A Friend!
by Paladar`

Frank Oliver was fit to be tied! Trying to contain his anger as he drove wasn't easy, and the brakes of the car squealed as he turned the corner at this street.

"Thank God, Marsha is still gone!" He thought as he pulled into the driveway, door slamming as he headed into the head.

"Mike, where are you!" Just saying his name made his skin crawl.

His adversary sat on the couch.

"We have a small problem." His words were ground through his teeth.

"What's the problem?"

"How can you sit there? The real Mike Summerville is DEAD"! Frank prayed his sons weren't home. "Who the hell are you?"

"A friend!" The stranger replied.

"A friend who impersonates a dead man, I don't think so!" Frank said pulling his gun.

"You know I don't like guns!"

Frank Oliver stood staring at a very familiar face!

"I wish I could stay a little longer, but my work here is finished."

24 hours earlier . . . Around 4p.m.

Mike Summerville walked from the plane to the rental car agency, and while he waited for the clerk to get off the phone he heard a familiar voice.

"Mike!" Frank Oliver yelled catching sight of his best friends' son.

"Frank!" Mike cheerfully chimed.

The two men shook hands, happily.

"Captain Michael Summerville!" Frank gloating said.

"It does have a nice ring to it." The younger man said with a laugh.

"Mr. Summerville, I have the papers already for you to sign." The clerk interrupted.

Mike turned around, picked up a pen sitting on the counter, and then after receiving a copy of the agreement and the keys he turned back saying "I'm ready to go!"

The two men walked away from the counter, and headed to the rental lot.

"Charlie, just follow us." Frank yelled to his driver, "What hotel are you staying in?"

"The Remmington."

"Charlie, meet us at the Remmington."

"Will do, Chief."

At the Remmington, a short time later . . .

"I can't believe this, they screwed up the reservations!" Mike groaned as he joined Frank Oliver at the window.

"Well, if you don't mind staying in oldest sons' room, you're more then welcome at home."

"A home-cooked meal does sound good . . . let me just go and cancel the reservations."

Mike canceled the reservations, and then walked back to where Frank stood. "Ready to go?"

At the Oliver House, later in the evening. . . .

"Dad, how much longer is Mom going to be gone?" Jeff Oliver asked between bites of food.

"I don't really know, son . . . . Grandpa had a massive heart attack the other night . . .!" His voice began to fade.

"That's got to be rough on Marsha. . . "

"Yeah . . . Mike - it is!"

The four guys finished the dishes in record time.

"Mike, I hope Tommys' old room is ok?" Frank asked poking his head in the room, surprised to find the door open!"

"It's just fine, Frank!" Mike answered looking over this shoulder.

With the boys in bed, the two men spent sometime discussing old and new times.

* * * *

"Was that a car pulling out of the driveway earlier this morning?" Mike asked as he entered the kitchen.

"Yeah . . . He left this note for you!" Jeff groaned.

"Grandpa must have had . . . Another heart attack." Mark said startled by the toaster.

"He hopes . . . I don't mind being left alone with you two guys for a day or so!" Mike said after reading the note.

"Mark . . . Jeff," Tommy yelled after entering the house, "Any news yet?"

"No!" The twins said in unison. "Hey Tommy . . you remember Mike Summerville, don't you?"

"Yes Mark, I do!" Tommy said sarcastically entering the kitchen, "Hi Mike." They shake hands.

"You guys remember that your going to school with me today!"

"Yeah . . . we git to spend the day at the high school!" Mark gripped.

"What's your schedule for the day, Mike?" Tommy asked checking his watch.

"I've got several errands I need to do before heading home!" Mike commented as he too, checked his watch.

* * * *

Around lunch time, Mike found himself at the high school. As he wandered around, he caught sight of Tommy, his friends, and his brothers sitting at a picnic table.

"Hi guys!" Mike said as he joined the group.

After introductions, Mike sat down. "Just like old times!" He thought as he sat listening to the conversation.

* * * *

The squeal of brakes caught the groups attention as a single police car stopped next to Mike's rental car.

"We've been looking all over for you!" Charlie Randall yelled as he jumped out of the police car. "We've got a major problem."

"What's up, Charlie?" Mike yelled as he got up from the table.

"Mike . . . we've got a lead on a case!" Charlie said so he joined Mike.

"Which case! Frank mentioned several last night." Mike said, hoping it wasn't "that one!"

"The Fredricks case!" Charlie said softly in his ear.

"DAMM . . . !" The two men ran to the squad car, and shortly with sirens blasting drove away.

"Tommy, isn't the Fredricks' case . . . that missing kid?" Mark asked.

"Yeah Mark . . . it is!"

Soon the sound of sirens, filled the air as squad cars entered the park, just down the street.

Kimberly commented, "Oh no . . . !"

Soon bystanders out numbered the police, and reinforcements were called in!

A man walking his dog had found a child's shoe near the ravine.

Many of the students left the school grounds, and joined the crowd.

