Part 1
by Paladar`

The classroom was a buzz with activity on this rainy Friday morning, as many of the students were putting the finishing touches on their projects.

"Class. . . . time to begin!"

After several students had presented their projects, the science class received a very surprise visitor!

The White Ninja Ranger began to materialize in the room, and his face wasn't covered completely. His dark eyes were visible.

The room fell silent!

For several minutes the image was solid, and then the image began to fade.

"We don't have much time. The Green Ranger is down!"

He held out a watch-like object as he continued. "This is our only link to him, but it has been damaged!"

The closest student was Rocky DeSantos, who held his hand out not really expecting to receive what he did!

The device once held by the fading image, now sat in the teen's open hand.

"If the location module can be repaired, we'll be able to find him . . . but so far we have been unable to repair it, due to some unknown reason."

"Billy, you're good with electrical stuff," Mike Hunter, a classmate replied hurriedly.

Several other students agreed aloud.

From the look he received from the image, Billy knew something was terribly wrong.

"Please, his life depends on getting this device fixed!"

"Ok . . . I'll try," Billy answered . . . "But I'm not sure if I can fix it . . . the parts and chips are probably very different from the ones I have access too."

"If you just repair the location module or temporarily receive a signal from it, it might just be enough for us to find him!"

The Rangers' image did seem a little more stable, almost as if something or someone was controlling it, Billy thought as he very carefully examined the familiar yet unfamiliar device.

As he worked, Billy soon discovered that the watch-like device was indeed different from those he had built. After removing the back panel, it appeared to him that the small missing module had been removed on purpose.

Several students glanced at the clock which appeared to be standing still!

"There . . . a faint signal is coming through!" The White Ninja Ranger said as he glanced down at something on his wrist.

"The signal appears to be coming from the Northeast . . . It's gone now!" The voice was laced with fear, yet Billy was the only one to sense it.

"Maybe if we head in that direction the signal might get stronger!"

"Could you assist me in finding him?"

"Yes . . . I guess so!" Billy answered as he looked into the eyes of the White Ninja Ranger. Eyes that told more then words could say.

Billy grabbed his books and headed out the classroom door, half running, and as he rounded the corner near the classroom, the White Ninja Ranger stood in front of him.

Billy held out the device in a Northeastern direction but this time he could hear the signal himself.

As Miss Appleby and the other students watched as he disappeared; however, only six of them were really concerned for his safety.

Once out of sight, the White Ninja Ranger image disappeared, and in its place, a boy of eight years old materialized.

The boy took Billy's hand and the pair teleported to a secluded area near the lake.

"Turn the imager off, Krista!" The frightened little boy said just after the pair materialized on the beach.

Billy looked into the eyes of a very frightened child who pointed at something.

"Tommy!" A surprised Billy said as he turned to look.

"Billy!" His voice was laced with pain.

"It's a long story." Tommy said his breathing impaired. "I need help!"

There were seven other children standing off to one side, each with frightened, tear stained faces.

With his mind racing, Billy knew going to a hospital was out of the question!

"Krista, turn the imager back on!"

"I already did!" The small child's voice faded into tears.

A blanket covered in blood told Billy that the man was critically injured.

"Keith, put the chip back in!"

"I just did, Grandpa." The child's voice echoed the fear that was present on his face.

"Zordon, it's Billy . . . That signal we were tracking yesterday before it stopped?"

"Yes, Billy!"

"I just found its origin."

"Alpha, prepare to teleport nine other people in addition to myself."

"I have a lock on your location, Billy!"

"No, just in case someone saw you, it's better to teleport using the signal from mine." Pain and labored breathing laced the man's voice. The little boy gave Billy the communicator.

"Billy, I have a lock on the second signal." A puzzled Alpha 5 replied.

"Keith, don't forget the package you found."

The ten individuals were teleported from the beach to the Command Center.

Once seeing the injured man, Alpha 5 began a diagnostic scan to determine the full extent of his injuries.

"He has suffered massive physical trauma to his chest and abdominal area," Alpha 5 began . . . "and his vital signs are very low."

"Billy, I need to talk Ru . . . put the communicator on the communications panel and open a channel to the house!" His breathing was becoming more labored with each passing moment.

