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Timeline: About a week after Good changes, bad changes.

Match Made in Hell
by: Lucas Harrell

The Rangers were enjoying a day at an carnival that came through town once a year. There were plenty of rides and booths, so they were never bored.

"This is so cool," Justin said. It was his frst time at the annual carnival, and he was like a kid in a candy store. Staying with the humor of that thought, he had cotton candy all over his face.

The annual carnival just happened to coincide with Justin's birthday, and that was the main reasons they were there. They were going to spend most of the day there, and then take him to the Youth Center for a private birthday party.

"Justin, slow down," Kim called after the young Green Ranger. "We need to get you cleaned up."

"Aw, man," Justin said, but he did stop and let her wipe some of the cotton candy off of his face. In truth, he liked the attention. To certain extents, Justin Raynor liked to be fussed over.

"There you go," Kim said, "Now, what do you want to do now?"

"I want to go on Himalaya," Justin replied, gesturing towards the nearby ride.

"I don't know," Kim said, "You might get sick, from eating as much cotton candy as you did."

"Come on, Kim," Justin said, "I won't get sick."

"I'll go with him, Kim, to make sure," Tommy said, "Besides, I ride Himalaya every year. I don't want to break that precedent."

Kim smiled. Tommy was acting a lot like Justin, but he always did that around the time of the annual carnival. "All right, but be careful," she said, "And don't forget that we have to meet Jason, Zack, Angela, Billy, and Trini at the roller coaster."

"We won't," Tommy promised, as he followed Justin, who had cheered and broke out in a run. Sighing, Kim went and stood next to the ride's exit.

"Boys will be boys, I guess," she muttered, "Even when they're eighteen years old." She was referring to Tommy, of course.

Rita watched the moon from her space cruiser. Luckily for Rita, her father, Master Vile, had found her dumpster floating through space and had released her, turning her back to her normal height, yet refusing to give Rita her powers back. However, Master Vile had given her his finest one person ship instead.

Rita turned an eye to Zedd's castle. "Throw me out like yesterday's trash, will you?" she muttered, "We'll see about that."

She used the ship's teleporter to transport herself down to Zedd's castle, directly into Finster's lab. "Ah, my dear queen," Finster said, bowing once she coalesced into her normal state. "I'm glad to see you again. How may I help you?"

"I need you to make me a potion, Finster," Rita said, "A love potion. One that will even work on Zedd."

"I have just the thing, Empress," Finster said. He rummaged around his various vials and flasks, before turning around with one in particular. "I call it Aphrodite's blood. This will work on anything sentient, even Zedd."

"Good," Rita said, "Now, tell me. Is Zedd down for his millenial recharge?"

"Yes, my Empress," Finster said, "A couple of other things that might interest you is that he's put into battle the Anti-Lantern Rangers, and has even found the counterpart to Tommy's ring. And Scorpina's also joined his fight."

"That might make this a bit tougher, then," Rita said, "Finster..."

"Here is some lullabic gas," Finster said, "It will put anything to sleep. Goldar, Scorpina, the Anti-Lantern Rangers, or even any Z-putties you might run into." He had anticipated Rita's request, like always, and had been prepared. Lullabic gas was extremely hard to come by, but not beyond Finster's surprisingly big amount of resources to gain.

"Good," Rita said, "Give me a gas mask, and pump it into the castle's air recycling system. Don't put a gas mask on yourself. That way, your cover won't be blown. Nobody but me will know that you helped me."

"Good idea, Empress," Finster said. And it was indeed a good plan, and one he had come up with before Rita, but he didn't mention that. He handed Rita a "gas mask", which she slipped on, and then did as she commanded, pumping the lullabic gas into the oxygen circulation systems, which was installed especially for the Mad Hatter and the Anti-Lantern Rangers.

When Finster went under, Rita walked through the hallways to Zedd's recharge chamber. She was surprised to find only Goldar and Scorpina there. "Zedd must have sent the Anti-Lantern Rangers home, to keep their cover," Rita realized.

She opened the door and went into the recharge chamber. Zedd was lying on a cold, hard marble table with machines all around him. He was also fast asleep. "And now, for the potion," Rita muttered.

She took the line running from a machine to where it was sticking into Zedd's arm, and used a needle she had swiped from Finsters lab to inject the Aphrodite's blood potion into the tube. It flowed into Zedd.

