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Timeline: Seconds after Tommy’s return.

The Power of Light
By Lucas Harrell

Tommy found himself back in the Command Center a few second later. The other Rangers rushed forward to greet him, with a group hug. “Whoa,” he said, “If I get this kind of reception when I come back, I should go away more often.” He saw a surprised look cross Kim’s face. “What’s wrong?”

“Your voice,” Kim said, “It’s back to normal.” Tommy didn’t notice it until she mentioned it, but she was right. His voice was no longer rough and scratchy, but warm and loving. Suddenly energized, Tommy picked Kim up and swung her around, both of them laughing the whole time.

“I’m glad to see that you’re back to normal, Tommy,” Zordon said, “I assume that you have the ring?”

“Right here, Zordon,” Tommy said, holding up the hand with the ring of light. “You wouldn’t believe what I had to go through to get this.”

“Ay yi yi, his is unprecedented,” Alpha said, “There has never been a White Lantern Ranger since Nodimus.”

“Some precedents were meant to be broken,” Tommy said, “Now, what about my life force?” Alpha picked up the special scanner he had always used to keep track of Tommy’s life force and scanned him with it.

“Amazing,” Alpha said, “The ring recharged your life force somehow.”

“As I knew it would,” Zordon said, “Now, Tommy, we have been building you, and Justin, ThunderZords. I knew that you would get the ring, and prepared. Now, reach upwards, and accept Nodimus’ final gift.”

Tommy reached up. A warm white glow filled the chamber, and a saber dropped down from the ceiling and into Tommy’s oustretched hand. “Wow, this is one awesome blade,” Tommy remarked.

“Why, thank you, White Ranger,” the sword said, “It’s good to be appreciated.” Tommy looked up at Zordon, surprised.

“This is Saba, the enchanted saber,” Zordon explained, “He is now your partner, and will help you in battle, especially driving your zord. Tommy and Justin, please observe the viewing globe.” Tommy and Justin turned to the crystal ball like apparatus behind them. There, they saw two robots, a fierce tiger and something that vaguely resembled a big turtle.

“First, there’s Justin,” Zordon said, “You have Tor, the shuttle zord. In turtle mode, he can use powerful blasters. He has a humanoid form, where you can use its gunblade against your opponents. He can also combine with the other ThunderZords, to create the UltraThunderMegaZord.”

“Wow,” Justin replied, “Talk about awesome.”

“Tommy, you have the White Tiger ThunderZord,” Zordon said, “In tiger mode, he can maul opponents. In humanoid form, he uses a sword to smash opponents, or you can use the thunderbolt tokens in the cockpit to knock your opponents for a flip. It can combine with all of the ThunderZords, except Red Dragon and Tor, to form the TigerMegaZord.”

“Wow, now that is one magnificent zord,” Tommy murmured. All of a sudden, the monster alert siren went off.

“Zedd has sent the Dragonios monster to Borderline,” Zordon boomed, “Morph, and stop the creature from destroying anything there.” Borderline was a narrow strip of city area right between the business and suburban area. It was where most of the homeless lived.

“Ready guys?” Tommy asked. The others nodded. “IT’S MORPHIN’ TIME!!! White Tiger.”

“DragonZord/Tor,” Justin said.

“Pterodactyl/Firebird,” Kim said.

“Tyrannosaurus/Red Dragon.”


“Saber Tooth Tiger/Griffin.”


They all morphed and teleported away, to the battle field. There, they found a monster that was part dragon, part human tearing up Borderline. When it noticed the Rangers, Dragonios stopped.

“Ah, the Lantern Rangers,” it said, “Welcome to your nightmare.” With that, Dragonios launched itself at them, tearing and kicking. Justin was the first to take it on, blocking a shot with his dragon dagger.

“I don’t think so, creep,” Justin said, “I just joined this team, and I have no intention of dying.”

“Maybe not, but you will fall before me,” Dragonios said. With that, he ripped loose with a barrage of fireballs, knocking Justin back. Justin jumped right back up and charged the monster again, catching it off guard as it turned to blast the other Rangers, who was busy fighting Z-putties.

“Never mind them, Dragonios,” Justin said, “This is between you and me.” He drove the dragon dagger into it’s shoulder. Dragonios roared in pain, and easily swatted away the diminuitive Green Ranger.

