No Zordon!
Part One
by Paladar`

The lights were bright, very bright, and there was no sound!

"Grandpa?" A frightened voice yelled.

"Jenny!" A man's voice yelled back.

"Are you hurt?" Panic was very evident in his voice.

"No, Grandpa! Are you?"


The two individuals found each other, and the man made sure the little girl was unhurt. Completely satisfied his granddaughter was unhurt. He turned his attention to where they were!

They were in a wooded area, maybe a forest, and as they walked, came to a lake.

The lake looked very familiar as they got closer! It took the man a few minutes, but he knew where they were. "Oh, man!"

They walked down the beach until they came to a house with a white picket fence. "Come on, Jenny . . . " The man replied as he pushed the gate latch up and opened the gate. "This is going to be home until I can figure out just what!" He shook his head as he gently pushed his ten-year-old granddaughter through the opening.

"Do you have any idea as to where we are?" She asked.

"Yeah . . . I do!" He paused . . . "Let's get some sleep, and worry about the rest of this tomorrow." He closed the gate, and felt the security system activate automatically.

As usual, the house was unlocked. "Grandpa, why would anyone leave their doors unlocked?"

"This house belongs to Paladar`, Jenny." He answered as the door closed behind him.

"We're on EARTH?" The girl's voice rose, excitedly.

"Yeah . . . we are . . . but I'm not sure what year we're in!"

"Is that lake, you've talked about?"

"Yes . . . !" He paused for a minute or two . . . "Let's get some sleep, and discuss this tomorrow morning!"

"Ok . . . !" Jenny yawned as she spoke.

Her grandfather showed her where the bathroom and towels were, and both were surprised to discover that the beds were already made up for guests.

"Good night, Jenny!"

"Good night, grandpa."

The man stood staring out the window wondering why Zordon wasn't answering his page.

"Zordon, do you read me?"


After watching the news on TV, and securing the doors, he too went to bed.


Jenny woke up first, and seeing her grandfather still sleeping she tiptoed into the kitchen. To her surprise, the cabinets were full of canned goods, and the freezer part of the refrigerator contained various types of frozen food products.

Jenny decided to eat some dry cereal while watching the sun come up!

Around noon, he awoke to the screams of his granddaughter!

"Jenny, what's wrong?" He grabbed her by her shoulders.

"That lady." Jenny pointed out the window to a woman frantically searching the water's edge. "Screamed for help, but no one seems to be coming to help her."

The door opened when he turned the knob. . . .

"Why wouldn't the door open for me?"

"Because it's not programmed with your hand print, yet!"

The pair exited the house, and jumped over the fence . . . both running to the woman.

"Madam, what's wrong?" He grabbed her shoulders.

"My little girl . . . I can't find her. She was right there!" The woman's voice faded as fear took control of her.

In order to get more information from her, it was necessary to shake her . . . "Where was she?"

"Right there . . . " She pointed to a beach shovel and bucket.

"Damn . . . " Pausing . . . "Jenny, do you see those people down there?" He pointed in the direction of a group of people swimming.

"Yes, grandfather!"

"Turn the imager on, Jenny . . . and head down there. Look for someone you might know!" The pair separated with Jenny running down to the people, and her grandfather running toward to the house.

He reached over the fence, and retrieved a lifeguard's rescue can from a hook. While running back, he put the line around himself!


"That test yesterday was a bear!" A teenager said to some friends standing near him.

"It was awful." Aisha Campbell replied agreeing with her friend, Rocky DeSantos.

Four others, Kimberly Hart, Billy Cranston, Adam Park, and Tommy Oliver, shook their heads also in agreement.

"Hey, Rocky. . . . I didn't think swimming was allowed down that way?" Mike Hunter, a lifeguard in training, asked as he watched a man enter the water.

"Where?" Rocky asked.

"Down there!" Mike said as he pointed in the direction.

"Swimming isn't allowed down there. You know that! The water is much too deep . . . Why?"

"Because I just saw a man enter the water carrying one of these!" The junior lifeguard said holding up his rescue can.

"It's posted . . . no swimming!" Rocky said as he started running. "Adam . . . grab the other rescue can!"

Adam Park grabbed the other can, and also started running.

The six high school students were running . . .

Jenny came over the slight hill.

"Rocky . . . !" Jenny said, half out of breath.

"Yes . . . " Rocky answered, as he and the others met her half way.

"My grandfather told me to come down here and get you . . . there's a child drowning near where we're staying . . . !" Jenny told the six teenagers.

"Mike, watch the water . . . I mean it!" Rocky yelled to the junior lifeguard.

"Will do!" Mike yelled back. "I'll call the police . . . "


The seven kids ran down the beach, and as they got closer to the spot . . . something shot to the surface.

"Look . . . !" Adam yelled.

"He found her . . . thank goodness!" Jenny said as she and the others stopped next to the woman.

Rocky put the strap around himself, and ran toward the water.

Soon, he reached the . . . man . . . ?

