, causing it to melt into a thick, brown sludge. Marvin waves his arms out.]

[Marvin] Wasn't that lovely, hmm?

[Nolan] No kidding. Martian Spice literally turned that monster into dog poop.

[Janet] [laughing] Well, I don't know what else to call it. Hey Nolan, did you see the match between Fuzzy Spice and Pumpkin Rapper?

[Nolan] Fuzzy Spice . . . is that the skeleton punk?

[Janet] Yeah. They were singing rap songs to each other as they fought; it was hilarious.

[Nolan] Oh yeah. But did you see how Fuzzy Spice finished off the monster? Now that must've been painful.

[Janet] Yeah. I'll admit that I fainted when I saw it.

[Nolan] Let's just show the home viewers and see how many of them faint.

[Janet] Oh, I can't look!

[Curly approaches the Pumpkin Rapper, steps on both its feet, and tears it in half at its torso.]

[Curly] Mmm, spicy!

[Nolan] That was spicy. Now on to perhaps the most fearsome fighter in the Spice Club --- Slice Spice.

[Janet] You're right; get a load of those teeth.

[Nolan] Slice Spice fought the Jaws of Destruction, which I like to call Jaws.

[Janet] That was another one of the bloodier battles with all those sharp tools. Thank the stars Slice Spice was able to bring home the bacon.

[Nolan] I'll say. Once Slice Spice weakened the monster enough, he stabbed it to death.

[Janet] I'm sure you people have had enough by now, but there are still more Spice Club members to follow. Next is the fight between the Cyberninja Trio and Nimrod and her two assistants AC and DC.

[Nolan] So this one was a three-on-three match.

[Janet] Yes. Sticky Spice, Missle Spice, and Smokey Spice were a great team. You'd think they were triplets or something.

[Nolan] You mean they're not triplets?

[Janet] Not at all. They were all human once, I heard. Then they were upgraded into cyborg assassins. Anyway, the Cyberninja Trio each destroyed their foes.

[Nolan] Did you see the fight with Lancer Spice? He fought King Sphinx.

[Janet] What happened?

[Nolan] It looked pretty bad for Lancer Spice at the beginning. King Sphinx kept blowing him away with his wings. But a few grenades put a stop to that. Lancer Spice destroyed the monster by electrocuting it.

[Janet] Oh. I saw the Green Spice fight, though.

[Nolan] Really? Tell us about it.

[Janet] She fought the Stizard. She may have been wrapped up with all those snakes, but she stayed cool. Check out her finishing move.

[Charmayne stabs the Stizard with her long stick, then shakes it up and down. She speeds it up until the monster explodes.]

[Nolan] Yuckie. Well, time for Army Spice and Turban Shell.

[Janet] Oh yeah. That was a pretty easy fight for Army Spice because Turban Shell couldn't even move.

[Nolan] No kidding. So Army Spice stabbed the monster to death and had escargo for dinner that night.

[Janet] [chuckling] Did you see Fashion Spice?

[Nolan] I missed that one. I wish I could've seen it 'cause Fashion Spice is fine!

[Janet] Well, she fought this monster called Delisha Eneva. She was pretty good. She threw this pink bubble thing at Delisha and the monster just exploded.

[Nolan] Those Spices like to blow up their foes, don't they?

[Janet] I guess they do.

[Nolan] Who's next on our list? Ah, Bony Spice!

[Janet] Bony Spice?

[Nolan] Yeah. He fought the Pipe Brain monster. He was actually pretty good. Interesting how he manuevered in midair.

[Janet] Which one is Bony Spice?

[Nolan] He's the guy with six arms. I'm telling you, he was brutal. Once the Pipe Brain was defeated, Bony Spice ripped out its internal organs. Not bad for a guy who can't even talk.

[Janet] Nolan . . . that's disgusting. Hey, did you see Morphin' Spice's fight?

[Nolan] With who?

[Janet] With Primator. It was a pretty interesting fight, as they both had the ability to morph into any identity at will. Probably the cleverest trick was when Morphin' Spice transformed into some kind of mirror monster, forcing Primator to transform to his normal state.

[Nolan] Well, we know the Morphin' Spice won the battle. How did he finish off the monster?

[Janet] He absorbed its life.

[Nolan] Oooh, scary. The Spice Club members must practice fighting together, so they know how to beat "themselves" so to speak. Now, on to Fugee Spice's battle with Flamite. Well, I can't really say much about that one; it was pretty much like any other battle. When Fugee Spice was through, he zapped Flamite with lightning.