“You will pay for that, Green Ranger,” Dragonios said.

“Do you take cash or credit?” Justin taunted. His ploy worked, as Dragonios charged him blindly. Justin side stepped and tripped him up, sending Dragonios crashing into the side of a nearby torn up truck.

Dragonios got up, seeing stars. Shaking the cobwebs loose quickly, he picked up the fender of the truck and batted Justin with it. It connected with Justin’s right side, with a audible, and sickening cracking sound. Justin went flying. When he got up, he favored the ribs on the right side.

Dragonios was moving in, determined to end it. All of a sudden, two blurs, one pink and one white, lashed out, hitting the monster. Tommy and Kim used advantage of surprise, as they tore into Dragonios.

The other Ranger joined in, but all of them were eventually batted away. “Is that all you have, Rangers?” Dragonios mocked, “Well, take... THIS!!!” All of a sudden, Dragonios grew to zord height.

“Let’s do it, guys,” Jason said, “We need ThunderZord power, now.” The zords called upon quickly found their way onto the battle field.

“White TigerZord, power up,” Tommy cried. His new zord came running. He jumped up on it’s head and then dropped into the cockpit.

“I call upon the power of Tor, the shuttle zord,” Justin yelled. His zord came flying in out of the blue. Justin jumped up and landed in its cockpit. He then started the battle, shooting Tor’s blasters at Dragonios.

Dragonios was knocked down, but got right back up. “Back at you, shrimp,” he said, letting rip with a blast of fire at Tor. The turtle was surprisingly more heat proof than anything, and refracted most of the damage.

Tommy was on top of his new TigerZord. “White TigerZord, battle ready now,” he said, in unison with Saba. Then, he slipped down into the cockpit and slid Saba into a place specially made to hold him. “White Tiger zord, warrior mode now.” With that, the TigerZord converted into a fierce humanoid form.

“Come get some, White Ranger,” Dragonios taunted.

“Gladly, ugly,” Tommy said. With that, the TigerZord launched itself through the air and smashed into the monster, who was flung back. “Come on, get up.”

“Whoa,” Kim murmured softly, as they all heard Tommy over the intercom. “I’ve never seen Tommy this agressive.”

“Neither have I, Kim,” Jason said, “Tommy, you have to calm down. Being agressive is cool sometimes, but I don’t think this is the time.”

“Right, Jase,” Tommy said, “You guys form up. I’ll cover you.”

“Thanks, bro,” Jason said, “ThunderMegaZord, power up.” With that, the Red Dragon converted to warrior mode and formed up with the other ThunderZords. Then, they started tearing into Dragonios.

Justin was having a bit of trouble controlling his new zord. In fact, he couldn’t figure out how to at all. Then, he felt a prickling in the back of his mind. He did a mental search for it, and then he suddenly knew how to control Tor.

“Guys, I think it’s time for the UltraThunderZord,” Tommy suggested.

“Let’s do it,” Jason said.

Tommy’s zord was first, as it flew into a compartment of Tor’s. Next, most of the other ThunderZords combined to make a platform of some kind, and the Red Dragon, in warrior mode, stood on it. The platform took it’s place on top of Tor.

“I think it’s time to end this,” Jason said, “UltraThunderZord, lock on and fire all weapons.” The gun ports on all of the zords opened, and lasers flew through the air and smashed into Dragonios. The monster was flung back to the ground, where it subsequently exploded.

The Rangers the teleported to the Command Center. “You did a great job, Rangers,” Alpha said, as he patched up Justin’s ribs.

“That’s right,” Zordon said, “You have earned getting a good nights sleep. If he sticks true to form, Zedd probably won’t attack for a few days. You’ve earned the respite, and I hope you enjoy it.”

“Thanks, Zordon,” Justin said, for all of them. “We certainly will.”

After a while, the Rangers teleported home and went to bed.

The End... for now

Note from the author: So, what’d you think of my version of Tommy’s first adventure as the White Ranger? The reason I used Tor for Justin’s zord is that I just wanted to use the Thunderzords, and, other than White Tiger, Tor was the only one left. Besides, green goes along with turtles, right?