"Take the child!" A voice said.

"Ok . . . I got her!"

The teen wasn't sure if what he saw was human! The figure before him wore white, gold, and black scuba diving gear, and his face was covered by a full diving-helmet.

"Are you ok?" Rocky asked with concern.

"Yeah . . . I just wasn't expecting what else I found down there." His voice wavered due to delayed shock from the other things he had found while searching for the little girl.

Rocky, holding the lifeless body of the little girl, began swimming to the shore followed by the man.

Billy met him, and took the little girl. Placing her on the sand, he and Adam started CPR.

Adam checked for a pulse, and found none!

"Jenny, run up to the house and get the two silver cases from the medical cabinet!" The man yelled.

Kimberly, Aisha, and Tommy tried to comfort the mother who was screaming and crying.

There was a hissing sound as the man removed the helmet, and tossed it toward the fence.

"Check her throat, I think I felt something while bring her up!" The man said as he knelt down.

Rocky felt the child's throat, and did feel something. "It feels like a pebble or a stone!"

"Grandfather . . . !" Jenny said placing the silver cases on the ground next to him. "I also grabbed a couple of towels."

Grabbing one of the cases, the man yelled "Bio-MedScan on-line! . . . Good thinking."

The object about the size of a briefcase, hissed as it opened and the digital display came on.

Jenny opened the other case, which resembled a large fishing tackle box, and removed a snail-like object.

"Begin a profile!" The stranger said after putting third small pads on the child's towel dried body.

"The IV hound is finished," Jenny said putting an additional piece of surgical tape on the child's wrist. She put the snail-like object back into the case and removed a clear plastic package which contained the rest of the IV unit.

Taking the package from his granddaughter, the man proceeded to attach it to the child's wrist.

"I can't get any air into her," Adam yelled almost in a panic.

The man tried several things to force the object out of the child's throat, but with no success! "Jenny, go get the black case with red plus-sign on it!"

"Magnify, sector 4a . . . 10%!"

The Bio-MedScan complied with orders, and soon the area of concern was visible on the small screen.

"It looks like a pebble," Rocky said as he looked at the screen.

The sound of sirens grew, as the police and ambulance vehicles got closer.

An off-duty ambulance driver was the first on the scene. "I'll take it from here!"

"Like He . . . !" The man growled . . . "Are you a doctor?"

"No, sir . . . I'm an ambulance attendant!" The man answered pushing Adam and Billy away from the child's lifeless body.

"Well, I am!" The stranger roared. "Get back to work you two, now! .... You move, now!" He pointed at the ambulance attendant.

Adam and Billy returned to their positions, as the startled attendant moved aside.

"Grandfather...!" Jenny said with some effort due the heavy case she was carrying.

He took the case, and seconds later the case opened it with a hiss, and Jenny pulled a bottle out and . . .

"Just pour it over her throat, Jenny . . . We don't have time."

While pouring the liquid from the bottle over the child's throat, Jenny handed her grandfather a small package.

Ripping the package open, he withdrew a pair of surgical gloves.

"Magnify sector 4a . . . another 15%."

After Kim knelt down and took the bottle, Jenny pulled another package of gloves out, and after putting them on, she removed a small tray from the black case.

"Grandfather...!" Jenny yelled.

Her grandfather took from her open hand a scalpel, and making a small incision in her throat he removed the pebble and created an airway. With the airway secured, and the oxygen unit running all they could do for now was wait!

"I've got a faint pulse!" Adam said with a sigh of relief.

Several police officers, came running down to the group.

"I won't know the full extent of her injuries until I get a CT scan. Her vital signs are low, and I can't guarantee anything at this time . . . I'm sorry!" The man informed the child's' mother who just shook her head, as if she understood what he was saying.

"Officer, I'm going to need four body bags!" The stranger informed one of the police officers as he left the child's mother.

"You mean there are more people in the water?" Rocky yelled, starting to run toward the water.

"Yes . . . But, they've been down there for a while!"

Stopping in his tracks, Rocky turned around with a sick look on his face!


The ride to the hospital was very strange, he thought! "A modern ambulance, yet no supplies."

Even the hospital was different! Modern equipment, yet none of it worked, or the people didn't know how to operate it.

The little girl would live, but without a CT scan he couldn't tell if she had any brain damage.

Leaving her in the care of the hospital staff, Jenny and her grandfather went in search of answers!

The downtown area looked normal!

"Grandpa, I thought you said Angel Grove had a new library building!" Jenny said as the pair stopped in front of a burned out building.

"It did!" His voice held confusion and a bit of panic in it! "And the building was here!"

A burned sign confirmed what had been sitting on the corner -- "Angel Grove Memorial Library!"

"Come on, Jenny . . . We need to find those kids!" A stranger said as he took his granddaughter's arm.

"I don't think we have to look very far, grandpa!" Jenny said, pointing in the direction of six teenagers standing behind some bushes near the burned out building.

