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Note from the author: You might think that there isn't any logic behind who I chose to be the Phantom Ranger, but there is. If you think about what this character said on his last appearance on the show, you'll see the logic.

Timeline: Seconds after the Phantom Ranger helped save the Rangers.

Phantom Loss
by: Lucas Harrell

"David?" Tommy inquired, shocked.

"Yeah, it's me, bro," David Trueheart replied, "I told you that there's a lot you don't know about me." The two of them embraced.

"I can't believe it," Kim said, "You've been the Phantom Ranger the whole time?"

David nodded. "Yes," he said, "I helped out the second Turbo team out a few times, as you would know, Justin, and I helped them out once after they became the Space Rangers."

"Yeah, and fell in love with one of them," Justin commented.

"What?" Tommy was surprised.

"It's true," David said, hanging his head. "I fell for Cassie, the Pink Ranger in both teams."

"Hey man, that's great," Tommy said, "Have you revealed who you are to her?"

David shook his head. "No, I just couldn't," he said, "There would be so much to explain, like how I got these powers."

"Just how did you get them?" Kim asked.

"It's a long story, and one that can wait until later," David said, "Don't we have classes to teach at the new Youth Center?"

"Yeah, I guess we do," Jason said. The Virtuosity Rangers, Danny, and David all teleported away.

When they got to the Youth Center, they split up. Trini, Jason, and Tommy went to teach their martial arts classes and Kat and Tanya went to teach their dance class. Kim started towards her gymnastics class, and Danny joined her surprisingly.

The girls Kim had in her class giggled, as Danny stepped up with Kim to the head of the class in his old gymnastic outfit. "It's been ages since I've done this, girls, so go easy on me," he joked.

Kim couldn't help but grin at the starry eyed looks Danny was getting from the girls. `Gee, somehow I don't think he'll have any trouble finding volunteers,' she mused and laughed inwardly.

"I bet most of you think that boys don't belong in gymnastics, huh?" Danny asked. The girls giggling was all the answer he needed. "Well, that's wrong. When I was training for the Olympics in ice skating, the man who taught me also made me learn gymnastics, and I learned under some of the Olympic greats, girls and guys. And some of the guys I met were just as good as the girls."

"And when I went to the Pan Globals," Kim interjected, "I met guys there that were just as good as I am, and I'm a gold medalist."

Danny nodded. "Guys can be just as flexible as girls sometimes," he said, "You'd be surprised on how many guys there are that can do... this." He did a full split, making the few guys watching in the Juice Bar wince and cross their legs.

As the class started working, Kim found, to her surprise, that Danny, though just a tad bit rusty, was indeed good at gymnastics. She hadn't quite believed him when he told her that, until now. When class was over, Danny changed in the guys' locker room, where he was promptly teased about his interest in gymnastics.

"Oh, you're just jealous because you can't do things like that," Danny shot back. He sat down at the table the Rangers frequented and ordered something to drink. He usually helped out, but he was a little too tired to at the moment. Besides, it didn't look like Ryan and Ernie were needing help.

He put his head down on the table.

"Excuse me, handsome. Is this seat taken?"

Danny's head snapped up at the female voice. Standing before him was a beautiful young woman. Danny remembered that she was a student in Kim's class, but couldn't remember her name. "No, it's not," he said. He couldn't help but stare.

"Take a picture," the girl said, as she sat down. "It'll last longer." Danny smiled. The young teen girl extended her hand to him. "My name's Shaiana Knight, and I was in the gymnastics class you just helped teach. What's your name?"

Danny finally shook the cobwebs loose. "Danny Kain," he replied, shaking her hand.

Shaiana was a little taller than he was, and had long blond hair that looked almost white. She was very pretty, and had big, crystal blue eyes. "I'm 14," she said, "How old are you?"

"I'll be turning 15 in a couple of months," Danny replied. He couldn't tear his eyes away from hers, and Shaiana seemed to be having the same trouble. "Um, would you like to go to the dance later on with me?"

"I'd love to," Shaiana said.

Kim had just came out of the class room and spotted Danny with a student of hers. It took Kim a minute to remember Shaiana's name. She smiled at the obvious mutual attraction between the two.

"Hey there, beautiful," Tommy said, as he came up from behind Kim and wrapped his arms around her. "What are you smiling at?"

"Oh, nothing really," Kim said, turning around and giving her husband a kiss. "It looks like Danny's falling for one of my students." She nodded to their table, where Danny was engrossed in talking to Shaiana.

"Mm, well, he couldn't pick a prettier girl," Tommy replied.

Kim smacked him on the shoulder. "You fink," she teased.

"Don't worry, Kimmie," Tommy said, "She has nothing on you." He pulled her in for another kiss, a more passionate one at that.

"Mm, now stop that," Kim said, breaking the kiss. Tommy gave her an innocent smile. "I've got a class in about ten minutes."

"Hey, I just wanted a kiss," Tommy said, "I've got to meet Jason out back in about five minutes. Yeesh."

"Sorry, sweetie," Kim said, "Early pregnancy mood swings, I guess."

