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Timeline: About a week after Lantern Rangers reborn.

Marital Bliss
by: Lucas Harrell

Tommy sighed. It had been a week since Kim had moved in with him, after her mom had thrown her out. Both were having to get used to new things. Tommy was getting used to having a wife that now lived with him, and Kim was getting used to living in a small, one bedroom apartment instead of a big house. One thing that they were both getting used to was married life.

The past week hadn’t been uneventful. Tommy and Kim had argued a few times, but never went to sleep angry at each other. “You’re all I’ve got right now, Tommy,” Kim had said, “Besides, I can never stay angry at you.”

Kim’s mom still refused to talk to her after throwing Kim out. Kim was starting to really miss her. Tommy started thinking about going to see Ms. Ferris when he got the chance, but thought better of it. ‘If she doesn’t want to talk to her own daughter, then why would she want to talk to me, her daughters husband?’ Tommy thought.

Tommy talked to Jason about it at school. “Just give it time, bro,” Jason said, “Kim’s mom will get over it sooner or later, you’ll see. Just enjoy married life as much as you can.”

And Tommy was enjoying it. Except for the occasional argument, married life was going great, for both Tommy and Kim, and Billy and Trini, who weren’t even living together.

Tommy opened the double doors and went into the Youth Center, heading straight for the Juice Bar. He was planning on lifting some weights and try to decide on what to do about Kim’s fragile link with her mom. When he went into the Juice Bar, he found Ernie behind the bar. “Hey, Ernie,” Tommy said.

“Tommy!!!” Ernie exclaimed, “Long time, no see.” It was true. Tommy hadn’t had the chance to go to the Juice Bar in almost two weeks.

“Yeah, well, sorry about that,” Tommy said, “I’ve just been busy the past couple of weeks, you know.”

“I know,” Ernie said, “The little woman been keeping a tight leash, huh?” Tommy grinned. It didn’t surprise him at all that Ernie knew about him and Kim being married. ‘He probably knows that we’re living together now, too,’ Tommy mused to himself.

”Nah, it’s not that,” Tommy said, “It’s been mostly...” He lowered his voice. “Ranger business.”

“Yeah, I noticed,” Ernie said, “I’d like to hear where you got those new powers and new zords from sometime.”

“Yeah, well, I’d like to hear the full version of that myself,” Tommy said, “I wasn’t there when the others went on the quest. It’s a long story.”

“And one I’d like to hear,” Ernie replied, “So, what can I get for you?”

“Nothing for me right now, thanks,” Tommy said, “I’m going to go work out. Any weight benches open?”

“Yeah, there’s a few,” Ernie said. He noticed that something was amiss. “Is everything all right, Tommy?”

“Yeah, just haven’t gotten a lot of sleep, if you know what I mean,” Tommy replied, grinning.

“Oh,” Ernie said.

With that, Tommy headed over to an empty weight bench. He noticed a sign on the wall that said about having to get a spotter before using the benches. Tommy looked around for a spotter, and saw Rocky. “Hey, Rocky,” Tommy called out.

“Yeah?” Rocky called back.

“Care to spot for me?” Tommy asked.

“Sure thing, Tommy,” Rocky replied, heading over to be Tommy’s spotter.

Tommy had barely gotten halfway through a set, when his communicator went off. “Oh man,” he muttered, “Great timing.” Him and Rocky headed to the back room, and he brought the communicator to his lips. “We read you, Zordon. What’s up?”

“Tengas are attacking people outside the library,” Zordon said, “You should only need your Ninjetti power, and not have to fully morph.”

“Thanks, Zordon,” Tommy said, “Ready?” Rocky nodded. “Ninjetti. The falcon.”

“The ape,” Rocky said.

In seconds, they were in their Ninjetti outfits and were teleporting to the library, where they found the other Rangers just teleporting in. “Let’s kick some Tenga butt,” Zack said.

That got the Tengas attention, and they attacked the Rangers. Working together mostly, the Rangers easily dispatched the Tenga warriors. When they were done with the battle, they all turned the coin on the middle of their chests slightly, and the Ninjetti costumes disappeared.

Tommy and Rocky teleported back to the Youth Center after a quick debriefing by Zordon. When Tommy was done lifting weights, he headed to the showers. When he got out, Kim was at the bar, with Trini and Aisha.

Looking to sneak up on her, Tommy tiptoed up to her. He grabbed her around the waist. Kim screamed before she realized who it was. “Tommy, don’t scare me like that,” she scolded, once Tommy put her down.

“Sorry, beautiful,” Tommy replied, “I just couldn’t help myself.”

“Well, the girls and I are about to go shopping,” Kim said, “We need someone to carry our bags, so consider yourself volunteered.”