Doing what he had been asked to do, Billy couldn't help feeling that Tommy wouldn't survive!

While he worked, six other people soon appeared in the Command Center.

All of them were talking at once, and all Billy did was point in the direction of the injured man and the frightened eight children.

"It's like looking in a mirror, isn't it, Tommy?"


"Oh my gosh," Kimberly said as she stared at the man who looked actually like Tommy Oliver.

"Kids, you can turn the imagers off."

"I've got a link established to the house."

"Ru . . . hey feather duster . . . wake up!"

Rocky glanced at the viewing globe just as the small gold and white bird disappeared.

"Ru's gone!"

As the other people turned to look at the viewing globe, the older version of Tommy replied at the appearance of the small bird.

"She's right here!"

The little bird sat on his out stretched hand. "You haven't been able to sit on my hand for a long time."

The seven teens and Alpha 5 gathered around the seriously injured man.

"Ru, I need you to make contact with the Ticonderoga, she's in a high altitude orbit above us." The little bird flew over to console, and began working.

Aisha glanced over to the source of soft crying, and discovered only one of the children was human, the others' had kitten-like, tear stained faces.

She poked Kim and Kat, and the three girls walked over to the frightened children.

Several of the kitten-like children hugged Aisha and Kat, calling them "Grandma!"

"They're Altrusians, a race of catlike of beings . . . Ru, any luck?"

The bird protested at her inability to contact to ship.

"She's running silent!"

"Maybe, if I tried, Grandpa?"

"Try it, Keith."

The boy went over to the communications panel where the little bird continued to work, but with no success.

Keith and Krista both tried to contact the ship, but neither child could!

Tommy knew what he had to do!

"Ru, come here . . . please."

The little bird flew over and landed on Billy's shoulder.

"Ru . . . bounce a signal off of Hollsworth Manor, up to Zedd's palace on the moon, and then sent it twenty years into the future, and back here!"

"Now wait just one minute!" The younger version of Tommy started.

"Be Quiet!" The older Tommy snapped. "A lot of things have happened in the past twenty years, Just be quiet . . . Zedd is my only hope!"

The small bird flew back the console, and proceeded to do the complex procedure, watched only by Billy!

She returned landing on Krista's shoulder, and communicated that the link had been established.

"Zedd . . . It's Tommy . . . I'm in the past . . . and I need help!" The pain was almost unbearable now. "Can you tell if the Ticonderoga is still in orbit?"

A puzzled voice was soon heard. "Tommy . . . yes, it is!"

Seconds later the Command Centers alarms began going off.

"Alpha, turn that blasted thing off!"

The seven rangers assumed a defensive stance as their long time enemy materialized in the area near the frightened children.

Part Two

This Zedd was indeed different! Instead of the red and silver armor he usually wore, he was dressed in a brown cloak. For Lord Zedd was in reality 'a Draconian Warrior,' one of the First Generation thought to have died over two million years before!

"Zedd . . . !" He began coughing.

Zedd walked over to where Tommy lay, and very gently touched his forehead.

"Keith, where is the medical equipment?"

"Both units are right here, but I can't get this one to open!" The small boy said picking up a silver medium-sized briefcase-like container and carried it over to the platform.

"Bio-Med Scan on-line." Zedd commanded, and the container made a slight hissing sound as it opened.

The once cruel and evil dictator carefully examined his friend, and soon discovered the severity of his injuries. He then removed four patch-like items from the container and placed each of them on Tommy's body, with one on his left temple.

"Begin the profile!"

"You remember!" His voice faded ...


"Tommy?" Zedd said concerned.

Watching from the sidelines, Billy determined that the brief-case like container was a portable medical diagnostic device, with its' computer screen displaying medical information.

"Where's the med-box?" Zedd inquired.

"I've got it!" Krista said as she picked up and carried the other container, which resembled a large tackle box opened, over to the platform.

The kitten-like child removed a small snail-like object from the bottom of the box, and then handed it to Zedd along with a clear box-like object. Zedd placed the box-like object on the platform, said "Krista, you start the IV hound, while I try to contact the Ticonderoga."

The Ticonderoga still could be not reached, which was very unusual!