"Well, I married you for better or worst, and this is about as bad as it gets," Tommy teased. Kim slapped him on the shoulder again.

Adam had just finished helping Rocky teach a class. "Hey, Adam," Rocky said, "Can I talk to you for a minute?"

"Sure thing, Rocky," Adam said, "What's up?"

"Tell me what you think about this." Rocky pulled a jewelers box from his pocket and opened it, to reveal a stunning ring.

"It's great, Rocky, but it wouldn't look right. I mean, you and me," Adam joked, grinning. "I mean, I appreciate the gesture, but you've got Kat, and I've got Tanya. It just wouldn't look right."

"Oh, very funny. It's for Kat, wise guy," Rocky replied, saying the last part very quietly. "I was thinking about asking her to marry me."

"I say go for it," Adam replied, "No time like the present."

"Yeah, I thought you'd say that," Rocky said, "Thanks, man. When are you going to ask Tanya?"

"That's what she keeps asking me," Adam said, sighing. "I'm afraid that's going to have be put on the back burner, until the new outdoor JBG can be constructed. I just don't know how to tell Tanya. How'd you get the ring, anyway? I thought you put in just as much as the rest of us for the outdoor JBG."

"I do," Rocky said, "It's a family heirloom I inherited from my grandmother. My mom gave me the box for hers, because she won't need it."

"Well, Kat will be getting out of her dance class in a few minutes," Adam said, "Why not ask her right here?"

"Right here?" Rocky inquired, "Hmm, maybe I will."

"Well, here she comes," Adam said, as they spotted Kat coming out of the locker rooms and making a beeline in their direction.

"Rocky!!!" Kat cried, rushing in for a hug.

"Kat, I need to ask you something," Rocky said, "We've been going out for about a year, right?"

Kat nodded. "That's right," she said, "Our anniversary is in two months. Why?"

"Well, I don't want to wait for our anniversary for this," Rocky said. He pulled the box back out, opened it, and dropped to one knee, as per custom. "Katherine Hillard, will you marry me?"

Time seemed to halt in the entire Youth Center, as everybody stopped what they were doing and watched Rocky proposing to Kat. They awaited her answer.

Kat threw her arms around Rocky's neck. "Oh, Rocky," she cried, "Of course I'll marry you."

Tommy started the cheering, while Kim started the clapping. Every person in the Youth Center cheered for the young couple, who were taking the next big step in their lives.

"I wish you would do that for me," Tanya said to Adam, as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

"I will soon enough, Tanya, I promise," Adam replied.

Tommy was just heading for the back, when a hand fell on his shoulder. Without thinking, and running on Ranger instinct alone, he grabbed the person's hand, and flipped whoever it was over his shoulder.

It had been David who made the mistake of sneaking up on him. "Oh geez," Tommy said, giving his brother a sheepish grin. "I'm so sorry, David." He gently helped David up.

"Don't worry about it, Tommy," David said, brushing off his pants. "I'll know not to sneak up on you anymore, that's for sure."

"Well, what did you sneak up on me for?" Tommy asked.

"Well, I was wondering about the dance you told me about, the one you guys are having tonight," David said, "Do I have to come with a date?"

Tommy had completely forgotten about the dance that night. "Well, no, I guess you don't have to," he said, "But what about asking Cassie, if you could find her? I bet, if you told her who you were, she'd go with you."

"It's too late," David said, "I read on the internet last night, in some wedding chat board, that she married TJ from the second generation of Turbo Rangers and the Space Rangers team about a week ago."

"Oh," Tommy said, "I'm so sorry, David."

"It's all right, bro," David said, "I should have told her sooner. It's my own fault, for never telling her when I had the chance."

"That's so sad," Kim said as she joined them. "I'm sorry about overhearing, David."

"It's all right, Kim," David said, "Tommy probably would have told you later, anyway. I'm just one of those lonely hearts now."

"You'll find someone, David," Tommy said, "Just like I found Kim here."

"Yeah, I wish I was that lucky," David muttered. His tenure as the Phantom Ranger had made him very secretive, even towards his brother. "I guess I'd better be going."

"Wait a second," Kim said, "Are you coming to the dance tonight or what?"

"I don't know," was David's only reply, as he crossed the Youth Center floor and headed out the front door.

"Looks like we've got some match making to do," Kim told Tommy.

"We'll do it tonight, at the dance," Tommy promised, "I've got to go see Jase out back."

"And I've got a gymnastics class to teach," Kim said. She gave her husband a kiss and headed for the room her class was in. Tommy headed out back.

"Hey, cuz," Justin said, as he joined Danny.

"Hey, Justin," Danny said, giving his cousin a high five.

Justin noticed his pretty companion and extended his hand to her. "Hi, I'm Justin Stewart, Danny's look alike cousin," he said.

Shaiana shook his hand as she stood up. "My name's Shaiana Knight," she said, "I've got to go. I'll see you at the dance later, Danny."

"See you then," Danny called, as she walked towards the lobby to go out of the Youth Center.

"Whoa, talk about a ladies man," Justin said, elbowing Danny in the ribs. He regretted that when he saw Danny wince. "Bruised ribs?"

