''The Letter!'
by Ann M. Murphy

The Dear John letter sent to Tommy, had already been included in the 'Missing Memories Saga' prior to the actual story line used by SABAN Entertainment.


They say that men aren't supposed to cry, but that's exactly Tommy Oliver felt like doing as he waited, because Kimberly, his wife of twenty years, was presumed dead.

On her return trip, from an outpost in the Second Delta, the transport she was traveling on, exploded.

The ships' Captain had declared an in-flight emergency, and the ship had to be towed to the Hothman Orbitual Space Station. No one knew if the passengers had been off-loaded to the station for their safety. Minor malfunctions didn't require the evacuation of passengers and crew. The transport was docked for only six hours, and during the pre-launch procedure the ship exploded!

The Hothman Orbitual Space Station was in complete lockdown, thus obtaining any reliable information was next to impossible.

Tommy was a basket-case, and had to be ordered out of the Core Command Center.


Before Kim had left, she had asked him to clean out an old chest while she was gone. The cedar chest had been a wedding present from her parents, and Kim having just lost her mother can't bring herself to even open the chest.

Sitting on the floor in the living room, Tommy opened the chest and the smell of cedar filled the air. "Boy, this chest hasn't been opened for awhile!" He thought.

The contents of the chest consisted of a number of photograph albums, wedding announcements, Kims' wedding dress, and a stack of letters held together with a ribbon.

The first photo album he had looked held the memories of Kim's victory at the Pan Global Games. She had won a number of gold medals, and had brought home the gold medal for first place in her field of competition.

He put the photo album back inside the chest after looking at only one, unable to look at the others!

The stack of letters was a combination of letters she had written, and letters he had written! One letter fell out and landed on the floor. As he read it, his thoughts returned to the day she came back to Angel Grove during the Pan Global Games.


The gang was sitting in the kitchen when the door bell rang, Rocky asked, "Want me to get it?"

"Would you .... my hands are full!"

"What's the security code, I've forgotten it!"

"And you guys, think I have a memory problem.... 8-2-6." Tommy said laughingly.

The other four people present in the kitchen laughed.

Rocky grumbled something as he walked to the door, and punched the code numbers on the keypad near the door.

"Kim!" The surprise in his voice echoed throughout the house.

A dish hit the floor and broke in the kitchen. The sound of footsteps, half running grew louder until the other four people were standing directly behind Rocky.

After several minutes of silence, Aisha spoke up.

"Kim, come on in!" She moved forwarded to make room for her friend to enter.

A small gold, black, and white bird landed on Kim's shoulder; and began rubbing its body against her check, which was her undoing.

Tears fell unchecking from her eyes, as her friends guided her to the couch.

After what seemed like hours, Kat asked "What happened?"

The other except one, began asking questions. .. "Had she gotten hurt ... Was her mother alright?"

"No ... yes... It's a long story!" Kim answered between sobs. She was an emotional wreck.

The one she had come to see sat on a chair acrossed from the couch.

The little bird, still sitting on Kim's shoulder, began purring!

Adam poked Rocky in the shoulder and whispered, "I think we should leave . . . !"

As the four people sitting around to her got up to leave, Kimberly stopped them.

"No, don't go .... !" She paused for a second or two. . . "Please!"

"I know all of you probably know about the letter I sent to Tommy!"

Billy quickly stated that it was between she and Tommy, and that they should leave.

The others' shook their heads in agreement, and started toward the door.

The bird leaped from Kims' shoulder and purposely flew in front of the departing teens. When they were all back in the living room, the bird settled down, this time landing on Tommy's shoulder.

Kim took a deep breath and then started to explain!

"The guy was nothing but a drug smuggler, and he used me to bring 10 kilo's of cocaine into the country." The voice was direct and to the point.

"He used me .... !"

Comments of surprise, anger and hatred came from the four teens beside her.

"He obviously didn't know you to well, did he?" Tommy finally said.

The others turned and looked his way and back Kim, puzzled by his comment.

"No, he didn't," she answered calmly.

"He didn't know, that you would unpack your suitcase if there were any clothes you hadn't worn." Tommy said with quiet emphasis.

"No." Kim's voice faded and the room was silent. The stillness in the air lasted for several minutes.

The small bird finally broke the silence with a rather unique sound which was a across a Tiger Cub roaring for the first time & a loud purring just like that of a cat.

The seven teens looked at the bird who acted more like a cat then bird. Her right foot extended out in front of her, as if she was saying "Enough of this."

With that, she leaped off of Tommy's shoulder and flew to the dining room table! On the cherry wood table sat a bowl of oranges. The bird swooped down and picked up one of the oranges and flew back, dropping the orange into Kim's hand. Chattering, in a way normally seen in cats. Almost speaking, no scolding ... "I'm hungry, feed me."

All of the teens started laughing, as the little bird seemed to know the right time in which to interrupt.

Kim began peeling the orange for the little bird, who seemed rather impatient.

"Tommy, isn't that her fourth orange?" Aisha remarked.

"Yes, it is!" Tommy said, "You little con artist!" He had given the little orange thief one just before the gang had arrived almost a hour ago.

Ru proceeded to give them a look of innocence, as she waited for Kim to finish peeling the orange!

"Tommy, you remember the other day when Ru snitched a piece of my grapefruit!" Adam said.

"Kim, you missed it! . . . The look on her face was so humorous." Rocky added imitating the little bird by sticking his tougue out several times rather fast. "She didn't like the biter taste, at all!"

"All right, here!" Kim said laughing while handing the impatient bird a peeled slice.

The little orange thief ate the first piece rather fast, prompting Tommy to tell her to slow down.

"What did you do when you found the cocaine?" Billy inquired.

"I contacted the security group for the Global Games. They called the local police department to report it!"

"What'd they do? Run you through the routine of twenty questions?"

"Yeah, Billy . . . they sure did." Kim said, "I finally had to take a lie-detector test to prove that I didn't know that the drugs were in my suitcase."

"How did they get the creep?" Kat asked softly.

"They replaced the cocaine with 90% sugar, and then I put them back into my suitcase. The next day I went to practice, and in he went to get them."

"How long did it take him to discover the switch?"

"Not long, Rocky. He was waiting for me in the room after practice . . . The creep accused me of stealing them!"

Several groans, and "yeah rights" were made.

"He offered me a cut of 10% . . . which I turned down. Then he offered me a cut of 20% just so he could get his drugs back. The police finally came into the room, and arrested him."

"What a creep!" Aisha commented.

"He'll being spending the next several years in jail."

Ru had waited long enough, and began chattering loudly. She wanted the next piece of orange.

"Ok . . . here!"

"Serves the creep right!" Kat said with a smile on her face.


His thoughts returned to the present as several tears fell from his eyes. "Please don't leave me, Kim!"

He folded the letter back up and put it back in the stack.

As far as he was concerned, there wasn't anything in the cedar chest that could be thrown out.

He closed the lid, and put the cedar chest back in the storage room!

He stood staring at it for several minutes, before closing the door and going into the master bedroom.


The Ticonderoga had been sent to the Hothman Orbitual Space Station, partly to investigate the explosion and to find out if Kim and her team of nine were dead.

Tommy was still in the master bedroom when the words "Mommy" penetrated his thoughts!

Almost running, he exited the room and as he rounded the corner of the living room . . . Kim stood there holding their youngest child 'Michelle!'


The two adults hugged, and were quickly reminded that Michelle was there.

"You guys are squishing me!" A small squeaky voice said.

"Sorry, Michelle . . . !" The pair separated so Kim could put Michelle down.

The End