"The IV hound has completed the job," Krista hurriedly said as she placed another piece of surgical tape over the piece applied by the IV hound.

Zedd returned to where "Tommy" lay, picked up and removed the clear box from the packaging.

He carefully attached the clear box-like container to the IV unit put in place by the IV hound.

The clicking sound made by the connecting of the two devices indicated to Zedd that the unit was ready.

Following the instructions given by the bio-med scan, Zedd removed several test-tube like objects from the med-box, and inserted them into the clear instrument.

Within a few minutes, Tommy opened his eyes.


"Tommy!" Zedd said with a sigh of relief!

"Nothing from the Ticonderoga?"

"No, nothing!"

"Try this . . . Priority One Override, Command One .. Lord Zedd to the Ticonderoga."

"Priority One Override, Command One .. Lord Zedd to the Ticonderoga"

Just as He started to repeat the message . . .

"This is the Ticonderoga. . . to Lord Zedd, go ahead!"

"Matthew, Tommy has been hurt!" Zedd replied.

"Krista, put this over there near the communicator!" Zedd replied as he handed what appeared to be an antenna to the little girl.

The little girl carried the antenna over to the communication panel, put it down, and then ran back, to in her eyes, the safety of Lord Zedd.

"Can you transmit any of the medical information, to us?" The voice asked.

"You should be receiving it about now!" Zedd replied as he glanced at the silver case to make sure it was transmitting.

"Matt, confirmed ... we're receiving the information!" Another voice said rather fast.

"That's affirmative, Zedd!" Matt's voice seemed to echo.

"Med-Core, this is Command Two, we need Med-Drop Ship prepped, and ready for launch, ASAP!" Matt yelled, as he looked at the information.

"Take us to Defense Protocol 3, Yellow Alert!" The other voice was heard to say.

"Command Two, this is Med-Core .... the Med-Drop Ship is standing by!"

"Michael, take over .. I'm going to the surface!" Matt said. "Zedd, Sheba and I are on the way."

"Got it, Matt .... go!" And in the background, the sound of several alarms could be heard.

"We have a lock on your location, Zedd," Matt said just before the Med-Drop Ship launch signal was heard.

"Zedd, this is Michael . . . Do you have the med-box with you?"


"The bio-monitor indicates that Tommy is on shock level three, so we need to get him stabilized before Matt and Sheba get there!"

"Can you locate a red-marble top vile?" The voice said.

Zedd looked in the med-box, but couldn't seem to locate the color vile.

Billy, still watching from the sidelines, spotted the vile and called out "It's in the locked part of the box!"

Zedd glanced over to Billys' location, and acknowledged his words, "Yes, I see it! Thank you."

He located the little key, and then opened that portion of the box. After removing a vile, "Michael, I have one!"

"Good, place it in the furthermost position from the center point!"

Zedd did as instructed, and pushed the vile into the IV Hound. It clicked into place! "What drip rate do you want?"

"3.4 . . . . . . No, increase it to 4.0!" Michael said with some concern. "Do you have any idea how long ago this happened?"

Zedd looked over to Keith, who looked down at his watch.

The little boy then stated, "the explosion happened about 2:00pm yesterday afternoon."

Both Zedd and Michael said in unison, "Explosion!"

"The boat we had rented blew up, yesterday . . . after two men left it!" Keith cleared his throat before continuing, "Grandpa was swimming out to it when it blew. I had to swim out to him, and pull him ashore."

"Keith," Michael began, "How long was Grandpa out?"

"About 30 minutes!"

Zedd pushed one of the buttons on the Bio-Med Scan unit, which activated the fourth patch-like object on Tommys' head. "Michael, I just activated the CT Scanner, and I think there may be a problem!" His voice was laced with concern and fear!

"I see it, too!" Michael growled through his teeth. "Damn, we gotta contact Rocky!"

Zedd concerned about the inability to contact the ship, asked "Michael, did you tell anyone when you changed orbits?"

"Yes, we did. We told Rocky, and he said it would alright!"

At that very second, the Command Center alarm went off.

"Ayi, Ayi, Ayi!" Alpha 5 said spinning around to shut off the alarms. "There's a ship landing outside, Zordon!"