[Janet] All right. Did you see the Boxer Spice/Lizzinator fight?

[Nolan] Yeah, that was awesome!

[Janet] Boxer Spice has such skinny arms; how can he have all that power?

[Nolan] I don't know, but it was weird. Did you notice how Boxer Spice finished off the monster? He punched it into orbit. I mean, it never fell back on the ground!

[Janet] Remarkable.

[The monitor shows Earl punching the Lizzinator out of sight.]

[Earl] So, ya wanna go to da moon, Lizzy?

[Nolan] [laughing] Well, good job, Boxer. Well, onto the bug battle.

[Janet] Bug? You mean Bug Spice and the Mantis monster?

[Nolan] Yep. They were both determined to prove who the best mantis was.

[Janet] And Bug Spice won, right?

[Nolan] I never can keep a secret from you, Janet. Did you see how Bug Spice finished off the Mantis?

[Janet] Yeah, he literally puked all his acid on it. That mantis was disintegrated instantly!

[Nolan] Even surviving a human being throw up on you is sick enough. Did you see Space Spice and Gotahn?

[Janet] Yes I did, and it was really exciting. I wanted to ask about the ending. I mean, I don't understand how Space Spice could just disappear and then Gotahn bursts into flames.

[Nolan] I guess it's another special ability. You know, they're not called the Spice Club for nothing. I also saw the Sporty Spice fight with Babe Ruthless.

[Janet] I missed that one.

[Nolan] Sporty Spice had some pretty kinky moves. She was graceful . . .

[Janet] She's a bunny; what'd you expect?

[Nolan] I'm serious. She threw these interesting-looking fireballs, she cartwheeled, flipped. I'm telling you, that girl's got kick. She finished off Babe by turning him into a frog.

[Janet] Wow. I wonder how many other violent deaths we have to put up with?

[Nolan] Oh, we still have quite a few Spices to deal with. Take Awful Spice, for instance.

[Janet] I saw it; he fought Polluticorn. I thought his fatality was especially brutal.

[Nolan] Really? All he did was inflate the monster's head until it floated and exploded.

[Janet] That's why it was brutal!!!

[Nolan] Okay, okay. Now, here's the Spice you've been waiting for, Janet --- Baby Spice.

[Janet] Oooh, tell me, tell me, tell me!!!

[Nolan] Settle down. Baby Spice fought Boo-hoo the Clown. It was looking pretty bad for her at the beginning, but she used her speed and caught on. You'll have to see her finishing move for yourself.

[Kathy pours some grey powder into her mouth, then spits it out as nails at Boo-hoo, piercing him to death. She then twirls her sais and holds them over her head.]

[Kathy] Yaaaaaay!!

[Nolan] [chuckling] Yeah, don't let that youth go to waste, Baby Spice. Let's see who's next . . . ah, Nasty Spice!

[Janet] He fought the Frankenstein monster. That guy was surprisingly fast. A few jumps and flips put Nasty Spice in the lead, though, thank goodness.

[Nolan] Check out his fatality. Wow.

[Brooklyn shoots his tail directly through the monster, then pulls it out. The monster falls.]

[Brooklyn] Jalapena! I won!

[Nolan] Yes, you did, Nasty Spice. Eeeeeuw.

[Janet] Are you wimping out on us, Nolan? Hey, do you know the Spices' real names?

[Nolan] Some of them. Do you?

[Janet] I know some of them also. I know Nasty Spice's real name.

[Nolan] I don't.

[Janet] It's Brooklyn.

[Nolan] His name is Brooklyn? Who gave him that name?

[Janet] I don't know. We'll have to ask him when we interview the Spice Club after our report.

[Nolan] Janet! You gave away our secret! They weren't supposed to know until after the report.

[Janet] Ooops. Sorry 'bout that. Well, we're almost done anyway. We only have six more Spices to go.

[Nolan] Six!?

[Janet] Yeah. Tiny Spice is next and he fought Wolfbane.

[Nolan] I saw that fight. Wolfbane made Tiny Spice look like a little bat.

[Janet] Tiny Spice has some really good fighting skills. I like the way he cartwheels and flip kicks and all that stuff. He must be into gymnastics.

[Nolan] I know. He looked really good out there. Do you know his real name?

[Janet] It's Lexington.

[Nolan] Aye-yi-yi. Anyway, did you see how Lex killed Wolfbane?

[Janet] Yeah, I thought it was a neat trick. We should let the home viewers see for themselves.

[Lexington lets out an ear-piercing scream. A swarm of bats fly past him and knock down Wolfbane. They then pick up the monster and carry it into the air and eat it alive.]

