Blamin' Who
by Paladar`

"Those Power Rangers are the best! They always seem to come just in time." George Meyers commented as he turned the TV to another channel. He and his family, including nine year-old Jack, had just finished watching the news at 5:00 p.m.

"Dad, can I go outside and play?"

"Remember night's a school night, I want you in the house by 7:00p.m."

Jack ran out the front and joined his friends in their secret place. The news, for a change, had gotten footage of the Power Rangers actually fighting the gray things.

"Did you that move the White Ranger did?" Alex Thomas said as he tried doing the same move, only he landed on his butt.

"It was incredible!" Mike Phillips agreed.

The five boys began practicing the move they had seen on the TV.

At School the next day, (recess) . . .

Sam Miller began showing the younger kids the move they had seen on the TV the night before.

However something went wrong, and Sam kicked a first grader in the head sending the child to the hospital in critical condition.

At the Emergency School Board Meeting called that night . . .

Parents were screaming and board members were yelling until finally the board chairperson established some order.

"My son may die . . . because of the stunt Millers' kid did!" Joe Barnett yelled.

"It is watching the Power Rangers on TV doing all that crap, that caused this. It has happened before in Stone Canyon." Mr. Ramsey, the Vice Principal, yelled back.

"That does it . . . I make a motion that Power Ranger crap be banned from school property, including at the high schools. No kicking, punching, etc.," David Reynolds, one of the school board members, said rather loudly.

"All in favor of David Reynolds' motion, please raise your hands!" Carl Jenkins, the school board president, said after using his gavel.

Hands went up.

"All opposed!"

Some hands did go up.

"Motion to ban all Power Ranger crap at and on all school property has been approved." Carl Jenkins replied with a sigh.

The following day at Angel Grove High School . . .

"You six boys, stop right there!" Mr. Ramsey yelled at group of teens practicing their karate before classes. The Vice Principal gave each of the six boys one weeks' detention.

The PA system of Angel Grove High School came on with the announcement regarding Power Ranger crap on school property. Any student caught doing it would receive one weeks' detention. NO EXCEPTIONS.

The six boys all were sitting in Miss Applebys' classroom, and groaned when their names were read as the first victims of the new rule.

"Mark Stevens"
"Tim Davis"
"Rocky DeSantos"
"Adam Park"
"Tommy Oliver"
"Billy Cranston"

"These six boys will be spending this week in detention." The grumpy old man replied. "That's all the messages I have for you today!" The PA system went dead.

The week passed very slowly for the six boys in detention, and when Wednesday came things changed!

As classes started on Wednesday. . .

Mr. Ramsey escorted a new student to Miss Applebys' classroom.

"Miss Appleby, this is Max Summerville." The grumpy old man replied.

The new student stepped from behind the old man, and shook hands with the teacher, "It's nice to meet you, madam."

Miss Appleby blushed a little from the teens' remark.

In the back of the classroom . . .

"Here it comes Rocky," Tim Davis commented softly to the boys sitting around him.

"Yeah, I know!" Rocky said shaking his head.

"Oh by the way young man, there is no POWER RANGER CRAP permitted on school property." Mr. Ramsey growled at the new student. "Anyone caught doing it will spend a week in detention. Is that understood?"

Max did not seem to interested, so Mr. Ramsey partially yelled it in his ear.

"I get the message . . . gees . . . shatter my ear drum." Max grumbled back. After the ringing in his ear subsided, Max sarcastically said, "I will think about it!"

"Then you will be in detention." Mr. Ramsey yelled at him.

"If it's a matter of life or death, and POWER RANGER CRAP will prevent anyone from getting hurt then I'll do what has to be done." Max gruffly stated.

Mr. Ramsey stood his ground, even when the six-foot teen stood right in front of him. "Well then, as I said before - - you'll be in detention with six other boys who are already serving time!"

"I would like to see you try to put me in detention!" Max defiantly stated . . . pausing a few seconds before continuing, "Let me guess . . . some kid was hurt so your blaming the Power Rangers."

