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Power Rangers Sticker Albums

Power Rangers: Series 2

In 1995 Merlin Collections released the Second Power Rangers sticker album which contained 196 stickers relating to the 2nd/3rd season of power rangers, this was a nicly done sticker album, the stickers were origonally released in packets of 6, ,but were later released in larger packets which contained 5 of the smaller packets. These retailed for roughly 35 cents per small packet and 1.99 for the larger ones The Sticker album itself came with one of the larger packets, in fact at the time I couldn't find any stickers at all so I purchased 6 or so of the albums just so I could have some of the stickers! I still need a large number of stickers for mine (have doubles to trade) and any help would be apreciated. This set is no longer available.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie

Merlin Productions released a Sticker album for The first power rangers movie. this set had 190 stickers. The stickers were again packaged in packets of 6 (no larger packets to my knowledge). The albums also contained no stickers. Though at some stores you could get a combo pack of 1 album and a box of stickers The box of stickers contained 50 of the stnadard packs, which adds up to alot of stickers! I have multiples of extra's if anyone out there in card land needs some. This set is no longer available.


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