Author's Note: The only Power Rangers storyline that exists is Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. The other storylines (i.e., PRiS, Turbo, Zeo, MMPR) never occurred. This story takes place sometime in the future, {for reference purposes I've chosen the year 2045}. The planet Earth is in trouble due to an accident that happened before many of the inhabitants of Terra Venture were born.

Seasoned Veterans
Chapter 1
by Paladar`

After only a few weeks, the inhabitants of Terra Venture learned a very hard lesson about outer space.

During an attack on the space colony, by an unknown enemy, Commander Stanton had been seriously injured.

The legendary Power Rangers had driven off the invading army, but not before sixty people lost their lives.

Repairs to the station would take some time, and there was still the threat of further attacks.

With Commander Stanton sidelined, the junior officers of Terra Venture were now on their own. They also had to face the possibility of loosing their special forces leader!

Due to damaged quarters, people were forced to double up, and tempers flared causing a disruption in daily operations.

Several days later . . .

The inhabitants of Terra Venture said goodbye to their fallen comrades watching the coffins slowly drift away into the void of space, and wondered what else was out there!


The Rangers were concerned about the GalactaBeasts because they had sustained some damage, and disappeared leaving the new Rangers to wonder "would they return when needed?"


As Terra Venture drifts slowly into unexplored territory, their sensors pick up a "dog-fight" taking place above an asteroid. "Why would anyone want to defend something like that?" The junior officers wondered as they watched from the conference room just off of Terra Ventures' main control room.

The ship configuration was like nothing they had even seen before!

As Terra Venture continues on its path, they are unable to detect the base on the asteriod.


For the men and women of this long forgotten base, they too had learned the hard way. Their journey into outer space wasn't planned, it was an accident that sent Earths' moon on a never ending struggle for survival. But somehow they had survived!

Once again, they were able to drive away this new enemy.

There were minor injuries, but no damage to the base itself.

Yet, the bases' alarms sounded as Terra Venture got closer. Just watching this strange station drifting along, provided a little comic relief for the men and women of MBA. The buzz that circulated through the base was "Greenhorns," "Rookies," and "Kids!"

Terra Venture was a joke, to send a bunch of kids into the vast unknown of space was a fools' mistake. Space gives you one chance, blow it and you died!


Scorpius was more concerned about getting the "quasar sabers," so he decided to ignore the insignificant outpost on some tiny asteriod.

This would prove to be a mistake on his part!

The attacks were coming faster than Terra Venture could recover. The constant bombardment by Scorpius' forces were beginning to take its toll on the inhabitants and on the Power Rangers. There was no way either would survive without intervention from an outside force.


The surface of the asteriod . . .

As they watched this new enemy attack the strange station and the arrival of the Power Rangers, they could not believe their eyes. The number of mistakes being made by "these kids" forced MBA into action.

The strange spaceships were coming up within their silos, from the maintenance bays. A total of eight ships launched from the tiny forgotten outpost.

Once again Scorpius lost!!


"Who are these pests?" Scorpius roared! "They destroyed my best warriors!"

"The battle tactics used by these pests are like nothing I have even seen." Furio said hoping that Scorpius would not destroy HIM!

"Send some spies to that asteroid and get me their weaknesses!" Scorpius shouted.

"Yes Scorpius . . . it will be done!" Furio said bowing to his rather hideous looking master.

Furio chose several of the Sting Wingers to carry out this assignment. Threatening them with death if they didn't find something.


The tiny forgotten outpost remained on alert status after the encounter with Scorpius's forces. Thankfully none of their ships had been damaged so it was just a matter of re-arming them. A total of sixteen ships were standing by waiting for another attack on them and/or Terra Venture.


It seemed that Terra Venture owed the inhabitants of the tiny outpost a debt of thanks! But who were these people? Would they prove to be friends or foes? They had no clues, yet something told them to make contact with these people.

Two of the junior officers from Terra Venture would accompany the Power Rangers to the surface of asteroid.

The Megaship flew over the tiny outpost which wasn't as tiny as they had thought!

After receiving permission to land, the Megaship descended out of sight from Terra Venture but not from the spies sent by Furio. From what they could tell, this tiny outpost was impenetrable.


After descending down to the maintenance bay via one of the silos, the Megaship's door opened. As the nervous group of five walked out of the door, they were greeted by a delegation of senior citizens. At least that was their opinion! "How could these old folks fight off Scorpius and his armies?" The junior officers wondered.

"Welcome to Moonbase Alpha!" Commander John Keonig said extending his hand to the first of the group.

"Thank you" replied Kai returning the gesture. "My name is Kai, and this is Kendrix . . . and the others in our party are known as the Power Rangers."

Kendrix also moved forwarded to shake the Commander's hand, followed by each of the three Power Rangers.

"This is Doctor Helena Russell-Keonig, my second in command Tony Verdeschi, Captain Alan Carter, our chief pilot, and our science officer, Maya!

It startled the Yellow Ranger slightly when she heard her own name, which their science officer picked up on right away!

"Please come this way . . . we have a conference room set up with refreshments and the like." Doctor Russell-Keonig stated as she headed for the door.

Walking down the corridor to the conference room proved to be an exciting experience, due to the number of senior citizens they met along the way.

Chapter 2

In the conference room, the younger officers of Moonbase Alpha sat waiting for the group to arrive. After introductions, they began to sit down at the large table. Several young people entered the room carrying trays of naturally grown vegetables (i.e., celery and carrot sticks) and beverages (i.e., coffee, tea, and milk).

As they looked around, the only thing that was the minds of the group from Terra Venture, "Who were these people?"

Sensing their uneasiness, Dr. Russell-Keonig was the first to speak, "This asteroid was at time Earth's Moon."

Kendrix responded by saying, "I remember my grandfather talking about an explosion in the late twentieth century, but he did not go into much detail because an uncle of mine died at that time."

Kai, too remembering back to his childhood, could recall his grandparents also talking about a massive explosion that killed thousands of people. He added, "I always thought my grandparents were just teasing us kids!"

Kendrix gave Kai a dirty look, saying "Some joke! My grandfather said that several countries disappeared sinking into the ocean."

"That explains the gap in the history books." The Green Ranger remarked as he thought back to his history classes.

"Come to think of it, your right!" The Red Ranger said. "An organization called SHADO assumed control shortly after the explosions, at least that's what my grandfather said!"

"SHADO stood for Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organization." Commander Keonig replied. "They existed but yet, they didn't. Their operations were classified - "TOP SECRET!"

"The base that was used before this place was built is still sitting on the crater edge above us!" Captain Alan Carter commented as he pushed several buttons on the keyboard before him. The image of the empty former SHADO Moonbase Operations Center appeared on the screen behind Commander Keonig. "We have yet to find a way in, ourselves!"

A flash of light caught the Captain's eye as the external camera panned from side-to-side showing the entire Moonbase complex. "What was that?" He quickly stopped the moving camera and slowly started it back toward the direction of the flash of light.

This time all of the people present in the room saw the flash of light! One of the junior Moonbase Alpha officers' jumped up, hit his comm button, and ordered the camera magnification to be increased by twenty percent.

"It appears to be another piece of wreckage from the Eagle crash two weeks ago, Sir!" The young officer replied.

"I thought we had all of the wreckage!" Commander Keonig stated.

"So did I!" Captain Carter stated rather annoyed.

"I guess we missed a piece . . ." was all the young officer said rather embarrassed.


To be continued . . .


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