"It was the school board's decision after a first grader got hurt several days ago by a fourth grader showing off." Mr. Ramsey mumbled back.

"Well, your blaming the wrong people!" Max roared as he stood in front of the grumpy old man.

"I beg your pardon . . . the wrong people . . . I don't think so!"

"Your blaming the wrong people," Max snapped, "Try blaming Mom and Dad, who are sitting in front of the TV and singing the praises of the Power Rangers. Mom and Dad are not doing their job, and telling Junior or Janie that they cannot do what the Power Rangers do. If they do, Mom and Dad should spank them." Max stood his ground!

Mr. Ramsey just glared at the teen, and for the first time in his life was actually afraid of a student!

"Well then Miss Appleby, you may have another student in detention this week!" Mr. Ramsey said clearing his voice and shivering alittle from the teens' stare.

"That wall behind you will have a new door in it, and you won't have a scratch on you!" Max snapped.

"Well, you have been warned . . ." Mr. Ramsey said as he existed the room rather fast.

After what seemed like an eternity, Miss Appleby cleared her throat and replied, "Well . . . someday the school board will regret that new rule, and it might be too late!"

Max found a seat in back of the room and flopped down it in still wearing his trench coat.

Rocky DeSantos leaned over toward him and said, "He means it . . . I'm one of those boys!"

Max glanced over his shoulder at Rocky, and the two made eye contact. {If push comes to shove, I'll do whatever it takes}, Max thought to himself.

The remainder of the day went by uneventful.


Max was in first and second period the following day, but was a no show for third, as Miss Appleby shook her head after marking him absent.

Half way through third period, a student came to the door and told Miss Appleby to turn on her TV.

After doing so, the special news report captured everyone's attention.

The reporter, Mary Ross had been filming the opening of the Arts and Crafts Fair in the park when trouble broke out.

"These awful creatures began terrorizing visitors here just a few minutes ago. It is hoped that the Power Rangers will come soon."
The photographer panned the camera showing the Tengas chasing people young and old around the various booths.

The situation changed when one of the children screamed, "Let go of me! . . . Mommy!"

The camera zoomed in on the sight of a Tenga holding on to and trying to pick up the screaming little girl.

The only sound was of the child crying for help.


From out of nowhere came Max yelling . . . "Going airborne . . . up and over! Oops . . . sorry birdie . . . try using rubber cement to hold your head on." The teen had landed on top of the fake Tengas' shoulders knocking the head piece off. "Scram kid!"

The four year-old didn't need to be told twice, as she ran to her mother.

"I love a good workout in the morning, don't you?" Max joking replied to the man who landed on the ground . . . passed out.

With the speed and precision of the Power Rangers combined, the teen rendered each one of the fake Tengas "out of action."

"He's good . . . !" Mark Stevens said watching the TV report. "He's damn good!"

"Tell me about it!" Adam added unsure of the identity of their visitor.

With only one Tenga standing with a child directly in front of him, Max moved cautiously around finally assuming a very familiar stance.

"Now what are you going to do . . . Power Ranger Wanna-be?" The man taunted while holding a gun to the child's head.

"Your leaving this park in one of two ways . . . a body bag or handcuffs . . . it makes no difference to me!" Max stated now standing directly in front of the man and his hostage.

No one heard the gun go off from across the road! His wrists crossed in front of his chest and made a metal on metal sound as they came together. Nothing could prepare the crowd for the result! A blinding white light appeared, and after it faded "The White Ranger" had replaced the teenager.

Wearing the White Ninjetti Ranger uniform, Max stood before the man with his right arm up. "Power Ranger Wanna-be . . . I don't think so . . . I'm your worst nightmare!"


By now, Mr. Ramsey had entered Miss Applebys' classroom and was staring in shock at the discovery of Max's true identity.

A second cameraman had managed to climb the tree directly behind the fake Tenga and his hostage without being detected, and got what transpired after on film.