The pair walked over to the group, and Rocky was the first to speak!

"How did you know my name?" The puzzled teen asked.

"Easy. . . . I'm standing next to you!" The man said as he pushed something on his belt.

"What the . . . !" For one of the teens, it was like looking in a mirror.

"It's a long story . . . !"

The civil defense sirens went off!

"And right now, we don't have time for it!" Adam said as he grabbed Jenny and started to run.

"Its coming back!" Kim yelled.


People were running toward the Angel Grove Gym & Juice Bar, and panic and fear filled the air as the eight people mixed in with the other frighten people.

"Everyone, be quiet!" The owner yelled as yet another news special report started on the TV. This report came from a local channel, and gave the people their first look at what nukes had been authorized for use against!

"Goldar!" The stranger replied just under his breathe.

A second picture showed another monster which had been terrorizing the European countries.

"Scorpina!" He growled between his teeth.

"You know what those things are?" Tommy asked quietly.

"Yes, . . . and things are beginning to make sense!"

"Stay put, Jenny!" He softly told his granddaughter.

"Ok!" Jenny's voice wavered with fear.

He walked to a secluded area of the rapidly crowding building, and once again tried the device on his wrist.

"Zordon, come in please?"

Still, nothing!

"What is going on . . . Zordon, come in?" Fear once again now crept into his voice.

"Ru, do you hear me?"


"Hey . . . feather duster . . . wake up!"

Soon, the sounds of a very confused little bird threatened to give away his secret.

"Calm down, Ru . . . calm down!"

The little bird calmed down slightly, at least enough so he could understand her.

"Are you picking up any readings from Zordon?" He asked as calmly as he could.

"No!" His voice rose several octaves.

"What is going on?" There was panic in his voice now.

A beam of clear light appeared as he teleported from the building and out into the desert.

"Where were Zordon and the Command Center?"

The beam of clear light reappeared in the Angel Grove Gym & Juice Bar, and he returned more confused then ever.

"Ru, are you picking up readings from any of the Zords?"

"Your getting readings from the Dino-Zords, Ninja, Shogun Zords, and the DragonZord!"

"All right, I need Ninja FalconMegaZord power, now! ... Get them moving."

He knew what he had to do as he walked back to the place he had left his granddaughter and the others.


"Folks, please . . . try and calm down. I just finished talking with the governor, and the Air Force is being activated right now." Chief Frank Oliver said hurriedly.

"No!" He yelled.

"What?" Startled, the police chief jumped slightly.

"No . . . Call off the Air Force, now!"

"The president authorized the use of nukes four days ago after four hundred thousand people were killed and/or injured by that creature."

"Nukes won't have any effect on that thing." He paused . . . "Just call the Air Force off, now!"

"And I suppose you have something that will!" The chief ground out the words between clenched teeth.

"Yes, I do!" He snapped back. "I'll be back!"

The stranger left the safety of the building running, and as he ran the transformation began. His street clothes were replaced with the white, gold, and black Ninja uniform of the White Guardian of Peace!'

"Ru, bring them together . . . begin Ninja FalconMegaZord sequence."

A beam of white light was all the people could see from the window!

The Ninja FalconMegaZord was more then the creature could handle . . . "And take Scorpina with you!"

Soon, the news reports confirmed that the two monsters were gone, and exclusive footage showed the Ninja FalconMegaZord battling the gold thing.

Part Two

"Jenny, I know you can hear me, meet me at the beach house!"

"Ok, grandfather!" The ten-year-old girl softly answered.

Jenny tapped Kimberly on the shoulder, and told her where she was supposed to meet her grandfather!

The message quickly reached the five other teens, and all seven kids left the safety of the Gym & Juice Bar headed for the beach.

As they waited, Rocky remembered what the man had said earlier, "I wonder what else he found in the water?"

The body bags he had asked for were sitting next to the white picket fence.

"Hey, that's right!" Adam said.

"They'd been down there for a while!"

"How long is a while, a couple of days, weeks, months?"

"Billy, we get the picture!" Aisha interrupted.

"When he gets back, we'll find out." Jenny nervously said glancing at her watch.

"How did he do that thing?" Billy asked puzzled.

"How'd he do what?"

"The transformation thing?"

"Oh, morphing!" Jenny said as she sat down next to the fence.

"Is that what it's called? Morphing!"

"Yes, Billy . . . that's what it's called morphing!"

"If my dad knew who your grandfather was, I think he'd faint!"

"You can't tell him. . . . Ever!"

"Why not?"

"Because no one knows, who 'the Power Rangers' are."

"Power Rangers!"

"Yes, that's what the six of you are called."

"Super Heros!"

"Can we leap tall buildings in a single bound?"

"Adam!" Aisha quipped sarcastically.

"I don't think so." Jenny said with a laugh.



The girl got up and looked around.

"There!" Adam said pointing to the east.

Jenny started running toward him, followed by the others.

With only a few feet between them, a teleportation signal began to activate.