"That should be Matthew and Sheba," Zedd said thankfully.

Within a few seconds, older versions of the children came into the Command Center.

"Daddy!" Krista said happily as her father came in. She and several of the other children ran to Matthew and Sheba.

A brief hugging session took place.

Matthew resembled a tiger tabby with brown tones to his fur, and Sheba resembled a calico cat. They had whiskers, ears, paws, etc., just like a house cat, with one difference ... they walked on two feet instead of four. Sheba was dressed in a two-piece white med-tech uniform, while Matthew wore a jump suit in the familiar colors of red and white.

"Matt, check the CT scan output!" Michael yelled.

Zedd stepped aside to allow Matthew access to their patient!

"See it!" Michael said rather loudly.

"Yeah, I see it . . . ,"

Sheba looked at the Bio-MedScan unit, and pushed several of the buttons trying to get a better look at something she saw. "Matthew, we need Rocky . . . Now!" There was a sense of urgency in her voice.

"Does this mean we've going to have to start playing with that stupid satellite, again?" Another voice, this time female, was heard to say.

"Mommy!" One of the smaller children yelled.

"Yeah, it does!" Michael groaned, "Take us back down to the original orbit level." This time his voice had a more of a command-like tone.

"Hello, sweetie . . . You OK?" A soft female voice said.

"Yes, mommy . . . I'm fine, but Grandpa Tommy is hurt real bad!"

"I know sweetie. You be good, and do what Zedd tells you to do, OK?

"Yes, mommy, but . . . "

Zedd interrupted, "Is there anyway we can get these children up to the ship?"

"No, Zedd . . . The children teleported with Tommy to the surface!" Michael said wishing he could retrieve the frightened children.

Another voice was heard, "We're within communications range, now!"

"This is Matt to Rocky . . . Do you copy, over?"

Matt hated to repeated himself, "This is Matt to Rocky . . . Do you copy, over?"

"This is Rocky . . . Go ahead Matt. What's up?"

"Dad, . . . Tommy's been hurt . . . pretty badly!" Dread filled his voice.

"I'm tracking your location now, standby . . . I'll be there in a second or . . What the He . . . . !"

Seconds later, a white spiral light appeared a crossed from their position in the Command Center, and six children, two teenagers, and a very puzzled Rocky exited it.

"I don't want to know how Tommy got here!" Rocky growled as he rushed over to check his condition.

"It was my idea!" Keith said feeling rather down at Rockys' comment.

Rocky heard the let down in Keith's voice, "Keith, I didn't mean it that way . . . Rescue 911 - - Power Ranger Style!" He chuckled, and then winked at the little boy.

Zedd walked over to Keith, and said "It was a good idea, son!" He patted the boy on the back.

"We gotta get the Med-Drop Ship in here, now!" The older Rocky said.

"How?" Matt asked rather surprised.

"The ceiling opens," Rocky said glancing upward. "The controls are on that wall." He pointed to the far wall ahead of him.

Matt walked over to the wall, located the controls, and then pushed the button.

The ceiling doors moaned and groaned as they opened, but they came to a grinding halt halfway through the sequence as chunks of cement and debris fell from the opening.

"Great!" Rocky groaned as he watched Matt jump out of the way.

Tommy groaned, a little and then opened his eyes. "Rocky, is that you?"

"Yeah, its' me! We're on vacation, remember ?" Rocky said with a groan.

"Yeah, I know, tell that to the other people, will ya?" Tommy added with difficulty, "Keith, show Rocky what you found?"

The little boy picked up the package, and walked over to where Rocky stood. "I found this before we left the boat." He put the brown wrapped package on the table.

"What in the He....?"

"I didn't open it, because Grandpa told me not too." Keith added still standing next to Rocky.

"Why do I have the funny feeling you got the wrong boat?"

"If what I think is in that package, those two men may consider the children witnesses." The injured man mumbled.

Zedd interrupted the conversation, "Tommy, if I could have my staff, I think I might be able to get those doors open."

Zordon, Alpha 5, and the seven teens watched as the injured Tommy raised his right hand, and Zedds' old staff materialized in his hand. "Here!"