"As I said . . . you can leave this park in one of two ways . . . a body bag or handcuffs."

"Fine, have it your way!"

The man fell backwards with a bullet between the eyes, and his hostage jumped to safety in the arms of the White Ranger.


The sharpshooter from across the street came yelling about the White Ranger blocking his shot.

"If I hadn't of . . . there would be a dead child on the ground instead of the man!"

"I don't think so!" The police officer yelled.

"For your information, that man moved four steps to his right seconds after you pulled the trigger which put the child directly in the line of fire."

Joe Bradley, the second cameraman, replayed the footage he had just shot and in deed the man had moved!

The shocking footage replayed on all of the local news programs that night.


The following day at Angel Grove High School, the entire student body was talking about what had happened. You could have heard a pin drop when Max walked down the hall to Miss Appleby's classroom.

All of the students stopped talking as Max entered the room. He walked over to Miss Appleby and said, "It was a pleasure to meet you, madam." They started to shake hands but the grateful teacher grabbed him and gave him a bear hug saying "Thank you for saving those children." Tears of joy were running down her face as she spoke. "That child is my nephew, and I'm so thankful that you didn't obey Mr. Ramsey. That section of the park is part of school property."

"That's part of my job, madam." Max said finally as the excited teacher released him. "I have one more stop to make before I leave. So this is good-bye!" He kissed the back of Miss Applebys' hand, and then started to glow as his clothing changed. Gone were the jeans, tee-shirt, and the trench coat and replaced by the White Ninjetti Ranger uniform.

He winked at her as he left the classroom, and Miss Appleby blushed!

Several of the girls in the classroom opened the windows because it had become rather warm inside.


About two hours later, the PA system announced to all teachers to turn on their TVs once again.

At the hospital . . .

Kevin Barnett, the injured child, was now in guarded condition with continued swelling of his brain!

Of course, the press was there . . . contacted by the hospital after receiving a phone call about the White Ranger's visit.

Hospital security held reporters and cameramen back, away from the intensive care unit while the White Ranger visited the child. With his doctors and parents present, the Ranger asked for the child's medical chart. After looking the chart over, he walked over to the bed and touched the boy's head. "Repairing the tiny blood vessels in the brain can be tricky."

Soon after, Kevin woke up.

"How did you do that?" Doctor Wilson asked amazed.

"It's called 'PsychoSurgery,' in which the surgeon uses his/her mind to directly repair injuries of this nature. There's no need for drugs, recovery rooms, or any possible infections to develop."


"Wow . . . the White Ranger . . . the kids at school will never believe me!"

"Somehow, Kevin . . . I think they will!" The two new friends shook hands and smiled pretty for the lone cameraman, Joe Bradley, allowed into the room.

After the two hour visit, the White Ranger came out of the boy's room and ushered into the press conference room.


With camera lights flashing and reporters all talking at the same time, the White Ranger began his statement, "Please folks . . . quiet!"

The room went suddenly quiet!

"This message is directed at the children who are watching this news bulletin:

What happened to Kevin could have ended in his death!

Please DON'T TRY any of the moves you see us do.

If you want to learn karate or another of the martial arts, please take lessons from a qualified instructor. Don't copy what you see on TV.

Leave the Power Ranger crap to us. It's what we have been trained to do.

Kevin and his friends found out the hard way, what can happen if you make a mistake."

His final words to the audience were "By staying away from drugs and most of all 'staying in school', you are already a 'Power Ranger'!!"


Reporters continued to ask questions as the White Ranger turned to leave.

He turned and said, "Your questions will be answered all in good time but not now! His work here was done."

He teleported from the conference room, leaving reporters and viewers to wonder what he meant!


Seconds later, Falcon 4 appeared from out of nowhere. Similar to Falcon 1, no one had noticed her sitting behind a grove of trees off in the distance.

She disappeared from view, and just as silently as she had arrived . . . Falcon 4 vanished from sight.

The only thing she left behind was a rainbow!

The End


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