“Oh, man,” Tommy complained, “My back’s going to be aching for days.”

“Too bad,” Kim retorted, sticking her tongue out at her husband playfully.

“We’d better be going, so we can get in some major shopping time,” Aisha suggested.

Just as the girls were dragging poor Tommy out of the Youth Center, their communicators went off. “Thank you, Zordon,” Tommy muttered softly. Rocky joined them in the back room, and Tommy brought his communicator to his lips. “We read you, Zordon. What’s up?”

“Zedd and Rita have sent down the Tengas, along with a new monster named Criaxis,” Zordon replied, “Justin, Jason, Zack, Billy, and Adam have already been dispatched to the battle field.

“We’re on it,” Tommy said, “Ready guys?” The others nodded. “It’s morphin’ time. White Ranger power.”

“Pink Ranger power,” Kim said.

“Yellow Ranger power,” Aisha said.

“Red Ranger power,” Rocky said.

“Silver Ranger power,” Trini said.

In seconds, they were morphed and teleporting to the battle field, where they found the other Rangers fighting against overwhelming odds. They joined in the battle, and the tide quickly turned in their favor.

Tommy and Kim took on Criaxis. It was almost like Frankenstein, but uglier. “I’m going to tear you apart, Rangers,” Criaxis screamed, as he launched himself at the two young lovers.

Tommy and Kim brought their respective weapons to bear against the monster, with Tommy using his hammer to knock Criaxis off balance, and Kim firing her crossbow from a slight distance.

But the monster was tougher than the old Frankenstein. He caught Tommy’s hammer and jerked it. Tommy was sent flying through the air, and collided with a huge tree. If not for his costume’s extra durability, he would be dead. As it was, he was taking his time getting up.

“Tommy!!!” Kim exclaimed. She tried to run to her husband, but Criaxis caught her by the throat. He effortlessly picked Kim up with one hand and then slammed her down into the ground, face first. Kim was knocked unconscious.

“KIM!!!” Tommy screamed. He called his hammer back to his hand and threw it at Criaxis, but the monster caught it easily and threw it back. It smashed into Tommy’s abdomen and knocked the wind out of him.

It was obvious Tommy wasn’t getting back up any time soon. “Two down, eight to go,” Criaxis muttered to itself. It was about to turn to the other Rangers, when it was shot. It fell to its knees in agony.

Jason and the others had dispatched the Tengas just in time to see Criaxis use Tommy’s weapon against him. Him and the others brought their weapons to bear against the new menace, just as Criaxis charged them.

As the others took on Criaxis, Tommy crawled over to Kim. He knew that he had a few broken ribs, but wasn’t allowing that, or the fact that it was hard for him to breathe, to stop him. “Kim?” he whispered, “Kim, are you all right?”

“I think so, Tommy,” Kim said, and groaned. “A few broken ribs, possibly.”

“We’ve got to help the others,” Tommy said, “Do you feel up to continuing this battle?”

“I think so,” Kim replied. She slowly made it to a sitting position, where she made a horrifying discovery. “Tommy, your leg is broken.”

“I thought I felt a dull pain down there,” Tommy said, “But I can’t let that stop me. Alpha can treat it after the battle. Come on.” Excruciatingly, Tommy made it to his feet. Hobbling on his one good leg, Tommy waited patiently for Kim to get up.

When they turned, they found that the battle had escalated. Criaxis had grown, and the others were battling it using their individual zords. “Ready?” Tommy asked. Kim nodded.

“We need Ninjetti zord power, now,” the two cried in unison. In seconds, their zords came flying onto the scene. They teleported up to the cockpits and, luckily for Tommy, into the captains chair of both zords. “We’re ready for MegaZord formation, Jase,” he said into the communications.

“Let’s do it, then,” Jason replied.

“We need Ninjetti MegaZord power, now,” the ten Rangers cried in unison.

The zords were quick to come together, and Tommy found himself in the big cockpit, with Kim beside him. “Let’s finish this quickly,” Tommy said, “Ninjetti sword, now.” With that command, the MegaZord reached back and drew its sword. “Now, power up.” The sword glowed with energy.

“Falcon finisher!!!” the Rangers cried in unison. With their unanimous command, the Ninjetti MegaZord used its wings to take to the air. It flew towards Criaxis, stopping right before it hit, and slashed with the sword. Criaxis let out an almost defeaning bellow before blowing up.

The Rangers teleported to the Command Cavern, where Tommy collapsed. Alpha ran some medical equipment over him. “There you go, Tommy,” Alpha said, “The broken ribs and leg are healed. Just be careful on them, and they should be all right.”

“Thanks, Alpha,” Tommy said. Alpha did the same for Kim’s ribs.

Since it was late, the Rangers teleported home.