"Keep those people back!" Mike yelled taking charge of the scene, "Does anyone know the little girl?"

* * * *

"I do!" Aisha yelled, "I used to baby sit her before I moved."

"Start calling her! Try to get her to answer you!" Mike said just before he grabbed Tommy, and pulled the startled teen of to the side. "I can find that child but I can't be in two places at once. Take this . . ." He handed him a small wallet-size case, "Tell Aisha to keep calling the little girl."

Mike faded from sight almost immediately after.

"Hey . . . where'd Tommy go?" Billy anxiously said looking around.

"He's gone!" Rocky and Adam said in unison.

Tommy looked behind him puzzled at his friends' reaction.

"Rocky, Adam, Billy . . . I'm right here!" He started to say.

Aisha interrupted, "She won't answer me!" as tears ran down her face.

"Keep trying . . . make her answer you!"

"Where'd Tommy go?" Rocky said with concern creeping into his voice.

"Rocky, I'm Tommy . . . ." Tommy said softly "Mike handed this to me before he disappeared." Tommy held the case out in front of him.

"Interesting?" Billy stated.

"Melissa . . . It's Aisha . . . answer me please!" The teen begged, "Please Melissa . . . answer me!"

Vince Cramer, one of the officer at the scene, was the first to see the white light appear and then descend into the ravine, "Look . . . it's the White Ranger!"

Billy knew what the device was!

In the ravine . . .

"Easy, Melissa . . . it's alright . . . your safe now!"

The little girl was barely alive, with two stab wounds in her small chest. Unable to scream, the frightened child didn't realize help had arrived.

"I found her, and I need a female officer down here . . . NOW!"

"I'll go down!" Aisha said, and before anyone could stop her, started down the muddy embankment.

"Aisha is coming down," Adam yelled.

He looked up, and caught Aisha as she started to slip! "She's over here . . . how long has this child been missing?"

"Several days! Oh no . . ." Aisha said as she ran to her, and took her small hand, "Melissa, it's Aisha . . . you're safe now!"

Part 2

With tears running down her face, she turned and asked, "How are we going to get her out of here?"

"There's only one way!" He stood up and yelled, "We need a stokes basket down here, fast!"

Several seconds later . . . "Heads up!"

The basket was lowered down by rope. "Got it!" Aisha yelled as she grabbed the basket, "There are some medical supplies in here!"

"Let's just cover her up, and get out of here . . . this is a crime scene!"

After covering the child up, she went limp as they moved her into the basket. "Melissa, no . . ." Aisha yelled and the girl's eyes opened for just a second. . .

"What's that under your foot?" Aisha asked catching sight of something.

"It's a piece of a shirt, I think. . ." Picking the piece of cloth up, he placed it inside the basket under the child's shoulder.

The white light of the teleportation system kicked in, and the rescue team disappeared from that horrible place. Reappearing just behind a group of police officers.

"Get the paramedics in here now!" Charlie yelled, "Move these people back!"

"Bio-MedScan on-line . . . now!"

Several pieces of equipment appeared behind him, shortly thereafter. The silver cases hissed as they opened. He removed several pad-like objects, and placed them on the child's body. "Begin profile!" He worked faster then anyone had ever seen, it was a race to save the child's fading life!

Aisha remained by the childs' side, helping with her care and she was thankful when the little girl passed out.

"Look at those injuries, I hope the cops get the creep who did this!" One of the paramedics said looking at the small display of the Bio-MedScan.

"If they don't, I will!" The White Ranger said under his breathe.

* * * *

Part 3

An anonymous phone call brought Mrs. Allison Fredricks to the park! She could see The White Ranger working on her daughter, but the police barricade prevented her from going to her.

After what seemed like an eternity, The White Ranger yelled to one of the police officers standing around, "Where is the child's mother?"

"I'm right here!" Mrs. Fredricks yelled back as she held her arms up waving.

The police officer ran to get Mrs. Fredricks. When she knelt beside her daughter Aisha moved aside to allow the frightened mother near her child.

"Melissa, it's mommy!" Allison Fredricks softly said the her daughter. "Is she going to be alright?" The panic stricken mother asked.

"Your daughter received two stab wounds in the chest which I have treated, but she has lost quite abit of blood so it's very important that she see her pediatrician. There is evidence of sexual molestation, but I think that should be confirmed by her pediatrician." He handed the mother a large envelope which contained the medical data from the Bio-MedScan. "Give this information to her doctor! It will help him continue her care."

"Thank you!" Mrs. Fredricks answered softly.

While they spoke the little girl opened her eyes, and seeing The White Ranger, tugged on his uniform sleeve.

"Well . . . what beautiful green eyes you have!" He said softly. "Let's see . . . you look like a . . . No don't tell me . . ." He paused for a second or two, "You look like a Bear person!" He stood up and begun rummaging in his pockets.

"How did you know that I like . . . the BearZord?"