The young girl sank to the ground as she screamed, "GRANDFATHER!"

He had vanished.

The six teens just stood staring, in shock and disbelief, at his disappearance.

"Grandfather!" The girl screamed again.

Kim gathered the frightened little girl into her arms, "Shhhhh, I'm sure he didn't leave you here, on purpose. Shhhh!"

"Yeah!" Tommy said as he knelt down beside her. "I'm sure he didn't, . . . I didn't!"

"I know. It was the tracker system."

"I have a dumb question."

"What?" Jenny wiped her eyes.

"Why do I keep getting a shock . . . like the kind you get when you rub your feet against the carpet?"

"Oh!" Jenny said as she remembered the imager was on. "It's probably because this is on." She pushed something on her watch.

"WOW! You really know who your grandfather is!" Rocky gasped.

"That's for sure!" Aisha agreed.

The young girl had long dark hair, deep brown eyes, and she was wearing, on a chain around her neck, Tommy's silver fish.

"That's my fish!"

"I know . . . I . . . I borrowed it!" Jenny said with a guilty voice.

"Do I know you have it?"

"Well, sort of!" Her voice wavered slightly.

"Great!" Tommy laughed as he pulled his fish out from under his shirt.


"Tommy!" Billy yelled.

"Thank goodness." Aisha added.

"Dad, where's Jenny?"

"Billy, set the time scanners on this frequency," glancing at his watch "Alpha Delta 94." There was a sense of urgency in his voice.

"Got it!"

"Dad, where's Jenny?"

"Oh - No!" Kim said realizing where her granddaughter was, still.


"She wasn't with me when the tracker kicked in!" Even his voice wavered. "She's with us!"

"What do you mean by 'with us'?"

"Sammy, she's with your mother, Billy, Adam, Rocky, Aisha, and myself in a parallel dimension."

"Dad . . .!"

"She's ok, Sammy, at least for a while."

Just then Jenny's mother came into the room expecting a happy reunion with her daughter.

"Sammy, where's Jenny?" Fear and panic filled her voice.

As he comforted his wife, Sammy looked toward his father with eyes full of fear!

"Anything Billy?" Tommy said as he joined him.

"No, not yet!"

Kim, Aisha, Adam, Rocky, and Kat joined their friends at the console which housed several sets of scanners.

Rocky quietly asked, "What else is wrong?"

"We were in a dimension in which the zords, Goldar, and Ru existed, but Zordon didn't." He purposely kept his voice low.

"No, Zordon?"

"Yeah!" He paused, "I drove Goldar away with the Ninja FalconMegaZord, but I don't know for how long!"

"There's only one thing that could reverse time like that," Adam said quietly. "A zepher stone!"

"I went to the desert, but I didn't see anything!" Tommy said shaking his head. "Billy, we need to have the same recall clip installed in all communicators, as soon as possible."

"I'll get on it, first thing in the morning."

"The system didn't pick up her signal," Tommy said sadly.


Thankfully, Jenny was able to get into the beach house, and as night came, Kim was a little uneasy about leaving the young girl alone so she offered to stay with her.

The weekend came and went, and as Monday morning dawned Kim wondered about "What was she going to do with her granddaughter." She knocked on the bedroom door, and then waited.

"Come in!"

Jenny was already up, and dressed when her grandmother entered the room.

"I don't think . . . !" Both girls started to talk at the same time, and laughter filled the room.

"You go first," Jenny said trying to control her laughter.

Kim had to wipe tears from eyes before she could talk, "I don't think you better call me grandmother' in public."

"Yeah, that would be a little embarrassing," Jenny said between giggles.

"We wouldn't be going to school today, we're going on a field trip to the museum."

"That sounds like fun."

"Tommy should be here shortly to pick us up," Kim said dabbing her eyes . . . "We'll meet the others at the museum!"

Just as she finished her sentence, the doorbell rang!

"That can't be Tommy!"

Jenny walked over to the door and placed her hand, palm down, on a mirror-like pad on the wall. There were two soft beeps, and then a screen appeared next to the pad.

"He said he'd be here around 7:30!"

Neither girl had ever seen the man at the door, so Kim suggested that they don't answer the door.

But the strange man was very persistent, and when he started banging on it, the only thing Kim could think of doing was to call the police.

"The phones don't work!" Jenny said as she watched the man. "I'm surprised the security system hasn't activated yet!" As she spoke, the man received the shock of his life. It wasn't enough to kill him, but just enough to scare him away, permanently!

"That was close!" Kim said thankfully as the dazed man stumbled away.

"I know I'm out of milk," Jenny said, "And I don't think grandpa left any money here!" Her mind wandered..

"You'll be with us . . . so don't worry about food!"

"I wonder if . . .," Jenny mumbled heading out the door.

She pushed the door to the master bedroom open, and went to the dresser, while Kim stood at the door watching.

Pulling the top drawer open, Jenny found what she was looking for, a wallet and it had money in it!

