'A Stranger in Pink'
by Paladar`

The Angel Grove Gym and Juice Bar was crowded on this Friday afternoon. The 36 children, athletes in the Angel Grove Special Olympics, were finishing the posters and banners for this momentous occasion. Helium filled balloons floated effortlessly above their heads.

Ernie, the owner of the Juice Bar, stood proudly behind the bar watching.

Twelve students from Angel Grove High School and Stone Canyon High School were supervising the excited children, ranging in ages from eight years to 15 years old.

The sounds of laughter and joy fill the room. Several balloons popped, surprising everyone in the room. Laughter returned several minutes later!

Two teenagers enter the room carrying several boxes, and put them down on the counter.

"Ernie, the tee shirts have finally arrived." The teen dressed in Red replied.

"It's about time!" Ernie says excitedly. He was beginning to worry that the shirts weren't going to arrive in time.

Each shirt had the Juice Bar logo on the back, since Ernie was sponsoring the event! White shirts with the word "CONTESTANT," spelled out in multicolored lettering, was on the front.

"Where are the coaches shirts?" Ernie asked.

"Still out in my car!" Rocky, the teen in Red answers. "I'm not an octopus . . . I can only carry on these strangely shaped boxes." Rocky added with a chuckle, as he turns back toward the door bumping into a man as he exited the building.

"Sorry Sir!"

Ernie noticed the strangely dressed man, but shrugged his shoulders, figuring the man was drunk because he tripped over his own feet.

"The tee-shirts are here!" Ernie yelled as he began passing them out. Excitedly the children gathered around him, waiting for their tee-shirt.

Rocky returned after a few minutes carry a smaller box, which contained the tee-shirts for the coaches and helpers.

Bulk and Skull grumbled at lettering of the shirts, and were snapped at by several of the contestants.

"We choose the color of the lettering because of the Power Rangers."

Bulk retorted with "One of these days, the Power Rangers will be unmasked."

The children all laughed at his boastful remark!

Soon, the sounds of children having fun filled air once more.

The strangely dressed man sat in a corner of the room, watching. After about 30 minutes, he got up and walked to the center of the room.

The sounds of laughter were soon replaced with screams and crying, as the man pulled and fired into the air, a gun. The shot echoed several times, before it dissipated.

The muffled screams of scared children filled the air.

"Just wait till the Power Rangers get here, you'll be sorry, Mister!" One of the children said!

The man glared at the child, who took several steps behind the teen dressed in Pink.

Nine of the High School students, Tommy, Kimberly, Billy, Rocky, Aisha, and Adam exchanged a look of, for the first time, helplessness.

Eight Putties materialized surrounding the strange man.

Ernie, who was still behind the Bar, moved slowly to his right, and without being noticed he pushed a small white button. "This was the first he had to use the expensive silent alarm system he had installed more than three years ago." He thought.

The tension in the room grew with every passing minute.

Minutes seemed like hours, as the scared children huddled behind the twelve teenagers.

A familiar sound was heard by some of the children, who echoed, "The Power Rangers are coming!"

The words "UP AND OVER" became louder. The Pink Ranger appeared taking out all eight putties with four lightening fast kicks before coming to rest between the man and the cheering children.

Tommy, Kimberly, Billy, Rocky, Aisha, and Adam exchanged looks of disbelief and surprise.

The Pink Ranger stood still, for several minutes before speaking.

"What's wrong, Atu, never seen a Guardian of Power, before?" The voice said tauntingly.

The man began repeating the word "NO" over and over again, as he randomly began firing the gun.

The Pink Ranger deflected all the shots with lightening fast movements.

After pausing to drop the five bullets into an empty dish on a table, The Pink Ranger stood between the man and the children.

"Really Atu, a gun that fires a bullet doesn't scare me." The voice was again calm, yet taunting.

"Now if that was a Pulsar Laser, then maybe I would be worried . . . but it isn't." A soft chuckle was heard.

"I haven't got all day Atu."

The Pink Ranger began throwing mocking comments at the man, who up until this point just stared in disbelief.

The human shape of a man began to dissolve, and a hideous shape of a creature began to take form.

The creature's form became solid and what had been a man was now a black furred animal resembling a panther, at least in appearance. The smell was another story! (It smelled like a skunk.)

"Atu, you're been one step ahead of me for ages; but during our last encounter I was able to attach a tracker to you."

She pulled a mini computer notepad-like object out of her boot.

"This order can now be carried out. I just wish these children weren't here to witness your termination."

After activating the tiny object, she began reading aloud.

..........."For your crimes against many races which have resulted
...........in the deaths of over forty million beings on seven
...........different planets, I hereby carry out this order of
...........termination . . . This order was issued and signed
...........by the Fourth Generation of the Guardians of Power!"

..........."I, Curee, a member of the Fifth Generation of the
...........Guardians of Power, due hereby carry out this
...........termination order!"

She pulled a Pulsar Laser from its' holster, and then pointed it at the creature which lunged forward with the large claw-like hands, wildly attempting to injure the Pink Ranger.

The creature disappeared in a puff of smoke shortly thereafter. The only remaining evidence was the smell (burned skunk)!

Speaking into the tiny object, "Termination Order Number 2312, carried out by Curee, remainder of report to follow.

The Pink Ranger disappeared, seconds later, without a word!


"Zordon, any ideas as to identity of our visitor" Aisha asked unsure if she really wondered to know.

"Rangers, I have no idea who the individual was . . . but I can tell you, she is still here!" The being who served as their advisor replied seriously.

