'Part Three, To The Future'
By Paladar`

Tommy woke, several hours later, to the sound of the waves crashing against the shore. Getting up and looking around, he discovered the life form sitting in a rocking style, lounge chair -- fast asleep.

The object that Paladar` had picked up, after the sword fight with Goldar, was sitting on the picnic table. As Tommy reached to pick up the funny shaped object, Paladar` snapped "Don't touch that!"

Startled, Tommy quickly pulled his hand back, and asked "What is it?"

The life form got up slowly, and once again, it's possible age was very apparent.

"It's a piece of that smelly creatures wing." Beneath his hood, Tommy could see his face and Paladar`'s reaction to remembering Goldars' smell.

Tommy suddenly realized that Goldar hadn't returned, in another attempt to capture him.

"How come Goldar hasn't tried again to get me?" A touch of caution entered Tommy's voice as he spoke.

"That's easy," Paladar` picked up the piece of wing and tossed it toward the fence.

Tommy expected it to land outside the fence, but instead sparks flew as it made contact with some sort of force field.

"Lord Zedd knows that if they get to close to my fence, they would be toast!" Paladar` paused for several seconds and then added, "That's why you have been able to sleep uninterrupted."

Tommy subconsciously hoped the Life Form had forgotten about painting the fence.

"Not a chance, kid!" Paladar` responded as he moved toward a tarp covered area next to the house. Throwing the tarp aside he stated matter-of-factly, "Thought you'd get out of painting my fence, did you?"

There were at least sixteen cans of white paint, brushes galore, and several other cans sitting on a small wooden platform.

Under his breath, Tommy mumbled "Rats."

"The sooner you get started, the sooner you'll be finished." Paladar` replied as he handed a paint brush to him.

While Tommy ate breakfast, he pumped Paladar` with questions, hoping to get some more information about his future and the future of the 'Power Rangers'.

The Life Form watched him, knowing full well what the former Green Ranger was up too.

"Make a deal with you," Paladar` said after awhile "You paint, I talk!"

"Deal," Tommy extended his hand as he answered.

The long slender fingers of the Life Form appeared from under one sleeve of his cloak.

The beings' fragile exterior was just a front, because it's grip was like a vise.

The Life Form answered his questions will just enough information to create more questions.

Paladar` knew that if he provided too much information, it might alter the future as he knew it.

As the sun set on yet the end of another day, Tommy had lost track of the passage of time.

After cleaning the paint brush and washing up himself, Tommy sat down to a rather curious dinner made up of fish, vegetables, a green salad, and freshly made bread.

As he ate, Tommy closely watched Paladar`, who continually had to remind the former Green Ranger to eat.

Tommy was fascinated by Paladar`, who made no sound as he walked. He seemed to glide across the patio, almost as if he was walking on air.

After dinner, Tommy cleared the table, and offered to help with the dishes. While the two worked, Tommy began to ask questions regarding the future.

Paladar` finally gave in, and began to tell the former Green Ranger about the "Guardians of Power."

After completing the dishes, the two moved back outside to the patio. Paladar` spoke of the 'Six Dimensions of Time' and of the "Milky Way," both carrying a glass of ice water.

"You and your friends are the Sixth Generation of Guardians to serve as Ambassadors of Peace," Paladar` informed Tommy.

"Only the Fifth Generation was, the youngest group to serve," the Life Form took a sip of water before continuing, "the oldest was 15 and the youngest was 11 years old!"

"11 years old," Tommy said almost in shock . . . "Did they have someone to help them?"

"Someone like Zordon?"

"Yes," Tommy answered.

"We don't know too much about the Fifth Generation . . . only that they came from a planet called "Ninjara"14. The people called the "Ninjetti"6 possessed the ultimate power, the power that comes from within!" They believed in the existence of a "Spirit Animal."

"The Spirit Animal serves as a guide, and provides an inner strength in times of great need.

"This Spirit Animal may place obstacles in one's path to challenge and teach a lesson. If the obstacle proves to difficult to over come or serious injury may occur, the Spirit Animal will lead the person to safety."