"The first day we were here, we went to that shopping place to brought some clothes." Counting the bills, Jenny discovered that money wasn't going to be a problem, because the wallet contained two hundred and fifty dollars. She pulled a twenty dollar bill out, and then put the wallet back in the drawer.

"Grandpa, always carries travelers' checks with him, and he had to get one cashed at that shopping place."

"Shopping place?" Kim said puzzled.

"That big block-like structure!"

"Oh, the mall . ," Kim laughed as she spoke, "It's called a shopping mall!"

They walked into the living room to wait for Tommy to arrive!

"I don't believe it!" Kim said surprised as the white mustang pulled into the driveway.


"He's early!"

Jenny had Kim stay inside the house so she could check to make sure she could back in at the end of day. "Good!"

Before getting into the car, Jenny activated the imager. "I better turn this thing on!"

Both Tommy and Kim agreed.

Kim mentioned to Tommy that some creep had attempted to break into the house, which made him rather concerned.

"I'll call my father, from the museum, and report it."

After called his father, he caught up with the others.

"Dad asked if you got a good look at the creep?"

"Yes, we did!" Jenny said as she watched the school bus pull into the parking lot. "I think I might be able to get a picture of him!"

The entire senior class of Angel Grove High School assembled in the lobby of the museum, and at 8:30 sharp, the tour began.

Jenny was sidetracked very easily by the many exhibits which made keeping track of her, difficult.

Most of the students were bored, as they walked through the museum.

"We just added several new finds to this exhibit," The museum guide said as they entered the last room. "And we still don't know anything about the items we found first!"

A student went to pick up one of the objects from the exhibit, and got a rude awakening!

"These two objects have their own security system built it!"

Jenny walked over to the exhibit, and glanced at it! "The coins and the morphers!"

"What?" The museum guide said as she turned to see Jenny climb over the rope.

"Young Lady!" The woman rushed over to the exhibit, "You can't touch them . . . those boxes won't let you!"

"Do you know what these things are?"

"No, we don't."

"Well, I do," . . . she reached to pick up one of the coins.

"Well, I'll be . . . Mr. Hamilton . . . come quickly!" The surprised guide yelled.

A man came running into the room, and saw that Jenny was holding one of the coins.

"What the . . ." The surprised man started to say.

"Where are the new things you found?" Jenny said looking around the room.

"They're over there." The guide replied as she pointed in they're direction.

Sitting on the table was the right arm and the head of Alpha 5!

"Alpha 5!" Jenny gasped in horror. "Where were these things found?"

"I can show you on this map," Mr. Hamilton muttered hastily as he crossed the room with surprising speed.

He pointed to a desert-like area just outside of town.

"Where's Stone Canyon?" The puzzled girl asked.

"Where?" ..... "I've never heard of Stone Canyon before!"

Jenny pointed to a section of the map, "Stone Canyon was right here!"

None of the students or museum staff had ever heard of a town called Stone Canyon.

"This is getting weirder with each passing minute," Jenny thought.

"Can you take me out to this location?" Jenny asked Mr. Hamilton point blank.

"Well, I don't know," the man started.

"Look. This is the head and arm of a very sophisticated robot. My grandfather was very concerned about being unable to contact someone."

The museum owner looked at Miss Appleby who replied "I don't think any harm will be done."

The kids who had arrived via the bus boarded while the students who had driven agreed to follow the museum truck.

After a twenty minute drive, they reached their objective.

All of the students followed the museum owner to the location where the head and arm had been found.

Jenny looked around for a few minutes and found another piece of Alpha 5, This time it was a piece of one leg.

"Something hit this area really hard," Tommy said noticing a crate size hole uncommon to the area.

"But what?" Adam said alarmed.

After carrying the piece of Alpha 5 back, Jenny said to the students, "I know most of you aren't going to like taking orders from a kid, but it's important that we find the remaining parts."

While some of the students grumbled at the thought, Tommy, Rocky, Adam, Billy, Kim, and Aisha walked over to the museum truck, and removed some shovels and work gloves from one of the compartments.

Soon, other students followed, and within a matter of minutes the entire senior class was digging. What started out as a boring field trip to the museum turned into an exciting adventure!

As the day wore on, other pieces of Alpha 5 were found, and in addition, several pieces of what had been a building was also found!

Around one in the afternoon, the cater's truck which had been hired to provide lunch at the museum arrived, and a lunch break was called.

Part Three

"Anything, yet, Billy?" Tommy asked entering the Core Command Center.


"We located you when you activated the Ninja FalconMegaZord." Rocky said entering the room.

"I don't think Jenny knows how to activate the Zords." Tommy said with a sigh of frustration. "I should have kept her with me!" He said slamming his fist down onto the edge of the console.

"Tommy, you had no way of knowing!" Rocky said trying to cheer his long time friend up.


After lunch, some of the students looking around wondering what had been out in this godforsaken land.

