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Timeline: About a month and a half after Phantom loss.

Return of the Phantom
by: Lucas Harrell

Danny was all smiles for once. He had himself a beautiful girlfriend and everything was looking his way. The only thing bugging him was David’s loss of the Phantom Ranger powers.

‘Not that its bothering David much anymore,’ Danny mused with a smile. He had seen the beautiful young woman David had danced with, and they sure looked really cozy.

“Hey, bro,” Justin said, as he joined Danny at the usual table.

“Hey, Justin,” Danny greeted his cousin cheerfully. “What’s up?”

“You tell me, cuz,” Justin said, “You’ve been gone the past few days. Where have you been?”

“Oh, just at the VRCC, working on something,” Danny replied.

“Like what?” Justin asked.

“I’ll tell you, but you have to be quiet about this,” Danny said.

“No problem, man,” Justin said.

“Remember when I asked David to entrust the de-powered Phantom ruby to my care, in the hopes that I could restore the power?” Justin nodded. “Well, I found out that the ruby alone has lost the ability to channel morphing energy.”

“Oh, that’s too bad,” Justin said, “David’s going to be hurt.”

“Wait a minute, before jumping to conclusions,” Danny said, “I said that it couldn’t do it alone. So, I’ve been working hard in combining it with an extra virtuamorpher I had just lying around. I should have him new Virtuosity powers by the end of the day.”

“That’s awesome,” Justin said, “You know, we should do something about Kim. I mean, she’s almost to her second trimester. She shouldn’t be an active Ranger.” They both glanced over at Kim, who looked every bit of near three months pregnant, as she watched her class. Danny’s girlfriend Shaiana was taking the class over for Kim until the baby was born.

“I know, but nobody else can be the Pink Virtuosity Ranger,” Danny replied, “The virtuamorphers are inside you, remember? They can’t be safely removed. Kim knew that when she joined. Look, her zord can be piloted by remote control. If she takes maternity leave of the team, I can pilot it from the ProphecyMegaZord during battle.”

“Good,” Tommy said, as he walked up to the pair. “She doesn’t need to be fighting when she’s pregnant.”

“I’d say that the hardest part will be convincing her to take maternity leave,” Danny pointed out, “That’s going to be difficult.”

“Nah, I’ll talk to her later,” Tommy said, “She wants this baby, and doesn’t want anything to harm it. It shouldn’t be too hard to convince her to take maternity leave of the team. The only problem will be that we can’t form the Virtual Enforcer without her bow.”

“I think I can fix that,” Danny said, “I basically created the powers and weapons. I should be able to put the Bow of Virtuosity into another Rangers arsenal until the baby or babies are born. But who should take it?”

“Kat,” Tommy and Justin said in unison.

“That would make sense, I suppose,” Danny said, “Other than Kim, she’s had the most experience with a bow than any other Ranger on the team. Kat it is, then. The Virtual Enforcer will not be hampered.”

“Good,” Tommy said, “Now, if you don’t mind me, I’ve got to go talk to my wife about her maternity leave.” He stood back up and headed over to the watchers glass heading into the gymnastics class, where Kim was watching Shaiana teach her class with skill and finesse. “Jealous, beautiful?”

“Huh? Oh hi, Tommy,” Kim said, “Yeah, maybe just a little bit. She’s going to be taking my place for another six and a half months.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Tommy said, “You’ll be back on your feet in no time after this little rascal is born.” He touched her already slightly swollen stomach.

“I know,” Kim murmured.

“Come here,” Tommy said, “I wanted to talk to you about maternity leave.”

“Maternity leave? I’m already letting someone take my classes,” Kim said, “Why would I need... Oh, from the team.”

“Yeah, maternity leave from the team,” Tommy said, “You’re powers will stay with you, but your zord will be piloted by remote control, and your bow will be placed in Kat’s arsenal until your fit to fight against the Tyrant Ranger again.”

“I guess I do need to take my leave now, before I endanger the baby,” Kim said, “All right, I’ll do it, I guess.”

“Good,” Tommy said, smiling. “It’ll do you some good, anyway, taking a break from the big fight."

“Yeah, you’re right,” Kim said, smiling back. “I think I’m going to go out to the outdoor JBG. I’ve got one of those cravings again, for peanut butter, mixed fruit, and spinach smoothie. I thought I’d check out on how Danny’s class is doing back there, too, while I was at it.”

Tommy made a playful face. Kim’s food cravings were worse than any he remembered his mom having, when she had his little sister. When she wasn’t spending time watching Shaiana, Kim was at the outdoor Juice Bar and Grill, which had opened just two days prior.