"When the Fifth Generation died over ten thousand years ago, they sent into space the original coins and Zords plus a keeper of their power. Its name is "Ninjor"7, and he is 80% machine and 20% attitude."

"He possesses the combined personalities of the Fifth Generation (all six of them)."

"A Robot," Tommy asked.

"No, he isn't a robot nor is he a cyborg! Ninjor possesses an artificial intelligence far superior to any robot built on this planet."

"Ninjor is in essence, all that remains of the "Fifth Generation."

"He guards the last Ninjetti Temple, and one of the two sets of Zords that were sent with him."

"When the transport entered Earth's outer atmosphere, it broke apart sending Ninjor and one set of Zords one way and the other set another. He has the Ninja set of Zords and the medallions that operate them."

"The other set known as the Shogun Zords are in, what you refer to as, the Amazon jungle."

"How many sets did these Ninjetti build?"

"Built is not the correct word . . . nor is construct. The Ninjetti envisioned a need for future generations to evoke the power of the Spirit Animals inside."

"In the universe there are seven common animals, that appear in many different colors, yet in the same shape or form."

"Let's see if I can get their Earth names right!" Paladar` mumbled to himself.

"The Falcon, Winged Lord of the Skies."
"The Ape, Mighty and Strong."
"The Frog, Patient and Wise."
"The Dragon, Strength."
"The Wolf, Cunning and Swift."
"The Bear, Fierce and unstoppable."
"The Crane, Agile and Quiet."

"I did it . . . I did it, translating the Ninjetti language into your language isn't easy."

"In answer to your question, there were three different sets rumored to have been forged from a Ninjaran alloy, stronger than any Earth metal yet flexible enough to function like the original Zords."

The sun had set on yet another day, and the former Green Ranger had to be bullied into going to sleep.

"Rest is what your body needs!"

Over breakfast, Tommy inquired about the original Zords.

"The original Zords were nothing but pure energy, designed to take the form of the first, yet extinct species encountered -- Dinosaurs."

"Dinosaurs had only one small problem . . . !"


"They weren't too intelligent," Paladar` commented with a silly grin on his face.

"And don't ask me how the coin, you had, got out of the box, because I don't have a clue!" Paladar` said shaking his head.

He added, "the two boxes traveled together, one inside the other; only a frequency change would cause the boxes to separate, and I don't have even know how they got into this region of this Dimension of Time."

"The Fifth Generation sacrificed themselves to save a heavily populated region of this Dimension, over 18 billion light-years from here."

As the day wore on, Tommy gained more insight about the previous generation.

"As I said earlier, Who the Ninjetti were is still a mystery!"

"The day the Fifth Generation died, the planet of Ninjara disappeared . . . vanished along with a population of close to a million people."

Tommy felt the sadness and a lose of a people he never knew.

"Paint, remember the deal!" Paladar` said, his eyes were slit-like.

"I remember . . . I remember!" Tommy mumbled under his breath.

"Kids - - - - Teenagers, even worse!" Paladar` said grumbling as he returned to his chair.

Lunch came and went, as did another day. After the dinner dishes were done, and put away, the two friends went outside and sat down.

"Has any sign of the planet ever been found?"

"The planet, reappeared, void of the population about three thousand years ago." Paladar` raised his left hand, and an image appeared.

A view of a world anew. Crystal blue water, green- patchwork country side, and a clear sky, looked as if it was covered with milk and honey8.

"An alien being coming toward Earth might feel they have found a home."

Double images appeared, a view of Ninjara and a view of Earth, side-by-side. Both planets were identical in appearance.

"Earth has changed; air, water and land pollution have made your world a ticking bomb -- ready to self- destruct at any time."

The second image began to change, corresponding with Paladar`'s words.

"Unless something is done, this planet will turn the tables on its population --- Nature has a way of cleaning up any situations that occur, good or bad. Earth people will pay dearly for the abuse done to this world.

Tommy sat staring at the two images -- Ninjara and the ever changing Earth.