"One syringe full of the potion is all that's needed, my Empress," Finster had explained to her once upon a time, right after they had found the potion. "The potion is very strong."

With that in mind, Rita shook Zedd, gently at first, then rudely and violently. "Come on, Zeddy poo," she cooed in the sweetest voice she could muster, which would sound like nails on a chalkboard to any human.

Zedd snorted then awoke. "Who dares to interrupt my slumber?" he demanded, "I shall..." He took one look at Rita, and his manner changed altogether. "I shall inquire who this beautiful creature before me is."

"I am Rita Repulsa, who was once your main henchman, er henchwoman," Rita said, "Remember? When you came to Earth, you expelled me from the castle."

"I am truly sorry, my dear," Zedd said, "How can I ever make it up to you?"

"Well," Rita said, grinning evilly, "There is one thing."

Kim tried to keep from laughing, as Justin threw up. Instead, she gently rubbed his back as he did. "I hate to say I told you so," she said, "But I did."

Justin quit vomiting and gave her a sheepish smile. "I guess I should have taken your advice, Kim," he said, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. "Where's Tommy?"

"I think he went to the bathroom," Kim said, "Are you all right, Justin?"

"Yeah, I think so," Justin said, "I don't feel sick anymore, at least."

"That's good," Kim said.

Justin saw Tommy creeping up behind Kim, and almost told her, but decided to let Tommy surprise her. But Tommy was the one who got surprised, as Kim caught his arm and flipped him.

"Ouch," Tommy said, as he picked himself up. Justin was doubled over, laughing so hard he was soon crying.

"That should show you, Tommy," Kim said, "Never try to sneak up on a woman."

"Yeah, I'll know that from now on, Kimmie," Tommy said. He rubbed his elbow.

Kim turned serious. "Are you all right, sweetie?" she asked.

"Yeah, just scraped it when I hit the ground," Tommy said.

"Here, let me look," Kim said, gently grabbing his arm and pulling it closer to inspect his elbow. "Doesn't look too bad. Here..." She kissed it. "Does that help make it feel better?"

"Much," Tommy replied, tugging Kim closer to him and giving her a kiss.

"And now," Zedd said, "To make sure that the Rangers don't bother us while we're working. But first, we must find them."

"I've found them, Zeddy," Rita said, looking through her Repulsascope. "They're in a fair near Angel Grove. All seven of them."

"Good," Zedd replied, "Anti-Lantern Rangers, before me."

In seconds, the evil Rangers were in the throne room and bowing before Zedd. "What can we do for you, my liege?" Shane asked.

"Go down to the carnival, and defeat the Power Rangers," Zedd said, "They'll be unable to escape, and I'm making sure that they can't call upon their powers, so it'll be a piece of cake for you."

"Yes, my liege," Shane said. With that, him and the other Anti-Lantern Rangers teleported away.

"And now, for the force field," Zedd said, raising his staff. A bolt of energy issued forth.

Kim, Tommy, and Justin were just joining the others, when a slight flash appeared in the sky over the carnival. "What was that?" Angela asked.

"I don't know, and I don't like it," Zack said.

All of a sudden, the Anti-Lantern Rangers appeared. "Come on out, Lantern Rangers," Shane said, "We've come for you. If you don't come and face us, everybody here will die."

"Angela, you go find a safe place to hide," Zack said, "We'll keep those guys busy, until the Lantern Rangers show up."

"Be careful, Zack," Angela warned, giving him a kiss.

"I will," Zack said, "You too." Angela nodded and walked off.

The Rangers ran for an empty tent. "Let's do it, guys," Tommy said, "It's morphin' time." Their rings gave off a short glow, but nothing happened. "It's morphin' time." This time, the rings didn't even glow.

Jason brought his communicator up to his lips. "Alpha, Zordon, this is Jason," he said, "Come in." Nothing but static.

"What are we going to do, Tommy?" Kim asked.

"I don't know, beautiful," Tommy said, "I honestly don't know."

Part 2

"We have to do something, before they attack innocent people," Zack said.

"I concur with Zack," Billy said.

"Right," Tommy said, "Break up into teams. Billy and Trini, Jason and Zack, and Kim, Justin, and me. Try to get your counterparts to chase you. Find a place to have a showdown with them."

