"The Prophecy"

Copyright © 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 by Ann M. Murphy - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

'Finally the Prophecy has been fulfilled, the Sixth Ranger is now one of us'.


Unless you are a follower of the Japanese series by Saban Entertainment
(which I am not), you might not have any idea about this Prophecy.

Well, here is my version - - like it or not!

"There will come one, whose
courage, strength, and honor will
form the base for the others, who
will form the bridge itself!"

"Many will try, but only one will
succeed. He alone, holds the key
to unlock the secret."

This 'Prophecy' has been passed down from generation to
generation, with the hope that one day, 'he will come'!

The future provides the key for the 'possibility' of a world
without racial hatred, and many other things that occur at the
present time.


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