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Timeline: Right after Kim and Tommy returned from their honeymoon, about a week after the team was formed.

Trip to Power Mountain
By Lucas Harrell

Danny was exhausted. He had started helping out at the new Youth Center the Virtuosity Rangers were running. He didn't make much (he couldn't. He was still a minor), but he enjoyed the job, though it made him sore nearly every day.

He headed to the Rangers headquarters, dubbed the VRCC by the team. There, he made a few quick scans for activity. "Computer, have you finished the scans?" he asked.

"No, I have not, Daniel," the computer said, "It is hard to scan through the materials in the mountain."

"Yeah, I know," Danny said, "I've got to change that voice of yours sometime, and maybe give you a name."

"Whatever suits you and your team, Daniel," the computer said.

"They're not my team," Danny said. Him and Tommy had gone around and around deciding leadership. Danny argued that, even though he basically created the team powers by himself, he wasn't nearly as good a leader as Tommy was. Tommy had gone to the mat with the Tyrant Ranger, and came away with a stalemate.

"Whatever, Daniel," the computer said.

"If you don't stop calling me Daniel, I'm going to start calling you scrap heap," Danny said, finally getting fed up of the computer calling him by what really was his name, and not his nickname. "Other than you, the only one who calls me Daniel is my grandmother. Most people call me Danny."

"As you wish, Danny," the computer said.

"Thank you," Danny said, "Now, is there anything else? If not, I'm going home to get some rest."

"There isn't anything else, Danny," the computer said.

"Then I'm gone," Danny said, "Call me if anything happens."

"I always do," the computer said.

Danny teleported home, grabbed a little something to eat, and then headed to his bed. It was late, so he went up to bed and promptly fell asleep.

The next morning, he felt better. His muscles weren't nearly as sore, and he could think straight again. He also felt guilty about what he had said to the computer at the VRCC.

Grabbing his skates, Danny decided to head towards the Youth Center the long way, using the skates instead of teleporting. He wanted time to think, and he had a lot to think about.

Taking the time to slip the skates on at the front porch, Danny then stood up and zoomed off. He didn't have an official work schedule at the Center, since all of the other Rangers helped out there, so he wasn't in a big rush.

When he came to one particular part of the city, he stopped. Just a week ago, the Rangers had been embroiled in a fight with the Tyrant Ranger. Tommy had reached a stalemate with the villain, while Danny and the other Virtuosity Rangers handed the virtuasoldiers their heads. Afterwards, the Prophet Ranger powers cleansed all memory of the fight from anybody that had witnessed it.

"There's just so much I don't know about my own powers," Danny said, looking down at the locket his grandmother had given to him. It was supposed to be a morpher, and Danny guessed that it was. It funneled the morphing energy from his bloodstream into output energy while he was morphed.

Danny took a look around, then left.

"Hm, Danny's not here yet," Ernie said.

"He'll be here," Justin said, "Don't worry. You guys told him that he didn't have to come in at a certain time."

"Yeah, I know," Ernie said.

Just then, Danny came skating into the Juice Bar. "Hey, Justin, Ernie," he said, "What's going on?"

"Nothing much, bro," Justin said, "Just a slow day."

"Nobody seems to be interested in coming," Ernie said.

Danny waved it off. "Oh, they'll be here later," he said, "Most of our customers are kids, and they have to go to school, after all. Speaking of which, Justin, aren't you supposed to be in school?"

"Nah, not until later," Justin said, "That's the upside to being a teenage prodigy. The school gives you a lot of leniency. Besides, we all can't have home school, like you do." It was true. Danny's parents had pulled him out of regular school when he started training for the Olympics. His mom gave him home school classes.

"If you say so, bud," Danny said, "Ernie, can you make me a strawberry smoothie? I'm dying for one."

"Sure thing, Danny," Ernie said. He quickly made the smoothie, and handed it to him.

"Thanks," Danny said, taking the smoothie. "How much do I owe you?"

"It's on the house," Ernie said, "That's the way for everybody that helps out here."

"Thanks again, Ernie," Danny said. Nodding, Ernie turned away. Danny looked over at his cousin. "Where is everybody?"