Danny nodded. "Prionitai got in a good shot before David and I destroyed him," he said, "They may even be broken, for all I know. My power should heal it by the next fight, hopefully."

"They probably will, as long as the Tyrant Ranger doesn't make the attack too soon," Justin said. All of a sudden, they felt the telepathic all call from the computer at the VRCC.

"You jinxed us, bro," Danny joked.

The Danny and Virtuosity Rangers quickly gathered in the guest room in Kim and Tommy's apartment upstairs and teleported away.

They found themselves in the control room at the VRCC. There, they found David, already morphed. "How did you know there was trouble?" Tommy asked his brother.

David gestured to his ruby. "This keeps me in constant telepathic contact with the computers, just as your virtuamorphers do," he explained, "Or, it does when I'm on Earth at least."

"Quiet for a minute," Danny hissed.

"A new virtuamonster named Phyrix, a dragon, and some virtuasoldiers are attacking the city," the computer said, "Teleporting them to the country... now."

"Let's go, guys," Danny said, "It's morphin' time. Prophet Ranger power."

"White VR power," Tommy cried.

"Pink VR power," Kim said.

"Blue VR power," Billy said.

"Yellow VR power," Trini said.

"Gold VR power," Jason said.

"Red VR power," Rocky said.

"Maroon VR power," Kat said.

"Black VR power," Adam said.

"Amber VR power," Tanya said.

"Silver VR power," Zack said.

"Orange VR power," Aisha said.

"Purple VR power," Justin said.

"Green VR power," Ryan said.

They were morphed in one second and teleporting away in another.

When they teleported onto the battle field, they found that Phyrix was big, though not near zord height. "Let's do it," Tommy said. Danny and David were quickly engaged by the virtuasoldiers, while the Virtuosity Rangers took on Phyrix.

Using their newfound teamwork, Danny and David quickly dispatched the virtuasoldiers. All of a sudden, the Tyrant Ranger decided to make an appearance, teleporting in out of the blue.

"I don't know if I'm ready for this," David said, and him and Danny circled the Tyrant Ranger.

"If we work together, we should do just fine," Danny said.

"Work together, work seperately, doesn't matter," Tyrant Ranger said, "You will die today. Both of you."

"Yeah, well, we'll see about that," Danny said, "Scythe of Prophecy." His diamond bladed scythe appeared in his hand, while David's gunblade appeared in his with a silent command. Then, they engaged the Tyrant Ranger.

Tommy and the others were having a hard time with Phyrix. "Let's bring together the Virtual Enforcer, guys," Tommy said. With that, the weapons came together, along with their virtuablasters. The megablaster dropped into Tommy's hands, and the others crowded around.

"FIRE!!!" they cried in unison. A huge blast issued forth, hitting Phyrix and instantly disintegrating the virtuamonster.

David and Danny were barely holding their own against the Tyrant Ranger. Out of the corner of his eye, Danny could see the Virtuosity Rangers finishing off Phyrix. They started heading towards the battle.

"Fourteen against one aren't my odds," Tyrant Ranger said, "But for a parting shot." A beam of light issued forth from his hand and hit David full force. David cried out as he depowered. Tyrant Ranger disappeared.

"David, what happened?" Danny asked.

"The Phantom ruby," David said, "My powers.... the Tyrant Ranger destroyed them." With that, he collapsed.

At the party, David stayed by himself. The computers at the VRCC had confirmed that the Phantom ruby had indeed been depowered. David looked around the Youth Center.

Tommy and Kim were out on the dance floor, not surprisingly. And so were Billy and Trini, Jason and Emily, Zack and Aisha, Rocky and Kat, Tanya and Adam, Justin and a girl he had introduced to everybody as Mary, and Danny and his new girlfriend Shaiana. Ryan was behind the bar, the only Virtuosity Ranger that didn't have a girlfriend.

"And isn't married," David murmured, as he gazed at Tommy and Kim. His brother had, of course, offered to stay with him most of the night, and Kim had offered to dance with him, but he had turned Tommy down, and told Kim to ask him later.

"Excuse me, sir, but is anybody sitting here?"

David looked up in surprise, to see a pretty young lady waiting for his answer. "Um, no," David stuttered, "Nobody's sitting here."

"Good," the young woman said, plopping down in the seat. "All of these couples are really making me self conscious and wishing I had a boyfriend. What about you, Mr..."

"Trueheart, but call me David," David replied, "I know what you mean." If it was literal about the light going off above his head when he got an idea, it would have at that moment. "Would you like to dance?"

"Sure I would," the young woman said. She allowed him to help her up and lead her out to the floor.

"You haven't told me your name quite yet, Ms..." David said, as they started dancing.

"Just call me Trisha," the girl said.

"All right, Trisha," David said. He felt an odd tug at his heart, something he hadn't felt since he first met Cassie. `Am I falling in love?' he mused, `Yes, I think I am, and it feels wonderful.'

To be continued...

Author's note: Did you like the story? Good, because I'm afraid that this is the season finale of Power Rangers: Virtuosity. I know I haven't had a lot of fanfics for this series, but I will change that next season. Until next time, ciao.

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