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Timeline: Seconds after “The Tyrant Ranger.”

The Final Battle?
By Lucas Harrell

Two Rangers were standing where just one stood. One was the Tyrant Ranger, but he looked to be impossibly weakened. The other was a slimmer, not nearly as tall, Ranger, who was decked out armor like the Tyrant Rangers, except it was white, with gold and green rivulets.

“What happened?” Tyrant Ranger asked.

“I finally got loose, that’s what,” the other Ranger said, “You hid me away, and now, I’m going to kick your butt. Scythe of Prophecy.” With that, the new Ranger called upon a metallic scythe and slashed at the Tyrant Ranger.

The Tyrant Ranger jumped back. “That’s what you think, Prophet Ranger,” he said, “Prepare to die.” He brought his gunblade up and caught the next swipe the Prophet Ranger made with his scythe.

“I don’t think so, Tyrant,” Prophet Ranger replied. All of a sudden, skates came out of the bottom of his boots. “It seems that I gained the roller skating/martial arts combination.”

“Maybe so, but I have your hidden aggressiveness,” Tyrant said. He shot a blast from the gun part of his weapon. The Prophet Ranger was barely able to dodge it by skating out of the way.

“We have to help the Prophet Ranger,” Cassie said. Psycho Pink stopped her.

“The Prophet Ranger is the only one who can ultimately stop Tyrant,” Psycho Pink said, “You can’t interfere.” Cassie glared at Psycho Pink, but knew that it was right and that she couldn’t interfere.

Andros watched the Prophet and Tyrant Rangers fighting. Neither could gain the upper hand over the other. All of a sudden, he had the strangest feeling. “All of this mess,” he said, “Him joining our fight against the Psycho Rangers, their kidnapping him, him turning into the Tyrant Ranger... it all is supposed to add up to this battle. But... what about the rest of us?”

“We will know when to join the battle,” Astronema said, as she came to stand next to him. She looked the worst for wear out of all the combatants. She had taken a real beating when she took on the Tyrant Ranger all by herself. “And we have to distract him enough, so that the Prophet Ranger can finish him off.”

“Are you all right, Kar... Astronema?” Zhane asked, as he also joined the pair. He still couldn’t get the closeness the two had shared once out of his mind. “No offense, but you look like crap.”

“I feel like it, too,” Astronema admitted, “I’ll be just fine, Zhane. Go to Psycho Silver, and both of you prepare. Our time to join this fight is coming soon.” Nodding, Zhane reluctantly left her side to join his maniacal Psycho Ranger counterpart. “You too, Andros.”

“All right, but be careful,” Andros said, “You’ll be all by yourself again, when we join in the battle.”

“No, I won’t,” Astronema said, “I’m expecting my partner to show any minute, so don’t worry about me. Good luck.”

“You too, Astronema,” Andros said, nodding politely as he stepped over to Psycho Red. “You about ready to join in?”

“As ready as ever, Red Ranger,” Psycho Red said, “This might sound strange coming from me, but good luck.”

“Good luck to you too, Psycho Red,” Andros said, “We’ll both need it.” Psycho Red nodded.

Ashley was nervous, standing with Psycho Yellow. “How do I know you won’t attack me, instead of the Tyrant Ranger?” she wanted to know.”

“You’ll have to take that chance, Yellow Ranger,” Psycho Yellow said. Ashley conceded her point.

Carlos and Psycho Black were anxiously waiting for the right moment. “This may sound weird, but I’m glad we’re on the same side, Psycho Black,” Carlos said.

“Me too, Black Ranger,” Psycho Black said. “Together, we can help put an effective end to this menace forever.” He extended his hand. “Good luck.”

Carlos hesitated, then shook his Psycho Ranger counterparts hand. “You too, man,” he said.

T.J. and Psycho Blue were, strangely enough, calm, even around each other. They had the biggest tie than the other Psycho Rangers and Space Rangers. It had something to do with the last attack Psycho Blue had made on T.J. before Danny showed up and this whole fiasco began.

Neither said anything to the other, giving each other a respectful silence.

“I just can’t stand this waiting,” Zhane said, “When can we attack?”

“We’ll know,” Psycho Silver said, “And then, we have to put everything we have into the battle. Afterwards, all bets are off, Silver Ranger.”

Zhane looked at his Psycho Ranger counterpart. Psycho Silver was the newest of the Psycho Rangers, apparently having only been made right before the battle Danny had joined. Zhane felt a strange kind of respect for Psycho Silver, who, despite his name, wasn’t as maniacal as the other Psycho Rangers.

Danny, in the new Prophet Ranger armor, was having trouble staying upright while he battle his counterpart, Tyrant Ranger. ‘That would be because he’s living morphin’ energy inhabiting a suit of Ranger armor, while I’m only human,’ he justified in his mind.

However, he would not give up. Using his skates and the prophecy scythe, he kept Tyrant Ranger off his equilibrium slightly. Neither had actually gotten a shot in on the other.