The others nodded, and they broke into their teams. "Where are we going to face our counterparts?" Kim asked.

"Well, all three of us have always been good at mirror mazes," Justin said, "We might have the advantage, if they're not."

"Good idea," Kim said, "We can use the mirrors to make them see a bunch of us, while all three of us have learned to know which is real and which is a reflection."

"That's the plan," Tommy said, "Let's go."

Jason and Zack stepped out into the Anti-Lantern Rangers line of sight and started taunting their counterparts, Rocky and Adam, who went racing after them.

Billy and Trini were next, and were successful in getting Aisha and the Blue Anti-Lantern Ranger away from Gray, Pink, and Green.

And then, it was Tommy, Justin, and Kim's turn, as they stepped out of the shadows.

"So, our own goody good counterparts finally show themselves," Anti-Pink taunted.

"Let's finish this, Lantern Rangers," Shane said, raising his laser pistol. He shot at Tommy and Kim, but they easily dodged the blasts.

"Come and get us, Anti-Lantern Rangers," Justin taunted, as three of them turned and started heading towards the mirror maze. Shane and Anti-Pink shared a glance, and then headed after them with Anti-Green.

Rita had on a long gown and a bouquet of black roses was in her hands. She was at the back of the throne room, which was made over into a wedding chapel. In the front of the room, Zedd stood with Goldar, his best monster, and Finster, who was going to preside over the ceremony.

Master Vile stepped up to his daughter. He didn't look anything like her. While Rita was mostly human looking, Master Vile was monstrous. Rita's "little brother", Rito Revolto, couldn't attend, but he sent the two his best wishes.

The song here comes the bride played, and Rita and Master Vile made their way down the aisle. When they got to the altar, Master Vile stepped to one side, while Rita stepped up to her groom to be.

The ceremony went on without a hitch, and there was a bit party afterwards.

Meanwhile, on Earth, Tommy, Kim, and Justin had just made it to the mirror maze and were running through it. They held each other's hand to comfort each other and so that they didn't lose each other in the maze.

In another part of the maze, they saw the Gray, Pink, and Green Anti-Lantern Rangers entering the maze. "Come out, come out, wherever you are," Anti-Pink called out in a sing song voice.

"You can't catch me," Kim taunted, blowing a raspberry at the two Anti-Lantern Rangers. Anti-Pink shot at her, but only broke one of the mirrors.

"Nah nah, you missed us," Tommy taunted. Shane shot at him, but only succeeded in breaking another mirror.

"You couldn't hit the broad side of a barn," Justin mocked. Anti-Green shot at him, but the only casualty was another mirror.

Gingerly grabbing a shard of glass, Tommy crept up to his counterpart, who was unknowingly separated from his teammate. He wasn't planning on doing any extensive damage to Shane, but was intent on at least hurting him.

When he got close enough to toss the shard, Tommy let it fly. It cut into the uniform, and Shane's pistol went flying. Tommy run and jumped, catching it in mid air, shooting Shane as he touched down on the floor.

Shane was knocked unconscious by the point blank blast and was teleported out in a gray beam of light. Tommy dropped to his knees, breathing heavily. All of a sudden, the world went black, as Anti-Pink caught him with a wicked back hand. Tommy went smashing into a mirror. Luckily, he wasn't cut, but the blow knocked him out.

"Get away from him," Kim shouted. She did a bunch of cartwheels and then ended up with a side kick to her maniacal counterpart, knocking Anti-Pink back a few inches. Swiping up the blaster Tommy had dropped when Anti-Pink had knocked him unconscious, Kim blasted her counterpart, nothing permanently damaging, but it did knock her out. Anti-Pink was teleported out.

Justin had no problem with his counterpart, even without powers. He crept up behind Anti-Green, took his laser pistol, and shot him.

Jason and Zack made their way to the carnival parking lot, which luckily was still in the force field's limit. "Hey, Zack," Jason said, "I've got an idea. Help me find my car."

"No problem, Jase," Zack said.

They found Jason's car easily and jumped in. Jason hurriedly pulled out his keys and started the car. Just then, the Rocky and Adam came running towards them. Jason peeled out, running over them. It didn't kill them, nor did it do a lot of damage, just knocked them out.

Jason and Zack high fived each other.

