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The Last Entry
By: Ann M. Murphy

In the vastness of space . . .

{This would be his final entry,} Andros Praier thought as he looked out the window. {This was the only way!}

The Guardians of Power stood for many things, and their actions spoke louder then words.

They could just walk away from this situation, but there were too many lives at stake. Turning away was not an option!

* * * *

Simultaneously on the Planet of Ninjara . . .

Tomuk VanGuar stood on the hill behind his home. Thinking back many years earlier, he could still see six children climbing the same hill. The scene reminded him of a planet he had once visited.

{It was called "The Third Planet from the Sun" in a galaxy known as "The Milky Way." The region in which he remembered was a place we call Austria, more precisely, "The Swiss Alps."}

As the oldest inhabitant of this world and the last living member of the Fourth Generation, he knew what his son, Tomar, was about to do. Tears fell from his eyes as he looked toward the sky waiting for the signal.

On the prairie beneath him, stood forty spaceships in a pre launch countdown which would carry the entire population of his world as far away as possible.

* * * *

The bridge of the Triad Voyager was unusually quiet, as Andros sat remembering the past. He smiled as he glanced at each of his friends. They had been through a lot together, and were trusted, at the most difficult time in their home worlds' history, with a secret that changed their lives forever.

His best friend, Tomar was the son of the First Heir to the Throne. His father, Tomuk had trusted his son and his friends with a very closely guarded secret known to five other people.

{In times of great need, they could transform into a powerful team utilizing a technology unknown to them.}

Tomuk and five of his friends had received this gift eighty years earlier, and out of necessity passed it on. Their children had become the youngest group ever to receive "the power."

They became known as "The Fifth Generation of the Guardians of Power."

Soon they too would pass "the power" onto another group of unique individuals. This time would be different because along with "the power", they would be also sending a "new power." Two hidden temples, one on the planet of Phaedos, and the other on The Third Planet from the Sun and their guardians would ensure the safety of this "new power."

This new power utilized the "Spirit Animals" which is hidden deep within each and every person, and only the guardians could bring forth this "new power."

Hopefully, the new group would contain the chosen one, for he alone carried the spirits of two different animals.

Only then could the prophecy be fulfilled.

* * * *

Andros didn't fully understand the creation of the original "power," but over the years had devoted many hours trying to locating the source. He had discovered, only, that the source originated from the heart of time.

Legend said "that the Empress of Time had severed the bridge between the six dimensions of time, and that when the other dimensions realized that they did need each other to survive it was to late. So the Empress called upon all that that was good, and eventually the six medallions and transformation devices were created. The two jewelled boxes which held the unique objects became one when they passed on. The machines called Zords were linked to the medallions, and once accepted by a group would assume the appearance of the oldest and most powerful creatures on that planet."

Andros had discovered that the Zords were pure energy, and that the medallions were made of a metal he had never seen before.

Once the six dimensions were joined together, "The Guardians of Peace" would again ensure the tranquility and safety of the millions of inhabitants throughout the dimensions.

As their destiny came into view, Andros closed his eyes and said a silent prayer thus ending his part as the keeper of the journal.

* * * *

A comet ended the lives of Tomar VanGuar, Andros Praier, Raye deMond, Brien Maihel, Anaa Capier, and Curee Hoyi-VanGuar which brought The Empress of Time to their side as "the power" left them forever!

* * * *

The Empress of Time could be heard singing a prayer which contained her hopes and dreams.

* * * *

As Tomuk glanced skyward, the sign of his son's death appeared in the form of a rainbow! Tears again filled his eyes as he watched the rainbow stream across the sky headed for a place unknown to him. His only hope was that they had died instantly!

* * * *

With this signal, the forty spaceships began to leave this world never to return.

Tomuk had to be helped by several people to last ship, because grief overcame him. Shortly thereafter, the planet of Ninjara was set adrift in vast regions of outer space.



The name of Andros had been incorporated into this series over one year ago.


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