An important piece of evidence was uncovered just before three o'clock . . . . . a heavy steel door proved that Zordon had been here!

Getting the door open, proved to be almost impossible. There were four large boulders hampering their efforts, and with night fast approaching, museum security guards arrived too secure and protect the site.

All of the students agreed to meet back here around 8:30am the next morning.

Tommy drove Kim, Jenny, and Aisha while Rocky drove Billy and Adam back to the beach house, and then stayed for dinner which Jenny prepared.

"Where did you . . . learn to cook . . . like this?" Tommy asked between bites.

"Yeah!" Rocky added also between bites.

"Well, there are several things that are required for graduation! Sixteen credits of Home Economics, Martial Arts, and Medical Emergency training."

"Graduation from college?"

"No . . . graduation from high school."

"High School!" Adam gagged. "Talk about pressure!"

"School is very important, that's one thing you guys have stressed." She paused to look over her shoulder to make sure she had turned off the oven. "You're made sure that all kids get started on the right foot."

"With that high school stuff, it doesn't sound like there's much time for fun stuff!" Rocky joked.

"There's lots of free time, if you plan your schedule right!"

"You're not in high school, are you?" Aisha quizzed the girl.

"No, I've got several more years to go."

They were sitting around the dining room table talking, when suddenly, a small white, gold and black bird appeared chattering wildly!

"I think someone's hungry?" Tommy said as the bird landed on his shoulder, and grabbed a piece of his hair and pulled it.


"Ok, Ru . . . There's some oranges over on the counter. . Go get one!"

The little bird flew over to the counter, picked up one of the oranges, and then flew back to Tommy's shoulder letting the orange fall into his lap!

While they continued to talk, he peeled the orange and fed the rather upset bird.

Around ten o'clock, Jenny started yawning, and asked to be excused from the table.

Jenny washed her face, brushed her teeth, and then said her prayers. "Lord, please help me, and give me the strength to face what I know is coming."

She paused to dab her eyes which were filled with tears.

"Please also let my grandfather find me before all heck breaks loose . . . Amen."

She climbed into bed unaware that her prayers had been overheard by six teens standing quietly outside the closed bedroom door.

The teens cleaned up the dinner dishes, and the kitchen.

They all gathered in the living room, "What do you think she meant by 'what I know is coming'?" Rocky asked not really wanting to know.

"I wish I knew!" Tommy answered tensely.

"I guess we'll find out tomorrow," Kim said as she got up to go check on Jenny.

She tapped lightly on the door, and received no answer, so she slowly opened the door.

The ten year old girl tried to suppress the fact that she was crying, but as Kim started to close the door, thinking the girl was asleep, a sobbing sound slipped from the frightened girl.

"Jenny . . ." She walked to the bed, and sank onto it, gathering the sobbing girl into her arms.

As she tried to comfort the girl, she called out, "Tommy, could you come here please!"

From the tone in Kim's voice, Tommy knew something was wrong as he hurried down the hall and into the bedroom. "Kim!"

He too sat down on the bed, and also tried to comfort the girl.

Soon, the other four teens were also in the room, offering as much comfort as possible!

The alarm clock, in the room Kim had slept in the night before, went off.

All but one of the teens heard it, because she was still in Jenny's bedroom.

Both Kim and Jenny were awakened, and the seven friends washed up, dressed, and ate a quick breakfast before heading back to the dig site.

By the time, the school bus and the museum people arrived, the seven kids had been working for a little over an hour.

The remainder of Alpha 5 parts' were too badly damaged and couldn't be repaired in time. Hopefully, with some luck the boulders blocking the steer door could be moved.

Eight teens worked on moving the boulders for most of the morning, and just before lunch, success!

Jenny had no trouble locating the hidden latch, and as the cater's truck arrived again, and the workers ate in shifts.

The door only opened a fourth of the way, and one of the teens noticed that the exterior frame of the door was bent inward, and probably was preventing the door from opening any further.

"Crow Bar . . . A Crow Bar might be enough to bend the metal outward."

Several boys obtained the needed crow bars from the museum truck, and soon the steel door slid open completely.

Carefully, Jenny entered the underground chamber holding a flash light, and she looked around, a silvery panel on a wall caught her eye!

"Found you!" She replied pushing on the panel itself.

The underground chamber came to life --- lights, sounds, and alarms!

Another teen who had been working in a different area came running, "You're got to see this rock . . . it's glowing!"

Everyone followed the teen to the spot, stopping just above the location of the glowing rock.

One of the museum people was about to touch the rock, when Jenny yelled, "Don't touch that thing!"

The man jumped, and pulled his hand back.

"A Zepher Stone!"

"A what?" The museum curator said.

"It's called a zepher stone, and it has the power to reverse time." She paused for a minute or two, "Don't anyone touch that stone . . . NO ONE!"

"Things are beginning to make some sense," Jenny thought staring down at the stone.

Someone yelled "The siren's are going off . . . . the siren's are going off, again!"