[Lexington] See? Easy as pie.

[Nolan] Yes, Lex, it would have been if you hadn't taken that early beating from Wolfbane.

[Janet] Let's get to Demon Spice.

[Nolan] The female gargoyle? Let me guess, her real name's Liberty?

[Janet] No; it's Demona.

[Nolan] Oh, Lord . . .

[Janet] Anyway, Demon Spice fought the Dramole monster. Let me tell you, she truly fights like a demon.

[Nolan] I think all the Spices fight like demons.

[Janet] Whatever. All Demon Spice could do to kill the Dramole was to tear its skin off.

[Nolan] Owww. Pain.

[Janet] Exactly.

[Nolan] All right, Janet, it's my turn to talk about a Spice battle. Hmm . . . Sword Spice . . .

[Janet] Oh, that handsome man!

[Nolan] Oh, that sneaky man. He fought the Nasty Knight and he was pretty devious. Actually, they were both pretty devious. Sword Spice swinging his sword high and low in the blink of an eye.

[Janet] Okay, whatever. How'd he kill the monster?

[Nolan] He just spread his arms out and Nasty Knight was pounded by a meteor shower. Then this huge meteor crushes it to death.

[Janet] Oh man, I can't believe I missed that one. Hey, Nolan, here's the battle I've been dying to talk about.

[Nolan] Well, Spinal Spice is next.

[Janet] Yeah, that's the battle. Spinal Spice and Lipsyncher. And by the way, I know for a fact that Spinal Spice's real name happens to be Spinal.

[Nolan] Oh really? Well, I missed the battle, so tell me about it.

[Janet] You missed it!? Oh Nolan, I feel sorry for you. It was a . . . rather amusing fight, but poor Spinal.

[Nolan] Why? Did he lose?

[Janet] No, he won, but . . . how can I put it? The Lipsyncher wasn't exactly trying to hurt him. She was rambling on about how cute he is, how sexy he is . . .

[Nolan] Sexy? Ugh!

[Janet] Yeah, well, she had him stuck in many different holds throughout the match. I think that her only goal was to touch every single one of his bones.

[Nolan] Ooooh. So you're saying that Spinal was merely a victim of sexual harassment?

[Janet] That's one way of putting it. Spinal managed to break all her holds and weaken her enough to beat her.

[Nolan] Did he kill her?

[Janet] Of course he killed her; he had to. Let's see for ourselves, shall we?

[Spinal holds his sword and shield out in front of him. With a golden cloud, he lifts the Lipsyncher from the ground. Then he holds his shield over his head and zaps the monster to death. The monster drops to the ground. Spinal, too, sinks to the ground and cries.]

[Spinal] That'll teach you, you . . . you . . . AAAARRRGH!!!

[Janet] Well, as you can see, Spinal was consumed with humiliation after the fight. I feel sorry for him.

[Nolan] Wait a minute. First you say that you feel sorry for me, now you feel sorry for him.

[Janet] Zip it, Nolan.

[Nolan] I don't see why Spinal was so humiliated with the way his girlfriend treats him.

[Janet] His girlfriend?

[Nolan] Speedy Spice. She fought the Speed Demon. That fight was rather hard to watch, because you couldn't see what they were doing; they were so fast.

[Janet] Speedy Spice won, I assume?

[Nolan] Yep. She threw this tiny spark at it and it knocked it to the ground. Then she stomped on its neck.

[Janet] Ow, that sounds painful.

[Nolan] No kidding. I'd hate to have those high-heel boots in my throat. Anyway, last, but certainly not least, Jungle Spice.

[Janet] Oh yes! She fought Archerina. I think that Jungle Spice used Archerina's overconfidence to her advantage.

[Nolan] Did you see Jungle Spice's mid-air manuevers? They were just amazing!

[Janet] I know; I was impressed. Did you see how she finished off that robot?

[Nolan] Yeah. She stunned Archerina with this . . . thing, then she fired a beam right out of her forehead. She didn't exactly kill Archerina, but she shrunk her.

[Janet] Is that the last fight?

[Nolan] That's the last Spice, but I did want to talk about Ecliptor.

[Janet] What happened?

[Nolan] He fought Andros and won.

[Janet] Ecliptor beat Andros!?

[Nolan] Yep. After that, he demanded to fight Tonfa Spice, and that's what he did.

[Janet] And Tonfa Spice kicked his rear end?

[Nolan] Exactly. She even killed him in a different way than she killed the Octophantom.

[Janet] How'd she do it?

[Nolan] She took her sticks and electrocuted him. He blew up into a zillion microcells.