"Ryan, Jason, and Adam are teaching the martial arts classes," Justin said, "Kat, Zack, and Aisha are teaching the dance classes. The gymnastics classes don't start until later, because most of Kim's students are in school. The rest of them are probably upstairs, planning a way to pool their money for the outdoor Juice Bar and Grill."

"Cool," Danny said, "The outdoor JBG sounds like it's going to be awesome."

"It should be," Justin said, "So, what do you want to do?"

"How about we play a little pool?" Danny suggested.

"Sounds cool," Justin said, and they headed towards the lower level, where all kinds of video games and two pool tables were. "Care to rack?"

"Sure thing, man," Danny said.

They played three games, and started on a fourth, before Justin had to leave for school. He left Ryan, who bragged to be an expert pool player, to finish the game for him. "Get ready to lose, Kain," Ryan teased playfully.

"Yeah right, Marshak," Danny said, "You're going down a peg or two."

Danny kicked Ryan's butt two out of three games, then decided to head home for schooling. For the next three hours, he was stuck there. His mom taught him everything, from advanced math to foreign languages.

After home school, Danny headed to the VRCC. There, he sat down at the control console. "Computer, have the scans been completed?" he asked.

"Yes, they have, Danny," the computer said, "The scans have found the place you were looking for."

"Awesome," Danny said, "Teleport me there." The computer didn't reply, but Danny found himself being teleported away. When the teleportation effect was gone, Danny found himself in a large cavern.

"This place is awesome," he said, "It has to be where Alpha and Zordon made all of those zords. Computer, have you infiltrated the system here?"

"Yes, Danny, I have," the computer said, "Shall I get things started on the zords?"

"Of course," Danny said, "How long should it take to get them done?"

"Give me about four and a half hours, and I should have them all finished," the computer said, "This place is big enough, and has enough machinery, to be able to start construction on three zords at an hour for each set. Which zord set should I start with?"

"Any of them will be fine," Danny said, "And don't worry about my ProphecyMegaZord until after you've finished the VirtuaZords."

"All right, Danny," the computer said.

"I'm going back to the Youth Center," Danny said, "Call me if you when you're done, or if the Tyrant Ranger attacks."

"All right," came the reply before Danny teleported away.

Danny found himself in the guest room at Tommy and Kim's apartment. They had designated that for the room for the Rangers to teleport in and out of when they teleport directly to the Youth Center.

Danny headed downstairs. In the empty lobby, he teleported his skates from his house into his hand and slipped them on. He then went skating to the Bar, where a few kids were hanging out and playing video games.

"Hey, Ernie," he said, as he skated up to the Bar. "I'm back. Need any help around here?"

Ernie turned and grinned. "No, not at the moment," he said. Danny and Ryan both helped him out at the Bar, ever since Danny started going there often, which was after the team was formed.

Someone raised their hand to place an order. "I'll get that for you," Danny said. Ernie nodded, and Danny grabbed a pad of paper and skated over to the table. "What can I get you?"

From behind the Bar, Ernie watched Danny, who was skating between tables, taking orders. `Ah, if only I were that young again,' he mused, `Danny sure seems to enjoy being so young to the fullest.'

"Hey, Ernie," Kim said, as she walked up to the bar. "Can you get me a mixed fruit smoothie? I'm kind of worn out."

"Sure thing, Kim," Ernie replied, and started on her drink.

"Hi, Kim," Danny said, as he skated up to the Bar to put in the orders. He handed the pad of paper to Ernie.

"Hi, Danny," Kim said, "Busy today?"

"That's an understatement," Danny said, "I've been on the go all day so far. So, how's married life treating you?"

"It's been great," Kim replied, "I couldn't ask for a more loving and understanding husband than Tommy."

"That's great," Danny said, "If you don't mind me saying so, Tommy's a lucky guy."

Kim blushed. "Thanks," she said.

Another person raised their hand. "Well, got to go," Danny said, "See you later, Kim."

"Bye, Danny," Kim said, as Danny skated away.

Danny was enjoying an apparent break from helping out at the Bar a few hours later, when the computer at the VRCC contacted him, telling him that the zords were done.