"Nature causes earthquakes, floods, etc., and mankind clean up the mess made by Nature, who is sending a signal. The only problem is mankind isn't listening or doesn't care."

"This planet has a population over several billion people, and in some areas there isn't enough land to support all the people!"

"I realize your world has a population verses land problem; however, if mankind would work with Nature instead of against it you would be surprised at Nature's ability to provide for its people."

"Your world is a living thing just like you are, and when treated with respect this world will respond by providing additional land once covered by water and mud. These changes won't happen over night, but they will occur if Nature sees a sincere effort by the population!"

"Its' easier said then done!" Tommy turned to look at Paladar`.

"I know that". . . . "PAINT". . . . "PAINT" . . . "but this world is on the road to self-destruction and only mankind can stop it."

Tommy grumbled at the Paladar`'s reminder about the painting.

"There is no easy solution to this problem, only Nature, combined with mankinds' own abuse, will destroy this world unless something is done and soon!"

Little did Tommy know, but he was spending his last night with the unique Life Form. They continued to talk for several hours, and the former Green Ranger didn't have to be bullied into going to sleep - - because just before midnight he was sound asleep. Paladar` covered him up with a blanket, and then settled down in his rocking chair.

Tommy woke up even before the sun was up, and started to work on last six boards. When Paladar` awoke Tommy was reading the morning newspaper!

"Have you forgotten our deal?" Paladar` said, his oval eyes once again were slit-like beneath the hood of his brown cloak.

"No, I haven't forgotten our deal!" Tommy replied without even putting the newspaper down.

Paladar` began to growl, almost like a tiger . . .

The words, "I'm done!" were heard very softly as the former Green Ranger jumped up and assumed a fighting stance --- Ready to defend himself against a fragile, yet elderly Alien Life-Form.

Tommy found himself lying flat on his back, after being flipped by the elderly Life-Form.

"How'd you do that?" A very surprised Green Ranger mumbled as he got up.

"Like this!" Once again, Tommy found himself laying flat on his back in the sand.

The Alien Life-Form moved faster then the eye could follow, and eight more times Tommy found himself, on his back, in the sand.

After lunch, and several lessons in the form of martial arts practiced by the Draconian Warriors, Paladar` told Tommy to go for a swim in the water.

"Lord Zedd won't try everything, because I'm too close by!"

Tommy did as instructed, and within an hour he had disappeared off the beach.

"Inter-Dimensional Beings are so slow!" Paladar` mumbled shaking his head as he watched the former Green Ranger teleport out of sight.

Paladar` sat down in his favorite chair, raised his hand, and an image appeared. Jason, Zack, Trini, Kimberly, and Billy turning shielding their eyes as Zordon introduced them to the newest member of their fighting force - 'The White Ranger'9.

Over a period of several minutes (which in reality is a period of weeks), Paladar` sat watching as events unfolded including the secret identities being revealed to Adam, Rocky, and Aisha1.

Adam, Rocky, and Aisha's assistance in the restoring the Power Rangers when Lord Zedd created the powerful Beam Caster10.

Retrieving the Sword of Light from the Deserted Planet, again required the assistance of Adam, Rocky, and Aisha11.

As time passed, Paladar` mumbled several times "Kids --- Teenagers, even worse!"

When the ThunderZords were destroyed, Paladar` nervously sat watching as the Power Rangers made their way back to the shell of the Command Center. Their only hope was locating the 'Lost Temple' and 'Ninjor'12.

"Ninjor, is a silly goose!" Paladar` grumbled as he watched.

Not being a Power Ranger would be difficult for Kimberly, yet fulfilling her dream of competing in the Pan Global Games would eventually prove beneficial to the Power Rangers13.

Kat would indeed make a fine addition to the 'GUARDIANS OF POWER'!

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Acknowledgments Acknowledgments:

MMPR Episode Guides, Season Two and Three, 14 March 1996.
COPYRIGHT © 1996, Terri Ann C. Guingab.

Without these excellent publications, the
final part of this Series COULD not have been completed.

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