“I guess I’ll go with you, as long as I don’t have to see you drink that smoothie,” Tommy teased, “I want to see how David’s doing.” The now former Phantom Ranger was the bartender out back. He surprised everybody by being an excellent cook, and he could make a mean smoothie or shake, too. His girlfriend Trisha helped out often.

They went out to the now already famous outdoor Juice Bar and Grill, which was mostly popular at night. They had a barbecue party planned for that night, to officially celebrate the grand opening of the outdoor JBG, and a lot of people were signed up to come already. Mostly students and their parents.

Kim and Tommy walked to the bar, where David was fixing a smoothie for a customer. “Hey, bro,” Tommy said.

“Tommy!!!” David exclaimed, “I’ll be with you in a second, bro. I’ve got to get this smoothie done.”

“No problem, David,” Kim said, “Can you make me my usual while you’re at it?”

“Sure thing, sis,” David said. He had taken to calling her sis not too long after Kim and Tommy had been married. David quickly finished the smoothie and had Tommy hand it to the customer who had ordered it. “One peanut butter, mixed fruit, and spinach smoothie coming right up, for my favorite sister in law.”

A few of the customers nearby grimaced, but didn’t say a word. They were already about as used to Kim’s strange cravings as Tommy was. “Your only sister in law,” Kim replied. David grinned. “Where’s Trisha?”

“Trisha had to go to some meeting at where she worked,” David said, “She said that she’d be back later to help out, though.” It only took him a minute to get the smoothie done. David handed it to her. “Here you go, Kim. On the house, as always. Want anything, Tommy?”

“No thanks, bro,” Tommy said, “Kim’s order always tends to make me lose my appetite.” Kim slapped his leg playfully.

David shook his head as he watched the married couple’s antics. “You two remind me a lot of your parents, Tommy,” he said.

“Well, who do you think we get it from?” Kim inquired, grinning. “His parents, and his aunt and uncle.”

“Mm, good point,” David said, “I forgot. When’s the due date?”

“Hmm, well this is mid March,” Kim said, “I’d say about late August, early September. That’s just an estimate, though. I haven’t gone to a doctor to make sure, so I don’t know exactly.

“That’s great,” David said, “Well, I know you, Kim. Danny’s class is just over there.” He pointed to the vacant parking lot, which the group had bought recently. Even though he had the chance to move his class, Danny decided to stay where he was to teach the class.

“Thanks, David,” Kim said, “Coming, Tommy?”

“No, I’ve a class to teach,” Tommy said, “Say hi to Danny for me, if you talk to him before me though, would you?”

“Sure thing, sweetie,” Kim said, giving him a kiss before walking towards the parking lot. She took an interest in Danny’s class after he had sent a few students her way for preliminary stuff for his class.

Kim walked up to the class just in time to see Danny take a bad tumble. She rushed to him, dropping her smoothie. “Danny, what happened?” she asked.

“Just had the wind knocked out of me,” Danny wheezed slowly, as he sat up. His students crowded around.

“Are you sure that’s all?” Danny nodded and stood up.

A student stepped forward. “Maybe you’d better cancel the rest of today’s class just in case, sensei,” the boy said.

“Good idea, Jack,” Danny said, “Class dismissed.”

The students and Kim helped Danny back to the Youth Center, where he sat down at the Rangers usual table.

“Are you all right?” Kim asked.

“Yeah, I am,” Danny said, “All that was really hurt was my pride. And my back a little, but not too much.”

“Good,” Kim said, “I’m going out back to get a new smoothie. Want anything?”

“A double cheeseburger and an order of fries,” Danny replied, “David knows what I like on a burger. I haven’t eaten all day, so you can imagine I’m hungry.”

“Coming right up,” Kim said. She left, and Danny looked through the watchers glass to the dance class, where Kat, Aisha, and Zack were teaching a class of older people who had rented the class time to learn how to dance.

Then, Danny looked through the watchers glass leading into the karate class, where Trini and Tommy were showing their students some new moves. Tommy went for a roundhouse kick, which Trini ducked. She then swept Tommy’s leg out from under him.

Danny smiled as his eyes wandered from their class to the room for the gymnastics class, where his girlfriend Shaiana was teaching her class. It was an advanced class that Shaiana herself had been a part of, and the students knew and trusted her as a teacher.

“You can ogle your girlfriend later,” Kim teased, “Here’s your food.” She carefully handed Danny his burger and fries, and sat down herself, taking a sip of her smoothie.

“Thanks, Kim,” Danny said, grabbing his burger and took a big bite out of it. He was starving. He ate his cheeseburger in no time, but only ate about half of his fries. Kim had stolen the other half of his order of fries, but he didn’t mind. ‘After all,’ he mused, ‘She is eating for at least two.’