Billy and Trini were desperately looking for something to use against their counterparts, Aisha and Anti-Blue. Billy found a game where you smashed little creatures with bit mallets.

"This gives me an idea," Billy said, grabbing up one of the mallets. They were surprisingly not foam rubber, but hard wood. Billy tossed another one to Trini, who easily caught it.

When Aisha and Anti-Blue came running around the corner, both Billy and Trini let loose with their mallets. They caught them full on, knocking them several feet back, and unconscious.

"Alpha, we must get inside that force field," Zordon said, "I can sense that the Rangers, and especially any civilians also in the carnival, are in big trouble."

"I'm trying, Zordon," Alpha said, "But that force field is too strong. The Rangers can't even morph because of it."

"I've got an idea, Alpha," Zordon said, "The force field is made up of dark Lantern energies. Flood it with light Lantern energy."

"Good idea, Zordon," Alpha said, "Flooding it... now." He typed a few commands into the computer.

A crackle of energy marked the disappearance of the force field. Tommy sighed with relief, as him, Justin, and Kim met up with the others. "Just in case, let's do it, guys," he said, "It's morphin' time. White Tiger."

"Dragonzord/Tor," Justin said.

"Pterodactyl/Firebird," Kim cried.

"Tyrannosaurus/Red Dragon," Jason yelled.

"Mastadon/Lion," Zack called.

"Saber Tooth Tiger/Griffin," Trini screamed.

"Triceratops/Unicorn," Billy affirmed, closing the loop.

In seconds, they were morphed and standing tall, in their new suits.

And it was a good thing, too. Shane and the other Anti-Lantern Rangers were coming out of the woodworks. Tommy and his team barely had the time to pull out their weapons, before the Anti-Lantern Rangers attacked.

Tommy squared off with Shane, with Saba meeting Nega with a slight shower of sparks. "I don't know how you regained your powers, but it doesn't matter, White Ranger," Shane said, "You're going down."

"I don't think so, Anti-Gray," Tommy said, pulling out his laser pistol and catching Shane with a blast. Shane was knocked back, but jumped up to his feet as quickly as he landed.

"We'll be back, Lantern Rangers," he warned, before him and the other six Anti-Lantern Rangers teleported away.

The Lantern Rangers all teleported to the Command Cavern.

Aboard Rita's small ship, somewhere in Lunar orbit, Zedd and Rita were having their honeymoon. All of a sudden, Goldar's voice came over the speakers. "My liege, something terrible has happened," he said.

Growling, Zedd went into the cockpit and picked up a phone like apparatus. "This better be good, monkey brains," he warned.

"It is, my liege," Goldar said, "The Lantern Rangers escaped the carnival trap and defeated the Anti-Lantern Rangers, even thought they weren't morphed."

"Ooh, wait until I get my hands on those Lantern Rangers," Zedd said, "I'll make them wish they had never been born."

"Oh, Zeddy," Rita screeched.

"Ooh, that voice could shatter Exotanium," Zedd said, "Coming, my dear."

A little while later, Tommy and Kim were walking along the lake, holding hands. Kim was beaming happily, but Tommy seeemed to not be there, mentally. "Hey, Tommy," Kim said, "Is something wrong?"

Tommy shook his head. "No, nothing's wrong," he said, "I've just been thinking a lot lately."

"About what?" Kim asked.

"Oh, about the future," Tommy said, "News about Zedd and Rita's marriage has just made me focus."

Kim was a bit confused. "What do you mean?" she asked.

They had unknowingly made their way to the exact same spot they had shared their first kiss, after their first encounter with Batman. "I guess this is a good a time, and place, as any," Tommy muttered.

Kim looked at him, wondering if he was losing his mind or something. All of a sudden, Tommy pulled something out of his pocket, dropped to a knee, and opened what was in his hand. It was a jewelers box, and inside was the ring he had shown her on at least one occasion.

"Oh, Tommy," Kim said, "I-I don't know what to say."

"You may not, but I do," Tommy said, "Kim, will you marry me?"

To be continued...

Note from the author: I guess that was probably the lousiest place to leave off the story, huh? Well, I like cliffhangers as much as the next person (which is not much at all), but I thought I'd throw one in here, to make things a bit more interesting. And if you think what happened here is interesting, just wait.