Adding "This could be a trap . . . set up by Lord Zedd or Rita Repulsa!"

All six teenagers agreed and then teleported from the secret Command Center.

The Special Olympics were held without incident (from the Moon). Trophies were awarded, none of the contestants left empty handed. A good time was had by all in attendance that sunny Saturday. In addition to the norm, there were other games, i.e., the Jell-O Jump, the Donut Roll and a Pie Eating contest.


Monday morning came and the six teenagers sat in their first period class, which was normally taught by Mr. Phillips; however, today it was going to be taught by an exotic looking young woman.

Mr. Caplan, the Angel Grove High School Principal, was attending a seminar so the Vice Principal, a grumpy old man by the name of Mr. Ramsey was escorting the substitute teacher to the classroom.

Mr. Ramsey had his own opinion of the "POWER RANGERS." "A bunch of costumed bullies who are giving the elementary school students the impression that fighting was all right!" More similar comments were made before they entered the classroom.

"I think martial arts should be BANDED from use everywhere!" This comment was made just inside the classroom.

"Class . . . Mr. Phillips as you know was in a minor traffic accident over the weekend so, at least today you will have a substitute teacher." Mr. Ramsey informed the class in his usual grumpy manner.

"Well all right then, don't let these kids get the upper hand!" He said softly patting the young woman on the behind.

Faster than it could be written, the man landed on his back!

"The study of Martial Arts, if taught correctly, can prepare you for anything!" A pause to catch her breath . . . "I was hired to teach a class, not to be pawed by you. Touch me in that fashion again, and you'll need a hospital!"

The man picked himself up off the floor.

"I will send you a copy of the Substitute Teachers' Report and be assured that it will have everything in it, including the sexual harassment by you!" Her voice was calm, yet threatening.

"Now we don't have to go that far . . . I was just wishing you good luck with this bunch of kids!" Mr. Ramsey's voice was very shaky, almost scared.

"Several martial arts instructors, including Tommy Oliver are in this class."

"So!" Her voice still calm, with a hint of contempt was very noticeable. "I shouldn't have any problems then flipping this Tommy Oliver person or anyone else for that matter!" She glanced around the room and many of the students were shaking their heads in agreement.

With his face very red, Mr. Ramsey mumbled several four letter adjectives under his breath and departed the room very hastily.

The entire class began laughing as the door closed behind him.

No one except the six of the teens had noticed the young woman's stance after flipping the Vice Principal. There was something familiar about the way she stood.

"My name is Curee VanGuar," her voice soft, clear and mysterious. "I'll be taking Mr. Phillips place for several days until he is able to return to work!"

Without even looking behind her, almost as if she knew what was on the desk, she picked up the attendance book and began to take attendance.

"Aisha Campbell!" "Here!"

"Kimberly Hart!" "Here!"

"Billy Cranston!" "Here!"

"Rocky DeSantos!" "Here!"

"Adam Park!" "Here!"

"Tommy Oliver!" "Here!"

After a quick glance around the room, it was apparent that all twenty-five students were present on this strange Monday morning.

"I hate Monday's that start out this way." Curee chuckled as she put the attendance book down and picked up the vanilla folder which had been under the attendance book.

"I understand that you are scheduled for a written test, today!" Several students groaned at the word "test."

"I never liked them either so we'll have a group discussion regarding several of the questions on this test . . . and I expect everyone to contribute something in conjunction with the answer to question." Her voice rang with command as she took a copy of the test from the folder and glanced down for the first question.

Everyone in the class provided answers to several of the questions, including catching several fake questions the mysterious young woman made up.

First period came and went in a flash!

Six teens met outside under a tree to discuss their unusual teacher. Her stance was very familiar, but who was she?

Not even Zordon could provide an answer!

It wasn't until later in the day during a school assemble did the mysterious Pink Ranger return.

The entire school had gathered in the gymnasium for special performance by the music class, and half way through the program things took a turn for worse!

Outside it had begun thundering and lightening, with wind gusts up to 100mph. Inside, the lights went off and on several times.

The emergency lights came on but didn't offer enough light to safely evacuate all of the students and teachers.

When the lights did come back on, the damage done to the gymnasium was revealed!

A heavy steel beam had snapped in two when a tree uprooted by the winds hit full force.

The roof of the gymnasium had collapsed, and was being held up by a mysterious force!

Rocky, Adam, Billy, Tommy, and several other seniors scrambled to shore up the fallen roof. With construction going on behind the school, they found lumber strong enough to support the roof temporarily.

As the damage was visually inspected, it was determined that had at least 25-30 students might have been killed including the six teenagers who secretly serve as the "Power Rangers!"

Still rather shaken, the teens reported to the Command Center.

Zordon and Alpha 5 still had no idea as to the identity of their mysterious visitor.

The Command Center alarms went off suddenly, and a voice was heard!

..........."There will come one, whose courage, strength, and honor will
...........form the base for the others, who will form the bridge itself!

..........."Many have tried, but only one will succeed. He alone, holds the key
...........to unlock the secret.

..........."The future has many paths, yet only one is the right one!"

The image of their mysterious visitor appeared in the viewing globe, but only for several minutes. She was walking toward five other people dressed in the familiar colors (Red, Blue, Black, Pink, Yellow, and Green) of the Power Rangers.

Zordon, could it be!" Alpha 5 exclaimed. "Could they be the Fifth Generation of the Guardians of Power."

The image began fading, and the words "Yes, Alpha 5 . . . We are!" could be heard.

The words echoed.

The End


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