A little while later, Shaiana finished the class and joined them, giving Danny a kiss on the cheek as she sat down. “I can’t thank you enough for letting me take over, Ms. Oliver,” she said.

“It’s quite all right, Shaiana,” Kim replied, “And, please, call me Kim. How’s the class going?”

“They’re doing great, Kim,” Shaiana said, “Some of them are as good, or maybe even better, than I am.”

“No way, Shaiana,” Danny said, “You’re better than any of them.”

Shaiana blushed. “Thanks, Danny,” she said.

Just then, Danny felt the computers at the VRCC calling him telepathically. “I’ve got to go,” he said, “I’m supposed to go home to help mom with something. Want to go to the big barbacue with me tonight, Shai?” Shai was her nickname, because some people couldn’t pronounce her full name.

“I’d love to,” Shaiana replied, “I’ll meet you there.”

“It’s a date then,” Danny said. He gave Shaiana a quick kiss. “Bye Kim.”

“Bye, Danny,” Kim said, waving as Danny headed for the lobby. She turned back to Shaiana, who was staring into space dreamily. “Thinking about Danny already?”

“Yeah, I am,” Shaiana said, “He is just so cute.”

“Yeah, I guess so,” Kim said, “So, have the two of you kissed yet?”

“No, but Danny is kind of shy,” Shaiana replied, “Not a full mouth kiss, anyway. We’ve only gone on a handful of dates. Maybe he will after the barbecue tonight.”

“Well, I hope he does,” Kim replied.

Danny teleported to the VRCC from the guest room in Tommy and Kim’s apartment. “So, is it done?” he asked.

“Yes, it is finished, Danny,” the computer said, “You will find the Phantom virtuamorpher on the table.”

Danny picked up the virtuamorpher. It was a little different from the regular virtuamorphers, but that was because of the ruby inside powering it. “Thanks,” he said, “I’ll go take this to David.” With that, he teleported out.

It only took a few minutes for Danny to get down the stairs, where he headed to the outdoor JBG, where Trisha was now helping David. “Hey, David,” Danny said, as he plopped down on a stool at the bar.

“Oh, hey, Danny,” David said, “What’s up?”

“Nothing much, really,” Danny said, “Can I talk to you alone for a minute?”

“Sure thing,” David said, “Are you all right out here by yourself, sweetie?”

“Go on ahead, David,” Trisha replied, “I’ll be fine.”

Danny and David headed to the parking lot next door, which was empty since Danny didn’t have a class going at the moment. Well, empty of people. There were a few cars there.

“So, what did you want to see me about?” David asked.

Danny showed him the virtuamorpher. “Just to give you this,” he said, “It’s a new virtuamorpher I created, using the shards of the Phantom ruby. Would you like to become the new Phantom Virtuosity Ranger?”

“I’d love to,” David said, “But what do I do with it?”

“Simply morph,” Danny replied.

“It’s morphin’ time,” David said, “Phantom VR power.” In seconds, he was morphed into armor that was a cross between his Phantom Ranger armor and the armor of the VR Troopers. “Whoa, awesome.”

“You still have your old weapon,” Danny said, “And you’ll pilot the Phantom VirtuaZord, which is now completed. Also, your telepathic link with the computers at the VRCC is now renewed, thanks to the virtuamorpher.”

David took off his helmet. “This is awesome, Danny,” he said, “Thanks.”

“It’s no problem, really,” Danny said, “I think we’ll need your help, in the upcoming battles. We’ll wait to spring the good new on the others when the Tyrant Ranger attacks next.” Just then, they both felt the VRCC’s computer telepathic call to battle. “Speaking of which, let’s go. It’s morphin’ time. Prophet Ranger power.”

“Back to action,” David called.

They both went to full morphed mode, and teleported to the VRCC, where they found the others waiting for them. “David?” Tommy asked. Danny and David could almost see his jaw dropping under his mask, along with the others.

“Of course,” David replied, “I’m back in action and ready to rock.”

“Speaking of which, status report, computer,” Danny said, as he sat down at the control panel.

“The Tyrant Ranger has sent down a mean looking vampire virtuamonster that calls itself Alucard and some virtuasoldiers,” the computer said, “Teleporting it to the country now.”

“Let’s go, guys,” Danny said, “Ready?” The Virtuosity Rangers all nodded. “All right, back to action.” With that, they teleported to the battle field. There, Danny and David, who were quickly becoming a very formidable team, took on Alucard, while the other Virtuosity Rangers took on the virtuasoldiers.

Danny and David used their respective martial arts abilities, but weren’t getting anywhere against the vampire monster. “That’s it,” Danny said, “Let’s call ‘em. Scythe of Prophecy.” His metallic scythe appeared in his hand, the diamond blade gleaming in the sunlight.