This was the moment Jenny knew would come.

The people started to panic, and run in various directions. Jenny knew someone might get hurt!

Closing her eyes, she could see and hear the words from the stories told by her grandparents. As the words became clearer, Jenny pulled the morpher from her pocket.

"It's Morphin Time!", "Pink Ranger Power!"

The thunder and lightening caused by the morphing sequence, stopped the frightened people in their tracks.

The transformation began, Jenny's clothes were replaced by a Pink and White spandex uniform. Very similar to the one her grandmother had worn!

"Everyone into the underground chamber, now!" She ordered.

After the people were safe, she called "Ninja CraneZord!"

From its secret hiding place, the CraneZord responded! The warning cry could be heard as it rose into the sky!

Before leaving, Jenny told Tommy, Kim, Adam, Billy, Rocky, and Aisha to stay put no matter what happened.

She was gone before Tommy could stop her!


"Got her!" Adam yelled from his chair in the Core Command Center. "She's activated the Ninja CraneZord," Adam said with concern.

"What's the best way to there fast?" Tommy said hurriedly.

"Time Gate, but that's . . . "

"What else is wrong?"

"I'm reading the presentence of a zepher stone." Adam said grimly.

"I knew it!"

"Open a time gate to the area where Jenny activated the Ninja CraneZord," Tommy half ordered, and half yelled.

"Ok ... Ru had readings from the DinoZords, NinjaZords, ShogunZords, and the DragonZord."

"A Time Gate is the best way to get there, from here. Only we can't travel morphed!" Billy stated while programming the Time Gate system.

"I've found Falcon One!" TaLooze said without looking up from his console. "She's at Hollsworth Manor!"

"With zepher stone, we're going to need Falcon One and Two," Rocky stated.

"Sammy, get Falcon Two . . . . Kim, Kat, and Aisha can't travel via the Time Gate!"

"Falcon Two is prepped and ready to flight!"

Kim interrupted, "Guys, enough talk . . . get moving! Jenny can't hold out much longer against Goldar."

"Time Gate programmed!"

"Sammy, we'll go with you!" Kat said.


Avoiding Goldar was becoming almost impossible, because of the zepher stone, and Jenny hoped help was on the way.

Inside the underground chamber, the people were crowded around the door watching. As a sudden gust of wind ripped through the chamber as the Time Gate opened, and six men exited the white spiral window.

"Tommy!" A fellow student said surprised.

"Adam . . . Billy . . . Rocky!" Mike Hunter said knowing that all three were standing behind him.

The four men seemed to be just as surprised as they were! "Oh ... No!" Adam mumbled.

"Where is she?" Tommy yelled as he headed toward the opening.

"Fighting that Gold monster!" A very concerned Kim answered.

"I'm going after Falcon One!" Rocky said hurriedly just before he vanished from sight.

"Black Ranger Power . . . . I need ShogunZord power, now!"

"Blue Ranger Power . . . . I need NinjaZord power, now!"

"White Ranger Power . . . I need DragonZord power!"

Part Four

Thunder and lightening signaled that the Zords were moving, all of them!

Kim, Aisha, and Kat materialized just before the White Ranger departed.

Miss Appleby was speechless as she looked at two former students, now, women.

"Go, I'll get Jenny on the ground!"

The White Ranger vanished.

"Jenny, can you hear me?"

"Grandmother!" There was fear present in the girl's voice.

"Yes, Jenny . . . I'm here!"

A sigh of relief, followed by a softly spoken "thank goodness" was heard.

A quick glance at the instruments told Jenny where her grandmother was, and seeing Falcon One coming, she moved the ship out of harms way.

Jenny teleported out of the ship which seems to have a mind of its' own, as it turned around and headed to the battle zone.

The CraneZord linked up with its counterparts, and soon the gold monster was defeated!

Falcon One and Two were successful in destroying the troublesome zepher stone, and with its' destruction watches and clocks began moving backwards.

Kat calmly ordered the people out of the chamber, reassuring them that things would be alright.

Before their eyes, the mangled parts of Alpha 5 straighten out, reassembling into the Alpha 5 the three women knew!

"Look!" One of the museum workers yelled, pointing up.

The familiar building known as the Command Center was taking shape, also!

The students and museum employees began disappearing from the remote desert site, as time returned to normal!

Only the three women, Jenny, and six teens remained, and they were soon joined inside the Command Center by the men and Jenny's father.

"Dad!" Hugs were exchanged.

"Zordon!" The older version of Tommy said as their former Sage and Mentor appeared in his familiar chamber.


"I wasn't sure if the emergency transmission was received by your ship or not!" Alpha 5 said as he padded the older Tommy on the shoulder.

"So, that's why Falcon One changed course!"

"Yes, Tommy . . . Alpha 5 picked up the unique signal from Falcon One just minutes before the zepher stone hit. We weren't sure if the transmission was received or not!"

"Things are slowly returning to normal," Alpha 5 said happily.