[Janet] All right.

[Nolan] [singing] I know the Spice Club's most powerful weapon and you don't.

[Janet] Really? What is it, Mr. Know-it-all?

[Nolan] It's their looks! See, the Power Rangers look like superheroes, right? They have those cool costumes. But the Spice Club members look like . . .

[Janet] Misfits?

[Nolan] Exactly! You see them as feel-gooders and have-funners, right? They look harmless; you see, Spinal Spice and his glowing, rosy-red eyes; Candy Spice and her sweet little personality, Tonfa Spice with her innocent face and sparkling brown eyes, Zombie Spice and almost no muscles at all, Baby Spice and the pair of pajamas she wore in her battle with Boo-Hoo the Clown . . .

[Janet] Are you serious?

[Nolan] I'm dead serious. The Spice Club is considered the most adorable fighting force in the universe! They're all just so cute! You don't expect a twelve-year-old girl to slice your head off, do you?

[Janet] No.

[Nolan] All right, enough of that. Now the moment we've all been waiting for. Ladies and gentlemen, Janet and I are very proud to present . . . the Spice Club!!

[The Spice Club appears in the monitor. They are spread out in the bridge of the Astro Megaship.]

[Spice Club] Hi, Nolan; Hi, Janet!

[Nolan] Hey, Spice Club! I must say, we are delighted to meet you!

[Jenny] The feeling's mutual, you know.

[Nolan] Yes, we know . . . um . . .

[There is a period of silence. The Spice Club members start to snicker.]

[Cryptkeeper] [whispering to Jenny] They wanted to interview us, but they don't have any questions.

[Nolan] I heard that. Okay, well, you guys look kinda beat up. Do you think you'll be able to handle the Dark Specter?

[Jenny] Well, we don't have to fight him until tomorrow, so we get a good night's sleep to heal ourselves.

[Janet] Wait a minute. You're saying that if you sleep overnight, your wounds will be completely healed?

[Jenny] Yeah. The only exception is broken bones; that will take a while longer.

[Cryptkeeper] And guys like Spinal especially have to watch out for that.

[C.C.] And Spinal despises sharp-toothed creatures, like Wolfbane.

[Janet] I can see why.

[Nolan] We had a question for the gargoyles. We were wondering who gave you the names Brooklyn and Lexington.

[Brooklyn] We did. We named ourselves.

[Lexington] We didn't have names when we were born. We had to wait about fifty years before we decided to choose names.

[Demona] And the humans gave me my name because it is said that I fight like a demon.

[Nolan] I'd agree with them. That's also why you were given the nickname Demon Spice, correct?

[Demona] Correct.

[Janet] Spinal, I wanted to ask you about the battle with the Lipsyncher.

[Spinal] Oh please help me forget.

[Cryptkeeper] Female monsters have the habit of doing that to him.

[C.C.] And I don't blame them; he's such a sweetheart! [She gently touches Spinal's bottom jaw and kisses him.]

[Nolan] Spinal, wouldn't you call the way she treats you sexual harassment?

[The Spice Club gasps.]

[Spinal] I can take it from C.C. She's on my side. She fell in love with me first, and she seemed pretty enough, so I took her.

[C.C.] See, I don't have to harass him; he loves me.

[Jenny] But you'll never catch any of us in bed.

[Nolan] I see. So, about the Dark Specter . . . do you think you'll be able to beat him?

[Jenny] Uh . . . we really don't know.

[Hallie] Especially since she has to fight him all by herself!

[Janet] Is that true, Tonfa?

[Jenny] Uh, yeah. But only for the beginning. It really depends on what happens. If the Dark Specter reveals his true intentions, I'll just call on the other Spices and we'll all kick his black ass together. You know, fight fire with fire. If he breaks all the rules, we break all the rules.

[Nolan] And if the Dark Specter doesn't reveal his true intentions?

[Jenny] Then we're pretty much dead meat. However, I can try to convince that monster to shrink down to my size to make the fight more interesting. Then, I'll have a better chance of winning.

[Hanim] We'll even send the non-Spices to try to find the Rangers just in case.

[Nolan] Well, good luck, Spice Club; we're all counting on you. Thanks for your time.

[The Spice Club members wave goodbye and they disappear from the monitor.]

[Nolan] Well, looks like the Spice Club is well-prepared with plenty of back- up plans in store.

[Janet] No kidding; they'll win no matter what happens. Well, that wraps up our news program for tonight. See you next time and we'll tell you how the Spice Club did. Good night.

[Nolan] Good night.