He teleported to the zord holding bays below what the others dubbed Power Mountain. What he found there was cool. "Danny, let me introduce the VirtuaZords," the computer said.

The VirtuaZords were all the same shape, which was humanoid, but had different colors, since they were decked out in their respective Ranger's color. "Wow, they're awesome," Danny said, "Have you finished my zord?"

"The ProphecyMegaZord has not been finished yet, but will be very soon," the computer said, "When it is finished, it will carry the VirtuaZords, which can appropriately be slightly miniaturized, into battle, as well as help in the battle. In times of great need, the VirtuaZords can form up with it, to create the UltraVirtuaProphecyMegaZord."

"As agreed upon, I know," Danny said, "Tell me about the VirtuaZords. What kind of weapons do they have?"

"Each VirtuaZord has a sword, shield, and blaster, but no individual weapons," the computer said, "As agreed upon, to save time during battle. They can form up, to create the VirtuaMegaZord, which has a Virtua saber to destroy enemies."

"Good," Danny said, "Billy, Trini, Justin, and I had one hell of a time drawing out the specifics for these babies. I'm glad you kept along the lines of our blueprints."

"I can only do as you wish, seeing as how I technically don't have AI," the computer said.

"Yeah, well, we're working on that," Danny said, "Well, Billy, Trini, and Justin are. I think they'll have components to give you AI soon. Problem is that your old `personality' program will probably be erased."

"If that is necessary, then so be it," the computer said.

"Well, I guess I'd better be going," Danny said, "Call me the minute the ProphecyMegaZord is done. I want to see it before it's first road test."

"As you wish, Danny," the computer said.

Before Danny could teleport, however, an alarm went off. "Uh oh," Danny replied, "Computer, you're still linked to the VRCC, right?"

"That is correct, Danny," the computer said.

"Then I'll meet you there," Danny said, teleporting to the team headquarters. When he got there, he raced to the control room, where he found the monitors snapping on. "Oh man. The Tyrant Ranger sent down some virtuasoldiers and... what is that?"

An ugly monster appeared on the screen. "I believe it would be appropriately called a virtuamonster," the computer said, "Audio sensors have revealed it to be calling itself Centrios."

"Call the others, and have them meet me there," Danny said.

"As you wish."

Danny stood up. "It's morphin' time," he cried, "Prophet Ranger power." He morphed, and teleported to the battle scene.

All of the other Rangers were enjoying an early closing of the Youth Center, when they felt the computer contacting them, via their new telepathic link up through their new virtuamorphers.

"Rangers, the Tyrant Ranger is attacking, with virtuasoldiers and a virtuamonster," the computer said, "Danny has already been dispatched. Find a safe place to morph and teleport to the battle field."

"Right," Tommy said, both aloud and telepathically. The Rangers raced up to the guest room. "It's morpin' time. White VR power."

"Pink VR power," Kim said.

"Blue VR power," Billy said.

"Yellow VR power," Trini said.

"Gold VR power," Jason said.

"Red VR power," Rocky said.

"Maroon VR power," Kat said.

"Black VR power," Adam said.

"Amber VR power," Tanya said.

"Silver VR power," Zack said.

"Orange VR power," Aisha said.

"Purple VR power," Justin said.

"Green VR power," Ryan said.

They morphed and teleported to the battle field, where they found Danny getting beaten up by the enemy. "Hang on, bro," Tommy said, "We're coming." The Virtuosity Rangers called upon their weapons and took on the enemy.

While his comrades were taking on the virtuasoldiers, Danny turned to Centrios. The monster looked to be half centaur/half lion. "Scythe of Prophecy," Danny cried, reaching upwards. His metallic scythe, which also had a diamond blade, appeared in his hand. "You're going down, Centrios."

"I don't think so, Prophet Ranger," Centrios said. Well, more like roared. He jumped at Danny, bringing a curving sword to bear. Danny brought the diamond blade of his scythe to block it. They clanged loudly.

Danny and Centrios fought for the better part of twenty minutes, neither getting the upper hand over the other. The Virtuosity Rangers finished with the virtuasoldiers, and helped him, but they still couldn't put down the virtuamonster.

