Disclaimers: I do not own Power Rangers or any characters affiliated with it. They’re the exclusive property of Saban Entertainment, Inc. and I do not wish to be sued. However, Danny Kain, the Prophet and Tyrant Ranger powers, the Virtuosity Rangers’ powers, and Ryan Marshak, though he’s an amalgam from two characters from the show Friday the 13th: the series, are all my ideas.

Timeline: About two and a half months after Return of the Phantom. I’m slowly but surely creeping up on the nine months to the birth of Tommy and Kim’s baby (or possible babies).

Unexpected Kidnapping
by: Lucas Harrell

Trini was watching Kim walk to the bar. The young woman was five months pregnant, and looked every bit of it. “I’m worried about Kim,” she whispered to Billy, who was sitting right beside her, natually.

“Why?” Billy asked.

“She’s pushing herself a little too hard,” Trini replied, “Sure, she let Shaiana take over the classes for her, but she insists on helping out. If she’s not waiting on tables, she’s cooking.”

“Well, you know Kim,” Billy replied, “She wouldn’t feel right not helping out in some way around here, being pregnant or not.” Trini did know. Kim had given them a chewing out when they had suggested her just sitting down and taking it easy instead of working.

“I have to pull my own weight around here,” Kim had said, “I wouldn’t feel right just sitting back and letting you guys do all the work.” After that, nobody in their right mind brought up the subject ever again.

Trini sighed and leaned back against her chair, slipping her hand into Billy’s. Kim was heading for a table when all of a sudden, she felt dizzy. She dropped the tray she was holding, which luckily didn’t have anything on it but the order pad, and grabbed onto a nearby chair to steady herself.

Trini was at her side in an instant. “Are you all right, Kim?” she asked, “Maybe I should go get Tommy.

“And maybe you should sit down for a while,” Billy suggested, coming up behind Trini.

Kim waved them both off. “I’m fine,” she replied, “Just got a little dizzy all of a sudden, that’s all. I’ve been having to get used to my equilibrium being a bit off, due to being pregnant.”

“Are you sure?” Trini asked.

“Yeah, I’m sure,” Kim said. Billy picked up her tray and pad and handed them both to her. “Thanks, Billy.”

“You’re welcome, Kim,” Billy said, “Maybe I should take that table, hmm?”

Kim was about to refuse, when she started feeling dizzy again. “Yeah, maybe you’d better,” she murmured, handing the tray and pad back to Billy, who took them and headed for the table she had been going to before the dizzy spell hit.

“Should I go get Tommy?” Trini asked.

Kim shook her head. “Just let me sit down for a few minutes, and I should be fine,” she replied, “Besides, I don’t want to cut in on Tommy’s class time.”

“All right,” Trini said. She helped Kim back to the table she and Billy had been sitting at, and Kim flopped unceremoniously down into the chair.

“Man, I can’t wait until I have this baby,” Kim said.

“Or babies,” Trini added.

“Or babies,” Kim amended, “My stomach’s just about big enough to be carrying around twins.”

“You are so lucky, Kim,” Trini said, “Billy and I have been trying to have kids, but haven’t had any luck so far.”

Billy and Trini had been married just two weeks prior, to celebrate Billy’s final treatment. Billy was now fully back to normal. It had been a relatively small ceremony, with Billy and Trini’s folks, the Rangers, and Mary, Emily, Trisha, Shaiana, and Selena.

“Well, you’ll have kids of your own one day,” Kim said, “Don’t rush into it, like Tommy and I did. There’s no need for that.”

“All right,” Trini replied, smiling. “Can I go get you anything to drink or eat?”

“Oh, just my usual,” Kim said.

“All right, but don’t expect me to watch you eat it,” Trini teased. Kim stuck her tongue out at Trini as the young Viatnamese woman stood up and headed for the outdoor JBG.

Justin came in a few minutes later, out of breath. “Are you all right, Justin?” Kim asked.

“Yeah, I was just practicing my speed skating,” Justin replied, giving her a sheepish grin. Kim shook her head. Justin practiced every day, so that he could one day beat Danny at skating, and was always disappointed when Danny beat him.

‘I’ll have to remember to talk to Danny into letting Justin win for once,’ Kim mused.