“About time you got here,” Astronema said, to her partner, who had just teleported in.

“I was busy with Darkonda,” Ecliptor said, “Are we about ready to rumble with the legendary Tyrant Ranger?”

“You’re as bad as the Rangers,” Astronema said, “It’s not time. I’m not sure when we’re supposed to start, really, but I have a feeling that we’ll know when the time’s right.”

“We have to hurry, my queen,” Ecliptor said, “While the Prophet Ranger’s keeping him from obtaining all of his energies, I suspect that it’ll only be a matter of time before he does so anyway.”

“Just wait,” Astronema said, “He will fall today, or the whole universe will pay for our failure. There are now fifteen people here that are the only ones who can beat the Tyrant Ranger. If we go too soon, all of us will be lost. Tyrant Ranger will rule over the universe with an iron hand.”

All of a sudden, something happened. The Tyrant Ranger finally got in a lucky shot, and the Prophet Ranger was hurled through the air. Astronema had a strange feeling, one that she had never had before. “NOW!!!”

With that cue, her, Ecliptor, the Psycho Rangers, and the Space Rangers joined together, and charged the Tyrant Ranger with their respective battle yells. They hit the Tyrant Ranger from every angle, battering it’s armor with shot after shot. But they also started falling, one by one, under the Tyrant Ranger’s anger.

“He’s about to gain full power,” Danny muttered to himself, “I can’t allow that to happen. Scythe of Prophecy.” His weapon of choice reappeared in his hand. “Now, power up.” The scythe glowed with energy.

It didn’t take too long for the Tyrant Ranger to kill each and every one of the combatants. He stood over their motionless bodies, laughing. “And now, for the ultimate power,” he roared.

Using his Prophecy Ranger armor’s sensors, Danny could detect energy flowing into the Tyrant Ranger. With a “SI-KYAHHHH” almost literally heard around the world, he jumped into the air and did a perfect 360 degree spin. When he stopped, the blade had gone completely through the Tyrant Rangers armor.

“No, this can’t be,” Tyrant Ranger said, “I can’t be destroyed.”

“Guess what, ugly?” Danny taunted, “You’re wrong.”


A blinding white light covered the area, making Danny cover his eyes.

“I’m going to go set the sensors to start looking for Zordon again,” T.J. said, shaking Andros out of his reverie.

“Yeah, and I’m going to go get some sleep,” Andros said. Ashley said something as he started to leave, and he answered her without even registering whatever she had said. He had the strangest feeling that there was something he was forgetting. When he got to his quarters, he dismissed it and laid down on the bed.

Astronema was fuming over the destruction of her Psycho Rangers, at the hands of the Space Rangers. “The Psychos were supposed to be invincible,” she said, “They were able to read the minds of their respective Rangers. How could they lose to a little kid like that?”

Ecliptor gave her a strange look. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he said, “What’s this about a little kid? It was the Rangers working together that defeated the Psycho Rangers, without any help.”

Astronema realized that he was right, and that she didn’t have a clue one about where her saying that a little kid caused the Psycho Ranger’s destruction. “You’re right, Ecliptor,” she said, “I don’t know where I got that about a little kid from. I guess I’m just tired. Good night.”

“Good night, my queen,” Ecliptor said. Astronema left the bridge and headed to her private quarters, wondering about her own sanity.

In his room, Danny was grasping his locket that was the morphing key to his Prophet Ranger powers. Thanks to the locket, he remembered everything that had happened, and somehow knew that the others didn’t have any memories about what had happened. “And maybe that’s for the best,” he muttered, “They don’t need to know that they had all died in that last battle.” He looked down at the locket, which shimmered with energy.

He knew that, one day, he would probably need to call upon the power locked up inside it, but hoped that it wouldn’t for a while. He had his fill in the whole Tyrant Ranger/Prophet Ranger fiasco to last him for months, at the very least. Grinning, he laid back in his bed and fell asleep.

And, somewhere on Earth, the consciousness of the Tyrant Ranger rested, vowing that one day, it would gain revenge on Danny Kain, the Prophet Ranger and former host to it’s dark energies. It was patient, and started biding its time.

The End

Authors note: Cool mini-series, huh? Originally, I had planned this to be a full series, but then I decided to just cut it down to a four part storyline. Well, only four parts so far. My Tyrant and Prophet Rangers are both still alive, and so is the possibility of the future shown in part 3 of the mini-series. I guess you’re wondering about the Tyrant Ranger entity. Let’s just say that I was inspired into creating it by the Marvel Comics villain Onslaught. Where it came from exactly will have to wait for another time and story. I’ll also say one more thing: This is all a lead up to Power Rangers: Virtuosity, a new fanfic series coming soon. Other than the name, all I’ll say is that you’ll see plenty of old faces there. Until next time, catch ya on the flipside. -o)