The younger Billy glanced down at his wrist just as his blue communicator appeared, and he felt the morpher
return, too!
Soon, the younger versions had their communicators and morphing devices.

"That glowing stone did all this?" Billy asked.

"Yes," Their Sage replied, "the zepher stone is a deadly reminder of its' creator, a life form called "The Zepher!"

"The Zepher makes Hitler look like a toddler," The older Rocky commented just as their recall signal began to sound.

"What is that?" Billy's younger self asked.

"It's called a recall signal, and when you travel through time . . . You don't leave home without setting up one." Billy said, "Tommy and Jenny had a recall signal; but when the Falcon One changed course, the recall signal didn't work."

"That's when the tracking system activates," Adam added . . . "automatically."

"Will the civilians remember any of this?" Kim asked concerned.

"I'm gone!" The older version of Rocky said as his communicator began glowing, and he began fading from sight until he vanished completely.

Adam and Billy soon followed.

"No, they won't remember, because time is reversing itself!" Tommy answered as he overrode his recall signal.

"Why, did you do that?" The older Kim snapped.

"Because, I originally came in Falcon One with Jenny." Tommy retorted.

"You're right!" Kim answered putting up her fists in a mock fight stance. "Boy, are you going to get it!"

Sammy hugged his daughter, and softly told her, "I'm proud of you!" He faded from view only to reappear inside Falcon Two.

"Whenever you're ready, Mom!" He waved to everyone via the viewing globe.

"Tommy, no extra stops on the way home . . . please!" Kim said rather pleadingly.

"Yes, madam!" Tommy said as he jumped to attention and saluted.

"Very funny." Kim answered shaking her head. She, Aisha, and Kat faded from view, and reappeared in the second ship.

"Engaging shielding systems," Sammy commented, "I don't think we want to be observed by the US Air Force, and mistaken for a UFO!"

"That's for sure!" The younger Billy said.

Falcon Two lifted off, and headed into outer space. A white spiral soon appeared, and the fast moving ship disappeared into it.

"Grandfather," Jenny began . . "I think there are a few loose threads that need attention before we can leave!"

"Yeah, I know!" He paused before continuing "The beach house has to be secured, and I need to check on the little girl plus bring those bodies up."

"I was wondering about the little girl!" Aisha said sadly adding, "I guess somethings can't be reversed."

"Things like that don't always return to their original state, sadly."

"Zordon, we prevented a global disaster from occurring."

"Yes, Tommy . . . Sorry, . ." Their Sage began.

"Zordon, there's no reason to apologize. You needed help, and didn't know any other way of transmitting a message." He padded Alpha 5 on the back as he spoke.

Both Alpha 5 and Zordon acknowledged his comments, and goodbyes between them were said. The eight individuals teleported from the secret Command Center of the Power Rangers, and reappeared on the beach.

While Jenny secured the house, the older Tommy used the body bags which were still sitting by the fence.

The police and the corner arrived while he was bring the second body to the surface. Falcon One was brought in to raise a car which also sat on bottom.1

Once the bodies were all topside, Tommy paided a visit to the hospital to check on the little girl.

The hospital officials and the child's mother were arguing over how and why the child was hospitalized.

"Shouldn't we say something to them?" Kim asked softly.

"No, let the hospital officials work for their money for a change!" the older Tommy said.

All of the friends laughed softly as they slipped quietly out of the hospital.

The town of Angel Grove, and in fact, the planet Earth had returned to its' normal state of insanity!

The group teleported to a secured spot on the beach where they said their goodbyes.

Falcon One appeared above them, and a 747 airplane taking off from the Angel Grove airport was dwarfed by the enormous ship.

"What's the wing span of Falcon One?" Rocky asked as he watched the airplane pass overhead.

"From wing-tip to wing-tip, she's the length of an aircraft carrier!"

"Only this bird has an attitude problem," Jenny said as the ship flexed its' bird-like feet. "It thinks it's a real bird!"

"In some respects Jenny, Falcon One is alive!" The older Tommy commented. "She picked up the distress signal, and took the necessary steps to change course."

"That's true!" Jenny said as something caught her eye. "Grandfather!"

The young Tommys' communicator went off, at that second and he looked at his older self.

"If you were to morph, and then I did . . . one of us would default out to the "Green Ranger" automatically, and I'm not sure which one of us it would be!"

"Default out to the Green Ranger, how?" Billy asked quickly.

"You'll find out soon enough" was all the older Tommy said as both he and Jenny disappeared.

"Over their communicators, they heard "This one's on me!"

With that Falcon One fired two missiles from its' wing-tips, thus ending this attack from the moon before it got started. Shortly afterward, the ship began a slow acceleration and then suddenly climbed disappearing into a white spiral star which seemed to appear out of nowhere.

"I wonder what he meant by "defaulting out to the Green Ranger?" Rocky thought as they watched the star disappear.

The End

Footnotes and References:

1. The mystery story "Adam's Day Off" holds the key.


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