"You kidding . . . it's my job to know these things." He continued looking for something in his pockets. "Now where the . . . there it is!" He withdrew a large stuffed BearZord from his pocket.


"What do you say?" Her mother said softly.

"Thank you!"

"You are very welcome!" He softly touched the child's head as he spoke, "Get that ambulance over here . . . now!" He yelled.

While the ambulance backed into the area, the paramedics took over her medical care.

"Keep an eye on her blood pressure . . . it's really low!" The White Ranger told them, "Also, you better start a second IV to counter-act the shock that is beginning to set it."

"Damm . . .!" One of the men said.

"I got it!" The other man said pulling another IV unit from the medical box.

The man easily established the second IV, and soon after they were ready to transport her to the hospital.

Before getting into the ambulance, the child's mother hugged The White Ranger saying "Thank you!"

"Your welcome!" He answered back closing the ambulance door after she had climbed in.

The ambulance pulled away from the scene sirens blaring with several police cars leading the way.

"Where's that piece of cloth!" The Ranger said to himself. "This was under the child's shoulder." He added handing the piece of evidence to Charlie Randall.

"That looks familiar . . ." Charlie began, "Vince . . . grab the case file."

"Will do!" Vince Cramer yelled back. The officer ran to his cruiser and returned carrying the police file.

"You have an idea who may have done this?" The Ranger asked with concern.

"Yes," Charlie said as he was handed the case file. "One of the suspects we interviewed owned a shirt that matched the description worn by the individual who took the child." He scanning the file looking for a picture.

The piece of cloth did infact match the shirt owned by the suspect, and an arrest warrant was ordered.

With several squad cars surrounding the suspect's home, the officers approached to make the arrest but a volley of gunshots rang out sending officers scrambling for cover.

The White Ranger had ridden to the site with the officers, and wasn't to thrilled by exchange of gunfire! "I'm going to put an end to this." He thought to himself. "This creep belongs in jail, twelve children have either died or been scarred for life because of this piece of S***!"

No one saw the White Ranger teleport into the home, but the shooting stopped and the man came flying out the front window moments later.

Even through the area was surround the man still tryed to escape, but was stopped by a rather angry Power Ranger!

"Don't even think about it!" The Ranger growled grabbing the man from behind.

The police officers who responded to the arrest call cheered.

Vince Cramer put the man in handcuffs, and after reading him his rights lead him to a waiting squad car which sped away from the scene.

At the Oliver House . .

* * * *

"I wish I could stay a little longer, but my work here is finished."

Frank Oliver stood staring at a very familiar face! Speechless, he just stared.

"One creep is off the streets," The man before him said as Mark & Jeff Oliver entered the room.

"Hey Dad . . ." Jeff began his words trailed to silence.

"TOMMY!" Both boys said together.

The Ranger withdrew something from his pocket, and flashed it in front of them. "Sorry . . . Mark, Jeff, Dad but this secret is a little bit *classified.*

* * * *

When they opened their eyes seconds later, Mike Summerville was standing over them. "You guys alright?"

"Yeah . . . I think so!" Frank stammered, "What . . . happened?"

"It's rather warm in here . . . I think you fainted!"

As the three people stood up, Tommy and his friends came in the front door.

"Mike . . ." Tommy replied startled seeing his father and brothers getting up from the floor. "What happened?"

"They fainted!" Mike answered, "You better start opening the windows because I found these guys on the floor."

Tommy left the front door open as Adam and Rocky began opening the first floor windows.

At that moment the phone rang . . .

The conversation lasted only a few seconds, but when Frank hung up the phone he had good news for his sons. "That was Mom . . . Grandpa is out of danger, and the doctors' are baffled because his heart seems to have repaired itself!"

"Are you sure you can't stay another day?" Mark asked.

"No . . . I really need to get back!" Mike said handing Frank the closely police file marked Fredricks. "At least this creep is off the streets!"

"Yeah . . . after close to a year we can finally put this case to rest!" Frank added as he took the file.

"Which case is that?" Jeff asked.

"The Fredricks case!" Frank told his son.

"That's what we came in to tell you. . . Dad, the White Ranger was here! He helped catch the guy after rescuing the little girl.

"Man, it was incredible!" Jeff added excitedly.

* * * *

After good-byes and driving Mike to the airport, Frank Oliver said good-bye to his old friends' son as he watched him go down the corridor the boarding area.

At a secluded area near the park . . .

"Wow . . . that was close!"

"That's for sure!"

Both Tommy's stood together as they shook hands.

"Thank you . . . for . . . Melissa!" Aisha said as calmly as she could.

"It wasn't her time to go. A paradox opened when the child disappeared, and it had repercussions in the future." The older version answered.

After additional good-byes, Falcon 4 lifted off from a cliff behind them, and then disappeared leaving behind a rainbow!

* * * *

That night at the Oliver home . . .

Frank smiled to himself as he put the case file into his briefcase. {All this time, but somehow he knew that The White Ranger and his oldest son are one and the same!}

The End


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