Seasoned Veterans
by Paladar`

Theme from Space 1999


On the moon, three hundred eleven men and women from all the nations of Earth prepare for a probe into deep space. John Koenig arrives to command the mission an discovers it is in jeopardy: nine astronauts have been killed by a mysterious illness. Dr. Helena Russell is convinced that radiation is responsible. An investigation is made of the nuclear waste disposal areas on the side of the moon unseen from Earth. There is no deadly radiation leakage from the deeply buried containers, but intense heat is registered and Professor Bergman determines that increased magnetic output, not radiation, is the threat ---- and a serious one.

One of the disposal areas explodes and Bergman reports that the only hope of averting disaster is to disperse all the nuclear-waste cannisters over a wider area --- immediately.

A blinding thermonuclear explosion rocks the moon before they are able to complete the task, setting off a chain reaction of spectacular blasts which disintegrate most of the moon's far side. The gravitational field is altered and the satellite is hurled violently out of orbit. On the moon, the base remains intact and self-sustaining and the small colony people there prepares for a most amazing journey.

The day is September 13, 1999, and the place is Moonbase Alpha.



Space 1999
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