"Guys, I'll distract him," Danny said, "Bring together the Virtual Enforcer, your megablaster."

"Right, Danny," Tommy said, "Guys, let's bring `em together."

Danny was fighting the monster, and wasn't paying attention to them forming the Virtual Enforcer. "Danny, get clear," Kim said. Danny smartly rolled out of the way, and the Rangers hit Centrios dead center with a blast. It fell to the ground, but instead of being destroyed, it grew.

"Let's escalate this thing," Danny said, "Computer, is the ProphecyMegaZord completed?"

"Yes, but I don't know how good it will run," the computer answered.

"If it runs at all, that's good enough," Danny said, "Let's call it guys. I need ProphecyMegaZord power now."

"We need VirtuaZord power now," the Virtuosity Rangers cried.

The new ProphecyMegaZord barelled onto the battle field. It was basically humanoid shaped. Out of several different compartments, the VirtuaZords jumped out and started expanding to full zord height.

Danny and the Virtuosity Rangers all jumped up to the cockpit of their respective zords. "All right, this is it," Danny said, "Time to battle test these babies. Each of our zords have a sword, a shield, and a blaster apiece. Guys, we'll use our swords and shields and hit Centrios with one wave, with the girls shoot their blasters. Then we switch."

The Rangers put the plan into action, taking turns slicing the monster or blasting it, depending on the attack wave they were on at any given moment. All it seemed to do was anger Centrios

"Guys, let's bring `em together," Danny heard Tommy say over the telepathic communications. The VirtuaZords came together, to form the MegaVirtuaZord. "Virtual saber, now." Out of the sky flew a sword. The MegaVirtuaZord caught it. "Power up." The saber glowed with energy. The Rangers slashed the monster, sucessfully destroying it the first time.

When they got back to the VRCC, they cheered. "The new zords are awesome, Danny," Tommy said.

"I can't take full credit for them," Danny said, "Trini, Billy, Justin, and I all pitched in to make the blueprints for them, and I modified the basic design to make the ProphecyMegaZord. There's also an UltraZord formation, but I'll explain that when the time comes to use it. In case you're wondering, yes I've wiped the minds of any spectators. We were lucky enough not to have any damage done to the city in the battle, because my power is stretched enough."

"Doesn't our powers take care of that?" Adam said.

"Unfortunately, no," Danny said, "I've got to remember next time to tell the computer to teleport the monster to the country, where nothing can be badly wrecked. We were lucky this time. We don't need to chance it again. Anybody have the time?"

"It's six thirty, Danny," the computer said.

"Thanks," Danny said, "I've got to be getting home, before sundown."

"We'd better be going, too," Kim said, motioning to Tommy. "I've got a doctors appointment in a little while."

"Morning sickness?" Trini asked, with a grin. Kim's matching grin was the only answer they all needed.

"I wish you luck with that, Kim," Danny said, "Right now, I've got to be heading home. Bye, everybody."


Danny went home, just in time to keep his mother from getting on to him.

Tommy and Kim were anxiously awaiting Doctor Swift, who was their unofficial family doctor When he finally stepped into the room they were in, he had a bright smile on his face. "I've got good news," he said, "You are pregnant this time around. Congratulations."

"Thank you doctor," Kim said. She squealed and gave him a hug, she was so happy. She then gave Tommy one.

"Usually, girls your age that get pregnant aren't this ecstatic," Dr. Swift remarked.

"Oh, I've been wanting to get pregnant, that's why," Kim said.

"Oh, I see," Dr. Swift said, "Well, you need to come in for more regular check ups. Say, once every two months until close to the end of your second trimester. How's that sound?"

"Sounds good to me, doc," Kim said, "Tommy?"

"Me too," Tommy said.

"Well, I guess that's it then," Dr. Swift said, "I'll have my secretary schedule dates, and she'll call you soon. Congratulations again. I have a feeling that the two of you are going to make good parents."

"Why thank you, doctor Swift," Kim said. Her and Tommy said goodbye, left the information at the front desk, and left.