“Where’s Danny?” Justin asked.

Kim looked at her watch. “Well, it’s one o’clock,” she said, “So I’d guess that Danny’s at home, studying. But he’d better hurry, because he’s got a class in half an hour. When do you have to go to school?”

“I’ve already been,” Justin replied, “I guess I’d better go call Danny and remind him of his class, huh?”

“Yeah, you’d better,” Kim said.

“See you later, Kim,” Justin said, as he skated off.

Kim sighed as she watched the young teens retreating back. “If only I were that young again,” she murmured softly.

“Miss being in the action?” Billy asked, as he joined her at the table.

Kim nodded. She had agreed to stay out of the Power Ranger action, not wanting to endanger the baby or babies. “Yeah, I miss it,” she admitted, “I can’t tell you how much I envy you guys, when you go running off to fight the Tyrant Ranger.”

“Well, I envy you, and Tommy,” Billy said, “Though in a different way.”

Kim patted him on the back. “Yeah, Trini told me about your wanting to have kids,” she said, “Maybe the two of you are just destined to not have kids right now. No need to rush into it, anyway. You have your whole lives ahead of you.”

“Yeah, I know,” Billy replied softly, “Look, to tell you the truth, Trini and I have been having some problems. I think we’re going to end up in a divorce in a matter of weeks. A seperation, at the least.”

“Already? But you haven’t even been married long,” Kim said.

“I know,” Billy said.

“Look, this isn’t anything the two of you can’t settle, if you would just sit down and have a nice, long talk,” Kim said, “You still love her, don’t you?”

“Of course I do,” Billy replied.

“And I know that she still loves you,” Kim said, “But have you told her that very often?”

Billy averted his eyes. “No,” he whispered.

“Then, go tell her,” Kim said, “I know you’re not good at this kind of thing, but Trini’s the best thing going for you right now. You can’t lose her, without losing yourself along the way.”

Billy smiled. “You’re right,” he admitted, “I’m going to go tell her right now how much I love her.”

“You do that,” Kim said. She watched Billy get up and march across the room, to where Trini was coming in the door. She watched as Billy obviously said what he was supposed to. Trini barely put the tray down, before she threw her arms around Billy’s neck and gave him a big kiss.

“I’ll have to remember to keep everybody out of the guest room,” Kim muttered, as she watched Billy and Trini walk towards the front. She knew what they had in mind, and didn’t want anybody accidentally walking in on them.

Kim went across the room and grabbed the tray of food Trini had left on the table, grabbed the tray, and went back to her table. She finished a few minutes later, still hungry. She asked Ryan, who was taking a break, if he would go and get her seconds from the outdoor JBG, and he went to get her order.

“I’m already fat, so I might as well enjoy it,” Kim mused aloud. She spotted Tommy coming out of his class and grinned at him, waving him over. Tommy was heading towards her.

Just then, there was a racket near the rear entrance. It looked to be a fight between a couple of teenagers. Always the peace keeper, Tommy went over to break it up, along with Ryan and Ernie.

Suddenly, Kim felt a blade of some kind pressed against her back. She let out a little gasp. “Don’t scream, or you will die,” a cold voice said. Kim recognized it almost immediately.

“Scorpina?” Kim whispered.

“I’m almost flattered that you remember me, Pink Ranger,” Scorpi-an replied, “Now, for us to go.” Kim felt an arm wrap around her throat. Then, suddenly, Kim felt the familiar sensation of teleporting.

After the fight was broken up, Tommy looked around for Kim. “Hey, Ernie,” he called, as he headed over to the bar. “Did you see if Kim left when that fight almost broke out?”

Ernie shook his head. “Sorry, Tommy,” he said, “I was too busy helping you and Ryan, remember?”

“Right,” Tommy replied. His old habit of forgetfulness was mostly gone, but came back every once in a while. “She’ll probably be back in a little while. Can you get me a strawberry smoothie?”

“Sure thing, Tommy,” Ernie said, “One of my famous strawberry smoothies, coming right up.”

After the smoothie was fixed, Tommy went back over to the table that Kim had been at. It was then that he saw a note on the table. “Kim must have written it before she left,” he said, sitting down and grabbing the note.