“Gunblade,” David cried. His weapon of choice appeared in his hand.

Even with their weapons, the two couldn’t turn the tide of the battle. Alucard was just too powerful. “You’re just a bunch of weaklings, compared to me,” Alucard boasted, knocking Danny away.


“Huh?” Alucard turned, to see a huge ball of energy shooting towards him. It caught him with a big blast, but instead of being destroyed, Alucard grew.

Tommy and the other Virtuosity Rangers, who had obviously assembled the Virtual Enforcer, looked up. Danny and David joined them. “Let’s do it, guys,” Danny said.

“We need the power of the Prophecy MegaZord and the VirtuaZords,” the fifteen Rangers cried in unison.

Danny’s zord came running onto the battle field, and the others Zords dropped out of their respective compartments along the hull of the Prophecy MegaZord, and grew to regular zord height. The Rangers teleported up to the cockpit of their respective zord. From his zord, Danny took control of Kim’s VirtuaZord.

“Let’s rock,” Tommy said, “VirtuaMegaZord, form up.”

The fourteen VirtuaZords, even David’s, formed up. Tommy called upon the MegaZord’s new ability to turn invisible to creep up on the monster, and knocked it for a loop.

“Let’s finish this quickly, guys,” Danny said, “We need UltraProphecyVirtuaMegaZord power, now.” With his command, the fourteen VirtuaZords combined with the Prophecy MegaZord.

“Lock on and fire all weapons,” the Rangers cried in unison. With that, the gunports on all of the zords opened fire on Alucard, who was destroyed instantaneously by the energy blasts.

Later on, at the barbecue, the Rangers kicked back and celebrated not only the official Grand Opening of the new Outdoor JBG, but the new permenant addition to the team.

While the others went off to dance with their respective sweethearts, Ryan couldn’t help but sigh. “Every Ranger on the team has a sweeheart, except me,” he muttered, as he went back to cooking the food.

What he didn’t see was Kim talking to a young woman before dancing with Tommy. He also didn’t see the same young woman heading towards the bar right after the married couple started dancing. “Excuse me,” she said, getting Ryan’s attention. “Are you Ryan Marshak?”

“That’s me,” Ryan replied, “Please don’t think me rude or anything, but why do you want to know?”

“I just wanted to know if you would like to dance,” the woman said.

Ryan smiled. “I’d love to,” he said. Ernie took over, while Ryan headed out to the dance floor with the lovely young lady. “What’s your name?”

“Selena,” the woman replied.

As the two started dancing, Kim watched them and smiled. “And now, all of us have respective sweethearts,” she murmured. She was sitting down, already tired from dancing. Tommy had gone to get her something to drink.

As Kim’s eyes wandered the dance floor, she saw David and Trisha, another couple she had played matchmaker to. They were talking as they slowly danced. Seeing her brother in law happy made Kim happy.

Kim’s eyes lit up when she noticed Danny and Shaiana, the final couple she had played matchmaker to. ‘That relationship sure has rocketed,’ Kim mused, ‘I’m glad I talked Shaiana into talking to him that day. I think she’s glad, too.’ Seeing the smile on her young replacements face, Kim decided that she was very glad.

“What are you thinking about, Princess?” Tommy asked, as he handed Kim a drink.

“Oh, nothing much really,” Kim said, “Just thankful I have such good friends, and such a wonderful husband.”

Tommy smiled. “And I’m glad that I have such good friends, too,” he said, “And a beautiful wife.”

“And a son on the way,” Kim replied, patting her stomach. “I have a feeling that, if it isn’t just a boy, it’ll be one of each.”

Tommy’s smiled widened. “Care to dance?” he asked, extending his hand.

Placing her empty cup down, Kim grinned at her husband as she put her hand in his. “Sure thing, handsome,” she replied. Tommy led her out to the dance floor and the two started dancing.

After the barbacue, Danny walked Shaiana home, since she didn’t live very far from the Youth Center. His mom had agreed to wait back at the Youth Center for him while he took her home. “I had a great time tonight, Danny,” Shaiana said.

“I did too,” Danny admitted, “Any time I get to spend with you is great.” Shaiana blushed. They walked in slightly uncomfortable silence until they got up to her front door.

“Well, I guess this is good night,” Shaiana said.

“Yeah, I guess it is,” Danny said.

Shaiana bit her lip, hoping that he would kiss her, and she wasn’t dissapointed. Danny gave her a sweet, gentle, though quick, kiss smack on the lips. Shaiana opened her eyes when she realized that she had closed them, and saw Danny heading down the driveway. He turned back and waved. She waved back, before heading into the house.