Zedd took the staff and pointed it at the ceiling, "Matt, you might want to move!" After the cat-like being moved, Zedd activated the staff causing the doors to grind, metal against metal, and then finally open!

"I'll go get the ship." The cat-like being replied and then vanished.

The sound of a ship overhead and then landing in the confined space grew rather loud, so loud in fact that no one could hear the Command Centers' alarms going off!

After the engines were shut down, they heard the alarms, and Alpha quickly shut them off.

"Zedd, you might want to close the doors . . . We don't some satellite mistaking us for some secret military site." The older Rocky said hoping it wasn't already too late!

Zedd agreed, and closed the overhead doors.

Sheba had gone inside the ship, and started the necessary medical equipment they would need for surgery. Once the system was operational, she poked her head outside signaling to Rocky that things were ready; He and Matt transferred Tommy to the ship, and began working!

Zedd joined the children, several of which were still crying! He gathered them into his arms and told them that things would be alright.

Billy had taken the package and opened it, and much to his horror he discovered that the contents of the package was at least, 90% pure cocaine. "Drugs!"

"You're kidding right," Adam asked as anger filled him.

"I wish I was, Adam, but I'm not. . . this package contains cocaine!" Billy growing rather angry himself.

"Flush that trash down the toilet, Billy!" Aisha said as the littlest kitten-like child wrapped her arms around her legs. "Oh, honey . . . It's ok!" The yellow Ranger said gathering the frightened youngster into her arms.


"Don't bother, Billy. . . I've got a little surprise for those idiots!" A still sore, but very angry Tommy Oliver said as the door to the ship opened and he stepped out!

"Tommy!" Zedd said as he got up and walked over to him. "Here, take this thing!" He appeared to be repulsed at even holding his former staff as he held it out.

"Give it back to me after the transport has left, OK?" He placed a hand on Zedds' shoulder.

"Kids, go with Matt!" His voice was laced with anger, "Matt, take the children to the ship . . . now!"

The children headed to the ship, including the group that had come with Rocky.

"Sounds like we have a little trash to dispose of!" Rocky DeSantos added as he joined his friend.

Zedd pointed his staff at the ceiling and the doors opened allowing the transport to leave. After closing them, he handed his staff back to its' rightful owner!

Part Three

"What's the plan?" The younger version of Rocky asked!

"We have some cleanup to do!" The older version of Rocky answered.

"We want to make sure that everyone involved is included in this cleanup . . . the smugglers, dealers, and pushers." The older of Tommy added. "Those men who blew up the boat will certainly recognize me!"

"So it's up to me to make contact with these creeps." The older Rocky replied.

"Is there anyone you suspect of buying and/or selling drugs at the high school?" Zedd asked the teen rangers.

The group of teens glanced back and forth between each other, searching for name or a face.

"Bill Daniels!" The four guys chimed together.

"Everytime I've walked past his locker when he's been at it, he slams it shut." Adam stated angerily.

"We can't go around accusing everyone, we need proof . . . hard evidence." Aisha said cautiously.

"Adam's right . . . Bill does act really strange!" Kim added.

"I'll should check with the Police department, so we don't endanger any uncover police officers." The older Tommy stated.

* * * *

At school the following day, the teen rangers watched Bill Daniels and his friends very carefully. Each taking turns keeping an eye on their bizarre behavior!

"Later in the day . . . "

While Tommy and Kim stood at her locker, Bill and two of their classmates gathered around his locker.

Trying not to look obvious, Kim used her pocket mirror to watch the trio. What she and Tommy witnessed was beyond belief?

The two classmates exchanged money for several small bags of a crystal looking item.

* * * *

"That evening at the Beach house . . .

"There has to be good explanation for why Bill is selling that stuff?" Kat reasoned, trying to convince herself.

"Yeah, but what?" Adam added, also trying to convince himself.

A voice interrupted their thoughts, "Try a gambling debt!" The older Tommy replied as he entered the living room where the group was gathered.

"Gambling!" Adam said dumbfounded.

"Someone in his family owes a loan shark for about thirty thousand dollars." The older Tommy added as he sat down on the couch.

"Someone???" Kim said puzzled, "You mean Bill is being forced to sell that stuff???"

"It looks that way!" The older Rocky commented as he entered the room.


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