When Tommy started reading the note, his face paled. “Greetings, White Ranger,” it read, “You probably already know who I am, just from my handwriting, but I’ll indulge your bad memory. I am formerly known as Scorpina, now known as the mercenary Scorpi-an.

“I have kidnapped your wife and unborn baby,” the note continued, “Meet me in the parking lot next door, alone, in ten minutes, or little miss Kimberly will die by my hands. Signed, Scorpi-an.”

“Oh man,” Tommy said.

“Hey, bro,” David said, as he walked up. “What’s up?”

Tommy shook his head. “Nothing, David,” he replied, “I’ve got to go. See you later.” ‘I hope,’ he thought, as he stood up and headed for the front entrance of the Youth Center.

It didn’t take him long to get over to the parking lot. He noticed that Danny wasn’t at his spot for teaching class. ‘Must be at home school,’ Tommy mused, ‘Just as well. Wouldn’t want him, or any other child getting in the middle of this.’

It only took a minute for Tommy to find Kim and Scorpi-an. The former villainness was holding a knife of some kind to Kim’s throat. “I’m here, Scorpina, so let Kim go,” he shouted.

“Are you alone?” Scorpi-an asked. Tommy nodded. “Very well.” She released Kim, pushing her down to the pavement.

Enraged, Tommy charged Scorpi-an. The Asian woman used his rage against him, flipping him easily. “You should know better, White Ranger,” Scorpi-an said, “Never attack an opponent in a blind rage.”

Tommy surprised the mercenary with a double kick to the face, which sent Scorpi-an sprawling. “You’re right,” he growled, after he jumped to his feet. “I won’t be making that mistake anymore.”

“Maybe not, but you’ve already made one big mistake,” Scorpi-an replied.

“What’s that?” Tommy asked.

“You assumed that I was alone,” Scorpi-an said, “Now!!!”

At her command, about a dozen virtuasoldiers appeared out of nowhere and attacked Tommy. The White Virtuosity Ranger defended himself admirably, but there were just too many of them.

“That’s it,” he shouted, “It’s morphin’ time. White VR power.” With that command, he was instantly transformed into his alter ego, the White Virtuosity Ranger, and tried to turn back the tide.

But there were still too many enemies to face at one time. Tommy was overwhelmed by sheer numbers. “This ends now, Tommy Oliver,” Scorpi-an said, as she approached. She had a murderous gleam in her eye.

“Oh no, you don’t.” Scorpi-an felt herself being pulled away from Tommy. “Who dares take me on?” she growled, spinning around.

“Me,” Kim replied. She had used her silent morphing command, and was battle ready. “Let’s rock.”

“By all means,” Scorpi-an said, “Let’s. Virtuasoldiers, stand down. I’ll take care of this arrogant little Ranger myself.”

“We’ll see about that, Scopina,” Kim said. She tried to call her bow, but it wouldn’t come to her. She then remembered that it was a part of Kat’s armory. Kim wasn’t even supposed to be morphed.

Even without a weapon, Kim was undaunted. She fought Scorpi-an tooth and nail, using every move she had learned from Tommy and the others over the years that she had known them.

Unfortunately, just as it looked like Kim was going to beat Scorpi-an, she felt an odd burning sensation in her stomach that made her double over. Scorpi-an took advantage of that, catching Kim with a knee to the helmet. Kim fell back onto the pavement, and the armor thankfully took the brunt of the impact.

Scorpi-an was about to finish Kim, when a blast came out of nowhere and caught the Asian woman. Scorpi-an went flying. Kim looked up, to see Danny and the other Virtuosity Rangers.

“Kim, catch!!!” Kat shouted, and tossed Kim’s bow through the air. Kim did a running somersault and landed on her feet, her bow in her hands. She shot Scorpi-an, who was hurt pretty badly.

“I’ll be back, Virtuosity Rangers,” Scorpi-an threatened, “Count on it!!!” With that, her and the virtuasoldiers disappeared.

“Power down!!!” the Rangers called in unison.

As soon as Kim powered down, she collapsed. “Kim!!!” Tommy shouted running to his wife. He gently cradled her head in his lap.

“Justin, go call 911,” Danny said, “Tell them to get an amublance here, quickly.”

“Right, cuz,” Justin said, taking off towards the Youth Center.

“Why, Kim?” Tommy whispered, “Why risk morphing?”

“I had to help you, Tommy,” Kim replied softly, “I couldn’t just sit back and watch you have to take on all of those enemies by yourself. But, I’m worried about the baby, Tommy. I felt something burning me from inside, and I think it might be the baby.”

“The ambulance is on it’s way,” Justin said, as he breathlessly rejoined the group. Several other people that had been in the Youth Center was with him, including a very worried Ernie.

“What happened?” Ernie asked, as he went kneel beside Kim and Tommy, examining the latter.

“Some of us came over here to start marking slots for people to park, and Kim collapsed,” Trini lied.

“Is there a doctor here?” Tommy asked frantically.

“Actually, I am a doctor,” Ernie said, “I was a medic in the marines. I think you’ll be all right, Kim.”

Kim shook her head. “I felt my stomach burning,” she said, “The baby might be in danger.”

“Unfortunately, I can’t check it,” Ernie said.

“Justin, what happened when you called 911?” Danny asked.

“The dispatcher said that there would be an ambulance getting here in no more than five minutes,” Justin said, “Since it took me about three minutes to get back out and come here, I’d say that they should be getting here right about...” An ambulance siren blared close by. “Now.”

An ambulance came zooming up the road and into the parking lot. Some paramedics jumped out and ran to Kim with a stretcher. “What happened here?” one of them asked.

“She just collapsed,” Ernie said, “Over exertion, I think. She’s been working herself pretty hard. She’s pregnant, so be careful.”

The paramedic nodded. They gently put Kim on the stretcher and put her in the back of the ambulance. “Are you her huband and the baby’s father?” the paramedic asked Tommy. Tommy nodded. “Then you’ll probably want to come with us.”

“Right,” Tommy replied, climbing into the back of the ambulance. He turned and looked at his friends. “I’ll see you guys at the hospital.” They nodded just as the paramedics closed the double doors.

Kim was rushed straight to Angel Grove Memorial, where she was wheeled straight into the ER. Tommy had to wait in the waiting room, and was there when Ernie and the Rangers came running in.

“Are Kim and the baby all right?” Jason asked.

“I don’t know,” Tommy said, “They won’t tell me anything. I’m starting to get really impatient here.”

“Mr. Oliver?” a young doctor asked as she walked into the waiting room.

“That’s me,” Tommy replied.

“I’m Doctor Yates,” the doctor replied.

“Nice to meet you, and I don’t mean to sound rude, but how is my wife and child?” Tommy asked abruptly.

“They’re just fine,” Dr. Yates said, “Your wife seemed to have just over exerted herself and popped a rib. It looks to have been a few days ago, and it started getting irritated. She mistook it for stomach pains.”

Tommy let out a big sigh of relief. “Can I see her?” he asked.

“Sure thing,” Dr. Yates said, “Come this way.” She led Tommy to one of the many curtain areas, where Kim was waiting.

Tommy stepped over to Kim’s bedside. “Hey there, beautiful,” he whispered.

“Hey,” Kim murmured softly.

Dr. Yates pulled the curtain around to give them some privacy and left. “I told you not to go over exerting yourself,” Tommy scolded Kim, “Yet you just had to join in that fight, didn’t you?”

“I’m sorry, baby,” Kim replied, “But I just had to help you. I just couldn’t stand by when I could morph and help. Can you forgive me?”

“Of course,” Tommy said, giving her a kiss. The others came in after a while, and Kim was eventually released from the hospital. Since it was getting a bit late, the Rangers went home.

“I’m sorry I failed you, Tyrant Ranger,” Scorpi-an said, “I shall not do it again.”

“See that you don’t, lowly,” the Tyrant Ranger said, “I gave you back the power Zedd had entrusted to you and you had lost in the wave, and I can and will take it back next time you fail me, understood?”

“Yes, my liege,” Scorpi-an replied.

“Good,” Tyrant Ranger boomed, “Now, out of my sight.”

“As you wish,” Scorpi-an said. As she left, she looked out to Earth. “I’ll get you, Tommy and Kim,” she promised darkly, “Count on it.